Pinoys Really Need To Stick To ‘Principles’


“Principle.” A fairly simple word, isn’t it. Three syllables and about nine letters long. However, what’s sad is that it’s meaning is lost on a lot of us Filipinos. Thing is, it may sound simple but to put it into practice is something else entirely.

So just what are “principles”?

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Well, to have principles means sticking to one’s guns. It means that when you make a decision, you’ll stick with it to the end and if you make any mistakes, you’ll own up to them when called out on it. It also means that when you find yourself in an advantageous position but think you did not earn it fairly, you will willingly give it up because you know for yourself that you did not deserve it.

Principles also tie in with one’s sense of honor. Having a sound set of principles and following them through regardless of your situation, marks one as truly honorable. For instance, you find yourself competing in a contest that you soon realize is rigged, instead of continuing and winning, you either stop playing or, even when you do win, you step down and declare that you are unworthy of the title. Alternatively, if you play for a team in a competition and your team loses, you congratulate the other team and stick with yours until perhaps eventually, you manage to secure a win.

Unfortunately, the idea of principles and the way they’re supposed to work in this country is entirely a different story. Like everything else, from concepts, to actual objects and people, everything is tainted with the dysfunction of our culture. It’s why we all too often end up with avaricious religions, twisted ideologies, tyrannical authority figures and, of course, people who can’t even be taught to follow simple instructions and cry like babies when called out on it.

Now we have a vice president who seems too afraid to stick to her guns. Did she cheat her way to her title? Well, that’s not for me to judge. However, given the questionable way her votes seemed to fluctuate throughout the election process, the suspicion of electoral fraud does indeed have some basis. Unfortunately, her utter refusal to allow for any recount pretty much sums up the kind of person she is. So it doesn’t matter if you cheated as long as you win, eh? It doesn’t matter if you come off as a possible pawn of an elitist political faction as long as your opponents don’t win, eh? It doesn’t matter if said elitist political faction is a staunch opponent of the man you married as long as you get what you want, eh?

Then we have this boxer-turned congressman-turned senator who says he was with the upcoming president all along. Yes, this is the same guy who approved the BBL and then changed his mind later when he actually read the thing and realized that it included one of the places he governed over. You know, for all your Bible-thumping and attacking the LGBT community, you never seem to bother with the wisdom written in the Good Book, do you? It’s always about convenience with you, isn’t it? When you want to shirk your political duties, you say you have practice and when sportsmen want to examine you for fairness, you up and say you have political duties?

52 Replies to “Pinoys Really Need To Stick To ‘Principles’”

  1. I have to agree with you on this one. Many pinoys are lacking principles. Just look at the Marcos apologists who are revising history – painting him as the greatest phlippine president when he was the most corrupt and murderous tyrant the country has ever seen.

    It is also a fact that all presidents who preceeded him were also corrupt – none are saints but Marcos was the worst. Most Ilokanos and his cronies, and his cronies children loved him because they benefited from him buy they just give the finger to the rest of the Filipino people.

    Some even say to move on – past is past and we should forget him because he is long dead and gone. As Santayan said, “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” We must always be reminded of our dark past just as Germany is always remindec of Hitler.

    It is just not Marcos but also the past and present presidents and politicians.

    Did Leni cheat her way? We both do not know. Is BBM so desperate to gain the VP seat because he said that Duterte will hand him the presidency if he fails? We do not know. Is BBM hungry for power, like his old man, so his family, especially het mom, can loot the country again? I do not know. Who am I to judge? Gotta love suggestive questions so ppl would not think I am biased but, in my case, I am biased. At least I do not pretend I am not.

    That is a part of prinsipyo – being true to yourself – no white washing or sugar coating.

    Oh, I especially loathe politicians who always invoke God or prayers when they make a statement. Many politicians and celebrities alike are fond of such religious showmanship when they themselves are rotten to the core. Fuck em all is what I would say.

    1. I respect your insights and being Honest as you have shared what’s in your heart but it will be better not to say ILOKANOS support Marcoses because we benefitted from them ..It Hurts! because I don’t get anything from Anyone I worked hard to live .I supported BBM for one reason… I believe that he can make things better because he carries that burden in his shoulder of being a Marcos.He is another human created by God and needs chance to prove himself of his worth.I am a sinner but with God’s grace my imperfections is also my key to better myself.
      My point here is with all due respect Do not attack us ILOKANOS…it just sounds so racist to name us …BTW I am also Bisaya
      Thanks so much for reading this..It’s a Reflection on words we use ..It’s not attacking you but just reminder ..PEACE BE WITH YOU

    2. First of all, why do so many people equate “moving on” with “forgetting”. Morons seem to forget those two are different concepts. You can move on whilst applying everything you’ve learned. When people say move on from the Marcos Era, they don’t mean forget everything that happened – only idiots think that way, in my opinion.

      Second of all, yes the Marcos Era was not the perfect paradise that some people try to paint. But I don’t think it’s a hundred times worse than what we have today. Marcos, despite the atrocities that happend during his time, did some good. Many Filipino people benefited during his time – and im not talking about illgotten wealths. We had free food at school, relief goods were packed months before calamities strike, Filipinos were diciplined, etc.

      Instead of being SO EMO about the Marcos Era, why don’t we just take whatever good ideas we had during that time, condemn the bad ones, and move on.

      Having principles are one thing. But you sound like a very biased and stubborn person instead of a principled one. It’s good to have principles and sticking to them but we also need balance and open-mindedness

    3. I see the close-mindedness and utter bias in this one.

      You totally lost credibility due to your stubbornness and hypocrisy all rolled into one. Next you’ll say everything is better after Marcos left, which is actually a lie. Just reality-check.

