The status of the West Philippine Sea dispute now depends on the result of the elections in the United States


Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte has a lot to clean up after President BS Aquino leaves office this June 30. Besides traffic, political corruption, the Mindanao problem, power problems and typhoon rehabilitations, the incoming administration has a lot of problems to fix. And that includes Aquino’s failed foreign policy towards China.

What Aquino did was take an aggressive and hostile approach towards the Chinese. He issued multiple press releases, and even spoke out against China during international conferences. This normally works, but China did not buy Aquino’s bluffing. They knew that Aquino could not back up his words. The Chinese government saw Aquino for what he was — a weak, incompetent paper tiger.

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It did not help that Aquino’s American contemporary, President Barack Obama, was also perceived by China as a weak and incompetent leader. It’s almost as if the Chinese did not respect those two. In fact, Obama has recently been overthrown by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a ranking of the world’s most powerful people. It also does not help that the US is trillions of dollars in debt to China. While I do not believe that Obama is weak, perceptions are just as strong as facts. What mattered was how the Chinese viewed him.

While China was already beginning to build up its military in the early 2000s, they did not resort to actions such as taking islands in Philippine territory when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was President and when George W. Bush was US President. It rests upon the Philippines and the United States to balance against China’s growth in the Pacific region. But China will just keep pushing through until both countries have strong leaders.

The election of Rodrigo Duterte to the presidency is a step forward. So far, he has shown qualities of a strong leader. When he requested a few weeks ago that Filipinos be allowed to fish in the disputed areas, the Chinese acceded. Even though he has yet to assume office, China already respects Duterte, very much unlike the way they regard the incumbent.

What would happen next would also depend on who the United States elects as its next President. There is no reason to feel enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton because she will just continue Obama’s foreign policy, the legacy of which is an unstable Iraq and Libya, a rising China, and a nuclear Iran. Personally, I am rooting for a Republican victory this November. While inexperienced in politics, Donald Trump has shown strong leadership qualities and has strategies to counter China economically. I feel like his business experience can help gut China without having to.

I believe that the Philippines must be able to defend itself without US help. We must build our military in order to defend our archipelago against Chinese intrusion. Also, I believe Duterte has to start pursuing an independent foreign policy. But, it is imperative that we work with the United States and other Pacific nations in order to cut China’s legs from underneath.

60 Replies to “The status of the West Philippine Sea dispute now depends on the result of the elections in the United States”

  1. The status of the West Failippine Sea dispute depends on how China–and the world–sees the Fliptards as a unified people, who are ready to put their differences aside to fight both foreign and local enemies for the good of their country; or, a bunch of primitive morons running around destroying each other and compromising their country and people by being a “sellout.” If Fliptards want the respect, empathy, and support of the United States and the world, they need to start applying those traits on themselves first; and stop acting like helpless assholes waiting for their next handouts.

  2. When I type “West Philippine Sea” in the Wikipedia search box, I am redirected to “South China Sea”. Now, I am confused about what the official name is.

    1. Good lord man, learn something about how the world works. The world usually has a universally recognized name for bodies of water, but often other countries have their own local name for it and the “West Philippine Sea/South China Sea” is not alone in that respect. The “Sea of Japan” is known in Korea as “The East Sea” and if you were not simply being argumentative for the sake of arguing, you would know such things.

      1. Jerry Lynch,

        “Good lord man, learn something about how the world works….and if you were not simply being argumentative for the sake of arguing, you would know such things.”

        That what I’ve been trying to tell Robert Haighton from the get-go. He’s either deliberately trying to catch the baseball out in left field while I’m batting it to the right, or, he went out to lunch for a hotdog and drink and never came back.


        1. Aeta, I’m pretty much known for being a very loud critic of The Philippines and for finding very little to like about it in the 12 years I’ve lived here, but when I make a criticism I try to also offer some kind of solution or behavioral change that could affect things positively here.

          Mr. Haighton seems to just want to argue and did NOT even respond to my actual comments. He attacked the messenger for an unrelated perception while totally ignoring the message.

        2. Jerry Lynch,

          I’m the same way on how I feel about the Philippines. The people here have a poor grasp of reality, in sore denial whenever you point out their mistakes, and will talk themselves out of a viable solutions to their problems.

          This is why I think Robert Haighton keeps coming back to this site, and asking for more punishments from us for his unrealistic perception of the country and its people; he and the Filipinos have something in common. Delusions on how they want to see things, and not what it really is, without doing anything about it.

