Rappler dangerously promotes use of illegal drugs

Every so often, Rappler publishes an article that demands a rebuttal. Nothing less than a trashing would do lest people start believing that what the writer is saying is true. We all know Rappler promotes a lot of “liberal” ideas, which they think are “hip” and “cool” and they also think that everyone else should “get with the times”.  The latest one they are trying to endorse is accepting the notion that the use of recreational or illegal drugs is okay as long as you are not harming anyone. Well, that is a lot of bullshit.

Activist and admitted drug user Cecilia Leroy defends her vice in a Rappler article.

The writer Cecilia Lero started off by proudly saying she is a “responsible person who makes positive contributions to my family, community, and country”. She followed up with “drug use in no way adversely affects my personal or professional lives.”

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Unfortunately, Lero already contradicted herself in her introduction. If she was a responsible person, she would not have bragged about being an illegal drug user at all. I say irresponsible because a lot of impressionable young kids and likewise gullible adults could emulate her. They might see her and think, “oh she looks normal” and then assume that use of illegal drugs may not be as harmful as some people say it is. While she implied that she only uses marijuana and not synthetic drugs, she however, did not condemn harder illicit substances out there.

If her friends are not going to say it, I will. Lero’s use of recreational or illegal drugs says a lot about her character. One can be forgiven for saying it is weak. If she has a healthy outlook in life, why would she need to use drugs to feel good? She may look healthy and some would even say she’s kinda “cute”, but it seems her mind is struggling to cope with the realities of life. Otherwise, she wouldn’t feel the need to “space out” to forget her “problems”.  Presumably that is why she uses marijuana. She did not specifically say she uses it for medicinal purposes anyway. She didn’t say she is using it because she is undergoing chemotherapy either. That would have been a different story. No, she uses it because it made her feel good, it seems.

In other words, Lero could be using drugs to address underlying mental health issues. She could be suffering from some form of depression and sees drugs as the answer to alleviate feelings of emptiness. If that is the case, she is not addressing the root causes of her problems. She’s actually adding more to it. Despite her degrees and accomplishments, which she also proudly displayed at the bottom of her article, it seems she still needs drugs to cope. Her training in prestigious institutions did not give her the right character to say no to drugs. Frankly, she’ll benefit more from psychiatric therapy than using drugs to chase her blues away. Or instead of using drugs, she could try taking up other hobbies like painting or learning to play a new instrument. After all, art is good for the soul.

Lero’s first claim to infamy was when she wore a sign on her chest that said “I am drug user. Papatayin mo ba ako? (Will you kill me?)” during a protest rally against President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war on the 21st of September 2017. Some people thought she was just being hypothetical. Apparently, her article confirmed she is indeed, a drug user. She wants to be the poster girl for drug users. By coming out, she hoped to break the stereotype and bust the popular thinking that drug addicts are all zombie-like creatures. She wants to include her own image – light skinned and with chubby cheeks – in people’s imagination when they think of drug addicts.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to judge Lero’s choice of poison. I’m actually here to remind her that marijuana and other recreational drugs are still illegal in the Philippines. Someone from law enforcement should pay her a visit and ask her to point to her drug dealer so they can arrest him or her. Until the lawmakers legalise the use of marijuana, Lero is still violating the law.

The problem with Lero’s justification in being a casual drug user is she assumes that everyone is constituted the same. She failed to realise that people’s physiological properties are not all the same. Different people react differently to the stuff we put in our system. Take coffee for instance. Some people can handle drinking coffee without suffering from insomnia, but some will have a hard time getting a wink after a cup in the afternoon. It’s the same with recreational drug use. There are people who start out as a casual drug user, but eventually become full blown addicts because their bodies are susceptible to addiction. Some start out with just marijuana and then when they get bored with the hit, they move up to harder drugs. I’ve always wondered why members of the Rolling Stones who are in their 70s are still alive despite their drug use while other rock stars overdose in their 20s. It’s the luck of the draw. DNA plays a role in it, which is why I think Lero was wrong in publishing a statement saying being a drug user is okay as long as you’re not harming anyone. Marijuana can actually affect the brain. Prolonged use can increase the risk of psychosis, which is harmful to the user and the people she comes in contact with.