      1. Things had gotten better after marcos in terms of freedom and liberty but corruption did not stop. What I am saying
        is all the presidents after Marcos had their share of screw up but what separate Marcos from the others was his infringing freedoms of speech, press, and protest.

        If you call it as close-mindedness when it is a fact, then I am the most close-minded person. Ilokanos and Marcos apologists are so adamant in revising history from bragging about crimes being low and the economy was up during marcos times are total

        There is a reason why there are marcos supporters and why there are anti-Marcos. True, Marcos had done some good – all presidents have – buy he, and Imelda, are the fking worst of them all.

        I lost credibility. Lol, cry me a river then. I lost credibility to the marcos supporters, which I expect, and I do not give a rat’s ass. we all have our biases but I do not pretend to be objective.

        Tell me, how am I being a hypocrite? You called me a hypocrite just for the hell of it – just pulled it out of your ass? 🙂

        1. Missing the point, as always.

          Yes, the people are free, but stupid. Or maybe you’re too dumb to realize it…

          What resulted is a mob rule. Anarchy. Everyone “gained freedom” when the evil dictator left Malacanang. Freedom to do whatever they liked. Instead of peace and order, people held on to their “freedom”. Look at the country now. Poverty, unemployment, squatters, garbage in very street corner, dilapidated public transport, snatchers holdapers, etc. There is your freedom.

          The way I see it, filipinos loved their freedom to violate every rule and order. It is evident from the results. Look at us now. Disrespect to our law and order, disrespect to each other and to ourselves.

          30 years ago, there was controlled media. Today, the media men, who lost their jobs, are back with vengeance. There is freedom speech. They just make sure the Yellows have the loudest speech. Who needs freedom speech when your speech is drowned out anyway.

          In case you don’t notice, it’s not about revising history. Of course, you’re very fine that people will continue to suffer from poverty for over 30 years as long there is your own version of ‘freedom’. Also, you’re not making any sense since you allude inept and incompetent people.

          Yes, you lost credibility. So you full admit that you’re TROLLING on this site. And please, emoticons doesn’t really mean intelligence, remember that.

    4. Did Leni cheat her way? We both do not know. Is BBM so desperate to gain the VP seat because he said that Duterte will hand him the presidency if he fails? We do not know. Is BBM hungry for power, like his old man, so his family, especially het mom, can loot the country again? I do not know. Who am I to judge? Gotta love suggestive questions so ppl would not think I am biased but, in my case, I am biased. At least I do not pretend I am not.

      -Seems you’re trying to dissmiss about 90,000 people from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao who were not able to vote and failed to exercise their right to suffrage. According to a news report, “a former governor of Basilan on Thursday said 90 percent of the official ballots in the province were pre-shaded in favor of candidates Manuel Roxas II and his running mate Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”

      -It’s not about being desperate. It’s about the integrity of Comelec and the whole elections. In case you don’t notice, officials of COMELEC and election watchdog PPCRV are all members of anti-Marcos movements.

      -I think you’re very fine of the looting of what the Aquinos and their cronies did for the past 30 years, which is much worse. Of course, you go “who cares? At least it’s not Marcos.”

      You admit you’re biased? Nope, more like a Marcos overration. Hypocrisy, that is.

      1. In this country until there is evidence or proof of these claims id call it hot air.
        As a filipino you of all people should know that someone saying something does not make it true.
        No matter how much ypu conspiracy theory lads want it to be.
        People here love to act, love drama and would sell their own vote tor 50 peso.
        Honestly no proof then its just anpther covonut vine rumor

        1. There is already proof but the COMELEC won’t take it notice due to one Andy Bautista. Go figure.

    5. This quote “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” is not applicable to present Philippines politics.

      We have a President promoting – Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan and have numerpus projects that were still intact today, you call him “Most corrupt and murderous tyrant” where most of his Decrees were still being used after he left up to the present government. What about those next to him who doesn’t have projects to show for the benefit of the FILIPINO PEOPLE, how do you address them also?

      Here are the list of examples (Decrees) and it is part of Philippine political history.


 MANILA, February 24, 2006, (MALAYA) By MANUEL M. LAZARO (Former presidential assistant for legal affairs and government corporate counsel)


