Is Taglish the only language Leni Robredo can speak?

Can anyone actually imagine “vice president” Leni Robredo sitting in front of another head of state discussing serious matters of global consequence?

It becomes even harder to imagine after watching her speak in yet another one of her pabebe tirades before her adoring minions in the media. Check out this video of her carrying on about the sore boot mark President Rodrigo Duterte planted on her rear end last weekend.

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Taglish pa more, Leni Robredo!

One wonders how her chi-chi fans from the Ateneo can even stand hearing her speak without getting their Manglapusian sensibilities offended. Robredo may get away with her colegiala accent but, if one is able to look past that, it is evident she simply cannot stitch a full English sentence together.

Now that shortcoming simply cannot pass the Ateneo standard of excellence in the communication arts, folks. Then again, are Ateneans willing to overlook that and embrace the pedestrian manner of speaking Robredo seems to be comfy with?

There are bigger questions that this last small question raise. Put aside for a moment the electoral fraud allegations that put into question her legitimate claim to the office of the Vice President. Robredo being “vice president” (for now) is just a heartbeat away from the Philippine presidency. Imagine for a moment what it would be like having a president that talks the way she does — perpetually like a schoolgirl making sumbong to her titas in ABS-CBN while making tusok-tusok the fishballs. I don’t think Vladimir Putin would be impressed.

More important than her language skills is the question of whether or not she actually possesses the chops to elevate her discourse. It is difficult to find evidence that she could actually step back from her petty telegenic dramas and talk about the big issues from a plane of thinking a bit higher than the couple of notches above Kris Aquino-speak her level of discourse is currently situated.

And still we wonder why the Philippines currently suffers from a particularly sticky form of intellectual bankruptcy.

Right there before us in “vice president” Leni Robredo is the encapsulation of the root of this acute collective intellectual deficit that crushes any hope that the Philippines will be a world-class country in the near- to mid-term future.

35 Replies to “Is Taglish the only language Leni Robredo can speak?”

  1. Can somebody explain to me what “Manglapusian” means? Where did this expression come from? This is the first time I heard it.

    1. Apparently, its origin is from one of the great alumni of Ateneo, former senator Raul Manglapus. He was one of those who had that “Arrneow” accent and possessed a very high level of intelligence. He is best remembered as the composer of “Mambo Magsaysay”.

  2. This is the reason the Philippines remains a third world country…most of our leaders, like Leni Rob redo are intellectually bankrupt.

    It began with that Cory Aquino, a clueless housewife, who became President. Now, we have again a clueless housewife, who want to become President.

    We are already mired in a country, that is not being developed, and not progressing. Because, we choose these leaders;or these leaders, cheat their way, to these positions in government.

    Able , educated and experienced Filipinos migrate to foreign countries, draining our country of most of the talented people…

    I think, the ordinary GRP blogger can even form better English sentences, than Leni Rob redo.

    This is the dismal situation of the Philippines. If these politicians are not incompetent, they are hopelessly corrupt !

    1. Oust the spoiled yellow backstabbing brat.
      She can shove her sinister plan to be President up her ass.


  3. I think Leni Robredo’s hilaw na colegiala way of speaking English is a product of spending too much time with yellow elites.

    (Plus, Kris Aquino was her top campaign donor, so baka nahawa siya.)

    Remember, Robredo is a country mouse from Bicol who only got thrown into the beso-beso cliques of Metro Manila after the Liberal Party decided to build her up as a replacement for Grace Poe.

    Robredo obviously wasn’t used to speaking English in her normal everyday life in the past. But since this is how her socialite backers talk, she tries to emulate them to fit in.

    What irks me more than her awkward English is her yellow bopols logic.

    Watch this video of Noli de Castro interviewing her on TV Patrol the other day about her “resignation” from the Duterte Cabinet.

    If this was Battle of the Brainless, Robredo would be the champion hands down.

    When Noli asks her what proof she has that someone is trying to steal the vice presidency from her, Robredo says, with utmost seriousness . . . . . the goodbye tweets that she got from pro-Bongbong Marcos trolls before she announced her resignation.

    When Noli asks her exactly how the Vice Presidency can be “stolen” from her, considering she was (supposedly) elected, she says . . . . . she can’t talk about it.

    Yes. After blanketing the media with press statements, press conferences, and TV interviews saying, “I won’t allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen!”, she cops out when pressed for details and says she can’t talk about it.

    Did coach Bam Aquino forget to include an answer to this question in her FAQ script?