          Two of the most country-destructive ways Filipinos need to change about themselves are their heightened sense of self-importance and selfishness, that create more problems than solutions to their society and the way they live their lives.

          Once Filipinos learn how to be humble and learn to work together as a nation, then they would have taken the first major step on the road to recovery. Until that time happens, these people (my people) are just going to keep fooling themselves into foolhardiness and keep destroying their country at the same time.


  3. When I type “West Philippine Sea” in the Wikipedia search box, I am redirected to “South China Sea”. Google Maps also uses the name South China Sea.

    Now, I am confused about what the official name is.

    (Apologies for the almost double post)

    1. Robert,

      The internationally accepted name for that sea is “South China Sea”. The Philippines just recently renamed that to West Philippines Sea because they had a claim on it.

      Mostly their EEZ, but since there’s this fad of putting military and civilian personnel on those tiny shoals then it’s like acquiring new territories. It is so messed up that no one really knows what’s gonna happen next.

  4. Unfortunately, the Chinese (like the Americans) still haven’t figured out how to live within their own footprint. When a government can’t or won’t understand that the whole point of having national borders and sovereignty is to delineate Mine and Thine, everyone else has a big problem.

    Unfortunately, the Philippines has no military option. How is a third-world country going to build a Navy capable of covering 7000 scattered islands? We can’t even build a functioning telephone system.

    So we could do worse than set an example. The place is so overcrowded it has to send a good fraction of its populace abroad. It is completely unable to feed itself properly, despite having abundant agricultural land. Neither the government nor the people understand the concept of environmental capital or respect the many gifts that God has dumped at their feet (a good example of pearls before swine if there ever was one).

    What the country could do, then, is become an example. Look, China, you don’t need to waste time and money invading other countries. You could do this, and this, and this, and you will have fewer problems that pressurize you into expansionism.

    Never going to happen, of course. At least Duterte intends to negotiate with them. I hope he realises his hand is empty, otherwise the Chinese will be laughing behind his back as they did with Aquino.

    1. The Chinese had never laughed at Marcos; he kept Chinese influence at bay by not allowing their “Bamboo Network” to spread across the country. It was only after 1986 did the Chinese influence started spreading across the nation. Initially, by bribing their way into our politicians pockets; secondly, by investing heavily into our economy and destroying our cottage industries; and lastly, by blinding us with the glitters of an urbanized lifestyle full of shopping malls, condominiums, and automobiles.

    2. Aeta, the only way Filipinos are going to beat the Chinese is by becoming better than them. As you said above, a good start would be to stop acting like whinging assholes. If someone does nothing but complain about how unfairly they’re being treated, those who bully them respect them less, not more.

      1. Marius,

        I’m not sure what you mean by becoming better than the “Chekwas.” I’m just trying get these motherfucking Fliptards to start thinking and behaving like a nation instead of as individual opportunists, who care more about titles and status in order to outshine one another.

        Being united is the basic ingredient of a strong nation, regardless of its size. “Remember the Spartans” who fought against a much more powerful Persian army and won because they relied more on each other’s strength as much as on their individual skills?

        It was only after they’ve allowed themselves to be deluded by the gluttonous and amorous lifestyle of the Greeks did the Spartans lose their fighting spirit and sense of unity; their complacency became their own end.

        We Fliptards should learn from the story of the Spartans, by appreciating and preserving our simple way of life instead of trying to emulate other more advanced culture before we’re ready, just so we can feel more socially sophisticated and appear as “world class” material.

        The cost of our desire for individual notoriety is to become a “sellout” to our own country and people.


        1. Dear Aeta,
          “We Fliptards should learn from the story of the Spartans, by appreciating and preserving our simple way of life instead of trying to emulate other more advanced culture before we’re ready, just so we can feel more socially sophisticated and appear as “world class” material.”

          Why wait? Why dont YOU start yourself trying to emulate other more advanced cultures; be more socially sophisticated and BE (not appear) more world class material.
          Why wait? I dont think you are still 12 years young today. So you can make that change today for yourself!
          You have evrything covered, you know it all. The transition for you should and must be easy.

        2. Trying to regress into spear chuckers so as to go toe to toe with China’s military might is not the way to go.

        3. jin,

          Who said anything about chucking spears at China’s military might? Although spear chucking may be the only option Fliptards will have left once they’ve used up their limited and outdated military arsenals against the Chinese.

