Not even the Donald can Trump Filipino hypersensitivity!


Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States (POTUS), caught the ire of the Filipino community recently, when he mentioned Filipinos in a speech as one among a bunch of “terrorist nations”.

The Donald did get something partially right: dealing with Filipinos is like dealing with a bunch of animals.

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I haven’t heard Trump apologize yet. I’m not holding my breath.

Balat-sibuyas Filipinos over-reacting to anything that either paints them in a bad light, or perceivably mocks an entity they hold dear, is nothing new. As the presidential campaign in the United States has been showing, neither is Donald Trump’s making provocative, outrageous, even insufferable remarks about non-white ethnic groups. Both of these statements hold true, regardless of the truthfulness of the statements against Filipinos, and/or Trump’s remarks.

In fact, in the Philippines, such insults to “Filipino Pride” can go as far as to provoke substantial reactions from its lawmakers and elected officials. Claire Danes was banned from Manila. Alec Baldwin was deemed “an undesirable alien”, and threatened to be beaten up by a Philippine senator no less! A lawmaker also proposed to ban Justin Bieber from the Philippines for “mocking” Manny Pacquiao’s 2012 loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

The latest addition to the list of collective idiocy? Congressman Joey Salceda is calling for the Donald to be barred from entering the Philippines. “Inimical to the national interest” is a phrase the lawmaker used in his house resolution.

Count on Filipinos to make a mountain out of a molehill indeed. It is an issue that does not and is not supposed to exist.

There is, of course, a bigger picture issue here at stake than just wounded Filipino Pride, and it has more potential to be “inimical to the national interest” more than Trump’s remarks could ever be:

What will Filipinos do if Donald Trump becomes POTUS?

The first thing that gets hit hard, if a POTUS Trump calls for Filipinos in America to be among the banned and deported, should be fairly obvious: Overseas contract worker (OCW) remittances, and all sorts of things Filipinos send home from the States. What’s worse, Filipinos who went to the States to look for better opportunities that are unavailable back home, will have to try their luck somewhere else, or go back to the Philippines.

The prospect of a President Donald Trump is very real. The race with rival Hillary Clinton is still too close to call and is still anybody’s game. There are still roughly three months left before Americans go to the polls in November. A Trump victory will be another dot in the recent string of the rise of anti-establishment leaders in different parts of the world. Brexit, Duterte here in the Philippines, Widodo in Indonesia, and a few other countries stand as examples of this.

Make no mistake about it. Trump has been rather vocal about his dislike for immigrants in general, and his calls to “make America great again” by rousing anti-immigrant sentiment have roused support among angry white voters. Among this group, Muslim immigrants receive a substantial part of his vitriol; he has called for a ban on their entry into the United States, due to the perceived terrorist threat they pose.

Unfortunately for us, the Philippines is in this “exclusive” group.

Combining a ban on additional immigrants with deportation of illegal immigrants already within US borders isn’t too far-fetched for him. It remains unclear, however, whether a Trump administration will actually just do a blanket deportation of non-white US residents. He is simply too unpredictable at this moment.

The next thing Filipinos should seriously be thinking about, under a potential Trump presidency, is the military firepower they have come to hopelessly depend on for national defense.

The Donald has made it very clear that he intends to make his allies and neighbors pay for the protection that America provides. Hell, he even intends to make a wall on the Mexican border and make them cough up the dough to pay for it!

The Philippines simply does not have money to pay for hardware. This couldn’t be at a worse time, especially since tensions in the contested islands in the South China Sea haven’t really cooled down.

Donald Trump feels the urge to answer every bit of criticism thrown his way. Imagine if he and BS Aquino were president at the same time: panipisan ng balat. Who would have gone crybaby first? But I digress…

Looking to sooth wounded pride is a horribly short-sighted action for a country forever dependent on the United States like the Philippines. Thinking about the long-term implications of their actions, and swallowing their pride for the greater, more reasonable good, are not in their skill set.

The Philippines needs the United States disproportionately more than it needs us, regardless of who the presidents of both countries are. That is not going to change for a long time, even under the current Duterte presidency. It would do the Philippines good to look for alternatives to being dependent on Uncle Sam, especially since the latter has been showing signs of growing instability and resentment against immigrant and non-white ethnicities.

40 Replies to “Not even the Donald can Trump Filipino hypersensitivity!”

  1. The ironic thing here is that Filipinos love to tease other people regardless of how insensitive their remarks are, yet they cry foul whenever someone does so in return. ‘Ang Pikon, Talo.’ Yeah, sure. That’s what they all love to say. Whenever they see someone weak and timid, they can say whatever they want but when it’s someone twice their size, they automatically become the biggest pussies in the world.

