The Fastest Way to Change the Anti-People Yellowtard Constitution is through a Revolutionary Government

The 1987 Yellowtard Constitution needs tweaking. No, it needs a major overhaul. Wrong again – it needs a total and complete replacement.

So what’s wrong with the Yellowtard Constitution?

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Let’s just take this provision for example:

ARTICLE VII (Executive Department) SECTION 2. No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.

Then compare that to the qualifications to get a typical janitorial job in the country:

Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma, Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate, any field with at least 1 year or 6 months experience.

How come you need some minimal educational achievement and experience to mop floors, but none to run the country? Now what if South African-born  Elon Musk (Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, Hyperloop, Boring Co.) decides to become a Filipino citizen; does that mean he is disqualified to run for president of the Philippines? What the crap!

The Yellowtard Constitution is not a pro-people document. It is anti-people because it allows stupid members of the hoi polloi (including drug addicts, vote-bought squatters, and illiterate tambays) to install unqualified yet famous personalities with no experience or credentials at the highest post of the land. And we all know that poor leadership is disastrous for any country, bringing only more hardship and suffering on the people.

The Philippines is playing catch-up with its tiger neighbors, and does not have the luxury of time to go about dilly-dallying in fixing this document that only serves as a major impediment to all-out progress.

Let’s look at other provisions:

ARTICLE XIII (Urban Land Reform and Housing) SECTION 10. Urban or rural poor dwellers shall not be evicted nor their dwellings demolished, except in accordance with law and in a just and humane manner. No resettlement of urban or rural dwellers shall be undertaken without adequate consultation with them and the communities where they are to be relocated.

Now how can my proposal to rapidly clean up Metro Manila of squatters and eye-sores (Landless in my own land) even get its light of day under such a law-breaker-protecting law? This is outright pro-squatter and anti-law-abiding-citizenry.

ARTICLE XIV Education SECTION 4 (2). Educational institutions, other than those established by religious groups and mission boards, shall be owned solely by citizens of the Philippines or corporations or associations at least sixty per centum of the capital of which is owned by such citizens. The Congress may, however, require increased Filipino equity participation in all educational institutions.

You mean foreigners who are in the best position to inculcate in perpetually dysfunctional Pinoys a first-world Zaxxun mindset cannot fully own and run a secular school? The same 60/40 ownership rule applies to public services. This means, a Japanese corporation (with no Pinoys partners to mess up a project) cannot fully fund, build and operate a bullet train system on their own in the country; how can this be anything but anti-Filipino people, who suffer each day riding cramped decrepit LRT coaches and outdated jeepneys? This makes it extra difficult for foreign capital to come pouring unimpeded into the economy, but instead ensures the local band of oligarchs who bankrolled Cory’s ascent to power have all the wine and red meat to enjoy for themselves.

This pathetic document which Benign0 in a recent article refers to as the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution is probably just better off printed on toilet paper for us to wipe yellow fecal matter on. Long-time GRP commenter Jerry Lynch below the same article summed it up quite accurately:  I think that Constitution was written on a Friday night over a few cases of Tanduay. It is terrible in both concept and execution because it does many things to stifle the economy and even the mandates are not complete with implementing language.

Revolutionary Government trumps Constituent Assembly

Do you guys really think Congress acting as Constituent Assembly (CON-ASS, a.k.a. constipated asshole) can be trusted to give us the best constitution for the country when they have so much of their interests to protect? Other than the quality of the output, we need to consider how much time, effort and money it will take for these criminals in barong clothing to come up with a 50-page document. Can we really wait for another year for clowns and monkeys to go fooling around debating on how to even make the first step? It will probably take months for them to squabble over just one line of the proposed amended constitution. Desperate job-hungry Filipinos stuck in deplorable traffic and living conditions don’t have the time to wait for these grand-standing bozos.

The people voted in Duterte with the hope he will deliver on what he dangled before the electorate in last year’s elections: a revolutionary government with a new constitution. It seems it will take a bit more time; but maybe his minions behind the curtains are still inking out the details of hopefully a brand new meritocracy-based non-protectionist constitution. Here are a few links to bring everyone up to speed on related developments:

Duterte eyes revolutionary government if elected president
Duterte urged to declare revolutionary government
Palace: Duterte not inclined to push for revolutionary government

In the latest news, Duterte said “My advice to a President who wants to change [is] do not go for martial law. That will just be an issue. Go for a revolutionary government so everything will be all right”. He added that if Cory was able to set up a revolutionary government before, why can’t others after her do the same? – which makes sound logical sense.

