How Filipinos can achieve more by doing less

If you’re still breathing, then congratulate yourself. You just made it to a very exciting time in Philippine history: 2017! Everyone loves the coming of a New Year: fresh, invigorating, like riding on cloud-9 filled with hope for better things to come. But what exactly does 2017 have in store for us?

Will we have a Rocky Radical 2017?

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With our unpredictable new president, political grandmaster Rody Duterte, we should face 2017 bracing for further drastic changes, not discounting the possibilities of:

  1. the re-declaration of Martial Law
  2. a revolutionary government by leftists or a military junta
  3. the establishment of a federal capitalist democracy run by communists
  4. a people power revolution led by necro-politician Leni and narco-politician Leila
  5. the further political rise of Manny and Kris
  6. the formation of the anti-”new world order”: China-Russia-Philippines
  7. more killings, corruption hearings, terror attacks

New Year’s Resolutions Anyone?

It’s also a time for reflection on one’s life (vis-a-vis our milestones and goals) and listing up New Year’s resolutions. The only thing I have against this practice is that most items on the list barely survive the first 3 weeks of January.

Nevertheless, let’s try to do some reflection on the national scale:

The Secret to Progress in the Philippines: Do Nothing

This may be one of the most counter-intuitive ideas to ponder on as we face the new year. But if you try to analyze deeper, it’s true that INACTION can actually be a primary solution to most of the country’s woes.

I really like Elon Musk’s first-principles way of analyzing things by breaking things down to their fundamental basics. So if we were to classify Filipinos today; they’d fall under 3 basic categories:

  1. Filipinos who contribute to progress
  2. Filipinos who destroy the county
  3. Filipinos who stare at a screen all day watching stuff like Eat Bulaga

What if all those who destroy this country (polluting the environment, diverting public funds into their pockets, plotting terror attacks, peddling drugs, and organizing crime rings) could just be FROZEN by a magic zapping gun, then we might just get to Singapore-class first-world status much faster, wouldn’t we?

In other words, if Category-2 Filipinos simply DID NOTHING, the Philippines would be far better off than it is today. Take for example a man like Trillanes who plots a coup only to badly damage a hotel. The hotel incurs not only loss of income for several business days, but it will also needs to dish out cash to repair all the damage done to it’s building and to its reputation of being a haven of tranquility and rest.

It’s no wonder why only a handful of people are alarmed when a guy filled with tattoos is EJK-ed and left lying on the roadside. Could EJKs be the country’s natural “zapping gun”, a defense mechanism (like antibodies) of a  tired disgruntled worn-out populace?

Two Words Filipinos Must Learn: “No” and “Stop”

Remember the 10 commandments. Notice how 8 of the 10 commands start with “ Thou shalt NOT”. By simply stopping many of their activities, Filipinos could lead more productive and healthy lives.

Try saying “NO” to drugs, soft drinks, smoking, junk food, and bad company. Try to STOP playing those addicting time-wasting video games. Try NOT throwing that plastic bag full of garbage into the river.

Yes, “NO” is the answer. So let’s begin the new year with that strong imperative line that Duterte loves to dish out at this country’s fetters to progress… “STOP IT!

PS: To all the rebels who are still planning to torch the next bus or take down the next cell-site tower, think again before you get zapped into permanent FROZEN state.

33 Replies to “How Filipinos can achieve more by doing less”

  1. PS: To all the rebels who are still planning to torch the next bus or take down the next cell-site tower, think again before you get zapped into permanent FROZEN state.

    People who plan things (write down the plan and incorporate everything to the smallest details), usually get away with it because they also plan an escape route, outsmarting all the others.

