Ninoy Aquino is a “hero” — because he died

If death makes one a “hero” then every human being who’s ever lived may as well be called a “hero”. And yet, the simple fact that the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr ended up dead on the tarmac of the then-named Manila International Airport (MIA) in 1983 seems to be the biggest argument the Opposition has to offer to justify the renaming of the MIA to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in 1987.

That’s just plain lazy thinking. Worse, the propaganda campaign to raise Aquino’s name to god status set the platform for three decades of necropolitics, the use of dead people to pave the way for the grooming of election “winnables”. Necropolitics had, unfortunately, become a cancerous tradition in Philippine politics. This is why Filipino politicians had become so reviled — because it became an appalling, morbid substitute to verifiable and measureable achievement in candidates’ scorecards.

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We can see how far these necropolitics cultists (since then known as the Yellowtards) have gone to infest the Filipino mind with this bizarre death-delivers-political-results mindset. They made publishing images of corpses on newspapers and exhibiting them before TV cameras normal. They even turned the sillhouette of Aquino lying on the tarmac into a party logo! That’s almost a sacrilege to Christendom’s practice of using the image of Jesus Christ dying on the cross as its defining symbol. Are the Yellowtards suggesting that Ninoy Aquino is a peer of Jesus Christ in the annals of history?

Now if I were a Yellowtard, I’d probably still have a lot to work with using this idtiotic dead-therefore-hero argument — like “if Ninoy did not die on the tarmac, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy free speech”. And this classic: “Ninoy did not have to come home but he did anyway because the Filipino is worth dying for”.

But the Inquirer Editor had other, more lame, ideas to put forth as arguments to oppose renaming the NAIA back to the MIA. She went down the whatabout-this-whatabout-that path by citing other instances where airports were named after personalities…

The uninformed point out that the Philippines is the only country to have an airport named after a person. They have apparently not heard of JFK Airport in New York, Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome, and other airports named after Marco Polo, Charles M. Schulz (yes, of “Peanuts” fame), Bill and Hillary Clinton, football player Cristiano Ronaldo, James Bond creator Ian Fleming, Beatle John Lennon, former first lady Imelda Marcos (in Mati, Davao Oriental), and former president Diosdado Macapagal (in Clark, Pampanga), among many, many more.

But did Ninoy Aquino oversee a space programme that landed a man on the moon? Did he lay the foundation for wondrous works of engineering? Did he bring Europe in contact with the mysterious orient, create a beloved set of cartoon characters that inspired generations of people, lead the planet’s mightiest nation under liberalist ideals, or create a literary and film franchise that earned hundreds of millions in royalties and receipts?

Oh but Ninoy Aquino died. For the Filipino. In the name of “freedom”.

That’s nice.

According to the Yellowtards themselves, there are many more amongst their ranks who are willing to do the same (so we are told ad infinitum). What’s so special about Ninoy then if there are a thousand others like him who possess this special human ability to die?

I do agree that the “debate” surrounding the renaming (or not) of the NAIA back to just plain MIA needs to be had. And the points of both sides need to be raised and considered. We all hope, however, that intelligent points serve as currency for this debate — not the pathetic appeals to emotion the Inquirer editor used to represent the Yellowtard side. That’s just plain lazy thinking.

12 Replies to “Ninoy Aquino is a “hero” — because he died”

  1. There’s another side of the “hero” thing I see. Whoever opposes Marcos is a hero. So never mind if he’s a politician who stole millions from public funds. Never mind if he’s a communist who had innocents killed and even raped some women among his cadre. As long as he’s opposing something you also hate, he’s a hero. So the enemy of my enemy is not just my friend – he’s my hero. And that’s the stupidity that this “Yellow” set of vested interests are propagating. And if you’re not with us, then you’re a fascist or dictator. You get demonized or called a “fence-sittter” because you don’t side with anyone. There, that’s the game they play.

    1. I find it glaring that there are still people who hailed the likes of Enrile and Ramos as ‘heroes’ and ‘statesmen’ because they oppose Marcos even though they’re also part of it.. That’s why nobody will and would want to touch them.

