Old colonial scars revealed: The presumptuous diplomatic row over the Madam Secretary circus

Filipinos have long been known for their inability to distinguish between real life and reel life. Theirs is a society, after all, that elects showbiz politicians to power on the basis of the achievements their fictional characters win on screen.

Thus it is hardly surprising that a diplomatic row would erupt over a recent fictional depiction of a Philippine president on the American TV show Madam Secretary

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In the next episode of the TV series “Madam Secretary,” which airs on CBS on March 12, the fictional Philippine leader gets punched in the face by the fictional US secretary of state after he makes a pass at her during a foreign policy meeting.


The 20-second video teaser of the episode, titled “Break in Diplomacy,” shows fictional Philippine President Datu Andrada, played by actor Joel de la Fuente, with a bloodied nose after a shocked US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, played by actress Téa Leoni, punched him in the face in a room that looks like the Office of the President in Malacañang.

A Philippine flag and the seal of the President of the Philippines are also seen in the background.

Before getting punched in the face, the Philippine leader is shown leering at McCord.

As expected, this latest circus has elicited all the wrong responses from both camps in the Philippines’ political “war”.

On the administration side, the government of President Rodrigo Duterte sent a letter oto CBS Corp to “strongly protest the highly negative depiction of a character purported to be the Philippine President.”

On the anti-Duterte and Opposition camps, the usual online “activists” and members of various politically-passionate cliques are cheering the spectacle as evidence that Hollywood is somehow expressing solidarity with their cause.

But taking a higher vantage point to this latest outrage fad offers a more simple take on this latest spectacle: It’s a TV show. Get a grip.

If (and this is a big IF) the producers of Madam Secretary actually did make a conscious attempt to take a swipe at Duterte, they weren’t really doing anything that the Yellowtards in the Philippines haven’t been doing over the last 12 months consistent with their lame efforts to chip away at the president’s broad base of support. As such, the big high fives being presumptuously sent out by anti-Duterte Filipinos to their old colonial masters across the Pacific are really just another manifestation of the need for colonial validation that Filipinos remain addicted to.

On the part of the current administration, well, Jesus, you guys should have just let that one pass. It’s just a TV show.

43 Replies to “Old colonial scars revealed: The presumptuous diplomatic row over the Madam Secretary circus”

  1. Remember when the real Philippine President insulted the real American President in real life, and the American President shrugged it off?

    1. Remember that nosy American president who picks on other leaders on their domestic affairs while bombarding Syria and Iraq? Remember that??

  2. Fiction writers, magicians, politicians and priests are the only people rewarded for entertaining us with their lies.

    If you make fiction just as valuable as reality, then any reality you don’t need can be a delusion.

  3. The TV series was made by leftist TV writers. The actress, looks like they are featuring : Hilary Clinton…

    Filipinos are not sexual predators, as featured in the TV series..they are not as ignorant, as the story showed. We have good Presidents, and Diplomats,; who understand Diplomatic protocols.

    In truth, it is the Americans, who are sexual predators; and who are raping Filipino women. How many American Marines had raped Filipino women ? The last rape case; the complainant Filipinos woman, who was raped; was given a Green Card, in exchange for dropping of the rape case.

    How many Filipinos were killed by U.S. soldiers, during the Fight for Independence ? The American called this “insurrection” , after they bought us from Spain, during the Treaty of Paris…Spain was no longer in control of the Philippines; when they sold us to the Americans…

    Spanish defenders and American Navy commanded by Adm. Dewey, had a mocked “Battle of Manila Bay”…allegedly defeating the Spanish defenders ! This was the first , Fake News…it went to Fake History…like the heroism of the Aquinos.

    YellowTards, who are still on the “Colonial Mentality Hangover”, are very happy to see , the support of their former colonial masters. These YellowTards, are happy once again, to kiss the Asses of their American masters !

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, are very glad, that their patrons: the American liberals, are supporting them !

