Everything reported by Rappler reporter @PiaRanada about Duterte’s Israel trip was fake and malicious

According to a reliable source who was on the ground and directly involved in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s official visit to Israel early September this year, the trip was, hands down, an absolute success.

The interest in the trip coming from the business community was particularly overwhelming. Many requests from Israeli businessmen on top of the number already invited to attend the business forum organised by the Philippine embassy there had to be turned down. Of the more than 150 guests only one, NUFilteration Ltd, “boycotted” the event. This one “boycott” was the one chosen as a focus by Philippine news media reporting on the event.

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The dishonest way this forum was covered is most evident in the Rappler report Israeli company boycotts Duterte meeting with businessmen. The photo accompanying this “report” is captioned, “UNWANTED? President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Israel has stirred controversy.” The author of the report, Pia Ranada then writes…

An Israeli company decided to turn down an invitation to attend a business forum with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to protest his visit to Israel.

Mino Negrin, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Israeli water filter technology company NUFilteration Ltd, said in a letter to the Philippine embassy that accepting the invitation would only give “legitimacy” to the “offense” Duterte caused the Jewish people.

Negrin, in am [sic] email to Rappler on Tuesday, confirmed the veracity of the letter.

This is not surprising considering that the before-the-fact bias Rappler applies to its unique brand of “journalism” is well known.

The other day, Rappler “multimedia producer” Marga Deona expressed dismay over her job because it “requires me to watch duterte (at least) thrice. first, the live broadcast. second, to scrub for soundbites for relevant/related stories. third, the final preview before publishing.”

This disturbingly unprofessional behaviour brings to question the quality and reliability of the editorial oversight the employer of these young “reporters” applies to managing production of news content. Filipinos should remain vigilant and critical of what their big news media organisations report. Rappler in particular is highly suspect.

12 Replies to “Everything reported by Rappler reporter @PiaRanada about Duterte’s Israel trip was fake and malicious”

  1. If your a Yellowtard or a Duterte hater & if you want to express your hate or criticism against our president then CRAPpler is your spirit animal just like what an Israeli company, NUFilteration Ltd did & they’d “boycotted” him because they’d felt “insulted” on his comment two years ago that he might do a Holocaust-style on his war on drugs.

    Well first of all, for those Israelis or Jewish people who’d been insulted on what he said before, I tell you guys. It is NOT really a Holocaust-style on what will President Duterte gonna do to those drug lords, drug pushers & addicts in our country. It is really his psychological warfare & scare tactics that he’ll gonna do to those druggies & he’d admitted before on his presidential campaign in 2016 that the war on drugs is REALLY a bloody one especially if a drug addict have a mental and/or psychological problems and those drug lords or mafias have many guns & goons on their that could protect themselves from the police when there’s a buy bust operations against them, and worse if those drug lords or mafias is actually a NARCO-POLITICIANS (e.g. Sen. Laila De Lima) that are power hungry people who wants to screw or topple down our president & bring our country into its knees just like what’s happening to Syria right now!

    So for those people who wants to screw and/or topple down President Duterte, they should better to think it twice before they’ll gonna do that. If not then leave our president alone, if they don’t want to help & support him especially on his platforms like war on drugs, Build, Build, Build Projects, turning our country from a unitary into a Federal/Parliamentary form of government, etc. and just like what Imee Marcos said, “Let’s Move On!” and make our country becoming a great nation in Asia if we could beat Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand & Singapore.

    1. When someone called Rappler a “Yellow Media” outlet, then the Yellowtards and anti-Duterte shills would call it a ‘conspiracy theory’ with people with brains knew it wasn’t. They’re prevalent on the vilification and persecution of the late Chief Justice Renato Corona that led to his ouster thru impeachment. And them being fact-checkers for Facebook are making them more like a laughingstock when they fact-checked a freakin’ satirical article from Adobo Chronicles that even the webmaster of that site made a statement, telling Rappler to “go back to school and learn what satire is”. And their integrity is being questioned when the SEC filed a charge against them last year yet they treat it as an “attack on press freedom”; talk about being seditious.

  2. We have been subjected to such kind of reporting by the Aquino Cojungco political axis propaganda machine, for more than 30 years already. They just refined their kind of “journalism trade” to : “cherry picking” the news or event.

    That is, they focus on what is bad on the event, to destroy their political enemies. This is what , Pia Ranada of Rappler, has done on the Israeli visit of Pres. Duterte.

    It is also what the mainstream media, is doing on the failed coup d’ etat initiator, Trililing Trillanes. They are always there, to focus on his numerous ” press conferences”, to feature it on their TV networks, and on the front pages of their newspapers. It is also for the purpose : to cover up the 2016 election cheating, and the recount of Bong Bong Marcos votes in the COMELEC.

