Leni Robredo’s claim to the Philippine vice presidency remains questionable to this day

The battle to extract the truth about electoral fraud that marred the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections drags on because presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo continues to hinder progress in the investigation. Without going into the details of the case (all of which is publicly-available, save for the facts of those who argue that no fraud had transpired), it is easy to see why a probe into electoral fraud should err on the side of those who allege it occurred.

No Filipino will argue that election cheating never occurred in any Philippine election since independence in 1946. All political camps had, at one time or another, lodged strong complaints of electoral fraud over the last several decades. As such, the position that the possibility of cheating happening in 2016 is utterly ludicrous held by the Liberal Party camp of Robredo is, itself, ludicrous.

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Indeed, it is highly-suspect of the camp of Robredo to so quickly brush aside fraud allegations. The onus, in fact, should be on the presumed winner of an election to call for an investigation on allegations of electoral fraud in the election she “won”. The principle at work there (at least for most normal people) is that nobody wants to win a rigged contest. That’s just cheating one’s self. Unfortunately for Filipinos, their politicians’ goals are to win elections at any cost — even if the cost involves compromising the integrity of the very system of government that they seek to be part of.

As such, it is very difficult to believe Philippine Opposition “influencers” who publicly espouse “democratic” ideals. It is because their highest-profile government official at the moment, “vice president” Leni Robredo, refuses to respond properly to challenges to the legitimacy of the office she currently clings to. It does not help her either that she is the presumptive “vice president” only because government officials allied with the Liberal Party in the twilight of their hold on power played the what-are-we-in-power-for card and arbitrarily voided a Commission on Elections (COMELEC) rule that Robredo and her party violated which, in turn, would have disqualified her from holding office.

In short, Robredo’s claim to the vice presidency is tainted at two points — (1) the very likely possibility that fraud occurred in 2016 and (2) the dishonest manner with which she circumvented COMELEC rules she had clearly violated. She has been reduced to a sad punchline and is, as a result, ineffectual and a waste of precious taxpayers’ funds. It is baffling how Liberal Party lackeys in corporate media and the noisy clique of social media “influencers” they give generous airtime to and exchange high-fives with in quaint soireees can screech about “fake news” when the biggest fake news of all — Leni Robredo as “Vice President” — is staring them in the face.

It is quite a tall ask of the shills that make up the traditional cadre of “activists” and the clique of disente “influencers” that have climbed into bed with them to scrape the OA emotionalism that coats their rhetoric and face the truth. As had been revealed in that viral study, Filipinos are confident purveyors and propagators of their own ignorance — a cultural trait that lends itself well to exploitation by such shills who monopolise the proverbial big megaphones in the the Philippines’ information dissemination infrastructure. In Leni Robredo is encapsulated the very cultural archetype that mirrors the sad society-wide predisposition to believe in seductive myths rather than think through facts systematically.

29 Replies to “Leni Robredo’s claim to the Philippine vice presidency remains questionable to this day”

  1. Just accept your country is a corrupt hellhole with no noticeable legal system. Nothing is going to change even with the election of so called savior presidents.

        1. Well you’re not mistaken but I would be more hypocritical if I claimed that Norway has “no corruption”. Absolute zero corruption of any form in any country is unheard of. At least they obviously have less corruption there than this cesspool. Nothing is perfect but Scandinavian countries are close to it, you know if you love happiness, freedom, breathtaking scenery, the northern lights, low crime, high wages, equality and ultra fast internet.

        2. To tell you the truth its difficult to move to Norway and land a nice paying job and settling there for good if you don’t know the Norwegian language (its the key one), did not achieve at least a Bachelors degree or better duh and work experience of course. but hey don’t take my word for it. http://mylittlenorway.com/2009/10/how-to-get-a-job-in-norway/
          I want to go there as an experienced skilled worker (immigrant worker) as you can guess I’m currently studying/learning the language. https://www.udi.no/en/

        3. It’s your choice. Do you want to be a 2nd class citizen in “less corrupt” Norway or a 1st class citizen in “more corrupt” Philippines? But if you consider yourself a 2nd class citizen in your own country, then I rest my case. I’m glad, though, that you recognise that migrating to Norway as a skilled worker is no piece of cake.

