Duterte critics desperately rally behind the LIAR Arturo Lascanas

The man of the hour at the moment is retired police officer Arturo Lascanas who went public claiming that he was one of the ringleaders of secret “salvaging” operations and alleging that these were ordered by then Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte himself. “Salvaging” is a Filipino term used to refer to summary executions often supposedly perpetrated by police and military personnel.

According to a Reuters report, “Lascanas asserted that the Davao death squad was no myth…”

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You don’t say.

Lascanas is basically stating something most Davaoenos already know. For that matter, even if what Lascanas is saying about Duterte is true, wasn’t what he is alleging the very reason Filipinos came out in droves to catapult Duterte to the presidency to begin with?

The truth is, Duterte represents everything about what 30 years of Yellow-branded governance failed to do — embed the rule of law across the land. Filipinos elected Duterte president warts and all — applying in their choice in 2016 full knowledge of the strong possibility that he may have routinely used “expeditious” means to achieve much of what he is celebrated for in Davao.

Duterte’s critics still don’t get it. Painting Duterte as a “murderer” will not put a dent on his popularity. More importantly, the way they are going about it remains the same — trial-by-media. The cousin of this technique, trial-by-congressional-inquiry is probably coming soon. Lascanas, after all, as today’s top newsmaker is simply too juicy an opportunity for the Philippines’ publicity-starved members of Congress to resist.

The million-dollar question, of course is around whether this new outrage fad can be milked to its full potential and ultimately produce an impeachment initiative against Duterte.

Screams a recent ABS-CBN News headline: Can Duterte be impeached for allegations on DDS?

Time and political interests will tell.

But in making this recent bold allegation, Lascanas had inadvertently proven that he is a liar. Back in 2016, Lascanas issued an equally bold and categorical claim, that the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS) he supposedly led to implement these killings “does not exist”…

“Wala pong Davao Death Squad, your honor. Media hype lang yan.” Lascanas said.

In the Philippines, however, liars routinely become celebrity witnesses on the back of political rivals desperate for an angle. It is a testament to the reality that justice in the Philippines is not really about finding the truth. It is about finding the correct truth.

51 Replies to “Duterte critics desperately rally behind the LIAR Arturo Lascanas”

  1. who’s gonna believed you lascanas, your accusations is the same as matobato, a trillanes motivation. you should be arrested right away for obstructions for a better Philippines. do not call on the pilipino people to support the yellows. we want change. enough for stealing peoples’ money. selling the lives and soul of the pilipinos for money. the money you received to accused the president is peoples’ money. 100 million, 200 million, 500 million? how much lascanas? the yellows are igniting a civil war to save their drug queen ‘cuz they know it’s the fall of their dynasty. what will happen now if the pilipinos shows up on the streets to show their support for president duterte? what will happened now if the people do their own citizens’ arrest? who can stop them? no one.

    1. As long as the Military and the PNP are behind the sitting President, no way will there be a civil war. The Soros-led globalists who promote the illegal drug trade worldwide including the Philippines are effectively neutralized by Trump. But power struggle there will be between the Ruling and Oppossing Elite.

      Will there widespread violence? I doubt. Localized violence in Metro Manila is not remote though.

  2. There are too many killings, murders and massacres in our country. If ever the Davao Death Squad exist; it would be no longer relevant. There are : the Hacienda Luisita massacre; the Mendiola massacre; the Maguindanao massacre; the Lumad massacre; the Mamapasano massacre; etc…

    People who are involved in these murders were never brought to Justice. The high officials who were accountable to these murders, were not even charged.

    We are tired to these “political zarzuelas”, with Congressional Hearings; with witnesses of questioned credibility…

    We have the drug dealer and nymphomaniac, like Leila de Lima, still in the Congressional hearings of these political zarzuelas.

    Why not just lock up the Bitch ?

    We have the Attack Dog of Aquino, like Trillanes; trying to insert himself, into an all starring role show, in these political inquiries.

    Why not you all lazy politicians go to work ? Pass legislation that will solve our problems !