Drug problems in many parts of the world have become an epidemic. Lero did not mention this because her agenda is different. She wanted to paint a very different picture of drug use. She wanted to remove the stigma. But what she did was very dangerous. A recent article from The Guardian described it as a devastating social problem:

 Heroin and other opioid drug use is a devastating social problem, and in many places it’s getting worse. The number of heroin users in the US tripled to one million between 2003 and 2014, and heroin abuse is estimated to cost the US around $50bn a year. Deaths from overdose have tripled in the past 15 years, and injection of the drug has spread HIV and other diseases transmissible through blood. About eight in every 1,000 Britons are high-risk opioid users – the highest ratio in Europe.

Describing drug abuse as an epidemic is already to imply that it is a kind of disease. And indeed that is how it is regarded by medical organisations such as the American Medical Association; the US National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse in New York calls it “a complex disease of the brain and body”. After all, like many other diseases it can be inherited: genetic factors seem to account for as much as half of the risk that an individual will develop drug addiction.

Lero did not mention how devastating drug addiction has become even in the Philippines because she wants to paint Duterte’s war on drugs as worse. As far as I know, it is not a state policy to include killing innocent children in the war on drugs. Over one million drug users and dealers have surrendered to police without getting harmed as a result of the campaign. If Duterte really has a state policy of killing them, why are they still alive? Why is Lero still alive if casual users like her are also targeted by the government’s war on drugs? She’s just not making any sense.

Duterte’s drug war is not perfect. In fact, there is a lot of room for improvement. I get the impression the Philippine National Police has already started overhauling some precincts. The Department of Justice also announced that it will prosecute the policemen involved in the killing of 17-year-old Kian delos Reyes. Likewise, the entire Caloocan police force was already sacked and replaced following a string of crimes involving said cops. The image that people like Lero are trying to project – that the drug war is targeting the poor is false and misleading. Of course there are more poor people who are into drug dealing due to the allure of easy money for those who lack better opportunities. That is the simplest explanation why there are more people from the poor who are getting caught in the crossfire.

Lero herself admits that she is privileged, which is why she has other options in life unlike her poor counterparts. Which also begs the question, why does she even have to take drugs in the first place? The answer is all in her head.

57 Replies to “Rappler dangerously promotes use of illegal drugs”

    1. Its a pain medication tanga! Ginwa ang fentanyl for medical purposes kahit pa sabhn mong may mga side effects yan. E yung shabu mo? Wag mong e kumpara pag gamit ng shabu sa pag gamit ng pangulo sa fentanyl. Haha e kung nahihigh ka sa fentanyl e d lumipat ka dun. puro kasi shabu tinitira mo bobo kaya sobrang liit n nyang utak mo. Ngayon baka tawas nalang nauubos na supply mo?

  1. The touchy subject of drugs and marijuana. First, people should be informed how the War on Drugs came to the world. A simple wikipedia search would inform you that it was the US President Nixon who campaigned for it. If you have an open mind, you will further investigate the intentions of it, of why weed is being used in recreational purpose long before it became illegal and why beer is illegal before but now is available everywhere though it causes damage to the body and the society far more than marijuana. It all boils down that weed is still illegal and nobody should be above the law. However, the law can be revised, amended or repealed. Hopefully, people will be more informed (not just the crappy media and government propaganda that weed and meth has the same effects and dangerous).

  2. To the author, have you ever been to Amsterdam? Fine, lets not use Amsterdam because it is still illegal under their law to have more than 5grms of marijuana. Lets use Norway, look at their economy, their people, their way of life, their social responsibility. All of this was achieved even with soft drug use is legal, LEGAL. I was in Amstersdam a few weeks ago and by the power of holy fucking Odin or whatever religion you follow, it is by far a better city than Manila – and its not even their capital. The people are nice, responsible, loving of their city and country – so much so that they actually pick up the trash on the street, if any, and throw it in its proper place. All while holding a joint. If youre not familiar with the term, its marijuana rolled up like a cigarette. Tobacco is banned. Alcohol is frowned upon. All the progress surrounding me showed just how much drugs did not contribute to the dumbing down of society, but the people who do not seem to care to understand exactly what it is they are fighting and how much the Filipinos abuse each other on a daily basis by being a “yellowtard” or “dutertard”. Why can’t we throw away this fucking pettines and just fucking help each other? Drugs aint the problem, its the people who dont want to educate themselves about what can and cannot harm them is the problem.

