The slow noisy demise of the Cult of Yellow


I’ve been observing my Facebook and Twitter timelines over the last couple of weeks. It could be because of the people I follow and the friends I keep, but in between posts and tweets about the NBA Finals and Game of Thrones, I’ve noticed a pattern in the way supporters of the Liberal Party (I’ll call them “The Yellows” for writing efficiency’s sake) now engage the broader public.

The Yellows now seem to be a scattered and disjoint bunch — a pale shadow of the cohesive force of “good” they were once pereceived to be. Credit goes to Benign0’s earlier piece, What do the Yellowtards stand for and who do they look to for leadership? for a quick root-cause analysis of their situation. The Yellows seem to have found themselves leaderless and, worse, bankrupt of meaning. What do they stand for now?

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I’m not gonna repeat all the concepts that Benign0 had already laid out in that article that point to the bozo infestation that now aptly describes the Yellow presence in social media. What I might do, instead, is provide some empirical evidence based on what I’ve observed on my timelines to support Benign0’s hypothesis. Thanks goes out to those who alerted me to all the heated “debates” on Twitter. Bring out the popcorn! GRP writers are being trolled by Yellowtards!. And so that’s just what I did. 😀

The most striking change lay in the very fact that GRP writers were being trolled to begin with. Back when the Liberal Party was in power, the Yellows stuck mainly to their little cliques, usually organized around those has-been celebs like Leah Navarro, Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag, and the like. Usually, they’d block anybody who disagrees with them, preferring instead to stick within the comfy world of their orgies of mutual high-fiving and back-patting. They largely dismissed or ignored anybody who did not subscribe to their views and progressively built a wall around themselves, self-assured that their hallowed Yellow dogma stood tall as the beacon of righteousness in Philippine politics.

I think this is where they came unhinged. As Benign0 had long ago pointed out, ideas progessively become inbred when allowed to evolve within a small isolated environment. Like an isolated gene pool, this Yellow memetic pool lost its resilience, when its adherents “protected” it from challenge and cross-pollination from and with the broader society for many years.

All the while, other alternative points of view were slugging it out for dominance around the Yellow ivory tower.

GetRealism, to be fair, isn’t a new “movement” (if you could even call it that). It’s been around since 2000 and, I gotta hand it to Benign0 and the community of “Get Realists” that now form the broader GRP Community, they’ve stayed in the fringes and way outside of the “mainstream”, resisting any temptation to get in bed with any political party or associating themselves with any personality. They nailed the Holy Grail of real and intelligent political discourse: stay focused on ideas and principles as these stand the test of time. That wisdom has held over the last 16 years. Other groups and movements driven by cults of personality came and went. GRP and the Get Realists kept their cutting-edge outsider’s perspective all throughout.

The Yellow “movement” is one such (and just the most recent) cult-of-personality group that came and, as we are seeing now, is on its way out the door. Its leaders have abandoned the “movement”. Losing presidential candidate Mar Roxas is on vacation and no longer sporting the yellow colors. Leni Robredo, whose role as the Philippine Vice President is still the subject of on-going debate, has distanced herself from the Yellow cult. Out-going President Noynoy Aquino will likely be buried under a mountain of legal paperwork over the next several years just to stay out of prison.

When a group who had depended wholesale on a handful of celebrity politicians for validation loses that source of validation, it usually spells the end of that group.

To the credit of the Yellows, they are not going away quietly. So what we are seeing today is a shrill Yellow movement in its final death throes. They have a gaping void in their belief system that was once filled by one or another yellow-clad cult leader. Today we see Yellowtards, now deprived of a cult leader and a choir of saints to worship, in a mad scramble for replacements. All the while they continue to “defend” Yellowism with what seems to be a zeal fuelled more by desperation than by any real meaning.

