Should we really be worried about President Duterte’s conduct at international gatherings?


One could reasonably expect Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to cause an uproar even before he gets on a plane. And he did; the issue, however, should be framed less around what he said about the United States and its president Barack Obama, as the source of uproar, and more around the people interpreting what he said, and the context.

President Duterte is practically incorrigible when it comes to injecting invective and curses into his statements. While this may endear him to more and more Filipinos, those who are tired of the politically correct, but two-faced, pretentious, pandering, flowery speech of conventional Filipino politicians, suffice to say, this could get him into quite a bit of trouble in the arena of international relations (IR).

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Part of me thinks that president Duterte has just “tested the waters” on the limits of acceptable behavior and demeanor in international relations, if only too well. As the tone in IR is invariably set by the West, however, inordinate emphasis is placed on strong but still diplomatic and respectful language, a lot of back patting, back scratching, and oftentimes a lot of double-speak. Cussing and invective do not belong in this environment, and neither does bringing up sins and wounds of bygone eras; whether he can successfully adjust to such a situation remains to be seen.

If he can successfully control his tendency to go on unscripted tirades and ramblings, president Duterte can be decent and courteous. What he won’t be, however, is meek and docile. These two combinations, need we remind Filipinos, are not two ends of an on-and-off switch. There is a whole gray area, lots of allowable space for decency and courtesy, where strong, assertive, and succinct statements can be made while maintaining them.

This brings up a confronting question for Filipinos:

What sort of image do Filipinos want to project in the international community, anyway?

Filipinos want nothing but praise from the international community; most of the time, they don’t deserve it. If they don’t get it, they say, “p*tangina mo Joe, go home.” They couple this with a perpetual dole-out mentality, where not only do they merely open wide for foreign aid and donations, they feel entitled to it, perpetually.

Perhaps, most striking of all, internationally, the Philippines defines itself primarily around the United States. The long shared history between the two countries cannot be ignored, but the Philippines is no longer a colony; Filipinos seem to have forgotten that. They regard the US, and most of the West, with inordinate deference and subservience.

It seems, then, that president Duterte’s vision of a Philippines more independent from the United States is held back primarily by its own people. At this point, asserting an overtly critical stance is something president Duterte cannot rush into. Unlike, say, in China or Russia, two emerging counter-balance economies, the Philippine mainstream press is needlessly antagonistic to Duterte, and thus, cannot be trusted to convey his message accurately and realistically, and to present the Philippines truthfully to international observers.

Let’s talk a bit more about the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). President Duterte mentioned in the address, delivered just before he left, that the Philippines will assume chairmanship of ASEAN in 2017. The biggest peculiarity of ASEAN as a body is that it governs and makes decisions by consensus. This could pose a challenge to president Duterte, as he has spent most of his political career in an environment where he can be quickly decisive. Aside from stark cultural differences and language barriers with most of the other members, president Duterte will also have to deal with differing stances towards China, as well as several issues with individual states (such as Sabah, with Malaysia, for example).

To help president Duterte succeed in the international arena, I offer to Malacañang two pieces of advice for future overseas trips:

First, to prepare for the unlikely event that president Duterte “runs out of English”, bring a Bisaya translator. President Duterte will think best in Bisaya, his native tongue. His translator has to be familiar with all his quirks, mannerisms, and speech peculiarities. President Duterte should have to avoid speaking and thinking in Filipino; nakakabobo mag-isip sa wikang Filipino, aminin!

And second, learn patience and level-headedness. Lots of it. Foreign media will endlessly grill him on issues such as the war on drugs, extrajudicial killings, terrorism in the Philippines, and his foul mouth. But it is not the foreign press’s fault; because the Palace has an inept communications infrastructure, the Philippine mainstream media controls the narrative and the sources of information that the foreign press use for their reports. Control the narrative. And control Duterte’s mouth. ASAP.

To end on a lighter note, leaders normally wear full Western-style formal attire in international summits. Will president Duterte follow suit? Pun intended.

178 Replies to “Should we really be worried about President Duterte’s conduct at international gatherings?”

    1. If Obama ia a son of a bitch; then, he is really a son of a bitch.

      The conflict in Lybia, Syria and ISIS Caliphate in Iraq/Syria are his works. The releasing of Al Queda Guantanamo inmates… This makes him a son of a bitch !

      We don’t kiss the ass of any American President. We are an independent country ! Unless, you are Aquino or a YellowTard, who owes his position to America, because the Americans put you there !

      1. The last Guantanamo Bay prisoner released to the U.K. was guilty of nothing.You can read all about his non-offenses in alt media in the arena.

        The destabilization of the Middle-east is happening so as to give rise to a ‘Greater Israel'(extending from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers), and to get Russia’s Navy out of their only Mediteranean Naval Base at Tartuk,Syria and that is all.

        Why Filipino’s liking the Joo’s is a mystery. The JOO thinks that anyone that is not a Joo is a ‘Goyim’ or cattle and can be treated as an animal. Why Filipino’s (or anyone else) would cozy up to people who think they are sub-human animals is beyond the scope of empirical reasoning and suggests deep rooted psychological problems MAYBE caused by societal ills.IDK….but Obamma, like Duterte, runs nothing but his mouth. Obamma is just a bit more important being the Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most dangerous Armed Forces.

  1. Duterte having his spokesmen and surrogates speak for him can work up to a point.

    But he has to always keep in mind which audience he’s targeting when he has to speak, and what he gains/loses from it. Even if he meant to vent in a context that Pinoys understand and won’t take offense to, lalabas din iyan sa foreign media dahil hot topic siya.

    It’s true that much about diplomacy is just hot air, but that air keeps the tires from going flat.

  2. president duterte really cares about his Motherland where other leaders don’t. he is the love of the pilipinos for a change. which country cares when the yellows plunder the wealth of the nation turned it to a drug cartel? none! he’s a hero to the eyes of the pilipinos now saving Motherland from total destruction can be seen clearly.

    1. Loves his people so much he has helped kill 3000 of them because drug users are inhuman.
      Travels to Indonesia to beg for the life of a filipino drug trafficker.

      How can a person that has literally done nothing, be a hero?

      1. Fuck your stupid research, TheVoiceofTreason (a.k.a “Nostradumbass).

        Most people who make sense on this site are drawing their comments from personal experience; or know someone who were old enough to knew what life was really like in the Philippines before, and after, the EDSA Revolution.

        You, Pallcertus, Tell It Like It Is, and Birds Eye Benny are only drawing your stupid comments on biased “bullshit” information from the internet and Yellow Party propaganda.

        1. So the Internet is biased and mainstream news outlets are full of propaganda. OK.

          So where do I get my objective unbiased news now? Gimme links — gimme anything that I can read on periodically — and like a worm I shall read it.

        2. Ha so we go from a discussion to a fuck you.
          Funny when u get pushed into a corner with facts u lash out like a wounded animal.
          U got no where to go because unlike u, u know im not full of shit or hate.

        3. TheVoiceofTreason,

          You and I have never discussed anything, other than the fact you say something stupid, and I tell you just how stupid you are.

          Why do you think I dubbed you, “Nostradumbass”? I can add “Fuck” to that nickname if you like; just say the word.