        4. Classic crab mentality, Adrian. What does “class” have to do with it? In any case, anyone living in the Philippines is condemned to a third-class life, mainly by those around him.

          SNODAX wants a better life for himself. Do you honestly think Norwegians will consider him “second class” because he’s a foreigner, the same way Pinoys look down on “lesser races”?

          Filipinos employed abroad find themselves in menial jobs because that’s all they aspire to. I know two or three who are extremely successful, highly respected professionals … but they got there because they WANTED it. Most Filipinos just don’t want it.

        5. My choice go to someplace that I would be treated much worst than here? No never. Since ill be adapting their culture cases of discrimination will surely hit rock bottom.

        6. You better hurry up, with all the rag-heads coming into Europe from Syria and the Northern Tip of Afreeka, they are going to close the borders !!

      1. You are very smart, NORWAY is the best country in the world to live in! North Western Europe has the rest of the planet beat by a really long way !!!

      1. I have lived all over, uk, usa, germany, hk, philipines. The philippines is by far the worst. Its just a totally unstructured slum, sorry to offend but the truth is the truth

    1. They can’t figure it out, yet !!! the same shit has been happening since 1965, but they fall for the ‘SAVIOUR’ shit every frikkin time !!! as if DUETERTE isn’t a PUPPET of the Oligarchs, BWAH HA HA !!!

  2. Until after the PET had finished the recount of the Vice President votes, and see who really wins; i will never respect the fake vp Leni Robredo. The electoral protest of Sen. BBMarcos is to give justice to the people who voted for BBM.

    1. so thats it, a MARCOS is paying to have these articles written, OK, it all makes sense now…two articles like this in less than two weeks, I thought something was up.
      The Philippines needs another MARCOS like they need another ARROYO…..or AQUINO or ESTRADA, get it through YOUR THICK FRIKKIN SKULLS: THEY ARE ALL THIEVES !!!

  3. What the fuck this article is? You are racing ahead of the decision of the Supreme Court. Who do you think you are?! You have plenty of allegations without enough proof and merit to back-up your claim. No science and logic. It cannot stand in the court of law. Your style is the same as those enthusiasts of conspiracy theories. All I can see is a complete regurgitated sentiments of those losers in the vice-presidential bid who cannot respect and accept defeat under the Philippine democracy.

    For the information of everyone, you have the same flawed thinking with your bitchy hypocrite wife Ilda (your fellow blogger here in getrealphilippines) who likes to twist facts to suit her agenda whenever it feels the situation is necessary for her to attack. No wonder you both are couple because you two are fucking disgusting! You both should better stop writing!

    1. And you have no argument against any of what we write other than the drivel you post above. Consider this a warning. Any further post such as the above will be marked as spam pursuant to our Terms of Service which may result in our spam filter app permanently recognising your profile as a spammer and, as such, may filter any subsequent comment of yours.

      There will be no second warning.

      1. You bet i’m afraid? Go ahead benigno! I don’t care if you block me. That just means proving my point further. My “drivel” is nothing as compared to the drivel you are spewing in social media through the years. One of these drivels manifested in your inept article above and yet you do not realize that because you are clouded with your faulty loyal feelings to your politicians and an antagonistic approach against opposition liberal party, which do not need brain cells for an ordinary person to figure that out and yet you deny that to the core several times already. Save that to the clown great pretender like yourself and your ilk.

        1. Well, to be fair, you’re a bit of a good enough learner seeing that the above comment (though still entirely composed of ad hominem arguments) passes the lowest bar of our moderation guidelines in our Terms of Service. Still waiting for a valid counter-argument to my assertions though. For that, you will need to learn how to read a bit more carefully and hone your comprehension faculties a bit more.

        2. One of these drivels manifested in your inept article above and yet you do not realize that because you are clouded with your faulty loyal feelings to your politicians and an antagonistic approach against opposition liberal party, which do not need brain cells for an ordinary person to figure that out and yet you deny that to the core several times already. Save that to the clown great pretender like yourself and your ilk.

          This reply of yours are proving benign0’s point even further than what you’re trying to do. Anyhow, it’s the opposite.