Unfortunately for them, the quality of that “defense” is telling. Rather than focus on issues and crafting consistent logical frameworks to serve as sound foundations for their arguments, they are attacking people willy-nilly. I think it is because, the Yellows have always been lazy and sloppy thinkers. That’s not a very surprising characteristic considering that the Yellows had, for 30 years, relied on their cult leaders to do all the thinking for them. Without their cult leadership they are now like headless chickens running and flapping around aimlessly driven by reflex and muscle memory. At least headless chickens lack the ability to squawk. The same cannot be said of the noisy convulsions of the Yellows that mark their journey down the final stretch before their road ends.

Ha ha! (Sorry, I can’t help but gloat) Ha ha!

44 Replies to “The slow noisy demise of the Cult of Yellow”

  1. I’d still be careful though…

    To ensure the health and safety, I would advise everyone to wear a hazmat suit. Then, carefully pick up the Yellow pieces with long tweezers in order to put them in an incinerator. When the incineration is complete, I advise the use of powerful explosives to either disintegrate or vaporize any remaining chunks. Then, after that, sweep up the ash and dust and incinerate again for maximum security.

    1. There’s this saying: “Feed them and they bite your whole arm off.”

      I’ve seen them at work. They’re literally rabid. Like baying mad dogs. You really can’t have a proper dialog with them…

  2. Someone stuck a needle into their bubble and it made a loud “bang”. It shocked them to the core and now the wall of their bubble has disappeared and suddenly they are smelling different air and they feel unprotected, which confuses them even more.

    To make things worst, the people they used to worship have left or on their way out, so now there is no one to blindly follow anymore. We are dealing with headless yellow chickens here.

    1. Hey you got it! I like the metaphor you used… “smelling different air” and feeling unprotected.

      Yeah people who live in bubbles come out with weak or non-existent immune systems that make them unable to deal with the diversity of the real world!

  3. Along with the gradual demise of the Yellow Party should be the loosening of the Chinese businessmen’s (Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, John Gokongwei, Andrew Tan, and etcetera) tight grip on the economy, to give the Fliptards and other ethnicity a chance to make it in this country.

    1. Unfortunately,nature abhors a vacuum.

      Loosening the Chinese grip on the economy would be replaced by the Spanish hacienderos.I may be wrong,but the latter seem only to be interested in property development, whereas the Chinese do at least trade and manufacture.

      1. The Spanish Hacienderos, which are virtually almost non-existent except for a few families that still owned large parcels of land in rural areas, did not detrimentally affect the Fliptard-owned businesses in manufacturing, retail, and import/export industries in metropolitan areas.

        However, the Chinese “Bamboo Network” businesses did by monopolizing all the industries–through direct foreign Chinese investments and Yellow Party networks–capturing a big piece of the market and destroying locally-owned “Cottage Industries” businesses.

        From 1986 to the present, Chinese-owned businesses have reached an unprecedented height and commanded more than 70% of the markets share in this country–far more than what the Hacienderos, and their respective land-holdings, have achieved in the last two centuries.

        Something is definitely amiss with the distribution of wealth and power in this country.

        1. ‘Profit’ has always been given a bum rap by nearly all consumers. Those who have some understanding of business…those who know that ‘profit’ is what keeps businessmen in business…do not. The fact is…’profit’ directly causes employment; motivates innovation and product development; increases tax revenues; and, stimulates the economy. Like any other ‘good thing’, however, ‘profit’ must be regulated to protect the consumer and to allow its good effects to come in.
          To the extent that government has sought to protect consumers of staple products, (rice, diesel and LPgas), past governments, by-and-large…including this outgoing one…have done so. This, however, falls way short of desired results owing to its being shortsighted , and is perceived as government ‘wrestling-down’ companies so as to ‘appear’ as being pro-people; (although there are instances where this becomes necessary). Instead of constantly interfering and policing business operations, government might encourage a self-regulating atmosphere by encouraging, and in some cases, starting-up competition…in the interest of the consumer. Competing companies, (not cartels), will ensure…not only ‘self-regulation, but reasonable prices, better products, and bigger tax revenues, as well; and, they will securely lock-out monopolies.

