Leila’s Dilemma: To Lie or To Hide

Bilibid or not! The national penitentiary (the “New” Bilibid Prison) at the heart of Imperial Manila, the supposedly most secure (i.e., MAXIMUM security) facility on the face of the republic for incarcerating the worst criminals in this corner of the planet and thereby ensuring the public these scumbags CAN NEVER EVER cause any more trouble in Philippine society again, had become the Command Center of the top drug lords of the country under the watch of then Justice Secretary and Noynoy’s trusted appointee… newly elected senator Leila De Lima.

The series of videos below shows damning evidence proving the culpability of this woman, which eats at the very foundations of her integrity and competence for public service.  Sit down, relax and enjoy the show – as usual totally appalling comedy that can only be made possible in a country overrun by dysfunctional idiots.

It can only take a President like Rody Duterte who has the political will, valor and basic common sense to go up against these dark forces (such as this woman), in order to dismantle the complex drug network in the country, which had only flourished practically unhampered by the previous administration’s incompetent lineup of Noynoy-hand-picked bozos.

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The videos speak for themselves, so I will no longer reiterate the details. The point is to make the woman behind this unbelievable fiasco answer for all this mess. At this point, Leila De Lima has two choices: To continue to LIE and sing LALA to cover her naked exposed ass and assume all is well, or to start hiding like the rest of the generals, congressmen and mayors who have been bribery-bought protectors of these drug syndicates all these years.

My advise to Leila De Lima: tama na panloloko mo ng taong bayan, magtago ka na sa DILIM.

1. DE LIMA nahuling NAGSISINUNGALING tungol sa droga sa Bilibid


2. Leila de Lima, bagsak ang grado sa pagsupil ng droga sa Bilibid!


3. Drug Lord Herbert Colangco inaming nagbabayad sila ng 7 million pesos for protection sa mga generals!

Note: Herbert Colanco who you see going “elbow-to-elbow” with De Lima in the formal gathering in video #1 is one of the top 3 drug lords (video #3) that had been operating their command center and enjoying first-class accommodations in the national penitentiary. Credit goes to all the video posters and network news agencies for the above exposés.

20 Replies to “Leila’s Dilemma: To Lie or To Hide”

    1. Filipinos are never held responsible for anything, Jim. It starts with their parents and continues through school, so that the average Filipino (a) believes everything is somebody else’s fault and (b) if he’s accused of something, the other person is automatically wrong.

      How can you hold someone “responsible” when the word has basically lost all meaning in Filipino culture? Have you ever heard a Filipino apologize for screwing up, or say: “That was my fault. What can I do to make it right?”.

      1. Not yet Marius, not yet.
        Sorry to say, but you are right.

        Even if they are caught with their hand inside the cookie jar, they are all suffering from the Bart Simpson symptom which makes them say, “I Didn’t Do It!”.

      2. Sure there’s that President Gloria “I am sorry” message to the Filipino people. Never heard any President or Dictator, say it in those exact words maybe Pres. Clinton for the Monica blowjob affair, but it came off as I made bad judgement, forgive my indiscretion cop-out.

  1. The evidences against: De Lima, Aquino, the corrupt Police , Jail guards, Bilibid Prison Jail officials,etc…are already overwhelming. Witnesses have given their depositions.

    Pakanta kanta pa ang hayop na De Lima…siguro yumaman ito ng husto, at the expense and suffering of Filipinos…

    Prosecute these Evil people, including Aquino. If they need to hang…Hang them high ! Root out the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia syndicate in our country !
    The videos are good evidences in the prosecution of these cases.

    I grieve for my country, that this evil has come to our people…brought by the wickedness of : Aquino, De Lima and their cahoots. They are like Judas Iscariote, who sold , his master : Jesus Christ, for thirty pieces of silver !

  2. Aquino, De Lima, the Bilibid Prison Guards, the Bilibid Prison officials, the YellowTard Media who defends them; the YellowTard Bloggers here in GRP, who are defending them; and their cahoots, etc…are the PERSONIFICATIONS of EVIL, in our country. They have no consciences, and their souls are sold to Satan the Devil. Their God is Mammon/ Money !

    Crookedness with Self Respect !

  3. Leila De Lima, what did you do about the following picture of overcrowded jails during your watch? Is this your definition of human rights? Many of these people have not even been convicted! and they have been languishing in deplorable subhuman conditions for years and even decades…


    Sometime soon, you will likely find yourself wallowing in the middle of this hell hole you have allowed to persist.

    Corruptors fall!

    1. Sometime soon, you will likely find yourself wallowing in the middle of this hell hole you have allowed to persist.

      Not so sure about that zaxx.

      My bet is that she’ll get a slap on the wrist, and a year or two later she’ll be elected – without even rigging anything – as a mayor, governor, or senator because she “deserves a second chance” and “she has a good heart”.

      Pinoy pride!

      Actually I think HydenToro is correct. There are a lot of people in the Philippines who worship the Lord of the Flies, and the devil does look after his own.

      1. Well, if not that hell hole, then maybe the Korean version of Dante’s Inferno.

        But yeah, you’re probably right marius; many Filipinos wiill keep electing their own kind, created in their own Devil’s image.

        And we can’t really pin our hopes on the Pinoy brand of justice which rather than being blind has x-ray vision to see through to how much the accused has in his wallet.

        1. hahaha the Koreans had to invent their own version of Hell, eh? Foreigner version not good enough 🙂

          The Philippines suffers from what anthropologists call “moral inversion”: what is (objectively) good is frowned upon, and what is evil is taught as right and proper. In that environment, it’s unlikely the justice system (or anything else) could ever work properly.

        2. Yeah it’s the Korean superpower mentality: iPhone/Toyota no good; Samsung Galaxy / Hyundai the best.

          Moral inversion is very difficult to correct esp. if it’s already been ingrained in the national psyche for generations. We should just replace the inhabitants with Koreans.

          Ok folks start inter-marrying with Koreans. I think Koreans and Pinoys are the best pair of nationalities to be partners – we have totally no historical baggage to weigh our relationship down and we both claim to be the only predominantly Christian countries on this part of the globe. In fact I have 2 Pinoy friends who married Koreans. It’s getting popular actually. Win-win don’t you think?

          Don’t mind it if your halfy kids won’t understand Eat Bulaga; just think of the next generation if their mother is a Korean – you’ll be generating disciplined achievers.

          Koreans love to Skype with Pinoys to practice their English. There’s your open door. Go for it.

  4. Not only drugs, and even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of the Failipino society in the Failippines. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we should not only test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.

  5. To be fair, shabu was being cooked during Robin Padilla’s stint in Prison.. That was way before De Lima’s time. Also the video where she was singing, it was from a Christmas party of DOJ and the guy wasn’t Herbert Colangco.
    Her only fault was not being able to completely flush out drug trade in NBP during her time.

  6. @JP:

    The high powered arms, are recently confiscated; the millions of Shabu profit pesos are there; the money counting machines are there; the communication equipment are there; the high definition TV and other expensive appliances , are there…these are confiscated , after Aquino and De Lima, left their positions. Why did these Drug Lords perks are just confiscated now ? What were Aquino and De Lima, and the rest of the officials doing , during their term of office ? Look the other way?

    De Lima was shown rubbing elbows, with a Drug Lord…

    Do not be an apologist of these scums !

    1. @zaxx:

      Be careful…these people can murder anybody, with kindness. The Chinese Triad Mafia crime syndicate can pay the best assassin with their Drug money.

      Look at what happened to Jessie Robredo. He ended up, at the bottom of the sea. A very clean work of assassination !

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