COMELEC breaks own rules, proves the Philippines is a Banana Republic!

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) proved once again that patronage politics rules in the Philippines. By granting the request of the Liberal Party (LP) to extend the deadline for the submission of the Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE), the agency broke its own “final and non-extendible deadline” rule. The agency showed ordinary Filipinos that rules can be broken when you are connected to the right people. The Liberal Party’s connection to the COMELEC came in handy, indeed. It’s no secret that Chairman Andy Bautista was the losing Presidential candidate Mar Roxas’s former campaign adviser when he ran for senator in 2004. Bautista is also a close ally of President Benigno Simeon Aquino having once been the chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG). Bautista may have voted against the extension but was said to have recommended allowing late filing of SOCE with appropriate fines. It’s basically the same thing. He merely gave them a slap on the wrist.

Handy connection: COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is related to President BS Aquino and a close advisor of Mar Roxas.

Handy connection: COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is related to President BS Aquino and a close advisor of Mar Roxas.

What the COMELEC did is tantamount to spitting on ordinary people’s faces. Only people in power can get away with breaking the rules in the Philippines. That’s not fair to ordinary people. Their decision is also unfair to all the other national political parties and national candidates who were able to submit their SOCE on time. What makes the Liberal Party so special anyway? Is it because BS Aquino is a member of the party? So what? Perhaps the Liberal Party were complacent in meeting the deadline because they have gotten used to getting away with violating the rules.  

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According to a news report, “the four commissioners who voted for the extension cited the absurdity of the result if they will not allow the extension of the filing of the SOCE”:

 Jimenez said the extension will benefit five senators, 115 congressmen, and 40 governors, who otherwise will not be allowed to take office if the extension was denied.

The only thing I find absurd is the COMELEC not following their own rules just because they think it won’t benefit those who did not comply with the rules. It’s a joke! What kind of people are running the Philippines? It seems they are the kind who are more scared of what their party associates can do to them than the prospect of disappointing the Filipino people.

This move by the COMELEC, a government agency at that, is what is keeping the Philippines from moving forward. The country cannot progress because rules are quite often ignored by the smallest to the highest person in the land. No wonder a lot of Filipinos are unpatriotic. Some people think that this is no big deal but allowing the well-connected to get away with breaking the rules with impunity actually erodes people’s trust in their public servants. If public servants themselves cannot follow their own rules, who is left for people to trust to honour the code of conduct?

A lot of people are now calling out COMELEC’s bias. First, they allowed voting machine provider Smartmatic to illegally tamper with the program in the middle of canvassing of votes on Election Day. Second, they have been ignoring requests for a system audit to be conducted to prove that the tampering did not affect election results. Now they allowed the Liberal Party to file the SOCE late. Who are the people running the agency really working for? They are supposed to be working for the Filipino people, not the Liberal Party. They are a disgrace to the nation.

Liberal Party supporters are not concerned about the travesty to the rule of law happening before our eyes today.

Liberal Party supporters are not concerned about the travesty to the rule of law happening before our eyes today.

What is really appalling is the way the Liberal Party’s supporters are dismissing this whole thing as a non-event. They even laugh at people who are trying to advocate respecting the rule of law. They don’t mind their idols in the Liberal Party breaking the rules but highlight the smallest offenses of the members of the opposition. This was evident when they made a big deal of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo alleged parking offense. They have really lost their moral high ground. There never was truth to their claim that they are the “decent” members of Philippine society.

The Liberal Party supporters are the same people who show disgust over Duterte’s foul mouth but ignore blatant violation of rules. The truth is, it is not really Duterte’s swearing that is embarrassing to the world; what’s embarrassing is the Filipino people’s — especially the public servants’ — inability to follow the rules. Filipinos cannot expect other countries like China to respect them when they can’t respect their own rules.

The Liberal Party and their supporters cannot cry foul and complain the next time someone from the opposition breaks the rules. They have given the opposition licence to break the rules. They may think they have won this but this will come back to bite them. In the next election, candidates and political parties do not have to file their SOCE on or before the deadline because there is no point. There is no consequence and the COMELEC allowing the Liberal Party to file after the deadline has set a precedent for others to ignore the rules.

Ordinary Filipinos can be forgiven for violating the laws now. They can cite the COMELEC’s actions and send the government a strong message that the law should be applied equally to all or not at all. If you want fairness, then Filipinos should just advocate anarchy. It’s only fair since only the well-connected are enjoying the perks of their status in the Philippines. Most of the people who are rotting in Philippine jails are the ones who can’t afford to buy “justice”.

The COMELEC’s decision has outraged a lot of Filipinos. The only consolation they are holding on to is that the Duterte administration may finally put an end to the kind of stupidity that government agencies like COMELEC are perpetuating. There are a lot of people looking forward to the Liberal Party’s day of reckoning when The Punisher is in power.

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209 Replies to “COMELEC breaks own rules, proves the Philippines is a Banana Republic!”

  1. WHAT THE H377!! Wish I could say I am not surprised. So much for change, rule of law, and hope for new (honest) start for the country.

    1. What do you mean so much for change? President R. Duterte’s term hasn’t started yet. It’s still PNOY’s term now.

  2. Not fair for Banana Republic to be compared to Philippines. I happen to have some of their shirts/trousers, they fit well and no shrinkage. Unlike the rotten Filipino politicians.

    1. What do you want to name it? GAP ( increasing gap of the rich and poor)? or LACOSTE ( The philippines is for the BENEFIT OF THE BUWAYA PEOPLE specially the people in the gov’t. or GUESS – guess what’s next absurdity in law implementation will LP do next. or MANGO – mangogoyo ang tao sa administrasyon ng LP.
      Choose whichever you like, all depict the kind of govt system we have in the Philippines… High hope is coming for total CHANGE…. just 2weeks from now. Coming soon!!!

    2. Well… I guess the moniker Banana Republic came when we have a balding orangutan for a President, a recently-won crying gorilla in the Senate coupled by their chimpanzees… COMELEC being headed by baboons… Well… I’m getting to mean so I’ll stop… After all, I love monkeys and comparing them to our politicians is a disgrace to the our evolutionary cousins…

  3. Wow Comelec, nagset pa kayo ng rules babaliin nyo din pala. And mind you, it’s not just a rule, it’s a formal written law. Yellow government have been breaking laws since the pdaf usage. I am really hoping that the Punisher will give them the taste of an iron fist. Show no mercy Digong, just to name a few, Drilon and Soliman should also be included in the upcoming investigations of Noynoy and friends. Ipabilibid na kaagad ang daang matuwad.

  4. Aquino; Mar Roxas; Leni Rob redo; Porky Drilon; COMELEC Bautista; SMARTMATIC; the Liberal Party; the Aquinos/Cojuangcos; their Chekwas; etc…are above any Philippine laws.

    They can violate any law; they make, with impunity. Philippine laws are not applicable to them.

    However, if common citizen, like you and me; who pay taxes, to support these people. Any small law, we violate…we will be punished, or go to jail. Have you noticed, how many murders and massacres had taken place , during the Aquino era. Have any of the murderers, gone to jail ?