      The great bard, William Shakespeare, in an epigrammatic tone, wrote: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” It is typical of Filipinos to have short memories on the good one has accomplished, but long memories on the bad or perceived wrongs one has committed. This is the tragic irony in the colorful life of the late President Marcos. The perceived illegal acts attributed to FM and his family have been incessantly tautologized and designed protuberantly to submerge or marginalize his landmark contributions to our legal system. But, as the painter Salvador Dali once said, “The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.”
      The beneficiaries of the February 1986 event – remarkable only for being unremarkable in Constitutionalism – fashioned and sustained a barrage of adverse publicity to efface President Marcos from the tapestry of history. They are pursuing what Maitland sharply observed: “The essential matter of history is not what happened but what people (repeatedly) wrote or said about it.” However, if we were to speak or write only about the bad o the dead, history would be even littered with more inaccuracies than it is now.
      To obliterate Marcos’ achievements/contributions from the pages of history is to distort the past and mislead the future. Succeeding administrations have employed laws and the media to destroy or consign Marcos to oblivion notwithstanding the solid achievements he erected for the good of the nation and its people. Good deeds, especially those beneficial to the nation and people, cannot be effaced or expunged. Good triumphs in the end. FM’s place in history is secure. The Marcos laws abound around us. They are embedded in our legal system. They continue to govern and guide the nation and the government functionaries. The vision and foresight of FM in law-making for governance are richly illustrated by the varied and numerous vital legal issuances.
      Worth going is the fact that from Sept. 21, 1972 up to Feb. 26, 1986, or in a span of 14 years, President Ferdinand E. Marcos had crafted and formulated, with the assistance of experts, 7,883 Presidential Decrees and other legal issuances covering almost every phase of human life or conduct – from birth to the grave, so to speak. The presidential legal issuances are categorized as follows:
      a) Presidential Decrees (1 to 2036)
      b) Letters of Instruction (1 to 1525)
      c) Letters of Implementation (1 to 157)
      d) General Orders (1 to 61)
      e) Executive Orders (366 to 1093)
      f) Administrative Orders (349 to 504)
      g) Proclamation (1081 to 2486)
      h) Memo Circulars (599 to 1297)
      These legal issuances were designed not only for the yesteryears, but also for today and tomorrow, touching everyone. Gifted with legal acumen, President Marcos adorned his legal issuances with wisdom and justice, embellished with compassion and concern for the people’s welfare. His issuances are exclusive of the hundreds of laws that he authored and/or sponsored as congressman and senator for almost two decades.
      President Marcos was a leader of phenomenal global vision. He dreamed of greatness and relentlessly pursued its realization. He was a man ahead of his time. Perhaps this is the reason he was often misunderstood and unappreciated at that time. He will be remembered as the greatest Filipino law-giver after the winds of hatred and vengeance shall have flown away.
      Significantly, out of the 7,883 presidential issuances, only 67 PDs or less than .01 percent have either been repealed or modified. The minimal percentage of 67 PDs either repealed or modified by EO No. 187 of President Corazon Aquino were the decrees increasing the penalties for certain offenses against public order and security, e.g., PDs 38, 1735, 1834, 1974 and 1996. Interestingly, the rationale and purpose of the PDs repealed or modified were resurrected in enacting Art. 134-A of the Revised Penal Code, as amended by RA 6968 (law on coup d’etat). Notably, 7,816 FM issuances are still effective and enforced up to the present. FM’s laws still apply and govern the nation today. FM, the corpus, is dead. But FM, the law-giver, lives, pulsating vibrantly. FM laws are an eloquent proof of the wisdom, vision, and foresight of President Marcos in formulating the laws as the instruments of good and effective governance.
      No president has codified more laws on the same subject as President Marcos that are still effective and are being enforced. Worth mentioning are the 15 codified laws issuance by President Marcos, namely: the Local Tax Code (PD 231); Labor Code of the Philippines (PD 442); Real Property Tax Code (PD 464); Child and Youth Welfare Code (PD 603); Insurance Code (PD 612); Revised Forestry Code (PD 705); Code of Sanitation (PD 856); Coconut Industry Code (PD961); Water Code (PD 1067); Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines (PD 1083); National Building Code (PD 1096); Philippine Environment Code (PD 1152); Fire Code (PD 1185); Government Auditing Code (PD 1445); Tariff and Customs Code (PD 1464); and Code of Agrarian Reforms (PD 444). And more importantly, there is the Judiciary Development Fund – the wellspring of the financial benefits of the members of the judiciary. By the same token, there is the Pagcor, the mother of revenues, to fund odd activities, to right the wrong, wrong the right and double the wrong.
      To demonstrate the breadth, width and depth of FM legal issuances, hereunder are some of the significant and multitudinous government concerns addressed by his laws.


MANILA, February 25, 2006, (MALAYA) By MANUEL M. LAZARO (Former presidential assistant for legal affairs and government corporate counsel)

