The RIGHT thing to do: Exclude ‘vice president’ Leni Robredo from the inauguration ceremony


So what if Rodrigo Duterte wishes to be sworn in as the 16th President of the Philippines in a separate ceremony from that of the Vice President’s? For that matter, who would want to share such an event with an alleged election cheat and a breaker of election rules?

Liberal Party (LP) candidate Leni Robredo’s claim to the Office of the Vice President remains debatable to begin with. Allegations of electoral fraud continue to put the legitimacy of her “win” on the basis of the “official” count of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in doubt. Recently, one of the engineers of Smartmatic (the COMELEC’S primary election systems vendor) facing charges for suspected involvement in vote rigging, was reported to have fled the country further raising suspicions that the LP are mounting a massive cover-up.

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Indeed, there now is sufficient reason to doubt the credibility of any “official” ruling of the COMELEC. In an en banc ruling issued recently, COMELEC officials accepted the LP’s late submission of their statement of contributions and expenditure (SOCE). According to the law and COMELEC rules, late submission of the SOCE will not be accepted under any circumstances and nominated candidates of parties in violation of these rules are barred from assuming their offices. This effectively disqualifies all winning LP candidates — including Robredo — from assuming their offices in both the executive and legislative branches of the Philippine government.

The fact that the COMELEC has demonstrated an ability to disrespect its own rules casts a dark shadow over its ascendancy as guardian and governor of the Philippines’ election processes. Duterte and, for that matter, any politician and government official can simply dismiss the COMELEC and its “rules” as nothing more than quaint administrative decoration.

More importantly, Robredo comes from a party that is renowned for its astounding hypocrisy. Back in 2010, then President-elect Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III snubbed then Chief Justice Renato Corona during his inauguration. By tradition, the Chief Justice swears-in the new President. LP supporters at the time did not seem to call out the supposed lack of “civility” in Aquino’s actions in the same way that they now mount their indignation fad against Duterte’s decision to exclude Robredo from his inauguration.

It also did not help that Robredo spewed buckets of antagonistic rhetoric against Duterte during the campaign. Again, this is likely to be a result of her association with the Liberal Party camp and the sparse foundation of principles (beyond their nebulous “Daang Matuwid” mantra) that they apply to their politics. If you were Duterte, would you trust Robredo to support implementation of your vision for the country?

And this is the whole trouble with the Philippine system — one in which the Vice President is voted separately from the President. As we are seeing today, the President-elect and the presumptive (and debatable) “vice president” (currently considered by some to be Robredo) are at polar ends. Considering that some of the measures and initiatives that need to be put in place to fix the Philippines over the next six years are hard and, most likely, will be unpopular in due course, there is little room for the messiness of having to deal with a third wheel coming from an opposing camp. Six years is a short time to implement fundamental change. You need the focus of a sprint runner to do a lot in such a short time. The last thing an administration such as Duterte’s that promises change needs are unnecessary distractions.

For example, there are bigger things at stake in efforts to re-establish the unity that the Philippines lost under six years of BS Aquino’s divisive administration. Bringing warring chieftains into a common negotiating table, for one, is a big step towards the holy grail of “unity” that’s eluded the Philippines for decades. Worrying about the inclusion or exclusion of a lame-duck “vice president” in or from a one-time inauguration ceremony, from that perspective, simply ranks way below — just above choosing the right colour shirt to wear at the office — in the overall scheme of things.

29 Replies to “The RIGHT thing to do: Exclude ‘vice president’ Leni Robredo from the inauguration ceremony”

  1. Lol u guys are hilarious.
    Firstly on the late submission why does no one mention duterte’s late submission?
    If you are going to complain about the vp then why not the pres who was late with his submission also?
    Also where are these allegations of gote rigging coming from?
    From camp Marcos.?
    Not exactly a family with the most trustworthy credentials now is it?

    Congrats philippines who have proven once again you are a nation of children.
    When elected officals act and also dismiss a elected vice president” so i do not hurt my friends feelings”. Or apparently not have a shared inauguration” because her camp might have more people” is completd bs.
    Duterte is a 70 year old man yet acts like a child.
    He contradicts himself constantly then tells people to fuck off when he is called upon it.
    Now not only is ot a nation of children, apprently you ate going to be governed by one.

    Unless you have facts to back up your opinions stop claiming elctoral fraud.
    If there was going to be vote rigging by the yellow party do u really think Duterte would be president elect?
    The only people crying electoral fraud are the same people painting a fraudulent picture of the macros regime 30 years ago.
    Same ones claiming that it was all lies and that the macors era was a golden era of the philippines and not instead the start of its decline as the ” sick man of asia”
    The philippines is in for one long 6 year season of the jerry springer show.

    I used to have high hopes for this country.
    Now im hoping to get out as soon as i can.
    When in the next few years you all look back( after its turned to shit) and cry. ” we didnt know, no one warned us” me and mine will have escaped, living a nice full life in a country ruled and inhabited by adults.