          You’re right, I’m full of “hate.” I “hate” YelloWTards like you who are so full of “shit.”


        4. Pallacertus,

          That’s just it. You don’t get your objective, unbiased news from the internet and television. You go straight to the people who made those news or the people who were affected by them. If you can’t do that, just shut the fuck up and listen.

          All your “sack of shit” internet sources and conspiracy theories are nothing more than politically/profit-driven media sources or some “know-it-all” assholes who try to make a name for themselves, by putting wild spins on their reporting in order to sell it to dumbasses like you, TheVoiceofTreason, Tell It Like It Is, and Birds Eye Benny.

          It’s time to get your heads out of your asses and start talking to people who had lived before, during, and after Martial Law, and get their first-hand versions of what it was like, instead of these neophyte motherfuckers who have one hand on their laptop keyboards and the other inside their pants, trying to make realities out of fantasies while they jerkoff.


        5. I jappen to personally know people that were incarcerated during martial law and others that lived through it.
          The golden years rhetoric that is passed around by marcos supporters is far from actual reality.

          The fact the people think it was the golden age of the rp says all anyone needs to know about the education system in the rp.

          Do u think i do not speak to people aeta?
          I just happen to know a few hundred people.
          Not two or three.

          Fear, manipulation, starving children, people going missing.
          Curfews, zero information released that was not palace approved and a family that robbed the country blind.

          Did i miss something?

        6. “That’s just it. You don’t get your objective, unbiased news from the internet and television.”

          In other words, I’ll have to listen to you and look at you as manna from heaven and nod in demented agreement every single time you pontificate —

          — pass.

        7. Tell It Like It Is,

          I see you’re jerking off in front of your computer again by reading, and posting, another conspiracy theory article. You’re gonna have to stop sexually abusing your computer or it will die on you.


        8. @ Aeta, YOU ARE A RETARD, learn to read before you open your mouth Son, that way you will not have to keep pulling foot out of it. I’d beat you like a Red-headed Stepchild for insulting me like you have.But, I will never meet you so I will just have to take satisfaction in beating your pea brain senseless some more,INTELECTUALLY.

          You have NO FACTS, just insults.YOU ARE A RETARD.

        9. Tell It Like It Is,

          I read the article. Now stop jerking off in front of your computer while looking for another senseless article, you maniac!


        1. I guess you do, Nostradumbass. Being a whore to the Yellow Party can be considered having your own business. Just make sure you pay “some” taxes at the end of the year. We all know the Yellow Party members won’t.

        2. I probably pay more taxes every three months then u pay your whole entire life.
          But what i do not have is any party affiliations.
          Nor do i lie or make stuff up.
          U will see u r wrong one day aeta.
          Hope its not to late when u do.

        3. TheVoiceofReason,

          You probably make more money than I do, Whore. That’s nothing to be proud of. Too bad all that money couldn’t buy you intelligence and common sense.

          Who gives a fuck about “someday”? The whole country is trying to make something happen now, that should have happened in the last 30 years but didn’t.

          You’re only getting in the way by spreading your legs to anybody who’s willing to pay.

          So choose: “lead, follow, or get [the fuck] out of the way.” (Ted Turner, American businessman). The whole country is ready to move on, and you can help by tucking your “stinking cunt” away.


        4. u know u have already lost a discussion when u have to resort to cussing.
          U do realize that right Aeta?
          I seem to have hit a nerve with u.
          Does your hate actually come from jealousy of people that have done better with their lives then u?
          So anyone who has worked hard and built something must be a whore?

          Do u know who Ted Turner is….businessman u say?

          Media mogul…hey dont u think all media is biased?
          yet u quote from one of the very elite u claim to hate.
          Now there’s a word for that sort of hypocrisy……just trying to remember it.

  3. [He was aware] of the value of the word of praise dropped at exactly the right moment; and he would have thought himself extremely stupid to withhold what cost him so little and was productive of such desirable results.

  4. The President needs to be reminded that the ASEAN Summit is not a “Duterte Show”. As a representative leader of the Philippines he has the opportunity to be decisive, pragmatic, assertive, cooperative, diplomatic and be protective of our national interest without having to be balasubas internationally!

    BTW, Can I comment on the racial slur?

    “…avoid speaking and thinking in Filipino; nakakabobo mag-isip sa wikang Filipino, aminin!”

    Paumanhin, Binibining FallenAngel, pero hindi ko maamin na “nakakabobo mag-isip sa wikang Filipino”.

    Kabalintuan na isisi sa wika ang katangahan at katamaran ng tao (lalo na para sa mga Pilipino) sa pag-aaral ng wikang sadyang para sa kanila.

    Nakakahiya naman na kinayang mag-aral ng mga banyaga at matuturingan pa na bano ang mga Pilipino sa kaniyang sariling wika!

        1. Everybody it seems takes pride in emulating Mr.
          Duterte and his Putang Ina in this fine site. 🙂

          Welcome to Balasubas Society! Make it more mainstream! Pinoy Monkey Pride!

        2. Pete Ng Ina,

          The whole country has been a “Balasubas,” “Patay-Gutom, “Timawa,” and “Patay Malisya” society for the last 30 years. The only thing that’s keeping the whole country from becoming totally naked is the remaining pubic hair on our genitals. So what kind of self-respect are you trying to salvage?


  5. the voice of the people should be heard for the liberalization of the bank secrecy law and the amendment of the anti-wiretapping law to solve the drug trafficking. these two laws protects the drug cartel in the Philippines.

  6. What should worry us more is this political correctness crap (especially by the yellow media) that distorts reality in the first place.

  7. Should we worry about Pres. Duterte’s conduct during international gatherings? In a word, yes.

    If this pattern of uncontrolled outbursts continues, it will start to rattle potential investors and tourists. It will create an image of instability. This, in turn, will affect the economy.

    I avidly support the Duterte administration, but even I can’t listen to his press conferences because they are too stressful.

    Did the media mis-translate Duterte’s statements about Obama? Yes. Was Duterte’s anger at Obama’s meddling justified? Yes. Should Duterte have spoken out against Obama so publicly and so explosively on the eve of the ASEAN Summit when they were scheduled to have bilateral talks? No.

    It was a strategically stupid thing to do and I think he realized it, hence his statement expressing regret.

    Have we not been through this cycle of outburst-apology, outburst-apology enough times already for Duterte’s communications team to realize that they should strictly limit his direct exposure to media?

    Have they not realized up to now that the mainstream media will NEVER treat Duterte fairly, therefore they should stop letting him give press conferences where journalists can provoke him on purpose? Do they not see that the mainstream media do this to erode his political clout?

    Those who say that Duterte should “learn to be more diplomatic” are not being realistic. He is too old to change. The only viable solution is to limit those press conferences to near-zero. They do far more harm than good. They create so many unnecessary controversies that take the government’s focus away from more important problems.

    I defend Duterte when he’s right, but not when he’s wrong. It would be a disservice to him if we keep pretending that the status quo is okay.

    1. yes. correct. however, the strength of Pres. DU30 is to talk directly to the people which is his weakness as well. mainitin na kasi ulo ni digong. lalo na pag natanong ng mga issues na nakaka-inis. biglang mag-snap. lol!

    2. yellowed out GRP reader,

      Why don’t you re-post your whole comment and put Obama’s name, instead of Duterte’s, and see how it sounds?