  4. The Philippine Constitution, made by the late Cory Aquino, must be changed. It favors the Feudal Oligarchy and the Checkwa capitalists.

    The YellowTard Cult, is a Cult of Personality; centered around: Ninoy Aquino Jr.; Cory Aquino; Pnoy Aquino; Kris Aquino; and other YellowTard leaders. Their followers are like herds of cattles, with herd mentalities, rampaging, where their leader is headed. They flash . “L” signs as a way of greeting each other. The YellowTard Cult has no political ideology; except bowing and paying homage to their leader: the Aquinos.

    There is even a Shrine: the EDSA Shrine, where they congregate , every year. They made a holiday, the EDSA holiday, where they remember; their “heroism”, “martyrdoom”, etc…sacrifices for the sake of the Aquinos.

    They are mostly a nuisance. YellowTards hacked my blogs, many times. They send viruses, to my computer. And, sometimes they argue with me in the GRP Blogs. Most of them, seems to be lacking in intellectual capabilities. They use the same YellowTard argument, over and over again. Like: “if you are against us, you are biased…”

    The Aquino era is near its end… YellowTards can change , if they want to change. Get Real Philippines is a movement: to share information with other bloggers/readers ; to teach each other; and to contribute for good solutions of our country’s problems. Any GRP Blogger/Writer can point to the Root Cause of what is wrong in our country; and our society, as a whole.

    There is no monopoly of knowledge. We have to share what we know to other bloggers. We can teach each other. It will be an epiphany for those YellowTards, if they have an open mind , to join the movement for a better Philippines !

  5. The Chinese-Filipino, (or is it Filipino-Chinese?) businessman will continue to succeed and dominate Philippine commerce and industry…no matter who the President is, no matter the colors of the party in power. To expect or to even wish that, owing to the ‘changing of the guards’ which is now taking place; that some other group of entrepreneurs will supplant the ‘Filipinized-Chinese’ businessman as leaders in trade, will be just that…a wish. From the time of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, (some five centuries back), who, with grandson Juan de Salcedo, demolished the pirate Limahong; through President Garcia’s ‘Filipino-First Movement; and, Macapagal’s ‘Nationalization of Retail Trade; to Marcos’ NEDA…’Filipinized-Chinese’ businessmen have not only survived…they have thrived.
    Like Garcia and Macapagal, the new President might try to legislate a ‘level playing field’…offering up an atmosphere weighted against the ‘Fil-Chinese, thereby favoring the true-blooded-Filipino, (if there is any such). ‘Conventional wisdom’ might suggest that the latter would now succeed. Empirical evidence, however tends to belie this notion. Might the new dispensation, then, legislate ‘outcome’? This question is hard to contemplate. It suggests ‘strong-arm-methods’, it risks the demise of the ‘goose that lays the golden eggs’, and it would make the new administration no different from those which it has vowed to replace.
    By the way…have any of these ‘Fil-Chinese businessmen salted money away from the Philippines? Have they not, in fact, reinvested within the country, into other new businesses which employ even more Filipinos? Rather than shun and ‘blackball’ them, it might be wiser to convince and encourage them to do more for trade, industry and employment.

    1. [Another Edited Version]

      vagoneto rieles,

      I have never denied the Chinese-Filipinos have been an integral part of socio-economic legacy, regardless of who the presidents were, and they will continue to be a part of it in the future. However, you cannot deny the fact that they have gained a much stronger foothold after the 1986 EDSA Revolution; and continue to do so under the Yellow administration. The result of the Chinese-Filipinos’ (and their foreign Chinese partners) economic domination have literally taken more than 70 percent of the country’s market—while making 2 or 3 billionaires out of them—while the rest of us suffers. Now, don’t you think the Chinese’s literal monopoly of our political and economic infrastructures something that we all should be addressing instead of just focusing on the unscrupulous deeds of our Yellow Party alone?