    1. “Pass legislation that will solve our problems !”
      What kinf of legislation did you have in mind that will/can solve all the problems?
      Isnt it about time, the individual starts solving his/her problems first?

      Do you want change? YES
      Do you want to change? NO

      1. Who will pass legislation in the Philippine Congress that will solve our problems? Those legislators who do not want plunder included as one of the heinous crimes? LOL

        The Trojan Liberal Party members are true to form, “balimbing” for convenience and on course to bring down DU30 at that opportune time. Speaker Alvarez reminds me of Joe de Venecia.

        I believe the only way to prevent the impending fall of DU30 is to announce an Independent Truth Commission on the assassination of Ninoy and on the EDSA “revolution” .

  3. Ho-hum. Maybe lascanas read from the same script as matobato. After all, it was trillanes whom instigated this presscon. The opposition is just trying to create a buzz to counter the fiasco de lima is in. Also to instigate some sort of outrage from the people. Trillanes just never learns . His motive is so blatant, maybe he thinks that filipinos will just lap up everything he says. Really, what else is new with this guy.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      There are many problems , that need action/legislation to be passed. The revival of Death Penalty is one…Criminals are running around free , or having a vacation at Bilibid National Prison, because of the lack of Death Penalty. We want to eradicate these criminals…

      These criminals are used by corrupt politicians, like Leila de Lima, to deal in illegal Shabu drugs…and as their lovers, at the same time…

      Many more that need attention/action; than what these stupid Political Zarzuelas, by these idiot politicians are doing!

      We are tired of these political shows !

      1. Hyden,
        I will NOT give you my version of the death penalty (abandon/abolish) so I wont bother you with that. Instead, I will give you a different version of still abandoning death penalty (with an atheist touch).

        Okay, I did something that legally will sentence me to the death penalty (firing squad, injection, whatever). By that I am not really suffering. So why not send me to a labour camp (russian style)? Its enbarrassing, insulting and humiliating. And most likely I will die while working my socks off. A labour camp is more a punishment than a death penalty.

        Furthermore, laws, rules, regulations dont change the dysfunctional society in PH. So in short, you have to do better than crying for legislation. Your deepest and worst problems lie in and within the society.
        You will keep a fraudulent, corrupt government for centuries to come.
        I dont count the days, but so far Duterte still hasnt cleaned up all the corrupt politicans and other corrupt institutions. And that tells me enough.

  4. Robert Haighton

    You don’t live in the Philippines. You are not even a Filipino. Why bother? Your nose is too long and sharp that it even pokes through the thickset wall. Don’t you have a country to be concerned about? Why is the Philippines so important to you? Just wondering.

      1. Yes Robert Haighton, I don’t like your criticism. You are one of the many foreigners who are victimized of false info. I am from Davao where the president comes from and I have the experience if Duterte’s work. You cannot compare the failure of other countries fight against drugs when we are talking about different kinds of drug. If he succeeded in Davao, he will also succeed in the whole of Philippines. Yes, there will be collateral damage but it is everywhere… even in the bible ( I know you are an aetheist). I may not be great in writing bcoz its not my major and I have been living abroad where English is not the language. If you want to know more about Philippines political history and you live in The Netherland, try getting into contact with Sass Rogando Sassot. I am just suggesting. By the way, Philippines is poor but it is predicted to rise economically. And yes, because majority is poor, most cling to religion to ease and to be able to go through life. And some clergies if the church take advantage of this. And yes, still a large percentage of population are illiterate that’s why a lot of our OFWs get into trouble and being mishandled abroad. Most of us work our ass out to give our family a better life. It comes from our heart, not something we are burdened to do so. By the way, my parents rejected my sending money to them. I want tell you more but I guess it wont change your perception on us. I’ve done anyway something to enlighten others and if a few percentage of my fellowmen do the same, it might help a bit the world’s perception on us.???? I dont have the time to read my post so excuse me if I mispelled or missunderstood you. I am not coming back to this page.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      We don’t want any “Gulag Style Labour Camps”, as popularized by that Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin.

      People like Leila de Lima , will sneak in those “Gulag Labour Camps”. They will make the “inmates, drug dealers and their lovers, at the same time.

