Why Yellowtards need people like @PinoyAkoBlog to ‘say what they want to say’

Unfortunately for the pro-Duterte community, the recent exposés on the identities of those behind certain anti-Duterte websites – SilentNoMorePH and PinoyAkoBlog among them – did not have the desired effect. Rather than flush out others who are involved in what is widely believed to be a well-oiled information control machine, one of the persons identified, Cocoy Dayao, has generally kept a low profile. Jover Laurio from PinoyAkoBlog, on the other hand, had used the opportunity to paint the event as “coming out bravely” (as opposed to being exposed due to her own carelessness), and also to paint herself as the unfortunate victim, in an attempt by the pro-Duterte to silence its critics.

Naturally, because the anti-Duterte community – Yellowtards and Liberal Party supporters the most vocal among them – are currently struggling to find anything to latch on to and validate their self-righteous, and “decent”, opinions, they have latched on to Jover Laurio like barnacles. As GRP webmaster benign0 has said, Laurio has been groomed to be like a Yellowtard Joan of Arc – a figurehead, if you will, for their “anti-tyranny” and “anti-silencing” shriek campaigns.

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This recent tweet by former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, who has volunteered to be Laurio’s lawyer, by the way, stands out as an example of such copious amounts of praise that has been heaped upon Laurio:

Some who have been unfortunate enough to read sample articles from Pinoy Ako Blog have found her writing amateurish, bereft of any astute political analysis, heavily partial to innuendo and personal attacks, instead of fact, as basis, and downright libelous. So, if one takes that into context, we find ourselves asking Yellowtards like Hilbay one simple question:

Why would you need someone like Jover Laurio to “say what you want to say”?

Funny enough, Hilbay on Twitter recently seems to be trigger happy with his block button. Reply to his tweets even in the slightest disagreeing tone, or use his tweets to make a case against what he wants to say (which is rather easy, by the way), and you’ll find yourself having to look for other ways to view his timeline.

Quite a few Yellowtards on Twitter, aside from Hilbay, have demonstrated that they would rather retreat to their ever-shrinking echo chambers than engage those with different and disagreeable opinions, and expound on why they keep clinging to their personality-based, and frankly, obsolescent way of thinking.

Interestingly enough, however, it seems that the golden age of Yellowtard blogging has long passed. Blogs like Filipino Voices, and Barrio Siete, those which showed their true colors by defending Noynoy Aquino even while he was still a presidential candidate, are no longer anywhere to be found. At present, the best that Yellowtard blogging seemingly has to offer, manifests itself in SilentNoMorePH and PinoyAkoBlog.

Yellowtards, it seems, have latched on the kapal ng mukha (a Filipino twist on audacity) that Laurio exhibits with her blogs. What is apparent at face value, is that certain Yellowtards would rather not be caught dead spouting the jolog-style libelous statements she peppers her blogs with. Rather, their priority is to keep the air of “decency” that they are so proud of – proper, straight English, and faux-upright citizen with a hint of self-righteousness. Never mind that both ways come out as hypocritical, selective, and can easily be mistaken for being psychopathic.

Jover Laurio also proves useful to the snooty Yellowtards who will most likely find it too much work to get down from their ivory towers, and to interact with different people. Laurio’s blogs speak like the tambay sa kanto – the bystander at the corner who doesn’t have anything better to do. If one wants to preach to the masses, you’ve got to do it in the language they understand.

The second part of Hilbay’s praise, “takes in all the hatred”, speaks volumes about just what kind of people hide behind Laurio. Some of these balat-sibuyas folk – as perfectly demonstrated by Hilbay himself – just cannot seem to take as good as they give. In a sense, Laurio also could dish it out but not take it, but it seems the kapal ng mukha has served her well, in that she still continues to write under PinoyAkoBlog, even after her exposure.

There may come a time, however, when Laurio hits a brick wall in blogging as PinoyAkoBlog. Eventually, she may no longer be useful to the Yellowtards. No doubt that nothing can shake her fanatic devotion to the Yellowtard cause; it’s just that, if anything happens to her readership, or if court cases prosper against her, or if the Yellowtards feel that she is becoming a liability for whatever reason, they will simply drop her like a hot potato.

The Yellowtards may need her for now. But these are people who are only too willing to sacrifice others to save their own skin. They have used corpses to advance their causes; they sure won’t hesitate to use live bodies.

Whatever happens, PinoyAkoBlog and the rest of the Yellowtards will simply reap what they sow.

5 Replies to “Why Yellowtards need people like @PinoyAkoBlog to ‘say what they want to say’”

  1. I don’t mind if , Laurio’s Pnoy Ako Blog , is still an existing Web Blog. This is a free country, anybody can write anything what they want. Unless, they are stopped by : viruses, malwares, script writes, files blockers, etc…Or they are hit by a libel suit..

    It is a “Free Market of Ideas and Opinions”. It is the readers, of the Blogs, who will decide, if the Blog is true, believable or not.

    I still hope, that most of the Bloggers, in GRP, or other Web Blogs, will write Truthful Blogs. And the readers, will use their common senses, and brains in reading, and believing these blogs.

    So, if someone will write :” The sky is falling ! The sky is falling !” And you believe it. It will be your damn fault !

  2. they can use her as a patron saint for all I care. still doesn’t change the fact that they’re yellowtards. what a sad ending for a group of morons who think they can still hoodwink people into buying into their bullshit.

  3. They need to exist, to show how low and far gone the so-called opposition is when they practice High School rumor-mongering, repeating lies to make it truth or truly believing it, idiotic appeals to emotions speeches like Elementary School students instead of long-term platforms and goals, shows their hypocrisy and how they abused anonymity to just do ad hominem attacks instead of proper arguments. They are hypocrites and most of them are elitists who would rather have the status quo than any other change than their own.

  4. Of course. The disente, who are not that really decent, need people like Jover to spew the rotting vile that they try to keep hidden.

    The paleskinned hacendero needs the misshapen cacique to whip the uppity indio. He can’t be seen brutalizing his sakadas.

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