      “Shun and blackball them”? Man, where have you been and how long have you been asleep? Who do you think took over Subic Bay Naval Base and Clark Air Base, and commercialized them after the Americans left, that made the country virtually vulnerable from foreign military threats and Muslim insurgencies? The Yellow Party and the Chekwa businesses, of course. Who do you think ruined our locally-owned manufacturers and exporters when they started accepting cheaper and inferior goods from China? The Yellow Party and the Chekwa businesses, of course. Who do you think allowed Henry Sy (SM Malls) and John Gokongwei (Robinson Malls) to wantonly build their shopping malls that violated numerous zoning laws, caused mass traffic and flooding, while they destroyed local retailers and vendors? The Yellow Party and the Chekwa businesses, of course. Who do you think allowed ABS-CBN and GMA to brainwash the masses to read less, watch television and movies more, and encourage the population to become OFWs so they can emulate the lifestyle of their favorite “rich and famous” characters on the big screen? The Yellow Party and Chekwa businesses, of course. Finally, who do you think took over our rural banks and other financial institutions that once served our thriving agricultural/aqua cultural industries, but are now dependent on imported rice from other Asian countries? You’ve guess it: The Yellow Party and the Chekwa businesses, of course.

      You’re right. The Chekwa businesses are re-investing the money in the Philippines, but they’re not doing it to benefit the Filipino people. Instead, the Chekwa businesses are using this money to bribe the Yellow Party members (and other wannabes) to keep giving their businesses a generous accommodation to keep fleecing the country. Of course everything is always done at the expense of the people who are kept in the dark about what’s really going on in their own country, would have to fight with one another just to survive, and would have to work very hard to keep these oligarchs wealthy and powerful. So, I don’t think these Chekwa businesses need to be convinced and encouraged to do more for trade, industry, and employment; they’re already doing a great job at it. Wouldn’t you agree?


  6. The U.S. has its : the Anti Trust Law. This U.S. law was enacted, to prevent a U.S. company from monopolizing a business. There was a time in the U.S. where utilities, industries, commerce, etc…were at the mercy of the business owners. They were called: “the robber barons”…

    If a business has grown too large, and powerful. The Anti Trust Law, force them to be partitioned, to encourage competition…

    In our country; no Anti Trust Law. Monopoly is the name of the business game ! Chekwas are good in the monopoly game !

    1. just review their assets and liabilities they’re filing every year, pay their taxes, and sequester what’s hidden.

    2. 222Toro007Hyden8888.99,

      Hear, Hear! The Chinese-Filipino may use their business revenue to reinvest it in the Failippines, but they’re certainly not sharing it with anybody to rebuild local infrastructures like improving public schools and hospitals. If they do hire Failipino workers, they literally do it at a dirt cheap price, with no benefits or job security. I don’t know why anybody would think the Chinese-Filipino businesses are doing the country any favor. These Chinoy businesses are literally choking the economy and destroying businesses in all the industries. And the Koreans are right there behind them and following in their footsteps in fleecing the Failippines. You’re right. What the country needs is an Anti-Trust Law that will prevent a monopoly of the economy by certain sectors so that our people won’t have to go overseas as OFWs for lack of opportunities to compete with these foreign giants.


      1. This is one issue, to be addressed by Pres. Elect Duterte. I think, he is a Socialist. So, the employees, must be taken cared of by the business owner. Health insurance must be given to them. Along with paid vacations. No part time employees. A livable minimum wage is required, also…

        1. 213Hyden007Toro9999.99,

          And rightly so. The utter monopoly of the Chinese businesses (local and foreigner)—including the growing number of Korean businesses–is hurting the country. Now I know the Yellow Party have also benefited from this unfair business practice by the Chinese and Koeans for the past 30 years, so the new president should address the “monkey business” that has been taking place between these monopolizing businesses and our Yellow oligarchs.