    “There are no tyrants, where there are no slaves”…from Jose Rizal. If we accept ourselves as slaves of these tyrants. Then, we deserve our fates, as slaves !

  5. @Comelec , Explain “the WILL OF THE PEOPLE”?
    Is spitting on the very own rules you created and enforced until now, just to accomodate the stupid few, “THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE”?
    Is the “RULE OF LAW” no longer the “THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE”?
    The last time I check, the TRUE WILL OF THE PEOPLE states the following:
    “We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society, and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.” (Preamble, 1987 Philippine Constitution)
    Kaya hindi tayo halos iginagalang ng ibang bansa.

    1. The breaking of COMELEC’s rule shows, there are still Aquino Cojuangco political axis loyalists in the COMELEC. They will do another SMARTMATIC and HOCUS PCOS in the coming election.

      It is time for Pres. Duterte to purge these Aquino and Bautista loyalists. They make a JOKE on our electoral system !

  6. Seriously, what is all the fuss about late filing when it happens (2013,2010) and there is nothing illegal about it?

    READ INSIGHTS FROM EX-COMELEC CHIEF. I don’t think you know better than than COMELEC in this. Are you even a lawyer yourself to claim that you can interpret the rules better than its officers?

    Here, make sure you read with full attention:

    Brillantes explained that the provision on the filing of SOCEs under Republic Act 7166 “has been expanded” by Comelec Resolution 9991, “thereby creating some form of confusion” in its enforcement.

    For instance, Brillantes said “there is nothing in the law that prohibits late filing beyond the 30-day period from election day.” But Rule 10 of Comelec Resolution 9991 states that submissions beyond the June 8 deadline “shall not be accepted.”

    Brillantes emphasized that a winning candidate can assume office “only after the filing of his SOCE, which could be effected even beyond the 30-day period mandated by law.”

    “It would be absurd to apply the Comelec rule that when the SOCE is not filed on time, Comelec can refuse acceptance of the same, thereby forever preventing the elected official from performing his/her duties,” he said.

    The “more equitable interpretation”, he noted, is that the Comelec’s acceptance of SOCEs “should be ministerial, whether defective, incomplete or late.” Penalties for these should be imposed “only after due audit, review, and investigation,” he continued.

    “The Comelec cannot arrogate unto itself the power to impose the heavier penalty of disallowing an elected official from entering the duties of his office by simply refusing to accept the SOCEs filed beyond the 30-day period mandated by law,” Brillantes argued.

    He added that the law “imposes a mere administrative fine” for failure to file a SOCE, in addition to a winning candidate not being allowed to assume office. “It is inequitable to impose the same penalty for non-filing to candidates who file their SOCEs beyond the 30-day period,” he said.

    Brillantes also noted that “nowhere in the law is there a requirement for personal filing.” Under Comelec Resolution 9991, filing of SOCEs must be done in person or through duly authorized representatives. It also disallowed submissions via mail or courier.

    Finally, while Brillantes agreed that the Comelec should follow the law, he said its interpretation must not be expanded. “Rather, logic and reason, fairness and equity should always be applied.”

    1. Other lawyers are shaking their head in disbelief. Don’t take Brillantes’s statements as THE ultimate interpretation of things. That lawyers are arguing over a simple directive like passing requirement ON TIME means something stinks. And finally, if you have to resort to legalese to answer a simple, direct question, then there’s definitely a problem.

      1. Who are these other lawyers and what are their credentials? It is not even resorting to legalese because we are talking about the interpretation of the rule itself.

        1. Does it matter who they are? I know them but what would that prove? The fact that not all lawyers are unanimous over that interpretation means those who presided over that decision are right.

        2. Ofcourse the credibility and qualifications of your sources matter. No wonder you support blogs like these.

        3. And what do you know about the credibility of the writers here? Do you know them personally? Or is that knowledge hand me downs from gossip-mongers who share your disdain for this site?

          And for someone who thinks this site is nothing but a gossip-mongering factory, you sure give it a lot of time and effort in your vain attempts to discredit it. Once again, all credentialism and no valid counterargument to put forth against the ideas presented to you.

        4. @Amara: Here’s a question for you – Kindly point out all erroneous information you find in the article above and maybe we can start there. Otherwise you’re just yapping nonsense.

        5. And no wonder you support those comeleak outlaws. You love to break laws and rules do you uncivilized failipino?

        6. And what’s that? This site is a gossip-mongering factory? Implying that yellow journalism like your beloved crappler are always gospel truths.

    2. It clearly states after the elections May 9 – June 8(30)days is the allowed period of submittion in which (16-12-2015)”Resolution 9991″ Rule 10 “deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted. COMELEC Resolutions Nos. 9849 and 9873, Minute Resolutions Nos. 13-0775 and 13-0823 are hereby repealed, insofar as they allowed the belated submission, amendmentand/or correction of campaign finance disclosure statements and reports and the imposition of late penalties for the 2013 National and Local Elections.”

      Try checking the meaning of “REPEALED”. And the penalties are applied depending on the candidates running position(winning/not) to those who are late/have not submitted their SOCE w/o COMELEC accepting it. What is there to be confused? 30 days is 30 days and not more than that!!! “LAW is LAW” and they “BROKE THE LAW”…..

    3. for the sake of argument, let’s say that what brillantes said has merit.

      so what?

      you’re asking me to put my trust in an institution that has failed to safeguard the information of its constituents (an impeachable offense according to this article:, has allowed a smartmatic executive to perform an illegal script change (whether this change was harmless or not isn’t the point — it’s still illegal, according to this article:, and has failed to penalize candidates such as mar roxas for using government vehicles during the campaign (which also broke the omnibus election code, according to this article:

      let’s put it this way. if a doctor misdiagnosed me three times in the past, why should i trust his opinion now, even if it’s correct? i don’t care how competent the motherfucker is — he’s screwed me over multiple times in the past, either through sheer incompetence or malice.

      same thing goes for the comelec and it’s dumbfuck administrators. i won’t take this kind of bullshit from my doctor, why should i take it from an institution that was created to safeguard my rights as a voting citizen?

      brillantes could be right. i don’t fucking know. i’m just a random dumbass commenting on the internet.

      but even a dumbass like me knows that you should never, ever, ever put your trust in an organization that has fucked you over multiple times in the past. only losers and masochists and telenovela heroines do that.

      1. It’s easy to see another doctor if the first one fucked you up. =D

        Sadly, as citizens of this failed country, due to the incompetence and mediocre government its people has appointed, we don’t really have a choice now. If you’re one of the “big” guys, a well connected self-entitled bastard, then you can get away with anything.

    4. @Amara how are you to judge the credibility and qualifications of a source? I wonder which committee authorized you to pinpoint which sources are credible or not. The truth is, the article is based on facts, and you just can’t handle that it’s going against what you believe “could be” true.

      The point is very simple, why set up a rule (a LAW, written and ratified mind you) if it will not be firmly implemented? You talk about “fairness and equity” and yet if the “big” guys break the law, they only get as much as a slap on the wrist, but if you’re an ordinary citizen, oh you’ll probably get a hell of a beating. If you can’t get your head around that, then you’re probably too blinded.

