Upgrades, anyone?

As I type this on my old T420 laptop, annoyed about how its performance has greatly diminished with age, I have my iPhone 6s plugged into it charging for the 2nd time today, also annoyed at how its battery capacity has greatly decreased over the last three years. I am convinced that I will need replacing these two items in the coming few months/year. It is the only way.

It is how it is, the things that are necessary for today’s kind of lifestyle end up with some sort of performance inhibitor that acts with age. It would be really good if these laptops, PCs, cellphones are somehow repairable…. upgrade-able… Well, today an upgrade is scrapping the old one (or given away) and buying a new version, be it a PC, a laptop or a smartphone.

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The marketing used by the makers of these gadgets do promise performance and then some. But it will cost me a lot. Well, at least the need for newer and faster things fuels the industries which created them. It is just sad that these things are mostly made outside the Philippines. It would be nice if all are made inside our country then at least I will feel better letting go of my hard earned money for an upgrade. As this site has been saying all along, our country plays the role of the consumer in the global arena. We are not producing any important products that contribute essential tools to global economies, except for OFWs…… that is what we produce. An industry not sustainable at all in the long run.

It is a good thing my old Land Cruiser is still working. It was produced in 1991 in a Toyota plant in Aichi, Japan. Bought it used about 15 years ago at around 90,000 km. Its old engine conked out at around 200,000 km a couple of years back, seemingly due to poor maintenance (from the previous owner). I needed to upgrade that engine to a more recent model Land Cruiser. It is now working perfectly fine as the family’s daily driver. It can be argued, in this case, why did I not just dispose of the old rig as scrap and buy new one? Car makers are offering brand new at very attractive propositions.

It is my belief that all these material things, gadgets, cars, etc. should be used for as long as possible, only replacing/upgrading, and repairing to perform as designed (or more). This to me is a sustainable arrangement. I avoid the cost of brand new purchases and, as a result, spare parts and repairs businesses thrive. Manufacturers outside the country can only expect our country to buy parts from them. And also, more importantly, tree huggers will be happier knowing that each product repaired is one less scrap tossed into the landfill. One less manufactured product is one less use of precious resources for manufacturing.

So keep in mind, as you sit down at the Starbuck’s, sipping your lattes from your disposable tumbler, taking selfies with your soon-to-be-obsolete smartphone, wearing your soon-to-be-out-of-fashion fashionable clothes and shoes, stop it already about inflation and the martial law ek ek. Your soon-to-be-out-of-fashion wallet will not really feel the few more centavos of gasoline price increase to put in your newly acquired (loaned) Korean/Thai/Chinese car which you will dispose of in three years or less.

36 Replies to “Upgrades, anyone?”

  1. Isnt it that kind of irritation and frustration, that should lead to saying and doing: “hey, I can do this much better” And so, you should start to research, develop and manufacture the perfect product that never wears out and that never needs an upgrade/update. Good luck !!

    1. Never upgrade OS of computer. Upgrading it to the latest version slows it down because the latest version is meant for the latest chip technology not for your computer.

      It works all the time. My computer still run like a Ferrari. Of course, Ferraris of the year I purchased my computer.

    2. No such thing as a perfect product, is there?

      This is my idea of an ideal product:
      With normal usage. Maintain as per manufacturer spec (wear parts replaceable, etc). When something within the product malfunctions, it should be easily replaceable with parts available. In the event that manufacturer needs to improve on the product then upgrade parts should be ready and available. Replacement of the whole product should only come as a last option (improper use, accident, etc).

  2. Our civilization is consumer oriented. Science and Technology, advances everyday. The gadget or tool you use today; will be obsolete in a few days.

    It is like the computer. If your operating system is obsolete. You need a new computer. You also need new accessories, that goes with it. Or, your computer will not perform well.

    Anyway, your old gadgets will be recycled . The parts are melted, and brought back as new parts.

    Our country is 2 centuries, lagging/behind, in Science and Technology, in comparison to industrialized countries. Our leaders failed to produce a program for industrialization. Most of our leaders are crooks. All they do is politics. We export OFW slaves (I am one of them), instead of manufactured products. We never learned !

