Is a Leni Robredo vice presidency a curse or a blessing to the Filipino people?

The Philippine Liberal Party has a reason to celebrate three weeks after suffering a big loss with their Presidential candidate Mar Roxas losing to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Congress sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) rushed to finalise the tallying of votes for the Presidency and Vice Presidency just in time to have a “happy” weekend.

Leni Robredo should aspire to foster unity rather than conflict.

Leni Robredo should aspire to foster unity rather than conflict.

Their supporters could not wait to celebrate by tagging me in their celebratory posts on social networking site Twitter. They wanted to make sure that I was informed when their candidate Congresswoman Leni Robredo’s numbers overtook Senator Bongbong Marcos by 260K votes. I felt flattered at first but then I realised that some of them were not doing it to be nice; they were actually feeling a sense of schadenfreude. They wanted to gloat. They were experiencing pleasure in another person’s misfortune. You see, some of them mistakenly think I work for Marcos Jr and so were laughing at my expense. I just had to shake my head in disbelief. Apparently, they have been reading my articles criticising the current government and have misinterpreted it as being pro-Marcos.

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Some Filipinos were not taught to be gracious at all. I did not feel the need to make fun of Roxas’s supporters when he lost. You would think that I would be jumping for joy after he lost since I have been one of his staunch critics but, no, I did not feel the need to kick a horse when it was already down. A person’s true character reveals itself in the face of success or adversity. With the way some of Robredo’s supporters behaved after they received a favourable result, they will not win any Ms Congeniality contests. Some of them resort to personal attacks even when they are not provoked. It’s quite baffling why they take any criticism of a public servant personally when it’s not about them. You have to wonder why Robredo doesn’t inspire her supporters to behave nicely considering they say she is the “decent” candidate.

As a matter of fact, Robredo’s supporters are some of the nastiest people on the Net. They dismiss those who have differing views as paid hacks or irrelevant. They also try to shut down their opponent by divulging personal information. They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Someone even told me to shut-up. This is quite ironic considering they are also staunchly against Martial Law. The irony of what they are doing – denying me my right to speak – escapes them. I had to tell one of them to enjoy the feeling he is experiencing because it is temporary. I had to explain to him that the feeling of pleasure derived from the misfortune of others means he has an unhealthy mentality. The poor soul seemed lost.

I just can’t help but feel disgusted at the way LP supporters dismiss reports about 90,000 people from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao who were not able to vote and failed to exercise their right to suffrage. According to a news report, “a former governor of Basilan on Thursday  said 90 percent of the official ballots in the province were pre-shaded in favor of candidates Manuel Roxas II and his running mate Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”

Seriously, some of Robredo’s supporters are callous and insensitive to the plight of their compatriots in Mindanao. No wonder Robredo’s supporters were not gracious in their win. To quote another wise Twitter poster: “Only those who know they have won fair and square can be gracious in victory”.

Another person asked me why some people feel schadenfreude. Well, some people’s beliefs are not based on principle. It is based on idolising an image of a person they created in their heads or one that was created for them by the media. This is true in the case of the Liberal Party supporters. Mainstream media has created this image of Robredo as the personification of the late former President Cory Aquino. They think she is another pious widow. The yellow dress Robredo likes to wear completes the look. This is precisely the reason why they think Robredo is the “right” one. 

If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t celebrate too soon. Robredo’s win could turn out to be a curse, not a blessing. She’s got high expectations to fulfil. She’s said so herself before that she could have a hard time being Vice President if Roxas does not win the Presidency. This early she’s already expressing her opposition to some of Duterte’s plans like allowing former Ferdinand Marcos’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. She’s also against the death penalty. She might just give Duterte a tough time to implement his vision.

Aside from not seeing eye to eye with her President, Robredo could be facing electoral protest from Marcos Jr. His team is reportedly planning on mounting legal action against the COMELEC based on discrepancies they found during the canvasing of votes. Their next move is to file an election protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) based on evidence of electoral fraud.