    1. Facts, the Philippines has one of the highest rape and murder percentage of modern countries in the world. Your focus on expats lets criminals get away. Example, Peter Scully girlfriend was on video torturing and killing babies and kids. Your country arrested him and let her walk away. Why? A TV show is the least of our concerns. There are walking streets here, GRO’s. The Philippines is the number 2 country in the world to come for sex. One of the highest percent of countries of having older expats married to young women. You support pedophiles. Koreans, Chinese, Germans, and many other countries come here for it. Lets use history, how many Americans died freeing the Philippines from Japan during world war 2 More Americans died for this country than Philippine soldiers. . 3 Has your country learned from history and built a military like Japan, Vietnam or any of the modern Asian countries? 4. All the big drug bust in this country, have been the Chinese. Has there been even one major American making drugs in this country? nope.

      1. Facts, you’re more likely to get shot in the US than in the Philippines (outside of Manila). Facts, you don’t honour rights of the Child in your country as you’ve never signed UN Convention along with Somalia…which bears no different than those countries who practice child marriages. Facts, drugs like shabu make up that huge demographic who raped. Yet you hypocritical Americans do not like it if Duterte is cracking down on them hard – legally of course – not your version of reality of his deeds. Facts, you’re more likely to get raped and cat called in any state in America than in provincial areas like Batanes and Davao City. Facts, Davao City is ranked #9 on the safest cities in the world. Facts, there are about 7,000+ islands in the country and you lump them as if they’re Manila. Facts…you can’t handle them.

    2. Hyden,

      You are correct about American soldiers disrespecting Filipinas and, in some cases, raping them. If an American military person rapes a Filipina, the death penalty would be the best punishment, if allowed by law. If it’s not the law, then Congress ought to change the law. However, the Christian rule of “Thou shalt not kill” would prevent such a law. This, among other reasons, is why I am not a Christian. I would have to be soft and I am not.

      If I remember correctly, you seemed to have previously supported rape, when allegedly committed by Filipino men. Not long ago, there was a Filipina who was featured on an episode of “Eat Bulaga”, who was crying because she reported getting drunk and being raped by her husband’s Filipino friends. You seemed to defend them by saying, ” Boys will be boys.” When Tito Soto criticized her for getting drunk with strangers, you seemed to support his sick statements regarding the heinous crime. Are you ethnocentric and just want to trash Caucasians? You don’t seem to mind the rampant rape of Filipinas by Filipino males. I have witnessed first hand how many Filipino males like to sit on their lazy asses, drink Red Horse and chase women. Society allows this and they expect the women to do everything. Society allows males to behave this way.

      The Philippines is known for sex tourism, with an endless supply of low self-esteemed( thanks to Philippine culture), poor and desperate women, who will sell themselves to any asshole, foreign slob. There is rampant sexual abuse and rape in the Philippines. Respect for women is not high. Filipino parents appear to be happy their daughters “sell” themselves to some nasty, foreign slob so their financial futures look better. Any real parents, especially fathers, would protect their daughters. Real parents do what they have to in order to provide for and support their children. Real parents don’t make their kids take risks to support the family. Real parents don’t make their daugters go to the Middle East to work, get abused, so they can sit on their lazy, useless asses and mooch off them. As a father, I would not allow my 19 year old daughter to be used and degraded by some old, fat slob. It’s disgusting. Further, I would have taught her self-respect from the time she was a young girl. These loser Filipino parents, who prostitue their daughters are failures and not real parents. They are worthless and should have been made to have abortions or be fixed so they can’t breed.

      If the Philippine government was patriotic, they would not have let the Americano military in to begin with. They have to make ‘deals’ with their colonial masters when an Americano abuses a Filipina, because they are prostitutes and rely on them. They have a colonial mentality, and don’t care enough about the Philippines to build their military up. They would rather rely on remittances from OFWs and American military security; these things are no different from colonialism. Filipinos are not patriotic. If they were they would feel shame to rely on others for security. The Filipino fighters in WW2 were tough as nails. The Filipinos have the ability to have a military that would be feared by other countries. This won’t happen without leadership that is patriotic, and that demands and expects this level of excellence from its country and its people.

      The Philippines is a trainwreck country, with a backwoods, fucked-up culture. Without work ethic, ingenuity, honesty and self-esteem the Filipinos will always be screwed and whoring themselves out to someone else. Personal responsibility needs to be taught to Filipino kids, not having babies when you’re poor, having unprotected sex, dicking around, getting drunk, going to fiestas and going to cock-fights. The whole Philippines is one damn fiesta. Partying is not a priority, working and educating yourself are.