  2. what the heck they’re talking about in the senate to properly arrange the judicial system? they have 6 years to do that and instead they cooked shabu. reinstate the dead penalty right away. it’s both deterance and retribution. stop drugs and bestowed the crime he/she committed as punishment to them. death penalty is the weapon for a change. those who derails the death penalty are the ones themselves knew they committed a crime punishable by death.

  3. The Donald, Trump will always be Trump. Like Duterte,will always be Duterte… they are both brutally frank.

    The Philippines, has the Abu Sayaff Terrorist Group, beheading foreign hostages. Some of us are really terrorists. A large portion of us, are drug traffickers. Including members of the Police and government officials. Some are members of the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug crime syndicate…

    What Filipino Pride, we are talking about ? There is none ! Our Filipino Pride is just a fantasy, made by self serving politicians, who want our votes !

  4. “Filipinos who went to the States to look for better opportunities that are unavailable back home, will have to try their luck somewhere else, or go back to the Philippines.”

    Filipinos who are here legally (so all the other nationals) enjoy the same things that Americans enjoy. IF they become Naturalized they will enjoy the rights and responsibilities that all citizens—both Americans by birth and by choice—should exercise, honor, and respect. So i think the paragraph above applies to those who are here who have overstayed their welcome, or who are milking the system.

  5. Donald Trump is right. The Philippines is a terrorist nation—and a free-loading nation that “wants [its] cake and eat it, too.” Our fucked up and hypersensitive people need to accept that fact, get over it, and move on—which they will as soon as the time comes when we need the United States’ assistance again.

    1. I agree. The Philippines needs a navy, so it can protect itself. The congressman who wants Trump banned is the same one who will come begging to him ( or any U.S. President) if another country bullies the country. The problem with dependency is the Philippines needs to beg other countries for help, which means they have no autonomy.

  6. from Facebook:

    Victoria V. Ferro
    15 hrs · Redwood City, CA ·

    I wanted to know the truth about what was being reported as Trump’s supposed blanket statement about seeing the Philippines as a terror nation so I searched for the source media. I read the articles on Washington Post with the narrative but which did not show the transcript of the speech or its context. I found the source media as Trump’s rally speech on August 4, 2016 (unforgettable because that date is my golden birthday) held in Portland, Maine. As is my practice, I listen to/watch the entire speech to know context and when I heard the “offending” portion, I rewinded it twice to listen carefully and wrote a rough transcript as follows:
    “A legal resident who came from the Philippines was convicted for joining the Al Qaeda and the Taliban, plotting to kill as many Americans as possible.”
    That’s it. That’s all Donald Trump said. The idea is that even legal immigrants who were poorly vetted and allowed into the country as citizens can pose a threat to national security. He said it could be a big trojan horse. He did not actually single out the Philippines, he only mentioned the case as an example of a number of cases that proved his point with offenders from Morocco, Uzbekhistan, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen.
    Trump makes a good point. The Orlando, Florida and San Bernardino, CA terrorists were US Citizens!
    Also if you watched any of Maria Ressa’s (Rappler CEO) exposes (noun not verb) while she was still lead investigative reporter at CNN, it is well within the realm of possibility that there might still be terror cells in the Philippines with possible links to Al Qaeda. We have not exactly lived terror-less in the Philippines. So it is plausible that a radicalized Muslim based in the Philippines might enter the US in a benign fashion but with intentions to expand the Islamic Caliphate.
    So no, I am far from offended. Trump was correct in what he said. I wish though that he also mentioned that many white Americans and Americans who have long been in US residence can be radicalized, and many are, so one doesn’t necessarily have to come from another country to become a terrorist. On the other hand, radicalization does not happen in a vacuum and someone persuasive would have made the case to unwitting converts. That someone would likely have been influenced by a culture/tribe/nation with at least a subset population that embraces Jihad.
    ‪#‎QuestionMSM‬ ‪#‎GoToTheSource‬ ‪#‎TrumpPence2016‬

    *Please watch Clinton Cash. Every nation she touches suffer greatly. Don’t let her touch the Philippines.

    1. Thanks, now i dont have to do any deeper digging to find out what he really said. the statement “The ph is a terrorist nation” hits a big red flag as no one is in right mind (running for potus nonetheless) would choose such words so poorly.

    2. Yes Hillary Clinton is a warmonger, who is responsible for blowing up Libya, leading to Isis taking over. She accepts money from Wall Street firms, that she wants to protect; she supports the TPP, which will lead to more outsourcing. She is against the reinstatement of Glass Steagall because, again, Wall Street is more important than the American people. She also accepts money from countries with horrible human rights records. She is so concerned about womens’ rights; that’s why she accepts money from these women-enslaving, Middle Eastern countries.