  8. Whatever Pres. Duterte wear does not matter. Pres. Duterte is a 70 years old guy, who speaks, what he has in his mind. Actually, I prefer people like that, than two faced people, who praise you; and gossip about you afterward.

    Diplomacy is frankness. Telling your counterpart, what you want. It is not game people play. The more you are frank; the more they respect you. We should not kowtow to any foreign leader !

    Those YellowTards , who are cheering are idiots and lap dogs to foreign interests !

      1. @Dodge:

        Maintaining good relations with other countries, is being frank and truthful, with your counterparts.

        Not a two faced person, where you praise your counterpart in the face; and at the back you undermine him.

        This is the reason, Russia’s Putin is a better leader than Obama. Putin is tough and frank. And can deliver what he says.

        The economy of Russia is better than the U.S. and other western countries. They have low debt, and unemployment.

        I only request that Pres. Duterte, should dress well in such occasions. Maybe , somebody should donate to him, a suit and a tie…or a tuxedo, for such occasions ! Looking your best , can be a part of charm offensive to his counterparts !

        1. Di ko alam kung gaano ka recent ang news mo re: Putin. An internet search on recent Russian economic news doesn’t paint a positive picture for that country.

          RE: diplomacy…kung magmaintain ng good relations nga, it helps to be polite. The President’s “domestic diplomacy” doesn’t work the same way when he’s trying it on fellow heads of state.

    1. “Whatever Pres. Duterte wear does not matter. Pres. Duterte is a 70 years old guy, who speaks, what he has in his mind. Actually, I prefer people like that, than two faced people, who praise you; and gossip about you afterward.”

      I second that opinion!

  9. president duterte has the right to be mad at obama. the US and PI signed a truce still on to protect the Philippines against foreign invasion. the seccessionist movement in the south is a foreign invasion clearly no doubt. where is the truce?

    1. An uprising in the Muslim south is not a foreign invasion. It is an internal matter than would not trigger the Mutual Defense Treaty.

      The Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philipiines and the United States of America specify extrenal threats not internal ones.

      1. The Chinese are probably funding these Abu Sayafs to cause trouble in Mindanao because Duterte is going after their illegal drug smugglers.

      2. @Dodge:

        It is the U.S. & western media, that you are reading. The U.S. and the western media, demonize Putin…Go to Russia, yourself, and . Talk to the Russians there.

        You have not seen any ISIS terrorism recently in Russia, unlike other European countries…

        Putin is popular. Duterte’s diplomacy worked…Duterte was popular, in the Asean summit. I have never seen a Filipino leader respected. Aquino was the ass wiper of Obama and the Americans, during summits.

    1. The Chinese and their “Bamboo Network” are behind the bribing of the Yellow Party and the bombing in Davao. There are more to come from these “Chekwas.”

      1. @ Aeta, here is something YOU can read: and GET A CLUE, OK?

        IDK (and ,really ,I don’t give shit either) if Filipino’s should worry about what Duterte says,yes? BUT DUTERTE SHOULD ! That is all I have to say on that.

        BUT, YOU, Aeta, can get a clue as to the ‘BIG PICTURE’ or keep scratching your head as to why nothing in that country ever changes.

        Read the above article, it will only cost a few minutes of your time.

        As for the Philippines, the countries foreign policy is controlled by the USA. Any move into cozying up to China or the exclusion of USA interests will see CIA hitmen on the ground in Manila and elsewhere to do what they do best…..remove threats to USA interests by any means necessary. ITS A FACT, that is all.

        1. I’m tired of your stupid “Conspiracy Theories,” Tell It Like It Is. You are so full of shit. Now, do you get my clue or do you want me to spell it out for you?






        4. Tell It Like It Is,

          It sounds to me your doing all the crying, Bitch, because I’m not buying into the bullshit you’re selling, that you’ve gotten from assholes who are trying to make a name for themselves by writing fabricated conspiracy theory articles on the internet.

          Don’t worry about me living in poverty. As long as I’m eating three meals a day, have a shirt on my back, a roof over my head, and the love of my family, I’m a rich motherfucker.

          Too bad I can’t say the same for your sorry-ass cunt–and the rest of your cunt buddies (Birds Eye Benny, Pallacertus, and TheVoiceofTreason)–who still trying to make sense out of your miserable lives by pretending to be saviors to the Philippines, and the plight of its people, with your bullshit fantasies.

          I’ll bet you can’t even get past getting laid on a steady basis, and having a stable relationship with a woman, because you either feel you’re mind is too superior or your pecker is too small.

          So keep jerking off, Jerk Off, in front of your computer screen. Maybe you’ll find your true calling someday, or, just end up buying a new computer because you’ve drenched the one you have now with your spunk.


        5. Tell It Like It Is,

          You’re going to have to get a grip of your emotion, instead of your small penis while masturbating in front of your computer. You are starting to lose control (no pun intended).

          I’m just trying to explain to you how your “superior mind” can get out of hand and start to confuse what’s real and what’s not, and you’re taking it too personally.

          Tell you what, I’m going to to give you some time to gather yourself together (make sure you wipe yourself and the computer screen thoroughly) before we continue our discussion in a more cordial manner.


      2. Insults someone who likes conspiracies.
        Launchs a far fetched Conspiracy of their own.
        What a hypocrite.

        FYI. They bombed Davao because Duterte went on national tv and said he would destroy them then launched the army to wipe them out.
        The bomb blast in davao is their attack against Duterte to tell him ” fuck u”.
        They are terroists after all.
        Did u think starting a war against them was going to be gun battles in the south end of mindinao?
        So thats where the facts of the matter lies.
        I hate terroists as much as the next dong, but what did u think would happen when we started the operation?
        They just going to stop being terroists now?


        1. TheVoiceofTreason,

          Yes, I just got schooled into stupidity by Tell It Like It Is? And you’re paying the tuition with your whoring money, TheVoiceofTreason.


        2. TheVoiceofTreason,

          I’m not insulting anyone who has conspiracy theories. I’m just insulting your lack of intelligence and common sense.


        3. You’re wrong, Tell It Like It Is. I’m not insulting everyone. I’m only insulting assholes like you and your fellow cunts ( Birds Eye Benny, Pallacertus, and TheVoiceofTreason) who ride in like four horsemen with an apocalyptic warning, that if we don’t read and heed the content of your know-it-all “doomsday” articles, fire and brimstone will rain down from the sky. Just shut the fuck up you pretentious SOB. You should run for president in the next election if you’re that knowledgeable. Let’s see if you win.

        4. @ Aeta, ‘Apocalyptic Warning” ?, LMAO @ YOU, nowhere have I stated that.NOWHERE, it is more like the slow whittling away of protections that the ‘Bill of Rights’ affords all citizens that is the problem, along with the total corruption at the highest levels of government that I am trying to get others to see. YOU ARE NO LONGER INCLUDED IN THAT because you only have insults and a delusional imagination of what you THINK is happening as well as what others are saying.Your last comment proves it.

          The Philippines is not capable of doing anything ‘Apocalyptic’ YOU DELUSIONAL FUCKIN RETARD.

  10. “Should we really be worried about President Duterte’s conduct at international gatherings?”

