3 Big Reasons Why President Duterte Should Not Allow Himself To Be Interviewed By Kris Aquino


Hello again, my dear readers and colleagues of Get Real Philippines! It has been quite a while since I have written anything here as I have been busy with other projects which I think would have little to do with the current agenda and goals of GRP. However, with the sudden (not to mention surprising) reaction to my previous article about Imee Marcos as well as that written by Benign0 as well as Kris Aquino’s rather exaggerated reaction to being refused an interview with current president Rodrigo Duterte, I can’t help but speak up regarding current events. Also, I am currently suffering from a creative slump so I have no real choice I guess.

Now look, let me go on record to say that I wasn’t one of the people who voted for Rodrigo Duterte. But since the man just recently started his run as president and since, so far, he has done a decent job what with the dwindling crime rate and improved relief efforts made for natural disaster victims, I cannot help but be impressed. After all, despite his vulgarity and uncouth ways, he has done a far more admirable job as both a president and as a man than former president Benigno “BS/Noy-Noy” Aquino can ever hope to be in his long but insignificant and annoying existence.

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So now comes Kris Aquino, so-called “Queen of All Media” of the Philippines. She even goes as far as to claim that she is the Oprah Winfrey of the Philippines in front of Andrew Garfield, the actor who played Spider-Man in the ill-fated second film of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Apparently, she is outraged that President Rodrigo Duterte has refused to do an interview with her despite the fact that the man was quite willing to do an interview with Mocha Uson.

Well okay, I suppose it is quite disheartening to be turned down like that. But see, unlike the previous president, Rodrigo Duterte is no idiot and, while he can be very barbaric when it comes to his choice of words, he is a shrewd politician who knows how to play his political cards unlike his predecessor who probably only knows how to play with his genitals. Anyway, I can certainly see why President Duterte turned down an interview with Kris Aquino. If anything, I can say that President Duterte is simply doing what he does best: Be a good politician.

Anyway, here are 3 of the most probable reasons why Rodrigo Duterte refused to be interviewed by Kris Aquino and why he should never agree to such an arrangement. Ever.

President Duterte’s Words Will Be Twisted Against Him

Thing is, the LP and their allies in the media has long been known to twist words against people. Of course, they aren’t the only ones who do this and I find some Dutertards to be just as bad but, if anyone is going to be considered “the best” at this kind of thing, it has to be the LP. I mean come on, these people have been trying to convince us for many years that the EDSA Revolution supposedly brought us “freedom” even though very little has actually changed since then. If anything, they have only gotten worse over the years and the mainstream media has been on a huge campaign to cover the government’s greed and incompetence with senseless entertainment like noontime shows and melodramatic soap operas.

What’s likely to happen is that when President Duterte utters a statement, any kind of statement, Kris Aquino will more than likely twist it to vilify him before the masses. In the end, she will likely just demonize him and give new meaning to the words he may choose to use during the interview. If, for example, President Duterte states: “I like Donald Trump.” Kris Aquino might just twist those words to mean that either President Duterte is gay and is romantically interested in the current American president or he agrees with the man’s somewhat racist ideals and seeks to oppress the Muslim minority.


Kris Aquino Will Make The Interview About Herself Again

Now what continues to baffle me is how major media owners and the like continue to allow Kris Aquino to host various shows and the like even though, more often than not, she goes and runs away with them. As an example, I once kept up with her show to see the plight of homeless children. It wasn’t bad really as I often ally myself with and support organizations and factions who seek to give the less fortunate children in our society a fighting chance at a good future. However, somewhere along the way, Kris Aquino hijacked the show and started talking about her family and how they supposedly protected homeless children back during the time of the Marcos regime. It wouldn’t have been bad, now that I think about it, but I wanted to know about the street children of today and what was being done for them by the government. I appreciate the history lesson but I was hoping that they would tell more about what was happening to the homeless children of today if there were now government programs that protected them from violence and exploitation or if there was some kind of plan to rehabilitate them and help them become productive citizens in society. But no, Kris Aquino made the whole episode about herself and her family!

In fact, that wasn’t the only time that Kris Aquino did that kind of stunt as a lot of you remember her interview with Andrew Garfield which is mentioned above. Indeed, were Kris Aquino to interview President Duterte today, we’d probably learn more about her sordid sex life rather than Rodrigo Duterte’s motivations and plans for our country’s future.

The Interview Will Likely Be Biased And Senseless

Tying in with what I mentioned above in the first item, it is very likely that Kris Aquino will prepare questions not aimed at answering important questions the people may have for President Duterte and instead use questions that will vilify the man himself. For instance, instead of preparing questions about the economic policies we seek with other countries as well as the state of our military, Kris Aquino will likely veer the interview to more personal issues such as Rodrigo Duterte’s personal life and beliefs. So instead of discussing important matters, Kris Aquino will most likely highlight senseless issues the same way she seems to enjoy shoving her personal life at us.

So no ladies and gentlemen, an interview with Kris Aquino will probably just be a senseless waste of President Duterte’s time. Time which he can most likely spend in more productive activities such as ridding our country of crime and protecting our people from corrupt officials who are more often than not backed and protected by the previous administration. Besides, I doubt any of us really want to hear any more about Kris Aquino’s dirty laundry and her other senseless shenanigans. I have always believed in the idea that what happens behind closed doors should remain behind closed doors and shouldn’t be openly discussed. There are far more important things to know about President Duterte than his (probably exciting) sex life.

10 Replies to “3 Big Reasons Why President Duterte Should Not Allow Himself To Be Interviewed By Kris Aquino”

  1. it’s a last card to regain the trust of the people to keep hacienda luisita in their hands the roots of all these mess, nothing else.

  2. When did the whore, Kris Aquino, became a Journalist ?

    Kris Aquino wanted badly the exposure to the media. She crave for that exposure. She is addicted to that exposure.

    If Kris Aquino would had interviewed , Pres. Duterte. It would not be an interview. It would had been a SEDUCTION. The whore prepared, herself to SEDUCE, a man, as old as her late father…

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis , used her as the “Ace Card”, to trap Pres. Duterte, with his pants down. Then, hook him by the neck..

    It is good that Pres. Duterte smelled the trap. “Na basted si Kris AQuino” ! “Walang Effect, ang charm offensive niya “!

  3. The Kris Aquino interview with Duterte, was in the open…Filipino Small Business Conference…the whore, Kris Aquino went there, with a seductive green dress. She took the floor, prepared to seduce the audience. Charm offensive had no effect ! They just ignored her like, she did not exist …

  4. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte does not trust the slick and polished. Instead, the objectives of media should be to learn how to directly address difficult questions, how to avoid falling into media traps, and most importantly, how to accomplish the two previous tasks with honesty and integrity.

  5. …. one more reason why he should not allow himself to be interviewed by Kris Aquino.

    Because he might catch some disease!

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