    Do not tarnish the plant by saying it leads to harder substances, everything you abuse will do that. If something negative happened to you because of marijuana, talk to your psychiatrist. Marijuana has helped PTSD veterans, insomniacs, chronic pain sufferers much more effectively than the man made drugs that are in the market now. Avoid being Richard Nixon who wanted to find a way to target Mexicans by pointing out they use marijuana. Marijuana didnt hurt anyone, it has never killed anyone – if by todays medicinal standards, it’s actually helped so many.

    I can agree though that what you said about this lady pointing out that she is an actual drug user was wrong but everyone of us uses drugs. Paracetamol, decolgen, biogesic, fucking fentanyl and morphine (both highly addictive) is being used as a prescription drug for pain even though marijuana can do so much more without the addiction – just a whole lot of laughs and an appetite.

      1. Not that simple and it has been explained above. People who get laws changed for the better are forward thinking people. You are stuck in the past and have nothing but “it’s illegal” as an excuse. Stay in the past if you wish, the world will move forward without you.

        1. What is legal and what is illegal are the only points that matter in a court of law which is where most things get decided in a society that claims to be subject to the rule of law. Liberalism 101, last I heard.


    1. Until the lawmakers legalise the use of marijuana, it is still a violation of the law to possess and sell it in the PHILIPPINES.

      The article did not say Marijuana doesn’t have its positive uses in society. The article actually acknowledge it helps some people suffering from medical issues. You need to read it again.

      The article also mentioned the PROLONGED use can lead to risk of psychosis. Of course this does not apply to everyone because not everyone is constituted the same. You should read the article again.

      The article is a direct response to the Rappler article. It is not just about marijuana, but recreational drugs in general. The problem with the writer of the Rappler article is she did not condemn the use of harder substances.

      You can’t just say “drugs is not the problem”. Of course it is part of the problem. A lot of the crimes were committed by people high on drugs.

    2. LOL, a pot-tard. If you want marijuana legalized in the Philippines, better write a congressman to change the law. Otherwise, all your keystroke arguing on any comment section is a waste of time.

      1. Not so. Keystroke arguing influences peoples thought, otherwise you are admitting writing these articles is a waste of time because GRP is just a comment section compared to PhilStar, etc.

    3. Ian,
      you are not painting a complete picture about the Netherlands. A drug user (addict) can request to be helped for detox/rehab. He/she is not mudered. We will never allow that to happen. The Netherlands has a strict policy about the production of hard drugs even when the majority of the production is meant for export. As we speak, the Dutch government wants to regulate the production as well and make rthe production also legal.
      The only – drug related – killings that happen is between drug kings/dons themselves.

  3. I can’t finish reading this article. The author is confused with identity crisis. She’s trying to be a psycho analyst. Seems like she’s stuck in the Philippines for so long. She needs to get a vacation to other countries and observe how they deal with drug issues there and how is drug and economy are related.

  4. The Dangerous Drugs Act should be amended criminalizing the enticement to illegal drug use. Programming that somehow glamorizes drug use should be banned or censored.

  5. So she admitted that she uses illegal drugs? Well, that’s it. She joins the many who just want to twist right and wrong, just to defend her vice. And that’s even corrupting public morals by defending and promoting consumption of an illegal substance.

    And like I said is my article about highs, if you feel you need a narcotic to satisfy your dopamine receptors, you are likely to have weak character.

    It seems Rappler encourages breaking the law when you feel like it. That’s just wrong.

    1. And…. if Rappler encourages breaking the law… who knows if it’ll snowball into something like a… violent uprising. Which is serious.

        1. If they’re the ones doing the crimes. But I’m talking about Rappler signaling support for violent overthrow of Duterte, or something like that.

  6. Wow, just wow. Is this woman for real?

    I dunno why, but her biggest accomplishment would be a future drug kingpin if she thinks like that.

    Sorry guys, I’ve watched too much Narcos.

