Of course not all EDSA rallyists are yellows, many of them are useful idiots too!

The other day president Rodrigo Duterte (Du30) said that “yellow” rallyists want him out because they cannot accept defeat. Du30, of course, was referring to the folks who claim to be protesting against the burial of former president Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery of Heroes) as allowed by president Du30 with the blessing of the Philippine Supreme Court. A good childhood friend of mine, who is passionately anti-Marcos, pointed out that not all rallyists at EDSA are “yellows”. He said that some of them are even former allies of Du30. Another Facebook friend of mine has posted arguments on his Facebook wall numerous times against the folly of generalizations since there will be exceptions to a group who don’t fall into a label such as in this case. You know what? They are both correct! President Du30 cannot just paint these rallyists with a broad brush and call them yellows! Technically speaking not all of the current rallyists are yellows because we shouldn’t forget the other portion that make up the group of rallyists. There are yellows and there are of course – the useful idiots, although it sure is awfully difficult to tell them apart.

First let us look at the objection of generalization. Sure, I recognize that in all likelihood not all of the rallyists at EDSA are yellows. There has been no empirical study or data that shows that ALL of the protesters at EDSA have identified themselves as yellows. But this is really more about political correctness. It sure is not politically correct to paint all protesters to be labelled as yellows because it might be offensive to some of the protesters who don’t necessarily agree with the Cojuanco-Aquino clique and partisans. But is this really important? What is the value of being too pedantic just for the sake of political correctness or to avoid offending the feelings of “non-yellows” at EDSA? So many people (including myself) are getting sick of this political correctness thing because it is one extra step to worry about in a discussion where more important points about the issue need to be discussed other than the already obvious fact that not all protesters at EDSA are yellows. Aren’t there more important and fundamental things to discuss? For instance, the merits and flaws of the Supreme Court decision? Perhaps even an intelligent and honest discussion about historical perspectives on Marcos (both the good and the bad). We can even delve into a religious and spiritual discussion if one believes in God or subscribes to a religion like Christianity. What does God or the Bible say about forgiveness? Do people share authority with God with regards to putting conditions on forgiveness or are we supposed to forgive others and it is God’s sole role to judge who is deserving of forgiveness and who is beyond redemption? For the atheists among the rallyists, what is their process of forgiveness or coming to terms with an “offender”? So aren’t there a lot more substantive discussions that people can tackle other than splitting hairs on what politically correct term or qualification terms to use?

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Next, who are these non-yellows amongst the rallyists and why do they object to the Marcos burial despite the Supreme Court ruling?

There are, of course, the leftists, communists and other insurgents. Now these people have a huge axe to grind against Marcos. During the late 60s, throughout the 70s and up to the early 80s they fought against the government of Marcos and a lot of them even resorted to armed struggle. However a lot of these folks made the choice to take up arms and pushed an ideology that called for a revolution that would overthrow the feudal and capitalist system. Although Marcos didn’t create such a system, he was the target of the communist ideologues at that time because he was the president. Marcos, being the president at that time, had the duty to protect the country against rebellion and violence. He had the duty to protect the State. Sure there may have been innocent victims and casualties during that period of ideological war but to blame all the atrocities and violence during that period solely on Marcos is oversimplifying the complexities of that era. The insurgents at that time had blood on their hands as well and Marcos was not even the administrator of martial law. Even prominent figures of the anti-Marcos insurgents have acknowledged that it was communist leader Jose Ma. Sison who was responsible for the Plaza Miranda bombing that led to the declaration of martial law and that the real end game of the communists was to overthrow and take over the government. If Marcos ought to answer for his alleged crimes then shouldn’t the insurgents be made to suffer for their crimes as well? I can understand why the insurgents hold a grudge against Marcos because their war against Marcos was long and bitter. But to paint Marcos as the devil incarnate and be sympathetic to these communists and so-called victims of Marcosian martial law is being oblivious to the fact that many of the people they sympathize with were also responsible for so many crimes like murder and extortion.