    Nah! Keep doing for the Filipino people and he’ll do just fine. Fuck the other countries.

    1. Duterte is very popular in Japan; and other Asian countries…

      Aquino was always the Ass Wiper of Obama , and the Americans, during summits. Aquino was the running dog of the Americans…Aquino was never respected, in the world, especially now !

    2. Duterte is a Neanderthal ans conducts himself as a buffoon. Will the Filipino people benefit form his ways? IDK, probably not…. but they will cheer wildly as he executes those not able to fight back(street level drug dealers,WHO IS NEXT?), while Duterte does NOTHING to stop the corruption at the highest levels of government, the ridiculously high electricity prices, rampant poverty, lack of decent non-call center jobs, oligarchic front running of the stock market, fixing of GOCC contracts to political dynasties. NONE of that will change under Duterte ,BUT idiot Filipino’s will cheer for him wildly, LIKE IDIOTS DO.

        1. TheVoiceofTreason,

          You and Tell It Like It Is need to get a hotel room together if you really like each other that much.

          I don’t want you to lose the moment.


        2. And u aeta need to get a clue and some actual knowledge.
          Not an opinion based on ” how u feel”

        3. TheVoiceofTreason,

          Bitch, the only clue and knowledge I need, and have already acquired, is from the “School of Hard Knocks” of life.

          Unlike you and your fellow bitches (Birds Eye Benny, Tell It Like It Is, and Pallacertus), who needs the Yellow Party’s blessing and conspiracy theory sources on the internet to make your little peckers stand up, so you can stroke each other’s egos in more ways than one.


        4. Unlike you and your fellow bitches (Birds Eye Benny, Tell It Like It Is, and Pallacertus), who needs the Yellow Party’s blessing and conspiracy theory sources on the internet to make your little peckers stand up, so you can stroke each other’s egos in more ways than one.

          Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        5. Awww school of hardknocks.
          Well the internet is available to everyone so there is zero excuse now not to be well informed.
          Problem is u are to lazy to discover facts and dimiss anything that contradicts your idol worshiping agenda as yellow biased media.
          Somehow those yellow biased media are so good even dutrete himself is often misinformed or out right lying…but its not his fault u see.
          That yellow media are out to destroy him, they make him say those things.
          If someone has no real knowledge and little facts to back up their opinion, are they really qualified to have an opinion?
          You would think being schooled how wrong u r time and time again by numerous commenters would have taught u to do some research before posting your opinions.
          The problem of is, once u stop living in reality, bullshit seems easy to fake knowledge.
          When u spout that sort of bullshit to people that have actual knowledge of a subject, well ot hard to have a dialogue.
          Because u know u have lost already and so does everyone else once u start hurling insults.
          One day u may win the internet.
          Perhaps a year old will take pitty on u and let u win

        6. @ VofR, its pretty obvious, what is happening.And yet, others, like Aeta here, who have boxes-of-rocks and some shit for brains are oblivious to it. Well,its useless to even present them with facts from unimpeachable sources (as I just did) too. But really? Until there is a complete annihilation of the ruling class(Politicians and Oligarchs) in the Philippines it will not matter who the President is anyway.The people will keep getting fucked in the ass and wonder why nothing has changed since 1965.

          A Delusional Retard, like Aeta here, can not possibly understand that.He will keep cheering for Duterte as he losses his civil rights and when one day his neighbor gets mad at him and calls the cops and accusses him of being a drug dealer and he is murdered in the street like a dog, he will not even be smart enough to realize why he got shot.There is no excuse for ignorance, and Aeta is ignorant, even when shown FACTS. WHATTA SHITHEAD!

        7. Tell It Like It Is,

          Oh shit! My balls are really hurting from that volley of rounds you’ve just fired at me. It’s going to take me a while to recover from your last assault on my nuts. In the meantime, let’s analyze what you’ve just said.

          I thought one of the mission of GRP is to talk about learning from other people’s mistakes; namely, the mistakes of the Yellow Party in the last 30 years, which you and your “peckerless” comrades (Birds Eye Benny, Pallacertus, and TheVoiceofTreason) are trying very hard to circumvent by telling one lie after another.

          Not only are you not listening, and learning, from the first-hand account of Filipinos who had lived through Martial Law and 3 decades thereafter, but you try to undermine what they had to say as fallacious.

          Then you try to revamp the details of the events in the last 30 to 50 years with internet articles written by western “conspiracy theorists,” who probably spent very little–if any–time in this country, as the “zeitgeist” of what really happened.

          Bitch, I may not have a superior mind like the one lodged inside your asshole, but I know a “faker” when I see one; and you’ve been blocking everybody’s vision on this site for a awhile now. It’s time to move out of the way, “faker.”


  11. Imagine GRP’s reaction if BS Aquino had called Obama a son of a whore. Now they have to go through a lot of mental gymnastics and squaring circles just to defend their favorite president. Very amusing hehehe

    1. You have to assume first, that BS Aquino is capable of stringing together a coherent thought, one that doesn’t involve his mother and father, and blaming the Arroyos and the Marcoses.

      1. @ FA, u know, that was all a smoke screen, the blaming of others. Want proof? What exactly happened to GMA? NOTHING! GMA spent not one second in jail(where she belonged),lost none of here wealth and is still a sitting member of Congress,along with her Son’s too. HELLO!!!!Same with the Marcos family. Same with the Estrada’s family. E-Rap was supposed to be facing a firing squad, BUT IT WAS ALL A PR stunt, HE IS NOW MAYOR OF MANILA.IS THAT ENOUGH PROOF?
        LEARN that the big dogs are on each others side and play both sides of the game and you will have a much better understanding of what is really happening.

        MAN, getting this through to people is tiring. Want more proof of this? The USA industrialists were behind the financing of the 3RD Reich, ITS A FACT(Germany was broke in 1933). No one ever bothered to look under the hoods of German Tanks and Jeeps(and if someone did they were not able to tell anyone,NO INTERNET back then,huh?), they would have found FORD engines,OK?
        The big boys ALWAYS play both sides so as to be sure to come out on the winning side. AND the people? Well, if they are lucky, they get a few crumbs. WOW, GET A FRIKKIN CLUE ALREADY !!!

        1. The thing is none, literally none of the people commenting here do any research.
          They have zero idea of history and believe everything that cones across their facebook feeds.
          In the RP if u believe different or have a different opinion to your friends or colleagues they alienate you.
          Pod people and simpletons make up a core majority of the voting public.
          Duterte is hip on facebook.
          Filipinos are very fad based. As soon as its cool to hate duterte they will change their views.
          Very disturbing yes. But very true

        2. Duterte is hip on facebook.

          Of course. Take a look at the rest of the presidential candidates that ran against him and tell me who is better among them. I have a feeling I know what your answer will be but please, humor me.

        3. Miriam santiago..

          Other then that there was no one else i would have voted for.
          Lets see…incompetent roxas.
          Newbie poe.
          Tyrant duterte or stand up for the Philippine people miriam.
          To bad she was ill during her campaign…
          Did u guess right?

    2. Interesting hypothetical, yes.

      “You have to assume first, that BS Aquino is capable of stringing together a coherent thought, one that doesn’t involve his mother and father, and blaming the Arroyos and the Marcoses.”