      By the way, most foreign males I see in the Philippines look like pedophiles. These guys are generally ugly, old, socially awkward, misogynistic, and/ or fat. American women don’t want them and that’s why they are desperate enough to go to Phils. Also, no attractive American women would want them. Filipino women get the trash that American women throw away.

      Last year, while in my wife’s provincial city in Leyte, I saw a 70 year old Americano with a beautiful, 20 year old Filipina. I was with my wife in a restaurant and they walked in. If this happened in America, Americans would all stare and would think of calling the police if they saw an old man with a girl who looks that young and underage. Again, the fucked-up Filipino culture allows this. They allow these old, sick foreigners in to fuck young women. No self-respecting culture would allow this. I was the only one there looking and saying,” What the fuck is this?” If I was that girl’s father, I would tell him to take his tits and wrinkled dick and stick it somewhere else. He would not be allowed near her. Of course, American girls are generally raised with enough respect that they would think it disgusting to fuck an old, nasty man.

      1. No, rather it is you lot that promoted raping to happen in the country. When you opened Subic Bay, you allowed rampant prostitution to happen. There was one Filipina who got almost raped by some G.I. years back in Bohol. And she isn’t the only one taken advantaged of. Many Filipinos condemn rape you moron. But US Military bases do not care much when they abuse women who entertain for them that’s really the case. It’s also why Okinawans wish to get rid of your US bases there too. They’re nothing but nuisance and bad influence on the community. You’ve helped wired Filipinos to think they must sell their bodies to a Westerner to get a piece of luxury. And the irony is that your past president only condemned Duterte cause of dead rapist drug addicts but did not ONE BIT say anything condemning more deaths committed by our previous administration ‘s negligence towards crime and corruption. Now you blow your shit when our president voiced out his exasperation of useless and ignorant US foreign policy. You turn a blind eye on things you ought to have paid mind to.

        1. Baylee,

          If you are going to be a low self-esteemed asshole and call people names, then don’t bother posting; it just makes you look weak.

          Secondly, you accuse me of supporting American foreign policy, which I do not. I am not some globalist Wilsonian Leftist like Bush, Clinton or Obama, who believes in bullying the world. I did not vote for any of the politicians who vote to do these things.

          You are a weak person who likes to blame everyone else for the Philippines’ problems. I opened Subic Bay? How? Who allowed the American military into your country? That’s right, the submissive Filipino gov because they don’t have an adequate military. Admit your country’s place in it. Your gov let them in.

          Yes the American military abused Filipinas and they are assholes. The parents of these girls are also to blame because they don’t give a fuck about women. Women are raped often in the Philippines and usually by Filipinos. Women are looked down upon, because of the Catholic and primitive culture.

          I have supported Duterte telling Obama to get lost. He had every right to. Maybe you can tell the majority Democrat voting Filipino-Americans that they should not have voted for Obama. Most of them did.

          Why not have good arguments so you don’t make an ass of yourself.

      2. Facts at @ Baylee, once again; facts do not include personal feelings or thoughts. It is simple statics. You sound educated so let go back to that class you had in college. Then I am going to give you the sources for your information that you quoted which is only one by the way. Crime stats global standard is to count per 100,000 people. This puts everything in true perspective. Example having 100 people killed in a city of 1 million is not the same as having 100 people killed in a city of 100,000. Also putting up a website to have people vote on the safest cities is not accurate also, when 90 percent of the people voting are from the Philippines. Your original source that all the papers in the Philippines published came from Numbeo.com with 452 user’s voting. Look at the demographics of the voters. So first let’s us actually look at official crime statics. The Philippines as a country has never made it past the 50 most dangerous countries to live in. Good news the USA has never made the top 10 either. When it actually comes to cities Davao has never made it into the top 50 safest cities in any official website showing crime statics. Good news after Du30 cleaned it up it did make it off the list of the 100 most dangerous cities in the word. So cheers for that. He will probably take the Philippines off the list of the top 25 most dangerous countries in the world hopefully. But do not take my word for it compare the official stats from Davao to the other cities and use math and compare percentages. If you are too lazy to do that here are some websites that have done that for you already. I also included countris for you also. I understand why you might be confused, because you probably also thought the bible said that there were three wise men at the birth of Jesus, which is not actually in the bible. Read it for yourself.