Then we have these millennials. I have to give credit to these kids for having creative and hilarious placards. Other than that, these kids really have a very incoherent message and inept logic to even be taken seriously. In fact, all these kids spew out are the same washed up talking points from the left and the jaundiced partisans but only mixed with juvenile flavor as evidenced in their protest signs and banners. They point to Marcos’ alleged human rights abuses yet they seem to be so quiet against the same allegations against the yellow gods of Tarlac. They point to Marcos’ alleged large scale theft of the country’s treasury yet none of them seem to have any placards against the kleptocrats of the post-Marcos era. They make noise about having to pay for the debt that the Philippines incurred under Marcos yet these ingrates fail to show appreciation for the infrastructure built under Marcos’ government that they use and benefit from up to this day. They even seem oblivious to the fact that post-Marcos presidents have continued the policy of debt dependence and that Noynoy Aquino is the biggest borrower amongst post-Marcos presidents with a total borrowings of Php4.24 Trillion merely from 2010-2014. What does Noynoy have to show for out of those borrowings in terms of infrastructure and inclusive tangible benefits? Not much, yet these millennials seem to be helping efforts to bring back the failed policies of the post-Marcos administrations, particularly the last Aquino government that placed more debt burden on them and their children in the future.

It is rather funny how clueless these leftists and millennials are with regards to the implications of their rally against Du30 (using the Marcos burial issue). So if the end game is the removal of Du30 with Vice President Leni Robredo of the jaundiced political party replacing him, then the good old days of the failed yellow governance where more debt was incurred and where drugs, crime and incompetence proliferated will be back. No other president in the history of the Philippines has been so accommodating to the left’s and the communists’ causes as Du30, yet they are so willing to help the yellows topple Du30 just because of their gripes against a 27 year old frozen stiff who was recently buried? No other president has been so sincere and action-oriented with regards to protecting the youth against crime and drugs, yet the hipster millennials are so willing to amplify the noise of the party under which debt, crime, drugs, and incompetence flourished? Good grief! These people are not even useful idiots anymore, they are now just idiots!

(Photo taken from The Summit Express)

34 Replies to “Of course not all EDSA rallyists are yellows, many of them are useful idiots too!”

  1. it’s hacienda luisita that started it all. that’s the roots of all what’s happening and had happened in the philippines until now.

  2. I really dont understand why you are wasting your energy and time on something like – what you call – ‘useful’ idiots.

    In stead you could have written something about the future, how the Philippines should, could, must be like according to you. And how that should be achieved. And when.

    So, I guess, it must mean something to you. Personally, I dont care about ‘such’ people. Totally ignore them. Leave them behind. But here, they get a lot of attention.

    Its not always positive attention. Its also negative attention that is good. In the end you’re helping their cause by writing about it.

    1. “Its not always positive attention. Its also negative attention that is good.”

      The statement differs yet it sounds nice and logical!

      1. Uit 1 lopend,
        it doesnt matter whether its bad/negative or good/positive publicity as long as there is publicity.


        1. @Robert Haighton. Assertions, conjectures and claims in public whether nearer to truth or far from it are always welcome as long as reasonable readers speak out, expose and show persuasively that there are errors, illogic, and outright deception, if any.

          The danger in any open society is when lies, deception and propaganda sway people’s minds without any opposition from those who have the obligation to search for the truth and lead the rest towards it.

  3. Uh Oh! They are creating noise again! Some unsuspecting souls are fooled again, and again and again?!

    What many Filipinos didn’t really realize, because it’s GROSSLY blurred by the LP & the Aquino clan’s political choreography while dancing to the leftist wild propaganda, is the fact that communism could have taken the entire country, if not the whole of Southeast Asia, had Marcos failed to control the communists advances in the Philippines which at the time was so strong and the whole world was wrapped with so much tension when he took the presidency!