    5. That’s the point. It happened before… Multiple times. And now, we’re expecting for them to atleast be more Stern in implementing the rules but instead, we get shit thrown to a simple law that even an elementary student would understand and comply with.

  7. The idiots!!!

    By doing this, they just virtually told every pinoy to break the rule of law whenever wanted. It’s like saying, hey, we broke the law without any accountability, so can you.

    Putang ina ninyo COMELEC!!!

      1. Confusion your foot. The law is simple. They violated it. Siting Brillantes’ opinion does not make it right.

        I repeat – opinion.

        1. And what makes your and Ild’s opinion are better than this? Are you even a lawyer or an official yourself? If you are stating your own opinion, what are your sources and what are your readings? Getreal blogs?

          The problem with people is they think too highly of themselves pretending to know know everything.

          Sad thing is, you cannot claim to know better because you are a nobody. Share your sources I might listen to you.

        2. Oh no you undisciplined outlaw. YOU should read what exactly that rule said. Otherwise, go back in the old west where trigger happy outlaws always kill you.

        3. Amara kaylangan pa maging lawyer para maintindihan lang ang batas.haha. deadline nga haha.kung ayaw sumunod sa deadline, tanggalin na yan wala namang silbi.

        4. @Amara. Haha. The usual excuse: “Are you a lawyer???” That argument has been debunked since universal education has become available. Besides, the only law is the law of nature.

      2. I need not be a lawyer to understand the rule. Even a child can tell that they broke the rule. As simple as that. I am not a nobody because I pay my taxes.

      3. And you were saying something about “credibility and qualification of your sources”

        and then you quoted Rappler….

      4. Death squads are legal because there is no law!!! Strength is the only law in the Philippines!!! The strong will live and the weak shall die. The weak will become food for the strong.

      5. Haha. Lets see if your “tweeter”, Mr. Brillantes is correct. A case has just been filed in the Supreme Court. lets see what they think. If he’s wrong, he’ll look like a buffoon. If the SC uses his reasoning though, well, thats that. Essentially, thats the end of the argument and bext elections, well, everyone will file late and the COMELEC will have to be very patient with pur “sovereign will” hahaha

        1. The problem with these rabid LP supporters is they turn a blind eye to illegal activities. You don’t even know what they stand for. If they don’t stand for the rule of law, what do they stand for?

  8. “It would be absurd to apply the Comelec rule that when the SOCE is not filed on time, Comelec can refuse acceptance of the same, thereby forever preventing the elected official from performing his/her duties,” – A lot of wisdom has been poured into the crafting of those laws to precisely to prevent election fraud. What is more absurd is bending those rules such that the elections become again more prone to accommodating fraud. We’ve just stepped back in time to the caveman era.

  9. Filipinos have no other choice but to stage a revolt, this SOB’s dont care about the law, Because they are ” THE LAW”, TIME FOR CHANGE.

  10. They should follow the law.. law is law..!! why others PARTY they submitted their SOCE on time.. but this LIBERAL PARTY what happen has special treatment? #Donotbreakthelaw

  11. The law is simple, submit the requirements before the date otherwise you cannot assume the job.

    Going through the lengths explaining how it is complicated and how it is confusing people only shows that they are indeed bending rules until finally it is broken.

    So once again…..Putang ina niyo COMELEC.

    1. Great lengths? The explanation is not even complicated, maybe it is the limited comprehension of people that is a problem.

      Also, why are you so angry about it? Did you die?

      1. Just like your boss, huh?

        Did you die?

        The lawlessness of the Philippines is a major setback for the country, as it has been for decades.

        So ask me again, why I am angry.

        1. Did you die?

          Democracy died. Killed by your lord. People can’t even choose their leaders your lord had to select them for the people at the cost of billions.

          (Sorry joeld, i don’t want to deal with that ____. I wish that ___ will just leave GRP. I don’t do that when i visit other party’s SocMed accounts. #Respect. I wish that ___ will just read GRP articles and leave. GASGAS na their asking of sources. “Share your sources i might listen to you.” AHAHAHAHA! Share your peer reviewed sources indeed! That ___ won’t even believe the truth when it hit him/her.

        2. Problem with credentialists: They think they’re the only ones whose opinion on things matter. Instead of attacking the message point by point, they resort to the quaint and comfy world of “credentials”. As if having a PhD automatically liberates you from skewed reasoning. Education can help, sure, but don’t use that as a copout on arguments you cannot debunk by virtue of their merit of standing on their own. Resoting to pedantic arguments/ad-hominem/credentialism is one-dimensional and speaks more about those who parrot it around than their opponents.

        3. Joeld: Exactly my point, the lawlessness of the Philippines comes in many forms, then why should this late filing cause you anger? This is not even life threatening. So again, did you die???

          I am not sure if you have also been angry about the more pressing problems out there now. Maybe you did. I just find it funny how late filing makes you so angry. Don’t be so onion-skinned. How do you deal with the other matters then?

        4. Danny Elfman:

          The credentials and credibility of your sources matter. Can you even tell me what you read? Or do you even read other things beyond this highly intelligent blog?

          If you are into gossips, then of course credentials and sources won’t matter.

        5. SDK: I suggest you stop reading gossip and get some reliable information from books and real scholars. If you are for the truth, don’t resort to cheap gossip blogs like this. Asking for sources is never gasgas, that is the right things to do than just believe hearsays, right?

          Do you even know the qualifications of people who write in this blog?

          Education never runs out of style. On the contrary, in this information age, reading whatever you believe and being ignorant is no longer an excuse.

        6. Speaking of qualifications, why don’t we ask Benign and Ilda about their qualifications for acting like political experts?

          I would rather listen to the views of a PHD in History who teaches Political Science in a reputable school than consider the baseless views of writers in this blog. They can’t even share their sources and reading lists right?

          Are they even educated enough to back their claims about what is happening? They can’t even share their qualifications or reading list.

          Therefore I say, this is just another CHISMIS blog with NO FACTS AT ALL.

        7. I’m not as pedantic as you are to doubt every assertion presented to my face. If I have a problem with it, I address the writer about something erroneous I have found in his writing. If I were to question every writer whose ideas I decided to accept based on the merits of their own ideas and opinions ans ask for their readings,not only would I be wasting my time, it is also stupid. I suggest you do the same. And BTW, this is a blog, ergo, an opinion piece you’re welcome to debunk the opinion, just dont hide behind that comfy “qualification” crap simply because you cannot debunk the ideas in a level playing field.

        8. Here again joeld (sorry, don’t really wanna deal with that ___.

          Thanks Danny Elfman. As Zaxx said, Ph should have its own dictionary. Word with new meaning: non-extendable. Yellowtard as new entry = synonymous with credentialist, pedantic, aquino apologist.

          That ___ just made ilda, benigno, and the writers of this blog very, very attractive to me. I go for results excuse you. Poverty, unemployment rate, income inequality, etc remained the same although the 1% became richer. Just because they criticize the incumbent govt you get to tell people what and who not to read? Excuse you! It’s 2016 and PH is not a communist govt (although they killed democracy). Ilang atenenista, UPian, La Sallista na mga US educated politicians pa ang kailangan ng Pilipinas para lalo pa etong lumugmok? Ph history time and again proved some of them educated ones were the ones who sold Ph and/or used the country for their own enrichment.