      Yes, but will you defend Noynoy, your differences and resentments against him aside?

  12. Yes we should worry because we need other countries to buy our goods and accept our OFWs so we dont get hungry. Is that so hard to comprehend?

    1. Tell me exactly WHAT goods The Philippines produces for sale abroad? Micro amounts of dried mangoes and a bit of coconut fiber really are not significant exports. The export of human labor is significant and has been used as a crutch by this country for far too long. Du30 should outlaw all OFW contracts not already in force.

      1. Actually, electronics, machinery equipment, woodcraft furniture and auto parts are our biggest exports. Educate yourself before opening your mouth so you don’t embarrass yourself.

      2. What’s your timeline for phasing out the deployment of Filipinos to work abroad?

        Also, why deprive Filipinos the right to find work where it’s available?

        1. Perhaps the lack of confidence of actually working in your home country which gives a sign that the country itself cannot sustain its own citizens and have to ship them off elsewhere.

  13. sabi nga ni flippinflips maraming americano na minumura si obama at hindi naman pinapansin ng media. i agree. why would we put a leader from any country above a pedestal. Pres. DU30 is correct, we are not a vasal state of USA and we don’t succumb to anyone though we are aided by them so many times. we need to draw the line somewhere. thank you for giving us aid USA but there’s a line between helping and being an inquisitor to internal affairs. our police force are doing a good job in lowering the drug crime everyday.

    This cussing incident if it’s directed to pres. obama or not will never outweigh the accomplishments of DU30 admin in the first 100 days.

    1. suppressing drug related incidents to the lowest point possible, EJK to be investigated as the casualties are not 100% EJK. hence, ICC or human rights has no right to meddle. fuck you delima!

    2. marcos sr to LnmB

    3. benefits to WWII veterans amounting to 4.7 billion, 3.5 billion to the widows + 250,000 directly from the office of the president. full support to PNP / AFP.

    4. ending the rebellion against CPP/NPA to achieve peace

    5. peace talks with MNLF / MILF to achieve peace

    6. elimination of abu sayaf to end terrorism

    DU30 admin has 2000+ days more to move the country forward. don’t you notice folks? we don’t see any rallies being held in front of malacanang palace!

    1. Thanks for posting DU30’s accomplishments in his first 100 days in office, andrew, to create awareness among the dumbasses on this site. This goes to show that Duterte is for the people and not for the oligarchs.

      Unlike Beking-Noy who always bragged about the economy is improving (the Chinese-owned businesses are the only ones improving; the rest of the country is going to shit) and the crime rate is under control (I guess so if none of the high-profile criminals are getting prosecuted).

      The Yellow Party, and their ABS-CBN/GMA affiliates, have really brainwashed the Filipino people, and the world, with their lies.

      1. @ Aeta, what accomplishments?

        Aby Sayyaf is not ‘eliminated’, where did you get that shit from? WHAT?

        The peace talks are going nowhere, Aquino did the same thing and got nowhere as well.

        Who REALLY gives a shit where Marcos is buried and what does it benefit any Filipino’s,REALLY?

        Duterte had killed some street level drug dealers and not much else YET. Don’t just make shit up to make him look good. Give him some time too. Six years may see something change, BUT I DOUBT it. Makin shit up is a sure sign that nothing will change.

        1. Like I said, Tell It Like It Isn’t, give me examples of alternative solutions to the country’s problems that the Yellow Party hasn’t been able to come up with in the last 30 years, and I’ll start entertaining your bullshit conspiracy theories. Unless you can come up with at least one valid solution, you’re just throwing a lot of shit on the table that you’ve collected from other conspiracy theorists from the internet. Damn, you’re a waste of space on this site.

        2. @Aeta, I posted a colum for YOU to it is AGAIN:

          I have commented about lowering elctricity prices by making speculating in the energy market ,and the stock market, illegal(so there SHITHEAD, WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY.I am tiring of hoping you MIGHT WAKE UP!). ….and generally do not like repeating myself.Especially for your arrogant ass. YOU might have a brain and if you are smart enough to read the article I posted above,FOR YOU, you could get somewhere in your understanding of things.INSTEAD OF MAKING SHIT UP. That is not a solution, that is a fantasy.

          BTW, ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is just a dummy’s way to dismiss a person who knows the ‘official’ story in the media is a lie, but you seem to believe it and remain an idiot.WAKE UP DUDE,I’ll not do this for you much longer.

        3. @Aeta, did you figure out my name isn’t ‘Tell it like it is’? or ‘Birds Eye Benny’ yet? WHEW!!!

        4. Birds Eye Benny or Tell It Like It Is or Whatever The Fuck Your Name Is,

          I think you’re the same person using different names, You Conspiracy Theory Hurting Bitch. You’re trying to apply the same bullshit that all these “Conspiracy Kooks” in the United States to the Philippines. It’s not same, Motherfucker!

          Just because you and your buddies Pallacertus, TheVoiceofTreason, and your other screen name “Tell It Like It Is spend most of your time looking for internet sources on conspiracy theory while “jacking off” doesn’t mean we have to buy into your dumbass fantasies.

          So fuck you you and your wild ass imagination on how the world will end. You’re the one who needs to stop blowing the smoke of whatever it is your smoking up our asses and wake up to the reality.


    2. 2 put of 6 true statements. Yeah.
      U know we have the news in this country.
      Only point 4 and 5 is true.
      Point one is bullshit as the murders are an increase in drug related crime being that the murders are all related too drugs….and how can drug related crime be down if they are busting more users and dealers then they ever had?
      Then a week later apparently a state of lawnesses. Nice bit of bullshit is your point one.
      Marcos has not been buried there, and still might not be.
      3 partially true…duterte did chuck in an extra 250 but the rest cane from aquino.
      Hard to look good if u are stealing actions that were already agreed upon and implemented by the previous administration.
      ( maybe u should research before u spout lies)
      Point 6… Abu sayaf have been eliminated?
      yeah maybe its time to stop lying and start telling the truth.
      Shitty thing is, u probably thought u were telling the truth…thats how much propaganda u swallowed.

      1. hey non-sequitur!

        State of Lawlessness was placed because of Davao Bombing just last friday night. #StayStrongDavao
        14 dead

        1. EJK

        during PNOY admin 2010 to 2015
        average deaths are 35/day
        today under DU30 – 20/day, about a 3rd are now being saved because of PNP efforts.

        @7:03 of the clip
        crime volume: 56,339 (july 1 – 31 2015) – PNOY
        crime volume: 50,817 (july 1 – 31 2016) – DU30
        hence, it went down and more lives are saved.

        old norm – druglord and cohorts acted with impunity. pwople have low trust at PNP, fiscals and judges.

        new norm – respect and fear of the law is restored drug lords and their supporters are on the run.

        EJK under aquino –—us-report

        hence, EJK already exist even from the previous admin

        3. benefits to veterans: it’s the obligation of any admin. this is mandatory. what if the yellow won? are they going to release it? i doubt. would the yellow president give 250k directly from his office? i doubt. yellow is admin of incompetency.

        6. currently the AFP are on the offensive. hooah! i will support the military be it donation of money or anything. i didn’t say “eliminated”. are you willing to make the supreme sacrifice?

        oh btw, i’m not pro-DU30 nor any Pro-admin shit and all that. i love my country. do you love your country voiceofwhat? are you even here in the country? are you a filipino?

        do you like marcos sr? you didn’t mention it.

