Filipino liberals presume to know better than people who choose NOT to be “victims”


He is not the president of Europeans or Americans. He is the president of the Filipino people. As such, Filipinos get to decide what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in their leader, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The trouble with the Philippine Opposition is that they have become comfy in their habit of preaching morality from their ivory towers. In the process they have become woefully out of touch with the pulse of ordinary Filipinos many of whom, at best, don’t really give a flying frig about Duterte kissing Bea Kim on the lips.

The Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) have become so self-assured in their self-appointed roles as the Philippines’ Morality Police that they now presume to know better than one or the other of these “victims” they constantly manufacture to serve as fodder for their obsolete ideology. Kim, the latest of the Yellowtards’ victim postergirls, had already categorically stated that she is not a victim. But the Yellowtards prefer that she be a victim. And on that we ask: Who is really the one victimising here?

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This latest outrage fad had proven an important thing. The Yellowtards are inconsistent with the fundamental principles of their own “liberal” cause and, worse, offer a pathetically incoherent ideology. They have perverted the notion of consent to their political agenda of demonising the Duterte administration, for example, by their baffling quest to convince Kim she is a “victim” even if she chooses not to be one. Indeed, choice and mastery of an individual over her body is at the core of the feminist sect of the liberal cause. An individual’s choice to be a victim or not deserves respect. In continuing to insist that Kim is a “victim” despite her final decision not to be one is the Yellowtards’ insanity on exhibit.

The Philippine Opposition and their Yellowtard leaders have gone too far. They subordinate the personal choices of their postergirl “victims” to their political agendas and dismiss the preferences of ordinary Filipinos in favour of the high-horse pontification of foreign “rapporteurs” and the teachings of the Roman overlords who educate the wealthiest of Filipino youth. The Yellowtards are actually imperialists disguised as nationalists. The status quo they protect is one that is hinged on the continued political, cultural, and military hegemony of Western Europe and North America over the region — ironic, considering the same convoluted ideology was originally behind the decision to boot Uncle Sam out of the bases they spent billions to develop in the Philippines.

What ails the Opposition and hinders their ability to counter the astounding popularity of Duterte is their sad fragmentation. Aside from the confused liberal faction headed by the Yellowtards, a motley array of obsolete communist movements also chime into the static noise of the broader Opposition. Add to that, the LBTQI (or whatever the hell the latest “trending” acronym under which gay people march is) “cause” which, bizarrely seems to be a comfy but sketchy alliance of convenience with the Catholic rosary fiddlers of Yellowtardom and ideological confusion reigns. Out of this cauldron of halo-halo thinking emerges none other than intellectual dishonesty.

The Philippine Opposition, in short, is a mess. They are held together by a common hatred of Duterte and not much else. A movement fuelled by hatred cannot endure and, quite simply, will fail to move Filipinos.

It is imperative that the Philippine Opposition evolve so that they can step up to a true Opposition that truly serves and strengthens Philippine democracy. The alternative is the unproductive noise Filipinos are subject to thanks to the intellectually dishonest sorry excuse of an “opposition” they get today — one that subsists on a diet of “victims” that are manufactured by the Yellowtards to prop up their dishonest cause.

11 Replies to “Filipino liberals presume to know better than people who choose NOT to be “victims””

  1. I have little doubt if Duterte were to have publicly kissed a dude instead of a woman the news would hail him as some human rights hero.

  2. Never think you’re better than anyone else, but don’t let anyone treat you like you’re worse than they are.

  3. It’s really dumb for such people to claim they are the voice of certain people when they are not. I think the opposition had some moments where they represented a “victim,” then that victim turned out to not support them, so they turn on the “victim.” One such time was when Kian’s parents turned out to be pro-Duterte. I had forgotten other incidents like this, where the one they claim to represent turned out to be “oops iba pala.”

  4. Bea Kim, the woman kissed by Diggong Duterte was a “willing victim”. If those YellowTard opposition insist that the woman is a “victim”. Let us all agree in unison, she is a “willing victim”, of the kiss.

    The YellowTards opposition, whatever groups, they consist of, are bankrupt in political agendas and have no political ideology. They have no programs to solve the country’s enormous problems; no sensible alternatives to offer to us.

    So, they rely on shouting slogans, politics on the streets; and project themselves, as victims of Duterte’s tyrant rule . The latest issue is now: ” the kiss that was seen around the world”. In the Philippines: If a politician will kiss somebody. It will be an issue against him.

    Maybe, these aggressive women, belonging to “what’s your name” groups, are dying to be kissed by Duterte.

    Let us put Diggong Duterte on the Malacanang Palace lawn; and put a sign there: ” Kiss Diggong Duterte for 1,000 pesos . No longer than, 10 seconds, for each kiss”. I bet many women will line up, dying to be kissed by Duterte. I know that those women demonstrating against him, will line up, also for the “kiss for a lifetime” .

    I have never seen a country, with people, who are hopelessly politically idiotic. We deal too much on nonsense, while our country’s problems are pilling higher and higher, everyday !

  5. that’s good no more enbanc voting on sereno MR they will rely instead on the calida reply to avoid bribing again.

  6. Clearly, you are a certified asslicker and dickrider of Duterte to put it bluntly Benigno. Whatever he will do you will find something to defend for him. I bet if Duterte will piss or fart on your face, as long as you have consented to his whims in front of the public, you and other die hard fanatics will accept that as entertainment and no issue. I mean what will he not do just to make himself feel better? He has done ranting to his perceived enemies, touched a woman during campaign period, and made a rape joke as nothing but a silly joke and now kissing a woman in front of the crowd and DDS like you feel okay with all of that. I bet duterte can do more of that.

    If morality and decency are not important to you, why don’t you try offer your wife Ilda to duterte and let him kiss or touch her whenever he likes in front of the crowd and see if it does not feel offensive on your part. Prove to us how disgusting all of you in front of the world because, after all, it is not an issue to you as long as there is consent. Entertain us a little more because i know you have more something silly to prove to us. That is your mindset anyway so no worries.

    1. It’s liberals and lazy thinking schmucks are the dickriders here. Blatant assumptions and personal attacks, left and right.

      That’s a Yellowtard mindset that you have there: always have the nerve of talking morality and decency but also corrupt to the bone. So much for the hypocritical ‘disente’ crowd, which you are part of. Also, please entertain US a little more because you’re just gonna be ditched down just like your previous TROLLING attempts (putting a blunderous news outlet like Rappler in a pedestal, hailing the Aquinos as people who brought back ‘democracy and freedom’, which is more like a propaganda and a lie in a sense, calling this site as ‘fake news’ while hailing shady characters like Jover Laurio, Cocoy Dayao and Florin Hilbay as prominent people, etc.)

      You offered nothing but to whine, bitch and moan. Same old shit coming from a closet Yellowtard. Take your shitposting to somewhere else. Reddit comes to mind.

  7. That’s why the Philippine Opposition is a joke: victim mentality, a part of the country’s dysfunctional culture, is their staple. They always use this nonsense for their own personal agendas.

    We all know that the ‘victim of one’s personal choice’ is BS. Being a victim is not a personal choice… except playing one.

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