    1. My English student of mine told me U.P. sent satellite to space … so I researched … and researched … IT WAS NOT U.P. THAT SENT SATELLITE TO SPACE …. it did not even tell the left-behind Brain Dead Filipinos what the satellite was for … Well, the truth is, IT WAS THE JAPANESE WHO SENT THE SATELLITE TO SPACE NOT U.P. If U.P. ever send satellite to space … Filipinos duck and take cover … it will sure come down to earth with a loud bang.

      Pathetic …

      1. I am trying to research, if the U.P. or the Philippines have : “Space Launch Complex”, where the U.P. student can launch rockets in space, I cannot find any.

        Filipinos are good in Fake News. They did not even specify, what was the purpose of that “satellite” being launched in space.

        I think, it may had been a “kuwitis” or fireworks from , Bucawe, Bulacan that they had launched. They called this: satellite !

        1. Well, Hayden, in the U.S. we launch our space ships at Cape Carnaveral … In the Philippines they launch it at Carnival … to entertain … and make themselves feel great again !!!

  3. The bigger question about this is: what do the top PH engineers/technicians/inventors do since they graduated from school? Biting dust or what? Where are the PH version/equivalent of Bill Gates, Elon Musk c.s.?

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      Our good brains become OFWs. They usually go to : U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle Eastern countries, etc…It is called :”brain drain”. They are paid well in other countries. Their country do not want them !

      These Filipino OFWs , work for foreign companies, to produce goods, exported to the Philippines. How stupid, can we get. This is what we get from over politicising things…we remain in the rut !

      1. I heard that a lot of times: BRAIN DRAIN !!! Yes, Hayden, the GOOD BRAIN, left for 1stWorld countries to be caregivers, housemaids, tractor drivers, and nurses … Nursing is the HIGHEST ATTAINABLE CAREER for Filipinos. WHAT IS LEFT BEHIND IN THE PHILIPPINES are BRAIN DEAD FILIPINOS.

        That is why Rappler is taking advantage of the Brain Deads by covering politics … OP-Ed politics … ALL POLITICS … the Brain Dead Rappler can’t even go to their nearest Notarial Attorney what they think of Federal form of government because the Attorneys themselves are Brain Dead.

        You know who makes constitutional opinions? The FAKE JOURNALISTS who are not even lawyers. They are just plain jane FAKE JOURNALISTS !!! BECAUSE LAWYERS, DOCTORS AND JOURNALISTS go to 1stWorld countries to care for the aged.

      2. Yes, exported slaves work for foreign companies in foreign land because Filipinos would rather be working with foreigners than working under Filipinos.

        Filipinos are mean masters and employers. When I pointed them out not to shout at their tienderas they come up with an easy excuse: “Colonial Mentality”. This is what Spanish did to Filipinos they whipped them screamed at them kicked them in the behind …

        If it was “Colonial Mentality” why are the last remaining Spanish Colonizers that run and own heavy big industries are the most coveted employment? Why do they pay more than Filipinos ….

        AND JUST LOOKIT FORBES PHILIPPINES RICHEST … No Filipinos …. All Chinese and remnants of past-and-present colonists …..


      3. Hyden,
        Now, I am sure I am biased but most OFWs I know (or: the OFWs that I know), work in the field as domestic helper. Excuse me, but that does not require a brain. So I cant qualify that as brain drain.

        Pls tell me that your (PH) top plastic surgeons, top heart surgeons, top designers leave (and left) the PH and that the remaining PH plastic surgeons work as amateures in the Philippines. Now then I will qualify those who left a “brain drain”.

        1. @Robert
          Yes, you are partly correct. Statistically, majority of OFWs are domestic helpers and they have the most exposure in philippine media because they experience the worse conditions. I have to disagree with you when you said PH doesn’t suffer from brain drain. Let me tell you, we also have professional workers like doctors, architects, civil engineers, software devs, meteorologist leaving the country but probably they want to be left alone. probably they already renounced their Filipno citizenship and took their family with them too because PH has sh*tty pay on professional workers.