          The Fliptards will have no option but to take up to the mountains and jungles and resort to guerilla warfare. That’s not regressing; it’s going back to the basics of a military strategy of not going up against a much superior force that’ll guarantee defeat.

          A smaller and weaker force has to use the escape, evade, and harass tactics in order to fight another day; and, to wear down the enemy’s resolve over time.

          This idea will take commitment and reliance on one each that Fliptards have a hard time of putting into practice because of their heightened sense of aristocracy and selfishness.


        4. Orrrr how about having a well maintained, modernized military so as to show China that the Philippines isn’t a complete doormat that doesn’t have to hide behind Uncle Sam’s coattails when things don’t go their way? You still fulfill the same purpose while not having to stoop to the level of mountain bandit tactics like what the Taliban uses on a regular basis.

        5. jin,

          I’m not going to speculate nor cry over what the Failippine armed forces could have been or should have been. What the Chekwa-loving Yellow Party should have done to strengthen their civil defense in the last 30 years is not going to happen now.

          Instead, what the Yellow Party has done is softened the grounds for the Chekwas to walk through our front door by allowing their “Bamboo Network” to manipulate our politicians, monopolize our economy, and create dissension among our military infrastructure.

          This fiasco out in South China Sea is nothing more than just icing to the cake. China literally already has a strong foothold on the entire archipelago. The Failippines is now not only China’s “doormat,” it’s also a red carpet that will be rolled out when the time comes for the Chekwas to start marching in.

          The late Ferdinand Marcos would not have allowed what the YellowTards have done to their own country. Marcos fought hard to keep Chekwa influence from spreading across the country by beefing up the military to fight against Communism. Even if Marcos knew the Failippines didn’t stand a chance of carrying on a long, protracted war against China, he still would have rallied his people to give these Chekwas a hell of a fight.


        6. Chekwas? Bamboo Network? Man, ease up on the conspiracy kool-aid. Your arguments are starting to sound like those of a far right wing nut.

          If there’s one skill authoritarian dictators have been mighty good at is showing deterrence towards its aggressors, but at the cost of so much more. Giving too much credit on Marcos is rather concerning.

        7. jin,

          You want me to ease up on the truth? I might as well retract everything I’ve said about the “Bamboo Network,” and the collaboration between the “Checkwas” and Yellow Party, and just accept your theory that the Fliptards fucked up their own country all by themselves without any help from outside forces. Then we’ll see how far your theory gets us.

          Giving Marcos too much credit should be a lot lesser concern, than declaring the Yellow Party innocent of having collaborated with the Chekwas in fleecing the country for the past 30 years; compelling the population to flee the country as expats and OFWs, and to commit social injustice on each other just to survive; while the Yellow Party of Aquinos, Cojuangcos, Lopezes, Sys, Ayalas, Gokongweis and a slew of other politicians and local/foreign businessmen enriched themselves at the country’s expense.

          Give me a fucking break. You only want to see what you want to see in order to validate your own theory that’s its all the Fliptards’ fault why their country’s a mess, instead of seeing what’s really going on both inside and outside of this country.

          I’ve got news for you. The “Bamboo Network” is alive and well and being applied very successfully in this country. Don’t be surprised if the Failippines falls easily in the hands of the Chekwas without a drop of blood being spilled by both sides. The real invasion started from within the archipelago–not from without–and the groundwork was laid out about 30 years ago.

          “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” Thus, “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
          ― Sun Tzu (The Art of War)


        8. You talk in extremes that’s the issue. Brow-beating “Fliptards” every post you write won’t matter no matter how much you pepper the truth with it. You also like to use the “us vs. them” coercion a lot, trying to lump in moderates as thinly veiled sympathizers to your enemies. Most people do not respond well to acerbic feedback so if anything, nothing is being accomplished by your aggression.

          I can see you’re frustrated, but spewing bigoted rhetoric only serves to undermine your position and dissuades like minded people who agree with your ideas.

          I’m not telling you to be more PC, but if you’re going to be taken seriously in a political discussion, then better clean up your act in language and delivery. If you take this as another blow to your ego, then that just shows the twistedness of your character.

          PS Using a quote from a “Chekwa” philosopher kinda weakens your vitriol to said “Chekwas.” Just saiyan.