  14. it’s still early days, just under 70 days into the new administration, there will be a few awkward moments and some embarrassments, but most people are willing to give a lot of latitude and benefit of the doubt to the new leadership.
    Personally, I pray that the president’s minders and his guardian angel will look after him, so that he puts his best foot forward and makes us all proud of who we are as a nation and what we can become.

    But going by previous international gatherings, nothing, IMHO, can ever top that infamous UN general assembly meeting in the 1960s wherein a certain leader brought disgrace upon his nation when he proceeded to remove his shoe and make a point by slamming it on the table.

    Nuff said.

  15. International Media is keeping track of Du30’s Biggest HITS / Quotable quotes:

    IN QUOTES | Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines’ president

    “A leader must be a terror to the few who are evil in order to protect the lives and well-being of the many who are good.”

    “If I become president, I advise you people to put up several funeral parlour businesses. They will be packed. I’ll supply the dead bodies.”

    “Pardon given to Rodrigo Duterte for the crime of multiple murder, signed Rodrigo Duterte.”

    “You son of a whore Pope Francis. Why don’t you just go home?”

    “Many are asking what my credentials are and what I can do for the Philippines. They are telling me that they heard I am a womaniser. That is true. That is very true.”

    “I was angry because she was raped, that’s one thing. But she was so beautiful, the mayor should have been first, what a waste.”

    Du30 is likely being feasted upon as the hottest topic in every “unuman session” across the world.

    1. @ Zaxx, ‘Across the world’? NO HE IS NOT, NO ONE GIVES A GOOD FUCK ABOUT THE PHILIPPINES, except Filipino’s. TRUST, no one cares what he says, they laugh, that’s about it. I realize you may feel as if I am pissing on your parade, BUT EE-GAD MON, they guy is President of a 3RD World Country and is not THAT important.

      1. Yeah who cares – nobody cares, right?

        Why do they even have to report about a handshake and a 2-minute chat on international news…

        Here, check out news as the world sees it (Du30/PH keeps getting mentioned):

        We admit PH is not the Center of the world but neither is America (that’s why you’re Just called West). Jerusalem/Israel is the CENTER, and the Jews control America.

        1. @ ZAXX, no one said anything about the center of the world. BUT TRUST, Duterte is being laughed at by people that have a brain. People say shit like”Did you hear what the idiot President of the Philippines called Obama?”, and that is the end of the discussion.

          I stated I am not pissing on your parade, BUT around the world the Philippines doesn’t even get mentioned when they are being rescued,IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, by AMERICAN SOLDIERS during hurricanes.

          The USA,EUROPE,RUSSIA even China are in news constantly but the only time you hear about the Philippines? Is when its a bad joke, I’M BEING HONEST.

          Duterte is that bad joke right now, so I hope he enjoys it.On the other hand he is doing nothing to solve the countries problems,the real ones, but you all cheer for him wildly, LIKE FUCKIN IDIOTS.THE PHILIPPINES needs a full scale BLOODY revolt and the purging of the elites.Until that happens,GOOD LUCK. I will bet anyone $500 that you will all be saying the same shit 10 years from now, long after Duterte is dead and buried.Killing street level drug dealers will not solve the countries problems.State sanctioned murders will only lead to further loss of civil rightsI.E. Freedom of the Press, Freedon of Speech, the right to peacefully assemble and so on, you can bet on these things.I AM READY TOO.

        2. Well you can keep your $500 Benny Kano. We call them Typhoons in PH, not hurricanes – opposite directions. Problems in PH don’t get solved, they are only reduced. Yeah Du30 did absolutely nothing to fix the country’s mess right? At the rate he’s going, you will probably be amazed how the past 30 years will pale in comparison to what he’s about to achieve and bring about by the time he steps down. Of course that’s IF your Leni the fraud doesn’t steal the show.

          The last I heard Gordon’s joining the creeping Martial Law bandwagon. Things just keep getting better.

    1. Porky Drilon, and the YellowTard Senators will come to De Lima’s aid, paid by the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate !

    1. That’s right, gnogid. Let’s get rid of Duterte and bring the Yellow Party back in power. In this way we can continue to support the “Feudalistic” way of life that the Chinese businesses and their well-bribed Filipino politicians have created for our people: working as OFWs in other countries and spending our remittance money to enrich the oligarchs in our country. After all, isn’t that what “Pinoy Pride” is all about? Enslaving ourselves in other countries so we can live like aristocrats in our own.

        1. Isn’t that what you wanted? Get rid of Duterte when you said he was a lost cause. If you’re not happy with the man, I’m sure there will be a lot of takers from the Yellow Party who will pick up where they left off in raping the country.

        2. Aeta, you think I want to get rid of Duterte? That’s funny, bro. I said he is a lost cause because he cannot anymore change his behavior. Any advice will only enter his one ear and out to another ear.

          With regard to ‘yellow party’ or whatever, sorry, I don’t play that game. I criticize if there is reason for it. All you do is prove me wrong.

          Remember, a president, even if he do a right thing will still be criticized. How much more if one is so arrogant that whenever he open his dirty mouth you wish you have a flush beside you. : )

        3. @gnogid:

          Nice red herring, fam. Saying someone who is a ‘lost cause’ can have the desire to get rid of said guy. Like if you’re a head of a company and get irritated by your employee’s terrible performance, deducing that said employee is a ‘lost cause’. And the next thing that enters your mind? You’ll fire him. That’s logic.

          You’re just criticizing Duterte due to his dirty mouth. But it seems you prefer typical politicians who are smooth talkers but that’s it: all talk and no substance.

        4. gnogi,

          It seems like everybody–including me–is getting mixed messages from you. You sound like you don’t care for the Yellow Party either, but, at the same token, you’re making a big deal of Duterte’s arrogant attitude and foul mouth.

          The Yellow Party and the international media is already capitalizing on Duterte’s unpresidential-like behavior. The last thing he needs from his supporters–I’m still not sure if that’s what you are–is to add fuel to the fire and give the enemies stronger resolves to destroy him.

          The Filipinos who are serious about changing their country for the better should set aside their differences in opinion about Duterte’s callous behavior in public, and rally instead on the genuine sincerity of the man that’s on a mission to solve his country’s problems.

          I personally cannot blame Duterte for being short-fused with foreign leaders and the international media for their unsolicited advice and criticism. Given the overwhelming task of cleaning up decades of graft and corruption in this fucked up country is enough to keep anyone pissed for most part of the day.

          Put yourself in Duterte’s precarious situation, where there are always wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting for a chance to tear you to pieces and swallow you whole, wouldn’t you always be on your guard and be suspiciously cynical to the point of rudeness, too?

          My suggestion to you is to try to imagine what it’s like to be Duterte himself; then you’ll understand why he says what he says, and does what he does.


        5. Apparently if u disagree with their lord and savior, u must be a liberal party supporter.
          Aeta is a very one dimensional and a delusional, hate filled troll.

          There is literally no way of hoping for a rational comment or for comon sense.
          Just ignore it, they die when not fed.