      We just want to eradicate these hardened criminals, by Firing Squad; or cut their heads in public, like in
      Saudi Arabia.

      Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin stated: “No People…No Problem !” He further stated: ” the Death of one is a tragedy…the Death of millions is Statistics…”

      There is no viable solution than Death Penalty for hardened criminals and unrepentant corrupt government officials !

      1. Hyden,
        what about death-row? What about people sentenced to death but many years later proven not guilty by DNA evidence or by a person who comes forward stating he did it? Or am I now showing too much leftist sentiment?

      2. Robert Haighton

        You are welcome to criticize, Bob. We’ve had the same coming from others who, just like you, cannot stay away and leave us alone with our problems. Yes, we could use any help to make our country a more livable place, but only if it were a more viable solution than what our leaders already have envisioned for us. Your criticism is good but we need action. The truth, Bob, is there laid bare to see the Duterte critics clearly and desperately wanting to bring back the status quo and subject the Filipinos to a lifetime of pain and sufferings. What is it with people who cannot stand the Duterte government whose only wish is for its citizens to lead, though simple, happy lives? The Filipinos have suffered enough and this administration is doing its best to rid the country of the infestation that the previous administration left behind. Is it wrong for the Duterte government to desire change that will benefit everybody, rich and poor alike? What prevents you from seeing that?

        1. Aphetsky,
          Lets first set the record straight, shall we: Just call me Robert or Rob, but not Bob (hopefully it was just a typo).

          I am convinced that killing drug users, drug traffickers will NOT stop the drug scene. You can find evidence all around the world. Why would the Philippines be any different?
          Personally, I find such an action a ‘cheap shot’, cutting corners and just for show and scoring quick and easy points. And who is next? All homosexuals? All single moms? All single dads?

          You live in a poor country not because of a corrupt government but because of total different and other causes and reasons. And every PH government exploits that.
          What you want, is a government that cleans up YOUR mess in such a way that you dont have to do anything.

          What I really miss in the comment section with every GRP article, is any form of self criticism, introspection and self-reflection. Its always that the government must help us/me/you.

        2. Aphetsky,
          to add:

          I never read a comment saying something along the lines: I could/should have done this and that to make my own life better, to improve my own circumstances. Never !!!! I always read: I am human and I am flawed.
          You have to make yourself happy and you have to create your own chances and opportunities and if your parents screw things up then blame them (and never repeat the same stupid mistakes your parents made) and move forward. But never stick and stay too long in the past. Look to the future. Be smart and plan things.

        3. @Robert Haighton:

          You are a confirmed Liberal and a Leftist…I am a Centrist radical. Those “ignorant criminals” sentenced to death, will just be victims of a judicial system that does not work well….they will just be “Statistics”, as Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin, had stated.

        4. Aphetsky,
          I am not a supporter of your previous government as much as I am not a supporter of your current government.
          Till this day, I dont see Duterte make any change for the betterment of your country.
          Killing a few drug users will not lead to change for your personal betterment.
          YOU have to make that change yourself. Only YOU can grab those open window of opportunities and chances. Only you can change your rotten situation, your shit hole you live in.

          But if you are gonna sit on your ass doing nothing and wait till your government will set you free, then you can wait for a very long time.
          Wake up, get real and grab your chances.

        5. Robert Haighton

          I think that those cases are too few and can be considered isolated cases to stop what is meant to be for the betterment of the nation. We are in a war against bad people in the society. And in all wars, there has to be collateral damage or sacrifices to that effect.

  5. pilipinos should show their support for president duterte at least just for once nation wide if they like the change the president is doing. this will silence the evils supporting de lima.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      So, you are a supporter of Aquino ? Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon, Leila de Lima, etc…are the biggest thieves in the history of the Philippines. They are responsible for the
      proliferation of the illegal drug Shabu.

      Aquino and his cahoots had an unholy alliance with the Chinese Triad Mafia.

      Pres. Duterte inherited the mess of the Aquino administration. We cannot have
      changes overnight or even years. The corrupt people are there. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis is doing everything, including cheating in the 2016 election, to remain in power.

