Mar Roxas’s calls for unity against Duterte a sign of desperation

In a move everyone is calling desperate and pathetic, Presidential candidate Mar Roxas appealed to the second most popular candidate, Senator Grace Poe to unite against the most popular candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. In a press conference, Roxas called on Poe to make the ultimate sacrifice to thwart a “looming dictatorship”.

“I call for unity. I call for decency. I call for democracy. I call for the rule of law. I call on Senator Grace Poe, Grace, mag-usap tayo (let’s talk). I will adjust schedules to your convenience. Sabihin mo lang kung saan at kailan at darating ako (Just tell me where and when and I will come),” said Roxas.

Self-destructing: Mar Roxas's critics only need to sit back and watch him unravel.

Self-destructing: Mar Roxas’s critics only need to sit back and watch him unravel.

For a guy who says he is not into drama, Roxas came across like a drama king. Why didn’t he just phone Poe privately instead of speaking to her via the media? It’s as if Poe was so unapproachable that he had to use a mediator to contact her. Roxas was obviously trying to make it look like the ball is now in Poe’s hands – that if she did not agree to his suggestion, she is being selfish. True enough as soon as Poe said no, a member of the Malacanang communications officer Manuel L Quezon III posted a statement on social networking site Twitter with “Poe says no to calls for unity against dictatorship”.

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The tweet was irresponsible, indeed. It seems that the press conference was an orchestrated move by people from the Palace to undermine Poe. In his statements, Roxas also insinuated that the Philippines is going to be led by a monster if Duterte wins the Presidency. Roxas and his supporters including President Benigno Simeon Aquino thinks they know who and what is best for the Filipino people. The thought is so laughable because the people think they have been mismanaging the country in the last six years. They have lost the credibility to tell the people what is best for them.

BS Aquino also appealed to the public and asked them to urge the candidates to unite against Duterte:

Talk to your principals and say we need to see a demonstration of country before self,” …

If there is anyone acting like a dictator, it is BS Aquino. He thinks he can dictate to everyone including the Presidential candidates and expect them to accede to what he wants. He thinks he has a monopoly on being righteous. He has forgotten the essence of democracy. In a real democracy, the people decide who they want as their leader. Even if Duterte comes across as a dictator, Aquino can’t stop the people from voting for him. The people want another strongman after experiencing a dud. It is worth mentioning that, of course, the people will get what they deserve whoever they vote for.

Rodrigo Duterte with BS Aquino and Mar Roxas in happier times

Rodrigo Duterte with BS Aquino and Mar Roxas in happier times

Besides, if the allegations against Duterte are true – that he is a killer and a corrupt public servant, why didn’t BS Aquino do anything to prosecute him a long time ago? He could have asked the Department of Justice to at least investigate the allegations against him since Day One of his term. Some say that he couldn’t do that because Duterte has been an ally of the Aquinos for decades. Duterte was appointed acting Vice Mayor of Davao after the 1986 people power revolution during the late former President Cory Aquino’s term. In fact, Roxas even considered Duterte as his running mate when he was still scouting around for a Vice President.

They all ignored Duterte and didn’t think he was a threat to Roxas’s candidacy until the Mayor’s popularity shot up to Number One. Even the negative propaganda employed by their attack dog Senator Antonio Trillanes didn’t put a dent on Duterte’s popularity.

Some say that Roxas looked so tired and already at the point of calling it quits. He seems to have lost all the confidence he had in the previous days. The last time he spoke to the media he said he was still confident of winning the race, which made everyone suspect that he is going to cheat his way to the Presidency. That is another problem for him. A lot of people don’t think he can win through honest means. So win or lose, he is toast.

Even if Poe backs down, it’s not a guarantee that her supporters will automatically vote for Roxas. It would make more sense for Roxas to step aside for Poe because with Duterte currently at 33% and Poe at 22%, Poe just needs 12% more to outclass The Punisher. Roxas wouldn’t be able to do that. Unfortunately for him, the more he talks, the less voters he gets.

