Rappler journalists make DISHONEST conclusions out of unsound observations


Filipino “journalists” need to be a bit more data-driven and, on that, apply a more scientific approach to arriving at their conclusions. The latest circus surrounding that kiss is a good case study in highlighting the banal lazy journalism that has become today’s journalistic normal. One of the first off the mark to “report” on the infamous kiss planted on the lips of an OFW by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during a meet-and-greet in South Korea is “social news network” Rappler. The report bore the title “Cheers, disgust as Duterte kisses OFW in South Korea”.

Just going by that title, the average reader would get the impression that the immediate reaction of onlookers who were direct witnesses to all that would be an actual mix of “cheers” and “disgust”. But in the actual report itself, a minor clarification spelt a whole world of difference (boldface added for emphasis by the author)…

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President Rodrigo Duterte ended his meeting with the Filipino community in South Korea by kissing an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) on the lips – a move that drew cheers from the audience but disgust from some netizens.

It turns out the “disgust” reported by Rappler came from “some netizens” and not from the actual witnesses who were present at the event. The author of the “report” (who wasn’t even named) seems to have put equal weight on the observations of “some netizens” as that of the actual people who were there to observe what happened with their own eyes. Worse, it is very likely that this sample of “some netizens” was cherry-picked to suit the partisan agenda that likely underpinned this “report”.

In essence, this piece of Rappler “journalism” is dishonest at a number of levels:

(1) It deliberately aimed to mislead readers by giving the impression that the opinion of “netizens” tweeting from their armchairs hold equal weight to the responses of direct observers of an event who were actually there.

(2) Sample set used to imply a conclusion — those “some netizens” cited by Rappler — does not constitute a random sample and is, as such, an inappropriate test of a hypothesis.

(3) The set Rappler cites as “some netizens” is not only not random but very likely consists of cherry picked elements from Netizens known to harbour sentiment in line with the partisan agenda of Rappler‘s editorial management.

Rappler is not merely content to report the news and is in the habit of editorialising within news reports thus blurring the line between what constitutes its news desk and its op-ed desks. Their practice violates the single biggest pillar of journalism which is to inform people of what is true and warn them of falsity. Rappler cannot do that if it continues to report in this manner.

The girlettes of Rappler should take some lessons from real scientists — people who apply the scientific method to systematically evaluate empirical data so that a sound conclusion is arrived at. In the case of this latest circus, whoever is assigned to report on The Kiss, should get off her lazy ass and collect real data in accordance with accepted standards applied by statisticians such as, among others, (1) sample data collected randomly to control for bias, (2) ensuring the sample size is large enough to be representative of the population at an acceptable level of confidence, (3) a hypothesis that is well-defined and highlighted clearly is presented, and (4) measures used to evaluate the data are declared and clearly-defined.

In this case, the hypothesis to be tested is whether or not Filipinos really give a shit about Duterte kissing an OFW in the lips. The measure of the amount of shit Filipinos give to this “issue” requires a bit of scientific work. How exactly do you measure how much of a shit Filipinos give about circuses spun by “news” organisations like Rappler? You need real math to come up with real information. Unfortunately for Rappler it does not seem to employ the right sort of Rapplerettes for that kind of analysis — which is why dishonesty seems to be the preferred path taken when “reporting” the news.

42 Replies to “Rappler journalists make DISHONEST conclusions out of unsound observations”

  1. I guess those Rapplerettes believe in that myth that journalism is activism. Sure, you can be activist while a journalist, but should not mix the two. Of course, they would rather market anything they do as activism since they’re serving a partisan side.

  2. Nagpaliwanag na si ate. Walang malisya between her and the President. Katuwaan lang. The woman granted the President the permission to kiss her. And he did. But these holier-than-thou bloggers and media appear to know better than the ones directly involved in that fun-filled event and those who witnessed it. What if the table was turned, would they still howl like wolves in protest, like what they are doing now? These people are supposedly modern and liberal yet they cringe to an innocent kiss between two consenting adults. Amazing!

  3. Rappler.com is Fake News; it is the propaganda machine of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.
    Surely, it is Biased Journalism. It is part of the mainstream media, that distort news, to satisfy their political clients.

    I don’t care who Duterte kisses, whether, it is an OFW, or some lady there. As long as it is consensual; Duterte can kiss anybody. It is not a big deal, like the old Filipino tradition; whereby, if you kiss a girl: you have to marry her.

    You kiss a girl today. The girl just go and wash her face; then your kiss is gone. The old Filipino tradition of “chastity”, is now surpassed by modernity. The Information Technology has erased all those old Filipino traditions, and old Filipino notion of “chastity”.