  2. Filipinos can do more by doing smart…not doing less or more !

    I wish there are some ways an Aura of a person, can be visible to me. Like , if the Aura is red, the person is bad. Auras, are small beams lights that comes out, from the body of a person…like what you see in the paintings of saints, in churches….the picture of the Virgin Mary, is surrounded by bright lights, which is the Aura…it indicates the mental stage/condition of a person…

    The theory of Aura is accepted in the Scientific world…but, its development , is still many years in the making…

    I wish I have a Ray Gun, where, I can just “zap” bad people to disappear from the face of this Earth. Ray Guns or Laser Guns are theoretically possible. But, they are still not properly developed.

    We have to accept the good from the bad. Sometimes, the bad teaches us lessons , to improve ourselves to be good.

    Forget our thieving politicians. Most of them are hopelessly bad. However, with this 2017 year, we hope things will be better for all of us!

    1. We can only appreciate things that are beautiful if and when we know what is ugly.
      Your good aura is turning into bad karma and bad aura when you gun down all people who YOU think are bad.
      The world is incomplete when there are no bad guys and no good guys.

      ‘we hope things will be better for all of us!’
      This is so politically correct but so utterly unrealistic. Plsw wake up, my friend. Its not too late yet.

      1. I know it is unrealistic…every New Year…we hope for the better…if we don’t hope…we are not living ! Hope gives us life !

        1. Hyden,
          I have no idea what the Oxford English Dictionary has to say about the word ‘hope’ but my personal translation of the word ‘hope’ is: waiting for something to happen.

          So what ever will happen or not, I didnt do it myself and it can take a lot of time to happen (or not happen at all).

          So, I rather become (pro-)active and make it happen myself by making a plan. Write a plan down on a piece of paper consisting of all the steps it need and then execute that plan. And also have a plan B.
          Including in the plan is an elaborate SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis.

          The former 2 are internal factors, the latter 2 are external factors.

    2. There’s a device to help you see the aura and zap bad people, Hyden. It’s called the Dominator from the animé Psycho Pass. You aimed the gun to a person, it will read the person’s crime coefficient. It will fire or not, kill or paralyze, depending on the person’s level to commit crime.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      There are things, that men still don’t know in this life, and in this universe.

      The Power of the Atom is there. We did not create the Atom. We just discovered it…the same as electricity…did we create electricity ? No, it is there, and we just discovered and use it…

      There are illness or sickness that are healed, without human interventions. We who are believers in a God, ascribe these things, as miracles.

      My father, went to war in World War II…he felt some power , greater than him, in his survival.

      I, myself had some near death encounters. I survived, not on my own, but ascribed it, to a power greater than me. I cannot explain to my rational mind, why I survived…

      So, there is no harm to Hope, and Work for your goals, at the same time. “God helps those who help themselves”, usual saying…

      I am not trying to convince you of any religious belief. However, these are the experiences in life, that our rational minds cannot explain, nor comprehend…

      And , I may be guilty to some, in believing in a power greater than mine !

      1. Hyden,
        During my childhood I was involved in a few traffic accidents. I got caught in those accidents only by my own stupidity. Yes, I could have been killed. But I wasnt. Why? Well, now I am gonna say something that I dont like to say. I think it all had to do with effing luck. If the car was a bit more to the right, I was hit completely and probably as dead as a human can get.
        Sometimes, we – atheists – do even say, there were angels on my shoulder. But wouldnt that be very hypocritical to say or even to think?
        Or should I have said: it wasnt my time yet?

        As an atheist, I dont think that god will protect me from any harm. So I have to protect myself. In such a way, that only I can blame myself when something goes wrong.
        That is why, it sounds so stupid (for me) to say ‘bahala na’.

        On the positive side. I can therefore also only credit myself when I did something good (and thus NOT credit god).

        In short: it goes both ways. I will blame myself when something goes wrong and I will credit myself when something goes good (and only if I can be credited for it).