    For a refresher, in 1962, as reflected in the 2000 movie the “Thirteen Days”, there was a massive Cuban missile crisis that could have resulted in a devastating world war if the US government was not smart enough in making decisions regarding the issue.

    Cold war was at its peak, and communism in the world was winning here and there when Ferdinand Marcos started ruling the country in 1965. The radical CPP was born in December 26, 1968 coinciding with 75th birthday of Mao Zedong of China, barely six months after the birth of another militant group- the Muslim Independence Movement (MIM) a secessionist political organization in the Philippines and the precursor to the founding of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), a political organization in the Philippines in 1972.

    If and only these Filipino educator who are teaching history in the Philippine universities – especially those who are in UP campuses—not left-leaning individuals, they could have seen it clearly through President Marcos’ perspective that the country, if not the whole of ASEAN countries, was in imminent threat of falling into the hands of the overly abusive communist rule led by Jose Maria Sison!

    In the early 60’s, at least 6 out of the 10 members of what is now called Association of Southeast Asian Countries or ASEAN were already swimming in blood because of communism issues! Only Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & Thailand were spared because the first three were still under British rule, and Thailand was under strict royal & military rule—keeping communists at bay!
    Filipinos should even be ashamed to speak about of the so-called brutality of the martial law Marcos had proclaimed to protect the country from disintegration & communism! Add all the recorded Philippine deaths in the campaign against communism and separatist war during President Marcos’ time and compare to each ASEAN countries that made the similar campaigns, these real-history-malnourished Filipino teachers will even thank Marcos for what he did in the Philippines! And hey! I am not a Marcos follower. I am just being fair.

    So, I’d say to these mostly “dumbed” UP and all other radicalized students to check out on your Professors’ political inclination before you enrol in their classes. They will only prod you to something where they are inclined to, which is not necessarily in conjunction with overall reality! I hate to say this, but you are fooled by your history teachers!

    Yes, I do agree that there were loads of dead bodies found or forever lost during the reign of President Marcos in the Philippines. In fact, I can count nearly a hundred relatives in Sulu died during his rule. Two of them were my father’s younger brothers and many close relatives and they were all civilians! But you know what? They were killed because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time by crossfires! Their deaths were mostly unintentional, that if we only remove the emotional factor, we won’t be blaming anyone. And if I go on blaming games, I’d do blame both the gov’t and rebel forces because they were both parties to these crimes! For FYKI, , I mean don’t be so dumb,read the history of these ASEAN countries from 1960’s to 1980’s:


    Then why we keep on demonizing Marcos for doing his mandate as a president in protecting the country? Look at the complexities of the era during his rule and you will find the man to be a reasonable leader, one that won’t allow this nation to break up or fall under the known brutal communist organization.

    Hey! If you still argue, in Indonesia’s campaign against communism, they lost around 500,000 to 3 million people. Thailand from 1932 to 1997 was mostly ruled by military to keep away communism, Cambodia & North Vietnam were already under communist rule, with the southern part fighting to survive but fell in 1975 when Uncle Sam left them!
    See also history how Khmer Rouge and Vietcongs brutally ruled their lands at the same time Marcos was in power. At unti-unti ng nanaig ang mga Vietcong na to sa pagsakop sa Royal Kingdom of Laos at nagtagumpay dito noong early 70’s ang mga communists kahit pa pilit itong ipinagtatanggol ng US!

    Ang masakit pa ay ito: “Between 1964 and 1973, the U.S. dropped two million tons of bombs on Laos, nearly equal to the 2.1 million tons of bombs the U.S. dropped on Europe and Asia during all of World War II, making Laos the most heavily bombed country in history relative to the size of its population! AT BAKA MAS MALALA ANG NANGYARI SA PILIPINAS KUNG HINDI ITO NAPROTEKTAHAN NG MARTIAL RULE NI MARCOS DAHIL TIYAK ANG USA AY HINDI PAPAYAG NA HINDI SUMUPORTA PARA ALISIN ANG MGA KOMUNISTA SA BANSA NATIN DAHIL HINDI HAMAK NA MAS MAHALAGA PA ITONG PILIPINAS SA MGA KANO KESA SA MALIIT NA BANSANG LAOS LAMANG PERO ANDOON SILA TRYING TO SAVE THAT COUNTRY FROM THE HEGEMONIC COMMUNIST RULE!