          You ___ so hate GRP why do you keep coming back here? Please universe make him leave GRP and let him join his own yellowtard community.

      2. It’s not complicated if you yourself actually understood it….

        They have actually simplified it and even non-lawyers eg common people can comprehend it….

        May9-Jun8(30)days is the allowed days of submission w/c is non-extendable and beyond that wont ever be accepted. There also states that the 2013 Resolutions that gave candidates that time extensions were “REPEALED” which means revoked/amended/removed/canceled/nullified/etc.

        1. Read the article on what Brilliants said. Seems like you did not understand it. 4dsakeofourcountry

        2. …… Your the one who clearly do not understand since he was pertaining to the past 2010/2013 where canditates were given extensions by those REPEALED/AMENDED Resolutions/Laws by 2015.

          Stop twisting information when it is easily understandable in the new Resolutions/Laws.

        3. I personally do not agree but, (as you know palaging may butas and batas)there must be a “heavy penalty” if they are to be considered. (eg. PhP 10M per candidate, then use for the benefit of the Filipino people)

      3. Amara, here is my insight into what your brain farted out:

        You are a misguided, brainwashed idiot. A typical LP swine who thinks they are entitled to enforce their piss yellow believes on everyone. No matter if the law is broken or not.

        Just like all the asshole that have a yellow ribbon sticker on their cars. They are the most ignorant and undisciplined drivers on the road, because they think they are special.

        Well, you are not numskull. So shut the fuck up.

        1. Who knows what inside those 5 boxes ,probably a trash. The idea of submitting the soce either is trash or garbage inside, to get the deadline and before june 30,that LP soce are subject to disappear in the thin air so not to see what inside.. Due to the lack of campaign donor availability that caused the delay. LP are well know on Black magic

  12. If Filipinos dont stage an uprising, This SOBs will continue to make a mockery of our constitution and deny Filipino their basic human right. Time for Change !

    1. I’m in for it…. And a group of my gov’t working nurse friends after abnoy aquino just veto’d their salary increase…. Just before that SSS pension increase which was also veto’d was already a big upset now the recent one is a overwhelming upset since this just promotes more OFW rather than having to reduce the reliance on them.

      1. I sympathize with all of you, but to feel outrage is not enough anymore to these callous ruthless system. We are at the crossroads in our country that we must decide if we are to remain a country in denial.

        1. Camara,

          Nothing will change for the better as long as Fliptards keep subscribing to the brainwashing “Proud to be a Filipino” schemes of the Yellow Party, that are made up of “Chekwa” politicians and businessmen, as well as well-greased Fliptard politicians. These assholes just want to keep the country’ wealth for themselves as they oppress the masses deeper into poverty, or, out of the country as expats and OFWs.

    2. The problem with uprising is somebody with a smart ass like cory to pop up from nowhere and declare he is the leader

    3. Duterte for being quiet makes pnoy nervous,and can’t sleep or cannot concentrate while play video games.

      1. You are absolutely right, we need a catalytic leader who can ignite Change, ignite a revolt to pursue and overturn criminals in the government. Cory ascent was put into power by the same criminals who is running the country right now. What we need is a true revolution, we are this catalyst. Like your avatar implies a ” Pulgas” to the rotten system. Filipinos who have passion for CHANGE.

  13. Why cant our brilliant lawmakers (so they claimed) craft a law that could stand massive scrutiny. It only showed one thing, the law that the lawmakers created and approved was not a good law. Looks good in writing but once implemented it manifest its inherent weaknesses. It obviously lack plain common sense. The longer the statement gets filed the higher the probability of skewed results.

  14. Pilipinos should not wait for duterte to move. they should do their own citizen arrest to all yellow crocodiles and line them up in front of Rizal’s monument. the kind of the French revolution/Bolsheviks isn’t even enough for them.

  15. COMELEC Bautista, headed the: Presidential Commision of Good Government (PCGG)…If this is the kind of “Good Government”, he is showing to us…then, we should not be surprised, if the Aquino government is full of corruption and graft.

    “Good Government” to Bautista means, he and his masters, are above Philippine laws…

    Our country’s laws are not applicable to them. However, they are applicable to us.

    The faster we remove the whole COMELEC people. Prosecute and jail Bautista and his cahoots; the better !

    1. People who worked for the PCGG are among the most indolent, incompetent and corrupted individuals in any Government office. They did nothing but enrich themselves and stole massive amounts of money from the people.

      So how come this is a surprise?

      Bautista had his bread buttered for years, now it’s time to say thank you to the people who allowed him to steal all those years.

      I dealt with the PCGG during his time. The conspicuous and blatant corruption there stank like a rotting corpse. He stinks like a rotting corpse.

  16. the 87 constitution is a yellow constitution not a people’s constitution. it is made to steal the wealth of the republic.

    it’s all about hacienda luisita. and it’s worth dying for. pnoy will defend it over his dead body.

        1. And to those yellowtards/yello cult saying RRD wants his cheap inauguration in the safety of Malacanang. Excuse you again, Leni is very, very safe wherever she holds her inauguration.

  17. Comelec has just redefined the meaning of “non-extendable”. PH should publish it’s own dictionary to avoid all this confusion and add “Yellowtard” as an entry as well.

  18. Now that Duterte has a supermajority in the Congress, maybe he can work on having all these COMELEC commissioners impeached when he assumes office. Our country will definitely be the better for it.


  20. This is too much, sobrang garapal na talaga. But this anger will only last for a day. Tommorow it’s going to be another uneventful day.

    1. @Sancho Alconce:

      Aquino and his cahoot know the “ningas cogon” characteristic of Filipinos. This is the reason , he is now a tyrant !

  21. Fellow Filipinos, let us see if how the COMELEC would conduct their investigation on the truthfullness of the SOCE submitted by the LP. Are we going to accept the figures they allegedly submitted? I am not a math wizzard but any thinking mammals can more or less say that tv ads alone can easily erase that figures. Add to that is the transportation, food allowances, bus rental for the “hakot”, the 2000 per envelop given to the supporters, palaman ng lugaw, allowances for the actors and actresses (balita ko from hundreds of thousand to million), the event organizers, news paper ads, millions of pesos given to local candidates (pambili ng boto), so on and so forth. Abangan natin…. I know COMELEC will swallow it like Ballena will do…the whole line and sinker.

  22. Hey Amara…the mere fact that comelec themselves had to debate and make a vote means something is not being done correctly…why the hell would they vote otherwise? The law is is clear…
    No one is above the law

  23. can the incoming administration pressed charges (administrative and/or criminal) against the people behind this?

    what would be the benefit/s in pursuing or not a case against them?

    or pulutan na lang ito sa mga tipon-tipon?

    it is exasperating to read ang mga magagandang komento na maaring naipasok na sa lumang baul, nakakalimutan hanggang sa ito ay maglaho kasama pa ng mga ibang issues.’di po ba?

