Proposed articles of impeachment against “vice president” Leni Robredo #LeniLeaks

Assuming for argument’s sake that Leni Robredo actually is the duly-elected vice president of the Philippines, there are possible grounds for lodging an impeachment complaint against her just six months into the new administration.

* * *

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Article 1.0: Conspiring to disrupt public order by way of tacit tolerance of agents mounting efforts to incite sedition.

There is something really wrong with the notion of the presumptive Vice President of the Philippines being a party to groups and communities directly engaged in the planning and instigation of activities meant to destabilise and, eventually, overthrow the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. The standard excuse for such belligerence on the part of the presumptive VP is that Robredo is a member of the opposition party and that, in the Philippines, vice presidents are elected separately.

But then, there are principles that should trump partisan affiliations. Duterte, after all, is the current head of both state and government. Robredo is a member of that government first and a member of the Liberal Party a distant second. Taking that perspective, one can argue that Robredo’s belligerence constitutes an outrage that must not be tolerated.

Article 2.0: Behaviour unbecoming of a top executive of the Philippine Government.

The least one would expect of an official who is a potential president is an ability to communicate effectively with a mass audience. Unfortunately, Leni Robredo has so far proven to be inept in both of the Philippines’ two official languages — English and Tagalog. Evidence of this is in her inability to string together a sentence in either one.

Taglish may be cute — even effective — in the right hands. Robredo, however, only manages to combine her annoying brand of colegiala Taglish with an abject lack of underlying substance in the messages she conveys with it and deliver cringe on a national scale. Imagine a President Robredo commuicating in that manner with the Vladimir Putins of this world. Certainly not an ingredient that would go into cooking the Philippines’ prouder moments.

Article 3.0: Acting and dispensing of duties in line with the interests and agendas of foreign agents.

Controversy has always surrounded the legitimacy of Robredo’s claim to public office. There is the case against her still pending with regard to allegations that her campaign for a Congress seat in 2013 was funded by Filipino-Americans and coursed through her pal New York billionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

That this matter has since remained unresolved makes her more recent campaign for the vice presidency just as suspect. Indeed, it is consistent with the tender loving care Robredo continues to attract from her moneyed fans in the Filipino-American community. The vast sums involved in propping up her candidacy and that of her sidekick Mar Roxas boggle the mind. She was reportedly one of the biggest spenders on ads in the 2016 elections. The “creative” sources of that funding was something she tried to explain in her characteristically awkward style of Taglish…

“Marami. Napakarami. Hindi lang sa pamilya, pero napakarami. Siguro, naririnig n’yo naman, napakaraming fundraising ngayon para sa akin,” Robredo replied.

“Very creative nga ‘yung aking mga volunteer. Kung anu-ano ‘yung naiisipan. ‘Yung fundraising dinner na for me, siguro mahigit lima at malaki talaga ‘yung nakukuha sa mga fundraising dinners,“ she added.

Robredo went on to enumerate other fundraising activities led by her supporters for her.

“Meron kaming Bike for Leni. Merong ice cream flavor na ipinangalan sa akin at ‘yung proceeds, para sa kampanya. Maraming nagpapa-imprenta ng sariling campaign collaterals for me. Merong mga Lugawan for Leni. Kahit anong maisipan, talagang sobrang daming tumutulong,” Robredo explained.

The hundreds of millions of pesos required to sustain hers and Roxas’s desperate campaign could not, however, have come from lugaw stands and quaint volunteer stunts.

* * *

There many other grounds for impeachment applicable to the sorry “vice presidency” of Leni Robredo. Perhaps treat this as a living document that we could update (or issue new editions around) as 2017 unfolds.

29 Replies to “Proposed articles of impeachment against “vice president” Leni Robredo #LeniLeaks”

  1. we have to incorporate first your proposal in a constitutional amendment for Robredo to be impeached as VP. Otherwise, suntok sa buwan.

    Doing an Al Qaida, Taliban or Tamil or Uighur act of patriotism is more realistic.

    But I doubt if there is anybody reading your column or a DU30 supporter would do it. The great majority of political geniuses is social media are all talk with no

  2. It’s funny how you criticize VP Leni over how she speaks and yet say nothing about all the swearing, rude behavior and inconsistencies of our president’s speeches. In fact, I’ve seen nothing in your blog criticizing any of his faults. His cursing and insults show that it is he who is unbecoming of a leader. I can’t believe how many posts on this blog exist solely to attack Leni and push forth baseless conspiracy theories. FDI inflows have dropped, the peso has dropped and even perception of safety our country has dropped because of all the killings. I used to be a follower of your blog because I believed that it was right to call out the inefficiencies and weaknesses of our government and hold those in power accountable. I used to support Duterte’s vision but I can see that the way he is leading our country is not right and his disrespectful behavior has also made me lose respect for him. Many of his supporters seem to prefer to shut their eyes and ignore this reality.