  7. I dont know how many things in the Philippines are “illegal” but abortion is one of them. Now, I am sure there are Philippine women in the Philippines who will have an “illegal” abortion. My question now is: are these women also being killed by EJK or by the Philipinne police? If not, why the difference in approach? Illegal is illegal, I would think.
    Divorce is also illegal but we have an escape route called annulment.

        1. Most got killed when they resisted arrest endangering the life of the arresting officer. Some though were silenced by their pushers and protectors.
          If you think otherwise, please present proof that drug users were systematically killed for being an addict.

        2. Dom,
          resisting arrest how? A cop has many options to down an alleged suspect.

          1) Using a taser.
          2) shooting the alleged suspect in the wrist/hand (so that the knife or gun he/she is holding will fall on the ground).
          3) using the cop’s baton.
          4) a fight with bare hands.

          Killing an alleged suspect is something as a last resort if everything else fails. Well those rules apply in my country (thank god). So are we both okay that a 3rd world country still resorts to 3rd world techniques? And that we can hardly call this progress? If all civilians want to respect a cop, a cop must earn and deserve it. He lost mine, long time ago.

        3. @Robert for someone who isn’t in Cop’s shoes, those three you mentioned is very easy to say until you experienced it for real(Like a video of an activist who tried to experience Cop’s situations even if it’s just a training) , Cops are threatened as well and they may have not much time to think because it’s a matter between life and death, well they have lives too. Tasers can be more fatal than a gun as it triggers to the heart whatever parts of the body got hit by a taser which can cause a cardiac arrest. Using a baton or fist isn’t even effective as well since it requires a closer range, what if a suspect will throw something that can injure or kill a police?

        4. And again for the tasers, it’s way more limited as it requires a much closer range like baton or fist while the suspect still have an advantage by throwing an object that can injure or kill a police, the suspect still have a higher chance to resist or recover by getting hit by baton or fist.

        5. Then the cop can shoot the alleged suspect in any part of the body without killing him. What about that?
          For me PH now looks like the “Wild Wild West”, a rogue state. Where everybody can kill everybody sanctioned by Mr. Duterte himself and then to make it look like a drug kill hang a placard on his body stating “drug pusher”.

          I am sure (well, actually I am not) that PH cops get training how to shoot. And that that is practised every month again. Like a pilot needs flying hours in a simulator.

        6. Asking for proof for something while concluding things outright without any offer of reciprocal proof is just pure and plain hypocrisy!

          Dutertards sometimes have to make use of common-sense, do away with lazy thinking and ask themselves, really!!!

          How can someone fought it out with the authorities and resisted arrest when someone’s already a detainee?

          How can someone supposedly resisted from an arrest when that someone was killed, then eventually died, while sleeping in their humble abode?

          How can someone be labeled as “nanlalaban” if that someone is “tumatakbo” or actually running away?

          How can someone be accused of firing a gun when someone’s hand was found to be negative of potassium nitrate burns?

          How can the police still lie about what happened when actual scene caught on cctv video show to the contrary?

          Why would someone be accused of having fired a gun with his left hand when he’s actually right-handed?

          Why can riding-in-tandem vigilante killers easily and freely roam the streets, execute kill assignments and at the same time effortlessly elude the crime-scene without getting entangled with or get caught by the authorities?

          Why would the President extend social grace to a tokhang victim’s family if he has no doubt in his mind said subject-victim really fought it out with his police?

          Why has the President taken his war on drugs away from the Philippine National Police (for the second time!) and designated instead the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) as the “sole agency” that will carry out operations against the narcotics trade if he believes there is really nothing wrong?! WHY?!

          The War on Drugs can be acceptably better though provided it’s carried out the right way!

          One thing is why the police refuse to utilize bodycams during operations? Why target the small-time drug peddlers when they can operate the top drug-lords and heads of syndicates?

          Duterte was asked once by a CNN reporter why his drug campaign mostly targets the poor…and the President’s reply was, “Poor drug suspects are easy targets!”

        7. You’re partly correct but definitely that can’t be the same as “nanlalaban” or fighting it out with the PNP (Patay Ng Patay) either! If you come to think about it, “resisting arrest” from killers in police uniform is just a way of refusing an absolutely sure death sentence without trial. Well, be my guest! It’s whatever pleases you!