        2. [Edited Version]


          And rightly so. The utter monopoly of the Chinese businesses (local and foreigner)—including the growing number of Korean businesses–is hurting the country. Now I know the Yellow Party have also benefited from this unfair business practice by the Chinese and Koreans for the past 30 years, so the new president should address the “monkey business” that has been taking place between these monopolizing businesses and our Yellow oligarchs.


  7. I’ve said it’s over for the Failipinos in the Failippines, an obvious truth which caused much agitation amongst us all. The Failippines rich oligarchs will rule as usual; they come in all colours, particularly yellow.

  8. they will be in hibernation for an indefinite time. yes, they will be back.

    i hope they morph into something positively mainstream. but i doubt.

    1. I doubt that they would still show the same amout of zealous dedication once Aquino gets slapped with cases that he can’t weasel himself out of.

  9. Deep inside these morons already know they’ve supported a bunch of crooks and losers but their pride prevents them to let go. Game over. No more LP. Even the most “loyal” LP “statesmen” jumped ship like rats away from that sinking party because of shameless survival instincts. The only thing left of LP are its rabid supporters.

    1. Can’t be helped since these (LP)Lawbreaking Party still got Billions/Trillions/more of Pesos ever since 1986 when that useless,brainless houswife puppet president took office.

      30 years of raping the Philippines of it’s riches and is put only in their Yellow Pockets and fellow Oligarch’s while letting it’s people suffer from the side effects(blown out poverty,price hikes,drugs,crimes,etc.). And don’t forget “MEDIA PROPAGANDA”.

      That PCGG, heck it’s not for the government but for the Aquino’s-Cojuanco’s and their croonies benefit. Look at Kris wearing the stolen jewelries from Mrs. Imelda Marcos that she rightfully owns as she was already acquitted from these cases and have proper documents to prove it won’t even return it to them nor actually give it to the Philippine Government.

      The Yellows/Oligarch’s are the real crooks of the country to the point of even breaking the “Rule of Law” and don’t just generalize it all to the late Pres.F.Marcos which they one-sidedly accuse.

      Heck during Pres.F.Marcos time Filipino’s are always first when it comes to rights like jobs, businesses, welfare, projects and not some chekwas/any foreign entities, if they do want to make business here their workers should be Filipino’s and there wasn’t any contractualization or age limits and noone can fire a worker unless explained.

      Rules/Laws were really implemented and followed but after 1986, too much freedom ruined the Philippines for 30 yrs and the only one benefitted were the Oligarch;s as they are free to steal(government taxes) and raise prices without control/monopolize everything in the country.

      1. 4DSakeOfTheCountry

        “Heck during Pres.F.Marcos time Filipino’s are always first when it comes to rights like jobs, businesses, welfare, projects and not some chekwas/any foreign entities, if they do want to make business here their workers should be Filipino’s and there wasn’t any contractualization or age limits and noone can fire a worker unless explained.”

        You are 100 percent correct on this one!


    2. I don’t like the way this Yellow mob turned the character of Filipino society into such worshippers of prayerful “martyrs” who make “sacrifice” the cornerstones of their stupid campaign slogans.

      Leni Robredo makes my skin crawl. So emo! Ewww! She’s been packaged into a sort of poor copy of Cory Aquino that all these Yellowtards rallied behind. But then they needed a P400m budget to market her to the voters… ha ha!

      1. Kate, I never thought of it that way, but you are right. They made her into another Cory, so the brainwashed would subconsciously vote for her.

        OH, how these mama-boys and girls are longing for someone who reminds them of the Yaya they grew up with; someone who picked up their trash for them and told them not to worry, everything will be okay. Now eat your peanut butter sandwich and then go and play, while I clean up your mess.

      2. She’s not emo. She’s a predator posing as a docile prey. Only yellowtards buy into that “humble, simple unambitious” bullshit the yellow media shoves down their throats.

