Duterte highlights Philippine media’s own lewd and hypocritical behaviour


I read a very disturbing article from one of Rappler’s writers. It’s disturbing because, firstly, it was published by a media outlet read by thousands of impressionable young Filipinos. And, two, it is disturbing because it is proof that a lot of Filipinos do not have the right principles that can steer them in the right direction.

Fighting rudeness with lewdness: Rappler writer Ana P. Santos

Fighting rudeness with lewdness: Rappler writer Ana P. Santos

The writer, Ana P. Santos used erotic-styled prose to express her own disappointment with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s foul language and bravado. She was trying to prove that she can be as “dirty” as Duterte. Santos seems to be quite knowledgeable in the sex department. She even suggested that Duterte try getting it from behind with another male. One wonders what kind of upbringing someone like Santos had that would compel her to write something like that. Here are excerpts from her article:

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Whenever you display your manhood like that, it makes me bite my lower lip in anticipation. I know you won’t stop. You will just keep it coming and coming.


You always need to be the man on top. Wolf-whistling a female journalist (would you do it to a male one, I wonder? C’mon, haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like to get it from behind?)

Santos began her article by blaming Duterte for her own actions. She wrote: “Oooh, Digong, what have you done to me?” It seems Filipinos like Santos — a journalist at that — don’t know how to be accountable for their own actions anymore. I know that her point is to highlight that some people could emulate Duterte’s bad habits and lifestyle. But the way she wrote her article highlights her own flawed reasoning.

I do not swear. Okay, maybe I do on occasions such as when I stub a toe, but that does not happen very often. My exposure to Duterte’s swearing hasn’t increased my need to swear. I still prefer not to have conversations with other folks who pepper their words with p*t@ng#n@! or f*ck y@u! I still consider it a turn-off. That’s just how I was brought up. Duterte as the next President of the Philippines will not make me change my whole attitude towards swearing and vulgarity. Unfortunately, Filipinos like Santos seem to think that now that Duterte is President, she can be as vulgar as Duterte too. That’s very disappointing. I do hope that people can see through the shallowness of her arguments.

Those who easily get swayed by the actions of others do not have strong convictions. They are the type of people who did not have a good role model at home. They are the type of people who copy what their classmates, colleagues and friends are doing. And they are the type of people who blame others for their own actions. When their classmates get into smoking, drinking, drugs or sex, they feel pressured to indulge themselves too. A lot of them suffer from low self-esteem and think that by doing what others are doing, they will be accepted. Sadly, people who have strong convictions – those who have their own set of principles – are very rare nowadays.

Yes, I don’t like Duterte’s swearing and vulgarity. I wish he would tone it down. He did say that he will be more Presidential after he gets sworn in (no pun intended), so I am looking forward to that. Duterte obviously had a different upbringing to most of us. Unfortunately, his mother is not around to caution him anymore. But parents can still teach their own kids polite manners anytime. Duterte hasn’t outlawed teaching diplomacy yet.

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte: take the good, leave the bad, but see the bigger picture.

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte: take the good, leave the bad, but see the bigger picture.

Besides, from what I understand, Duterte swears because he is pissed off at corruption, the high crime-rate and overall stupidity evident in the current government and Philippine society in general. Some members of Philippine media recently pissed him off too when they asked what he thought were silly questions during his press conferences. They also made a big deal when he wolf-whistled one female reporter and branded it sexual harassment. While I personally would get annoyed when my train of thought gets interrupted by someone wolf-whistling me while I was speaking, I wouldn’t call it sexual harassment. I’m not trying to defend Duterte. I’m simply calling out some people’s hypocrisy. On one hand, you wonder why on earth Duterte would do it in front of everyone; on the other hand, doing it in front of everyone made it not sexual but more of a joke. It turns out, Duterte and the female reporter Mariz Umali are already familiar with each other. Umali had been in Duterte’s vehicle along with some other people touring Davao City.