Yes, Roxas was a turn-off. His press conference was probably the final nail in the coffin. He has finally made it clear that he is arrogant and that he is not fit to lead the nation. His last ditch effort to defeat Duterte was an ill-conceived idea. He and his people don’t seem to think things through. They are the victims of their own public relations disaster.

There are times when you feel sorry for Roxas. Watching him makes you feel like helping him avoid more PR disasters. The truth is, even if we want to stop Roxas from making a fool of himself, he will simply ignore us. It’s best to just sit back and watch him self-destruct.

52 Replies to “Mar Roxas’s calls for unity against Duterte a sign of desperation”

  1. The situation sounds like how in the USA the establishment lined up against DonLd Trump. The Yellowtards are like the Democrats and establishment class. The people want change from the lies and betrayal.

    1. Donald Trump is different, to be sure, but different doesn’t necessarily mean positive. When the top “anti-establishment candidate” wants racist immigration bans and unfeasible anti-immigration walls, and the legitimization of treating “non-straight” people as less than human.

      In a way though Trump being a corporate CEO makes him an ultra-establishment candidate compared to, say, Bernie Sanders and third party candidates.

  2. I pity Mar. He looks wasted like Theoden, when Theoden was still under the spell of Saruman and/or Grima.

  3. Aquino and Mar Roxas have no shame of themselves. They have no dignities, to pander to Grace Poe for unity, against Duterte. This is a sign of cowardice. Why not fight a good fight and “die” in the battlefield?

    Two cowards cringing as their defeat is coming!
    Iglesia Ni Kristo – refused to support them.
    Now, Grace Poe – refused to unite with them! What is next? “Abangan ang susunod na istorya!”

    This is the sign that the YellowTards, are now breathing, their last breaths. They are now delusional…the Jaundiced Reality Symdrome, is really a fatal illness. It is taking a toll on them. They will be the first victims.

  4. Ever since I exercised my right to vote, I never heard of an incumbent official, especially a PRESIDENT, blatantly and publicly participate in political tactics just to take down a candidate who is leading the polls.

    Joker Arroyo (RIP) knew it. “It’s still the elites who really control things in this country”. His explanation for no guilty vote on Corona (who was siding with the farmers of Hacienda Luisita), “this is not justice, political or legal. This is certainly not law. For sure, this is certainly not the law and the Constitution; this is only naked power as it was in 1972”, rings true. PNoy is worse than Marcos Sr., and Mar will just continue with that.

    I fucking miss Sir Joker now. I would have love to hear what he would have said with this scumbag of a political tactic.

    1. Chelle
      ginamit pa ang government property para sa campaign..putang ina ano ang say ng comelec iba talaga pag kamag anak ng presidente ang chairman ng comelec at bangko central.. Sabi ni kris mas malaki ang binayad ko sa TAX kaya may right daw siyang gumamit ng presidential helicopter. Ang ABS CBN ay panay depensa sa aksyon nila sa paggamit ng helicopter..Ito ang daang matuwid

  5. Such pathetic display of desperation that followed years of shameless display of arrogance. Oh how the mighty faggots have fallen.
    But let us not laugh right away, who knows what kind of shitstorm is going to happen in May 9 +/- 2 days.

    I mean come on! This guy and his boyfriend did nothing for Poe but bash her just because she refused to join them and now they are asking said bashed opponent for a truce because they cannot win? And some people would even still look up to this arrogant, self-absorbed, divisive duo to lead the country? Fucking serious?
    Oh yeah, voting for Duterte might get me burned but atleast this guy is humble enough not to run over the other candidates and calm enough to just say he will accept whatever the fair result would be. And you call him a would-be dictator?
    Fucking stupid pinoys do not want a dictator because pinoys are selfish and don’t want to listen. Fucking don’t want any rules that prevents him from having fun, fun that is exclusive to himself and close people only but disturbing to strangers. Not that Duterte would become one but if ever out of rage(i.e Dumbshit Trillanes would start another pathetic coup) he would, fuck I don’t mind we need it. I don’t care of the freedom I will lose, living in this country is constricting enough as it is.