        9. jin,

          Man, this whole site is about talking in extreme. If you can’t handle the brutal truth delivered in the most brutal manner then you shouldn’t be here. I’m not trying to win any political platform on this site and be expected to tailor what I say so it won’t offend anybody. I just “call a spade a spade” in the most eloquent way I know how to get my point across—even if it means stepping on few toes to do it. If you can’t handle what I say, or what anyone say for that matter, then you shouldn’t engage in dialogue with me or anybody.

          I’m not frustrated at all at all the stupidity that are going on in the Failippines; but I’m certainly going to be subtle on my “Fuck You” approach of telling every “Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane,” that has contributed to the “fucked-up-ness” of this country, just so I can convince them to see my point in a diplomatic manner. We can leave all the nice talk to mental counselors and clergies and every “smoke blower up someone’s ass” for another day.

          Right now what the Fliptards, Chekwas, and everyone that are involved in this country’s affairs need to hear is the naked truth—minus the “sugar-coating”—on what’s really going; and, if any of the readers can’t stand the heat and fail to see the light of a bright and clear day, then they need to get out of the sun and take refuge in a shade, in order to block the harsh truth glaring down at them.


        10. Let me leave you with this: Aren’t you a part of the problem because you let the Philippines turn into this state. By your unforgiving logic, it should be.

          And please, I came here not to expect a Pinoy version of Stormfront so don’t make it out like one.

        11. jin,

          I’ve never said I wasn’t a part of the problem. The fact that I’m a Fliptard—by blood and decree–already quantifies me as being a contributor to the “fucked-up-ness” of this country.

          And if you’re a Fliptard, too, then you’re also a member of the “Mickey Mouse Club.” I’m not condemning anybody in my writing; therefore, being forgiving—or unforgiving—is not necessary on my part. I’m also not trying to start a “Right Wing” or a “neo-Nazi”-style movement that you’ve accused me of.

          I’m merely stating a fact that Fliptards, Chekwas, and all the “fuckers” who have something to do with the Failippines, in any shape or form, have also contributed to the “fucked-up-ness” of this country. So forget the callousness of the messenger and just heed the message.


  5. Foreign policy is a matter of costs and benefits, not for anything else in between. International politics, like all politics, is a struggle for power.

  6. Robert,

    If you’ve read my first paragraph, you’ll realize that we Fliptards are still primitively immature to tackle the feat of emulating or competing against t more advanced nations. We can’t even get past our tribal differences of varied dialects, customs, and traditions to behave as a cohesive nation, not to mention going up toe-to-toe with other countries. Nope, unless we arrogant and selfish Fliptards stop acting as individual opportunists, we won’t stand a chance of going up against other countries; we’re just too busy trying to outshine and destroy one another.


    1. Dear Aeta,
      I didnt use the word WE, I used the word YOU (singular). So I was and am refering to you personally as individual human being; as single, one entity.

      1. Dear Robert,

        If anyone knows how my people think as Fliptards, I think I do. So my use of “We” to refer to my people will be different from your use of ” You” to refer to me or my people. It comes with the territory, sort to speak. It’s the same way when we talk about your country and people. You’ll be the expert and I the novice.


    2. Dear Aeta,
      be that pioneer, be that first person to make that change. And many will follow you. That is how things start to change. If we all wait for that first person to make a move, then eventually we all stay seated on our asses. And eventually nothing will change.
      This is a very well known psychological phenemenom: a driver is losing power over his steering wheel and ends up in a canal, or river. Many people gather around that spot and nobody is moving an inch thinking that the next person next to me will tyake the initiative to dive in the canal.
      If you are the only one witnessing the accident, you will dive.

      1. Dear Robert,

        I have been initiating that change by giving myself, every Fliptard I meet, and every writers and commenters on this blog the “Fuck You” approach. That “fuck you, there is nothing to be proud of on our individual goals and achievements as long as the Failippines and its people are suffering.”

        Haven’t you noticed my colorful signature approach in all of my writings? I just hope my moronic people–and their foreign affiliates–will take my blatant approach to heart and start applying it in their own lives, by being less arrogant and selfish, for the good of the country and everyone.


    3. “I’m just trying get these motherfucking Fliptards to start thinking and behaving like a nation instead of as individual opportunists, who care more about titles and status in order to outshine one another.”

      That is NOT what I mean. Stop lecturing others. Go your own way. Walk your own path to success and laugh at all those others.

      1. Dear Robert,

        No one is lecturing anybody here. If anything, we’re all here–at least I know I am– to give everyone a wake up call on the reality of all the stupidity going on in the Failippines and among Fliptards.