    1. Clinton Cash is a political propaganda wheel and NOT a documentary! Complete GARBAGE.

      Aside from being a dilettante film which seems to have been made in moms garage, by some misguided high school kids, the film is just full of made up things. Nothing is ever referenced, they just bombard the viewer with misinformation. It’s not about facts, but about Republican opinions. This falls under “fiction” and I urge you to do your research about the people who produced the film. Republican nut jobs!

      If you believe the crap in this movie, you also believe that Star Wars was filmed in space.

      1. Are you denying that Hillary Clinton gets major donations from Wall Street firms, and major corporations? Are you denying that, according to the New York Times and other records, the Clinton foundation has received millions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries?

        1. I’m denying the term “documentary” for this shit-flick. It’s not Frontline, or anything that has even “half” a reputation when it comes to in-depth research and journalism.

          Peter Schweizer has an ill-famed history of reporting marked by errors and retractions, with numerous reporters condemning him for facts that do not check out, sources that do not exist and a basic failure to practice Journalism 101. Schweizer is a republican activist and strategist.

          The book and the film draw connections and conclusions that aren’t solid and make impossible to prove assumptions.

          By the way, the film was produced by the executive chairman of Breitbart (a right-wing rag), and the film production company Glittering Steel LLC has taken donations from groups such as “Keep The Promise”, which is a pro-Ted Cruz super-PAC.

  7. Trump like Prez Du30 are concerned about rising terrorism funded by Drug syndicates. Philippines is now a global threat since our government is notorious as the biggest criminal syndicates in Asia. Filipinos lacks education, lacks vision , concern and social responsibility. Filipinos are trained to be terrorist from birth. There is no question about it.

  8. This article is a hyperbolic piece, filled with distortions. Trump is against immigrants? Wrong, this is right from the corporate, Hillary Clinton worshipping media. Trump is against ILLEGAL aliens, not legal immigrants. Why can’t people use words correctly? What is wrong with language?

    Should foreigners be offended that the Philippines won’t let them buy land there? Is that ethnic bigotry, or the Philippines wanting to protect their culture? Why don’t you mention this? America allows one million immigrants in legally each year, and they can work, buy a house, property, etc. Why does the Philippines do this to foreigners/ immigrants? Why not discuss this?

    Secondly, he did not refer to Filipinos as animals; he referred to terrorists who would be sleepers and kill Americans. America has the most generous immigration policy and lets in a million legal immigrants every year. How many does the Philippines let in? You sound like an anti-American bigot.

    Third, a country has a right to enforce its border and laws. If you are anti-American – like many Clinton supporters – you believe in open borders and no laws. Yeah, let all people in and turn America into a 3rd world shithole; sounds good. Southern California, and many other places, is already a shithole in many areas, due to Central American immigrants, who are poor, on welfare, and breed like rabbits.

    What does Mexico (again, and the Philippines) do to its illegal aliens? Prison. America? They get welfare, free medical care, free food, and incredibly humane treatment. Many are sick of them exploiting the country and mooching. Illegal aliens ought to be deported for violating federal law. Again, any other country either deports, imprisons, or (I think) executes illegal immigrants. When Trump or anyone suggests America should follow its laws like Mexico and the Philippines, he is labelled a xenophobic bigot. See how this bullshit works?

    Another correction: he called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants, not permanent. Seeing as Muslims are responsible for most terrorist attacks in the world, and Sharia Law is not compatible with U.S. law, that makes sense.

    Hillary Clinton is the racist. Why don’t you talk about how Hillary Clinton referred to black men as super-predators, and also said they should be made to heel, as in heel like a dog. Why not talk about how, in 2004, Hillary Clinton joked that Gandhi used to run a gas station. This was an ethnic joke about immigrants from India, some of whom run gas stations and convenience stores. You won’t because you follow the leftist media, who attack Trump and cover for her. Clinton is a racist toward minority ethnic groups.

    Trump is a moron who says dumb things. I will not vote for him. I sure as hell won’t vote for racist liar Clinton, either.

    1. Edit: Not sure if Philippines imprisons illegals – but they sure blacklist and deport them. How horrible that the country follows immigration laws!!

      1. They do. The BI prison is one of the most notorious on the planet. Immigrants can be imprisoned there without trial, without access to lawyers or the courts, and without the option of instant deportation. The inmates may or may not be guilty of anything.

        As usual, it’s a variant of the “give me pesos siiiirrrr and we’ll forget this ever happened” routine. Pinoy pride!