    1. Lol, 1) Duterte was a “substitute” candidate for his political party and this is allowed under our laws. 2) Marcos family remains credible because well, we did elect the father twice (or thrice!, we’ll never know) and the Son has a very good sense of justice, just listen to his acquittal speech of CJ Corona and how he consulted with the stakeholders when he drafted the Senate’s version of the BBL. In both instances, Marcos JR did something that is potentially very unpopular and could jeopardize his chances at the polls, but he did it anyway. That shows “independence” and “probity”.

      1. I’ll also add that Duterte was very willing to let the COMELEC decide on the status of his candidacy and if his “late filing” were not allowable, then so be it. But COMELEC, the image of competence that they are, took too long deciding what to do, so lol, he got elected. Its pretty hard to sympathize with such incompetence.

      2. Lastly, I also think that Duterte won in spite of fraud. His mandate should actually be higher than 39%, but the COMELEC can’t just allow him to get away with more votes than the son of the EDSA hero.

        Open your eyes, this is the sentiment of so many people and your beloved COMELEC is not doing anything to make themselves look credible or competent.

      3. Completely absolutely agree with you Dick S. O’Rosary. Some people just speak out of biased emotions but not out of reason. Ironic to even carry that as username.
        By far Marcos Jr. had proven track record of impeccable public service than the cheat who only bragged about her pro bono services and bus commute. And just because he is a Marcos it already gives us the right to deny him justice and say alleged electoral fraud is baseless. This is something that should be given attention which these imbeciles from COMELEC ignore.

        Duterte may have said so many things but we support him for the simple reason that “he gets things done” and we do not want to have anything to do with anyone from the yellow camp. ENOUGH!!!

    2. You are a negativist and it sucks…
      Grow and look at the brightside. Be hopeful and do something for the greater number of people. Election ended already but you are stuck in it..
      I hope you are not a troller because its not time to make noise…wait for the next election…otherwise be transparent who you are…that is when complaining. God bless you…change is coming and has come…

    3. The evidence are in the servers. So how can you prove the fraud when the suspect that stole your watch won’t empty his pockets? And once again, institutions like the COMELEC aren’t protected by that presumption of innocence as stated by Teddy Locsin Jr:

      No, the burden is entirely on the COMELEC to answer each and every concern. No burden lies on the suspicious to substantiate their suspicions. But what about the presumption of innocence? Doesn’t that extend to the COMELEC? Sure, if you went to a lousy local law school. The presumption of innocence does not apply to institutions nor to anything or anybody else but an individual accused until he is found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt in a court of law after a fair trial.

      And as for your quote here:

      If there was going to be vote rigging by the yellow party do u really think Duterte would be president elect?

      He was allegedly cheated out of more than a million votes. But the number of voters were overwhelmingly large that the supposed cheaters cannot make it appear that he lost convincingly. The answer seems to be in the servers and once that thing is settled then everyone can call it a day. Nothing like the spectre of electoral cheating to mar the image of the VP. If she’s convinced about her win, she should have been the first to demand for an investigation or a recount, if needed.

    4. Ang taong magsasalita lang ng katulad ng mga sinabi mo ay iyong nagbubulag bulagan, nagbibingi bingihan at nagpapakatanga sa katotohanan…

    5. Here we go again, a yellowturd supporting an incompetent abnoy leader and just like him, blame games as usual.

      Keep fooling yourself if our country has been prosperous after 30 years of getting raped by the yellow/oligarch’s. If you only know, Pres.F. Marcos even demanded a recount but what did that brainless puppet housewife cory aquino did? She said no but instigated people power(NCR) and sadly people like you who are easily fooled aslong as their getting paid would blindly follow these countries rapist and traitors no matter what the consequences maybe.

      Your yellowturd cory aquino in just 6 or maybe even less years made the country from 2nd most progressive next to Japan to the most corrupt, crime filled, drug infested, blownup poverty due to no job openings,killings(Hacienda Luisita, Mendiola, etc.), price hikes(oil, goods, bills), major blackout that would last weeks or months, kidnappings, media killings, etc. atrocities due to Unlawfulness and Too much freedom.

      She also instigated a Constitution that is for the Oligarch’s by the Oligarch’s.

    6. Admit it, you’re even more hilarious since this long post of yours is the definition of what we call ‘shitposting’.

      1.) Like Dick S. O’Rosary said, Duterte was a “substitute” candidate

      2.) Your EMOness over Marcos made you even stupider than I thought. How about you set aside your emotions and try to think over? BTW, there ARE alleged electoral fraud in most provinces (including in my dad’s home province in Basilan) but because of the current COMELEC running the whole show, you know what happens next…

      The only people crying electoral fraud are the same people painting a fraudulent picture of the macros regime 30 years ago.
      Same ones claiming that it was all lies and that the macors era was a golden era of the philippines and not instead the start of its decline as the ” sick man of asia”

      This is comedy gold. And a pathetic one at best. Are you trying to say the post-Marcos years were good? Nope, the “sick man of Asia” stuff began after 1986, mind you. Everything you spat is just, well, subjective.