          The only constraint for the Filipino professional workers for decades was the 10-year basic education, most countries doubt the Filipinos skill due to that issue. Now we the 12-year basic education, that was recently implemented since 2015, we can expect more professional Filipinos to be qualified for employment in developed countries.

        2. @Robert Haighton:

          My late brother was a medical doctor graduate from the University of the Philippines, in the ’60s. He passed the U.S./ ECFMG test in the next year. He went to the U.S. for medical internship and residency.

          He studied further at NorthWestern University and Loyola University in Illinois, U.S.A. Then, he became a Cardiologist. He was a good Heart Surgeon/Cardiologist. He practiced in the U.S. for more than 30 years, retired, and passed away last year.

          There are many good Filipino medical doctors, practicing medicine in the U.S. and Canada. I have known a Filipino Research Engineer working in General Dynamic Corporation. I have known Filipinos, who are holders of PhDs from good universities in the U.S. Some Filipino OFWs are over achievers !

        3. ONLY VERY FEW FILIPINO DOCTORS in the U.S. Those that patronize them are only FILIPINOS never other ethnic group except illegal immigrants from south of the border …

          Americans consult with Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai doctors never they go to Filipino doctors.

          Americans eat Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai RESTAURANTS but never FILIPINO RESTAURANTS. Even 2nd-Gen Filipinos do not eat at FILIPINO RESTAURANTS.

          Most of all I do not go to any Filipino establishments because the Filipinos there DO NOT SMILE. They smile at me because I am white but never to my girlfriend who is a Filipina. AND TELL YOU WHAT, MY GIRLFRIEND FILIPINA DOES NOT SMILE AT ALL EXCEPT AT ME AND MY AMERICAN FRIENDS.

        4. LET US NOT TALK ABOUT BRAIN DRAIN because there is no brain to drain in the Philippines …

          Philippine Doctors downgrade to Nurse because Nursing is the highest attainable profession to Filipinos. Do not even go to PhDoctors because they are not good doctors. There are no PhDoctors at Kaiser. But plenty of tulak-tulak kariton in Kaiser as what my GF told me which is quiet true.

          The tulak-tulak kariton and hugas-puwet at American Hospitals are usually blacks, Filipinos and Hispanics.

    2. Robert, just lookit those building architectures … who designed them ? Not Filipinos but foreigners …
      Robert, just lookit the sidewalks … compare those sidewalks in Saigon, Hanoi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bankok … their sidewalks are tiles … with designs … in the Philippines the sidewalks is a show of uncreativity and laziness … they just pour cement and off they go and they call it sidewalk …

      Vietnam retained the aura of colonial pasts thru their architecture … It is like Paris in the years yonders … Sapa is a wonderful colonial past: PRESERVED !!!

      Filipinos believe in tearing down history and replace it with dowdy cements and tin roof. SAD.

      1. Oratio,
        Its nice if a country has a few architects of its own. I know a few Dutch architects who are renowned all of the world (building libraries and office buildings). But personally, I dont care that much as long as a building is practical. Same goes/applies for sidewalks. Take for instance, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Its a great landmark. But maybe not many people know who the architect was.

  4. I posted this comment on 2009 mid-summer MacBook. It is slow and clunky. Why? Because I upgraded it latest allowable version of MacOS. My 2009 MacBook is designed to run fastest on its 2009 MacOS not 2016 which I have currently right now.

    Upon purchase of computers and devices. Disable UPGRADE !!! Upgrade masquerading as security patch slows down your computer. If you use your computer to surf do not even bother upgrading or patch security holes. If you do not have money to purchase on-line do not upgrade.

    If you want to purchase on-line use your office computer. IT IS SECURE !!! If you are in the Philippines NEVER EVER BOTHER MINDING. Because I never feel secure buying on-line in the Philippines. And if some wise cracks squirm thru your computer YOU DO NOT HAVE LEGAL RECOURSE IN THE PHILIPPINES.


    1. It was not a choice. It was assigned. Nevertheless, it does what is expected of it, with enough patience. What can I say…. its “old” according to today’s standards.

  5. Jiovanni,
    “because PH has sh*tty pay on professional workers.”

    Now, why do you think that (^) happens?