        6. @ VofR, Aeta may be salavageable. He seems to at least have a brain, and has good intentions. The road doesn’t have to lead to hell for him.

          With a little valid contradictory information, he may be able to snap ut of his coma…..Aeta has been offered this:

          YOU may want to give it a read as well.It can’t hurt at this point.IDK when it will ever happen that someone gets a clue around here, but to give up is the mark of a loser.

        7. I don’t get it. I talked about Duterte’s debacle and people talked about “yellow party” that has nothing to do with the issue.

          I’d rather be criticize or taken up to to what I said that is wrong or not true than be subject to labeling or name-calling. One, I don’t have any party affiliation, and two labeling/name-calling is a poor style to counter a valid argument.

          You don’t have a defense, say so. Just don’t drag the conversation down the gutter. Be on topic guys.

        8. I’d rather be criticize or taken up to to what I said that is wrong or not true than be subject to labeling or name-calling.

          You’re missing the point. There’s nothing bad about criticizing, but it seems you’re ignorant about the fact that those said ‘criticisms’ can be used just to discredit Duterte? Then you’re no different from the “yellow party” who used any kind of criticism just to destroy the guy. You never saw that during Noynoy’s term because they have the media on their backs to cover up things for them.

          Priorities, please.

        9. Anon, you are the one not only missing the point but actually diverting the issue. What’s Aquino got to do with the video of Duterte bad-mouthing Obama? You are even creating a scenario that I only criticize Duterte because I’m pro-yellow. Nuts. I say black and you scream rainbow. Can we stay on topic for once?

          If I want to talk about other issues other than the video that cause the cancellation of a meet between the two presidents two president I’ll tell you. In the meantime, since you disagree with me, tell me why it was right that Duterte said what he said.

        10. @gnogid:

          Am I diverting the issue? I’m talking about the “Yellow Media” here, who uses any ounce of criticism just to destroy Duterte. Or maybe you’re too dumb to realize it. Read again.

        11. Anon – Am I diverting the issue? I’m talking about the “Yellow Media” here, who uses any ounce of criticism just to destroy Duterte. Or maybe you’re too dumb to realize it. Read again.
          Yes, you do divert the issue because instead of defending Duterte’s act and showing why it is right you focus on ‘yellow media’ which I’m not a member of nor even talked about on this space.

          Just look back at the title of this piece and nowhere you would see ‘yellow media’ even insinuated on it.

          This piece talked about our reaction or idea regarding Duterte’s conduct in international gathering which I happened to expressed my opposing idea with.

          So, yes, you are guilty of diversion. However, unlike you, I’m not going to call you dumb I’ll just say you are ducking the issue.

        12. Birds Eye Benny,

          Don’t patronize me, Motherfucker, for having somewhat of a brain and good intention. Then turn around by saying I need to wake up from whatever coma I’m in. You and Tell It Like It Is (I believe you’re one and the same), Pallcertus, and TheVoiceofTreason (Nostradumbass) need to stop inhaling that conspiracy theory bullshit you’re smoking and come out of the self-induced coma you’ve put yourselves in before it’s too late.


    2. Bullshit.

      The office of the presidency, as debated and deliberated upon by the American founding fathers, was crafted to fit constrasting leadership styles — even someone so tactless in his speeches and questionable in his methods in dealing with pressing problems as Duterte has proven himself to be can and should be accommodated, so long as he doesn’t commit anything impeachable.

      It is to Duterte’s credit that he has not done anything that would rip apart the fabric of the 1987 Constitution — that he has stayed true to his promise to respect the limits of his presidency (though I am aware that there are people itching to do away with Pinoy democracy with all its excesses and inconveniences and impracticalities, convinced as they are that they alone hold the secrets to lasting peace and progress.)

  16. Matagal na tayong lost case, simula maupo mga Aquino. Puro PR lang ang gobyerno at sa likod ay plunder nila ang hinalang plunder ng iba – pati na rin yung bago pang pwedeng i-plunder.

    Mas gusto ko itong katotohanan na imumura ni Du30 kaysa BS ng mga dilaw.

    1. I don’t like De Lima because she’s guilty as hell of what she’s being accused of; but, I wouldn’t put too much trust in what Enrile, or Ramos, has to say either. These two remnants of the Martial Law, turned Aquino supporters, are both chameleons and will readily change colors (allegiance) at the drop of a hat. Oligarch Enrile has been raping the country since 1986, too.

      1. Guilty?
        Better go tell the senate then.
        Trial by media much…?
        Yeah your opinion gets ignored in real life so u hope u can get an audience here.
        This is why there should be a psychiatric test as well as an intelligence exam in order to have the right to vote.
        Luckily u will never need it to have an opinion…that way we can all get a big laugh out of you.

        1. Aquino should had had a Psychiatric exam and IQ/EQ test, before he would had allowed to run as President !

          I believe , Aquino would not had passed both. Even one of his YellowTards, defending him would not had passed both !

        1. I’m only counting the time he switched sides to the Yellow Party. That’s when the quality of life for the Filipino people started to deteriorate. Any raping that Enrile had done prior to 1986 was acceptable because the life of the Filipino people was still good.

        2. Heh, I doubt it. He would’nt have betrayed Pres. F Marcos together with Ramos if they have been allowed or left to rape the country….

          Just face it, they were probably bribed by the Yellows Liberal Party of the Aquino’s like shares or fortunes or what not….

          Sadly it cost them the destruction and proliferation of poverty, crime, corruption,drugs, or whatever you can think of and put the Philippines from being one of the top (Tiger of Asia) down to the worst country in the world….

          It took them 30 years to regret/realize what they have done. Hopefully they can do something about it by revealing the truth about these YELLOWS LIES/FALSE/HOCUS POCUS information on the public of why Martial Law was declared since they themselves were personally there who have agreed with it….

          The Philippines was in a State of Rebelion/Invasion by CPP-NPA/MILF lead by the “TRAITOR” Aquino & Sison colaborating with Malaysia & China for their supplies, so “MArtial Law” was legal at stated in the Rule of Law inorder to prevent the destruction of the Philippine Government being taken over by these Communist Party which was successful….

        3. @Aeta, So you ignore crimes while Enrile was under Marcos? WTF? A crime against the people is a crime against the people, no matter who the President is. Your biased opinions BLIND you. You are definitely a BLIND MORON. I’d say GET A CLUE, but your to BLIND to figure it out.

        4. Any raping that Enrile had done prior to 1986 was acceptable because the life of the Filipino people was still good. – Aeta
          Rape (in any other form) acceptable? Rape erases consent and forces the victim to submit to a violent act. By its very term it is unacceptable and barbaric.

          I don’t think the line above will get support from anybody here simply because it doesn’t make sense. ????

    1. From Wikipedia —

      “The Daily Stormer is an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist news and commentary website.”

      — and now I back away. Far, far away.

      1. And just in case some of you aren’t interested in seeing the site itself, here are a few choice headlines:

        “Hardcore Russian Anti-Faggot Documentary”
        “Homo Erectus President of America Defends Anti-American Negroid Quarterback!”
        “Miss Japan Not Japanese — Again”

      2. Yeah, brown supremacists keep out of Neo-Nazi sites. Here’s the link that will turn Pinoys into the Brown Superpower race…

        Do you need extra money? –> start HERE

        The best things in life are free; except there’s a catch for Juan T, unfortunately.