 During the canvassing, the Marcos camp had repeatedly pointed out the undervotes for each certificate of canvass (COC) for the vice presidential race.

In the end, some 3.9 million undervotes were registered in the vice presidential race.

“We suspect that these votes were credited to other candidates…. We believe these votes belong to Bongbong Marcos,” Garcia said.

Garcia said that should Marcos decide to pursue a protest against Robredo, their team is prepared to gather evidence. Aside from undervotes, they will look into the introduction of a new script or computer command in the Commission on Elections server on May 9, and the zero votes that Marcos received in some towns in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

Robredo’s supporters should be calling for unity instead of more conflict. Despite our differences in opinion, we are all fighting for a better Philippines. They should not insult the people who voted for Marcos Jr because they – 14 million of them – think that Marcos Jr was cheated. The last thing Robredo wants to do is to antagonise them by acting so cocky after her win.

I have always said that I am simply advocating an honest election. I cannot help but feel outraged at the thought that criminal syndicates could be getting away with electoral fraud once again. They already got away in 2010 and 2013. It seems the opportunity to catch them this year is slipping away especially since some would want to “move on”. Only the COMELEC can help in exposing the truth. If they allow the system audit, we can all be sure that Robredo was not a beneficiary of electoral fraud.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

80 Replies to “Is a Leni Robredo vice presidency a curse or a blessing to the Filipino people?”

  1. We have to insure an honest and fair election. This 2016 election is full of Fraud. The electoral system must be repaired. SMARTMATIC should be fired. Bautista who is one of the conspirators, must be fired. All who conspired in this election cheating, must be fired…

    Leni Robredo will have a hard time in her position of Vice President. Will she become a Puppet of Aquino, who will stay in the background, pulling the string?

    This tainted election , she will carry thruout her career. If she cannot work with Pres. elect Duterte. It would be an issue against her…we are all tired of politics…we are all tired of Bimbos, elected in offices.

    1. A thorough investigation must be done by competent IT people, on the electoral system. All the COMELEC people, must be investigated.

      The system is full of fraud.

  2. I’d call it more of a test. To see whether we as a people have learned our lesson, or whether we are still willing to be done over once again by the warlords.

  3. Sometimes, people agreed against their will just because they have nothing to do with it.
    Goodluck to Philippines..

  4. Just when I had high hopes because Duterte was elected in a landslide I get kicked in the balls by these disgusting cretins.

    This is nauseating to say the very least.

    She is unqualified trash.

    1. A Bimbo is elected, as a Vice President, in a Fraud tainted election. Aquino and his cahoots conspired with the COMLEC and the SMARTMATIC, to elect her…

      We must not let this Fraud to happen again…in any Philippine election ! Let those guilty found in the investigations, pay for this fraud…it is the only way, we can clean elections.

        1. For starters, that Bimbo has a serious character flaw. If she would have any decency and respect for the office she would have stood on the side and BBM to support an in-depth investigation of this election. But she is just fine with winning by fraud. Fine character that woman has. It should be her responsibility to protect the sanctity of the vote. All she cares about is to go to the top. Beware of conniving, power hungry airheads. At least BBM has a fine track record and had a decent platform and good plans for this country. What does that woman have? She besmirched the good name of her husband. She is a curse, because she is totally unqualified for the office, just as unqualified as that coconut Aquino was. They’d make a fine couple.

          Whoa, now that I have that picture in my head I wont be able to have sex for a month!

      1. I really don’t like the fact that she winded up with the LP, but despite that I trust that she has the diplomatic skills and the necessary experience that she needs to carry out her task.

        1. What diplomacy?

          Even just now, she is polarizing the filipino people by fostering “kampi-kampi”. To her, her supporters are ok, but those who did not support her are outside the “kulambo”.

          Instead of pushing COMELEC to come out clean, she would rather claim empty victory.

          Now tell me again, what qualities she has to be VP?

