Duterte calling Noynoy “gago” or a fool got kudos from Filipinos

Despite the heavy rains that resulted in suspension of classes at all levels and disruption in businesses, Filipinos have something to celebrate this week. Former Philippine President BS Aquino finally got what he deserves. President Rodrigo Duterte finally did what a lot of people have been wanting to do for years – to swear at him and call him “gago” or a fool.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone swearing and foul language. I was raised not to swear and still cringe when I hear others do it, which is why Duterte calling BS Aquino “gago” still came across as stingy to me. I was like “Ooh..that must have hurt!”.

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I still prefer that Duterte use a more diplomatic approach to dealing with his critics, but BS Aquino had it coming. He had the gall to criticise Duterte on his war on drugs. It was akin to BS Aquino spitting at Duterte. One just doesn’t do that unless he is a fool. The war on drugs is Duterte’s crown jewel. BS Aquino is a fool for not realising that.

What the hell was BS Aquino thinking? The problem with the former President is that he is clueless without his handlers telling him what to say or do. His saintly image was a creation of his public relations team. He is nothing without them.

BS Aquino did not address the drug problem in the country for six years, but he had the audacity to say that his government’s efforts during his term gave better results and that Duterte’s bloody war on drugs resulted in nothing or in his own words “as if nothing happened.”

BS Aquino pretended the drug problem was not reaching epidemic proportions when he was at the helm. Or worse, he was probably not aware of how big the problem was because he was not briefed about it. As Duterte claimed, former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas’s or the Liberal Party’s own aides themselves were allegedly involved in the drug trade. At one point during the campaign in 2016, Roxas even boasted about knowing where to get illegal drugs. It was proof that he knew of the existence of drug dealers, but didn’t do much about it. Former Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima also turned a blind eye to the drug trade happening inside the Philippine national penitentiary in Muntinlupa. Some alleged she was also in cahoots with the drug lords, which is why she is now charged and detained in Camp Crame.

According to BS Aquino, the survey conducted by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) showed that there were 1.8 million drug users in 2016, but that figure hasn’t changed today despite the war on drugs. However, that figure is incorrect as per Duterte. The incumbent had repeatedly said there were at least 4 million drug users in the country when he started his crusade.

BS Aquino has always been good at downplaying the problems plaguing the nation. Even when he was just a few months into his term, he made it look like things had improved dramatically. He kept mentioning “there is no more ‘wang-wang’ on the roads” to back up his claims. Of course the people wanted to hear good news and believed him. Unfortunately, what he kept saying did not match reality. Drive-by shootings were on the rise. Scams to steal people’s money were becoming part of the national landscape and were being done through “legal” means using pork barrel funds.

Yes, BS Aquino’s government made it acceptable to steal public funds using terms such as “Priority Development Assistance Fund” and “Disbursement Acceleration Program”, which were the brain children of his former Budget Secretary Florencio Abad and approved by him.

Suffice to say, BS Aquino made a fool of himself by trying to make a fool of the public. Those who believed in him and later realised he was a sham are now angry at him. They believe he deserves all the wrath coming from Duterte.

Of course BS Aquino’s supporters were quick to come to his defence and said that Duterte’s actions prove he is uncouth. Well, yeah. That’s not news to the President’s supporters or anyone, really. They already knew he was uncouth. They didn’t vote for him because he was mild and gentle. They voted for him because he could swear at the people who scammed the public for years and hopefully bring them to justice. The latter could spell the difference between an uncouth and a so-called “saintly” President.

11 Replies to “Duterte calling Noynoy “gago” or a fool got kudos from Filipinos”

  1. All these people taking a crack at the president for using foul language are ignoring the fact that any sane individual would respond to Aquino’s remarks. PRRD simply prefers to use direct and harsh language instead of a “diplomatic” one. Insults are insults whether or not they are direct or subtly delivered. All trapos, especially yellows, use insults in a covert fashion. That does not make it right or less moral compared to PRRD’s direct way of doing it.