      a) To attract investments, he established, under PD 66, the Export Processing Authority and enacted Investment Incentives Act under PD 485.
      b) He established the Department of Energy and its subsidiaries and affiliates to address the sourcing, supplying and distribution of oil requirements.
      c) To develop and promote agricultural products, he created the National Irrigation Administration under PD 552.
      d) Since coconut is a major export product, he established the Philippine Coconut Authroity under PD 232 to address the problems of the coconut industry.
      e) as an alternative source of revenues, he planted the seeds for local and foreign tourists by establishing the Philippine Tourism Authority under PD 564.
      f) As an alternative source of revenues, he established Pagcor to operate gambling under PD 1869.
      g) To upgrade the banking system and invite foreign banks to do business in the Philippines under certain incentives and guarantees, FM caused the establishment of Offshore-Banking System in the Philippines under PD 1034.
      h) To legalize the Filipino trait of gambling through horse racing or cockfighting, he caused the establishment of the Philippine Racing Commission under PD 420 and the Cockfighting Law under PD 1140 to govern and regulate the same.
      i) to ensure that the deposits of small depositors will not be deprived of their deposits by bank runs or closure of banks, he caused the establishment of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. (PDIC) under PD 1094 insuring the liabilities of the banks/
      j) The Philippine Retirement Authority under E.O. 1037, series of 1985.
      k) The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board under PD 1986.
      (l) Philippine Estates Authority under PD 1084.
      Government structure
      The structure of government or offices established by President Marcos remains substantially the same except the change of name, inclusive of superficial features in laws, to give a semblance of change from that of President Marcos regime.
      The only significant department that was abolished after the departure of President Marcos was the Department of Ministry of Human Settlements under Imelda Romualdez Marcos. It was dismantled but the functions were distributed to different offices that President Marcos had created.
      The laws on socialized housing were conceptualized by President Marcos through a series of legal issuances from the funding, the lending, mortgaging and to the collection of the loans. These are governed by the Home Mutual Development Fund (Pag-Ibig Fund), the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) and the National Home Mortgage Finance which remain intact up to the present.
      All the specialty hospitals of the Philippines, like the Lung Center, Philippine Heart Center, Kidney Center, Philippine Children’s Center, among others, were of his great concern and offshoots of his response to public health concerns. Sadly, after almost 20 years of FM’s departure, no specialty hospital of consequence has been established.
      Energy crisis
      A leader’s mettle is tested in the crucible of crisis. President Marcos foresaw the oil crisis in 1974. Sensing and fearing that the foreign companies could strangle the country of its oil supply requirements and manipulate oil prices, FM caused the acquisition of Filoil and made it the biggest oil company of the country, now Petron. This is to neutralize any attempt of foreign oil companies to control the supply of oil and dictate the pricing thereof. Wittingly and dubiously, a president sold substantial shares of Petron to an Arab company managing it. The entry of a foreign country subverts the very rationale for establishing the biggest oil company under the management and control of the government as a protective shield from any untoward or adverse designs or activities of foreign oil companies.
      In further addressing the energy crisis, FM caused the establishment of the Bataan nuclear plant that would have adequately supplied the power needed to reduce our dependence in imported oil. Unfortunately, the acquisition of the plant is tainted with unproven anomalies. The nuclear plant was mothballed simply because it was President Marcos’ project. The perceived overpricing in the construction of the plant could have been addressed independently of completing the project for the good of the nation. Another measure to address the expected oil crises, FM initiated and multiplied the geothermal power plants as alternative source of energy. Had the Bataan nuclear plant and geothermal power plants been promoted, increased and further developed, this would have further minimized oil importation of the country.
      Marcos also foresaw the incoming water crisis. Foreseeing that the sources of water supply are inadequate to serve the increasing population, he was able to secure a World Bank grant to make technical studies of the construction of the Lipan dam as the future source of water adequate to supply the requirements of increasing population until the year 2025. The project would have cost only at that time P10 billion. His successor, however, sidelined the project simply because it was the brainchild of FM notwithstanding that it is for the good of the nation and the people. When succeeding administrations realized the folly, one administration wanted to resuscitate the Marcos project only to find out that it will now cost more than P50 billion and therefore no longer affordable.
      President Marcos is the only president who recognized and acknowledged arts and culture. He was criticized in the construction of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Philippine International Convention Center and the Folk Arts Center. These edifices, however, have remained the venues for the propagation of arts and culture, the holding of conventions and international conferences, in line with the government’s policy thrusts on tourism and public services.
      In the field of infrastructure, more roads and bridges were constructed during the administration of President Marcos than all the roads and bridges constructed from the line of the late President Quezon up the time of his predecessor, the late President Macapagal.
      These are a few of the significant issuance sand undertakings of President Marcos. Some sinister or vindictive minds wish to vanish them but simply cannot. The issuances and accomplishments of President Marcos are part and parcel of our legal system – touching lives, properties and public functionaries.
      Heel or hero?
      Is Marcos a heel or a hero? He is a hero to those who are aware and appreciative of his performance and achievements. However, he is a heel to those who envy his ingenuity, vision and foresight and to those who seek revenge accented with hatred.
      FM’s life in law remains a myth, unchallenged and unsurpassed. Like all great leaders and statesmen, he was a shaper and a mover of events. This unassailable fact will continue to intrigue and inspire generations. FM left an inexhaustible reservoir of innovative and beneficial legal instruments to uplift the nation and the quality of life. An objective and dispassionate scrutiny of these legal instruments should provide a guidepost in the framing of our laws and in the art of governance to promote the common good.
      History vindicates
      Time and history will vindicate FM’s vision and foresight in lawmaking as the vehicle of governance. Generations freed from the blemishes of hate, vengeance and prejudice will look more kindly and with gratitude on FM’s achievements and contributions to the nation. Dispassionate men will make an icon of FM.
      At time’s healing hands, FM shall be vindicated. FM is a great man – unjustly judged at the wrong time by the wrong minds. The graphic drama is that biased people remember only the bad or wrong attributed to him and forget the good FM had done and achieved.


      And if Marcos did not declare Martial Law, we are now Communists state! And those persons who keep a blind eye of this achievements of Marcos FUCK YOU ALL!! FOR YOU ARE GAINING BENEFITS TO THESE DECREES!!

  2. Well said Grimwald. Katawatawa na ang Pilipinas. Ang mga supposed magigiting na Pilipino, nawala na ang Prinsipyo at ang Delicadeza. Kung alam mo na Hindi ka qualificado at Hindi mo magagampanan ang iniuutos ng tungkuling tinakbuhan mo; naging tapat ka sa prinsipyo mo… Bitiwan.
    Kung Ikaw naman ay nanalo sa eleksyon na may halong hibo ng pandaraya…at marami namang nakita go dahilan…ayon sa Prinsipio mo.. Hindi mo dapat tanggapin ang panalo… Eh kaya nga katawatawa ang Pilipinas at kaawa awa ang mga Pilipino… Eh ka nga… Huli na lumulusot
    Pa… Sa Ibang Bansa, like USA, konting dawit lang sa ano mang kavaf sa batas, nagreresign… Like Pres Nixon… Ang isang Governador na front liner sa pagiging kandidato sa pagka Pangulo… Dahil lang sa isyu ng Traffic na isinisi sa Kanya. Isang pagkakataon lang yong traffic na yon … Goodbye Presidency…magaling pa naman siya…
    Eh dito sa atin, Wala yan…ang Prinsipyo at Delicadeza tinapon na sa basurahab… Inuuna ang pansarariling kapakanan.
    Kaawa awa at katawatawa tayog Pilipino. Harinawang kasuhan tayo ng Diyos.

        1. Nah, all fingers are sexy my friend. You just need to know where to put them and how to use them. I’ll leave it at that before the admins ban me.