    1. pilipinos shut their mouths and see nothing because they like the duterte way of change. he’s crushing a dynasty and pilipinos agree. they cannot put down duterte, pilipinos will rise. the people power is on the side of duterte now. whatever the yellows and its LP allies say against duterte, it’s nonsense. the people want a change.

    2. cursing lng ang masasabi mo tsaka rude behavior? real change has come at bukas na bukas na ang mga mata namin. never again sa yellow. kung dilaw nananamn ang nanalo wala tayong ka muwang muwang na nag mumukha na pala tayong mga tanga pero ok lng atleast he’s “decent”. neveragain

    3. Here, read this

      If Duterte wants to win more votes, he should consider using a different approach. I am not totally against him. I’ve been to Davao and I know what some of his supporters are talking about. But he needs to work on his diplomatic skills to win votes. The Presidency is a different ball game. He will be talking to a lot more people including people from the international community who are accustomed to diplomacy.

      Duterte’s cursing and crassness is dividing instead of uniting the Filipino people’s sentiments. All these arguments about him cursing the Pope were a waste of time. The Pope didn’t even have anything to do with the roadblocks that were imposed by BS Aquino government during his visit. It’s not like he requested it.

      Duterte’s cursing distracts people from the point he is trying to make and it is arrogant of him and his rabid supporters to insist that people shouldn’t focus on his cursing. A rational person would at least try to eliminate the cause of miscommunication, which in this instance is his cursing, so he can get on with discussing the important issues.

      Read the full article here!

    4. Because the President Walks the Walk and not just all Talk like your Yellow Liberal Corrupt Idols with the help of Yellow Mainstream Media but that won’t even work thanks to “Internet” being able to get unbiased/logical sources of information to analyze and compare what the biased Yellow Mainstream Media doesn’t report or just cut/edit/paste/heresay made up news/info’s to damage the current adminiatration.

    5. Yeah, Pres. Duterte curses and all, but HE IS A WORKING PRESIDENT, EFFECTIVE! How about your VP?? All she do is OPPOSE HERE AND THERE, PRESSCON HERE AND THERE, PHOTO OPS HERE AND THERE! ASAN ANG ”WORKING” DUN?? A, isa lang pala work nya, that is ”to wait for something to happen to the President”! MAGALING ANG VP MO, PAILALIM KUNG TUMIRA! *slow clap*

    6. You’re trying to point out Duterte’s swearing, rude behavior w/o ever realizing that he had done a LOT in this country than what his incompetent predecessor did for the past 6 years.

      You care more about his behavior or rude speeches rather performance, eh? Unfortunately, you’re one of the hypocritical ‘disente’ crowd that makes fun of putting down the ordinary Filipino.

    7. Idk why this guy is saying that words make a rude person. Honestly, if any president showed more rudeness then its Aquino. Unbefitting of a leader? Sure. Whatever.

  3. Just recount the votes for the Vice President. Leni “The Bobo” Robredo will be gone. The COMELEC Commissioner was involved in the 2016 electoral fraud, thru the SMARTMAGIC and HOCUS PCOS. The COMELEC Commissioner is the relative of Aquino…

    Leni Robredo is the puppet of the Aquino Cojuanggco political axis. They want their Hacienda Luisita back…they want their power back.

    The illegal Shabu Drug business of Aquino/Mar Roxas/ Leila de Lima Drug cartel is being investigated. Many drug dealers and drug traffickers lost, their means of livelihood. Many were murdered. They want their business back…

    They want a weak President; a know nothing President, whom , they can easily manipulate.
    Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, is very much eager and willing to take that role.

    It is for her…not for us !

    As she had taken the pleasure of vacation in the U.S. While her people in Bicol were suffering from the fury of the typhoon.

  4. looks like de lima is asking the yellows to back her up. the question is, will the yellows abandon her? she’s hallucinating somebody will kill her?

  5. Go pro-marcos loyalists and martial law denialists.

    Pro-Marcos Propaganda is hip for its own good.

    Pro-Marcos Loyalists want Marcos and Cronies to return in malacanang and return the old days of Martial Law.

    1. As expected from lying leftist cucks:

      Instead of engaging in discussion, they always resort to hurling labels and insults.

      This cycle will continue until you leftist bastards know your place. 🙂

  6. Problem with LP, is that:
    1. By demonizing anybody or anything not-LP, they promote themselves as the only viable solution to the country’s ills;
    2. By primarily serving the moneyed-elite & oligarchy, they discourage new industries outside their monopolies, thereby killing the spirit of competition which would lower the cost of living even while their services deteriorate. This also discourages new ideas & ways of thinking.