    Going to school from 10 years to 12 years doesnt tell me anything. It is all about what pupils/students are taught in school. My pinay GF attended a PH university (USJ-R) but she wasnt and isnt able to show that to me that she is academically, scientifically schooled/educated at all. Now, why is that? This is not about showing off what one knows, its about how to think. Being critical, being curious. A university supposes to train/educate/prepare a student for a decision/policy making job. Not to become a teacher at a high school or even an elementary school.

  6. 45Hyden007Toro98989.678
    It’s not about the educational attainment of the few “successful” Pilipino abroad, it’s all about how Pilipinos are all getting treated by foreigners or locals of other countries. It doesn’t really matter if you are in the nth degree or PhD, all the same, you will be dragged down in the same category as those domestic helpers, in the chimoy/chimay category. This is what happen when you support private education because you think it’s “good” and public education is “bad”.

    1. @sarda:

      What are we doing about it ? People want to go abroad for better opportunities, and hope for better life. Most end up as being exploited as worst as slaves. The Mexicans and the South Americans climb over the U.S./Mexico border wall, with the thoughts of better opportunities and better lives in the U.S. Most end up as exploited manual laborers in farms and other low level employers. Most live below the human level of living in the U.S.

      Same problem with Filipino OFWs.

      The point here is not to complain, but to do something to give solution to the problem. Pointing and complaining will never solve the problem. Fighting over the problem will never solve the problem.

      Solve the problem….don’t fight against the problem !

        1. We have to create opportunities at home, for people to avail of…if people have good jobs at home; they will not leave home and families to become exploited workers abroad.

          As I had said: industrialization is the key. Innovation to produce industries/jobs. The government cannot establish industries. It is the private individuals, who produce industries.

          All we do is politics; the Politics of Personal Destruction. Once these corrupt politicians are in power: they steal !

        2. Sarda,
          apart from “prestige” and probably tuition fees, what is the – main – difference(s) between public & private schools in PH? Is there a significant quality difference, as in you (as pupil/student) are taught better and more in lign with reality or ….?
          What I get from visiting and reading some PH school websites, they still put god in the center of the universe. That is not about reality, not about science and not about academics, right?

        3. 34Hyden007Toro787878.65

          So you see the problem is corruption or corrupt politicians, as I have said to Mr. Haighton, there is a reason why people are corrupt, for example, how many of these corrupt politicians are sending their kids to private schools?

        4. And mind you, I hear that in Canada that the former Prime Minister send his kids to public school, with less bodyguard too.

      1. Filipinos go abroad to SURRENDER and APPLY FOR RE-COLONIZATION of their country of choice SO THEIR LIVES CAN BE RUN LIKE HEAVEN than run by Filipinos like HELL …

        Filipinos lost their patriotism and nationalism. They do not even like their faces … and their brown skin color … and their language …

        They hate themselves so much that they fake their visa applications … stand long lines at Vicky Belo to change their color and faces …

  7. Robert Haighton

    The only significant quality difference is that private schools are for the rich elites where students are taught early in life that they are special and privilege and the public schools are for the less fortunate. So with this standard view of the school system, so many Pilipino parents would like to send their children to private school, even if it means being corrupt or going abroad to work. What Pilipinos doesn’t know that by sending their kids to private school, private school gets the money and they can make their own improvement whatever that is, while public school run out of funding(no money) and facilities gets worst by neglect. The more money private schools get from the citizen the more they can make the school look “prestigious”. What the Pilipinos understood by the word “prestigious” is that it is a school where rich people send their kids, so in order not to be called or look poor, people more likely Pilipinos would like to align themselves with rich for status image. Really, if it is all about education things will be different today.
    So why is it center to God? The purpose is to indoctrinate morality, they call it “value”, to a Pilipino, “value” means morality, and I guess this is how Pilipinos gets mixed up with science and religion.

    1. Sarda,
      If the ‘beloved’ president Duterte really want to change things, I am still convinced he should and must start there (educational system in PH). All he has done so far is just peanuts, if not less than that. And he must also do something about the growth in population. You really will get big problems with that in the near and far away future.

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