      They are the “men behind the shadows” sabotaging the programs and agendas of Pres. Duterte …they put their potential puppet , Leni Robredo, as Vice President.

      Mr. Haighton, understand the history of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…these people are greedy and mean people !

      1. Hyden,
        can you pls do me a favour and put on your reading glasses. Thank you.

        “I am not a supporter of your previous government as much as I am not a supporter of your current government.”

  6. Hyden,
    In my country, a liberal is associated (mostly) with the Dutch Liberal Party. That party is a right wing party. There is where you will find the ‘old money’. The ‘new money’ (Nouveau Riche) you will find on the left side.

    I hope you will never fall victim to become a statistic yourself or just collateral damage. Although, you can then finally meet your creator. So that must be a win-win situation.

  7. Lascanas may be telling the truth but his previous lies would not convince the non-partisan to risk his life and family in toppling down the DU30 Admunistration. If a few thousands fanatical yellowturds and DU30tards would kill each other, that would be a glorious cleansing for the Filipino People. Pls include to be killed all the druglords and death row convicts at the NBP. Such killings or massacre would be remembered as heroic act or worthy legacy to generations of Filipinos to come.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      What are you then ? A Liberal , a Conservative , a Fence Sitter or a political opportunist ?

      I will not become a Statistics…I do not deal with illegal drugs, nor do I use them…

      A win-win situation to me is : living my life to the fullest; contributing some good to humanity; helping my country in any way, I can and being at peace with myself and with my God…

      This is the reason, I am blogging, inspite of my busy work to earn a living…

      Mr. Haighton, thank you for participating in this GRP Blogs…we teach each other in this comment section. Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge and information. I did not know that you are a member of the “Nouveau Riche”, in your country. Your pockets , may have been bulging/full of Dutch currencies !

      1. Hyden,
        During my life span I voted for different political parties. Why? Because my situation differs from decade to decade. When I was 18 years old (the first time I am allowed to vote) and still living with my parents and being a student my situation was different compared to when I was 26, 32 etc. Now I am in such a situation that I dont need to ‘fight’ anymore for my future.
        Most of my countrymen and -women can fend for themselves and defend themselves. Basically all ‘needs’ are covered for who you are. All LGT rights are covered, all female rights are covered. What is NOT covered is stupidity and irresponsible behavior.
        In my country, one who is born poor can still get rich/wealthy/live a comfortable life (through legal channels).

        Never and nowhere did I state that I am a member of the ‘nouveau riche’. Financially, I am doing well and that is only because we – kids – dont need to (financially) support our parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews. If we had the PH system (Utang na loob and respecting the parents no matter what), most of us would be damned poor. Not only financially but also mentally.

        I am not here to teach people. But I do know one thing: when people will start procreate less or even not at all, their world and future will look a lot better. And that has nothing to do with being an atheist or rich. Its a fact.

  8. @Aldus,
    Before Duterte started his killing spree, he should have started to clean up all divisions/departments with ‘crooked’ elements (individuals). Not blindly but sophisticated and honest. The public needs to restore their trust in public services. Without a well/good and honest functioning system, change is dead.

    Killing 3 million drug users and drug dealers is just 3% of your population. How on this god’s (no pun intended) green planet is it possible that 3% creates so much turmoil/debri and problems?
    So, start with/at the top of the pyramid. But do it properly. Come up with proof. Show me the videos that my hand was in the cookie jar.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      Extended family is deeply rooted in the Filipino culture. Anyone marrying a Filipina, will be marrying her whole family.

      I have a few American friends, who are married to Filipina. They complained: ” I married her…I did not marry her family…”

      The Filipina wife, sends “Balikbayan Box “, full of goods, regularly to her family. She remits “door to door” money regularly to her family. And, she talks overseas to her family, regularly, thru a “phone card”…

      It seems , all her relatives wants, something out of her !