    A politician who is able to rebut the said arguments by Aquino, on the other hand, is a different kind of animal and one we haven’t seen in a while .

  2. Where does the bastard get the gall to call out Duterte on what he has accomplished or not? This latest episode of him making “papansin” so to speak, can’t even compare to Ramos making chide remarks about Duterte – at least we all know Ramos was once a real military commander – PNoy getting his ass all high up of a sudden is just pure travesty. The punk is in no position whatsoever to throw criticisms at Duterte – considering all the blunders he executed while he was there in Malacanang.

  3. Pnoy Aquino is really a “Gago”…he cannot understand the problems of the country. He was part of the problem, and out of the solution.

    During his term, the Shabu Drug proliferation in the country multiplied in leaps and bounds. Aquino, Mar Roxas and Leila de Lima formed a Shabu Drug Cartel, with the help of the Chinese Triad Mafia. The Chinese Triad Mafia are the sources of the Drug Shabu.

    Thievery in the government was rampant during the administration of Aquino. Abad was his cahoots in stealing public funds, thru DAP, PDAF, etc…Porky Drilon was Aquino’s guy on Pork Barrel Bribery.

    Aquino was part of the Drug proliferation in our country. Now, he is criticizing Duterte, because his Shabu Drug business is affected. His right hand woman, Leila de Lima, a prominent Drug Cartel tool…is locked up in jail. Aquino pretends, he does not know the drug problem. In truth, he was profiting from the Drug Cartel operation, together with Mar Roxas and Leila de Lima.

    Aquino, the Gago is good on pretending !

  4. president duterte must ignore the yellows. the whole nation knew pnoy didn’t do anything during his 6 years as president. it is just his (pnoy) derailing tactics to delay duterte’s promise for the pilipinos for a real change.

  5. Yawn. So the Prez called someone else an idiot. Hardly unusual, is it? Apparently, the entire planet is stupid except him.

    Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for a list of Duterte’s actual accomplishments for these past 12 months.

    As for the comments above suggesting that baldy has “no right” to criticize – well, get back to us when you’ve figured out how a democracy work.

    1. This isn’t about democracy. Right to free speech and all that, is it? It’s learning how to shut your trap when you’ve got nothing to show for but inanities. Apparently, the former president lacks discretion himself – or is just too oblivious of what he has done (or not done actually) during his term – to even give a rational assessment of things on the whole.

      Democracy. Yeah, yeah. I guess that’s what’s wrong with the kind of democracy that Filipinos are used to. The license to blabber your mouth before thinking. We’ve got a shitload of that in this country.

      1. @SnareYellow

        We want discipline more than democracy in our country, especially developing ones.

        Discipline and authoritarianism do not need free speech and Commission on Human Rights like that in China since Han/Qin Dynasty. China has been nondemocratic without democracy.

        1. @snareyellow: no, nothing to do with “free speech”. While I agree that if one has nothing useful to say then one should say nothing at all, democracy is supposed to be about the exchange of ideas, including criticism where criticism is needed. None of us here could run the country, but we can see when certain policy decisions are not going to work. The fact that we’ve never been President doesn’t disqualify us from commenting on Presidential behavior.

          The problem is, as several people have remarked, that there is no intelligent opposition to the President. Democracy does ultimately depend on the leaders not being criminals and idiots.

  6. please Mr. President do not be killed by The Yellow Clan headed by Akin No?! I pray for your security, but prepare for the worst what’s coming from that Yellow Clan. We Filipinos who forsaken our PH citizenship all because of the faulty system to be assimilated to the better and effective system are finally our prayers answered and deeds resulted in fruition to set DU30 as the incumbent PH President.

    1. ….yes president duterte watch out the yellows want you out. The AFP should take over whatever happens and don’t let us in the hands of the demons again. you should declare martial law now entire nation to speed up the change we’re all longing for. God bless you mr. duterte we need you so much.

  7. Truth will keep on telling the truth
    Lies will lie to be more uncouth
    No more rainbow after the storm
    Nowhere to escape leaving the norm

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