        And here are the cities.

  4. YES! death penalty is the solution for those committing heinous crimes no doubt. why let the senate decide about it? they should ask the people. let the voice of the pilipinos be heard on death penalty. those who opposed it knew they’ve committed heinous crimes.

    1. @actjaxs3000:

      Statistics can be increased or decreased; the Americans have the same problems in their inner cities. Aside from race problems.

      The Americans were here in the Philippines, before World War II…so the Japanese militarists came here , to destroy their military installations and to drive away the Americans.

      We owe nothing to these colonialists/imperialists, because they stole our natural resources, for many years…we are glad they are out now in our country !

    2. @ Greg:

      I never wrote in any of my blog, that I support rape. I was commenting that, if a woman go on a drinking spree , with the “barkada”, of her husband. It is an “invitation” on her to be raped. Once, she is dead drunk. Any male in her drinking partners will take sexually advantage of her. It is irresponsibility on her part, much more “unwomanly”, for a woman to get drunk; or go to a drinking spree, with friends of her husband.

      Most of the foreigners, who come to the Philippines, are sexual predators, in their countries. If these old male foreigners, go out with young girls in their country. The young girls, would be looked upon as: Gold Diggers !

      Most of the girls, who date foreigners, want to go abroad; as economic refugee…they don’t know that life abroad, is not a bed of roses. You have to work, your butt up, to earn your living. Plus, you are discriminated, also…

      1. Hyden,

        Well, your attitude is one of the reasons the Philippines is a mess. A woman getting drunk with a bunch of males is not an invitation to be raped. You claim to be religious – but are generally saying that male humans cannot control themselves and are like a pack of wild beasts. If these males cannot control themselves then they are the lowest animals and are at the bottom of the animal kingdom. Your sexist opinion of women allows men there to behave like losers, and act irresponsibly. Getting drunk is against the bible and has nothing to do with being ladylike. Filipino men need to stop acting like boys and start being men; this entails stopping themselves from fucking like beasts and actually care for their babies. They don’t do this now because they are little animalistic boys with no responsibility. Getting drunk, getting women pregnant, and leaving them is not ‘manly’, it’s primitive and weak. If Filipinos want to get drunk all the time then it’s time to accept atheism.

        Yes, a majority of foreign men who go to the Philippines are nasty slobs and there for sex; nothing more. Philippine culture allows them in and the women are pathetic and desperate. The womens’ pamilya welcomes it because they can mooch off of the foreigner, which is one of their life goals. None of this would happen if it wasn’t for pathetic Filipinos allowing it. Filipinas want garbage and they get it.

        The other problem is so many Filipino ‘men’ are irresponsible children, so a woman finding a faithful man, who isn’t a loser, is difficult. Going to cockfights and drinking Red Horse is not a career.

        1. My late legal dual citizen wife and I were classified as Asian-Americans. For those of us that are non-white American Citizens do face those hurdles and it’s NOT just the non-Americans. We worked hard in the United States doing 2 to 3 jobs each. We saved money so we could go to her hometown of Lucena City. We bought good land with a clean deed with no legal impediments for more than $12,000 . The buyer recieved 120 -$100 CRISP U.S. Dollar Bills and boy, wasn’t she happy!
          Yes, there are many foreigners that are sexual predators and there are MANY FILIPINO ENABLERS. Former Cebu Governor and now Congresswoman Gwen Garcia commented how bad it was that the suppliers weren’t foreigners, BUT their family members. These family members don’t care if they damage the frgile young child in these vile and evil shows. It’s the short economic gain that the family members love and all the while your kabayan look the other way. There’s a song from my teenage years from Pat Benatar called HELL IS FOR CHILDREN and that’s what many Filipino Enablers do and feed the mostly foreign sexual predators and perverts.
          Don’t just point at the foreigners. ALSO, go after the Filipino that ply in the evil enterprises.

