The hypocrisy of condemning Mocha Uson’s appointment to the Duterte government

Mocha Uson elicits a consistently predictable reaction from President Rodrigo Duterte’s critics: disdain. No surprise then that her appointment as part of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) has kept the social media class busy for a while now.

The main criticism from the “decent” crowd – private citizens and members of mainstream media included – is that Mocha is unqualified for such a key government post. The bag is generally mixed: some say it is because her background, a past associated with being a sexy starlet and releasing raunchy material, discredits her. Others say it is because of her reputation as “a purveyor of lies, fake news, blatant propaganda, and personal attacks against critics – both of hers and Duterte’s”. Yet others mention that she doesn’t have the appropriate credentials for a media office.

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What a lot of people aren’t saying outright, however, is that she offends a lot of people’s “decent” sensibilities.

Duterte critics – most vocal and ferocious among them supporters of the remnants of the Liberal Party (LP) – are ones to talk about “qualifications”. Even if you don’t consider just how incompetent the LP has been in their stint as the dominant political force, Filipinos generally wouldn’t know “qualified” and “deserving” even if it bit them in the ass. Unfortunately, Filipinos collectively comprise a nation of unintelligent, starstruck ignoramuses, in no small part thanks to the influence of mainstream media in the past few decades.

Having a large number of followers is credential enough in the Philippines; as a side note, this is something the current crop of “activists” does not seem to understand fully. Filipinos harp on popularity as a source of validity when to their advantage. They discredit and sour-grape when it’s not.

Duterte critics are also ones to talk about Mocha’s being “a source of propaganda and fake news, and an instigator of personal attacks against critics”. The particular thing about the loud rattling noise mess that the opposition has become, is that while they recognize what dastardly things the pro-administration camp does, they refuse to admit that the entities they’ve put on a pedestal are pretty much guilty of the same things at one time or another. It is immaterial that entities like the LP are not the dominant force anymore; their supporters can’t pretend that their side is clean, when it clearly has not been. At the same time, the mainstream media that has largely been sympathetic to the LP has aided in the propagation of propaganda, fake news, and unsolicited opinion passed off as news, in the past.

It must burn really hard, for media outfits like Rappler, to see Mocha Uson, and realize that the kind of cock-sucking they’ve been doing hasn’t really gotten them ahead.

As I keep saying over and over, for the anti-Duterte camp to raise its credibility, it must totally disown the LP-tards among them. Otherwise, they will always be bogged down by the lack of credibility and weight of the LP.

Critics of Mocha’s appointment can whine all they want about other people being more qualified, or her not having a communication arts degree, but in the end, it’s whatever works. Whether or not you agree with Mocha, it can’t be argued that what she says resonates with a whole lot of people.

As it currently stands, no one among Duterte’s critics stands out like Mocha Uson does, and has a social media following as large as hers. It is perhaps the breadth and reach of this following that Duterte sees fit to aid in fulfilling the mission of the PCOO:

To serve as the premier arm of the Executive Branch in engaging and involving the citizenry and the mass media in order to enrich the quality of public discourse on all matters of governance and build a national consensus thereon.

Whether the quality of public discourse will indeed be enriched remains unclear. It can be considered a small victory for the pro-Duterte camp, however, that more Filipinos feel “awakened” by the entry of Duterte into the national spotlight. One of the general sentiments since the start of his administration is, “we want to take back our country”. Another is, “kaya naman pala ang pagbabago (change is indeed possible)”.

As always, it’s up to Filipinos to think for themselves exactly how they plan to make change permanently work for them and their betterment.

4 Replies to “The hypocrisy of condemning Mocha Uson’s appointment to the Duterte government”

  1. Let us take for granted that PDigong appointed Kris Aquino to be the ASec. After all she is “decent”, an Atenista (elite, so to speak), and a TV talker. Would we hear the same negative comments about her? I think that even PDigong’s supporters would give way to his decision as token of respect for trusting her. The yellows? They are nothing but self-serving minions who are up to no good. They have no mirrors.

  2. Most of the Failipino people do not actually know how to think for themselves, and unfortunately that prevents them from even knowing it.

  3. Mocha Unson , grew up in the Information Technology age…children of this generation can understand Information Technology and the effects of social media, than those critics do understand.

    Social Media communication is not taught in colleges and universities. You don’t need a college degree, to gain expertise in this field.
    The young can use and understand it, because they grew up in this social media revolution.

    It does not matter whether, she was a “sexy dancer”…what matters is: if she does a good job , and can deliver !

  4. GRP after lambasting many times not a few personalities in the past for being mere celebrities now’s stating “in the end, it’s whatever works.” (Nothing bad about it!)

    But Freddie Aguilar, unlike Mocha, who, then had been asked to be the new chief of NCCA, did not merit a write-up here in GRP.

    We recall in an interview with TV 5, the singer, who claims to be up for a position in the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), was asked about the issue.

    “Kung ako po ang masusunod – ito po ay personal na opinyon ko lang po – para wala nang gulo, pagpapalitin ko po yung puwesto ng kalabaw tsaka ni [Jose] Rizal.

    (If I would have it my way – this is just my personal opinion only – so there will be no more problem, I’ll just switch the location of the carabao and [Jose] Rizal.)

    “Gayun lang po kasimple,” he said. (It’s that simple. – A la BenignO!;-))

    “Yung kalabaw po, ililipat ko po doon si Rizal. Para si Rizal sa atin, hindi nakaharap sa malayo, at ‘yung kalabaw po yung nakaharap sa malayo,” he added.

    (The carabao, I’ll switch it with Rizal. Rizal would be facing us, not facing the distance, and then the carabao would be the one facing far.)

    And that resonated with a lot of people!


    Anyway it just surprises when a community with a high regard for platforms, credentials, standards and “critical thinking” (but detests all things about “local showbiz” for and by the larger section of dumbed-down-thinking starstruck ignoramuses masa “bakya” crowd), suddenly also embraces something (showbiz connection) they abhor themselves!

    I guess with the bloggers’ point of view there’s a difference in perspective for both groups. That’s what separates critical thinkers from the masa crowd! The “Educated”, no matter, as always rules!

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