    Or have they gotten so used to the non-critical way sycophantic yellow journalists conduct Robredo interviews that they don’t even bother to come up with details?

    (BTW props to Noli de Castro for asking good questions.)

    Watch the rest of the video if you want to look deeper into the abyss that is Leni Robredo’s mind.

    Another thing I noticed from this video–Robredo’s eyes are really, disproportionately BIG. Lalo na pag dumidilat siya. Medyo nakakatakot. She shouldn’t widen her eyes so much when she’s talking on TV.

    1. I see I see, all good points. Yes yes, she does have a similar star appeal to Grace Poe. No wonder she was hurried in by the LP right after Grace said no to Mar. The woman basically compromised all the values her Jesse Robredo stood for.

      I feel really bad for her late husband. If there is an afterlife he would be scratching his head with her shenanigans.

      1. She didn’t even forgone proper investigation on her husbands conspcious death….

        Maybe she knows something like how the stupid cory aquino never pushed further investigation on the assassination of her traitor husband ninoy, whom mostlikely they sacrificed to use their names…

  4. Robredo is an idiot. Female counterpart of that Noynoying cretin. That people actually support her makes for a great number of idiots. IDIOTS.

  5. Language is my whore, my mistress, my wife, my pen-friend, my check-out girl. Language is a complimentary moist lemon-scented cleansing square or handy freshen-up wipette. Language is the breath of God, the dew on a fresh apple, it’s the soft rain of dust that falls into a shaft of morning sun when you pull from an old bookshelf a forgotten volume of erotic diaries; language is the faint scent of urine on a pair of boxer shorts, it’s a half-remembered childhood birthday party, a creak on the stair, a spluttering match held to a frosted pane, the warm wet, trusting touch of a leaking nappy, the hulk of a charred battle tank, the underside of a granite boulder, the first downy growth on the upper lip of a girl, cobwebs long since overrun by an old boot.

    But when it comes to “vice president” Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo, she gave languages and linguistics a very bad name.

    1. Anong cheap clothes? You obviously haven’t kept track of the “VP”. Besides, it’s only fair. Yellowtards get to nitpick on some promdi, “crass” president after all. So yeah. Helps to put a bit of balance and perspective to things.

    2. Pallacertus,

      Perhaps, you guys should learn to think outside the LP Yellow box——that’s a start. We need such “reformers” as Digong who’d stir the pot & shake us, especially the ole’ oligarchic powers-that-be, all off that rut.

      1. I don’t even give a shit about your yellowed obsessions, I give a shit that you’d shoot people down because of their choice of fucking language with which to communicate fucking things to fucking people who aren’t as up into fucking English as you hoity-toities obviously fucking are, of all fucking things.

      2. Nobody is “shooting” anyone down because of their choice of language. Leni’s manner of communication is being put forth here as more of an indicator of her capabilities as a statesman (which, last I heard, is an important quality in a head of state).

        The reality is, people are sized up on the basis of things like this — their communication skills, how they dress, even how tall they are. Filipinos have a Tagalog word that encapsulates that notion — dating.

        To be a leader you need to have malakas na dating. And to a great extent, negotiations is a game of sindakan.

        I don’t think Leni Robredo is up to par when it comes to those sorts of games boys play with one another. Nasipatan lang sa tuhod iyak na agad. People like that who behave like pussies have one thing coming to them — a big boot up their ass.

  6. Our country needs a good leaders to lead us… We cannot solve our country’s problems, and go forward with “Pa Charming” politicians.

    Most of those “Pa Charming” politicians has nothing in their heads…”lahat Pa Charming”…E… Bobo pala !

    We can think outside the box; but most politicians cannot think like some of us !

  7. Now Leni Robredo says she wants to “reach out” to President Duterte.

    She says this less than a day after her platinum sponsor and mother figure, Loida Nicolas Lewis, ranted on TV for President Duterte to resign so Robredo could replace him.

    The screws on the heads of these two yellow Bicolana widows are really coming loose.

    After throwing a huge public tantrum over her removal from the Duterte Cabinet, and after insinuating that the President is a killer, a misogynist, a dictator, etc etc, Robredo now wants to “reach out”?

    Is she insane?

    Of course she is. Check out this part of the article:

    “Robredo underscored her earlier pronouncement that she wishes to help the government in any way the President asks her to. However, she added: ‘Ang hindi ko lang ma-promise ay iyong mga bagay na hindi namin pinagkakaintindihan, hindi ko ipagpapalit ang aking desisyon. Kasi ang mga bagay na hindi namin pinagkakaintindihan, sigurado ako sa conviction ko doon. Iyon ang hinihingi ko ng tawad na hindi ko mabibigay sa kaniya.'”