      1. Hyden,
        what you just revealed is old news (for me).

        And I do agree with your American friends. The future revolves around that Filipina wife/GF/partner and the (foreign or not) BF/partner/husband. Why the big difference? Its because every individual is responsable for his/her own happiness and future. So you make your money, I make my money. Its actually very simple. The magic word here is responsibility. You are not responsable and not accountable for me (if we were related in any way). And if you want to help me, just wait for when I ask your help. Most likely , I will not ask for help bec that is quite humiliating, embarrassing and insulting.

  9. @ robert, are you sure it’s president duterte doing the killing spree? what about the drug rings killing its pushers and drug addicts to cut off a linkage? drug addicts pointing to pushers and pushers pointing to druglords, and druglords pointing to the queen/king, etc? why should president duterte kill the pushers and addicts? how could they get info to the highest level if they do so? don’t tell me you’re also defending paganism in the country? all symbols of paganism can be seen inside the roman catholic church, the chalice, the holy sacrament, the statuettes, the christmas tree, those priest and nuns, etc. all of those are paganism.

    1. Salagintong,
      Duterte’s house and palace are bugged, tappped and wired. If its not done by him then he is complicate by not arresting those who did it. So he condones it (to put it mildly).

      Drug rings
      Why should I kill my own customers?

      No way, Jose. I am free of every burden, guilt and what not. I am an atheist (I hate that word).

  10. @ robert, ‘why should you kill your customers’? if you were the drug kingpin, what are you gonna do if there’s a war on drugs? kill your customers and pushers or be hang?

    after de lima, open up the 44 saf massacre and do not let the yellows blocked the investigations. all involved should pay the crime they’ve done to the saf 44. as long as the 2 more yellow ladies of cory at the ombudsman and at the SC, they’ll take a bullet for pnoy that’s why they’re there to protect pnoy.

    1. Dear Salagintong,
      Just suppose, I am the owner of a department store (in SM Mall) selling rice. Now you are a frequent customer. If I kill you, I will lose money, turnover and profit and maybe your next of kin, family members may decide to shop elsewhere (Ayala Mall). Wouldnt it be better to throw a bomb on Ayala (to cut out the competition)?
      Or maybe even better, to make a deal with Ayala about territory. They will provide Northern Luzon and I will provide Southern Luzon. In that way we are both certain of a fixed income/turnover, constant flow of money and profits?
      It is totally NOT beneficial for me and not for Ayala to kill customers. They might decide stop buying rice and switch to eat potatoes instead.

      Am I (SM Mall) afraid to getting killed (by Duterte)? No. You first have to find me and I have bodyguards, bullit proof vests, armored cars, snitches, paying off people.

      So, the only one benefitting from this circus is your beloved president Duterte for all the above reasons I gave you.

      As for those SAF44. If that are your elite soldiers then pls pray to god bec it wont get any better. The first one responsable and accountable for that mess, was and is the general of that platoon. He made thjs strategic plan how to attack. That plan failed miserably.
      A president has no knowledge whatsoever about military strategics. All he can do is to give the go ahead. A good general will refuse to go if his men are not yet ready to go with a possible consequence of a court martial. A general will always protect his men. So in this case, the general failed. He should be released from his duty (with or without pay). Case closed.

      Like that bus hostage situation and now the SAF44, you cant blame a president for things like that.

      And no, I am not a supporter of Aquino and I am also NO supporter of Duterte.

  11. dear robert, hehe are you waiting? here’s another one for you. oh by the way, you’re not a foreign sounding name, you’re a pilipino. now, i hope president duterte reads this, i think trillanes sole task is to block the re-opening of the saf 44 massacre. they’re done with de lima, poor de lima will be convicted with reclusion perpetua. what’s your opinion?

    1. Dear Salagintong,
      waiting for what?

      Forget about all the politics. Its one big circus. Pls tell me something else. What are your personal ambitions, your personal goals? What is your bucket-list (so to speak) or your ‘to-do’-list; What do you still want to achieve?
      Or have you reached an age by now that its useless to still have ambitions?

      Well, surprise, surprise, I am a poreigner/foreigner/alien.

  12. The liar was the hottest to defend his veracity, the coward his courage, the ill-bred his gentle manliness, and the cad his honor.