        I didn’t come from La-La-Land where everyone believes that we’ll all live happily ever after as long as we keep praying and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Well…shit…that tomorrow came and gone and there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel, while everyone dies of suffocation from blowing smoke into each other’s asses.

        If that’s what you want then have at it. Just don’t ask me to share in your delusions.


        1. I’m not from La-La land either. Reality is something that people here can’t grasp. They rather believe in mermaids, the lolo in the sky and winning the lottery.

          I hear you Aeta, I really do!

          Change here can only come through brutal force.

        2. Thanks, Jim DiGriz. It’s good to know that there’s someone else on this blog who has a good grasp of reality and not afraid to “call a spade a spade.”

          I’m a Fliptard and I’m not afraid to say that we’re a fucked up bunch.

          You’re right. What my people need is to be punched in the face and kicked in the ass, to knock us off whatever pedestals we’ve put ourselves on.

          Perhaps by then we’ll all start falling in line and start acting like one nation instead of as individual assholes.

        3. Dear Aeta,
          (apologies for late reply/response)
          I have no delusions. I only wish your country would/will fare better. I also realize and also am aware that moving tons of people at the same time is an impossible task. So we have to start with the individual (the ego, if you will).

          Humbly, I think I know a few things about your country and all I see is that they dont work (at all). For instance – the collectivistic approach.
          But all I read – mainly here – is that everybody wants to be a ‘good’ person by helping the needy ones. (I always wonder when I read that if it is about the helper or the helpee (= the receiver of the help)).

          You know what? We dont care about the needy people. We look at people who are better than me bec me too want to become the best engineer. Not by applying some ‘crab mentality’ but by growing/improving our (my) skills.
          Paying any attention to those who are less (than me or than us) is wasting my time. People who are better can teach me much more than those people who are less skilled engineers.
          Now, I just talked about a profession. But it also applies to the private person, the guy, the dad, the boyfriend, the husband (whatever my status is or might be). I want and will improve and progress myself. People that will hinder and interfere that process are wasting my time. So I will NOT give them any of my time.

          Unfortunetely, in most cases I see you bashing and nagging about those people who are less skilled than you and/or less in behavior/mindset compared to you.
          The energy you putting in there is negative energy. Pls put it into positive energy. Focus yourself on people from who you can learn (and no, I am not refering to myself); dont focus all your energy on people who are ‘fliptards’ or other tards. You are wasting valuable time and energy.
          Time is money and money is time.

        4. Dear Robert,

          “Unfortunetely, in most cases I see you bashing and nagging about those people who are less skilled than you and/or less in behavior/mindset compared to you.”

          You’ve just answered your own statement. Dude, I’m getting tired (again) of going around in circle trying to explain things to you, because you’ll always find a way to circumvent what I said.

          You sound like a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle with four flat tires, thinking he can keep driving and get to his destination on time.


      2. Aeta, I think you missed Robert’s point. There’s no point in only telling Filipinos they’re all a bunch of losers. I’m guilty of going off on those rants from time to time, but you still have to offer some alternative.

        The Filipino has no imagination whatsoever. If you tell him: “stop being an asshole and stop waiting for handouts”, he’ll scratch his head and say: “so what should I do instead?”. Realise that the reason he acts like a helpless asshole is this: he’s been taught that it’s right and proper, by parents, teachers, and peers. He’s probably never seen anybody act differently.

        Somehow you have to demonstrate different behaviors that have better outcomes than the Filipino average. The problem you’ll run up against is that there’s nothing the Filipino hates more than success … in other people. When they come to hurt you in their jealous, impotent rage – as they will – feel free to call them assholes. But there will be 3% or 5% of the population who see what you do and respect you for it. Literally nobody will attempt to emulate you. But maybe, just maybe, the seeds will be planted, especially if you can reach children whose minds haven’t been polluted by Filipino adults.

        Just my 2cents, based on my experience.

        1. As I stated in a previous topic, the Filipino gene pool was not blessed with the gifts of imagination, innovation, or inspiration. Being a servant is actually the natural position of the Filipino and the whole country needs to admit this. They must always look to outside sources for direction and guidance in order to get anywhere. My own development and progress to think, behave, and act on a higher cultured plane came as a result of being in the constant company of people from Europe, the Near East, and the Americas. These are the people I learned from. None of my personal growth was thanks to a single Filipino person. Even my parents were taught and educated by non-Filipinos. If Filipinos are left only to themselves they will achieve absolutely nothing. Every time I’m in the company of Filipinos I can feel my brain cells dying off.