    Kaya, move on guys, magkaisa na tayong lahat. Alisin na natin ang makakaliwang pananaw para mas maintindihan pa natin kung bakit kelangan ni Apo Lakay ang Martial Law na yun! Kung plunders pag-uusapan natin, well naandiyan ang judiciary, gamitin natin para mahabol ang anumang tingin niyo na ninakaw ng kanyang asawa. Yes, si Imelda ang social-climber at siya ang me motibong magtamasa ng karangyaan at magpakayaman pa lalo. Wag niyo na rin pakinggan ang mga Aquinos kasi, hindi lang baliw sa position ang mga iyan kundi nais din nilang mapanatili na maghirap pa ang bayan sa magmamanipula ng negosyo, media at pulitika. At ang totoo? Si Ninoy ay lehitimong uring makakaliwa, kaya nga nag-iingay siya ng husto against PFEM noon! Aba’y kung sila ang nanalo noong 1970’s, tiyak mas malupit pa ang ginawa niya sa atin kesa kay MCoy! Pruweba? Research niyo ang cattle rustlers na pina-inom niya ng lason and all immediately died in his front to his ultimate amusement at sarili niyang pamilya mismo nakaya siyang ipapatay kaya ganun sila kalupit guys!

    1. yes. martial law is needed to protect us from communism. and take note martial law should be voted in congress. hindi yan dine-declare ng president dahil lang trip niya. f@cking idiots still protesting. if they want justice file a case to the court. yung tatlo buhay pa ramos enrile honasan.

      1. You think the main thing holding this country back is communism? Seriously? How many Filipinos have read, say, Das Kapital? How many of them understood it (it’s incredibly boring)? How many Filipinos, come to think of it, can actually read and write competently?

        There are probably about five actual communists in the country. There might be five thousand others who call themselves communists and haven’t the faintest idea what it means, just like the millions of “Catholics” who have never opened a Bible.

        And while you all sit there pointing fingers at communists/drug dealers/foreigners/martians as the source of all your problems, your own incompetence and venality – which inevitably manifests in your leaders and administrators – drags this country down into a big smoking hole in the ground.

        1. Marius,
          I totally agree with you.

          It seems to me that quite some GRP authors (and GRP commenters) are scared like hell for communism. Communism doesnt work for more than one reason.

        2. Hit the nail in the head. If they actually bothered to even check out the Communist Manifesto written by the same guy Karl Marx, the try hard “moralists” would actually lap it all up. Philippine society never let go of the Cold War Era “Red Scare” brought about by its colonial master, among other outdated modes of thinking it still clings to.

      2. People want change, order and security. But it seems some (if not most) are not prepared to stomach scenarios that are beyond the government’s control.

        1. >> People want change, order and security.
          I dunno, Klara. I don’t think they really do. If they wanted those things, they’d make them happen. It seems to me Filipinos are more than happy with chaos; even the little things they could do to alleviate it, they refuse to do.

          For example, I remember reading an article somewhere suggesting that Barangay captains should take a far more active role in maintaining law and order. They could; the law allows them to. But they don’t, of course. Why? Because the’re afraid to. They know that if they challenged the local small-time crooks, nobody would support their efforts, and they’d wind up dead in a ditch within a week. Everyone would just shrug and elect a new captain.

        2. Not really true Marius. It’s more like, the less they control and reprimand the people in their community, the more likely they will be re-elected. That is the real scenario. If a Barangay would strictly enforce the law, people will be pissed off with him. That is how Filipinos operate.

          Most people don’t even know how much money some of these Barangays make. The amounts are obscene and mind-blowing.