    Because they listen only to their own LP yes-crowd, they fail to realize that no amount of Leni’s or Mar’s pa-pogi approaches would be good-enough substitute for strong leadership with real substance & genuine passion like Du30’s.

  7. All this “vice president” could say are vague and dodgy statements. Cautious much? It would’ve been effortless for her to come clean if indeed she had no part in the plot. Where’s the lawyer in this person? . Shouldn’t or doesn’t her staff confer with her about their communication and PR strategy? If not, then how terribly lame of them. But then, what could she really say to save herself out of it. After the investigation, the thing will speak for itself. Also, with how she responds to the electoral fraud allegation. She said it’s “baseless”.. Is this how a proper lawyer responds to a case of any significance? This woman has earned much disdain from the public. It really isn’t personal. It’s more a question of judgment on her role as a high ranking official and her possible presidency.

  8. Also misappropriating government funds. In her tour overseas and around the country, with no clear objective as to how it’ll help ease the burden of those she’s “sympathizing” since she’s working with… who is she working with again? – where is she getting all her (and her whole entourage) fund?

    1. Leni “The Bobo” Robredo is traveling around the country, and campaigning at the same time (self promotion).

      She has no solutions for the country’s problem. All she does are: “pa charming” ; photo opportunities; shake hands; look at the typhoon victims, pretending sympathy; wave hands to the crowds; etc…she is already campaigning for the Presidency !

  9. Sometimes I wonder if the person behind Leni Robredo’s PR strategy is her biggest campaign donor Kris Aquino.

    Robredo’s style is very showbiz, very “The Buzz”: She makes up her own issue, then she goes around answering it. No matter how stupid it is.

    This Vin D’Honneur thing was started yesterday by Robredo’s own office when they issued a statement that she was disinvited.

    Now, Robredo is going around giving interviews saying “ayaw ko na palakihin”.

    But at the same time, she’s the one going on and on about how badly she was treated, even if no one’s asking.

    Just watch this

    Artista talaga. Even Kris Aquino took years to reach this level of ka-cheapan.

    Rubbing elbows with the alta sociedad hasn’t taught Leni any social graces. When you’re not invited to a function (or if you’re disinvited), the worst thing you can do is talk about it. Talking about it only makes you look cheap and desperate.

    This was another ploy to get sympathy, no doubt, just like her marathon media appearances after Duterte kicked her out of the Cabinet.

    But just like that, this gimmick will boomerang on her again. It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone so plastic and irritating.

  10. OMG. True ka-cheapan nga, this product of Praise Release from Day 1! I knew it, the moment I first saw that contrived waiting-for-the-bus pose. Same PR machinery as the lost and loser LP candidate.

  11. “Taglish is cute?” Taglish is cute? Taglish is cute only if you’re under 16 years old. Leni Robredo is over 50 years old. She’s a fricking lola! And yet she insists on acting like a schoolgirl who only got her period yesterday.

    The video she sent to the UN was really creepy. She was like a psychopath, smiling and batting her eyelashes and making pa-cute-cute gestures with her lips while talking about thousands of people dying. Umeffort pa ng todo para magbihis at magmakeup. To talk about summary killings!

    She had no idea what she was saying. She was just reading everything off an idiot board. It didn’t even look like she’d seen the script before. And it didn’t look like she cared. She just looked super kilig to have another chance to play dress-up and perform for the cameras.

    This is why I get so mad when her apologists say that maybe she’s just being misled or misguided. Hello? How does that excuse her?

    An over-50 woman, who claims to be a lawyer (yet doesn’t know that palit ulo is actually in the law, see RA 9165 art. 2 sec. 33), who claims to be the vice-president of the Philippines, can’t tell that she’s being misled? How stupid can she be?

    No, she’s not being misled at all. She’s making a conscious choice not to know what she doesn’t want to know. In that interview she had with Ces Drilon before the elections, Ces asked her where her hundreds of millions in campaign funds came from. She didn’t know. She just said there was someone in the Liberal Party in charge of that.

    Any self-respecting person would want to know who is contributing to their campaign and how much, because it creates utang na loob that will need to be paid at some point. But Leni Robredo wasn’t interested. As long as she gets to put on makeup and wear designer clothes and have her picture taken, nothing else matters.

    So yeah, maybe deep down she’s a 14 year old schoolgirl who just got her period yesterday. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t matter to her that she’s weighing the entire country down, as long as she gets to live out her fantasy as pet of the socialites and darling of the press.

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