        1. @Robert Haighton:

          Whatever your belief, I respect it. If you believe in luck, that you survived, in that accident…so be it…

          For me, I believe, that I was created by a loving God…who loves and protects me…

          I do not believe that because , there was a “Big Bang”, billions of years ago, in this universe: I am here…

          ” The Heart has reason, which reason cannot understand”….from the French Philosopher Mathematician, Rene Descartes…

        2. Hyden,
          I think you gave me a heart attack when you said: “… that I was created by a loving God …”.

          By saying that you are totally rejecting, ignoring and denying your own parents and you are denying biology. Biology states clearly to make a person it needs a male sperm cell and a female egg cell. And those 2 cells can only come together by having sexual intercourse at the right moment. Now, you show where the hand of god is in that equation?
          Maybe, just maybe god created Adam & Eve. But as far as I know that story, both Adam and Eve had only 2 sons. Meaning that humanity would stop there. And even if A&E had a son and a daughter, humanity could only exist by an incesteous sexual relationship.

          Back to the origin:
          I am not saying I believe in a big bang story and actually, I dont care when and how all started (too long ago). I am here and now and I must make most of it and get most out of myself. Life is not forever so why waste it.
          But to focus my entire life on a guy I never met and never have seen goes really beyond me. Its not practical to waste my time about that. I have much better things to do with my time. And that is enjoying my life.

        3. ”The heart has reason, which reason cannot understand”

          My heart is an organ, it cant think, it cant feel, its emotionless, its a-moral and a-ethical.

          In my country, most religious people keep their religion inside the 4 walls of their house (and the church, if they go there).

          I understand, you and I disagree about a lot of things. I dont dislike nor hate you for that. And I certainly will never kill you for that. It doesnt suit my culture and its not in my personal system. Since the day I was born, I am used to live among people who have different belief-systems/religions.

        4. @Robert, consider this!

          1.) “Maybe, just maybe god created Adam & Eve. But as far as I know that story, both Adam and Eve had only 2 sons. Meaning that humanity would stop there.”

          Seth’s being mentioned in Genesis 4:25 –

          “And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.”

          (Seth was born of Eve after Abel was killed.)

          Furthermore, in Genesis 5:4, it says –

          “And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:”

          (Adam begot “sons and daughters”!)

          2.) “And even if A&E had a son and a daughter, humanity could only exist by an incesteous sexual relationship.”

          You maybe partly correct for saying that. But, marrying a close relative was not incest…not until God commanded against it! Consider those times…God’s Laws changes with the times!

        5. Joshua,
          I consider myself to be a critic/critical of everything around me and even about myself. Called it criticism, call it doubting things.
          I really think that that approach is healthy and not believe and not accept everything.

          Secondly, you either used a lot of ‘old’ English or you used words that I dont know (the meaning of).

          I think that what happened there and then (did it really happen?) is so far-fetched that it sounds unbelievable. It only happened once and then it wasnt repeated anymore

          1) God – Adam – bone – Eve
          2) how did god created Adam (hocus spocus?)?
          3) Holy virgin Mary – no sex – pregnant
          4) god/Jesus – walking on/over water.
          5) Jesus diying for all OUR sins? What a fool.
          6) if god existed/ex7sts how did/does he keeps himself alive?
          7) Adam & Eve lived for 800 years? So if we live – today – the same way Adam did, we still can reach that age of 800 years?
          8) was the ‘institute’ marriage already invented in those days? Were there already priests who could solmnize a marriage/wedding?
          9) “God’s laws changes with the times!” Based on this I fully understand why it was said back then ‘go and procreate’. But nowadays, it isnt needed any more with 4 – or so – billion people living on this planet earth. Of which a lot of them living in poverty. So shall we take him a bit less serious and start looking at what is better for us what to do and what NOT to do??? In other words: be a little bit more doubtfull about all those texts?

          Finally, thou shall not kill. Sounds very good right? Its also a law in my country. But that law has nothing to do with being ethical or moral. The idea behind is that killing each other doesnt work. Nobody will go overboard if I am killed tomorrow. That is one person less. Its about making a workable society where we have to live next to each other. If we go on a rampage and just kill everybody then where will it end?
          So you are a roman catholic and I want to kill you? Where does it end? Who is next? So again, it has nothing to do with ethics and morality. It still happens everywhere. But does it solve anything? No, it doesnt.