  6. Only: Rats, YellowTard minions and Ghouls, will be jumping out from the Aquino/Roxas’ sinking ship!!! The show will be worth watching!…

  7. the yellows moves for Grace to step down is to steal peoples votes for Grace Poe. the yellows is still fighting for hacienda luisita the main core of the ‘L’ sign, means LABAN ng hacienda luisita since the Marcos era that mess the lives of the Pilipinos. there will never be peace and properity for the Philippines except the immediate distribution of the land to the real owner the farmers.

  8. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the end of the Aquinos.

    Duterte in Rizal Park will pull massive crowds. The media will have to broadcast it to the rest of the country. They can’t just ignore it. International media will show it as well, I’m certain.

    Any further attempt by the fucking church or anyone else to sabotage Duterte will result in even more votes for him.

    Let the revolution begin. I have been waiting since Cory threw this country 20 years back in time. Fuck you very much!

    Go to hell Aquino clan and take your stinking, vile and corrupt elite and oligarchs with you.

    Some politically active artists and so called intellectuals in this country that I have met, turned out to be the dumbest people I ever talked to. They are lacking noetic acuity on a level that baffles me. Those are the yellow hordes. Removed from reality, living in a bubble. You know, the ones that meet you and while shaking your hand just have to inform you: “Hi, I’m Bingbing (or some other idiotic name) and I just came back from Paris.”

    “Well, fuck you Bingbing and I wish you’d have stayed there. I’ve been in Paris before you were even born and it blows. Now move your shallow and mentally challenged fat ass out of my way.”

    1. I feel you man, I totally do. Tomorrow will be the biggest fuck you to the yellow-dominated political landscape. With or without media coverage.

      1. The time machine I built comes in very handy sometimes.

        On a more serious note, this is the first time in a long time that I am proud to call the Philippines my home. This is where I live since more than 30 years, where I have my family and friends,

        For me, this is an event like the Berlin wall coming down. If you are young it might be hard to understand how important this is.

        I now have some hope again.

        1. Yes. Home is where the heart is. It’s good to hear you made it to see the light of day in this dark corner of the globe Jim.

  9. The worst part was when they started attacking Grace Poe when she rejected their overtures. My Gosh, what kind of people are they who are running our country. They call evil that which is good, and good, evil. Grrrrrr. Ang sarap pagbabatukan.

    Whatever, it was a PR disaster beyond comprehension. Two days more is May 9, and then July 1st, pero parang ang tagal. Yellows, please get out of our faces now.

    1. You should’ve seen the yellows in my facebook timeline when I kept posting one GRP article after the next especially about that massive screwup in the LP’s part. It’s over. Instead of gaining a potential ally in Poe and her supporters, only managed to unite them with the ‘dutertards’ they like to vilify. At this point, it’s ‘anyone but Mar’ in the minds of the greater population.

    2. Yes LP, please get your Yellow feces out of our faces now! The adamant plea of Pinoys is crystal clear – we want the change that only unprecedented president Du30 can offer.

      If Mar wants to talk to somebody, he can start by asking for a clerical job under the Du30 administration: I think with his experience during Yolanda, he has the Wharton-class skill of counting body bags.

  10. last gasps of a pathetic inutile ‘inclusive’ administration that’s lost all credibility

  11. Sa Lunes na ang election huling campaign na ngayon araw. Magkaisa nalang po tayo sa mapayapang pagbabago. Ibasura na natin ang pansariling interes. Tangapin natin kung sino talaga ang kandidato na iluloklok ng taong bayan. Lets pray for peace, clean, and honest election…

  12. me for Grace and Bongbong, for new and better society. and scrap the 87 constitution. it’s a constitution for the yellows and oligarchs. it’s killing the Motherland.