    1. There’s always a benefit since if they are guilty. Not only they will be jailed but their corrupted properties/money that maybe in their bank accounts can traced(if hidden by different accounts) and returned to the government that in my opinion would amount to billions or more after 6 years in office under abnoy aquino + the Yolanda Funds that is 200+ billion.

  24. “A lot of people are now calling out COMELEC’s bias. First, they allowed voting machine provider Smartmatic to illegally tamper with the program in the middle of canvassing of votes on Election Day. Second, they have been ignoring requests for a system audit to be conducted to prove that the tampering did not affect election results. Now they allowed the Liberal Party to file the SOCE late. Who are the people running the agency really working for? They are supposed to be working for the Filipino people, not the Liberal Party. They are a disgrace to the nation.”

    Tamper? BBM’s own lawyer Sixto Brilliantes said the change is cosmetic. It does not affect the results. Hello!

    Second, ngayon lang naging issue yan when BBM is making an issue about Leni’s victory and making a fuss about LP’s late submission in connection to Leni not being sworn to office in time.

    Ang daming kaso sa COMELEC natapos na ang term nila and they have not even submitted their SOCE. Fine and penalty is but normal no different from a traffic violation. It is absurd not to swore an elected official just because their accountant is sloppy on meeting the deadline.

    Working for the Filipino people or this is a tantrum for BBM’s mouthpiece.

  25. In the first place, the rule is stupid. Pinagloloko lang tayo ng mga candidates about the truthfulness of their SOCE. We have been to countless elections and know for a fact that a) Mas madami pang natanggap na donations ang mga candidates b) The candidates spent more than what is declared in the SOCE or more than the allowable expenditure set by law c)That the SOCE serves the donors more because makikita nila kung saan ginastos ang pera nila d) Candidates put in all kinds of amounts and items of expenditures na gawa gawa lang. This proves to show that filing of the SOCE does not serve any purpose at all. What should be done is to show WHO gave the donations to these candidates and LIMIT their participation or donation to them. Kasi yung donors ang makaka-influence ng madami sa decisions ng candidate na yan pag nakaupo na sha sa poder. In short, gawa-gawa lang yang mga sinubmit ng candidates na SOCE.

  26. What matters now is whether the decision to accept the late filing is fair and just. Why give consideration to LP only? How come others were able to comply and especially Sen. Mirriam Santiago despite of her medical leave? Does this mean that this law was wrongly interpreted by those who have submitted before the deadline. Is this law that complicated? Is there something about this law the COMELEC & LP knows about that others do not? Or maybe their interpretation is really twisted? What would the others feel that despite following the law, late SOCEs are actually acceptable. What will be its implications for the next elections? What kind of message will this give to the world?
    –> Concerned Tax Payer

  27. all yellow laws is not a law. it always ends with the word .. ‘otherwise’. pilipinos don’t know whats the real law.

  28. 4DSakeOfOurCountry says:
    June 17, 2016 at 12:04 pm
    …… Your the one who clearly do not understand since he was pertaining to the past 2010/2013 where canditates were given extensions by those REPEALED/AMENDED Resolutions/Laws by 2015.

    Stop twisting information when it is easily understandable in the new Resolutions/Laws.

    Thank you. Amara finally shut the yappa.

  29. Breaking the rules of comelec itself maybe not a matter of life and death, but how about those others who also violate their rules six year ago who are still in jail. They are those so called “teacher” who serve in comelec, who might have done wrong, but unfortunately, they are just a simple citizen of the republic. This only shows the fact that, Philippines law are made for those who can afford it and for the powerful. Life is not fair at all. Reality sucks!:-(

  30. Can I turn off my sanity and decency for a moment?

    We can’t really revoke the decision now, so wala na tayong magagawa sa mga LP na nakinabang dito.

    But as for these comelec scumbags, let us file a case against them for breaking their own rules. Jail them, or feed them to the wolves (public shaming by the citizens). Set an example on what happens to criminals. At walang human human rights para sa mga to, they broke the rules and they’re criminals. Mas mahalaga pa ba karapatan ng mga kriminal kesa sa taumbayan? At saka binaliwala nila ang batas, bakit natin susundin ang batas para parusahan sila?

    Ganito nalang ba tayong mga Pilipino? Pera at koneksyon nalang ba tayo?


  32. if LP cannot respect the rule of law, then they have no right to complain if the present administration resorts to death squads and other unconstitutional/illegal means!

  33. Comelec allows late SOCE filing

    Commission on Elections (Comelec) bent its own rules by extending the deadline for the filing of the campaign spending reports by the Liberal Party and all other political parties and candidates who ran in last month’s general elections.

    The poll body, through a 4-3 vote, allowed the extension of the filing of the Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) until June 30 from the previous June 8 deadline.

    The commission held a marathon special session on Thursday on the letter of the Liberal Party (LP) and its standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd requesting a 14-day extension after they failed to meet the June 8 deadline.

    The three dissenting votes were from Chairman Juan Andres Bautista and Commissioners Luie Tito Guia and Christian Robert Lim.
    Commissioners Arthur Lim, Al Parreno, Shariff Abas and Rowena Guanzon
    voted to extend the filing of SOCE.

    This kind of lamely worded reporting using “bent” instead of “breaks” (as in Ilda’s article) is unbecoming of the vanguards of truth in our society.

    In fact, a more suitable word for this would be “massacred”!

    They should have just pushed through with their rules and let the SC decide on it when petitions come in.

    Nakakahiya kayong mga walang betlog na gunggong!

    Somebody should do us a favor and rid us of these scumbags in high places of government.

    Du30/Punisher, S.O.S. – Please do something about this massive injustice, or the people will take the law into their own hands.

    ER Ejercito should call for a rally at EDSA and crush the Yellow monument – like the Stalin statue!

  34. In truth, laws are always useful to those with possessions and harmful to those who have nothing; from which it follows that the social state is advantageous to men only when all possess something and none has too much.

  35. please never even get the opinion of ex Comelec commissioner Briliantes. He is a one of the brightest Comelec head. He needs to be investigated for all the scams and cheatings in the Comelec. How I wish there would be a commisioner who would prosecute erring Comelec official. Yung Ang problema Natin, all those involved in Garci scandal are still there. Ibig sabihin all happy pa rin Ang Mga parokyano bumibili ng boto upang Manalo. what is biometric for if there are people who can get hold of ballots and have people put vote for LP candidate outside the polling place

  36. how could duterte achieved his goal for a better Philippines if the people won’t rise up behind him against these yellow bastards? they (yellows) should not be allowed no more in public service.

  37. You can all cry your empty brains out. Your useless rants won’t change a thing. The deadline was extended and there is nothing your hatred against LP can do. Move on from it and get better readings who can provide you with factual, insightful and realistic views.

    This pseudo-intellectual blog is plain stupid. All of you who patronize it will be as ignorant as its writers. Get yourselves reliable sources if you think you are better than a gossip blog like this pretending to be a “political blog” that is essentially GARBAGE.

    You are what you read and it is your choice to remain IGNORANT, FOOLISH AND IMBECILES. No wonder PH does not progress, it is precisely because of uneducated and foolish people who resort to ridiculous sources.