          BUT – at the same time – something needs to be done about the global overpopulation. We are all fighting for the same space (to live) and for the same job. And that will bring civil war or a global war eventually.
          Now, you tell me which people procreates most?

        6. “I really think that that approach is healthy and not believe and not accept everything.”

          Doubting (in someting but not in everything) is good, really, not such a bad idea. But it can only be considered healthy when one intends to lead it to something that one can explain, or can prove otherwise. Doubting for the sake of doubting something unexplainable is just plain rejecting and invites arguments over nothing…then achieving nothing! I think that understanding things before doubting is an even healthier approach! And God is that something/someone that every man is eternally trying to measure/understand but…!

          Robert, are you as doubting when it comes to “evolution”? Paleoanthropology’s “missing link” being one of science’s most notorious hoaxes!

        7. JC,
          I am not sure about a lot of things. I do know where I came from (from my mom’s womb bec I was made by my dad and my mom).

          But if I would say today that I can walk on/over water, I will totally be ignored and regarded as a scam/hoax/con.
          At best, I will be invited to do it in front of a live audience on live TV.

          If I would claim – today – that I made a woman out of a bone of a man, then I will totally be ignored and regarded as a scam/hoax/con.
          At best, I will be invited to do it again in front of a live audience on live TV.

          I have serious problems of taking anyone seriously who claims all the above. Or he/she has to prove it. If it can be done once, it can be repeated/duplicated/replicated. So lets ask him, shall we?

          Now even if he created A&E – for the sake of this conversation – I am willing to believe it. But that does automatically mean he did NOT create me personally. So, there is NO ground to worship him (for just creating 2 people I dont even know personally). It all happened too long ago: I dont know god himself personally and I dont know A&E personally. As far as I am concerned: case closed (for the worshipping part and for the part to put him in my life as a central piece). For me its easier to worship you (no that is no sarcasm) if I really know/knew you personally. I dont even worship my parents, so let alone someone who – allegedly – lived more than 2000 years ago.

          For some plausible reason I do think we (or should I say I am) are evolutionized from apes/monkeys. Our DNA is quite similar.

          Anyway, actually I dont care that much. I am a human being and where we/I came from is totally and utterly not important to me. I live now and I can only thank my parents for that. I have to get the most out of life to make it worth my while. So, that is my drive.
          I do work, get paid well, have my hobbies, have friends (male and female) and donate money to charitable institutions/causes (no credits needed for that).
          I live in a progressive, liberal country with liberal laws and I think that is good (those laws).

        8. JC,
          the WP article is about Dawson’s skull and that it is a hoax. The article doesnt mention anything about: “and thus/ergo we were a creation by god”.

          Or did I skip reading a paragraph accidentally?

        9. Robert, I hope you believe me, it’s not my concern about your concern. The “worshipping part”, which is, as far as you’re concerned, a case closed. Am more interested in well-disposed exchanges of ideas! And that’s all!

          I can fully understand your position regarding God (HE’s just too way beyond man’s understanding! Only omniscient fools can ever dare claim to know everything more!) but am just curiously wondering why you selectively dismiss one thing and then embrace another… with “some plausible reason” that prompts you to declare that you “are evolutionized from apes/monkeys”? As of this late everyone else can see that, after their so-called evolution, apes/monkeys are still very much around! And it’s a fact and not a hoax!

        10. JC,
          Let me be very honest with you.

          I dont know where the first humans came from. I like to believe from apes/monkeys. But even if it is god, it really doesnt define me, it really doesnt determine how and who I am today. In my mind andain topics/issues, I can only think in ways that are accidentally opposed to what is stated in the bible (and quran, tora). Not because I want to be against the bible or against a religion per se. But I only see benefits for myself (and for other people) to be pro-choice, pro divorce, pro same-sex marriages, pro-euthanasia, pro-abortion, pro self-determination etc etc.
          I really find it BS to let god decide about when I die and he certainly doesnt decide about life.