  10. if the any of aquino family flees the ph on june 30 or so, i do hope they end up in hawaii… that would be poetic

    1. They should end up in “JAIL” as they clearly broke a lot of “LAWS” and stole alot of Government Taxes Money(DAP/PDAF/PORK/MRT DEAL/ETC) even foreign donations(200+billion) for the typhoon Yolanda victims which they fail to liquidize. Electoral sabotage/fraud and now COMELEC breaking the “Rule of Law” on which their boss is abnoy aquino. Losing Scarborough Shoal/Spratly’s. 7500 metric tons of gold from the Philippine Bank deposit in Thailand. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  11. These Yellowtards are so desperate for a leader that they now bow down to worship this guy Leloy Claudio and keep sharing his Rappler article.

    That guy is so butthurt that he was a big enough sucker to actually write about his experience exchanging Tweets with benign0 on Rappler. Selective pa the Tweets he quoted. Ha ha! He didn’t show the zingers that painted him into a corner.

    See the full Twitter convo and ensuing Tweets Claudio conveniently left out in his article. The guy is oozing with pomposity and so blinkered by his narrow reading list that he totally misses the point…

    1. The idiot yellows claimed victory in that tweet feed but we all know who the winner is in that thread.

      benign0 clearly wiped the floor with those fools.

    2. What can you expect from a pedantic moron who keeps on flashing his “readings” and educational attainment like some form of deluded self-entitlement when it comes to ideas? The only reason these yellows are making a big noise about GRP now is because this site is totally on the dot about the many crap they chose to ignore about their beloved cult.

      1. It’s like a survival instinct for those yellows since they know they’ll be losing relevance after June 30.

        Try as they may, they will never succeed in trying to discredit GRP with their weak propaganda.

    3. I’m being given the same treatment, apparently, with some schmo demanding references from me. Luckily though, I took down my own Twitter after it was hacked.

      1. If I see someone shitting on the punchbowl and tell everyone about it, they can shove their queries about “references” up their collective asses.

    4. Leloy? What kind of a name is that?

      No wonder his mind is warped. He looks like the kind of kid who had his head stuck in a toilet bowl by his classmates all the time. Just looking at him makes me want to thunder-slap his pudding head.

      I just read the exchange and all I can say is; it would be better to punch the kid square in his throat than to exchange words on Twitter.

      If you hit him hard it might loosen something up in his shit filled head. At least with a good beating there is a lesson to be learned. Don’t be a fucking smartass if in fact you don’t know shit.

    5. haha, a book has never existed. he left out the fact that the 30 years of yellow rule made it impossible for works like that too see the light of day.
      maybe in the next decade we will start to see university-published works that endorses the marcos regime.
      fun fact: you will never see a pro-monarchy book (university published and peer reviewed of course) published during stalin’s time in soviet russia.

    6. Taeneans… oh my goodness. That kid is still growing up, give him a chance.

      Many from the yellows switched, too after three decades.

  12. I’m not against Filipino Chinese business community thriving and expanding as long as they don’t do anything illegal or using their money to influence anything in favour of them.

    I believe the “true blooded filipino” should try and learn from them as these people when they moved here virtually had nothing yet they were able to prosper as per one poster here said even if we tilt the favour towards the indigenous Filipinos,they’ll still manage to rise up above the challenges.

    It’s partly to do with Filipino crab mentality hence we’re outdone by them, they stick with each other unlike us plus they virtually really good business ethics and generation of experience that they pass on.

    Instead of vilifying them, we should try to imitate or learn from them.

    1. NOTOLP,

      “I’m not against Filipino Chinese business community thriving and expanding as long as they don’t do anything illegal or using their money to influence anything in favour of them.”

      That’s the problem. The Chinese-Filipino business community is using its money to bribe the “crab mentality” politicians for political and economic favors to monopolize the economy. Where have you been for the last 30 years to not know this?


      1. Then that’s got to stop. Easier said than done but the thing is, they know our mindset and using that to their advantage.

        1. NOTOLP,

          Given those facts that the Chinese understand our mindset and take full advantage of our weaknesses, does that justify what they do–monopolize our economy and leave very little for us to live on–in your book?


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