Leni Robredo proclaimed ‘vice president’! Altogether now: ‘Ang bayan kong Pilipiiiinaaassz…’


Congratulations are in order for “vice president” Leni Robredo. At least the billions Uncle Peping spent yielded a bit of return-on-investment (ROI). The real question is a bit more confronting, however:

Do Filipinos deserve the same congratulations for Robredo’s “win”?

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Think about it. Filipinos elected a prayerful widow to a top executive office. Again. What has really been achieved?

More important to note is the bigger context. Rodrigo Duterte’s ascent to power is now widely regarded to be the result of a protest vote — a vote against President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s legacy which, itself, is the culmination of the 30-year legacy of the original Prayerful Widow, the late former President Cory Aquino.

So can the proclamation of Leni Robredo by the Philippines’ biggest criminal syndicate be considered a “win” for the Philippines? For Robredo’s supporters, the answer will, of course, be a resounding YES! “Leni is my VP!” and all that. Why? Because Leni, we are told, saved the Filipino people from “another Marcos”.

And so this raises an even more confronting question:

What is more profoundly embarrassing to the global community? Another Marcos being elected? Or another prayerful housewife ascending power?

The answer to that question, of course depends on how Filipinos want to style their collective character. For now, the more important principle to note that is relevant here is the notion of how Filipinos expect different results and yet choose to do the same things over and over again. Even more noteworthy is the irony that escapes Robredo’s supporters, many of whom, for the very same reason they support her, deeply detest Duterte. That irony is in coming back to square one — back to the nostalgia of 1986 when a widow clad in yellow “won”. Thus a comfy familiarity serves as the backdrop to the euphoria of a clique of Filipino society suffering minds imprisoned by an obsolete political spell.

This is the widow that set the Philippines down the path to a point that left voters no choice but to vote on the basis of a protest. I was talking about Cory, by the way. With regard to “vice president” Leni Robredo, all we can do for now is ye ol’ familiar…

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

20 Replies to “Leni Robredo proclaimed ‘vice president’! Altogether now: ‘Ang bayan kong Pilipiiiinaaassz…’”

  1. It is a Fraud tainted election. Leni Robredo win is in question…COMELEC is part of the fraud.

  2. She may have won the election, but still didn’t earn my respect (and trust).

    And given that its a close fight between her and marcos, I think that she should be careful with her decisions.

    She’s mabait and not corrupt, yes I may agree, but no..in my opinion, she’s still not fit to be VP…

  3. it’s not over yet. once the justices impeached Duterte, the Pilipinos will revolt ‘cuz they the people already knew the show. Duterte must choose, his legacy as a saviour through his promises to his people. i think Duterte will choose his legacy through his promises to the Pilipinos. the people power is behind Duterte as of now.

  4. Same old thing, same pattern that happened before. Seems Filipinos actually don’t want change. What was your famous saying, Benigz… you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it. And it’s all about the surface, the form, not the substance.

  5. If there’s another People Power with clamoring for Lenny to be president, I’ll puke first, then pack my bags and leave.

    1. I hope you’re trolling when you said that. Because the one that is the so-called ‘Prayerful Widow’ from 30 years is also a crook herself, lauded as a ‘saint’.

      Top kek.

    2. romualdo,

      What are the titles of the fantasy books you’ve been reading. I’d like to read some, too, so I can escape the harsh reality of life in the Failippines. You sound like one of those Fliptards who are completely brainwashed by the Yellow campaign of the “prayerful widow” leading the country towards salvation.

      Thirty years of Aquino, Cojuangco, and Chekwa domination should have been enough to wake you up from your delusions, that the image of a “prayerful widow” is just a bunch of BULLSHIT to keep the country hopeful while it gets raped in the dark.


  6. The difference between Cory and Leni is that Leni has done a lot prior to her new position. Nobody knows the work she has done because she doesn’t flaunt it.

    1. Walla Walla Bing Bang,

      Nobody knows the work of the assholes behind the images of Cory and Leni either, especially on how they’d bled, and will continue to bleed, the country dry while the Fliptards concentrated on those two beacons of false hope. The Fliptards’ “fucked up” mentality never ceases to amaze me—and I’m one of them, too. We Fliptards are just so “fucked up” that we end up screwing ourselves without realizing it.


  7. Just make sure there are NO sharp nails scattering on the road for the next 6 years. You will not want to use this spare tire.

    One Yellow widow 3 decades ago should have been enough to teach us a lesson on “How not to run a country”.

  8. The Filipino, it seems, has lost his soul, his dignity, and his courage.

    We have come upon a phase of our history when ideals are only a veneer for greed and power, (in public and private affairs) when devotion to duty and dedication to a public trust are to be weighted at all times against private advantages and personal gain, and when loyalties can be traded.

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