      I still have high hopes for this country. But unfortunately, son, you actually have false hopes to begin with since all you care is to maintain the status quo.

    7. LOL.. now what?? the yellows are now shifting their strategy from never-ending “NEVER AGAIN” chant to Marcoses to Duterte’s late filing of COC.. No wonder this country is a banana republic.. The lawmakers are now lawbreakers. First, the Kathniel “couples” violate the election law but the COMELEC are just meh.. Same to Leni’s biggest spender.. then the SOCE thing.. Dont tell me, Mr. The voice of Yellow Emo, that you dont know these things or you just shrugging your shoulders while your beloved President and his Yellow gang still raped this country with little time they had

    8. I believe if you will be true to your words that you are leaving the Phils. You are doing the country a big favor. Enough with the hypocrites
      and all knowing without common sense . Listening to what they like to here but blind while eyes is wide awake.

    9. @TheVoiceofReason

      You must be that person flashing the Yellow Brigade’s “L” sign permanently embedded in your forehead. “L”oser!!!????

    10. @TheVoiceofReason
      You must be that person flashing the Yellow Brigade’s “L” sign permanently embedded in your forehead. “L”oser!!!????

    11. Oh, Duterte is really acting like a child…Evidence: He has formed his cabinet and he has met with them three times already, he has proposed a 10-point economic plan, he has consulted with the business community to ask for their opinions and to listen to their suggestions to said 10-point plan… All these and more he has done, so that by the time his administration gets seated, it hits the ground running…What a freaking man who doesn’t know how to act like an adult….Let’s have a GMRC teacher teach him how to “act” Presidential….Oh, I forget–all the others did after Marcos was to “ACT” Presidential.

    12. The voice of reason?

      Every single thing you wrote is false and absurd. Everything.

      Unbelievable how stupid and utterly brainwashed people can be. I hold you and people like responsible for how messed up this country is.

      Keep on blaming others for your own imbecility.

      PLEASE, don’t ever have children!

  2. Leni Rob redo is nothing, but the “running dog” of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos, to save their Hacienda Luisita , from Land Reform.

    The COMELEC has lost its Credibility, already. There is massive cheating in the 2016 election. It was ordered by: Aquino; the Liberal Party; the Cojuangcos; the Feudal Oligarchs; etc…these are the people, who will benefit on Leni Rob redo’s Vice Presidency.

    The Office of the Vice President, must be vacant; until a thorough investigation of the:COMELEC; the SMARTMATIC machines; the SMARMATIC electoral system; and the LP candidates, who “won” is done. Let the Chips, fall , where they may. Whoever is wanting in their duties; whoever had ordered this electoral cheating, must be prosecuted. If found guilty: they must be jailed !

    We have to ask help from advanced countries, like the , U.S. and Germany, to help in the electoral fraud investigation.

    Unless, these people are punished. The electoral fraud will continue, again and again !

  3. A manual recount on all votes is needed also, with the investigation, going on !

    We have to jail these Bastards , who were responsible for the electoral frauds !

  4. If the Failippines want to bring a fundamental change in the Failipino’s belief and behavior…all of us need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured.

  5. Hoy leni pcos machine ka lang sorry hindi ka real VP!mag resign ka nalang kung ayaw mong kaladkarin ka ng karma mo pababa!best advice!hindi ka dyan magtatagal kc alam ng buong mundo Fake ka wala kang 14 million supporters!!!

  6. And even in his cabinet, Leni is left out. Du30 chose right to instead include the left. It is bringing healing and unity.

    What’s the job of Leni then? To waste tax payers’ money? 6 years is a long time staring at thin air at her desk, just waiting for Du30 to die.

    Can she at least make coffee for the cabinet members?

    1. No Zaxx, she does have a place in Duterte’s cabinet. It’s right beside the duct tape and barbed wire. Also, the cabinet needs to be made of something very strong like solid lead.

      1. Now that’s no way to treat a lady Grimwald. Except of course if she’s a Robber. The Punisher will probably keep her locked up in there till she pays back every peso of the people’s money LP stole and wasted for her campaign.

  7. I agree with this article and I for one, know that the new president is allergic to dishonest, cheaters, hypocrites, liars, corrupt, unfair, and so many more that describe people from the LP.
    My point is, the yellow team should stop making it a big issue that their fake VP is not given the “proper” attention that was given the other previous VPs. Our new president is a good judge of character and he isn’t just going to do it for the sake of “precedence”! So LPs, WAKE UP AND STOP GRUMBLING ABOUT WHY THE FAKE VP IS NOT INVITED, WHY SHE GOT NO POSITION! It is common sense, we don’t need an opposition to join the team because #du30 only wants people he can trust and the fake VP doesn’t qualify with the way she is handling the protests against her.

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