  13. No to Military Intervention to a Joma Sison cabinet post under China Politburo Influence!

    Poe is the Answer not Roxas ! Medal of Valor awardee Ariel Querubin as the crime czar is the best answer to DU30’s death squad !!!

    A Roxas vote or a Binay Vote or Miriam Vote is a guarantee of a DU30 satanic presidency

    Think a million times for country and future !

    Freedom of Information( which DU30 abhors) and death penalty on heinous crimes ( which Roxas and Binay are terrified) is the cornerstone of a Poe President NOT shortcut justice that only the ayungin, biya and hipon criminals are swept not Abaya, Abad or drug lords and smugglers and the corrupt politicians in the country. Traditional dynasties have joined the bandwagon of DU30 like the Remullas and Edong Angara of Quezon.

    Share if you detest a DU30 Dictatorship !

    1. I will make an analogy. Suppose this is kayakers olympic race. The bastard Digong group is winning by a mile. Mar or Poe says, “Why don’t we unite abandon your boat let’s join together in one boat to beat Du30.” For whatever reason no rule was broken. But “Where’s the sportsmanship? What a pathetic move. Haha. So what if the bastard win. You should not allow him to join the race in the 1st place but you did. Who is crying foul now?

    2. Duterte’s admin will truly be a unified and inclusive admin. Why do you all keep harping on about his ties to the NPA when he has the support of most Moros/Muslims (being part Moro, having chanted Allahu Akbar in a rally in ARMM, and MNLF/MILF), most Catholics (who far outnumber the 3,200 NPA, many clergy, and has been blessed and forgiven by the Vatican in an official letter), various Christian groups like INC, Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church, Jesus is Lord Movement, various ethnic groups and minorities etc.

      He even said he will include political opponents like Poe and Robredo into his cabinet, setting aside political differences. If that is not unifying and inclusive, I don’t know what it is.

      Yet you people keep harping on and fearmongering his ties to the NPA.

      I don’t know if you people are just willingly ignorant or just plain stupid not to see the whole context of things.

  14. but whoever gets in, please get rid of the hopeless ineffective and flatfooted administration of the airport with their bulletplanting extortion networks – it’s been giving the country a bad reputation for too long and it’s well about time that this racket got cleaned up!

  15. Pffft Mar Roxas, mas matatag pa loob ni Grace Poe sa ‘yo. Umiihi ka na sa salawal dahil mukhang mananalo si Duterte, pero cool lang si Poe.

  16. All things work together for the good …

    Looks like Grace in the race was a blessing “hulog ng langit” after all.

    She refuses to budge; can’t blame her after getting an offer one “can’t refuse” from Mar to the effect: please pull out of the race, and in exchange I will give you the front-seat privilege of watching me lose!

    Ano ka hilo? Thanks but no thanks!

    Grace only came into the picture to eat out voter share from Binay and Roxas, icons of corruption and incompetence, respectively. Du30 wouldn’t be able to pull away from the two bozos with such an insurmountable lead without her.

    1. how sure are they that if poe did give in to mar the votes she would have gotten will go to him?

      1. @changeiscoming. Well you know Mar and PNoy – mga Mr. Assuming, as usual.

        They fail to do the “What if” test. What if Poe withdraws and all her votes migrate to Du30?

        Sa sobrang kakapalan ng mukha ng mga kupal e nasara na ang mga mata nila sa mga possibleng scenario.

        Just like how they handled the operation leading to death of SAF44 – they failed to see the “What if the SAF get cordoned on their way out?”

        The next president should be a master of simulating “What if” scenarios in his/her head. Mar fails miserably.

  17. BS Aquino also appealed to the public and asked them to urge the candidates to unite against Duterte

    That moment when the President talk and nobody listens because he is appealing to the public who are mostly for Duterte

    As to Mar, nabasted na nga nationwide nang tanggihan ni Poe maging VP n’ya, umulit pa rin?