What is another disturbing realisation as pointed out by Get Real Post writer benign0 is the fact that a lot of members of Philippine media engaged in what I would consider sexual harassment against two prominent individuals on social networking site Twitter at the height of the campaign period for the recently concluded Presidential Elections:

Bad behaviour and unethical practices abound in Philippine media! Another example of behaviour inconsistent with principles and “decency” is the social media initiative #RP69FanFic reportedly launched by “film critic” and ABS-CBN lifestyle contributor Philbert Dy (and promoted by corporate media sites) which rallied Netizens to post lewd stories and memes about Sandro Marcos (son of vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos) and Baste Duterte (son of President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte). The hashtag (warning: link leads to a Twitter profile that serves content not fit for minors) became a “trending topic” on Twitter and was fanned by a who’s-who of hipster media personalities and Jesuit-educated chi-chi folk many of whom, today, lead chatter surrounding the “indecent” soundbytes issued by Duterte in what was once routine (now defunct) meetings with the press.

If only writers from Rappler like Santos also wrote about their disgust over indecency some Netizens committed against Sandro and Baste, their outrage over Duterte’s wolf-whisling would have more credibility. Members of the media cannot cry-foul over Duterte’s “lewd” conduct and then enjoy harassing innocent people on the Net at the same time without being called hypocrites. This just goes to show that Duterte doesn’t bring out the worst in people. He’s just calling it out. There are already Filipinos who behave badly underneath that veneer of civility.

72 Replies to “Duterte highlights Philippine media’s own lewd and hypocritical behaviour”

  1. It seems Filipinos like Santos — a journalist at that — don’t know how to be accountable for their own actions anymore.

    Might as well make some sort of farm with all these scapegoats around.

  2. what people don’t understand is that if you want to dance with the criminals…you have to know their music…the reason digong was so successful in his campaign to rid davao of criminality was that he got down low and dirty and even down low enough to their level and this kind of work usually rubs-off on a person…so much so that you become the animal you are hunting…to expect digong to act the way you want is wishful thinking …as i’ve said…digong is his own man… going up against him in any form or manner is a lost battle even before it begins…he is beyond our comprehension and this is his weapon against the criminal world…it is only normal that he hates the media and the press…because for a story… they will preempt your plans and forewarn the criminals by writing articles even before they are hatched…the press are spoilers of great magnitude…a lot of people get killed this way by providing intel to the enemy….so let digong just do his work and leave him alone….

      1. Ilda,

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel Duterte’s callous approach is a breath of fresh air (call to action) to the otherwise pretentious and stagnant air of the oligarchs, that the country has been breathing for a long time.

        “But when you disarm them, you at once offend them by showing that you distrust them, either for cowardice or for want of loyalty, and either of these opinions breeds hatred against you.” Also, “the fact is that a man who wants to act virtuously in every way necessarily comes to grief among so many who are not virtuous.” Thus, “it is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”
        —Niccolò Machiavelli (The Prince).


      2. Thank you for this article Ms. Ilda. You did well. But may I ask, if it’s ok and be published? Just confused, honestly. Did Santos really think before she scribble this article? Or was she trying to get the the attention of the 16M who voted for Duterte as President? Or is she trying to reach for Dr. Holmes?

        Well, for my point of view in this matter. Sa maka masang point of view at tagalog na natin.Yong mga voters malamang binoto si Duterte besides the fact na alam nilang pala mura si Mr. Duterte at may binabahay siya at nagpa ka totoo siya sa maraming bagay na hindi kelan man naamin ng kahit sinong tumakbong opisyal. Pero hindi ibig sabihin noon na manyak ang presidente. Sabi nga.Sa bawat galaw ngayon sa Pinas, ma papamura ka talaga. Traffic for one, MRT, LRT, bilihin, korapsyon sa pulitika, barangay, tuition, rape, drugs,patayan,rally, drama at news sa TV na iisa ang kinikilingan, isama mo na ang media at mga ibang writers (writers lang sila hindi journalists) Kasi and pagkaka intindi ko sa journalists naghahayag lang ng balita at hindi edited o opinyon ang nilalathala. At isama mo na ang mga hinanaing naming OFW, sa pila palang bago ka makaalis hanggang sa makarating sa ibang bansa at mapunta sa Philippine Embassy. Kung talagang may concern na media, subukan nga nila na pumunta sa mga embassy dito at kung pano tratuhin ang mga OFW. Media just got what they deserve.