    The legendary “Padre Damaso” of the “Noli Me Tangere” is more horny, than Diggong Duterte, because, he made pregnant a married woman, who had a impotent husband. The woman got a miracle, by giving birth to a beautiful daughter, named: Maria Clara. The impotent husband declared a “miracle” had happened. The Truth is the priest: Padre Damaso, made the “miracle” to happen. The daughter was a beauty, because, she was a half breed.

    So, who cares ? Nobody cares, except those who are jealous, that Duterte is the President, and not themselves.

    Anyway, Pnoy Aquino had been photographed with several girls, during her term. He was projecting, himself, to us that he had several girlfriends…But, I have never seen him hold their hands; kiss them ; or lovingly caress them. Was he gay ?

    1. “You kiss a girl today. The girl just go and wash her face”

      You rape a girl today. The girl just go and wash her vagina. So, it is allowed to rape?

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        Kissing a girl , is different than raping a girl.

        Rape is not a consensual sex. It is against the will of the girl.

        As long as it is consensual on both parties. It’s okay.

        1. Hyden, I am just using your own analogy.

          But since you claim that my example is different, I will give you a new one.

          Your next door neighbour is calling at you and asking you for a bowl of sugar. Obviously and evidently, you say: “yes of course”.
          To show his gratitude and to say thanks, he is kissing your wife, your daughters and your sisters on their lips and giving you a hug and hand shake.
          If you think that is okay and normal, then I will be your next door neighboor.

        2. Bob just lost it. He is just like the Yellows, if he is not already, who do not, for the sake of argument, not think but blabbers, for the sake of giving an opinion, only to find himself looking for alibis. Poor soul.

        3. Erratum: “…who do not, for the sake, of argument, think” instead of “…who do not, for the sake of argument, not think…” Sorry! Anyway. To Bob: if you can, please stop cutting in, unless you have a clear-cut message to impart. It will be good for you.

      2. Were you trying to make everyone laugh with your comment, Mr. Haigh?
        Trying to be cheeky eh?
        Rape is different from kiss.
        Since you like to imply, if we ask you your question, what is your answer?

      1. @ Gog:
        Absolutely no ! I am not connected with any political entity, or any government entity.

        I blog on my own volition.

        1. @Gog:

          Aquino’s projection maybe at his own expense. He was trying to convince us that: he is a “macho”, with a lot of girlfriends. A man in his 50’s with no wife or girlfriend, is in questionable manhood.

          A true man longs for a good wife, not only for a life partner, but to take care of him. Pnoy Aquino’s libido is already in its waning years . His manhood may have shrink to a below the standard length.

        2. I did not imply you. It may come as no surprise that I truly believe in a political landscape filled with entitled non achievers that projected image is crucial. I believe that it was financially important to a lot of people that their idiot  ( Noynoy) be president. Could this straw “man” be electable or be long term viable if he was gay? He has no achievements to fall back on. So if he indeed was gay , then cover it up to the public as much as possible. How do you do that? After every international beauty pageant then link the president with the returning hero. Plant  items in the newspaper. Kris was quick to blab that so so woman was perfect for her brother. Ever the good smokescreen. It didn’t matter if the woman was married in the case of the PM from Thailand.  The guy was never given responsibility even by his family in 50 years. No family. Nothing. I don’t have access to expense reports but personally I believe tons of taxpayer money was spent to fabricate a charade that the president is not gay. 

  4. how could pnoy say that there’s no evidence dengvaxia is deadly? and why did they rush to buy the vaccine? what a genius bluffer direct from his tongue.

  5. Many Failipinos in a rather reckless context claim to ‘just tell it like it is’. In actuality, nobody really stresses what one says so much as the motive behind what one says; hence, they are merely blowing hot air and detracting from ‘what is’.

  6. @Robert Haighton:

    If they want to kiss my neighbor, as long as , he does not haveHIV AIDS, or any communicable disease ; it is okay for me.

    I could kiss your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter, also. But, I will never kiss you…

  7. Dear Aphetsky Lasa,
    The Philippine liberal party (also labeled as the yellowtards. Dont know who came up with this name but it surely doesnt show any creativity. In fact, it is a bit very simple and simplistic. Especially when people keep on using that name.) does not even come close to being liberal. So, in no way, I feel nor am associated, affiliated with that retarded Philippine political party. The same rationale goes out to your beloved current president. He is also as retarded as the Philippine liberal party.