        8. @Robert, you can’t ask a cop who is in the line of fire to compromise his own safety by using those four approaches you listed which all present the officer with a reduced probability of successfully turning a threat into a non-threat.

          When you point a gun at someone who is coming at you, you always aim for the biggest target where the probability of a hit is the highest — usually the torso. Because a gun is a lethal weapon, you always assume an intent to stop your target. Whether that “stop” leads to death or not is beside the point at that very moment when you pull the trigger.

        9. Benign0,
          In my country, having/owning a gun is not legal unless a person has a permit/license. In a situation that I am confronted by the police and (me) having a gun, they will first fire a warning shot and only if that is not enough they will fire at a body part with the intention NOT to kill me. These incidents are very rare (in my country). Shootings (at schools, Las Vegas etc) like you see happening in USA, will not occur in my country. As far as my memory goes, it did happen a few years ago (in my country) in a shopping centre. Simply bec – again – owning a gun is not legal. And not only that but also bec we dont want a gun; we dont need a gun.

          Dutch drug users and drug addicts dont have guns. All they want is their ‘shot’ (of drugs) and/or they want to be helped to get rid of their addiction.

          It seems your country is different in such a way, that simple drug users carry a gun or knife/machete. As cop, I probably dont want to get near and close to a PH drug user carrying a gun. But if I have to (‘befehl ist befehl’), I probably will shoot first in their knee caps. Killing is simply something that is not in my system.

          (PS: apologies for late reply. Since a few days/weeks, I dont get amil notifications anymore that someone commented. Now, I have to check every article individually to check for new comments).

  8. Leila de Lima, should hang a placard on her neck , also like Lero, saying: ” Ako ay Drug Dealer at Nymphomaniac. Papatayin mo ba ako ? Break the Stigma !”

    Lero is just trying to attract attention. Illegsl drugs, like Marijuana, enables you to “Get HigH”. Once the feeling of “getting high” is gone. The Drug Addict needs another Fix, to “get high” again.

    Instead of doing something good for yourself, and your fellowmen. All the Drug Addict thought, is “getting High” !

    In the U.S., where illegal drug addictions are rampant in inner cities. These Drug addicts,: steal, kill, prostitute themselves, just to have money to buy illegal drugs, to satisfy their craving of their addiction.

    Lero is trying to justify her illegal drug addiction. Soon, she will be selling her body and her soul, for her next “drug fix ” !

  9. Useless armchair legislative work and social engineering from the Gawker-lite wannabe, why is it Liberals all over the world want to legalize even more vices (Look up the Liberal Utopia of Sweden) and a bigger government that can’t sustain itself? instead of focusing on bigger issues like a total Government and Constitutional reform, but hey, let’s focus on the hip and great issues of legalizing a drug on a population that’s already dying from alcohol and cigarette smoking addiction along with opioids and hardware chemicals. Maybe because Marijuana is a downer then it’s alright, it can make a population even more placated, maybe we’ll be like Amsterdam where they have free Heroin clinics and Pot Smoking Cafes where a Catholic Nation’s and add in Muslim minorities taxpaying money is used to help an addict with his fix.

    1. Are you working from a script? Lol. Big difference between prescribed drugs and illegal ones. If you consent to what Lero is doing, so be it. As for me, I want her jailed.

    2. Did the poor drug-addicted girl sent her White Knights to this article? because I’m seeing more attacks than actual arguments.

    3. Hey kid, here’s an advice: if someone should seek psychiatric counseling, it should be you due to the nature of your comments, not to mention that you’re a psychopath with what you’re doing.

  10. A police officer came upon a terrible wreck where the driver and passengers had been killed.
    As he looked upon the wreckage a little monkey came out of the brush and hopped around the crashed car.
    The officer looked down at the monkey and said, “I wish you could talk.”

    The monkey looked up at the officer and shook his head up and down.
    “You can understand what I’m saying?” asked the officer. Again, the monkey shook his head up and down.

    “Well, did you see this?”

    “Yes,” motioned the monkey.

    “What happened?” The monkey pretended to have a can in his hand and turned it up by his mouth. “They were drinking?” asked the officer.
    The monkey again nodded up and down.

