Supporters of Leni Robredo dumbfounded by 11 percent fall in trust ratings!

A report published by Pulse Asia on the 5th of April showed that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s “performance ratings” declined by five percentage points and his “trust ratings” by seven percentage points. As expected, the Yellow camp and Duterte’s critics were ecstatic.

The eminent former “journalist” and Human Rights Watch research person Caloy Conde was quick to draw the “obvious” conclusion from these survey results which he issued in a tweet where he asserts “As I keep telling people, there’s no other way for Duterte’s trust ratings to go but down.”

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We have to give credit to singer and die-hard Yellowtard Leah Navarro. Perhaps not as bright a bulb as Conde and yet, amazingly, she independently arrived at the same Vulcan-like conclusion crowing even louder than Conde on Twitter

Thank you, there is good news to enjoy today. Duterte trust ratings fall by 7 percentage points. That’s “yuuuuuge!”

Funny enough a survey issued by SWS today reported an even larger drop in satisfaction stats for “vice president” Leni Robredo.

Robredo’s net satisfaction rating among the public declined for a second consecutive quarter, dropping by 11 percentage points to a “moderate” +26 in the first three months of the year compared to a “good” +37 in December 2016.

Robredo’s December rating was also lower by 12 percentage points from her “very good” +49 in September 2016, when SWS first conducted a survey on her performance as vice president. She assumed office on June 30, 2016.

This presents the sort of dilemma only Yellowtards seem to habitually fall into. If they were quick to pop champagne over Duterte’s “yuuuge” fall in trust ratings, would they be as quick to interpret in the same way Robredo’s even “yuuuug-er” fall in ratings as reported by SWS (credit for this quip goes to the Daily Duterte people)?

Using the logic of these brilliant representatives of the Philippines’ brains trust, we can now safely conclude that Duterte is falling and that Robredo is falling even faster.

Bam Aquino for his part did not lose time making excuses about his failure as Robredo’s top PR mouthpiece in Congress reportedly blaming this plunge in her stats as the result of “black propaganda”. It seems, using Aquino’s logic in this instance, the mysterious agents behind this “black propaganda” were a lot more effective than the awesome colonial might of the world’s corporate media giants who had, for many months now, been spreading fake news about Duterte’s “murderous” war on drugs. As one prominent twitter handle goes, what a waste of ad money.

Logic is a bitch when you are habitually inconsistent, ain’t it?

15 Replies to “Supporters of Leni Robredo dumbfounded by 11 percent fall in trust ratings!”

  1. I don’ t believe in those “surveys”, especially done by the ” False Asia Survey”…surveys can be manipulated, as tools of political propaganda.

    How they collect data, is also questionable. Election surveys fell short, with the election of U.S. Pres. Donald Trump. All exit polls surveys, were showing that the then candidate: Hilary Clinton was winning.

    The truth came out after the election. Pres. Donald Trump won ! It was the biggest upset in any U.S. Presidential election. The people who took the poll surveys, were forced to eat “bugs”, because, they were totally wrong.

    Statistics is a tricky tool. If you don’t know how to use it. It will give you false results !

  2. The polls made Trump look like an underdog. His negative publicity by the media actually helped him win the votes of those tired of the usual suspects-which is probably more than half of the US voting population.
    Leni vs Marcos= Leni is the underdog despite being the Darling of the media. Leni’s and LP’s bullshit is in sync with the bullshit of local and international media. Go figure.

  3. Pnoy Aquino’s job satisfaction surveys went up, up and away; during his term as President…

    The survey was done by the SWS Pulse Asia Survey (False Asia Survey)…it was because the survey firm, was his political tool to
    mislead the gullible Filipinos.

    Inspite of the : Chinese Luneta Tourist masscre; the DAP; the PDAF; the Pork Barrel bribery; the Mamapasano massacre, etc…

    Aquino’s job satisfaction survey, went thru the roof !

  4. Wow at last de lima confessed. she already forgiven her judasses. the fall of the yellow dynasty coincides with the fall of druglords and the ASG. a coincidence or a link?

  5. Did the author ever consider that DUMBFOUNDED is the same as NOT GIVING A SHIT ? The Woman is the Vice President of the country for another 5 years.Leni Robredo is a dumb-ass but even she can figure out that she has a political shelf life, just like Aquino did. SO the fact that she and her supportters appear “DUMBFOUNDED” as the author naively states,it should surprise no one. Robredo just doesn’t give a shit what the people think now, SHE WON THE ELECTION, remember?andNOW she deosn’t have to dare what anyone thinks. AND that just makes her just like every othe politician in the country….THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE FILIPINO PEOPLE AND NEVER DID. Take your head out of your ass Benigs !