    1. Hahahaha! Now now…someone’s emotion is getting way ahead of him. And here I thought “intellectuals” like you hold their emotions in check when trying to take down arguments in a logical, rational fashion. Especially on “garbage” sites like this. Funny how you people like to come over and throw around things like “garbage”, “non-factual”, and the like, but when prodded to say what part of the write-ups they say are erroneous:

      *crickets chirping*

      Ain’t thet right, maw?

      Shore is, paw.

      Keep knocking Amara. Or Richard. Or Leloy. Or whoever the hell you are. Just deal with the fact that GRP isn’t going anywhere. 😉

    2. Stick this to your mind you undisciplined failipino who loves doing the “bahala na” mentality: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
      If you think this site is garbage, instead of getting lost why do you keep on being so hostile here with your illogical posts? May crush ka kay Ilda ano bobong tsundere? Naasar ka sa kung anong mga article na sinusulat na isasalpak mo pa sa amin ang mga walang kwentang articles mo ng crappler ano? Well too bad for you failipino because grp is not your chimp to just order what articles must only write only to make yourself feel better kaya manigas ka!

  38. Hahaha… You wish this was Richard and Leloy, but its Amara, you can check my ISP I am out of the country. Richard and Leloy won’t take a second look at you, you are obviously SOOOO WAY BELOW THEM. They are too busy minding their highly intellectual dealings to even waste their time reading your garbage. They already made their point. Leloy already wrote an article that slapped you in the face. I just happened to witness how they threw you Benigno down the drain.

    Lesson learned: DO NOT MESS WITH THE TRULY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE if you are just a trying hard intellectual wannabe who doesn’t even have any sources or references to prove your claims. It was embarrassing to see how they whipped up your ass virtually, but it was truly satisfying. You deserve that Benign0 and Ilda.

    If I were you, I won’t even have the guts to post more garbage. It’s too much embarrassment already. Bt if you get satisfaction in fooling yourselves that you actually have intelligent readers, go and review the profile of each person who agrees with you here. I am sure they are all uneducated.

    1. What “whipped you ass” are you talking about? They’re still here and still writing. =) Apparently simple common sense escaped your too-“intelligent” ilk. =) Hahahaha!

      Here’s a good one:

      They are too busy minding their highly intellectual dealings to even waste their time reading your garbage.

      Funny because to most people who’s been with GRP since the beginning, Claudio et al are the garbage. So I guess it’s a he-said she-said situation eh, Amara? But don’t worry, we all know that you like it here despite your so-called aversion to GRP.

      So, again, for example: What part of the article above do you find “non-factual”?


  39. Yes, I like seeing people humiliate themselves and stand by the garbage they produce. Benigno, don’t be too coward. Also accept the fact that not only the likes of Leloy and Richard can read your stupidity. You’re just unlucky I have time to spare to show you what a destitute you are.

    And since you say Claudio is garbage:

    Lisandro Claudio is a historian with PHD in History from Univ of Melbourne, author, a Political Science professor in Ateneo, Ateneo class valedicatorian.

    Richard Heydarian is an author, academic, columnist in Aljazeera, The National Interest, Huffington Post, CNN, Straits Times.

    What about you Benign0? What is your qualification to call them garbage? What is the qualification of your wife?

    Are you too ashamed of yourself you need be anonymous? You can’t even answer my comments using your own name.

    Nakakahiya kayo uy.

    1. May nakakahiya ka because all you did is grandstanding and attention seeking. Isn’t that what TROLLS do?

      That’s pathetic of you.

    2. News flash: Lisandro Claudio IS straight-up garbage since he’s a staunch Aquino follower and an anti-Marcos schmuck. So he is just biased as every Pinoy historian. A historian from the US exposed his inaccuracies and blunders:!PART-1-Exposing-the-BULLSHIT-of-GMA7-Severino-and-Dr-Lisandro-Claudio-about-Martial-Law/cyyj/56ca7cf10cf2d76542b5a240

      Mas nakakahiya ka since you’re now instigating ad hominem attacks. Welp, that’s what Idiot Aquino Followers are all about: emotionally-ridden delusional morons.

      1. whoa!

        also, also…”Commissioner Christian Robert Lim also expressed frustration over the Comelec en banc’s decision, given his office’s efforts to implement campaign finance rules.”

        Dear yellow trolls/yellow supporters,

        As per ex-Commisioner Christian Robert Lim, “My views are inconsistent now with the views of the en banc. So, bakit pa ako ang mag-head [ng CFO]? Kasi ngayon, parang wala nang rules eh,” he said.

        (So, why would I continue to head the CFO? Right now, it seems there are no rules anymore.)

        “Those who voted in the majority, maybe they can head it,” Lim added.

    3. you are just going on about other people’s qualifications and yet here we are still waiting for you to tell us what you find “non-factual” about the article.

  40. Naloko na, namersonal na si kumpadre. Hahahaha! Ok, to answer your question on anonimity, here:

    I assume you still know how to read. 😉

    Here are choice passages I like to specially dedicate to you:

    When they can’t defend their position anymore, they throw out what can be called loser’s retorts.

    “Stop being a coward and use your real name for a change.”

    Does me using my real name or not add to the logical soundness of my arguments? Oh, I almost forgot; Filipinos are obsessed with credentials. They have to judge first whether you’re qualified to say something instead of evaluating what you actually said. It’s in their nature.

    “Bloggers who don’t use their real names are not willing to stand up for what they say.”

    Excuse me, but there is this thing called intellectual honesty, which seems to be an alien concept to a lot of Filipinos. I wouldn’t post something I didn’t believe in or think was worth it; whether I post it using my real name or not is irrelevant.

    “How are you going to take responsibility and accountability for what you say if you’re anonymous?”

    How I take responsibility and accountability for what I say is no one else’s business. What Filipinos actually mean is they want someone real to physically or verbally take it out on when they can’t accept the opposing point of view.

    As I said before in one of my previous articles, Filipinos, using the need to “humanize” as an excuse, do not step up to raise the level of discourse. Instead, they drag it and dumb it down to the level of comfort in gossip and trivial matters that is all too familiar to them. Before they accept what you have to say, they have to accept you as a person first. As such, this unnecessary focus on personal details instead of on the ideas is what hampers intelligent debate on important issues here in the Philippines.

    Instead of focusing on what is objective and readily available at face value, Filipinos prefer to focus on the subjective, speculative and unknowable. They would rather evaluate an argument by the motivation, intent, and even suitability of the one making it, than on the soundness of his/her arguments.

    And secondly, relax. You’re getting bent out of shape because of a blog which, in your own words, is garbage. Nothing like spending a great amount of time on a place you dislike. There’s a term that. 😉

    1. Hahaha! You actually believe I am Leloy or Richard? No, I’m a fan and I happen to really respect them, their achievement and their work. I follow them in Twitter and saw your humiliating exchanges. Don’t forget, you blocked too many people who oppose you, so you don’t really know what your haters have been talking about behind your back.

      I can even send you a photo of me right now. Hi from LA! 🙂 You can track ISP right? You are the webmaster Benign0 don’t pretend like you don’t know.

      The only problem about you guys sharing your “opinion” is that you encourage stupidity and you go against the truth. You shouldn’t be doing that for the sake of the younger generation.

