Mocha Uson’s critics overestimate their capacity to influence the ‘masa’

Mariel de Leon vs Mocha Uson: “Disente” versus “bastos” face-off?

Are you one of those people who are reeling with anger over singer/dancer and social media blogger Mocha Uson’s appointment as assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)? Do you feel so outraged that you have resorted to slut-shaming Uson? If you are, then you are a loser.

Those of you who think “there are so many other unbiased, educated, and people who deserve her place” are missing the point. Let me explain it to you. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, just like any other President before him including BS Aquino, will not appoint someone who does not support him. So of course it makes sense for Duterte to use a die-hard supporter like Uson to strengthen his communication team. As a matter of fact, it is a wise move considering that Uson has over five million followers on social media – both Facebook and Twitter combined. Having Uson around means Duterte would need mainstream media less in order to reach out to the public.

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It doesn’t even make any sense for some people to feel outraged over Uson’s appointment because the Liberal Party had hired celebrity endorsers in the past. They even spent millions of pesos on celebrities who failed to deliver. Even American politicians use celebrity endorsers. Using Uson’s popularity is therefore, a no-brainer. The problem is, some of her critics are acting like they are not using their brains.

Some of Uson’s critics are not ashamed to show they are bitter about being left out in the cold. Some say there are people who are more intelligent and have PhD’s or doctorate degrees, but earn peanuts compared to what Uson is going to earn. They think her educational background is not worthy of the salary she will receive, which is over 100 thousand pesos every month. Well, life is like that sometimes – it’s not fair especially in the Philippines where scientists and engineers are not celebrated and are underpaid.

Of course there are more intelligent people than Uson. But if you think about it, Uson has skills not all of us have. She’s going places because she dares go where some of us can’t or won’t go. I’ll give myself as an example. Someone asked why couldn’t someone like me be appointed as part of the communications team. Well, for one thing, I remain non-partisan. I do not support politicians. I support the rule of law. Second, I am not a people person like Uson. I am an introvert. I definitely do not have “masa” appeal. Heck, I can’t even write my articles in Filipino so I would just be faking it if someone forced me to go out and engage the general public. In short, I don’t have Uson’s natural skills in charming the public. I am not ashamed to admit that I have my niche market and it does not include the masa, unfortunately.

This brings me back to the losers who are crying foul, weeping and gnashing their teeth over the fact that they will now see and hear more of Uson in an official capacity. Uson’s critics are exhibiting signs of insecurity. They cannot accept their own weaknesses and are overestimating their own capacity. I cannot imagine them doing the same thing as what Uson is doing and succeeding. Even if they tried, they won’t be able to attract the same number of followers as Uson does. Some of her critics need to get real and stop acting like they deserve to be in her place.

None of us can deny that Uson’s popularity on social media is strong. It is a good indication that she can rally people behind important issues plaguing the Philippines. She will definitely not have a hard time communicating to the masses. She already got their attention way before she started campaigning for Duterte, albeit by wearing her Birthday suit. She’s also proven that she can still hold people’s attention even with her clothes on.

While it appears like Uson’s appointment in the Malacanang communication’s team is a reflection of Philippine society’s anti-intellectualism, people should realise that she’s going to be handling social media – a very informal platform. Social media is a great equaliser. Ranks and titles mean very little on social media. Even ordinary people can communicate with a public official. This is a huge improvement from just a few years ago when people had no idea how to reach out to their representatives in government. Members of the public even had to show deference when speaking to a politician. Now members of the public can swear at them.

So do yourself a favour. Stop acting like a loser and get over the fact that you are not as influential as people like Uson. She worked hard to get to where she is and she deserves it.

13 Replies to “Mocha Uson’s critics overestimate their capacity to influence the ‘masa’”

  1. the yellows 87 constitution is nothing but to plunder the wealth of the pilipinos. if there’s a savings, it should be use in the next year’s GAA. pnoy knows this very well. he’s not mentally ill and cannot use that to escape prosecution. mocha should focuse on this where the money went and for the recipients of the pork barrel to return the money to the people. and if they cannot, sequester their properties.

    1. … no more court hearing court hearing court hearing. the people knows these are all yellow court. just ask them where the money goes and if there’s none, return it to the people or sequester their properties. it’s now the peoples court should reign, a sovereign rules.

    2. go Mocha stay focused on stolen wealth of the people. pilipinos worldwide will support you for sure it’s their money. just stay there.

  2. Filipino’s aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. Bitchin about Duterte appointing a Hottie to a a position in his admin is a perfect example. Those with nothing else to do will protest this chick being whatever she is and keep doing it until they have something else to complain about, what an idiotic society. WHO CARES WHO DUTERTE APPOINTS TO GET HIS MESSAGE OUT TO THE PEOPLE, and besides she is easy on the eyes. WHTA? You want him to appoint some hagged out old witch? Just call Imelda, she’ll do it….

  3. They grew up, moulded by the harsh or kindly pressure of their fellows, to be either well nurtured, generous, sound, or mentally crippled, bitter, unwittingly vindictive.


  5. now it’s time to prove the magdalo pardons if it’s legal or illegal. the yellows now launched their delaying tactics for the crimes they committed. it’s not them supposed to be filing cases, it should be the duterte administration for their crimes they did to the people.

  6. People with PhD , does not mean they are expertise in every field of study. You may have PhD in Chemistry…however, if they ask you about other field of study, like communication: I am sure you will be ignorant about it.

    Specialty is the call of our civilization. You don’t have to know everything. I am a Technical man…but I blog as a hobby.

    The critics of Mocha Unson, feel bitter of being left out…

    Why would they not go to Pres. Duterte, and ask him for a job in communication ? Submit your resume to him, and show your expertise in the field…

    Please give the girl a chance to prove herself…do not prejudge her. She may have better talent than anybody else in this field of communication !

  7. another dumb way happens in the senate re investigating the MRT3. they didn’t even talk about the wear and tear of the rails and the wheels. as time goes by, the gap between the rail and the wheels is going to get loose and the car will wiggle for sure.

    …sue the yellow dynasty for plundering the yolanda funds and the mendiola and luisita massacre.

  8. Aside from Mocha getting appointed, somebody else vacated a seat that would allow for opposition maneuvering and the double dealers in there. Makes you wonder why he left a critical spot there. Distractions do indeed work.

  9. This is a very shallow, no-substance article that sounds like it was written by a spoiled, whiney, shallow, no-substance high school girl. It sounds like Gretchen Wieners’ apology in Mean Girls. “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.”

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