    It is called , “weaponizing journalism for political purposes”. It is being done by the leftist opposition group, on U.S. Pres. Trumph. It is now done, by the leftist opposition media on Pres. Duterte.

    Journalism is long dead in our country !

  3. On his visit to Israel, President Duterte headed a particularly large delegation, with an unverified and unidentified party of about 400 people.

    According to PCOO, the President’s visit would ensure the welfare of Filipinos in the region as well as to strengthen economic and defense cooperation.

    Details of the President’s visit have not been made public, though as reported in Israel News, include a visit to display of advanced arms and signing of oil exploration license.

    There’re reports Duterte was shopping for arms in Israel (and Jordan) but there are questions/speculations about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s interest/willingness in selling any Israeli arms and equipment.

    Basing from the comments here so far given, it seems no interest has been shown about what exactly is the basis for that “absolute success” being claimed by an unknown “reliable source” of said visit.

    1. Oh look, its the 400 strong delegation again….. ano yun, 2 eroplano silang pumunta sa Israel?

      Your sources of information are highly questionable. It’s no surprise you do not know any positive outcome of the President’s visit.

      Huwag po Crappler, ABias CBN, etc ang sources niyo.


      And FYI, any country which is party to any arms deal, keeps it hush-hush to a point. That is common sense, it entails the security and defense of a country.

      1. According to PNA, a government website, http://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1046798 :

        “The total number of official delegates and accompanying delegates consists of 46 passengers total. That’s on the official list.”

        Among those named traveling with the President are:

        -Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea,
        -Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano,
        -Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III,
        -Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana,
        -Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez,
        -Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu,
        -Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade, and
        -Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi.

        Also part of the delegation are:

        -National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon,
        -Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque,
        -Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go,
        -Presidential Political Adviser Francis Tolentino,
        -Senator Richard Gordon,
        -Interior officer-in-charge Secretary Eduardo Año, and
        -Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant Elson Hermogino.
        -Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, and
        -Presidential Grandson Marko Digong

        Unverified and unidentified party, include:

        -at least 150 members of a business delegation (said to be “all travelling on their own accounts”)
        -some military and police executives (“as a part of gesture for appreciation”)
        -unverified number of security personnel (who will be “collaborating and mingling with security forces of Israel”)

        The Presidential Official Delegate, Military and Police officials are expected to have separate meetings with their counterparts in Israel, so you can just take it from there how many more unofficial entourage (bodyguards, secretaries, photographers, personal health officers…) are with them to take care of everyone’s businesses, probably including the Yayas of the Presidential Grandson!

        The actual numbers, since unverified and not made public, would be up to everyone’s appreciation!

  4. It is about time Duterte whack these fake news in public. Flog them till their skin peels off. Squeeze freshly harvested organic gmo-free lemonsito over their open wound while asking them if Duterte’s trip was a success or not … if not … prove it is not …
    Drag their children in front and whack them as well … it is the only way … FailLipinos can learn ….

    1. Philippine Fake News promote idiocy and s2pdt. Here are the following what these Philippine Fake News promotes:
      1. Typewritten Notarized Signed and Sealed Affidavits by paid witnesses than scientific incontrovertible forensic evidences
      2. Fake News promotes gossips and chismis are the truth
      3. Fake News promotes not vetting on gossips and chismis they just print right away
      4. Fake News promotes politics. 90% of their OP-ED is about politics. 75% of their news is about politics. Because politics is the easiest of all. It is more about fake stories and gossips
      5. Fake News do not consult lawyers unlike big boys Washington Post and New York Times they consult lawyers what they think about Russia collusion and Paul Manafort
      6. Philippine Fake News are fresh graduates … Washington Post, New YOrk Times and the rest of big-boys newspapers are older, intelligent and knows what they are talking about

      Well, FaiLipines Fake News caters to educatedly uneducated FaiLipinos …. NEWSPAPERS REFLECTS THE INTELLECT OF ITS CITIZENS …. FaiLipines Fake News obviously reflect that … it is show-and-tell.

  5. So one Israeli company boycotted Pres. Duterte. Big deal. If a company wanted to turn down potentially big business opportunities because of perceived insults from an out-of-context holocaust comment, then their motives will immediately be suspect. So I’m calling it:

    I bet this company is in cahoots with zionist movements of the parasitical international Jewry represented by their facist Anti-Defamation League and funded by the Jew George Soros still trying to destabilize our government in order to achieve his dream of a globalized world by having western nations topple governments through their proxy wars and creating refugee crises.

    Do not trust the Jew. They have this delusion that they are still the chosen peoples and everyone else is a gentile which may be sacrificed for their ends. Always deal with them at arms length. Its good that this Israeli filtration company decided to boycott the Pres. Its just one less Jew to worry about.

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