  3. I think u mean integrity.
    Why do people not have integrity here? Same reason you do not seem to have empathy.
    The culture is the problem, not the filipino race.
    Take a filipino out of the country to be raised in a different culture and they thrive.
    Filipinos lack moral heroes.
    Name one, just one celebrity you could say youths should look up to?
    Name one politian or celebrity that has not been linked to some moral scandal in this country?
    Whats even worse is everyone looks to ofw’s like they are some kind of martyrs.
    Yes without them this economy would fail as cheap labor is the Philippines only export.
    But let’s call it what it is, organized, staye recognized slavery.
    This government does not care for the ofw…just the remittance they send back.
    So if a government is a reflection on the people( which all governments are) and every single president, leader and politician( in general) is corrupt and have zero integrity.
    What and who do the youth have to look up to.
    The other day it was released that there is over 1.8 million kids abandoned in the philippines.
    No parents, no family, kids let to the streets to fend for themselves.
    Left with no education and forced into a life of crime and prostitution as the only way to survive.
    Did any single candidate mention this as an important( and internationally embarrasing one) issue during campaiging…
    There was a lot of talk of killing criminals though, or the china issue.
    But children, that have been abondoned, no families, no one to care for them, show them morals, pricipals, love.
    These are the criminals u will want to kill in the future.
    Kids whose government, culture and nation has failed.
    This country is so proud of its religious beliefs but its obviously all a show when a election is just one and not once are these kids brought up as an election issue.
    90% of the people here would not even know the meaning of the word

  4. What Principles? I didn’t realize Fliptards had principles, unless they were mimicking someone else’s to get what they want. Whatever principles Fliptards have were handed down, borrowed, or stolen—just like their aristocratic cultural identity and self-serving way of life.

  5. ‘The Philippines needs to stick to principles’…….LOL !!! UH, WHAT PRINCIPLES?
    A bigger load of dung would be hard to find.

    The Philippines is entering into another DARK PREIOD w/the election of Dueterte. The THUG who should be jailed for murder/coercion etc…is now telling his police depts. to summarily execute ‘drug dealers’ in an effort to stamp out crime ‘by any means necessary;, LOL !!!!
    NO DOUBT, some people will be cheering, BUT execution without ‘due process of law’ is MURDER ! This maniacal thug is deciding who the competition is (take note of that: THE COMPETITION) and wiping them out. Pot smoking is legal in the West and this Neandertahlic Thug is killing people who sell it. ‘Shabu’ delaers in Manila are oftentimes 7 year old kids that are doing it to keep their families fed.NOT that all drug dealers are not sleazy scumbags that need to be imprisoned, BUT telling cops to shoot them in the streets is nothing short of MURDER/MADNESSS.Are the corrupt politicians going to be executed too ?

    Remember, who stated that they were ‘DRUG DEALERS’ ? When those very same people announce that YOU are a ‘DRUG DEALER’ and mark YOU for EXECUTION and you are not a ‘DRUG DEALER’, WHAT THEN,HUH?

    Filipino’s are the types of people that think with their asses and then bitch and moan when they have pains in their ass and can not be rid of the hemmorhoidal nuisances.YOU ASKED FOR THIS, and now you shall receive it.

    BTW, are any of the BIGGEST THIEVES that are part of the biggest crime syndicate in S E Asia being executed in the streets, you know, the senators and congressman and judges that are so totally corrupt that they make the neighborhood ‘DRUG DEALERS’ look like cub scouts? NO, you say? None of the real criminals are being singled out for execution?

      1. Thats is one thing i do not like about duterte supporters.
        He is hardly a troll and he is voicing his opinion.
        I understand his points.
        If u think killing low level drug dealers is going to do anything other than kill poor people who have never had any other choice then u r not thinkng it through.
        Instead of insulting someone who’s opinion you do not like, instead converse with them.
        I think killing people without trial is going back to the middle ages and not just a step backwards for democracy but a giants leap backwards.
        These same police ate the same ones that are said to be 80% corrupt and you think giving them more power ( to kill on sight) is going to make this country safer or them any less corrupt then you are living in an alternate reality.( remember these words “I TOLD YOU SO” that way when it happens,and it will, i already said it)
        I think dutertes idea on starting statelite cities and building ports for goods to be shipped, creating jobs across the nation and not just in manila is brilliant.
        So brilliant i said that should be done the first month after i arrived here ten years ago.
        This is by far the best idea i have heard out of any government here.

        I think his idea of arming retired ex army and police and militia to police barangays is a huge problem.
        I think this will have so many militia, vigilante style problems u will all realize why no one else( other than mad tyrants that think fear of the law is why people keep it, instead of respect of the law).

        I think dutertes plan to jail parents her let their children out after curfew is great, plus i love he thinks birth control and educationis important.
        I think nationalizing this country is fantastic, should have been done already.
        There are things i like and do not like about duterte.
        Praise him for the good ideas but do not follow blindly forhis stupid ones which are immoral and tyranical.

        But most importantly. This bullying tactic u people use to try and shut up anyone online who does not think the sun shines out of dutertes ass is the same tactics used in other communist countries when people have a opinion against their leaders.
        What a fraud has brought up legit points.
        All you brought up is an insult that is degrading to the lbgt community and towards anyone that who reads it.
        ( I apologize on his behalf lbgt community. He obviously was not brought up right nor knows how to be respectful)
        Argue against the opinion, do not attack the poster….or do not post at all.

        1. You’re missing the point: His way of commenting is that of a TROLL, not to mention his overly exaggerated anti-Marcos bias, begin to accusing the writers being ‘pro-Marcos hacks’.

          You’re agreeing with an actual psychopath? Of course, you would understand him since you’re also a psycho yourself.

        2. @ The Voice Of Reason : YOU ARE CORRECT SIR, this Anonguy, has no counter argument and is unable to voice an opinion (if he even has one) so he resorts to LGBT insults as if that is something that will win an argument or make me go ‘Boo-Hoo, you hurt my feelings’, well it will not….Anonguy has nothin but a leak in his head where a brain may have once been.

        3. @ DIO, N WAY DUDE, I can prove what I say ! and you hear no denials either, that should tell your ignorant ass something,eh ? OR are you just a blind person following a crowd? A well paid crowd too…’this way to the SHITHOUSE SONNY !!!’, you are fucked and do not even know it…YET !and FYI, by the time you figure it out,just like the boiled frog, it will be too late.