  6. Leni The Bobo Robredo, DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION. People in the COMELEC, with the collusion of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis CHEATED OUTRIGHTLY, to make her win the election.

    She was a Tool of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to facilitate their return to power. Their purpose is to cover up; their plunders, thieveries and other crimes.

    It is PATRIOTIC to IMPEACH this woman, and make her disappear in the political scene.

    It is for the good of the country !

    1. @768, Regardless of HOW Robredo got into office, SHE was DECLARED THE WINNER of the ELECTION by the powers that run the country. The fact that YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO BE TOLD THIS is a major-major part of the problem, and what needs to be done about it, in the Banana-Republico de Pilipinas.

  7. Declaration does not mean, anything…election cheating must be Removed, from our electoral system, by any means !

    We , the people..we elect our officials …if politicians, forced themselves into office…Or some politically motivated political axis, forced people into office, for greed,or for some evil motivation… IT IS NOT RIGHT !

    This is the reason, we have the Tool of Impeachment…

    Impeach the Bitch ! The faster, she is impeached…the better for the country ! Leni Robredo is also complicit with the crimes, of her husband, Jesse Robredo. Illegal gambling, Shabu Drug dealing, and murder of Emil Aguinaldo…as told in the NAGA LEAKS.

    1. @%$%HT, KEEP DREAMING, even if Leni Robredo was impeached she would be replaced with another thief. You morons don’t get it, do you ? Until the politicians that run the country are all gotten rid of, the ‘MASSA’ , and by that I mean everyone that is not part of the top 5% of people in the country, ARE GOING TO BE FUCKED !!! NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE UNTIL THAT HAPPENS.

      LOOK AT DUTERTE, what has he done now in the year since he was elected,HUH? He is responsible for the murders of over 7,000 of your feloow Filipino citizens. WHAT ELESE? The electricity rates are still the HIGHEST IN THE WORLD. The stock market is still being FRONT RUN ON A DAILY BASIS BY THE OLIGARCHS, Property prices continue to climb out of reach of almost everyone in the country and taxes provide nothing in the way of services to the people BUT taxes keep going up, SO WHAT HAS THE ‘NEW’ ADMINISTRATION MANGAED TO CHANGE ? NOTHING, THAT IS CORRECT, NOTHING !!!and yet you sit there and say ‘IMPEACH THE BITCH’ as if that is going to mean anything but NOTHING !!!


  8. Allright, how many of Robredo’s supporters were asked if they are ‘DUMBFOUNDED’ by her alleged drop in trust ratings ? HUH? OR is this just another anti-Aquino/Pro-Marcos article by someone who saw the poll and decided to make up an article about it ?

    This Woman is in office for the length of her term,at least, and she doesn’t have to give one good shit if anyone thinks she is honest or not. AND SERIOUSLY: WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME FILIPINO POLITICIAN WAS ACCUSSED OF BEING HONEST ? I MEAN, YOUR KIDDING, NO?

  9. Until the Aquino Cojuangco influence in our political system is removed…there will be no change. Impeach the Bitch…Leni The Bobo Robredo is a tool of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. She is also complicit with the crimes of illegal gambling and Shabu drug dealing of her husband, Jesse Robredo. They murdered, a man named, Emil Aguinaldo…

    Impeaching the Bitch, is the First Step of Change…Impeaching the Judges in the Judiciary, who blocks reforms in our country, is the next step. Grabbing these plunderers, thieves, and political stoogees to jail, like the United Airline did to its passenger, is the Third step of reform…

    We, the Filipino people, can only do these reforms. We do not want any foreign interferences or foreign interventions…foreigners protect their own interests.we, alone know what our problems are…

    We , are 100 million strong….We are not that Naive, as you think, we are ! IMPEACH THE BITCH !

  10. delaying tactics is the yellows weaponry. people power is the sole solution to topple the yellow dynasty. just like what happened to Marcos. did they defeat Marcos? NO. it’s the people who oust Marcos.

    1. 100 Million STRONG, HUH? U R only kidding yourself. Thanks to the plundering of the treasury The Philippine Military is the biggest joke in S E Asia. The country, if anybody cared to even bother to invade it, could be over-run in less than a week….and Filipino’s could do nothing about it. BUT RELAX, no one gives a shit about the Philippines and no one is going to invade it, no one wants to be responsible for feeding 100Million peasants.

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