        To Santos, don’t act like a fool to get an audience and just be compensated. You have a talent, work and be efficient. You are young, don’t waste it.

        To GetRealPhilippines, thank you. Though there are some views that i don’t agree with, (that’s normal and fair, i guess) You tried not to be bias. And I salute for that.

        FYI: am for Mirriam and BBM and my 2nd choice is Duterte and BBM. Not sourgraping that they’ve lost. Just trying to let people realize that win or lose, we just all have to accept( though of course, it’s hard to accept for some of us without investigation about VP’s exact number of votes) I let it go. Hope some of us will and stop criticizing our incoming President. The only mistake he did was, nag paka totoong tao lang siya, just like the rest of us when we’re talking to our friends. Na gets siya ng masa, di siya ma gets ng ipokrito, yon lang. Have A Nice Day everyone.

  3. All you’ve really demonstrated here, Ilda, is that Filipinos struggle with irony.

    I’m not much of a fan of the Crappler, but you can’t seriously contend that Santos’ mildly risque essay is comparable to the president-elect’s mumbling, semi-coherent, gutter-talk rants.

    1. The point of the article is Santos cannot blame anyone including Duterte for her own behaviour. Duterte’s behaviour is not a license for people to behave badly. And you may have missed this part:

      If only writers from Rappler like Santos also wrote about their disgust over indecency some Netizens committed against Sandro and Baste, their outrage over Duterte’s wolf-whisling would have more credibility. Members of the media cannot cry-foul over Duterte’s “lewd” conduct and then enjoy harassing innocent people on the Net at the same time without being called hypocrites. This just goes to show that Duterte doesn’t bring out the worst in people. He’s just calling it out. There are already Filipinos who behave badly underneath that veneer of civility.

      1. Good point ilda, it’s so sad because they attack people that don’t belong in the yellow tribe. I wonder if crapller and inquirer would Dig up the corruption of ninoy, Cory, noynoy, Mar and lopezes and anyone in lp. I want to know how many politicians have misleading resumes and other dirt.

      2. No, it really isn’t a good point, unless I’ve misunderstood. You seem to be saying that nobody has a “right” to criticize A unless they also criticize B, C and D. This is an ongoing theme at GRP.

        Look, there are only so many hours in the day. Anybody is entitled to pick a topic that interests them and write about it. Worldwide, you get journalists who focus on their home-town political corruption, or food scandals, or human rights. They get to be experts on whatever windmill they’re tilting at. Presumably, experts on Duterte will emerge – they’ll have every right to criticize him because they’ll know him nearly as well as he knows himself. Perhaps better. It’s nonsense to declare that criticism of A is invalid because you failed to criticise B in the same breath. If I’m writing a scathing movie review of X-Men, do I have to list all the other movies I hated too?

        Santos’s article was supposed to be ironic. It is not obscene because it has “artistic merit” – it’s trying to make a point (even if you don’t agree with that point). Duterte’s obscenities, on the other hand, sometimes have a point and sometimes don’t. There are articles all over the internet dissecting “what Duterte really meant”. Can’t the guy just speak clearly and say what he means? He has a reputation for speaking his mind, but there’s no point doing that unless your mind contains something sensible. Duterte swears for the same reason most people swear: they’re not eloquent enough to find the right words to express themselves.

        1. I don’t think she’s saying that Santos has no right to criticize Duterte unless she also criticizes these other issues. I think Ilda’s saying that you can talk about subject A, but unless you also address B, C and D, you’re going to sound like a total hypocrite and you’ll lose credibility in front of your readership.

          As for the issue of artistic merit – really? Leave that to the professional fiction writers, please. I get that Santos is trying to be ironic – but so are the trolls and the neo-nazis of 4chan, and I am not going to debate the so-called “artistic merits” of Pepe the Frog and Piccolo Dick.

          I also agree that the article in question isn’t obscene. It’s just badly written, and irony is a lazy excuse for bad writing.

      3. Says the yellowturd slut who keeps attacking Ilda on Twitter and thinks that yellow journalism articles are always gospel truths.

