3 Tips For Protecting Your Children In The Modern Philippines


A lot of people are already complaining about Mayor Duterte’s recent statement on implementing a curfew when he becomes president of the Philippines. Truth be told though, while I didn’t vote for him, I have to agree with this move should he choose to go through with it when he finally reaches Malacanang. Sadly, while Filipinos are eager to get hold of the latest technological trends, Philippine social dysfunction pretty much remains intact. Worse, some issues not only remain unaddressed over the years but have, as a matter of fact, only gotten worse, considering the dismissive attitude of many authority figures in the Philippines.

As one of our commenters here like to point out: Sexual predation is not just a foreign issue. There are actually a lot of sexual predators on our very own soil who are also Filipinos just like you and me. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with my works here on GRP but one of my big reasons for getting on here is “Daisy”, a young girl who was victimized by a sick and twisted Australian pedophile named Peter Scully. Also, just recently, I read a news article about a 7-year-old girl named Myla Rosales who was brutally raped and killed by three men and that the Commission on Human Rights seem to be dedicated in protecting the rights of the latter.

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I am writing this now so that any parent, teacher or guardian reading this can make small but certainly effective steps to better protect the children they care for. In just a few weeks time, school days will be once again be upon us and our children will be up and about our streets and various establishments. It’s best to make the necessary precautions, preparations and adjustments for the up and coming busy days of our children.

1. Make A Curfew

If the child we’re talking about is a late teen, then don’t be surprised if they don’t follow it to the letter. However, if the kids we’re talking about here are like 14 below, it’s always a good idea to have them home before sundown. It’s okay for them to have fun with their friends but remember that this day and age has a lot of hidden dangers for children.

Set a time for them to come home, preferably in the time between 5:30-7:30. If they haven’t arrived within 30 minutes, it may be a good idea to start asking neighbors and friends about where they may be. If they remain gone for more than an hour, calling the authorities would be a wise move.

Look, while it may all be a false alarm, my motto has always been: “Better safe than sorry.”

If it does turn out to be a false alarm, you may look foolish but let me tell you that it’s better to look foolish than for it to turn out to be real after all and for your child to remain missing.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Child’s Acquaintances

It’s always a good idea to know who your child’s friends and acquaintances are. Truth be told, one of the reasons certain bad “incidents” happen is because there are parents and guardians who don’t take the time to know their children’s acquaintances well enough.

Here are a set of tips for knowing your child’s acquaintances well:

  • List down the real names of all your children’s acquaintances (teachers included)
  • List down their respective contact information like phone numbers and email address
  • List down their addresses and places they usually frequent such as malls or eateries

3: Be Aware Of Your Child’s Online Interactions

One of the scariest facts of all is that modern technology has allowed the propagation of child abuse on a global level. Worse, monsters like that of Peter Scully actually made a living butchering innocent children on camera which was streamed through the internet.

That is why it is a very good idea to keep tabs on your child’s online interactions. My gaming community takes great pains to keep our online society free of any sexual predators as they are known to infiltrate online communities. It’s always a good idea to ask about your child’s activities online and whom they regularly interact with and make sure to keep them away from suspicious individuals who invite them to visit sites of questionable content or want to meet with them under suspicious circumstances.



12 Replies to “3 Tips For Protecting Your Children In The Modern Philippines”

  1. Minors have nothing to do on the streets after 10 pm. Basta!

    Once minors are picked up there should be stiff fines for the parents or public service.

  2. Hi Grimwald,
    An interesting article even from a Dutch perspective.

    Setting a curfew is the least parents should and must do.
    Thanks to modern technology most – Dutch – kids are ‘equipped’ with cell phones. So they can call mommy or daddy very easily.
    Having said that, even in my country a child is not safe.
    If I am not mistaken, a Dutch guy (no, it wasnt and isnt me) was arrested for the indirect suicide of a Canadian teenager (14 or 15 years old) after he had ‘blackmailed’ her to show nude pics of her to all her friends on FB.

    Your 3rd piece of advice is tricky, because also kids (well, at least kids in my country) have the right of privacy and to do what they want (online). So I would re-phrase this 3rd advice into something like parents should educate/warn their kids about all possible dangers of being online (basically, its the same as parents must provide sex-ed to their own kids. Informing kids of the beauty but also the dangers and uglyness of the internet but also of the outside world).

    In other words: make kids strong (mentality) and make them knowledgeable, in such a way that they recognize good intent from bad/poor intent.

    Personally, I think its very easy to take advantage from a Philippine girl/teenager. You live in a poor country, so money and food/snacks do miracles. All the more reason to do something to compensate. Make the kids stronger.

    1. Same view from across the North Sea.

      A curfew would also have the by-product of the discipline of being somewhere on time,and also that children should have school the next morning most of the time.However,I think it is aimed at getting petty crime/nuisances off the street,though I could be wrong {as I frequently am}.Perhaps he could follow through,and provide accommodation for the families that live on the streets.

      If your example is the worst case in your country,you are very lucky.Over here,you regularly have newspaper reports of the internet being used,often by groups,to ‘groom’ young girls for full blown sexual abuse.

      The third part is something I don’t think any society got the answer to.Ultimately,it really down to parenting skills and interest.Personally,I lean towards respecting privacy unless there are red flags being raised,but how you know they are red I am not sure.Never having been a father,you can take my opinions for what you think they are worth.

      1. Niall,
        when I was young (and handsome) I had to be back home at 6PM, so that we could have dinner. If I was not home at 6, the rest of the family would still start havinmg dinner with the possibility of no food for me. So you made sure you were home in time.
        After dinner, it was another story. Just tell my parents where I would be and they would tell me when to be back home. For the reasons you already mentioned (going to school the next morning).

        Actual worst case now is bullying in school. A very sensitive topic (and the refugee crises but that has nothing to do with Grimwald’s topic).

        Peronally, I think parents should inform their kids about those ‘red flags’ in such a way that they (the kids) will recognize a ‘red flag’ before the flag actually happens.
        But hey, if the parents themselves didnt grow up with internet (or have no clue what can happen), then those kids have a big problem.
        So far for ‘responsible’ parenthood. Anyway, its 2016 and there is no room for naivety and ignorance anymore.

  3. This is an exceptiton for the calm and understanding parents though, but I think the main reason why many children never want to stay home because they are sophocated. I encounter some parents who yell and insult their children even in just simple mistake. They are so very judgemental to their kids, it seemed they treat their children as their servant, they use them for masterhood to feed up their insecurities. The result, children jam with bad influence friends, nobody likes to stay in home together who always figure you out the most sinful person in the world.

  4. Keep your eyes on your children at all times. The people who you think can trusted often turn out to be not that trustworthy after all.

  5. Keep your eyes on your children at all times. The people who you think can be trusted often turn out to be not that trustworthy after all.

  6. There are many sexual predators of children in our country…Pedophiles from other countries, flock to our country, as tourists. In truth, they are looking for sex with child prostitutes.

    These children mostly comes from poor families, like in the squatters areas of Metro Manila, and other large cities.

    Guard your children well; otherwise they fall to bad influences, and sexual predators…

    1. I cant solve poverty and I cant solve the problem that there are predators and pedophiles. So what rest is to give advice about how to raise (poor) kids: make them less vulnerable bec they are the easy victims and easy targets.
      And stop procreating like rabbits. Parents only have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 legs, 2 arms so how can they guard all 6 kids at the same time? Again, parents be practical and smart.

      Even better off (financially) will not quard their own kids all the time, 24/7. That is impossible to do.

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