    Good lord.

    “Help the government if the President asks her to”?

    “Hindi ko mabibigay sa kanya”?

    Has this woman forgotten that she was just kicked out of the President’s Cabinet three days ago?

    Why is she presuming that the President even wants or needs her help?

    Why is she acting like she would be doing him a favor kung pagbibigyan niya?

    The woman is really deluded. All the fluff coverage she gets on yellow media has made her think she’s God’s Gift and Miss Popularity.

    She has no clue that she was the least productive member of the Cabinet, and so reviled on social media that anyone associated with her turns into a leper (i.e. Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan).

    And it’s only going to get worse.

    Now that the Duterte camp has cut her off and clearly signaled that she’s on the enemy side, she looks even more fake and illegitimate.

    Ah, I get it.

    No wonder she’s “reaching out”. The wave of public sympathy that she thought would come after her pa-awa alsa-balutan drama isn’t happening, so now she needs to slink back to President Duterte’s good graces to prop herself up again.

    This woman is really a bigger hypocrite than we thought. President Duterte and his team need to stay as far away from her as possible because, now that she’s officially jobless, she will keep trying to use them to stay in the headlines.

    You know who’s especially vulnerable in Duterte’s team? PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa. He’s being seduced by the yellow media and Robredo. Chief Bato, huwag kang magpabola sa mga yan.

  8. If she can’t even be smart for the sake of not getting kicked out from the cabinet, how will this “lawyer” fight for their “cause”? How can she lead a country with such ineptitude? If you’re going to act brave, atleast be smart about it, or else masisipa ka talaga.
    About Duterte seemingly protecting the police involved in Espinosa’s death, it could be that some of them were only following their superior’s order and are not involved in drugs. Plus Du30 protecting police morale

  9. The imposition of death penalty has been suspended since 2006, with the enactment of Republic Act No. 9346, or “An Act Prohibiting the Imposition of Death Penalty in the Philippines.”


  10. This woman is so stupid it is a wonder she can feed herself. If she were Greek they would have left her on a rock in the desert somewhere.

  11. Who gives a shit what language she speaks. Did she get elected or not? If so, let her do her job. If not, someone shoul go get the bitch out of the way.

  12. Kinikilig na naman si Leni Robredo because President Duterte just said she will “finish the rest of her term”.

    Robredo, Kiko Pangilinan, Inquirer, and the rest of the yellow media wasted no time issuing statements “thanking” President Duterte for his “assurance”.

    This is yet another example of how delusional the yellows are. They only hear what they want to hear.

    It is the PET/Supreme Court that has the power to remove Robredo, not Duterte, so Robredo is by no means off the hook. Duterte knows this, that’s why he said what he said. He doesn’t need to remove her, because the evidence in court will take care of that.

    Robredo also dissed Mocha Uson’s blog and said she doesn’t read it.

    What a pity. It would serve her well to read Mocha Uson’s blog. That’s where she can find the reality check she badly needs.

  13. OK, so GRP doesn’t like this chick, WE GET IT ! Can you guys do an article that is nit ANTI-AQUINO/YELLOW?

    The sky-highest electricity prices that Duterte is doing NOTHING ABOUT, for example?or the oligarchic illegak front-running of the stock-market 24/7 ? HUH?
    We have figured out you don’t like Aquino, how about addressing some of the countries other problems, FFS?

    1. these farmers at hacienda luisita are going nuts. they think they can grab the land e. that belongs to the aquino/cojuangco clan.

  14. Here’s today’s serving of Lengua de Leni, from this GMA News report where Leni Robredo tries once again, in her signature taglish, to deny that she’s eyeing the presidency:

    Leni Lengua of the Day 1): “Hindi ko sasabihin na kapag nag-di-dissent tayo, tayo na ‘yung gustong maging pangulo.”

    Leni Lengua of the Day 2): “For this administration to succeed, tingin ko mahalaga na pinakikinggan din nila ‘yung mga dissenting voices.”

    Leni Lengua of the Day 3): “Mas ganado tayo magsuporta (sa pangulo) kapag alam natin na pinapakinggan din naman ang ating mga pag-oppose sa ibang mga issues.”

    Hay naku Mrs. Robredo, hindi ko na alam kung which is worse, yung lagi kang nagre-refer sa sarili mo in plural (i.e. “tayo”) o yung laging nagre-refer ang kumare mong si Leila de Lima sa sarili niya in the third person (i.e. “ituturo na naman nila si Leila de Lima!”, says Leila de Lima).