  13. find out why lascanas recant his previous testimony. the senate must proceed to investigate lascanas claims and arrest immediately those involved in that destabilization act for a better philippines. the saf 44 re-opening must not be delayed.

  14. @Robert Haighton. What vacation ate you talking about at the National Bilibid Prison. You are dead wrong. The NBP has become the Command Center of so many criminal syndicates in the country !

    If DU30 is really serious in reforming Philippine society, he must order the loading of bombs on a drone plane or a tora tora vintage and target the 4-star amenity like death row building. There must be a massacre of these convicts !!! He has to do it because the funding to destabilize his government come from these criminal syndicates that control 80% of the illegal drug trade in the country.

    With the death penalty on heinous crimes effectively scuttled by the Roman Catholic Church, by the Trojan Liberal Party in Congress, and by the Soros-led globalists who want illegal drug trade legalized worldwide, and with a Soros-owned Smartmatic assured VP puppet, DU30 is doomed !

  15. and hey robert, tell de lima the senators were not pressured at the palace to stop the hearing, they are pressured to hurry up on the hearing.

  16. @Robert Haighton. Just curious. Are you married to a Filipina or have a pinay partner?

    I do not mind a foreigner discussing pinoy issues. I am with you in the belief that there is no such thing as absolute eternal truth. Although I strongly oppose Soros idea of a one world order, I believe his Theory of Reflexivity, the very reason why I welcome divergent opposing ideas.

    It is tragic for me that most of my fellow pinoys do not comprehend that there is no such thing as eternal absolute truth.

    I am an apatheist, not an atheist but tolerant of theists’ beliefs as long as they do not violate the negative form of the Golden Rule.

    1. Ngek,
      In a relationship with a female/pinay partner.
      I dont think I would be here (GRP) if I havnt visited PH and have not been in a relationship with a pinay.
      The first time was like going back to the 1950s. Fast forward a few years and I finally understood and understand that that is how it looks when a country is conservative, old-fashioned and still believing in a god.

      Well to quote Mr. Hyden: what is my truth, is your lie.
      The/a golden rule doesnt exist for the simple reason that you can do much more to me (pain levels are much higher).
      I do accept every religion, but accepting stupidity is where I draw the line. And I have seen quite a few in PH.

  17. Robert, if you really knew about the good and the evil, why should the house not to keep de lima? and if the LP’s there keep her from being arrested, what can you say about the 87 Philippine Constitution? don’t tell me you’ll say it’s coddling criminals eh!

    1. Salagintong,
      Personally, I never use words like good & evil. Not in my personal, private live nor in my work.

      If one is alleged to have done something against the law, then arrest him/her and give him/her a fair trial. Come up with evidence (not evidence beyond any doubt. Evidence that speak 100% clearly against me. Show me videos, tape recordings etc). And then sentence me.
      Have you ever watched the OJ Simpson trials? It was a circus, a charade. But okay, USA have a jury system. Mostly not the brightest.

      About the PH constitution?
      Its not fair to ask me about your constitution. I am biased. Your constitution is a representation of your religious population and your culture. In short, a poor 3rd world constitution. And it is swamped with religiousness/religiosity. Its not really a modern constitution.

      What I see in the PH news, I see a lot of political razzamataz. The politicians are NOT doing their job, to make the Philippines ‘great’ (again). They are fighting each other. Everything is politizised (correct spelling?).

  18. what will happen if the pro duterte and pro marcos march to the senate from Luneta and shout ‘oust de lima and all LP’s in the house’ if de lima resist her arrest warrant?

    1. ….at this time of the year it’s the people the law i think. they want a change a real change to be respectful globally. pilipinos are all hard working we can tell that how they work abroad. ask americans, europeans, and neighboring aseans, they will say pilipinos are hardworking and i can attest to that. how about you robert? could you say yes? tell me who messed up the Philippine culture?

      1. Salagintong,
        Pls dont get angry at what I am about to say. I really dont know what hardworking is. How do you do your job? You start at 08.30 and stop at 5PM; is that hardworking or is that just doing your job? Does hardworking mean that when one comes home, he/she is dead tired, too tired to pay any attention to his/her offspring and to do any chores? Or will he/she do some overtime and work till 8PM?