        4. @WHAT A TROLL:

          No, you can’t. Everything you’ve said is almost contradictory. You’re focusing on one side too much so you’re already…. fucked.


  6. MR. Grimwald…I have still have to meet a Filipino politician, with a good principle. You can see that bitch, Leni Robredo , as a power hungry politician…she cheat her way to the Vice Presidency, with the Aid of Aquino, Bautista, the COMELEC and the SMARTMATIC. She sounds happy to have cheated.

    See how these political opportunists, are leaving the Liberal Party of Aquino; and joining the Pres. Elect Duterte’s coalition.
    Principle is overruled by their :self interest; where they can again steal the tax payers’ money; the bank accounts and their stomachs.

    1. “I have still have to meet a Filipino politician, with a good principle.”

      I second that, and, if I may add,

      ‘I have still have to meet a Fliptard, with a good principle.’

    2. between Leni and Marcos who do you think the most hungry politician? After couple of recounts still marcos is finding ways to get into the vp seat claiming he was defeated blah blah blah. How many recounts to be made just to please him and his supporters?

      1. @ tallulah

        We are not talking about who is hungry for power here. The article is about principles. And Leni sold her principles the moment she ran under LP.

        More so, a principled person would push to clear any doubts of her win. People are doubting her win, if she was me, I’d say recount and clear any doubts of my win.

      2. @Tulallulah Belle:

        It is not a matter of who won the the Vice Presidency.

        There was an Electoral Fraud committed. It is the full right of all Filipinos, who are concerned/love their country; that the Electoral Fraud must be investigated thoroughly. Make those who conspired on these Electoral Fraud pay for their crimes, whoever they may be.

        And secure all future elections to be honest and fair. These Electoral Frauds must be stopped, from here !

  7. Can beggars cant be chooser in this dysfunctional society ? Principles are the last thing on Filipinos mind when it comes to Power and Money and Politics is playing a major role in continuing to divide this nation. Let me remind you the only winner in this game is the one who is in control and to the less unfortunate is just read and weep. A nation divided can’t stand.

  8. If the people of this country had principles Government buildings would have gone up in flames already and fucking corporations would not get away with forcing shit down our throats with Kris “Queen Cunt” Aquino grinning on 3 out of 5 endorsement advertisements. GROW A SPINE PEOPLE!

  9. Who among you here believe and practice the most basic of all principles which is the moral imperative of not doing unto others what you do not want others done on you?

    Marcos violated this most basic moral imperative because the absolute power he got under the Commander in Chief provision of the 1935 Constitution gave him the opportunity to rule this country according to his vision. Brilliant and articulate minds of history have always been destined that way where there are no institutions and mechanisms to prevent their power abuse. Expected to be sacrificed are the oppositionists to the power abuse. Wars have always been about power struggles.

  10. There are no tyrants where there are no brilliant and articulate willing slaves. Tyrants are by their very nature amoral because they always have their own brand of morality that go against the universal norm, the moral imperative.

    When a given society gets it of its tyrant but is unable to punish him and his family and those in his inner circle, his rising like a phoenix is as sure as the Sun rising in the morning.

    1. Tyrants like marcos and imelda are moral – in their eyes. Even Imelda admited that she is greedy, and she defended her greed by saying that it is important to be greedy so she can help the poor, which is a blatant bullshit to those who have an IQ above 79.

      All presidents have their fair share of apologists but the Marcos apologists are the worst breed.

      And the ilocanos loved marcos bec their province had economic prosperity during his presidency. but they could care less about the rest of the countries.

      Hey, they call supporters of pnoy as yellowtards. That is fine but I refer to them as idiotic nincompoops.

      There are brilliant marcos apologists and I refer to them
      as intellectually dishonest.

      I admit that I cannot be objective when it comes to Marcos as I have witnessed first hand the negative effects of martial law and his crony capitalism.

      If you did not speak up against him – you would not get in trouble. Many cops and military were extremely brutal and corrupt during those years.

      They say that crime was low during marcos. That is bullfuckingshit. There were so many areas in metro manila when one would not dare venture because it was too dangerous. Today is pretty much the same but one thing is for certain – the area I grew up i. was not as bad as before.

      Yes, I hate fucking marcos as marcos apologists hate Pnoy – so do not bitch and whine when I slam St. Marcos, lol.

      As i have stated previously, The country has been pretty much fucked up during Marcos up to now but at least people are free to voice their opinioms against any politicians without the fear of getting jailed, tortured, or killed.

      My favorite line by Marcos apologists was all the activists during marcos were terrorists or NPA. Such flagrant display of ignorance and stupidity is mind boggling.

      1. ren car,

        What about the Yellow Party and their Chekwa allies that have enriched themselves in the last 30 years after Martial Law? Do we have an “apologist” for their lack of principles as well? Curious if you’re looking at the bigger picture of why the country is still “fucked up”–30 years after Martial Law–and who’s apologizing for those misdeeds.


        1. A lurker here,can anyone give me a detailed answer on this somehow stupid question: why was Ferdinand Marcos not put to death penalty?

        2. @ Kvothe Lamora – Marcos wants to come home in the Philippines to face all the charges against him and his family,but he was not allowed to come back by the Cory government. Hundreds of cases including those controversial allegations, filed by the Philippine government in the US and the majority of the verdict was NOT GUILTY! Sad to say, Marcos Sr was already a dead meat when the verdict was announced.

      2. Yep, TROLL confirmed.

        There is nothing much worse than the tyranny of mediocrity and stupidity that happened after 1986, until today.

        As i have stated previously, The country has been pretty much fucked up during Marcos up to now but at least people are free to voice their opinioms against any politicians without the fear of getting jailed, tortured, or killed.