    Bilang isang stakeholder ng pagsisiwalat ng katotohanan sa ating bansa, sa tingin ko, oras na para gumawa ka ng policy initiative para ayusin ang iyong pananalita. Kailangan mo isama ang reporma ng iyong dila sa listahan ng iyong mga advocacies. Nagkakaroon na kasi ng matinding cognitive dissonance kapag nagsasalita ka tungkol sa laylayan ng lipunan, samantala ang tunog ng iyong pananalita ay parang si Kris Aquino na naligaw sa meeting ng mga NGO sa gitna ng niyogan.

    Puwede mo rin i-consider na pansamantalang tumahimik na lamang. We don’t know na kasi why you feel na hindi ka pinakikinggan, samantalang naka-ilang presscon/interview ka na ba this week pa lang? Kahit pag-deliver ng painting ng Amnesty International sa office mo, pina-presscon mo pa. Tapos feeling mo hindi ka pa rin pinakikinggan??

    Baka naman hindi mo lang kayang i-accept na laging salungat sa kagustuhan mo ang pananaw ng karamihan, lalo na ng Pangulo at ng Korte Suprema?

    Tulad ng Marcos burial. Sa totoo lang, maliit na bagay lang ito. Nag-hearing na sa korte, nag-decide na ang korte, nalibing na. Tapos! Ang dami pang mas malalaking problema sa bansa natin, tulad ng crime, terrorism, kahirapan, kawalan ng trabaho, etc. Ma-so-solve ba ang mga problemang ito kapag pinayagan kang hukayin ang isang bangkay na halos 30 years ng patay? Tataas ba ang sweldo ng mga tao? Bababa ba ang presyo ng kuryente?

    Kailangan mo mag-learn na mag-respect ng democratic institutions at chain of command. Pangit kasi tignan na whenever nag-di-dissent ka sa mga point of view at decisions ng Korte at ng Pangulo, magdadabog ka at magiingay sa kalsada at sa media.

    I-admit mo na lang kasi na dalawa lang naman talaga ang “advocacies” mo: ang siraan si Marcos, at siraan si Duterte.

    Kailangan mong siraan si Marcos, dahil takot ka na baka pumabor sa kanya ang decision ng PET, at matanggal ka bilang VP. Dahil dito, pinipilit mong buhayin ang burial issue, at kung ano-ano pang lumang martial law issues.

    Kailangan mo naman siraan si Duterte, para mapatalsik siya, at ikaw ang magiging presidente. Kaya pinupukpok mo siya ng EJK/human rights issues.

    Lahat ng oras mo outside of magazine pictorials, dine-dedicate mo sa pamumulitika at paninira. Habang ang Presidente, ang mga cabinet secretary, at mga senador tulad ni Cayetano busy sa mga projects nila para umunlad ang bayan, ikaw, puro posing, paninira, at self-promotion lang ang ginagawa mo.

    Sige, i-continue mo na lang “yung mga dissenting voices” at “pag-oppose sa issues”. At least, na-a-amuse kami sayo. Baka maging “Frailties of a Woman, Season 2” pa ito!

  15. Aleng Leni Robredo gave the right answer though that she doesn’t have the political skill to oust the president. Literally doesn’t have the political skill to be in her position and exactly the reason her partymates are pushing her to the presidency. You usually pick the weak one to do your bidding. Yung madaling utus-utusan at di magamit ng husto ang utak.

  16. Poor Philippines ! It seems she will never get out from the bondage ! Being run by the Nono sa Ponso …putting a president either a puppet or a hyperactive trigger happy guy…ever watch squid billy ! on cartoon network ?

  17. While English is hardly the only indication or barometer for measuring one’s intelligence, it is important for a public servant to possess communication skills needed in order for a public servant to properly convey his/her message to other people especially foreigners.

    We already have Estrada, so I have seen nothing serious problem with VP Leni. The only problem I have with her is her attitude, she speaks as though she is a beauty queen smiling all over in front of cameras. And her efforts to demonize the president while being a member in the cabinet lastly bears fruit by kicking her out of cabinet meetings.

    And besides she found this surprising? When she keep backstabbing the president!

    This kind of attitude should not be a public servant, I have this opinion that Leni should not become a VP not to mention being the head of state. I am willing to be corrected, but I have this conviction that Leni is another form of a traditional politician who has no political will whatsoever to impose needed change in the Philippine’s corrupt society.

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