  18. Business or global politic’s was and is not Roxas’s speciality at all. Didn’t this plan just fail really bad in the USA versus Trump? Negotiations start with this is what I can offer you. What will you offer me. In this case, I will bring my voters to you. What presidential position will you offer me. You wait until every thing has been worked out to announce the partnership. Announcing a partnership early that is not agreed to by both people will always make a business look stupid, pathetic, sad, and desperate.

  19. Does this guy think that Grace’s supporter’s will flock to him is she bows out? Its more likely that they will flock to Duterte.

  20. It’s too late. LP PNoy and Roxas have been given a lot of time to prove their worth as public servants and failed, and now they woo everyone including their political opponents- for their own selfish motives. Up to Pnoy Aquino’s last days as a public servant, he not only has proven his very elementary brain, but his sinister and dubious nature at that for his recent pronouncements about uniting all the presidentiables against Duterte! After lambasting their opponents, they are now seeking their help? They have no other recourse but to CHEAT AT ALL COST. He, along with Roxas and Trillanes are TERRORISTS! They have and are sowing all forms of terrorism by spreading about concocted “looming” dictatorship, martial low, killings, etc in all directions. Can they not be held criminally liable for sowing terrorism among the peace-loving people? After lambasting their political opponents they seek for “unity”. This is all only for LP’s own consumption! Enough is enough of you lies and deceptions!

  21. Roxas should withdraw and support Poe, if he truly puts country above self. Illogical for Poe to back off.

    1. I think that was really their plan. Its not Poe who will backout but Roxas, so some of Roxas jaundice warriors will go to POE. Poe is for the worst case scenario..

  22. Extreme situations require extreme measures. No doubt Baldy Aquino and his equally lunatic successor Mar Roxas wanted American girl Grace Llamanzares to join them in their foray against Duterte. Too bad her ambition to become president despite her lack of ability got the better of her.

  23. are these people sane? who are they to say that? We, the Filipinos are the ones who put you there. We , the Filipinos no longer like you to be there. YOU ARE THE MONSTERS! YOU ARE WORST THAN THE LATE Pres. Ferdinand Emmanuel E. Marcos YOU CLAIMED TO BE. YOU CAN NO LONGER FOOL THE FILIPINO PEOPLE.

  24. Ilda, you got the biggest ‘balls’ milady..I just love reading your articles. I no longer buy broadsheets because I’m afraid reading biased articles again nor do I watch TV that will make my blood rise to the highest level..I’d rather hang up with you guys in this site..articles are so informative, and very intelligent take on issues. Kudos to u! I’ve told my friends to visit your blog.

  25. I totally agree. Makes sense if he will give way to poe considering she is higher in the surveys. His greediness is eating him up, Mana lang kay abnoy yun. My friends that is not someone who graduated from wharton (?) decide on things. Logic lang…walang charisma. Kahit state school or local college graduate can make better decisions faced with the same scenario

  26. These are Mar’s mistakes that’s why he doomed his chances

    1. He tried to sell himself as a man of the masses when he is clearly not. He is a Roxas and an Araneta, pompyangan na elitist pedigree tapos puro ka paphoto op na gumagawa ng mga gawaing pangmasa to show that “I also belong with your ranks”.

    2. He allowed himself to be an Aquino lapdog. He was clearly the better individual between the two in terms of competence and accomplishment yet he allowed himself to be reduced to a mere himud puwit. Even if he was made a complete tanga when he was bypassed in Mamasapano wala ka kinaringgan sa kanya

    3. He chose positions out of his element. He was performing relatively well when he was in DTI in the past, dapat dun siya nagfocus. During Aquino’s term he chose DOTC and later on DILG (for obvious reasons) and he was hit hard with issues where he failed to deliver.

    He’s just not cut for Presidency I guess kahit anu gawin pa niya, I almost feel bad for the guy. ALMOST

  27. It is so satisfying to see them fail despite of all their innate advantages and machinery. The will of the people is still stronger.

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