    And yes, I am a liberal.

  8. Robert Haighton is a “Progressive Liberal”. He is an atheist; an LBGTQ advocate; a euthanasia advocate. I don’t know his position on Muslim immigration in his country. Maybe, he is also a beastiality advocate….

    1. Are you my spokesperson?

      If you want to compare me with any/every religion, I am exactly opposite to what it tells you. Why? Because A) a religion has not the monopoly on how an individual must and should think and behave; B) religions dont give solutions to solve individual problems (it only orders/demands you how to live and if you dont, you go to hell) and C) it has got no reference/reverence (for me) whatsoever.

      And yes, indeed, I am progressive and liberal (without capital letters).

      What does that include?
      (no-fault) Divorce, same-sex marriage (also in a church, mosque, temple whatever/whereever), abortion, euthanasia, equal rights for both genders (same pay for same work).
      My position on zoopilia/bestiality? If that is what rocks somebody’s boat then she/he must certainly do it (However, it is not my cup of tea).
      My position on muslim immigration? They have to go through a painstaking interview process and most of them are denied visa. Why they come here? I really have no idea because my country is diagonal opposite to their country of origin (in laws) and the culture is diagonal opposite. So the chance to succeed here, is small to zero for them.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        If you don’t believe in God , hell and heaven. As an Atheist, what is your belief after you die ? You will just be eaten by worms ? And that will be your end ?

        How about creation ? Are you a “Big Bang Theory believer “?
        I don’t believe, that some billion years ago. There was a “Big Bang” explosion; and I was created, together with you, and other lifeforms. I believe that there is a Creator, who created me and other lifeforms.

        There are universe in other universe; galaxies in other galaxies.
        Plants, animals, small, microscopic lifeforms, and large plants/animals.

        Do you believe , that there are beings and life in other Planets ?
        Some habitable planets in other galaxies, there maybe life, with beings, with more advanced civilizations than us, Earthlings.

        Let us discuss these things. Other than the “stupid kiss” of Duterte. I am waiting for your answer.

        1. Dear Hyden,
          I remember that Benign0 wrote an article about religion (at least once) and you never asked him all those questions. If I remember correctly he used words like “a man with grey hair sitting on a cloud high up in the sky”. Awell, all peachy and swell.

          I will (try) answer all your questions:
          A) After I die
          I will be cremated. So not much will be left of me except for my ashes. So yes that will be my end. And yes again you are right: I dont believe in a god and dont believe in a hell and heaven. I believe in myself.

          B) Evolutionist or creationist
          If god created Adam and Eve (the way it is told) it is a too far fetched story and he did a lousy job at it. And if he is that perfect, why didnt he do it again but then with John and Jane? The ‘man’ created Adam out of nothing. How old was Adam? But to create Eve the grey man needed a bone from Adam. Are their any depictions of Adam where we can see him missing a bone? Adam and Eve wered the very first humans on earth. How did they find out how to make kids? Who told them that? Did Eve come home one day from work telling Adam: “Eureka, now I know how to make babies! I found it on Wikipedia!”
          The first 2 babies they made were Kain & Abel, right? That means humanity as we know it, can not exist today because 2 boys (Kain & Abel) can not make babies together.
          I dont know anymore who was able to walk on water: god or jesus but that story really makes me laugh.
          And then we have the holy virgin Mary. Wow, she got pregnant without sex.

          You were not created by god. You were made/created by your parents. If they didnt make love (have sex) you would NOT have been here.

          In short and now I will follow you for a nano-second:
          Even if god created Adam & Eve it happened too long ago. He did it in a way that was never explained how (did he use a mix of water, sand, oxygen, cyanide, salt & pepper?) and he doesnt deserve any credit. I am here because my parents made love. So, the only one who I can credit (or blame) are my parents. I dont have any genetic material that stems from god. That would be/is impossible because god did not make us through sex (female egg cell + male sperm cell). So, I dont worship god and I dont follow him for many reasons painted all above to you.

          He died for all our sins? Why would somebody do that? Isnt that stupid to do? And how could he know that any next generation would/will commit sins? Oh he is so good, lets worship him too. Sorry, that is just too simple for me to do. BTW: I dont even worship living human beings so why should I worship things that may have lived so long ago or may not even have lived? Anyway, their (god, jesus and Mary) alleged credentials are not proven for me and too long ago.