        2. marius,

          I didn’t miss Robert’s point. There is a very valid point of telling Fliptards “they’re a bunch of losers,” to let them know that the whole world have their numbers—sort to speak—and that their continued blowing smoke up everybody’s asses is way past being tiresome and has already reached the point of banality.

          Why do you think we’re all here on GRP? It certainly not to praise nor ignore the stupid attitude and behavior of our corrupt politicians, but to encompass these oligarchs’ country-destructive ways to be a direct reflection of our corrupt culture and the equally corrupt people it breeds.

          I’m talking about every assholes who call themselves a Fliptard by ethnicity and decree. We can sit in front of our computers all day long and exchange rhetoric on which Fliptards are fucked up and which ones are not; and, it won’t change a thing because none of us are going to admit that we’ve all contributed to the fucked-up-ness of our society and culture.

          So why not just lump all of us into one category to save ourselves the trouble? A barrel-full of shitheads.

          It’s not true that Fliptards don’t like success and will not strive to get it; they’re just not including anyone else in that picture of success except themselves and the people they care about.

          Think about it. We have successful, but also corrupt, politicians and businessmen in the Failippines. We also have successful Fliptard doctors, nurses, lawyers, and other hard-working professionals throughout the world; but, none of these so-called successful Fliptards have ever looked back– nor ever will as a whole–to put an end to the rampart poverty and corruption that have been plaguing the country for generations.

          In fact, these successful Fliptards are condoning our oppressive way of life by patronizing a fucked up Feudalistic system that keeps it going. Why? It’s because we Fliptards are too tribally (provincially) arrogant, selfish, and don’t understand each other because they speak different dialects, that compels us to distrust and misalign ourselves from each other.

          So, it doesn’t matter if I give up teaching the hard-headed older Fliptards to change their stupid ways and just focused on the malleable younger generation, the same fucked up ways we think and live our lives will always come up to haunt our people, from one generation to the next. Simply because our entire society and culture are both fucked up and keep breeding fucked up people.


  7. China is an economic power. It is also building its military power. It is grabbing Philippine territories; this is the problem.

    It is a replay of Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler expansion of Nazi Germany, during World War II. Hitler took a part of Poland; then swallowed Czechoslovakia. Then, invaded the whole Poland, itself. And on to the whole Europe, unto Soviet Union…

    We have a mutual defense treaty with the U.S. However, we cannot depend on this treaty, in the event of PRE-EMPTIVE strike by the Chinese. Anyway, they are already in the Philippines. Aquino’s CHEKWAs are now controlling the Philippine economy. These Chekwas are the biggest manufacturers/dealers of Shabu. They are turning the Philippines into another Mexico.

    We have to build up our military defense capabilities. Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Army. The modern warfare is Electronic Warfare. We have to modernize our military equipment. We have to have a comprehensive strategy to defend ourselves, from any incursion, or invasion.

    Nations respect a strong leader. Leader, like Russia’s Putin knows, when a leader is strong or weak. Let us wait and see, what Pres. Elect Duterte, can do to solve this problem…

    Do not depend on the Americans too much. They will come to help you, if their economic interest is at stake…this is the reason, they are in the Middle East. It is because of the Oil !

    1. As We Speak Now The Us Navy Is Challenging China’s Claim making China worried and angry but cant really engage or harm The Navy because if that happen it puts China’s economic interest at stake too and everybody for that matter.And Please The Philippines Military is in the current state of modernization and we dont depend on that much as we’ve limited their presence right here and Say what you will about The Americans but they’re doing their part Challenging The China and helping Our Military play Catch Up Right Now.And About The Middle East yes you’re right Their National Policy Interest is Currently The Middle East as its a major Consequence of the 1973 oil crisis because it put Their economy at stake and at which they wont’t let happen again Because The whole World depends at fucking oil.Dont you Know Why Opec council Of oil Producing Countries stirred up an oil supply glut putting Oil Prices Down from 100 dollars to measly 26 dollars a barrel right now even it will hurt their economies putting Russia,Brazil,Venezuela,Nigeria,Saudi Arabia and any oil producer countries be at risk now Because if You dont know Cant let Good Ol Usa expand their domestic Expansion of Shale oil Bussiness because if that happens The Us will outright never have to depend Foreign Oil because they now have the means to Domestically produce their own oil for themselves.Basically Making No.1 customer of oil producers right out of the market.Look it All Up & You cant Blame China for trying to establish some form of power and control at South China Sea as its current nature of risen Superpower trying to make its Power felt across the its Neighbors.Any rising powers might have done the same if not them.