      4. Says the yellowtard who keeps posting her trash comments on a blog that she claims is trash. If you keep showing hypocrisy, nobody here will take you seriously, “Camille”

  4. whatever Duterte says, the Pilipinos liked it. it’s a punch back for the yellow armies for what they’ve done to the Philippines. they will never put down Duterte, he has the support of the entire nation. once they impeach Duterte, am pretty much sure people power will come out for Duterte.

    1. if DU30 admin really wants to punch the yellows, then they need to reform the constitution in such a way that it would meet the demands of globalization. pasok lahat ng foreign companies dyan. para mag-upgrade ng services ang mga local companies natin kundi kakainin sila ng buo. Free Market Competition.

      1. andres,

        What Duterte needs to do is stop the rampant monopoly of the Chekwa (local and foreign) businesses and allow other western (America and Europe) companies to have a fair shot to do business in our local economy.


    2. alitaptap,

      Absolutely! It doesn’t matter how Duterte comes across; the people elected him to tear down the Yellowtard fortresses, even if he sounds vulgar and intimidating in his approach. It’s time the “iron-fist” comes down hard on this pretentious Yellow “fuckers” (the Aquinos/Cojuangcos and Chekwas) who have been raping the country since 1986.


  5. Nabasa ko yung rpfanfic na yan, mga pinoy talaga ang gagaling sa kawalanghiyaan. Pero natawa ako sa ibang;)

  6. There are 3 tabloid TV stations in the Philippines right now namely: ABiaS-CBN, GMA 7, and TV 5.

    I suggest that the Duterte administration will sequester those 3 tabloid TV stations, then do the following:

    Then ABiaS-CBN will be sold to competent companies or become part of the GOCC, then will serve as states TV since we are on our way to Federal Filipinas. They will air by using the language of the states.

    GMA 7
    Will be sold to international media, I recommend that it will be sold to Al Jazeera. Then we have CNN Philippines and Al Jazeera, they will air in English language.

    TV 5
    Will be converted to an all children network for entertainment and educational purposes, I recommend it will be sold to the Cartoon Network.


    1. Gilby,

      Yup, let’s all boycott these Yellow-tard and Chekwa-owned t.v. stations that were designed to brainwash the Fliptards to remain “starstruck” for the “half-breed” mestizo looks and the glamorous lifestyle of that slutty Kris Aquino. The only thing these mind-numbing t.v. stations do is compel the Fliptards to become more aristocratic (hambog) and self-serving (makasarili) toward their own kind..


  7. Some Rappler idiots even defend the writer, citing sarcasm, satire & reverse-psychology akin to Duterte’s foul-mouthedness.

    Pu tan gingang mga ipokritong yan.

  8. Well I guess it’s tit for tat. Recently it was Rappler featuring/dissecting Benign0.

    Does that mean GRP and Rappler are equals?

      1. Why o Why? Please make a pt.by pt. comparative article analysis based on the following link as reference:


        (c/o ricelander in a previous comment)

        Just kidding. But why is it that some people need to be asked follow-up questions? Is that how classroom discussions are done nowadays?

        I train my disciple to think/answer like this:

        I think…
        For example…

        That way it’s not isang tanong – isang sagot.

        Imagine dating a handsome dude or pretty lass but who converses like that. Is that why Brad Pitt and Angelina are breaking up?

        Remember in Beauty contests, it’s “mind brilliance” that’s the final deciding factor on who’s the sexiest of them all.

        Yes, there are sexy minds. Ask Elon Musk.
        Clue: Google “Tesla Logo Puts the E in SEXY”

        1. LOLs! Why indeed? Dared claudio to answer Flippinflip’s historiography videos and he comes up with that article full of himself (even asking for peer reviewed books). Zaxx, are autobiographies peer reviewed?

          Landless in my own land, Your Proposal: You offer concrete solutions. The Penalty. Separating kids from their parents, that will be hard to sell. Why not turn this into a book. Dystopian/Utopian books in Philippine setting, why not?

        2. @SDKs, I’m impressed someone actually remembers that article. All we really need is for Du30 to discover “Landless in My Own Land”, and Manila will become a Singapore in a decade.

