Jessy Mendiola’s haters are insecure and acting silly!


I swear, I thought the news that China had been smuggling Philippine soil from Zambales for years and used it to reclaim parts of disputed islands in the South China Sea would outrage Filipinos but lo and behold, a lot of Filipinos are more outraged by what celebrity Jessy Mendiola had to say after she was chosen by men’s magazine FHM as the nation’s “Sexiest Woman” for 2016.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but the shallowness of some Filipinos never ceases to disappoint me. They are so focused on celebrity news and hardly care about what is going on in the country. No wonder Filipino politicians can do pretty much whatever they want including killing their rivals and get away with it. Some Politicians even get away with drug trafficking or coddling drug lords for years without getting caught. Others like boxing champ and now Senator Manny Pacquiao didn’t even bother to attend sessions when he was still in Congress but still won a Senate seat. He’ll probably win as the country’s next President. But I digress…

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Going back to Jessy Mendiola, I think people should give her a break. Her statement after the publication’s “victory” party was harmless. At the end of the day, she did not insult or hurt anyone with her statement. In fact, she should be lauded for having the ability to laugh off her haters and bashers online. She seems to have a healthy attitude and can easily shrug off bullies.

I think those who say that she has become too full of herself should lighten up. It seems a lot of Filipinos are more comfortable with false humility than assertiveness coming from a woman. After all, the Philippines is still a boy’s club where women are expected to be timid and in the local vernacular “pakipot”. Most Filipinos are still shocked when a woman speaks with confidence.

Some are saying that those who are insecure are quick to find arrogance in what are no more than tongue-in-cheek statements like Mendiola’s. They have no sense of humor. At least Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach didn’t think Mendiola’s statement had malice. She said that it’s obvious that she was just ecstatic after bagging the “coveted” title, which she won fair and square. The male subscribers – those who buy the magazine for the articles (wink-wink) evadently gave her a rousing thumbs-up.

What I find really strange is how some Filipinos get too obsessed with celebrities and take everything they say too seriously. One moment they are gawking at a scantily clad woman like Mendiola and then the next they are putting her down when they think what she said is something that is not agreeable to them. If they are going to admire a person who likes parading her butt around on national television, they should be taking what that person says with a grain of salt. Seriously, why do they expect too much? Mendiola’s haters are simply acting silly.

12 Replies to “Jessy Mendiola’s haters are insecure and acting silly!”

  1. Glad I’m not alone on this issue. As I’ve said in my social media account Filipinos, esp women, have very hypocritical views. They castigate body shaming and instead encourage women to accept their flaws yet they hate it when ladies flaunt their unique body shapes. Nakikiuso lang pala sa mga body-shaming shoutouts.

  2. Jessy Mendiola for president!!! Just kidding. Anyway, what’s the issue or controversy about her & sorry if I’m not fond of local celebrity news right now unlike… at the time of Inday Badiday. Except in the case of Mocha Unson. 😐

  3. Stop defending celebrities as if they’re some kind of holy dog or sacred cow. You don’t know the real Jessy. She’s more than a mean person. That’s why she’s received bullshit from the people who already have witnessed her true color.

    1. However, I, for one, have to agree with Ms. Ilda that as arrogant as her statement may be, it is irrelevant compared to the more pressing issues at hand such as the occupation of our sovereign islands.

    2. Do you know her? I mean, I used to know Daniel Padilla in high school and he was a jerk. He may only have been mildly mean to me, but he treated one of my classmates terribly.

  4. Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.

  5. You don t crucify somebody without due process. You people are so unfair with Jessy. She works hard to attain her dreams and what you people doin? Bash her every single moment of your life. That s foul!!!

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