        Lies. After Marcos left, the country is fucked up worse due to stupidity and mediocrity, thanks to the Aquinos and their personal cronies. I just want to remind you that anarchy is not freedom. Same goes of changing one political family to another.

        And no, all the activists were not just terrorists or NPA. But they have a point because most of the people who are now in the government are leftists. Yours is a display of ignorance and stupidity since you’re thoroughly one-side.

        1. Wow.
          That propaganda got you really good didnt it.
          Read a history book please.

        2. ?THREE DECADES since the bloodless revolution. THIRTY YEARS! What an opportunity to blot out a name equated to dictatorship, plunder, greed and abuse. The Filipino people had THREE DECADES to render an influence, powerless. THIRTY YEARS. THREE DECADES.


          30 Years is all it took for China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to overtake the Philippines. The war ravaged Vietnam will overtake us in 5 years. And now, it will take 50 years for the Philippines to even reach the status at which these countries are now, assuming the Philippines corrects it’s course today and assuming it can.
          30 years of trying to hide that Marcos was not unique in Asia. Dictatorship was the zeitgist of the time, and Marcos looked like a kindergarten in terms of brutality and plunder compared to the dictators of China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, and Indonesia. 30 years of writing half truths in history.

          30 years of glorifying EDSA1, which indeed the world admired. 30 years, other countries did not need the admiration of the world; they just gradually and QUIETLY made the transition from military rule to democracy. Now, other countries have proven EDSA1 was a stupid move, and they cannot stop laughing. And they won’t stop laughing even this 2016, as we will vote again the lesser evil.

          30 years of propaganda and half truths. Now, the people are free, but stupid. The most dangerous lies are those that are nearest to the truths.

          30 years, they had all the chance to make the Marcoses accountable, and 30 years they have failed. And now, they want the Junior Marcos to apologize in lieu of their failure. What a convenient way to cover their miserable failures. Indeed, the most dangerous lies are those that are nearest to the truths.

          30 years ago, there was just one plunderer. Today, there are plunderers left and right that if you total what has been plundered for 30 years, that one plunderer 30 years ago now looks like an amateur. The national budget during the military rule looks like peanuts now compared to the three Trillion budget of today. And yet, they trumpet that Yellows are of Daan Matuwid. Indeed, a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

          30 years ago, there were projects left and right. Today, there are projects left and right, but they remain in the drawing boards, instead of being implemented as before. And yet, they call that development. Indeed a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

          30 years ago there was heavy foreign borrowing to support projects. Today, we are back to heavy foreign borrowing to support non-existing projects, but just to flood the system with cash. Thus, we have a glut in real estate, a car industry driven by low interest credits, a consumer market driven by easy to get credit cards, five fold smuggling, and gambling, illegal or not. Of course, what is obtaining is a BUBBLE economy, and they call that the fastest growing economy. I call it a donut economy as it is empty in the middle. If a hostile administration takes over in 2016, of course, they will burst that bubble economy so that the next administration will have a hard time bursting the lies and bubble of 30 years. That is the truth and not a lie.

          30 years ago, there was controlled media. Today, the media men, who lost their jobs, are back with vengeance. There is free speech. They just make sure the Yellows have the loudest speech. Who needs free speech when your speech is drowned out anyway.

          30 years ago, there was curfew. Today, you can move at night, except there are criminals waiting for you. What the hell, I might as well stay at home.

          30 years ago, there were strikes left and right, but Marcos would not even dare busting the labor unions. Today, there is industrial peace, but there is also ENDO; the busting of unions have been made complete.

          30 years ago, there was poverty. Today, there is poverty, but there is CCT. The yellows want the poor to remain poor by teaching them mendicancy. It is the institution of pauperism, so that oligarchs can be institutionalized.

          30 years ago, there was no technology. Today, there is technology, and the Yellows say we should be proud of this. So, we pay the highest energy cost, the most expensive pokey internet, the highest taxes, the lowest SSS benefits, etc. Why? The Yellows have the illusions technology came from them. They live their own lies.
          30 years ago, there was one man rule. Today, the yellow rules, and no one man rules, but that is only so, so that people will not know who can be held responsible for all the lies that have been perpetuated all these 30 years.

          Now tell if this is still propaganda. Stop relying on BIASED sources and look a the bigger picture, please.

        3. Life may still be fucked up under Marcos but at least people do not get jailed, tortured, or killed when they speak against any presidents after Macoy. There was massive corruption then and it still continue to this day.

          Troll confirmed? I am a troll because I slam marcos but you are not for slamming aquino? I am one- sided, and you are objective? Wow, such blatant display of hypocrisy and stupidity. At least I am not insinuating that I am being objective unlike you. Typical Marcos apologist.

          anarchy is not freedom? are u fucking kidding me? So when a group of people int the strret and begin critizing Marcos without being unlawful or rowdy, that is anarchy? When a radio personality slam marcos on his radio show, that is anarchy? When a group of student activist hold a protest on the street – that is anarchy?

          But when protestors hold a rally against aquino, that’s not anarchy? Are you even aware how stupid you are?!?

          Did you even know that during marcos’ time, you can get arrested of a cop hear you say something bad about Marcos? Oh damn, you are a certified idiot! And u called me ignorant? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What a mental midget! At least the blogger show signs of inteliigence even if he is a closer Marcos apologist. intellectual dishonest people are smart while you are as dumb as a doorknob. Shoo! make sure you are armed to the teeth before you go into combat. Puny little mind!

        4. @ren car:

          Not just you’re missing the point but you love to twist words. Nobody is jailed, tortured or executed nowadays, yes. But extrajudicial killings still exist. And if anything, there is no need for that because the media is there for dumbing the people’s minds. Or maybe you’re too dumb to realize it.