          Both my parents (born in the 20s and 30s respectively) were already non-religious (aka atheists). And all 3 of us (my 2 sisters and me) were raised openly. That means that we were free to choose what we want. We were always encouraged and stimulated to explore the world.

          “(HE’s just too way beyond man’s understanding! Only omniscient fools can ever dare claim to know everything more!)”
          Exactlt from the way you wrote this, I dont understand why people worship something they dont/cant understand.

          I can worship (translation: look up to you, being jealouse of you) bec you can do something, that I cant. But that doesnt mean, I dont understand what you CAN do. Maybe, I perfectly understand what you can do.
          Maybe a better word, would be, I admire you for what you can do. But I will admire you bec I did see something you did/do and not bec I read about it. Maybe what I read is not true at all.

          In summary: I am sure there are beautiful things said in the bible and in the 10 commansments. But many things just go against what I stand for. And that is why, a religion will always have shortcomings for me.

          Example: gay marriage is not allowed and homosexuals is against nature (and maybe a threat to the family instutions).
          I see gays (and lesbians) as equal human beings and they deserve and have every right that I have as heterosexual. They dont offend me, they dont insult me and I dont see them as a threat for the family core and whatever.

          I just wish(ed) that everyone had the same simple view as me about gays and lesbians and not just use the ‘family’ word or the ‘against nature’ excuse.

          And pls dont accuse me of being an elitist, progressive or liberal. I just look at them as equal human beings.

  3. Sometimes it’s about less is more. It’s about the seed. Thinking about this gigantic tree that you think is so beautiful but it started with this just seed.

  4. I often wrote Filipinos like to do nothing, so they don’t solve their problems. But indeed, Zaxx turned the idea around a good way. I did say before that Filipinos should stop a lot of wrong behaviors, and that can solve problems. Thus, Zaxx’s article jibes with mine.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      I know the process of reproduction. The female egg cell is fertilized by male sperm cell.

      However, who designed and created the process of reproduction ? Who designed and created the cells, together with our complicated DNA ?

      Did we designed them, or we just discovered them ?

      We may go to the “Intelligent Design”, on this discussion, in opposite to the “Creationist Belief”…or to the Atheist Belief…or whatever…

      The heart is a complicated machine. If it pumps too much blood: you are dead ! If it pumps, too little blood: you are dead ! It must pump the right amount of blood, at the right time, to make us live… Who designed and created the heart ?

      The heart is not a mindless machine. It can be affected by emotion !

      ” I think you almost gave me a heart attack…when you said: ” I am created by a loving God””…from your blog. It shows, your heart is aware of what you are reading in my blog. You become exited on what I wrote !

      As for Adam and Eve…we don’t know, if this story is true or not…or, if it is a hyperbole or simili…or whatever…

      “The heart has reason, which reason cannot understand”…from Rene Decartes, French Philosopher and Mathematician. Maybe, he was formulating the “Cartesian Coordinates” formula, when he wrote this passage in his Philosophy…

      I know the heart is the “center of emotion”…we still cannot understand its full functions…

      To tell you the truth. In the discovery of the Human Genome…95% of our DNA is useless; only 5% is useful. Who put a start in the Human Genome to make us, as thinking Human Being ?

      You may read on the Theories of Zecariah Sitchim, regarding the Anunakis, and The Twelf Planet, called Nibiru…It tells, we were Genetically Engineered by Extra Terrestrials, as their gold miner slaves !

      Whatever is coming out in our creation/God discussions…I tell and shout to everybody in public that: I am created by a loving God, who loves and protects me ! Praise be to God, who created us and who created all !