    3. Many years, my late dual U.S.-Philippine Citizen Legal Wife and I were living in Dumaguete City, where I attended Silliman University Divinity School for the Maaster of Divinity. We were living in apartment complex across the street from South Sea Resort in Barangay Bantayan. Our neighbor was an American Man and observed over time high school girls were going into his apartment. They came out disheveled. This happened over a few days. Finally my wife had enough. Instead of confronting the man, we told the landlady and she was shocked and angered. We got into her car and went to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Building at Dr V. Locsin Street to report on the American. He was “invited” by the BI. They found enough evidence to ask for an order of deportation from BI Main Office in Manila. He was deported.
      What was the tragedy , as you’ve stated, is people look the other way as their children are pushed by their mooching parents. If my wife hadn’t said anything. The sin of omission by the Filipinos to allow this pedophile to abuse these high school girls would’ve continued.
      In between my 3rd and 4th year of my M.Div. Course, I was working at Silliman University (SU) Church as a chaplain. for SU Students. My immediate supervisor was a graduate of the SU Divinity School. I saw something that I thought was strange as I saw young college guys going in. In my mind, oh no, it’s happening again, BUT this time it’s a FILIPINO MAN abusing. I later found out he was deflowering young men.
      After I had solid evidence, I went to the Provinical Prosecutor with my wife to file a formal criminal complaint. I didn’t realize at the time of the complaint, there was a member of Silliman University Church, working in the prosecutor’s office. I surmise he called the then United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) General Secretary. Because I received a call from the General Secretary to drop my criminal complaint. He said my complaint would embrass the UCCP and he wasn’t interested in getting justice for the young man who had been abused. In less than 48 hours, the prosecutors dropped my case.
      The UCCP WON’T ordain this man, but never told George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, that this creep had raped young men in his care at Silliman University Church. He’s an academic doctor and I get sickened seeing this POS SOB Profile. as of March 13, 2017. On his Facebook Page, he had young boys in Cambodia.

    4. It’s working in Singapore so why not? Even Florida still has death penalty. It’s just so fitting to put this in place with the kind of society we have that see little value in following simple law and order.

  5. Question, what makes this different now? American presidents and other countries presidents have been showed in American TV shows, movies and everything doing stuff from raping, killing, getting killed, and many other things. The White house has literally been blown up and destroyed many times all through the history of Hollywood before you and I were born. It is a TV show.

    1. @Greg:

      I do not condone men behaving like beast, and raping women. However, if a woman goes on a drinking spree, with her husband’s friends. There is the most possibility, that she will be sexually assaulted and likely to be sexually taken advantage of , once she gets, dead drunk !

      What is she doing in drinking alcoholic drinks, and getting drunk with her husband’s buddies , in the first place ?

      Did she had something to do, other than getting drunk ? Why not take care of her household, and her children ?

      She is an irresponsible mother, and deserved what she got !

      1. actjaxs3000 – The Philippine Daily Inquirer , that ANTI-American Paper, tried to fan the nationalists nd instead, it was great to red the responses. More than 90% of the respondents said it was just fiction and that Duterte deserved the insult! The fictional president is Fil-Am Actor Joel de la Fuente.
        I’ll be cheering as fictional U.S. Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord played by Tea Leoni gives the bad fictional Philippine President a big bloody nose!

      2. Hyden,

        Well, there is no sense in debating with someone who condones rape. It’s time for you and the Philippines to adopt atheism and realize beastly behavior apparently cannot be controlled, as well as getting drunk and premarital/extramarital sex. I am discussing criminal behavior, which the males engaged in. The woman engaged in irresponsible behavior – but not criminal behavior. Getting drunk is not permitted by the bible. Atheism commence…

    2. Not all Americans like it when other certain people that other Americans favour on TV are being made fun of. And even, their way of lampooning them in media today is just so tacky.

  6. @Actjaxs3000:

    There is a difference in featuring us, Filipinos, as ignorant, sexual predators and without knowledge of diplomatic protocol…much more without civility…

    Why did the TV writer choose us, instead of other countries ? There are American liberals , who support the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. The American leftist and liberals , who are supporters of Obama, and Hilary Clinton, are mostly , in the American TV media.