        3. If a Barangay would strictly enforce the law, people will be pissed off with him.

          Well yes – that’s what I was trying to say. However, when a Filipino is pissed off, there’s a small-to-middling chance he’ll go borrow his neighbour’s stolen Glock and blow your brains out.

          If a Barangay captain pisses off an entire neighbourhood by (say) stopping them from setting fire to stuff, throwing their trash everywhere, blasting out KTV and letting their animals/kids piss and shit everywhere, 999 of them will just refuse to elect him next time (in favour of some mild-mannered idiot who just lets them behave like bogans). One of them will take enough umbrage to murder him. It only takes one.

          Most people don’t even know how much money some of these Barangays make. The amounts are obscene and mind-blowing.

          It makes me laugh how Barangays have never got any money for anything. I imagine most of the tax take has been stolen long before it gets to Barangay level, but everyone knows there must be something left for the low-level officials to put in their pockets. If theft were an Olympic sport, the Filipinos would win gold every time. Or if they didn’t, they’d steal it.

        4. Maybe those in the bottom strata of society don’t even have an inkling of what order looks like. Much less how to make it happen. Heck, even elites and oligarchs at the top do it. It’s a problem rooted in human capital. It takes generations to produce this kind of mess. What to do about it? Start with the basics. Cultivate virtue in people. Pure principles.

        5. Klara: I completely agree. I get the distinct impression that Filipino society is so broken, and has been for so long, that people literally don’t know what ‘fixed’ looks like. That’s why I have very little hope for a country that steadfastly refuses to look outside itself for ideas, and dismisses foreigners as evil, interfering bastards.

          When foreigners come over and tell Filipinos to pick up their trash or fix their stupid bureaucratic procedures, it probably does look like arrogance. Sometimes it is. Mostly it’s just disbelief that anyone could deliberately choose to do stuff that quite obviously doesn’t work.

    2. A WIKIPEDIA WARRIOR, how cute, ever wonder about who writes the drive that is on that site? of course yu didn’t, thats why you believe it.

  4. “If it moves like a duck; walks like a Duck; Quacks like a Duck…it must be a Duck”…a saying goes.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis are behind the plans to ouster Pres. Duterte !

    The main cause is the Hacienda Luisita. This piece of land is the cause of all the political evils in the Philippines. They are in politics, just to continue controlling this piece of land.

    They cheated in elections. They demonized the late Pres. Marcos. They supported and allied themselves with the NPA communist Maoist rebels. Many tenants/serfs were massacred…

    Pnoy Aquino put his relative, as COMELEC Commissioner, to facilitate his cheating in the 2016 HOCUS PCOS election.

    They were afraid to cheat , Pres. Duterte, because he has a lot of peoples’ support.

    So, they cheated Bong Bong Marcos, Jr. of the Vice Presidency, and placed Leni Rob redo, a clueless housewife as Vice President. Leni Rob redo will be their useful tool, if Pres. Duterte is ousted from the Presidency !

    On the onset of Pres. Duterte’s term. The Drug Baron and nymphomaniac, Leila de Lima became Chairperson of the Human Rights Committee. They immediately had a hearing on the Extra Judicial Killings, blaming Pres. Duterte, on all the killings.

    The nymphomaniac Leila de Lima, was assisted by Trillanes, the attack dog of Aquino; Porky Drilon, the Hacienda Luisita Swine; and Hontiveros, EDSA and Martial Law tale bearer.

    On the other hand, the country is swimming in the illegal Shabu Drug proliferation.

    The nymphomaniac , Leila de Lima , even used foreign media, and the International Court to destroy Pres. Duterte.

    The Hakot Demonstrators of Aquino were unleashed. The Roman Catholic Church , priests, nuns and cardinals were unleashed against Pres. Duterte.

    The Marcos Sr. issue was brought up, as a diversionary tactic. A YellowTard idiot from New York by the name of Nicolas Lewis, was unleashed to form anti Duterte in America. She was admonished recently, by Pres-Elect Donald Trump…

    These happenings were deliberate. It exhibits the tactic of the Aquino Cojunagco political axis.