          Du30 can sell anything – no matter how radical. Pinoys are already buying everything he says. Bringing in the Reds into the admin and burial of FM at LNMB were unthinkable just a year ago.

          Anything is possible to him who believes.

    1. I think we have better ideas here at GRP. Poeple recognize that we are a FORCE to reckon with.

      In fact, it may be that Rappler is getting cues from GRP on expanding their writing to touch on more playful less-formal commentaries.

      Let’s give them one CLAP for trying hard.

      But what I really want is to see somebody in Du30’s inner circle around here. That would be a great asset. Imagine our raw ideas here being implemented directly by national gov’t.

      Man, I sure would want to see my “Ligation Master-Plan” come to life…

      Now that someone more radical than me is on the throne, these ideas aren’t such a hard sell anymore.

  9. Media nowadays giving us information with a twist of their partisan opinion and it’s like feeding the people of free food but with small amount of drugs. The more you take it, the more you’re looking for it. In the end, people who listened to these partisan media became their zombies because what they said are all truth. Thanks to internet, things have change.

  10. My blog for this article, went to the other web blog article. The feudal oligarchs are starting their “Politics of Destruction” on Pres. elect Duterte. As I had warned everybody earlier, this will take place. The good solution is: Pres. elect Duterte, must play a defensive / aggressive strategy. The fraudulent election, must be investigated. Smartmatic and those who conspired with the fraudulent election must be investigated/prosecuted; and the true and real winners of the 2016 elections must be proclaimed.

    Aquino, his YellowTards, his Chekwas, and his minions, will continue to play the “Politics of Destruction” in the Duterte’s administration…as long as they are not in power;they will do mischiefs…

  11. Well what can you expect? Rappler’s fanbase are “hip” social climbers for the most part, sold to the fact that the founder worked for CNN once (Wow CNN! Totyal!). And that’s all there is to it. Just lump in a few so called “thought-leaders” in that lineup and you have a faultless organization defended to death by the morons who like it. Nevermind if it spews out drivel that will make the likes of Tumbok or TIKTIK writers blush. It’s all in the packaging. Looks great, populated by so-called upper classes, therefore, very credible and pristine. That’s how gullible your average Pinoy is. Easy to fool with bright-colored junk.

  12. When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.

    Try me, Ana P. Santos. You’ll be asking for more that what you bargain for.

  13. Whats wrong with swearing or taking drugs?
    Some of the best artists in the world used drugs daily.
    Swearing nor drug taking does not make a person immoral nor bad.
    Does not even mean they made poor choices in life.

    People that do not swear, that do not experiment with drugs and alcohol.
    They are the people that worry me.

    1. I think they didn’t gave up on you dear. You are just not worth their argument and time. Cause all you said was previously expressed and addressed.

      They’re not entitled to give you attention btw.

      1. Oh no you slut. It is YOU who don’t know anything thanks to your accusation hostility against Ilda on Twitter. What the hell is your major malfunction? Where is your evidence that she is indeed a paid pro-marcos? Is it the articles? Or are you just a drama queen who only uses your heart instead of your head because you hate critical thinking?

      2. Its all about the money isn’t it? Always.

        This site would be richer if it wrote nice things about LP. Come on, they spent P460million pesos over P160 Million of Marcos. If its just money, the choice is a no-brainer.

    2. By the way, you LOST Coz ur the one who gave up on me, LOSER.

      what is this a schoolyard pissing contest? =)BTW, you’re too late at this trolling business. Even benign0 et al are so bored with garden vrieties like you that they ignore your ilk completely. you should have been here 5 years ago. then you’d have found what you were looking for. =)

  14. I suggest you stop hiding in your fake accounts to reply To me Ilda. No one really reads blog comments but the site admin. Keep convincing yourself Your own lies.

    Or pobably, ths is your husband trolling for you. Don’t consider that a sweet gesture though, he’s also paid to do that.

    1. Translation: magsuntukan na lang tayo. And what will you do if Ilda shows her true identity? Order you yellow horde to assassinate her? Kababae mong tao pero ganyan ka na ba kalandi para lang malaman ang tunay na pangalan ng “kalaban” mo? Utak showbiz ka nga kasi ang hilig mong makealam sa privacy ng iba.
      At ang hilig mong magbintang dakilang malandi. Hey your mother is actually a contract serial killer and I witnessed it myself.