  8. >It rests upon Japan and South Korea and the United States to balance against China’s growth in the Pacific region.

    FTFY Philippines do not have the political or economical clout to influence the region, as evidenced by their outdated military. The best they could do is to bring back their maids out of Hong Kong.

    1. The Philippines has always been a weak state. Now it is sandwich between two rival global powers, the decades old pacific power (US) and the rising ancient central kingdom (China).

      The leaders of this country should dread carefully on making any decisions regarding the issue. Because either way the people always suffer one way or the other. They must be smart enough not to cause to much tension or the country will be torn apart, especially because this country doesn’t have anything to say on the matter or they have but no one will take them seriously.

  9. Military power comparison results for Philippines vs. China

    Submarines: PH 0 vs. China 68
    Destroyers: PH 0 vs. China 32
    Frigates: PH 3 vs China 48

    We would not have become this pathetic if not for the downward spiral that started when we chose to install a clueless Yellow housewife.

    About those pieces of rocks beyond our shores: If you can’t defend it, you can’t claim it. Du30’s best option is to appease the dragon. It’s good enough if we can at least have our fishermen still make a living near our area.

    We can’t even manage our backyard (Sulu Basilan), how much those islets beyond our reach. Now is not the time to be arrogant and self-entitled. How should a sari-sari store owner negotiate with Henry Sy?

    1. It’s also because the PH government loves to do thing with mediocrity by being CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!

      If all they can muster are tiny trainers bought from South Korea and decommissioned Cutters and Corvette giveaways from the US and allies, the Philippines is in a whole lotta trouble.

      1. PH does not spend much on defense. Well maybe the people and what they stand for are not worth defending.

        Dr. Wilson: Only from a long-range point of view, of developing technology. Otherwise, it has to do with: Are we good painters, good sculptors, great poets? I mean all the things that we really venerate and honor in our country and are patriotic about. In that sense, this new knowledge has all to do with honor and country but it has nothing to do directly with defending our country except to help make it worth defending.

        Robert Wilson – on justifying price tag for particle accelerator (Fermilab) at congress.

  10. For those who have criticized Trump and said he is insane, what is the rational of your thinking? Trump is insane? It was Bush who started military conflict in Iraq; Trump was against it. Bush went into Afghanistan with no objective; no military (including the Russians) has ever won there.

    Hillary Clinton was involved in the destruction of Lybia and Syria; she bragged about Gaddafi being killed; now terrorists in Lybia are raping and slaughtering people. Read about the Yazidi Christian girls in Syria being held as sex slaves, beaten, burned and raped. According to at least one girl’s testimony, some are raped up to 30 times per day by terrorists. Warmongers Bush, Clinton and Obama are responsible! The neocon imperialism of Bush, Clinton and Obama has blown up the Middle East and destabilized it with conflict/ terrorism. Trump is against nation building and propping up Western backed puppets. He is against war unless necessary. Obama says nothing of radical Islam. Now, I’m not a big fan of Trump – but who is better? Miss corrupt destruction, Clinton?

    Now, with regard to China, the Philippines cannot defend itself. Where does the 13% VAT we pay there go to? Obviously not the military or anywhere else. The Philippines should have at least a small, powerful, modern navy, with advanced ships/ aircraft. This is rather obvious.

    Obama is weak, and the U.S., thanks to our Quisling politicians, is indebted to China. Millions of our manufacturing jobs go there and the United States’ economy crumbles. China and the U.S. are enmeshed, so a strong leader is required to bring the jobs back. The Philippines and the U.S. are allies and that will not change. Trump is the only U.S. candidate who has mentioned China. He is the only candidate with balls; that’s why he is villified and trashed by the corrupt media. If the Philippines is threatened by anyone, you will want his balls and ego in the White House, not Clinton. She is a puppet who does what her donors/ masters want.

    Give the Philippines leadership. Give it the opportunity to thrive. The country has the capability to reach a different level, as is evidenced by its ranking during the 1980s. I disregard this talk about Filipinos being dumb/ incapable. Culturally lazy? Yes – but not all. I believe hundreds of years of enslavement under the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese has created a cultural laziness/ submissive mindset. The media does the bread and circus instead of reporting facts. People in most countries are brainwashed, in my opinion. Add corruption to the mix, and the Filipinos have a major ditch out of which to dig.

