The spectacle of nuns who presume to be politicians’ “guardian angels”

What is it about nuns and the way they play “guardian angel” to supposedly “oppressed” public figures?

Back in 2008, it was star “whistle-blower” Jun Lozada — a key witness in the ZTE broadband deal — making a spectacle of himself hiding behind the skirts of a phalanx of nuns as he emerged from hiding at the La Salle Greenhills campus.

Photo courtesy

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Now, in 2017, embattled Senator Leila De Lima reprises the same stunt, as if to show that the Philippines’ Roman Catholic Church still towers above government as a source of legitimacy.

Photo courtesy PhilStar

The soundbites sound familiar. “They can’t silence me!” crows De Lima. Back in 2008 it was Lozada promising fans during a rally, “dito magpapasabog ng katotohanan!” (“from here will come an explosion of truth!”).

Even more familiar — and increasingly trite — is the manner with which Filipino nuns presume to protect a Philippine Senator from the imagined clutches of her own government.

Nuns, of course, are no match for state officers who may soon descend upon De Lima to serve an arrest warrant. They will be of no consequence to a judge who will rule on the basis of evidence and not out of deference to the cloth. They will also leave a public long made weary by an institution that promises nothing in life and everything after death utterly unimpressed.

9 Replies to “The spectacle of nuns who presume to be politicians’ “guardian angels””

  1. To presume that they are still relevant is being delusional. Nuns are just like their priest counterparts: protectors of criminals and the corrupt. They are birds of a feather, De Lima and all. What else should be expected of them.

  2. As long as the DU30 Administration is sincere in working for the common good, no need to worry or to fear that a Church-backed opposition could topple DD30. The danger lies when starts Digong dishing out selective justice.

    1. kaya nga ba nais ko sana magsama sama silang lahat (kaparian, madre, politicians who are against death penalty, killers, rapists and drug addicts) sa isang isla, at baka nga siguro kaya nilang ma-rehabilitate ang mga kriminal, imbes na patayin !!!

  3. Those nuns protecting Leila de Lima, do not know what they are doing. Maybe, they have too much repressed sexual desire in their convent. They wanted to put their sexual frustrations in politics.

    Leila de Lima is a drug dealer and a nymphomaniac. Her lover, Ronnie Dayan, is married with children. There are even videos of Leila de Lima and Ronnie Dayan, having sex…

    Do these nuns know, our country is invaded by crime syndicates, from China and Korea ?

    The illegal Shabu drug proliferation came under the Aquino administration. Yet, the Roman Catholic Church and these nuns, did not even raise a complain about it.

    There was widespread stealing of the National Treasury by the Aquino administration, thru : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Funds, etc…

    No Nuns or Priests raise any anger or voice about these corruption.

    Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon, Leila de Lima, etc…stole our Gold reserve, and transfer them to Thailand. No voice of anger, concern, or even a whimper, came from these Priests and Nuns.

    Why would not these Nuns vent their repressed sexual desires and frustrations on other things ?

    Politics are not for any organized religion !

  4. hindi solusyon ang isama sa misa ang nais niyo at mag-rally lang!!! tumulong kayo tanggapin ang mga salot sa lipunan sa bakuran/simbahan niyo at “gamutin” sila!!!!!

  5. Same old false piety used by politicians.

    It’s sort of a contradiction too. Nuns would be anti-RH bill, but here they defend someone who was pro-RH Bill, I believe.

    The power of connections.

  6. Who knows, maybe Delima will be made into a hero just like they did with Ninoy the 2nd. Or they could hit Lascañas just to make another international headline against the Duterte admin. It will be up to the people if they let them get away with another fake revolution/regime change.

  7. I’ll bet the Catholic Church in the Failippines lost out on a lot of would-be nuns when they started dressing like ordinary meter maids.

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