      1. Ay oo nga pala babae ka so:

        “Translation: magsampalan na lang tayo.”

        Bitching like a true drama queen.

  15. Do the world a favor and shut down this lousy blogging site. Its useless and all intelligent people know what kind of crap this is.

    But if this is your souce of income I’d understand. You are just soooo underpaid for this. Demand a higher pay.

    1. Man you yellows. All for democracy kuno and yet here we are talking about shutting down sites that does no agree with you. Cute. =)

    2. So this is the yellowturd who keeps on attacking Ilda on Twitter by always accusing the latter as a pro-marcos. Stop being so hostile slut.

    3. And do yourself a favor and get lost from this site if all you can bitch here is accusation hostility. You’re not the boss of us to dictate what the author should write according to what you like. Ang hirap lang kasi sa iyo gusto mo ang laman ng article ay puro lang rainbow at unicorn e, eh positive pusher?

    1. I see you too, girl. Consider your ISP traced and tracked. Include your high maintenance bitch look-a-like Ana P. Santos.

      Using feminine wiles to get what you want, trading on your looks? Read a book Camille, that passive aggressive number went out long ago. Chicks like you give women a bad name!

    2. And you are such a waste of beauty if your mindset is an angry mob like Gaston. You deserve to be treated like a whore because you indeed behave one.

  16. This Camille person with hostile comments…. well she is not commenting about any political idea……

    It seems then that she is so full of herself and feels so bad that Ilda is writing about the truths and realities in Philippine politics.

    Go on Camille person, just write all you want for your own sake, since you are to absorbed on being the better writer. You’ve won, you proved your point.

    1. She’s too full of yellow shit(herself). Besides, the days of the yellows are OVER. Yellows won’t be relevant for a VERY VERY LONG TIME but of course, there’s idiots like “Camille” here who can’t take a simple hint.

      Ilda was right to ignore you, Camille, since all you post here are trashy comments.

  17. I just noticed that they always ask Duterte questions that doesn’t make sense. I would whistle, too, if I heard a question not fitting to my presidency just an expression of “what the heck!” Duterte allowing for a press con is a good chance to tackle his policies and programs and the unaddressed concerns of the Filipino people. Instead our media make his interviews about his character and personality. Duterte in his own way is trying to divert the issue to what’s important to be discussed.

  18. The article by Rapper is obviously a satire, an ironic piece that was meant to get to the the core emotions of the readers. This Ilda seems to be such an amature in writing that she cant find what the real purpose of Rappler’s article is. Besides, if you read Ilda’s other articles, she obviously has no idea of what is moral and immoral, right and wrong. She condemns failures of Aquino, while she turns selectively blind to the sins of the Marcoses and even endorses BBM in her other posts. Although I have seen how she has denied it, but only a fool will believe her.

    I do not see how this GETREAL team claims to be a sort of “investigative journalists”. The writers obviously do not know the essence of real journalism where there must be no bias in ideas. This is clear anti-pnoy, anti-LP and pro-Marcos propaganda. I din’t think it will take a genius to figure that out.

    In case they really are for the Marcoses, they should grow some balls and just admit it. It’s about time they GET REAL-ER, rather than sharing their one sided ideas like this and denying they are Marcos loyalists.

    Im not sure what they really get out of their own HYPOCRISY here.

        1. By the way Benigno, this article by a PHD in History was a slap in you and your wife’s faces. This is beyond humiliating.

          I suggest you guys come up with a reading list of reliable sources of your ideas before you even post them in public space. Otherwise, you are only proliferating ignorance and encouraging cheap gossip by only relying to your imaginations for ideas about the Philippine Society and Politics.

          Do you guys even read any books at all?


        2. The moment you started implying that Rappler is credible already sealed your own defeat here at GRP.

          No wonder you got blocked on twitter for being a twit

        1. Great inventions were created through imagination. I never heard of credentials creating the first steam engine or the first airplane. The true measure of intelligence after all is imagination according to the venerable Albert Einstein.

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