    “What else?” The monkey pinched his fingers together and held them to his mouth.
    “They were smoking marijuana?”

    The monkey again nodded yes in agreement.
    “Now wait, you’re saying they were drinking, and smoking marijuana before they wrecked?” asked the officer.

    “Yes,” nodded the monkey, emphatically.
    “What were you doing during all this?”
    “Driving,” motioned the monkey.

  11. Your article caused me to go read her article, and she is decidedly a better writer. Did you respond to these points?
    There were three reasons why this was the message I chose: First, to challenge the stereotypical image of a drug user. Second, to humanize drug users. Third, to inspire others to stand in solidarity with the overwhelming majority of drug users who are not violent threats to society.

    Nope. Or this point?

    It turns out, however, that most drug war supporters and opponents hold the same values ( not killing drug users). Both believe that drug addicts should be arrested and given a chance at rehabilitation. Both also believe that police officers have the right to defend themselves if their lives are in immediate danger.

    Nope. Not that I can see. The entire article is about not killing drug users, how does your article rebut that? It doesn’t. Then you smear her with amateur psychoanalysis.

    I wouldn’t recommend marijuana for depression, there are better drugs. Entirely too much of the article is based on supposition by the writer that there has to be something psychologically wrong with a person if they smoke pot, and then their guess at this psych condition is terrible. If she’s depressed the odds are she won’t go to the rally and using pot while depressed would make it even less likely. So half the premise of the article should just be tossed by any reader.

    Then the writer makes an assumption that she thinks all users are the same. There is no justification for that assumption, it is just a contrived platform for the writer to springboard to — the opioid epidemic using the gateway drug theory It is an unjustified quantum leap to go from casual pot smoking to the opioid epidemic, which was caused by big pharma pursuing profits, and is not here in the Philippines. Pot is.

    This article is not a rebuttal as claimed, it is just a poorly written hit piece. I read the other article and it in no way promotes use of illegal drugs. This article is not worth reading.

    1. Who says anybody is “killing” drug users to begin with? See, your assertion falls flat in its face, which is quite significant considering that the entire “advocacy” of the Opposition — and the Yellowtards, in particular — is built upon this shaky assumption. Are people in power actually “killing” drug users? Answer that question first.

      1. “Who says anybody is “killing” drug users to begin with?”

        ^ This.

        Until now, I don’t get it my opposition is still peddling this assumption day in / day out as if it’s so blatantly true without having full evidence to back it up. I see many (so called) intelligent people think like this and yet can’t make a coherent logic on how to back up their accusations (Trillianes is quite skillful in being the constant “boy who cried wolf” really).

  12. Elitists promoting drugs. Not surprising, considering that the elitists I know all are decadent, degenerate bourgeois wastrels who fritter their lives away on drink, the occasional drug use, and a lot of sex that their gonads must be numb. Not the ideal group of people I would have as the leaders of my country. Mga inuuna ang mga base desires tapos may gana pang isangkalan ang bansa sa mga kapritso nila.

  13. “…and they also think that everyone else should ‘get with the times’”. That shows you that Rappler is behind times. It is a known fact in the U.S. that drugs are addicting, and that includes “natural” mind-altering drugs such as marijuana. There’s a a reason why self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous has been successful and continues to grow world-wide. It’s because there are drug addicts who have become addicted to drugs and could not control their usage.

    This glamorized pro-illicit-drug-poster girl is still in her naive stage of drug usage. Give her a few more years, and hopefully not, as she moves on to other types of drugs, let’s see how much control she has over her usage and if she can still claim manageability over her life. The girl is young and foolish.

  14. Rappler promotes illegal drugs, terrorism, cyberbullying and rebellion. One would be asking why they still aren’t in jail yet.

  15. Ilda can you clarify for us what you think of Duterte’s pronouncement that he wanted to kill all addicts/drug users? around 3 million according to him. are you in favor of that? “Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there are 3 million drug addicts. … I’d be happy to slaughter them,” 9/30/2016

    I think the point of the Rappler article was that society would be better served if we treat addicts as sick people needing treatment instead of wanting to kill them all. Thanks.

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