          The bible:
          the book is (too) one-dimensional. Was written many centuries ago and thus is antiquated.
          Lets assume that you are gay (I am sure you are not). Is that a disease? No, not for me. You are still and above all and above everything a human being. And you should have and must have all the same options that I have as heterosexual. Only the bible is against it. And that makes the bible not a kind, sweet book to be used as guidance and directions. And god loves you still. Weird but okay. God loves you but you go to hell bec you are gay ……

          I cant speak intelligently about the universe, other planets and galaxies. I didnt study those subjects/topics when I was a student. But again, if god created all those things too then the least he could have done is give us a manuel stating how he did it. Saves today’s scientists a lot of time. If one creates something, mostly that person makes notes of what s/he did and how s/he did it (Einstein made notes !!!)

        2. Dear Hyden,
          If there are any depictions available of Adam & Eve, can we see them with belly buttons/ navel? Isnt that a clue that they were born from parents/humans instead of being ‘made’/’created’ by god? Or are their belly buttons (and genitals) covered by a fig leaf?

          What I dont understand from religious people is that they dont ask the same critical questions as I do here. Instead, they follow and believe everything blindly.

  9. @Robert Haighton:

    Adam and Eve, the first human, may not have belly buttons; but sure they have genitals. The have children: Abel and Cain .

    There were no cameras to photograph their belly buttons. So, we people of God , rely on the true words of the Christian Bible.

    I don’t believe that, some billion years ago, a big bang occurred; and this cause me to be here.

    I was created by a loving God, who loves me and care for me. He gave me all the faculties to survive as a human being in this Planet Earth. He made the Planet Earth my temporary home, to learn and improve my faculties.

    This, the Atheists like you , cannot understand, because human reason, which is flawed is just your tool in dealing with realities.

    1. “I don’t believe that, some billion years ago, a big bang occurred; and this cause me to be here.”

      Can you pls tell me how your god created you??????? I am very anxious to here all the details.

      You are here because your daddy and your mommy fucked each other and prfobably they did so more than a few times per day since they didnt know anything about their own bodies. If they didnt do that, you were not here. Where were you at biology class when they taught/explained your class everything about reproduction and the biological laws of the female and male body? Ah, I know, you were sick that day. Ah well, swell and peachy.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        Who originated the human species ? Who originated all these material things ? They all came out into being, as you claim. Then, something comes out of nothing. In reality, nothing comes out of nothing.

        Your Atheist belief, is truly flawed. Human reason cannot understand the spiritual.

  10. @Robert Haighton:

    Dear Mr. Haighton:

    The Christian Bible states: “With God, all things are possible…” Adam and Eve, have other children; that made humans to multiply. As the Holy Bible states: ” Go forth and multiply, and fill the Earth…”

    Since, you as an Atheist, cannot understand the Spiritual Realm in our life/reality. You can only understand, what your five senses can comprehend.

    There are more in human faculties, than the five senses. Your human brain is the most complicated thing that God created…Have you known that there is a sixth sense ? The sense that can “see” the unseen ?

    1. “Since, you as an Atheist, cannot understand the spiritual realm in our life/reality. You can only understand, what your five senses can comprehend.”

      I will understand it when it is explained to me. “God” (or your top dog) does not explain how he created the earth and A&E and hence I dismiss his excistenz.
      Nobody will believe me when I say that I created/invented the world wide web unless I come with some elaborate explanations and proof.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        Atheists don’t read and comprehend the Holy Bible. Your video does not clarify the Sixth Sense.
        The Sixth Sense is in your brain. Animals have it. This is the reason, they can sense things, more than humans.
        My God does not explain things to Atheists like you. He explains them only to believers, like me. This is the reason, I can comprehend/understand things that Atheists cannot comprehend/understand. Human reason , that is flawed is their only tool to comprehend reality. They cannot understand the spiritual realm. Life , and their being alive; they cannot understand.

        1. “My God does not explain things to Atheists like you. He explains them only to believers, like me.”
          How does your friend (god) know that I am not a believer? And how was I created? I was made by my parents and you were made by god? If that is so, then why must god proclaim: “Go and multiply”? It is in contradiction to what you claim.

        2. If Atheist like Mr. Haighton believes that he was made by his parents, who then made his parents? And after that, who made his grand-parents and then, his great grand-parents and…?

          If he will follow his line of thinking and go the reverse succession sequence below down the line reaching ’till the age of the dinosaurs, the atheist will soon find out that he was created only by an animal. How can it be explained that Mr. Haighton’s ancestry of primates still roam everywhere around the world if they truly have evolved?

          How could this be? An Atheist will have to scientifically convince himself first! Better to question this belief first before he starts questioning the Faith of Mr. Toro.