    As an Americano I can say most Americans are ignorant as hell; the culture promotes that. Americans voted in Bush and Obama; what does that say? The voters are morons, that’s what. America is a first world country, so what’s the excuse?

    1. The deal about Trump is he likes to say one thing and then another to rile up the stewing anger Americans have kept for years now. His foreign policies are frankly all over the place. The closest one could categorize him would be a neo isolationist by wanting NATO and allies to “do its part” in paying up the defense bills. But we all know at the end of the day he is a populist pundit who will say anything in order to get votes.

      The rest of the 2016 candidacy list doesn’t look so appealing (Hillary will be Obama 2.0 you’re right about that. Sanders doesn’t have much of a plan regarding foreign policy.), but the US can really do much better than Donald Trump.

    2. First, Donald “Nostradumbass” Trump, had and has no special powers to foresee the future. His objecting to the Iraq war is all based on throwaway comments he made ONE year after the fighting had started.

      In September 2002 Howard Stern asked Trump if he supports invading Iraq. Trump answered. “Yeah, I guess so. You know, I wish it was, I wish the first time it was done correctly.”

      In March 2003 Trump said the war “looks like a tremendously success from a military standpoint,” and he predicted the market will “go up like a rocket” after the war.

      By the way, watching Fox News a lot?
      It’s a telltale sign of diminished thinking capacity. Fox hinders the process of actually using your mind to consider important things carefully. So please think before repeating dumb shit you heard “somewhere”.

      If you don’t understand that Trump is a fucking ding-dong, then I will be wasting my time answering you. If you honestly think that what comes out of his mouth is not bat-shit-crazy (like Tom Cruise, only far more dangerous), then you must be as mentally challenged as he is or maybe check the size of your hands for clues?

      Just looking at his followers is like looking at people who just escaped an insane asylum.

      In which clinic were you hospitalized recently?

      …and yeah, I don’t like Tom Cruise either and think he is a complete fucking idiot. And no, he never was a US Air Force jet pilot. It was just a movie. So in case he will ever run for office and if you think you might vote for him, it’s time to put on your best suit and jump into a volcano.


      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ so not that you keep staring at this comment and wait for more to come.

      1. Who pissed in your cereal? I was just providing a counterpoint and you proceed to dogpile on me. So much for this intellectual discourse.

      2. Jim,

        You are a knee-jerk, leftist moron, who probably supports the corrupt liar, Clinton. I bet you like Obama too, right? You appear to have reading comprehension problems. You obviously did not read my post. I said that I am not a fan of Trump. He is saying things that are pissing off bad people( such as Communists) because of a nationalist viewpoint, which is unheard of. Which other candidate mentioned the Saudis as possibly being involved in 911? There is nothing more important that a U.S. presidential candidate could say, in addition to speaking out against radical Islam. Just saying these things is unheard of.

        Pseudo-intellectual leftists like you cite the Fox News argument because of brainwashing, and the fact that is all the brainwashed can say. Try getting actual news. Where did you get your ‘scientific study’ ?Fox News is a globalist propagandist ministry, just like MSNBC and CNN are for Obama/ leftists. I don’t watch Fox. I’m not stupid enough to believe any of the propagandist media outlets. By the way, Jim, who do you support, Clinton? The candidate who blew up the Middle East, covered up her husband’s sexual harassment/ rape allegations made by women? The candidate with a neverending list of corruption scandals, who is being investigated by the FBI, who accepts campaign money from coutries like Saudi Arabia, Brunei and UAE? If you support her you support oppression and rape of women, war, torture of people who exercise free speech and death. None of my post can be refuted, with regard to Bush, Obama and Clintons’ failed foreign policy, which has gotten hundreds of thousands raped and killed. Leftists don’t handle facts, they just show emotions.

        Go back to watching Rachel Maddow. Leftists are low-information voters, who don’t follow voting records. I agree Trump has flip-flopped, which is one reason I don’t like him. What has Clinton said to criticize radical Islam? Nothing, because she is an evil globalist who receives donations from radical Sunni governments with horrible human rights violations.

        I’m wasting my time with this.

  11. Oh, that was directed at Greg. Still, point still stands that hurling insults and coming off as a madman does not improve your argument.

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