      1. The only problem about you guys sharing your “opinion” is that you encourage stupidity and you go against the truth. You shouldn’t be doing that for the sake of the younger generation.

        Care to expound on that? No? Figures. 😉

        Well if you’re bothered by an “opinion” and it’s effects on the “younger generation” you probably should get off your delusional high horse and leave the parenting to these “younger generations'” parents. No matter what you say, you will not shut GRP up. The sooner you realize that, the better. 😉

        1. I’m not trying to make you shut up, it is your right to say even the most ridiculous things. I am just letting you know that people already know that this blog is garbage. If you want to humiliate yourselves further, it is your choice.

        1. The evil in you is also evident and alarming. Didn’t want to bring it up but you volunteered the information.

        2. Oh now it’s “evil” hahaha! Sorry padre, sometimes the evil ones are the those with the misguided notion that they’re doing God’s good work. 😉

        3. Implying that you’re a katoliban for just calling Danny “evil”. Practice what you preach religiot!

  41. By the way, you are disillusioned if you think people do not know yet what this blog is really made of. You should see how you guys have become a laughing stock in the internet now. In case you don’t know yet, people already know that this blog is a big ridiculous joke.

    Just like the Mar Roxas and Pnoy that you hate, you are not in touch with the reality that people hate you, your blogs, and your stupid ideas.

    And yes, I am a fan of intellectuals like Leloy and Richard as much as I am a hater of garbage blogs pretending to be legitimate like this one. You fall in the ranks of Adobo Chronicles, Mocha Uson, and the others.

    Wake up to the reality of it and know where you stand.

    By the way, you are welcome for the time I wasted telling you all these.

    1. You probably meant the laughing stock of the yellowtards. Big difference.;-) I admit, in your own little bubble, the color yellow is the world. HAHAHHAHA!

      I’m fine where I’m standing thank you very much. Looks like the only one with the problem with it is you. 😉

      1. It is too childish to think that the society is divided absolutely in “yellowtards”, “non-yellowtards”, that is so naive and ignorant.

        But oh, I forgot, you guys never made any sense and logic at all. Sorry, my bad.

        And its good that you are fine standing there with the destitute minds. Your self professed complacency is very humbling.

        1. Well if it quacks like a yellowtard, walks like a yellowtard… 😉

          “Destitute minds” I like that hahahaha! Coming from someone who can’t even refute a single sentence in any article here. 😉

        2. Refute a single sentence? hahahaha… I refute this entire blog and all your ideologies, you being a Marcos loyalist and denying it, thereafter.

          Think Big, my friend. You are confined inside your hollow brain.

        3. Specifics, please. 😉 Any moron can say “I refute our blog” without backing that assertion. 😉 For someone who’s big on credentials, you should be the first to volunteer that.

        4. Here’s another assertion: What makes you think people are Marcos Loyalists here? =)

        5. My credentials are not as big as Leloy’s or Richard’s, how I wish it was. But I am flattered that you assumed that. Thanks, you made my day.

        6. LOL! I assure you I did not assume anything about you when it comes to your records, but please, be my guest. 😉

        7. There’s another delusional noytard it seems and it goes by the name “Amara”.

          It’s actually too late for you and your fellow noytards at this point since it’s only a few weeks till your precious president is stripped of his immunity from lawsuits.

          You think this blog is a joke even when you FAILED at refuting every point with your flawed posts. You also think this blog is a joke even when you’re taking too much of your time trolling here.

          Suffice to say, you’ve only made yourself a laughing stock here, “Amara”

    2. You should see how you guys have become a laughing stock in the internet now. In case you don’t know yet, people already know that this blog is a big ridiculous joke.

      Huh? You’d like to think GRPost has become a laughing stock. Maybe in your circle of “friends” on Twitter, but that’s hardly the Internet, ya know. 😉

      A lot more prominent people share our articles. The only one laughable here is you because you don’t even have access to our stats but still insist that people think our site is garbage. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel threatened by our existence. BTW, didn’t Mar lose the election? So you’re wrong in saying people think our blog is a “ridiculous joke”.

      Who are Richard and Leloy anyway? They are just political pundits who act bitter because they now realise they do not have the monopoly on good ideas.

      1. @Ilda

        The only people that think this blog is a joke are the same people that think Aquino is a great leader even when 6 years of incompetence has already been displayed in front of their faces.

        Like Ilda said, you, Amara wouldn’t even be here if you weren’t threatened by this particular blog.

        1. Right, “bottom feeders” yet you are one of those bottom feeders that are consistently failing at discrediting GRP.

        2. Admit it bobong tsundere! May crush ka talaga kay Ilda ano which is why you waste your precious time attacking this site. May pa-bottom feeders ka pang atake dakilang talunan naman.

      2. Really? Who are your prominent readers that are not either loyalists or cronies? PLEASE ENUMERATE. Otherwise, you are blabbing lies again.

        You have been exposed in Rappler and the article that slammed you is being shared all over FB, so yeah, its not only twitter but to the millions of users of FB and millions of Rapplers readers. Not a small group right?

        You are now being classified in the same level as okd2, adobochronicles, Mocha Uson Blogs. You belong to the same category. Your blog also exists for the same reason that Manny Pacquiao is in Senate so please don’t be delusional and too quick in your clim to fame.

        Richard and Leloy are the real intellectuals you can only aspire to be. And they are bitter??? WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Who even said YOU HAVE GOOD IDEAS to begin with? Yourself or your highly intellectual readers? Are you taking drugs? Always remember why Pacquaio won in Senate.

        People like Richard and Leloy don’t even need to say anything, their work will speak for themselves and the fact that you have to claim “we have readers” only goes to show your deep insecurity.

        Now who is the real and pathetic bitter loser, Ilda? YOU.

        1. Geez, you sure have a LOT of issues there. Its no wonder you got blocked on twitter.

          You wrote a really long rant but it all amounted to you, Amara, making a fool of yourself.

          Suffice to say, the only real joke around here is YOU.

        2. Richard and Leloy?
          Never heard of them.

          Besides, yellows like YOU don’t really have any credibility when it comes to discussions here in GRP.

        3. Your hostile comment is so long but it’s still the equivalent of a low IQ. Nagpapanggap ka pang henyo gunggong naman.

        4. >>implying Rappler is a credible source w/o even realizing its head is a former ABS-CBN reported

          Actually, the TRULY REAL and pathetic bitter loser is none other than YOU because you’re an actual TROLL and an ATTENTION WHORE all rolled into one. Not to mention your ad hominem attacks against the writers on this site, which you even expose your own stupidity.

          Deal with it.

          Deal with it.

        5. If someone here who is blabbing lies all over again, it’s YOU. Of course you won’t admit since that’s what ATTENTION WHORES are actually doing.

          My advice: take that FAGGOTRY of yours to somewhere else.

        6. @Amara
          Tsk,tsk, you claim this blog is full of bottom feeders but guess who ended up getting absolutely destroyed here by the so called “bottomfeeders”?

          It’s YOU

        7. Who even said YOU HAVE GOOD IDEAS to begin with? Yourself or your highly intellectual readers? Are you taking drugs? Always remember why Pacquaio won in Senate.