        1. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m not a bigot.

          I frankly think it ridiculous that people are so obsessed with such evolutionary non-entities like “race” and allow it to rule their lives, valuing themselves and others by how pale or brown or black or whatever else they are, and hurting and killing them by these valuations.

        2. Intolerance to bigotry/racists makes you a bigot Pal. You should ask for more of that impeccable logic juice Benign0 offers.

          Me – I’m biased towards Zaxxun Creed adherents. Regardless of race, the same rules apply: Integrity is supreme. Action defines character. Relentless improvement drives success.

          My low tolerance for frauds makes me one of the biggest bigots here. No room for cheats and corruptors in my world.

        3. My tolerance has limits.

          I may respect your right to free speech — when I say I’m a democrat, I mean it — and appreciate your finer points as a person apart from your bigotry, but I will not hesitate to think dimly of the sort of bigotry that makes you flock to sites that mock your claims to a respect for meritocracy (“action defines behavior”) and say so.

        4. Nah, you’re just a tree hugging hippie. Go back to your liberal college campus and smoke joints with your friends while playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” on an endless loop.

  17. “I’m talking about the “Yellow Media” here, who uses any ounce of criticism just to destroy Duterte.” – Anon
    Another line where we can agree to disagree.

    Look, any leader in an open and democratic society will get to be criticized no matter what. That’s the nature of the beast. But criticism per se does not, could not and will not destroy you. Critical reaction are part of democratic process. Nobody are immune or safe or exempted from criticisms. Why be allergic to it?

    Also, the one being criticized has all the right to defend himself by counter-offering his own version and facts of a case. Everybody gets to have a chance to express and register their points of view.

    We have a vibrant democratic society, hence, it’s not surprising to see criticisms and critics all over the place.

    Unless you want a dictatorship, you have to live with it. : )

        1. Whose feelings? Please. You think (a notch above) ape level behavior and mentality deserve your idea of freedom? Even with education look what most Pinoys do. Sounds like you’re the crybaby type.

      1. And that’s the sad part. Authoritarians, wannabe or not, are weak and lousy debaters. They cannot argue properly and have a tendency to whine their way out of an argument. : )

        1. Wow. Such a sound argument from this flock. They seem to judge all authoritarians to be the same. Wala man lang spectrum. Ang galing, sophisticated ng pag-iisip. Parang LP lang.

        2. Actually, it would be good if you share with us how you would deal with the drug problem, corruption, and terrorism. Come on, you must have something up your sleeve since you seem to be educated or some sort. You’d be contributing a solution apart from the criticisms you throw in here. Who knows, you might even earn some respect.

        3. “They seem to judge all authoritarians to be the same. Wala man lang spectrum.”

          Given time constraints, I won’t be able to elaborate for now, but let me start by saying that there is a world of difference between an Ataturk and a Kim (doesn’t matter if it’s Il-sung or Jong-il or Jong-un — they’re all fucking douchebags).

          “Actually, it would be good if you share with us how you would deal with the drug problem, corruption, and terrorism.”

          Ctrl-F my name, you’d find my own suggestion vis-a-vis the drug problem.

          Fire away.

  18. all we know all pilipinos we’re goin’ to have a joyous christmas and a happy new year. prelude to that, a celebration of fireworks display once the XXX queen goes to jail….hahahaha!

  19. Should we be worried about Pres. Duterte’s conduct at international gatherings?

    I think we should be more alarmed than worried. Filipinos, in the history of the Republic, have treated and gave the Office of the President respect and formality it deserved if not outright veneration. We may have hated with disdain, protested against and a couple times forced out the person who occupies it because of corruption, abuse of power, etc. but we continue to be enamored with the Office. We continue to separate the office from the person because we don’t see it as one and the same.

    As a matter of fact, all those who occupied the Office in the past have treated the Office with traditional deference and pomp that it properly deserved by acting with utmost formality regarding the rules of convention and etiquette. Regardless of whether it’s a bar topnotcher like Ferdinand Marcos or a movie actor icon like Erap Estrada controlling the helm of the Office, the code of polite behavior have always been equally and prominently observed.

    I cannot think of any former president who deemed to have ignored what the Office symbolizes and disregard its positive influence by sheer arrogance and hubris as what Pres. Duterte has been doing. No one in distant and recent memory who have occupied Malacanang Palace utter cuss words such as putang-ina, leche, tarantado, among others with impunity and personal gusto.

    It’s really alarming to see and hear a head of state talk and conduct himself in an arrogant manner and crass attitude. A conduct that borders on bully mentality and aggressive temperament. A quality that we do not wish to see in a respectable leader.

    I have to admit, Duterte’s behavior have been an effective tool for him in that little corner in Davao. He was able to run his city with an iron hand and brutal policy. As a mayor, he’s not to be bothered by any activity outside the boundary of his authority. If it’s another city or municipality that’s involved, he could care less because as far as he is concern, it’s Davao City and nothing else. With such physical boundary and limitless authority confined and concentrated in a single city, it’s natural that he can practically exercise power, act with impunity and conduct himself based on his own standard.

    But he doesn’t have that kind of environment now. He’s no longer a mayor of a city but a president of a country. He has to calibrate his comfort level with regard to conduct in office in a different way than when he was still a mayor. It’s apparent that he’s trying to maintain his braggadocio attitude, the arrogance and careless conduct thinking he can wing himself in office. If he insist on it, he’ll continue to drag the country towards embarrassment in the international stage.

    Worse, if the world will not accord him the respect his office deserved and continues to make controversial statements we’ll end up as the laughingstock and be subject to ridicule and butt of jokes in the community of nations. 🙁

    1. Everyone should be worried.
      Bit more so if your president is a 71 year old loose canon with very little diplomatic experience and known to be a bit loose.
      He is playing but the chinese and the americans and i think he is close to over playing his hand

  20. Whatever Pres. Duterte wear does not matter. – Hyden Toro

    I only request that Pres. Duterte, should dress well in such occasions. – Hyden Toro

    I call that speaking on both sides of the mouth. ????

    1. @gnogid:

      gnogid comments –

      ” I call that speaking on both sides of the mouth.”


      What is wrong with it ? Does that hurt you, idiot YellowTard ?

      1. What is wrong with it ? Does that hurt you – Hyden Toro

        No, it just proved that you are indeed a liar.

        End of conversation, sir. : (

        1. @gnogid:

          gnogid comment –

          “No, it just prove you are indeed a liar.”

          Answer :

          A YellowTard idiot trying to demonize me ? Go on idiot…I don’t care !

          You are a stinking YellowTard liar, because you hide here in GRP; but, in truth, you are a paid hack of Aquino and his cahoots.

          What can you gain by demonizing me, idiot ?

          People will not read my blogs ?

          I don’t care, if people will not read my blogs. It’s not my problem…

          Or, you want people to read your blogs, and believe in you ? Try harder to convince people, YellowTard idiot !

          What you are doing will not save De Lima and Aquino, from their legal troubles. They surely will go to jail…even, if people will not read my blogs !

          Consult a Psychiatrist, or go to the National Mental Hospital, before things will be too late for you ! You are suffering from a severe case of paranoia !

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