  5. I beg to agree. I like this page. Kung makakapagsalita lang sana ako ng fluent English gusto ko rin sanang makibahagi sa inyo. I hate Flipfag attitudes like Colonial mentality, victim card mentality, in denial mentality, Pinoy hypocrisy among others. When China goes through disaster I see pignoys comments and rants that goes like “Wow u deserve that and that’s karma”.. How stupid pinoy is. I think there should be a cultural revolution to fix everything

    1. @ Galit, Yes, the Philippines is a fucked up society. Things that go on there just do not happen in most other places, especially 1st world countries. Littering, urinationg in public are two things of particular disgust. The former being so easy to eradicate: By business’s putting trash cans in front of their stores that can not be stolen.Citizens actually putting garbage in these bins instead od tossing garbage on the ground as if their Mother is going to appear and pick up after them.

      The urinating in public is not a tough fix either, excercise a li’l self-control is all that is necessary. BTW, try either of these things in first world countries, and get caught by Police doing it, and you will have problems you do not want.

    2. You can write In Taglish…English is preferable:we have foreign bloggers and readers.

      It shows the GRP website is read by intelligent people…blogged by intelligent people. Filipinos are not all Yellowtards…

  6. Zaxx mentions that it is a possibility that Martial law will re-appear. It is a fact that it could be very near to happening, and that doesn’t BOTHER FILIPINO’s? After throwing the Philippines Constitution under-the-bus (by denying ‘Due Process’ to all citizens) by declaring that it is OK to kill street-level drug dealers thereby leading to over 5,000 murders, murders effectively sanctioned by the state, it seems likely that Martial Law would be declared easily and with minimal discord among the populace.Is that what Filipino’s signed up for when they elected Duterte? It was not mentioned during the election campaign, now was it? Why No, it surely was not.(Dont call me Shirley!).

    How SAD it would be if Filipino’s have brought this upon themselves ,once again, by electing the Monkey pussed street thug/Political Dynasty product, Duterte.

    1. If Martial Law does happen then I leave and go back to the US along with every other foreigner. I just had a baby not even a week now. Born on the new year and I’ll leave it if Martial Law is upon us. I don’t really give a fuck. You dumb regards voted for this dumb ass thinking he’s going to do great things when every foreigner knew he’s seriously insane. Not to mention the fentanyl thing, which makes no sense that he’s an addict to a heroin substitute and failing to do what he said. He did his six months. Hey if he doesn’t gtfo of office I’m sure the US would have him assassinated sometime soon. Doubt he’ll make it to next year and I’ll be glad when it happens because then you’ll probably get a president who isn’t just a huge failure and a joke to the rest of the countries he begs for money.

      1. >implying that bigger dumbasess like Mar Roxas and dumber puppets like Leni Robredo will do better
        >implying that everything is better under the previous administration

        If someone here is insane, it’s hypocritical faggs like yourself. Your comment doesn’t make no sense either. I’m sure that either you are missing the the point or you’re just TROLLING. I think it’s the latter.

      2. Nice elitist comment, bruh. You’re delusional to think that Noynoy wasn’t a huge failure and a joke w/o ever realizing that he got the media on his back to cover up his failures.

        Unfortunately, people like you are a huge failure and joke because of one thing: you had apathy to the ordinary Filipino and worse, that elitist thinking of yours.

      3. because then you’ll probably get a president who isn’t just a huge failure and a joke to the rest of the countries he begs for money.

        Nothing—and I do mean NOTHING—Duterte did in his office so far can out-moron, out-incompetence what his predecessor did in six years. You can whine and scream at the heavens for having your chosen candidate eat dust during the last election, but one thing is for sure: If you morons really are thinking of another moronic “people power” to oust a legitimately elected official out of office, you just might get a real and a much BIGGER version of that. Only difference is, you and all the rest will be the one booted out. Be careful what you wish for, morons. You just might get it.

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