          Just because I’m looking on both sides of the story doesn’t mean I’m a typical Marcos apologist. Yet you’re thoroughly one-sided and yet you admit it. So you’re an actual TROLL. And it’s hypocritical on your part.

          Yes, anarchy is NOT freedom. It’s definition – a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. It seems your definition of freedom is do whatever they liked. Instead of peace and order, people held on to their “freedom”. Look at the country now. Poverty, unemployment, squatters, garbage in very street corner, dilapidated public transport, snatchers holdapers, etc. There is your freedom.

          I’m aware of such things but it seems the terms ‘discipline’ and ‘responsibility’ is too foreign for you. Singapore represents those things. Also, you’re bashing on Marcos for that notion while you let key people like Ramos, Entire, and Honasan scoot free. Why is that?

          If someone here is a puny mind then it’s you, son. Stop your biases and one-sided nonsense and try to look at the bigger picture. Thanks for pointing out that you have what we call squatter mentality.

        5. anarchy is not freedom? are u fucking kidding me? So when a group of people int the strret and begin critizing Marcos without being unlawful or rowdy, that is anarchy? When a radio personality slam marcos on his radio show, that is anarchy? When a group of student activist hold a protest on the street – that is anarchy?

          But when protestors hold a rally against aquino, that’s not anarchy? Are you even aware how stupid you are?!?

          Point fucking missed. When every anti-Marcos rally was held, the leftists, mostly the NPA, would plant one guy there and incite chaos, even that anti-Marcos activists wanted to be unlawful and rowdy. Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao, a former leftist and was imprisoned during Martial law, writes this:

          There were indisputably human rights violations during Martial Law, even the most despicable ones. Many of my close friends were killed by the military or the constabulary in their mid-twenties. However, I would blame Communist chief Jose Ma. Sison for many of those deaths because he deployed those men who were barely out of their teens to foment unrest and revolt in the countryside, telling them that the masses had been roused to revolution because of Martial Law. They were very poorly armed, and were killed not even by the military but by police and militias who thought they were bandits.

          And it seems that you deny the existence of the Light-A-Fire Movement, a terror group composed of upper class people who decided that violence was the solution against Martial Law abuse, and they perpetrated a lot of terrorist acts, including a bombing of the prestigious mall Rustan’s Makati, leading to around 70 people injured and one American death. Several of its members were Jesuits and of somethe members of this group are Heherson Alavarez, owner of the money laundering-embroiled RCBC Alfredo Yuchengcoa, and the late Steve Psinakis whose wife is a Lopez. You connect the dots.

          And even you say you’re aware of their existence, you won’t care since they’re anti-Marcos. No, that wasn’t the case. They were lauded as ‘freedom fighters’ by the Yellows and point-missers but simply put, they’re terrorists. They got blood on their hands. They’re fighting evil with evil. It’s based on the logic that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and that “the enemy of a villain is always a hero.” It’s twisted logic that leads to questionable alliances and impunity.

          And in the Aquinos’ case, when someone made a protest against them, it’s not anarchy. It’s something worse. Murder. Massacre. You named it. The victims of the infamous Mendiola Massacre of 1987 were Hacienda Luisita farmers; instead of hearing their cries, they were met with bullets, killing 15 farmers. The late Jose Diokno, who fought against Marcos during the Martial law years, resigned from his post as Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Human Rights, upon realizing with disgust that the Cory government was unhumanitarian. So what does THAT tell you?

          And the recent Kidapawan incident where hungry farmers made a rally. Instead of giving them rice, they were given bullets instead. Many of them were injured, and Noynoy’s response? He said, “I was not informed.” THAT is disgusting.

          I’m utterly disappointed, son. You may be wise, but you made a fool out of yourself since you let your EMOTIONS get the better of you/ That’s why you’re narrow-minded and pin the blame of one tainted surname only. You’re more of a puny mind since you let EMOTIONS run over. That’s not how it works.

        1. DIO,

          “30 Years is all it took for China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to overtake the Philippines.”

          You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.


    1. You’re just looking on one side but LKY also lashed on the Philippines as a whole.

      “The problem of the Philippines is that they have too much democracy.”

      Take your TROLLING to somewhere else.

  11. Ren car whatever you say! Ur still a yellowturd and im a pro marcos! When it come to education and social status and economic reforms and especially job creation and infra projects! Its Marcos that is best!

  12. I think, that before we proclaim the need for principles, we must first possess a belief in an idea, and that idea must be sound and wise.

    You see, from what I have seen, there can be few differences between a fool and a principled man. A fool and a principled man can be true to themselves, and live according to what they believe. But this does not mean, that their beliefs are outright sound and wise; many people stand by their principles, simply out of pride, which is often foolish (there is such a thing as appropriate pride). There is no wisdom in that — we need to learn what it means to recognize our inadequacies in many things, and such realizations can help us identify and overcome our weaknesses.

    In my view, being true to yourself is one good thing — being a person beholden to what is true is a better thing. Above the two, being open to corrections and admitting faults are the best things, for such allows people the opportunities to overcome their past faults.

    I’ve seen principled men and women who had good and sound principles, supported by evidence, reason, good faith, and empathy, who are open to the idea that they are wrong and learn accordingly. I’ve also seen principled men and women take the stance of fools and reject all possibility of error out of principle. I’ve seen their lives — they now bask in the pitiful glory of fools, as they have nothing to be proud of except pride in being principled. I ask anyone, through wisdom’s virtue — is such a life a wise choice? Surely there is a time to die for the Free Greek, but not every choice is the Battle of Thermopylae. Wisdom discerns both, upon when to die and when to give grace.

    As for the Filipino, aren’t we an impulsive, emotional lot? If so, then the idea of principles and sticking to one’s guns is a dangerous assertion. A person who sticks to their impulsive choices, is not so different from a fool.

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