We Rip What We Sew: Hindrances to Genuine Progress in the Philippines

As if being relentlessly subjected to searing heat and powerful devastating typhoons, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on the Pacific Rim of Fire was not enough, many Filipinos like savage wolves are having a field day tearing apart their little would-have-been tropical paradise.

Analogous to termites which build their house by slowly destroying their host’s fully functional one, Filipinos seem to be oblivious of how their vicious cycle of destructive behavior and activities will eventually backfire on them when the entire structure they live in comes crashing down.

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Compared with a country like Japan or Singapore (with a utopic, harmoniously united and productive society) that steams ahead each year by leaps and bounds, Filipinos prefer the arduous counter-productive way: they take 2 steps forward only to take a step back. It doesn’t take much gray matter to figure out why we’ve stayed stuck between first and second base, while our neighbors have hit multiple home runs decades ago.

Destroying the Destroyers

It’s high time we identify members of Philippine society who find nothing better to do than destroy what their fellow countrymen build. It’s time Filipinos unite to bring these destroyers down, before they take the rest of the country down into the pit with them.

The Yellow Cult and their Propaganda Machine: Amidst the current Duterte government’s efforts in selling the country as a tourist and investment haven to catch up with neighbors like Malaysia and Thailand, the minions of the self-absorbed apathetic guardians of Hacienda Luisita and their band of oligarchs and bogus-hero propagandists in mainstream media do their country the disservice of severely damaging the country’s image in the eyes of the international community with fake news about how the country has descended into some kind of “wild-wild west under the reckless reign of a homicidal dictator with 7000 kills under his belt”, when Filipinos in general have actually never felt safer walking their streets in years, now that they’re under the shield of the administration’s all-out war on criminality and drugs.

Since the Yellows came into the political landscape, mainstream media has regressed to the wholesale peddling of garbage material for the masses to rabidly consume. In the name of freedom of artistic expression and romance, media outlets never run out of creative ways to dumb down people and get them to use less of their brains. It is no wonder why many of our youth lack basic common sense and prematurely enter into baby-making relations they are in no position to take responsibility for. Stupidity is funny and what’s fun sells. And this has spilled over to the political realm with the hoi polloi voting in actors and entertainers for these past 3 decades, rather than installing genuinely qualified and experienced managers and visionaries in key positions of leadership.

Insurgents: The ASG and NPA are like pestering cockroaches and rats that no administration could fully wipe out. Local Islamic terrorists contribute billions of pesos in negative GDP to the country as they continue to grab headlines in local Yellow-media broadsheets and abroad to brag about how they successfully hacked off another hapless tourist’s head.

Meanwhile, the NPAs keep businesses and development from getting into or flourishing within their held territories by their extortion of revolutionary taxes. Failure to pay would mean getting one’s bus or truck torched down, or having a transmission tower or cell site toppled. Companies need to rebuild rather than invest in new capital. These commies can’t get decent jobs because they drive businesses away, and business owners shun them because they find creating trouble to be an acceptable way of making a living.

Zombies Afflicted with the Broken Filipino Culture: As much as Filipinos love to point the finger at others or some group for the destruction of their country, the vast majority have all taken a part in tearing down the very fabric of Philippine society. So much has been said about how our innately nefarious Filipino cultural traits, habits, mentality and behavior eat at us to our own detriment. Filipinos are poor because of inadequate education, and they lack education because they are poor. Meanwhile, the only chance the under/un-educated could get some semblance of added-value information, enlightenment or skill is screwed up by media, politicians, and the church when they spew out garbage and hypocrisy day-in day-out for their captive zombies to digest, absorb and emulate.

Holding a Philippine passport has become just one of the myriad curses of being a Filipino citizen, as we are kept from entering first-world countries visa-free, just because we have created our very own monster of an image as double-crossing cheats – a people begging to be slaves who have no qualms about illegally staying as TNTs. We have dug our own graves, and have no one to blame for the shit-hole we’re in but ourselves.

The Principle of Sewing and Ripping: 2 Steps Forward + 1 Step Back

Filipinos rip what they sew. Imagine nation building to be like sewing one beautiful garment together out of pieces of cloth. As the group works hard to sew one piece, some members simply tear off what has just been sewn, or get knives and scissors to slash and cut up holes on the fabric.

Often a random misguided worker sews in the wrong piece of cloth, deviating from the overall plan. In such a case, the next person has to rip it off and redo the work. At times, there isn’t even any overall plan to start with, leading to so much work undoing and redoing things.

This build-and-destroy process is what keeps the Philippines from reaching its full potential. This tragic cycle has been the underlying secret formula to our achieving the moniker “The Sick Man of Asia”. Many of the country’s best and brightest have become fed up with the lack of progress and packed up for greener pastures abroad, contributing to massive brain drain – the loss of much-needed talent.

When will Filipinos finally become united, working as a well-oiled machine, marching as an army of disciplined incorruptible Zaxxun-class citizens with the same cadence toward the common goal of bringing this country into its golden age of progress and prosperity? As the DNA Designer once said: “a house divided against itself will not stand”. We should all really begin to think twice before chopping off the branch we’re sitting on.

It takes the same effort to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back as it would to simply take 3 steps forward. The only difference is that you lag 2 steps behind each time you take the former option. At the rate Filipinos are going, this Pearl of the Orient Seas has a long way to go. Hopefully, Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” battle cry will sink into our national psyche and take us to greater heights.

So to all the destroyers of this nation, please take a word of advice: Simply DO NOTHING and the Philippines will become a Singapore-class state much sooner than we think.

3 Replies to “We Rip What We Sew: Hindrances to Genuine Progress in the Philippines”

  1. The “Politics of Destruction”, began with the EDSA I of Cory Aquino. All the YellowTards did was : destroy, replace and undermine what the previous administrations had done and accomplished.

    They put Fake News, of their Heroism and Sainthood… They shelved the Land Reform Program, to protect their Hacienda Luisita. They had infrastructures that are built defectively with huge cost over runs..much of which, the funds, ended in their pockets.

    We have the MRT in dismal condition…We had Abaya’s “Laglag Bala” at the Manila International Airport. We had a drug dealing and a nymphomaniac former Secretary of Justice, who is now in prison… We have a proliferation of the illegal drug Shabu…with some Policemen and politicians, as drug dealers…we have Hacienda Luisita Swines, like Porky Drilon, “oinking and oinking”, for more Pork Barrel, DAP, PDAF, etc..

    They encouraged people to become OFWs, draining the country the needed brains, that are vital for the country’s development.

    A YellowTard President, Pnoy Aquino was elected thru the HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC. If he would had gone as OFW, like the rest of us. He would not had been qualified, to be a Janitor…

    So, here we are as the “Basket Case of Asia”…Full of Pinoy Pride… with “Show Biz politics”…Our government is Feudal Oligarchy, with a variation of Kleptocracy.

    We are not going up, but regressing year in and year out !

  2. Nice to see another Zaxx article. 🙂

    I’ve been hearing a lot from people about being against how the current admin goes. I totally agree that if they could just do nothing and leave that build build build thing go on, we might get ourselves, if not a better country, at least a changed country. They had their time, 30 years +, why they can’t just give change a chance?

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