Stupid logic: Filipinos’ shrill whine over the Philippine Constabulary’s return


The prospect of reinstating the Philippine Constabulary (PC) is, as expected, striking fear in the hearts of the usual emo social media mavens. Why? Because, we are again reminded, the Constabulary raises the old spectre of “The Martial Law Horrors”.

The fear invoked by the PC comes across to Filipinos much the same way that the sound of the drill of a dentist does to a lot of people. It is ingrained in the psyche. Most adults don’t get over their childhood fears. The sound of a dentist’s drill, the snap of a belt (signifying coming corporal punishment) and, yes, the term Philippine Constabulary fire up dormant neurons long buried in our reptilian complexes that initiate an irrational fight-or-flight response.

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Thing is, truly adult adults learn to manage those primal fears. We routinely march into our dentists’ clinics carrying that fear of the drill but handily overcome that fear with the intellectual tools of our mature adult minds.

To put this newly-invoked irrational fear of the PC in proper perspective, consider the Philippines’ elder statesman Fidel Ramos. Ramos is quite the survivor. He was chief of the PC at the height of the Martial Law “regime” of former President Ferdinand Marcos in the early 1970s. The PC as today’s Martial Law Crybabies repeatedly remind us, was the police unit singularly held responsible for the “horrors” associated with that era.

Yet despite being the leader of the PC and, as such, the on-the-ground executor of those alleged Marial Law “atrocties” Ramos not only became one of the top henchmen of the late former President and “EDSA Revolution Hero” Cory Aquino, he went on to a stellar career in politics. Today, he commands millions in speaking engagement fees and is regarded as one of the Philippines’ top thought leaders and an institutionalised statesmen in his own right.

What is baffling today is the monumental stink being raised by every “activist” and her dog about President Rodrigo Duterte’s suggestion that the PC be reinstated while none but deafening silence surrounds the way its leader — Fidel Ramos — persisted as a celebrated politician over the last 30 years.

Ramos’s cunning lies in how he deftly re-branded himself — effectively whitewashing his Martial Law bogeyman image and refashioning himself into the Philippines’ equivalent of a Lee Kuan Yew.

This is the reason why Martial Law Crybabies have lost all traces of credibility. They are such emotional girls, suffer from selective amnesia, and issue their shrill cries from an ideological foundation teetering under the weight of its own inconsistencies.

If people are really serious about coming to terms with Martial Law, they should start with the man who was an adult and the chief executive officer of the armed unit that is most directly associated to the alleged torture and unwarranted incarceration of “innocent” Filipinos.

14 Replies to “Stupid logic: Filipinos’ shrill whine over the Philippine Constabulary’s return”

  1. Oh, another gaggle of incompetent, corrupt, vicious drunks to complement the existing incompetent, corrupt, vicious drunks who infest the police force and barangay tanods, napping their lives away. Yeah, that’ll work.

  2. In my younger days the PC are looked upon as heroes. It took the PC to wipe out Kamlon and his murderous group of bandits out of Jolo archipelago. It was also successful in decimating WW2 guerillas turned bandits and held in check the private armies of local muslim rival chieftains. Back then the finest were the PC rangers and they wear their well pressed uniform with pride…well shaved, clean cut hair, clean fingernails and always well polished shoes. The police today, the only well polished are their sunglasses they wear from dawn to dusk no matter the weather.

  3. Fidel Ramos is the consummate “political opportunists”. He like Juan Ponce Enrile; both were the co-conspirators of the late Pres. Marcos , on Martial Law…

    Fidel Ramos was the Jailer and allege “torturer”. Juan Ponce Enrile, supposed to had ordered Ramos, to arrest the “subversives”…

    Both of them , defected to , and supported Cory Aquino, to SAVE their own skins. Anyway, Fidel Ramos had been working for the U.S./C.I.A. , ever since…both redefined themselves as “good people”.
    All they wanted was power and wealth.

    Now, they are both wealthy, and supposed to be respected !

    I don’t see anything good in the bones of these people. Both stink like rats !

    Revived the Philippine Constabulary…let us jail and torture the drug syndicates and the corrupt people in our country !

    The Aquinos already frightened the whole Filipino population about Martial Law. It is even in the textbooks. The tortures of Martial Law was Fake News, used as disinformation by the Aquinos. Now, it became a Fake History…like the “Battle of Manila Bay, by U.S. Adm. Dewey”…

    Martial Law Bogeyman has sunk deep in the consciousness and collective unconsciousness of Filipinos…they become Traumatized, just hearing the word: Martial Law !

  4. if trillanes can walk alone in the streets of manila, i will believe his allegations against president duterte. walk your talk trillanes we’re waiting.

    1. Desooxyephedrine is too expensive for any street abuser in the Filippines to buy, SHABU is a fake drug and Filipino’s are killing each other over it…like the true idiots they are.

  5. trillanes is the kind of guy who’ll take a bullet for his master. well, he has nothing to lose he was already convicted of treason a death penalty.

  6. Failipinos in the Failippines who complain about something that they cannot do anything about are as irritating as those who complain about something that they can do something about.

  7. I was just about to hit puberty when FVR became a president. It was in his rule that I learned of the existence of TRAPO. I had high hopes in his Expo Pilipino back then but it turned out to be one of those ambitious things raised to give a pleasant ring to his administration. Looking at how things turned out after EDSA revolt, he’s one of the reasons why EDSA PP is a failed revolution. Them who initiated it did it really for power grab. It’s just a change in power holder and not a change in corrupt and abusive way of administering the country. First of all, they who were hands on in the crimes of Martial Law admit to no offense instead readily eyed the high post. And the people were quick to take them as their savior. The whole Edsa revolutionist revised the Martial Law history by forgetting everybody involved except for one.

  8. In old days when PC guys were Nazis, Nazis were heroes so was Adolf Hitler or Songun for Kim dynasty for Pro-Marcos Loyalists.

  9. PC did good thing to torture subsersives and anti-semites and communists to forego human rights. No wonder what Songun “Military First” policy would adop in the Philippines.

    1. PC did good thing to torture subsersives and anti-semites and communists to forego human rights. No wonder what Songun “Military First” policy would be adopted in the Philippines.

    2. The Blog: “Songun was the best Military first in North Korea, no wonder how Pro-Marcos Loyalist would not care about”…

      I did not write the Blog…a Pro Aquino political axis propagandist did it for me !!! They hacked my computer. They hacked my blog. They write Blogs for me ! Idiot YellowTards !

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