  2. This is typical IDIOTIC FLIP LOGIC, make a statement, declare its veracity, and then make an unassociated(or slightly associated ) declaration about the original statement as if it makes the original statement true….and go on to makevwhat the speaker/writer thinks are true statements based on the failed logic used to make the statemnts to begin with….COMPLETELY IDIOTIC LOGIC, FILIPINO STYLE , (I have never seen an entire society that uses such idiotic thinking, but it is endemic to FLIPS)
    As for the reasons that Aquino had the airport named after him: Simply declaring that he died , and that everyone dies, and therefore everyone could or should have an airport named after them is SHEER IDIOCY, Filipino style !
    At the time of his death Ninoy Aquino was an INTERNATIONAL FIGURE, while most Filipino’s Are NOT, and on the International Stage Ferdinand Marcos was viewed, whether rightly or wrongly, as a Tyrannical Dictator who had stymied Democratic principles through his ten plus years of ‘MARTIAL LAW’. Because of this, MARCOS WAS INTERNATIONALLY REVILED…..AND THAT IS A 100% verifiable fact, everyone hated him and his 3000 pairs of ahoes wearing bitch wife !
    Aquino represented the hopes and dreams of literally millions of people around the globe that want to live in a Democratic Society where the individual is valued and has a say in the running of his/her country through the right to vote. Marcos was the antithesis of that !THIS IS THE BACKGROUND OF FACTS AS THEY WERE THAT DAY IN THE SUMMER OF 1983.
    NOW, whatever happened after the CIA hadNinoy Aquino shot/murdered on the tarmac that day in 1983, is not my point. The point is that Ninoy Aquino represented what millions of people world-wide admired and MOST FILIPINO’s DO NOT MEET THAT CRITERIA, AND TO MAKE THE IDIOTIC ARGUMENT THAT THIS ARTICLE MAKES SUGGESTS AN IDIOCY THAT I REALLY THOUGHT WAS NOT A PART OF WHAT I NOW SEE AS THE IDIOTIC THINKING OF THE WRITERS HERE @ GRP….YOU HAVE REALLY GONE DOWN THE INTELLECTUAL DRAIN-PIPE WITH THIS ONE !


    1. This is some Yellowtard-level whiny rant right there.

      You overrate Ninoy so much. Of course, he’s an international figure because he’s such a media darling. But you should know the fact that he’s also a crook, not to mention that he’s a political opportunist. He even connected with everyone, including Reds. Even Joma Sison said it himself.

      Unfortunately, it is YOU who have really gone down in the intellectual drain-pipe, as always. You’re also grasping on straws as well.

    2. Seems like you are basing your own arguments based on Ninoy’s popularity, and what the media portrays him as “what he stands for”. Ninoy’s “representation” is but a SUBJECTIVE perspective created by a media at the time when Marcos was hated by pretty much everyone (whether Marcos hate was justified or not, I will not delve into). You point your “Facts” all based on opinions at the time, that Marcos led a 10 year Martial Law “Tyranny”, that Ninoy represents “Democracy”. All of these are debatable depending on who you’re talking to. Just so happens that GRP is on the opposite side of the political spectrum as you so they do not share your “verifiable facts”.

      Compare that to the above mentioned people that had actual achievements under their belt. Leonardo Da Vinci had his engineering marvels, Ian Fleming created a multi-million dollar James Bond franchise, and so on. These are actual notable accomplishments that are can be hardly refuted. Of course, one would be free to argue that Da Vinci or Fleming somehow plagiarized their works, in which case if proven true their respective names could then be rightfully stripped from the airports. That is, if anybody would actually try to refute their accomplishments.

      And it happens that somebody is trying to refute Ninoy’s “achievements” now, because his “achievements” of “representing democracy” are subjective at best, propaganda at worst.

  3. Well the wonders of Yellow logic… therein lies a fitting end to the “Hukayin si Marcos”/LNMB burial debate. Ferdinand Marcos also died… so he’s a hero. Move on…

  4. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. aka, Marcial Bonifacio was murdered and died. Up to now, we don’t know who murdered him, and what was the reason, why someone, had to put a bullet on his head. And by the way, who provided him with the passport visa of , Marcial Bonifacio, as his alias ?

    The murder, would have been easily solved; if the Aquinos, who were in power, tried to solve it. However, the mystery of his murder, is a good political issue; especially talking about politics.

    Benigno Aquino III, the clueless and mentally retarded son, was elected President; because his mother: Cory Aquino died. However, Pres. Diggong Duterte, broke the spell. He was elected President, without having anybody died in his family. By the way, Leni Robredo, the fake Vice President, is waiting like a “vulture”, on the sideline, for Diggong Duterte, to drop dead and die…

    There are many hidden works of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. like : the founding of the New Peoples’ Army; the shipment of the arms to the NPA, thru the MV Karagatan in Palanan, Isabela; his role in the Jabidah massacre; the bombing of the Liberal Party Miting de Avance at Plaza Miranda; his being a U.S./C.I.A. informant; his scamming of the Philippine government , to own Hacienda Luisita; etc…

    So, a hero cannot be full of “rotten baggages”. Somebody may had ordered his murder , who had a grudge on him. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. hurt a lot of people. Just like his father, Benigno Aquino, Sr., who was a Japanese Imperial Army collaborator.

    Having an International Airport, named after a man of questionable character, is the most stupid thing Filipinos had done … Let us restore the name of our airport: Manila International Airport !

  5. A man who loves others based solely on how they make him feel, or what they do for him, is really not loving others at all—but loving only himself.


    1. Ninoy Aquino was a fraud, a political opportunist, a commie scammer, and a NPA founder. Communism is an obsolete ideology that did not work. Socialism will never work either. Communism produced the USSR Soviet Stalin’s Gulag labor camps; the Polpot’s killing fields of Cambodia; the purges and labor camps of Mao Tse Tung of China. The repressive regimes of Cuba and North Korea.

      Communism is fitted to be thrown in the garbage bin of history…it sucks !

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