    The TV story has something to do with Pres. Duterte, swearing on Obama (“Putang Ina” ), who I believe deserved it …Obama’s mother was a white girl from Iowa, who was impregnated by a black Kenyan. Some Rednecks in Iowa, would had lynched them both, during that time !

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, are patrons and kiss the ass of Obama !

    1. @Greg:

      I write again: ” I do not condone rape”…But, the woman got drunk, and allowed herself to be a victim of sexual assault.

      If I pick up a red hot charcoal…surely, I will get burned. It is debatable: whose fault is it ? I, who picked up a red hot burning charcoal, or the charcoal, being a red hot burning thing ?

      I believe it is I , who is at fault; if I would not be too dumb to pick up a red hot charcoal. I wouldn’t have been burned !

      This is analogous to the drunk woman’s behavior …

  7. to date, trillanes is already guilty of violating Republic Act No. 6968, section 3 Chapter 1. it’s a race between him and president duterte at the finish line.

    1. @hyden, the show has featured many other countries. You are talking about a show that you have not watched apparently. 1 episode and people are crying, stop being babies. Also, you have a misunderstanding about American in general. Movies and TV shows purpose is to entertain and make money. Just like SNL made fun of Obama and his family and makes fun of Trump. The other non-political shows do not care . Iowa is not redneck country by the way. It has not ever been part of the South. You would know this if you actually read any history book or been to that area of the country. It was one of the first states with legal interracial marriage. Before talking about American, pick up a history book or use the internet to learn about it truly, just like this show. Also Obama and Aquino are not president anymore and do not matter. What Trump and DU30 do will be on them as presidents and no one else. This means the success or failure belongs to them. Let’s wait 2 years and give everyone the chance to make a difference , before making judgements.

    2. @Greg:

      There is Freedom of Belief, in our country. If people wants to be Atheist…let them be…I have a good friend here in the GRP, named : Robert Haighton, who is an Atheist…he is from Neatherland..

      So, those who want to be Atheist, they can ask information thru this GRP web blog , on him, about Atheism …

  8. @actjaxs3000:

    American TV writers, should be sensitive to the feelings of other people. We are not Americans. We are Filipinos. Most of those in the entertainment world are extreme liberals, like Hollywood in California; and TV industries in New York. So, the scene of a Philippine President being slapped by a Secretary of State is uncalled for…it is an insult to us..

    My brother, who is a practicing physician in the U.S., had practiced in Iowa. He practiced there for more than ten (10) years. Iowa is an agricultural state, with mostly white farmers. The Mexican illegal aliens, help in the agricultural work, and are paid below the minimum wage. It is a Redneck state.

    During that time when the mother of Obama was made pregnant by a black Kenyan. Would I believe they would venture back to Iowa ? This is the reason Obama who claimed to be born in Hawaii; but his relatives in Kenya, claimed: he was born in Kenya…Obama was raised by his grandmother in Hawaii. His mother married an Indonesian…then Obama joined them in Indonesia; and was brought up in the Muslim faith. He came back, and when he began to enter politics. He converted back to Christianity…I still believe, he is a Muslim by heart…

  9. @actjaxs3000:
    It still matter , even Obama and Aquino are not presidents. Obama put a “shadow government”, that subvert the political agendas of Pres. Trump.

    Aquino also placed a “Shadow government”, and put a Fake Vice President, Leni Robredo, whose late husband , Jesse Robredo, was involved in illegal gambling and illegal Shabu drugs.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, is involved in trying to discredit and impeach Pres. Duterte!

    So, we believe the TV scene is part of the Obama/Aquino Cojuangco political axis, efforts to discredit Pres. Duterte !

    1. I have been in your country for nearly 25 years and have seen enough of Filipino Television to tell you, that they should be sensitive to us Americans. Filipino TV plays the American Stereotypes to the hilt and it’s many time awful and disgusting.
      The show is FICTION!

      1. There are hardly fucking Americans in any Filipino shows you liar. And I’m not even a fan of any show. I personally don’t give a fuck about how shows in US depict the president as I know Duterte doesn’t give a fuck either (an attitude taken right).