          Coming from the same guy who keeps on saying the writers of Inquirer and Rappler are ‘brilliant’ while not knowing that these are Yellow media outlets and have their own personal agendas like their faulty loyal feelings to their Liberal Party politicians and their affiliates (those who belong to the Left, etc.). And by ‘ordinary person’ you mean those who are easily manipulated by the biased mainstream media who had no brain cells in order to help themselves to think.

          And it’s funny that you assume GRP writers have their own antagonist approach against LP yet you fail to realize that the Opposition Liberal Party are the antagonists themselves. They were revered as ‘heroes’ and the Yellow Narrative is the only narrative that started in 1986. But when Noynoy Aquino took office in 2010, these Yellows are becoming the antagonists when they antagonize a number of smart, critical thinking Pinoys (that includes myself and GRP) when they began to point and discuss about the ineptitude and incompetence of Noynoy and his government. The biased mainstream media did everything to cover up every blunder and any stack of incompetence the past administration have. Still, you fail to make a counter-argument about this that leads me to believe that you’re just born yesterday.

          Once again, you’re shooting yourself in the foot with that baseless ranting, telling us here you’re throwing critical thinking away out of the window. On the contrary, you’re the one here being the clown great pretender because way the I see it, you’re wasting your time clowning in this page with lazy thinking, emotional outbursts and ad hominem attacks.

          If you think these things you’re spouting are your only way of making a counter-argument, you’re already lost here. Again, you’re proving the webmaster’s point. Even far more further.

    2. Says the actual hypocritical Yellowtard troll who always thought that ad hominem and personal attacks are the only way to go because he’s scared of making a coherent argument.

      You better stop TROLLING on this site and take your own filthy shit to somewhere else. Perhaps Pinoy Ako Blog is the perfect place for ya. Both you and Jover Laurio are disgusting.

  4. Leni Robredo is a phony and fake Vice President. She was placed there, thru 2016 Smartmatic and Hocus PCos cheating , by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. The bribery of former COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is glaring. He has millions of pesos deposits on various accounts in foreign banks. Bautista is now enjoying his loot.

    The operation of the SMARTMATIC machine, was compromised. It was in operation to cheat, to count/transfer the votes of Bong bong Marcos, Jr. to Leni Robredo.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis was hoping that the Extra Judicial Killing charge, against Pres. Duterte, would remove him. And he will be impeached by Leila de Lima and Trililing Trillanes. Both are running dogs of Aquino. Leila de Lima is in jail, for being a drug dealer and a nymphomaniac. Trililing Trillanes id next to go to jail, for stealing from his DAP and PDAF.

    The Supreme Court is also beholden to the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. So, the bastard: Caguioa is delaying the manual recounts of the votes.

    If Leni Robredo, really won the Vice Presidency. They must allow the manual recounts of the votes, as soon as possible…Otherwise, cheating will always continue in elections. They should allow the manual recounts of votes to take place, as soon as possible. All who participated in the 2016 election cheating must be persecuted, fined and jailed.

    The bitch, Leni Robredo, continues to cling to her position.

  5. I love how emo-turds like PInoy Citizen (more like “YELLOW Citizen”) are utterly triggered about this.

    The point of this article is about Leni Robredo’s vice-presidency being questionable. But if you ask me, one of the reasons is the electoral fraud that happened last elections; especially what happened in my late father’s home province in Basilan where my relatives had experienced that kind of crap. Not to mention that former Comelec chairman Andy Bautista possibly had a hand on this.

    It’s amusing how these kind of people would react made me go thinking: are these guys would tolerate any kind of electoral fraud as long as any candidate from or related to a tainted surname were kept out from the vice-presidential/presidential office?

    Dysfunctional thinking, peeps.

    It is starting to look like the are some real NUMB-SKULL’s here @ GRP, there was a similar article here recently, same shit !!! Just because you do not like her, its too bad, or like they say in Brooklyn, “TOUGH SHIT ,KID !”….I mean, really !

    1. looking at all the comments herein I see that only you who defends the side of the fake vp. Where are those 14m who are presumed to have voted for her. or is it that the smartmatic machines cannot by themselves make comments here.

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