          And morons like you elected/support the yellow brand of the lame duck president that is PNoy. That’s the best empirical evidence of yellows’ abysmal stupidity right there. 😉

        8. Teka…you’re not discussing the issues raised in the article anymore. Goes to show that you have no effing clue of the implications of COMELEC decision. No wonder the Philippines remain a basket case. People like you are so focused on the wrong things.

          You cling on to Leloy and Richard as your idols but why are you here? If you weren’t threatened by our existence, you wouldn’t even give us the time of day.

          Keep thinking that we are the “laughingstock”. Whatever floats your boat.

          Here’s a clue: We don’t care what you think.

        9. @Benign0

          The troll got trolled so hard that she’s at a loss for words. No wonder she got blocked.

          Word of advice, Amara, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

        10. @benign0

          There’s a term for Amara’s behavior here and on twitter and I believe it’s called “Suicidal Overconfidence”.

          She’s clearly outmatched in terms of wit

    3. I am a fan of intellectuals like Leloy and Richard

      Oh, so you mean you’re a fan of two idiots who got totally wrecked by benign0 on twitter? Hardly surprising considering you’re also getting wrecked here too just like your idols

  42. You can unblock me in Twitter anytime then let’s engage in a conversation where you will not run away again. It is so elementary to do that by the way, very unbecoming of a man. “Bakla” in simple terms.

      1. How you blocked me is not an assumption, it is a real occurrence that can be proven by one screenshot.

        “Bakla” is my opinion about you, not an assumption.

        You need to learn a lot of things Benign0, it’s too tiring.

        1. What makes you think I’m benign0? 😉 And you’re entitled to your opinion of the guy. Though your rabid rampage in this page isn’t helping your cause any. =)

        2. Dami sigurong oras nitong si Amara. Ang dami mong comments. Kung nasa TV ka, malamang tataas ratings ng network. Hahaha

          Kahit mag-1000 pa ang comments dito, it will not change the fact na ginawa nilang tanga ang mga ordinaryong Pilipino.

        3. Oh great now you’re accusing Danny as benign0. You’re already gone full retard idiot. A lot of people already disagree with you and yet here you are bitching like a conservative forcing us to believe what you said. Your tears are very tasty attention whore so keep crying!

        4. @Amara
          What makes you so sure that he’ll unblock you just because you demandthat he unblock you, a little troll?

          Dream on, little troll.

        5. Kayabang nitong Amara na to. Ipinagpipilitan ang baluktot na paniniwala! Ipingangalandakan pa nyang nasa LA sya. OA ang tawag don!

          Kala mo sya lang marunong at sina Richard at Keloy lang ang magagaling!

          Mas pipiliin ko pang basahin ang GRP blog kesa mga sulat nila Richard at Leloy na lip service lang naman ng LP at Aquinos!

    1. Your post = the old “magsuntukan na lang tayo” spiel. You know what is so elementary you whiny little kid? You name calling ALL of us as pro-marcos only because of the article and being full retard here because no one here agrees with you. I bet you only finished your college by just always having high grades in order to pretend that you’re smart when in fact you never learn anything at all you one-sided attention whore.

  43. And now the Smartmatic personnels who were liable for hacking the server escaped from the country and is now in Panama!!!! Holy **** this country justice system is so ****** up that they actually let them out of the country even if they had a “Hold Departure Order” from court. Pretty sure the one who is responsible is the person running NAIA who is yet another family relative of abnoy aquino so they were able to easily escape. BBM’s case should now be sold/credible enough and that abnoy aquino is responsible for this aswell.

  44. Idiot tlga yan mga bumuto na tga comelec. Mga tao ni pinoy yan kc mga walang kwenta rin.. syang lang sinasahod sa knila ng taong bayan… dpat s knila ibinabaon ng buhay…

    1. Yup, nothing is written there for an extension within (30)days from May9-June8 non-extendable deadline nor they COMELEC OVERSEERS have the power to overwrite it since requires proper process by filing TRO to the Supreme Court, then Senate/Congress after which signed by abnoy aquino as current president.

      Penalties still apply for not following those said “Rules of Law” depending on their candidacy positions and will be labeled as “First Offence”/”2nd Offence/”Banned after 3rd” as stated in “RA 9991” in which they “LITERALLY BROKE and DIDN’T FOLLOW”.

  45. Hey Amara, how was the experience of the actual trolling persona of benign0 feel on twitter? Kaw pala tong babakla bakla e. Ngayong pintulan yang katangahan mo pabiktima ka naman bigla. Hahahaha! Naghanap pa kakampi hahaha! Tungak.

    1. This Amara is just the same as the past trolls that tried so very very hard to discredit GRP.

      All bark but no bite

      1. I cannot see any further reply from Amara, I bet you blocked her like the way you did to me. If you cannot face your enemy how will you call yourself? Bakla or duwag? you choose.

        1. If she was blocked, it is likely because she at one time or another violated the site’s Terms of Service.

          As long as you behave yourself — minimise ad hominems, stay on topic, don’t spam, etc. — you’ll be allowed to post any position on any issue here. Abuse and you will be blocked. Simple.

        2. If all you bitch are pure nonsense and against the site’s rules then we don’t need to face you because you’ve already proven how much of a loser you are especially with your “bakla” ad hominem attack.

        3. Why accuse us of blocking her just because she didn’t come back? You have a dirty mind. And btw, if we blocked you, how come you are here? You’re not making any sense.

        4. @benign0: I’m sure your reply will have better chances of being understood by a dyslexic moron. Yellows have been known to give astonishingly idiotic replies with nothing to do with the topic presented. ????

        5. Well, it has been 4 years since I started commenting using this profile but I have seen a lot of Amara’s kin get their yellow arguments crushed like paper.

          Not surprised that you’ll also get blocked, Amara, since you only attack this blog with your ineffective adhominems

        6. By the way Amara, don’t bother changing your username or pretending to be another poster since you’ll only be fooling nobody.

        7. By the way,Amara/Marie Santos
          if you got blocked, it only means that YOU are not contributing anything intelligent to the discussion here but then again, thats hardly surprising since you can only display your obvious butthurt at the GRP writers here.

  46. Gusto ko lang hiramin ang expression ni Pres elect- Duterte: “……tang ina nitong Bautista…..” Umayos ka…..

  47. 4 to 2 favor for LP..Bautista said he is the 3 person to vote against..gaguhin mong sarili mo..Noong sinabi ng PDP laban na dadalhin sa SC,biglang kambyo ka at sinabi mo na ipaglalaban ang resulta ng botohan pabor sa extensyon ng LP…

    1. Half of the comments are Amara’s anyway. They don’t really say anything, all she is just asserting is that this blog is INcredible lol.

      1. Well, one thing is that he more she comments here, the more she makes herself look like an idiot and she also unwittingly adds more traffic to this site that she hates so much

  48. Looks like Amara has either given up on her hopeless cause or she got blocked.
    Either way, its already too late for her to discredit GRP.

    In two days, her pweh-sident will lose his immunity from suit and the cases will come to bite him in the ass.

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