          Somehow it’s a bit funny that we have Bull (Mr. Toro) believing in God and then a Man (Mr. Haighton) believing in animals.

  11. @Robert Haighton:

    Dear Mr. Haighton :

    God, our creator and the creator of all is a “mystery” to those who do nor believe, like Atheists. However, those who believe and love him, he is not a mystery.

    We are all wonderfully made, as he stated. The functions of our brain and body. This Planet Earth, the universe, the galaxies, and the smallest microscopic living things, are wonderfully made.

    Atheists cannot understand these things. They use human reason which is flawed…

  12. T-Rex,
    what do you want me to say? That I finally admit that god made A&E? So what. Okay he made A&E. I dont care. I still dont believe in him. Its too long ago and he did a lousy job. I only (can) look back at my grandparents, parents and me because I still have pictures of them. And it also doesnt warrant, me, to follow a stupid a book (bible). The first person who invented, made and produced the steam train was then maybe a miracle. But I live today in different times. You want to erect a statue for that person? Fine go ahead. You want to worship that guy? Fine, go ahead. I am too simple to worship a person or a thing (dead or undead).

    Your dog (god) – allegedly – made 2 people. So what? Big deal. If Bull’s parents didnt fuck each other, bull would never have been here in the first place regardless of how many people that top dog (god) made.

      1. Dear T-Rex,
        I will give you my best shot about religion, any religion.

        As the word atheist says, it is A-theist. You can interpret the A as anti. But anyway, atheists dont believe in any god and most atheists will say that god never existed and that he was and is an invention made by those who wrote the bible/quran.

        Now, I do know how religion works. It needs to give you a hero (that is god and maybe also jesus and the holy virgin Mary). Back then, it probably was a rotten time with not much happiness. Whether your hero is Justin Bieber, you will probably ‘eat’ everything that is published about Justin Bieber. For Bieber’s followers, there is only one real artist/singer/entertainer. He is the best and the only one. And criticism doesnt land well. So yes, I do understand. It becomes like an addiction for Justin’s followers. And that is exactly how the bible was written. You give someone extra terrestrial powers that nobody has and Eureka there you have it. People look up to such a person, eventually leading to worshipping. And Justin loves you. But Justin also wants you to buy his records, visit his concerts and buy paraphernalia. So in the end, only Justin is walking laughing to his bank or an ATM when he withdraws another amount of money.

        Do you really think that a real Justin Bieber fan will criticise him? No, of course not. It is called tunnel vision.

        I think that Hyden said a few times (not as comment on this article) that he doesnt like organised religion. So what does that mean? Is his god his own private god? Does he go to his own private church where only he can go to? Does he read a unique bible only written for him? No of course not. He prays to the same god that all other Christians pray to. He visits the same church where others go to. So, is it organzied? Yes of course it is. Church (religion) is not interested in you but only in the masses.

        1. @Robert Haighton:

          Dear Mr. Haighton:

          Your Atheist belief is really flawed, because you use your human reason, which is only dependent on your limited five senses.

          I do not believe on organized religions, because they have become commercialized already. The true meaning of faith and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ is already compromised.

          I study and read the Christian Bible. I pray and worship my God on my own. I am guided by the Holy Spirit, that lives in me and animates me – he is the source of my being.

          Atheists cannot understand these things, because their minds and eyes are closed to these true goodness of a loving God, our creator and creator of all.

          We live in a material world and a spiritual world. The spiritual world cannot be seen, but you can feel it. It is like the “wind”. You can feel the wind , but you cannot see it…this is my faith, and I treasure it !

  13. Dear Hyden,
    For me atheism is not a belief(-system), not a religion. It is – for me – a form of humanism where the individual person decides and determines about his/her own life. You may call it a form of hedonism, if you will. The individual is the central point. And when 2 individuals live together, they make those decisions together by consulting each other and making consensual agreements based on common knowledge, knowledge, facts, common sense and all available technology.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      Even if you think, with two or a group of people, if your thinkings are flawed, and are limited to your five senses. It will not make any difference. Our human concept of reality is limited, in the present form .
      There is more in the faculties in our brain , that we are not aware of using it.

      We live in a material world and a spiritual world. We are both spiritual and material beings. It is the Holy Spirit of God, that animates us. For people, who are ignorant of their being: this seems to be far fetched. It is some sort of a twice told tale.

      However, the spiritual realm cannot be seen, but it exists. This is where religion and faith coincide, if you can understand it. Faith is not only believing, worshiping and praying; it is also understanding the reality of our being.

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