But considering how Duterte is wont to do some “testing the waters” and “back pedaling” as part of his arsenal of political maneuvers and tactics, I am not too worried about his latest statement about it not happening under his watch. My best guess is that he will do it, just like how he declared martial law recently.

Why Duterte is not bound to protect the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution

Now watch and listen closely to the oath taking video (1:19).

Notice that Duterte did not swear an oath as president of the Philippines to preserve and defend “ITS constitution”, but rather to protect “THE constitution”. This makes a whole world of difference as it introduces a technical ambiguity to the statement. It could refer to the current constitution; or it could also be referring to the constitution of whatever future revolutionary government he had in mind while taking his oath.

I was not the only one who noticed this back then; a quick search shows that others have been quite picky about it as well.

To those who can connect the dots, this absolves Duterte of any commitment to protect the overly flawed Cory constitution. My best guess is this: Duterte is likely simply waiting for that opportune moment to come in the open with a pronouncement of a new government and constitution, just like how a lion patiently waits, then suddenly lunges at his unsuspecting prey. Abangan… Let’s see how this chapter unfolds.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, You have the backing of 80% of the Filipino people and the AFP/PNP. What are you waiting for?

18 Replies to “The Fastest Way to Change the Anti-People Yellowtard Constitution is through a Revolutionary Government”

  1. @zaxx,

    It’s better if we want to bring back 1935 plus 1943 plus 1973 constitution merged, to abolish the 1987 Yellow-infested oligarchy Cory-created constitution with CHR. Because this yellow constitution created multi-party democracy and party-list. This 1935+1973 Constitution amended revamped re-established will have constitutional authoritarianism, no CHR, no senate, no congress, no partylist, only Batas Pambansa with unicameral legislature, no federalism, no globalism but nationalism and conservatism with 120 seats.

    @benign0, @ngek ngek, @salagintong bukid, @ilda,
    It’s better if we want to go back to 1973 Constitution without any amendments to glorify Marcos what Marcos loyalists want to (like Neo Nazis who admired Hitler).

    Tag me as a yellow or gay or LGBT or Jew or Communist if I accuse you of being Marcos Loyalists or Nazis.

  2. zaxx, I agree that that dreadful document needs throwing in the toilet and rewriting it, but:

    a) Do you honestly think Duterte, or his cabinet collectively, have the brains, foresight and experience to produce one that works?
    b) The majority of the population – or at least the population who matter – support the 1987 version, because it makes them rich. How would one circumvent that, do you think?

    IF (and it’s a big IF) Duterte really intends to bring the country kicking and screaming into the 19th century (hey, we can play catch-up later), his best bet, surely, would be to just ignore unfavorable parts of the constitution rather than go for confrontation. Hey, it’s worked for him so far, right?

  3. We do need an updated Consititution, can’t we update it somehow? It’s no longer working FOR the people so we might as well change it.

    If I were to amend it I will do the following:

    * Add qualification for ALL Executive Positions besides Barangay captain: Has at least a High School diploma.
    * Add qualification for President / Vice: Must have had prior experience in an executive position of a Mayor or Governor for at least one electoral term. Legislative positions (senate, congress) are not counted because they have an entirely separate skillset required.
    * Add Qualification for ALL Legislative Positions (Congressman and Senator): a Degree in Law. After all, they’re lawmakers so it should only make sense that they needed to study law. For the “marginalized” sectors of society which led to the creation of party lists, not all of them could have had a law degree so they can’t be legislators themselves. BUT, they could have the qualified legislators endorse their cases to the legislation.

    For the 60-40 rule, I understand why they did it. This is to regulate foreign companies from dominating over local ones. Give our “sariling atin” a fighting chance. Unfortunately, that same rule is what our corrupt local businessmen use to prevent competition from ever existing. Otherwise, we could have had a potentially decent third player in the Internet services. So I say we should scrap the 60-40 rule, at the cost of losing our “sariling atin”. There’s not much to lose if our “sariling atin” is composed mostly of corrupt multimillionaire businessmen.

  4. There are elements of the AFP and PNP (both currently serving and retired) who is not entirely enamored to Duterte and his antics. And will probably be chomping at the bit to frag him once he makes a frosty move.

