What discipline?

Discipline has been on a downhill trend since the evil dictator left, we all know that for a fact. Much to the approval of older people like me, Rody is elected as someone who might be able to bring back self discipline and consequently, respect to our country. All well and good. Well….nope.

You see I just stumbled across this very cringe-worthy video (credits to the Gadget Addict) of a couple riding a motorbike being apprehended for not (or improperly) wearing helmets. And they have the gall to reason that they cannot wear the helmet because they used it to transport their take-out food. How about that for your next-level Pinoy logic? At least if they get in an accident, the food will be well-protected. Also worth noting is the outright disrespect to the apprehending officers. Brave Pinoy men and women…bravo!!.

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Another topic on the Facebook group somewhere north of Luzon discusses about how jeepney and taxi drivers and operators are not in favor of the LTFRB requiring them to install dashcams and GPSs as part of the government’s transportation modernization. They claim it is an added burden to them and as such, should not be made mandatory.

And then there is the lady who threw tantrums on the street when her car got clamped for illegal parking. Another is the English-speaking guy at the DFA who refused to acknowledge his mistake resulting in the towing of his car. Another idiot in a big SUV chose to do a u-turn on a road which obviously does not allow him to. These are just few examples of the glaring display of Da Pinoy, da best. There is an infinite amount of instances that can be found around the Internet of Da Pinoy in his natural habitat, being undisciplined idiots.

To generalize, these Pinoys are just a bunch of self entitled spoiled brats. I give credit to the mishandled government that came right after the late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, failing to point out that even their so called “freedom” does come with responsibilities. We have Rody now, who, aside from getting this country back on its own two feet, has the task of putting back discipline in Da Pinoy’s vocabulary. With the backward understanding of pinoy freedom so deeply ingrained in today’s society, we can only hope and do our own small part whichever way we can. It’s the only way forward.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

14 Replies to “What discipline?”

  1. most pinoys dont know what responsibility is. mas nauuna arrogance because like you said “a sense of entitlement”. too much liberalism (yellow cult) the Filipinos perception of democracy is became twisted.

  2. Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire. Saying no to our impulses (even the ones that are not inherently sinful) puts us in control of our appetites rather than vice versa. It deposes our lust and permits truth, virtue, and integrity to rule our minds instead.

    1. I would say (self-)discipline is important because it gives you aspirations. Unless you aspire to be something more than you are, you’ll never BE more than you are. The average Pinoy just drifts though life, with no plan, no ambition, and no desire to ever learn anything or achieve anything (except possibly to cause as much trouble for others as possible).

      You need rules, boundaries, and some social structure that transcends the everyday needs for food and shelter. Otherwise, you’re just a primate with no fur.

  3. Discipline is not in most Filipinos’ vocabulary. They throw their garbage and waste, anywhere. They urinate anywhere, including women. I used to travel on a bus, from the Province, when I was young. When it is time, for everybody, to answer the call of nature. The bus will stop and park on the side of the road. Everybody will piss on the side of the road. The women will do it also on the side of the road. In the Western country, or in the U.S.; the Police will arrest you for “indecent exposure”. Pissing anywhere is a no no. Pissing on the wall, is a no no.

    Go to the squatters areas, and there are people there, who have no toilets. So, what they do is to use old newspapers, (I, believe the newspaper is” Inquirer”), as toilet. Throw the loaded newspaper, anywhere. Hoping that the garbage men will clean up. Someone will surely clean up, because : it stinks…

    I have seen here in the U.S. Filipinos break into lines, where people are falling in line for something.

    Filipinos have a hard time following rules and laws. This was the reason the late Pres. Marcos, Sr. was very much hated. When he launched national discipline, thru his: “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan”. People mocked him, and most call him a dictator.

  4. Thankfully there are few good well-mannered pinoys. Overall majority are rude, don’t respect the law or just plain annoying. In DOTA 2 community gamers from other countries, SEA in particular call them “peenoise” or “pignoys” for that very reason I don’t introduce myself as a Filipino while gaming. Those names I knew came from the frustration with pinoys not having enough self-discipline and proceed to annoy everyone e.g. say insults like “bobo”, greedily getting or stealing kills, having very little manners etc. Seriously I hope as a people we see the light and change our ways but I think that’s too much to ask.

  5. What about poverty and ignorance? Many Filipinos live in survival mode. I agree Filipinos need to be more disciplined but leaders have some responsibilities here too. These are the same Filipinos who become role model of discipline when in another country in abiding rules and laws.

    1. Thing is though, it’s not the SAME Filipinos. OFWs are those who have what it takes to work abroad; they are the ones with normal parents, education, and self-discipline. The people who remain and the ones who don’t (because, let’s face it, anyone who could leave this place probably would, if they had the chance). It really isn’t true that Filipinos magically turn into law-abiding citizens when they go abroad: you’ve got two completely different groups here, which are forced to separate by dysfunctional economic policies.

  6. There’s a news recently that the Filipinos is among the most ignorant people in the world yet we’re also the most confident one… we’re confident that we could use IGNORANCE as part of our “Pinoy Culture” or #PinoyPride that we could show it to the world. Ironic isn’t it?

    Oh well, once a Filipino always a Filipino. Is there a hope that we could change of our own cultures & attitudes?

    This is all of your fault, Pasaway Queen aka Maria Isabel Lopez: https://youtu.be/-tB7cTqNILo

  7. PINAYS and PINOYS obey the law as soon as they leave the country. The problem is the respect that most have for their own countrymen and country. I call it airplane discipline. Visit little Philippines in the San Antonio, Texas in the USA. Everyone is following the law, The place is very clean. The traffic laws are obeyed. what is the difference?

    1. They’re not Filipinos though, are they? They’re Americans. The fact that they LOOK like Filipinos is irrelevant.

      American Irish might maintain an affectation of Irishness, but the fact is that they’re 98% American. Same with the residents of Little Philippines: they went to (and remain in) America because it suits the way they think, and left the Philippines because it doesn’t.

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