        I haven’t watched any new American show since about more than a decade ago. I could complain the many times how fucked up the shows have become with overtly feminist (and I mean the obnoxious sjw types) female characters have turned into – and I’m female saying this ! And other things about the shows’ themes that just lost their appeal for resorting too much politics into them less subtly.

        Have you ever thought that many Millennials and Gen Z even hardly watch American TV shows these days? At least I know many rather switch to YouTube or Netflix or other media sites for entertainment and even for news. Only those who couldn’t yet afford internet access stick to the old tube.

        I wouldn’t defend a drunk woman getting raped, but you’re no different than Hyden where you do ignore how there are criminal expats who do get away with heinous acts from Philippine law. There’s one great notorious example: Peter Vandever. He’s what I would call that “Ugly American”. He’s been in the Philippines illegally, scamming people for money and yet complaining how bad it is living in it. He’s also a fugitive in your country back home, was known to be a sex offender while pretending to work as a missionary. He’s been already known to have broken Philippine law yet still running scot free around the place.

        There are a whole lot I know who get away with sexual abuse or scams since they’re “Kanos”. So don’t give me one-sided crap about how Americans are unfairly oppressed under Philippine soil.

        And as for you proposing atheism, I thought you lot are for freedom of religion? You do know Duterte is an agnostic right? He openly bad mouthed Catholic Church for a whole number of criminality they have gotten away with. And the irony is that the one who have cheered on the US show depicting Duterte in bad light are the ones who would strike you first if they hear you say about promoting atheism or bad mouthing religion.

        And oh another irony I have learned that US, apart from Somalia, have been the only country who have never signed UN Convention Rights of the Child and have learned that in some states, 14 year old is acceptable age for marriage. Yeah go on talk and preach about how wrong this and that thinking is, but don’t ignore that America has these even bigger problems with their laws and culture. There are many who still think it’s far more dangerous living in US than in even some 3rd world craphole since you do have those many trigger happy inhabitants getting too much access to weapons.

        I can go on with this but I have said what’s needed to be said since you’re putting on typical blinders on when it comes to these issues of your country and culture.

  10. @sckang:

    Who cares, if you are an American…does that mean , you are always right all the time ?

    The scene of the TV show, is a political propaganda. We are not too dumb to distinguish between fiction entertainment and political propaganda…

    I have not seen any Filipino TV shows, that portrayed Americans, as stereotypes.

    I have not seen any TV show; showing any Filipino government official slapping an American President.

    The Americans may be showing Pres. Trump, as stupid jerk, in their Saturday Live Night show….however, it is their business…

    We don’t want to be portrayed as : dumb, stupid, ignorant, and without civility !

    1. If you don’t want Filipinos to be portrayed as uncivilized and ignorant, then it’s best not to allow old, nasty foreign men into your country to fuck young women. Also, society not treating women like garbage is also a good idea. The Philippines has a joke of a reputation because of sex tourism.

      1. You’re blind! On ABS-CBN and the other channels, there’s been portrayals that were sterotypical. And I have seen enough TV and movies . Being a legal permanent resident in the country for nearly 25 years, I have seen enough to know you’re not being truthful. I do live among the everyday hardworking people and know a lot more than those foreigners that are yes, CLUELESS! There’s been a lot of crap on TV. That idiotic 3 hour SHOWTIME shows enough to get my blood boiling. WTF! There’s skits that border on disrespect and it shows.

  11. BIG QUESTION, why is it that Pitch Perfect 2 the movie was one of the highest grossing movies here in the Philippines and has the song spotlight that everyone sings at Karaoke was okay to the Philippine people. It directly talks about Lady-boys of the Philippines and the old guy going back stage to have sex with one of the people and most important his many sex trips to the Philippines. Where is the outrage? Right the movie had music in it, so that made it okay right? Or was it because everyone wanted to say it was just a movie and that is not how people the world really thinks? Which one is it?

    1. @sckang:

      I was born in the Philippines. I did not see anything in any show , Americans portrayed as stereotypes. Maybe, as a foreigner living in our country…you still do not understand our culture; much more the mindset of common Filipinos…

      Why not go back to your country, if you don’t want to watch “stupid shows”…

      I don’t like the shows myself. However, it is what the TV Fake News, want to show…to dumb us further…

      The media is being controlled by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis !

