Reports of LP’s P2M deal with Kian delos Santos’s parents explode!

Reported indiscretions perpetrated by the Liberal Party once again do damage to the Opposition.
(Photo source: Bulatlat)

Reports that the Liberal Party (LP) had offered two million pesos to Saldy and Lorenza delos Santos, parents of murdered teenager Kian, to join protest rallies against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are making the rounds! There are even reports that the plan was hatched in the Aquino residence at Times Square Street in New Manila. Some even say that part of the deal may have even involved postponing Kian’s burial so that his body (or parts of it) may be paraded around during these anti-Duterte rallies.

Much of the information underlying these reports come from reputable sources. But, see, that is not the point. The more interesting point that can be gleaned from the discussions surrounding these revelations is how persistent they are. That’s because most people wouldn’t really put it past the LP and its broader community of Yellowtards to engage in such nefarious wheeling and dealing.

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The LP after all has quite the track record of using sneaky and underhanded methods to get its agenda across. Over the term of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, there were many such covert operations that were exposed. The purported use of “small ladies” as mules for illegally-obtained evidence against the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona was the earliest example of this expertise. The Aquino government also conspired with a terrorist organisation, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, to carve up a “Bangsamoro nation” off Mindanao. While doing this, they dealt with a certain “Mohagher Iqbal” who at various times had the veracity of his name and citizenship questioned.

Even in dealing with China, the Aquino government was not as transparent as one would have expected it to be with regard to such an important undertaking. Aquino lackey “senator” Antonio Trillanes back then was outed for engaging in back-channel talks with Chinese officials — an act seemingly endorsed by President BS Aquino himself that clearly undermined the official efforts of then Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario. Trillanes was even accused of then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile of compromising the sovereignty of the Philippines as a result of his covert activities.

Last but not least was the under-the-table deployment of Police Special Action Force (SAF) officers into areas controlled by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and within coverage of Philippine military firepower. The disastrous outcome of the botched operation in which then Interior Secretary Mar Roxas was left outside of the loop in favour of then police chief Alan Purisima (who at the time was suspended over corruption allegations) left 44 elite police personnel dead.

In all of the above incidents, the common denominator that accounted for the scandalous nature of the circumstances was a lack of a sense of accountability in Aquino evident in the silence or delays in responding to public clamour that he consistently exhibited whenever the proverbial brown stuff hit the fan.

In hindsight, it is easy to see how the tradition of duplicity and dishonesty of the LP is what lost them not just the 2016 elections but also the Cult of Yellow narrative that likely cost billions of pesos in PR and marketing to prop up for 30 years through television and radio advertising and even through re-writing of school textbooks. What is even more astounding, however, is how little they have learned from these failures. It is evident in how, even today, they and their Yellowtard minions continue to spend millions to buy favours and engineer PR spectacles.

Small wonder why not many Filipinos are surprised by this latest report of big bucks being spent on crooked activism. Crookedness, quite simply, has become a recognised character trait of the Liberal Party of the Philippines.

6 Replies to “Reports of LP’s P2M deal with Kian delos Santos’s parents explode!”

  1. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis wanted a Repeat of the pre-EDSA days, whereby the body of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. , was paraded, to gain sympathy and votes.

    The Aquinos are the most corrupt people, I have ever seen in politics. They are thieves, narcissist and political opportunists.

    The COMELEC Chairman Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista, unexplained wealth , and money laundering , alone; point to the fact of the corruption of the Aquino administration.

    Many more , like the : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…The disappearance of the Typhoon Yolanda Funds, under the care of Mar Roxas; and many more acts of graft and corruption.

    The Aquino Cojuangco family, started their thievery, by stealing the , gold and silver coins/funds of the Katipunan. They got away with it. So, from then, they stole everything like: lands, money, jewelries, etc…they are like the “Pirates of the Carribbean” .

    Bribery and Thievery, are their ways of advancing their political agendas !

      1. Nice trolling, fam.

        Marcos is a crook because he’s pointed as one by media pundits but let’s not go for Cory and her crookery a while in office and what she did so idiots like you would still believe in the Aquino name.

        Only gullible fools would still latch and believe on the Aquino magic and hype. That and everything that has a last name on it.

  2. “Much of the information underlying these reports come from reputable sources.”

    Last time I read, GRP’s calling them FAKE NEWS!!! Coming from the Reputable Mr. WIG, it’s quite paradoxical GRP’s lapping on this information when it’s convenient.

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