        Do you go home and think about your work and how to do it more efficiently and being able to change the procedures within your company/department? Can you and your collegues have a conversation with your boss or your team leader (team meeting) to change things/procedures?

        So, you tell me what hardworking is?

        I know only a few pinays (no pinoys) who are in my country. All I can say about those very few, I can say, they have no high-ending jobs (to put it mildly).

        How messed up is the PH culture?
        Again, I am biased. When I first ‘met’ your country, I was shocked and stunned. For me, it was going back to the 1950s. What is culture for/to me? Culture for me are the unwritten rules (in a way). But your culture is as formal as all written rules. There is no flexibility whatsoever; there is no window for change; women are still focused on getting pregnant and getting married (even when they already have 1 or even more kids and abondoned by the biological father of that/those kid(s)); women are very submissive to males. I did not and do not meet people who are focused on pursueing a career with a winner’s mentality.

        Do I need to continue? I think you know better how your culture works and how sufficating it is to improve/progress/evolve oneself. Especially for women.

      2. Dear Salagintong,
        I strongly disagree with your statement/remark: ‘the people the law’.

        I know nothing about you but lets pretend and assume that you are an old-fashioned, conservative, strict religious pinay/pinoy.

        I dont know what you know about my country. Maybe my country has the most liberal laws in the world. Now, you can still live in my country keeping your own culture, keeping your own religion and sticking basically to PH laws (while being in my country).
        So if you will stick to your personal conviction then the PH constitution can be modernised bec people like you will stick to ones own culture and religion. So why does it not happen that PH politicians change (read: modernize) the constitution? Because they (the politicians) have everything to lose. So ultimately, politicians decide about your future and not you. At least, not the judicial part (laws and constitution) of your future. The only thing you can change is your own personalized, individual culture. But can you change that? No, you cant. Because you will meet a lot of resistance from your surroundings. You live in a collectivistic culture.

        So for me it looks like the Philippines is (s)trapped in its own ‘fut/cult ure’. It cant go forward, it can only stall, be stagnate.

  19. The Aquino Cojuiangco political axis propagandists, are writing Blogs in my name. If they are Pro YellowTards, I did not write the Blog !

  20. only in the Philippines where you can find a nations’ constitution is like a toy money. only in the Philippines where you can find a senator/senators criminally charge can still perform his/her duty as a senator. only in the Philippines where you can find a pilipino priest inciting pilipinos to revolt to protect a de facto constitution. the judge handling the de lima case as one of the most highest magistrate of the country should do his/her own decision and not to follow a de facto constitution and its laws. or else the pilipinos will still be under the spell of the de facto yellow constitution. we can see clearly how it works for 31 years now.

  21. I think Lascanas really did have a murder-for-hire racket going on with Matobato. So all those murders he said he committed are most probably true. The question is, did Duterte order those murders? Can it be proven that he ordered them? Not likely. Those charges against Duterte have been around for thirty years and no one has been able to prove them. It’s not likely they can be proven now. And it doesn’t matter, because that’s not the real goal of the Liberal Party. The real goal of the LP-sponsored Lascanas/Matobato Show at the senate is to produce new anti-Duterte content for the international media. Why do you think the “diary” of Lascanas is in perfect English with not a single Tagalog or Bisaya word in it?

    What the LP doesn’t realize is that no matter what Lascanas says, it won’t change people’s minds about Duterte. If anything, Lascanas’s berdugo stories will just strengthen Duterte’s legend as the Punisher. Most people I know voted for Duterte because he was willing to spill blood to clean up the country. That set him apart from the wimps and softies like Mar Roxas and Grace Poe. The LP may get their fresh helping of anti-Duterte stories in the international press, but the propaganda is only working on one side of the world. In Asia and Latin America, where people face harsher realities compared to the pampered citizens of the US and Europe, Duterte is building a strong following. As Duterte said during the campaign, you can’t be president if you can’t kill. Unfortunately for the yellows, people have shown by voting overwhelmingly for Duterte that they can live with that.

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