  12. I have seen the episode from end to end and here’s my 2 centavos.
    It was pretty much what i expected; the president portrayed is pretty much a blend of manny pacquiao, duterte and bill clinton. In short, he is a hollywood caricature… and yes, given the right PR and the right time… the filipino people will actually vote someone like him into office. There is a scene wherein the ph armed forces chief indirectly asked mccord and co. if they were willing to participate in a covert assassination attempt to oust the president and install the vice-president who was a lot more in favor of america. goes to show the writers did some sort of callback to all those stories floating around of edsa being a cia-masterminded plot. The dilemma is that mccord values life above everything else – and is not willing to participate. she has other options, like going forward with her sexual harassment case with andrada.
    besides that, andrada is pretty much filipino. no foresight (asks for an aircraft carrier but even if the us gives us one, what planes will we put on it? who will man its fucking nuclear reactor?), all bravado, misogynist as most males in telebasuras and thinks of himself as some special snowflake. I know these are all negative traits, but what can we do? it is what we show the world, via our news, our media, even our actions (especially for ofws).of course, hollywood being leftist as it is will paint a picture according to what they see. Though i still dont like how they try to protray as america wanting to save everybody, with “everybody’s best interest” in mind, in this case, “the filipino people”.
    this episode did not change my outlook on the show. it’s pretty sharp and the way mccord dealt with andrada by the end was pretty much diplomatic compromise. you cant win em all; but you can level the playing field.

  13. Du30 is lying or the problems with rapes and murder in the Philippines is a Fillipino problems not a foreigner problem. ? By Du30 official reports and going all the way to 2004 when official records were made public. Foreigners have never accounted for more than 0.75 percent of the of any crime here in the Philippines. Matter of fact rape and murder is almost exclusively to Filipinos. Foreigners accounted for less than 0.1 percent the last 5 years. Also the safest places to avoid being raped or killed, in is the areas that have the highest percentages of foreigners living there. Also I have never even heard of a country ( that was not in war) where one killer of the top 5 ways for a child or teenager to die is rape, assualt or murder. Who rapes children to infants and toddlers to death, really? So here is your official website government website, and by the way one to the top ten causes of death in the Philippines is murder. I have actually never seen a modern country that has murder in one of the top ten ways to die in country. Usually they are all medical.

    And check this out.

  14. It’s a big irony in the Philippines that the rich and educated actually suffer more from colonial mentality than the middle and lower classes.

    Saw this Bloomberg Phils video and I was struck by the attitude of the Pinoy anchor person while he was interviewing Agnes Callamard about the situation in the Philippines.


    I think the Pinoy anchor’s name is JP Ong. He looks like your typical sheltered, upper middle class Starbucks type. Listen to his line of questioning. He’s so starstruck with Callamard and the UN that he thinks they should just step over the head of the Philippine President.

    Ong should be reminded that Callamard has not conducted a single investigation herself in the Philippines since Duterte became President. Callamard acts like she’s such an expert on what’s going on with the drug war, yet all she really knows is what’s been fed to her by local journalists and human rights groups who have vested interests.

    Ong should also be reminded that a UN rapporteur is not the UN. UN rapporteurs are not employees of the UN. They don’t speak for the UN. They’re only outside contributors to the UN. Callamard has some nerve demanding that she set the terms of her visit to the Philippines as if she’s some kind of VIP. She’s just an insignificant hanger-on but she’s more demanding than actual state leaders who come to visit, like Japan PM Abe. (Maybe the DFA should write a formal complaint to whoever deals with rapporteurs in the UN, Callamard is really overstepping her bounds.)

    It’s painful to see how blinded this Ong is by his colonial mentality, that he’s ready to hand over the reins of his country to a clueless white person, and disregard the Philippine President who was elected by 21 million Filipinos and is trusted by 86% of them. But when I look at the comments on the FB thread of the video, I feel a lot of hope. The sheltered foreign-worshipping types like Ong are a dying breed. Many Pinoys are wide awake now and ready to stand up for their country.

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