    They seem to have already coalesced and called themselves PaDem (Patriotic and Democratic Movement):


    1. Random Citizen: I agree. There must surely be ways that measures such as you suggest could be introduced.

      For example, regarding the 60-40 rule, it occurs to me that Filipinos who genuinely care for their country could IN THEORY set up something like a venture-capital firm, whose declared purpose would be to buy 60% of the shares in whatever foreign corporations wished to come here to create social and economic opportunities. Here’s the problem: Such an organisation would fall foul of the anti-dummy law, which basically outlaws the concept of a non-executive director. Simply by revoking that ridiculous law, Duterte could IN THEORY let the economy run free.

      In practice, of course, no such entity could ever be set up. Firstly because Filipinos genuinely support the idea of excluding foreigners; secondly because the idea of investment in the public good is an alien concept here; and finally because, if the money did start flooding in from interested investors, one or more of the fund managers would instantly disappear with the loot.

  5. The YellowTard Aquino Constitution, protects squatters. You cannot evict squatters, if they squat on your property, without their consent.

    How come squatters, did not squat on Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita ? It is because they massacred people, who will squat on their land. But, if they squat on your land , it’s okay !

    The 1987 Aquino Constitution is garbage. It should be thrown in the Trash can. I works for the Aquino Cojuangco family, and their Oligarchs cahoots. It does not work for us.

    The faster, we replace this Aquino Constitution, the better for us !

  6. President Duterte is really pursuing a revolutionary government to revise the 1987 Constitution, and the one that is pursuing a charter change & changing of our country’s government is Philippines to become a federal republic. That was his vision since he’s pursuing that one around 10 or 12 years ago when he was a Davao City Mayor then. And why he think that Philippines should be a federal form of government instead of a unitary form of gov’t.? Well he think that this is THE best solution for an everlasting peace in his home island, Mindanao which it was plagued by almost 50 years of Muslim insurgencies there and to end the so-called “Imperial Manila” in which the distribution of public’s fund or wealth wasn’t given an equal distribution to the far flung provinces outside Manila or Luzon like Sulu, Basilan, Leyte, etc., etc. and this was the main problem of a unitary government in our country today. On his dream pursuing a federal form of government in our country, IMHO, I think he should follow the federal system of Switzerland in which it’s a very different kind of federal system unlike in other federal countries like United States, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Australia, etc.

    But hey, the Swiss federal system are very successful and they done it for almost 2 centuries and here’s what so special about their federal system? Here are some of the lists that I read it on that article & I’ll gonna copy & paste it here:

    #4. The government is elected by parliament, not the people


    #5. Switzerland’s president isn’t elected by the people

    Looks peculiar isn’t it? Imagine if that should apply to our country, then what will happen to the ordinary Filipino voters like us? I know you might think that we will strip out our freedom to vote during the elections and only “The Parliaments” will have to vote for their new president, vice president & senates in our country and not the majority of the Filipino voters, but that’s a good news & you know why? Well the problems of the Filipino voters of today when there’s an election are they only votes on who are very popular like they could vote an actor, a singer, a boxing superstar, etc. rather than voting of an unknown political candidate who have a good brain, a good heart, a disciplined & radical type of leadership, have a better platforms & love of our country and even worse, they’ll gonna vote of a candidate who are corrupt, an idiot, a traditional politician, who have more money in their pockets & having many wives or mistresses rather than a political candidate who have none of those. And that’s the problem on the content of the 1987 Constitution that we use today when there’s an election with or without Hocus Pocus Machines, very scandalous indeed. And yes those, “Parliaments” should choose our new leaders carefully from Provincial Board Members to the President instead of the Filipino voters who are too dumb and they doing for their own interests rather than the interest of our beloved motherland, the Philippines. But which “Parliaments” should be represents on our country if we will follow the examples of Switzerland? IMHO, either of these two: 1) The Barangay Tanods, Councilors & Barangay Captain will become the representatives of the Philippine Parliaments, or 2) Just like the sports clubs or Rotary Club, the Parliaments are compose of “club members” in which a person will voluntary to join there to become a legitimate voter when there’ll be an election in our country, and that thing is somewhat similar to this political system that I mentioned it here before for many times, and that political system is known as DEMARCHY or also known as LOTTOCRACY. You could search that on Google to know more on this newly radical political system.

    And back to our concern of the Filipino voters & feared that they’ll will strip out their voting freedom if we will follow the Swiss style of federalism, well don’t you worry, your voting rights will not strip out & in fact you could practice your voting rights on the proposed laws drafted by our government which as said on #10 on the link that I shown it to you above:

    #10. Members of the public can launch a referendum

    As quoted below:

    “Any Swiss citizen may request an optional referendum to contest a new or revised law. To do so they must gather 50,000 signatures within 100 days. If the referendum goes ahead, the new law is passed or rejected by a simple majority.