    2. Get your head on straight. You are either a Yank or a subservient Pinoy. Anybody who is not “anti (US!) “American” should go out and learn unbiased history ASAP, not the lies they teach in Pinoy or Yank “schools”.
      USA is the biggest terror state and cause and creator of many of these gangs. It is a country of social failure, lies and violence. In effect, it has murdered 25 million people since 1946 with all its wars.
      Guess you love also to ignore the invasion of the Philippines by that US of A… your lovely country. Why anybody, unless desperate would want to that US of A is beyond me. Get some pride.

      1. What the hell are you talking about? Did you read the article? Obviously not. Your red herring statements regarding U.S. foreign policy have nothing to do with the article about Trump. You need to get your head on straight and learn reading comprehension.

  9. “Inimical to the national interest” is a phrase the lawmaker used in his house resolution.

    He might actually be on to something. How about simply declaring as “persona non grata” those 50 or 60 million Filipinos whose laziness, criminal behaviour or personality issues are “inimical to the national interest”?

    They may leave in their own good time for countries more suited to their talents. Somalia, say.

  10. Filipino’s are even more sensitive than the Niggers in the States….it is really quite comical and sometimes even deadly. A friend was murdered for saying something to a guy that had insulted him.Murdered over basically nothing.Now my friend is gone, and the shithead that murdered him is in a maximum security philippines prison.Some dumb shit,really.

    1. Tell it like it is,

      This is true. Filipinos and American Blacks share a similar characteristic: both came from tribal cultures that are bent on destroying each other for petty reasons (mainly pride), instead of setting their differences aside and working together to become a superior people.

      Historically speaking, all indigenous people (North and South American Indians, Australian Aborigines, and Malayans of the Far East) were divided by their respective tribes and cultures, that made it possible for the White Man and other superior race to conquer them.


      1. @ Aeta, Believe me,I know…its about time some of what I/we have stated here was believed….. and more importantly understood.

        1. Pallacertus,

          Nah, I just call spade as spade, in spite of what the historical books you’ve read said.


  11. Victim-blaming again, aren’t we, GRP? But that’s only to be expected — what is unexpected is GRP stooping so low as to actually defend Trump and tolerate his bullshit just because he’s fresh! he’s real! and he’s pissing the fuck out of everyone!

    1. Pallacertus,

      You’re the only who’s getting pissed off at what Trump said about the Philippines. Filipinos need to put less emphasis on their empty Pinoy Pride.


      1. Please.

        This is less about this country at this point and more about Trump and his ill-informed bullying dipshit jackass ways as he tralalas his way — not to the Oval Office but to the Castro or to jail. (His choice.)

        When you’re confronted with a bully, when you’re being smeared by a bully, when you’re hit by a bully, a bully who’s all lies and hot air, it’s only right and proper and sane to hit back with all your might.

        1. Pallacertus,

          I’m not a fan of Trump nor Clinton, but what the former said about the Philippines being a terrorist country makes sense. That’s all I’m agreeing on. This is not bullying; instead it’s about presidential candidate who made an accurate statement about the Philippines being a breeding ground for terrorists. That’s all. No need to get hyper-sensitive about it.


  12. “The first thing that gets hit hard, if a POTUS Trump calls for Filipinos in America to be among the banned and deported, should be fairly obvious: Overseas contract worker (OCW) remittances, and all sorts of things Filipinos send home from the States. What’s worse, Filipinos who went to the States to look for better opportunities that are unavailable back home, will have to try their luck somewhere else, or go back to the Philippines.” – And this is why it is more than high time already that we open up our economy to foreign investors so that more jobs will flow in here should this happen. And if there are people who are still opposed to this (especially those commietard protectionists like Casiño, Colmenares, Bobo Muna, Akbobo, AnakBobo, etc), then they deserve their fate of having a hard time looking for jobs and other inconveniences…….

    1. For one thing, the POTUS does not have the power to deport people from a certain country just because he doesn’t like them. Nor can he deport or ban people because of their religion.

      On HUUUUUGE (in the suddenly relevant words of the Dumpster) disparity is that a Pinoy can go to America and buy a house and the land it sits on with no legal impediments, so why can’t I buy a house and the lot it is on for me to own free and clear?

      1. Yes, That is that Filipino bullshit right there. You’ll never get a legitimate title if you buy land/house in the country. Don’t even waste your time looking into it. You can just pay $500-$850/month to live on the beach.WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CONSIDER DOING SOMETHING ELSE IN THE IDIOTIC COUNTRY called the Philippines ?

        1. …. yeah, but make sure you don’t live next door to them, with all their kids, loudness and rabid dogs. Ignorant, backwards people.

  13. Some people look for the obvious and make decisions based on that. However, sensitive people look for the subtle things in life. They observe what is missed, overlooked and rarely observed by others. They dwell at a deeper level of perception that clings to signs, body language and what is left unspoken. They are observers that will trust their instinct first over any fact or well delivered speech.

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