    I am wondering, why no one is demonstrating against illegal Shabu Drug proliferation.

    No one is demonstrating against the DAP, PDAF and Pork Barrel Bribery of Aquino , Abad and Porky Drilon.

    No one is demonstrating against the Mamapasano massacre and other massacres…

    They use the same tactic during EDSA, and they think, it will work again !

    What a bunch of Dimwits !

  5. The street partiers are still fooled by the idea of “my little but loud voice will change the world.” It’s still that romantic notion that protesting leads to policy changes, but that’s not what really happened. And of course, as I wrote in an earlier article, they feel like they own the world, so when they feel that this world is not following them, they take to the streets and shout that the world follow them. Sorry, that’s not how it works, kids.

  6. claiming sabah is a blockage or delaying tactics to a charter change. the present admin should push through first for a cha cha to switch to federalism first then pursue sabah claim afterwards.

  7. why use the poor to block the reinstatement of death penalty? are the afraid they’re doing crimes punishable by death?

  8. What’s going on now in the Duterte admin is like a replay of how the yellows and the US engineered Marcos’s downfall, except this time, Pinoys have their eyes wide open.

    It’s like God is letting us relive what went on in 1983-86, so we will know what happened outside the one-sided yellow narrative we’ve been taught to believe for 30 years.

    For example, word has it that Leila de Lima was seen at the US embassy visa interview section a day or so ago, a short while before she announced that she was going to the US and Germany to speak at some international human rights conference.

    Guess who is the biggest financier of these international human rights organizations who organize these conferences?

    If De Lima was processing her visa only a few days before her departure, it’s very possible this trip and speaking engagement were arranged at the last minute.

    She’s so badly covered in sh*t now after the testimonies of Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa, so the international “human rights” overlords have to conduct an emergency rescue operation to hose her down with an award and speaking engagement to salvage her reputation.

    There’s just one problem: they’re still operating with a 1986 paradigm, when it’s already 2016. Using the “glamor” of international “humanitarian” organizations and giant media networks to brainwash the masses is way past its sell-by date in the internet age.

    When De Lima goes and does her speech, Pinoys will see just how clueless these international “humanitarian” organizations really are. They’ll see that these organizations are no different from the bayaran NGOs and party-list groups in the PHL who exist only to promote their patrons’ interests, except they operate on a global scale.

    I’m glad Pinoys are finally growing up and realizing why other countries have pushed for the dismantling of the global political establishment.

    In the future, when President Duterte talks about a new world order, we won’t be as shocked anymore. It’s really no different from the Brits voting to leave the EU because they realized the people toying with their fates there were useless.

  9. Leila de Lima is going abroad, to seek refuge in some foreign countries. She may have deposited, a lot of drug money, in foreign bank accounts.

    On the pretense of speaking engagement…she is fleeing the country, and enjoy her shabu drug profits !

    Maybe, Ronnie Dayan and the rest of her lovers will follow !

    1. Yes she is! Because this very “Kapalmuks, lady-Senarkotongs” is a highly-trained criminal lawyer is so well-versed in skirting the law!

  10. is president duterte’s word ‘STOP IT’! the EJK killings, addressed to Pnoy? i think it is, to cut the drug chain of command.

  11. Isn’t it time to get over the past – read it in a history book and maybe learn something from it for sure. However, there are more immediate problems facing the here & now to deal with, those that may keep this country in the dark ages for another 3 or 4 generations. Forget the legacy building & dumb ‘war on drugs’ for now, a diversionary tactic & the Yanks tried that under Nixon & Reagan in the 70s & 80s – clearly didn’t work! Drugs are a worldwide epidemic, that won’t just go away because one old man in one country doesn’t like it. Rampant dynastic corruption facilitates pretty much everything that’s wrong, obviously. But that corruption has also ensures the general population is uneducated, brainwashed & scared…

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