    Since 1891 citizens may also demand a change to the constitution via referendum by launching a popular initiative. It must be launched by a group of at least seven citizens, and must then be backed by 100,000 signatures within 18 months to push it to a referendum. A double majority of the people and the cantons is required for it to pass.”

    I’ll give you that one best example on how the Swiss voters could vote on a proposed law or referendum in which theoretically THEY ALSO HAVE THE POWER TO APPROVE OR VETOED IT rather than their president is this controversial Revised Gun Laws in their country in which majority of them vetoed it as shown on this video from Al-Jazeera.

    So that’s what I like on Switzerland the most, its their federal form of government with a bit of twist or a hybrid part, and I think this should be our country’s form of government & our proposed Constitution as what President Duterte wants it to make a better change in our country & end the 30 year old BULOK system of the 1987 Constitution.

    1. It would be better if Philippines would have the 1973 Constitution back without any amendments, but with no constitutional democracy-oligarchy, no more multi-party democracy, no more CHR but with constitutional authoritarianism with one-party state and unicameral legislature (with 120 seats) similar and reminiscent to/of Chinese Government with unicameral legislature with Premier and Chairman, but we need federalism with authoritarianism, reminiscent of Russia with Putin era.

  7. @Propaganda Boy: how about writing to Putin or Xi to see if they want to take over the Philippines and run the place as a dictatorship? That would be cool, wouldn’t it? They’d probably kick your asses for you, the way you like it. Putin especially.

    Oh, but no, they’re not Filipino. What you want is someone who’s both brutal AND incompetent, am I right?

  8. @ propaganda boy, i think it’s better to be a marcos loyalist than being a yellowtards. don’t you think so? see what’s happening now it’s not like this during our days with hero marcos we eat three times a day with snacks in between too.

    1. @Salagintong Bukid,

      We can glorify Marcos and worship him as a god, not a hero. It’s better if we want Bagong Lipunan rather than Daang Matuwid like we prefered the reminiscence of USA’s Republican Party rather than Democrat/Liberal Party of the USA.

  9. Yes! authority is already vested to president duterte by the people and what’s he’s waiting for? Go President Duterte, Go clean our beloved Motherland, go for it ASAP!

  10. Nakakaawa ang nagpropropaganda diyan lahat gagawin para iangat ang credibilidad ng mga Kultong Dilaw habang Siraan ang mga Marcos…..

    31 na taon nang laos yang pinaggagawa mo kung akala mo ganun mo lang mauuto kalahatan ng mga Pilipino matapos maranasan ang kalokohang pinaggagawa sa Pilipinas…..

  11. @Propaganda Boy:

    The perfect tag for someone like you is a TROLL. Because according to a study, internet trolls will LIE, EXAGGERATE, and OFFEND just to get a response. And that is EXACTLY what you are doing.

    You should be tagged as TROLL because Jews will hate you, you’re not even LGBT since you actually despise gays and you’re just the same league as frauds like Lisandro ‘Leloy’ Claudio. Trust me, your girly fits doesn’t work here.

  12. Naku natatawa talaga ako sa pagkainutil ng nagpropropaganda, sinu kaya ang nakipagsabwatan sa Japan na lumikas pa at nagtago dun, sinu kaya ang nakipagsabwatan sa China na naging founder ng CPP-NPA, sinu kaya nagbigay sa Sabah sa Malaysia na binura pa sa Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas Historical Rights , sinu nagpatuta sa US, sinu nagbenta sa Scarborough Shoal na nag-utos sa isang sundalong kaning nagOakWood Mutiny pero nabading naman na nagpabalik-balik sa China 16x tas kala-unan wala na ang Isla, sinu kaya may gusto ibigay sa mga MILF/Malaysia ang Mindanao sa pamamagitan ng BBL na binayaran pa ngilang milyong piso ang mga Rebelde na taliwas sa Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas, sinu ang nagnakaw ng Bilyong Bilyong DAP/PDAF/PORK pati banaman Yolanda Funds para sa mga biktima ninakaw at yung 10k Metric Tons Gold na reserves ng Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas tinago sa Thailand, sinu kaya ang nagppaatay sa mga magsasaka di lang sa Hacienda Luisita kundi sa Kidapawan, sinu kaya nagpalago ng DROGA at gustong gawin NARCO CAPITAL ang Pilipinas, ang dami dami sa loob ng 31 na taon kawawa ang mga Pilipino sa Pilipinas sa dami ng mga nararape, hold-ap, murder, atbp. dahik sa paglago ng Kriminalidad.

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