    1. A blessing to her kingmakers, because she seems to be a “clean” puppet for them. “Clean” to the public, while their willing puppet.

  5. as the outgoing former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper put it:

    “the people are always right.”

        1. Walla Walla Bing Bang,

          Here’s my solid evidence. A corrupt culture that produces corrupt, aristocratic, and self-serving people. Need anymore evidence than that?


        2. @Walla Walla Bing Bang

          You need to read the article again since you are asking for solid evidence of cheating. Here’s the important part:

          “I just can’t help but feel disgusted at the way LP supporters dismiss reports about 90,000 people from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao who were not able to vote and failed to exercise their right to suffrage. According to a news report, “a former governor of Basilan on Thursday said 90 percent of the official ballots in the province were pre-shaded in favor of candidates Manuel Roxas II and his running mate Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”

          Don’t be in denial. Here’s the source:

          ‘Ballots pre-shaded to favor LP tandem’

      1. Thomas,

        Fliptards can make the straight crooked and the crooked straight to validate their “Pinoy Pride” delusions. There is nothing valid in the Failippines except the arrogance and selfishness of the people.


    1. @Walter P. Komarnicki

      That’s only true if the people actually had the chance to choose their leader. There are reports that in some places, COMELEC should have already declared failure of elections due to various reasons like machines not working and voters not allowed to vote at all.

      We’re talking about the Philippines where electoral fraud is a tradition, not Canada.

  6. I beg to differ. Most Leni supporters I’ve encountered recognize her flaws as much as her strengths, and are open to debate. On the other hand, most BBM supporters I’ve encountered cuss like hell and are intolerant of other people’s opinions.

    1. Well, you haven’t encountered the Leni supporters I have encountered. They do not tolerate differing views. They are worse than people they despise like the Détente supporters. You do not have the moral high ground to say you guys are more decent until you acknowledge the claims of fraud from places like ARMM. You should be empathising with your compatriots who fall victim to criminal syndicates every election.

      1. I’m agreeing with Ilda on this one. These Leni supporters, most of them are close minded and willing to sue you for your differing opinions. I can say the same for the Marcos leghumpers too. That’s why I never voter for Leni or Bongbong – wala eh, they only encourage divisiveness. We don’t need leaders who are only there to divide the country while they get to live comfortably.

      2. I guess we’ve encountered very different kinds of supporters. Haha, I’d like to apologize in behalf of the rude Leni supporters you’ve encountered.

  7. It can either be a curse or a blessing, depends how Leni will react to DU30’s leadership.

    Supporters from both sides can say all they want, but at the end of everything, and to be fair as well, Leni has the last say if she’s a blessing or not.

    1. We in the GRP will judge her performance. If she performs well; it will be okay. If not; she will be roasted in this site…we will be watching and watching vigilantly !

      All those Politicians elected , will be watched !

      We demand excellence in their services. If they are lacking, we will expose them !

        1. the smiley emoticon here do not seem to bring out the emotion intended, haha

          (sorry, spam)

    2. How Leni will react to Du30’s leadership? What are you talking about? She’s just the vice president. She has no constitutional roles apart from standing by in case the President is incapacitated or killed. But if I were the Predident, I’d work her to the bones so that she’d spend less time plotting with her LP mates.

  8. I certainly agree with this. Ilda, you’re also disgusted as I am. Not to mention that Basilan is my late father’s home province and about the pre-shaded crap was confirmed by none other than my relatives themselves. My cousin also confirmed it as well.

  9. Disgustng. I guess they thought of this as nothing but a paid site and thT you guys will just go away after the money dries up lol. I saw those callous guys attacking you on Twitter.

    They must somehow believe that you are being paid for wity Marcos Sr.’s loot. Well, little do they know that some of that loot has already made its way into the hands of the LP and was used to fund Leni’s campaign.

    1. That’s what the rabid Yellow supporters indeed will say. They will deny the yellow kingmakers have access to the Marcos loot. Even anti-Marcos activists may say only Marcos has access to the loot. But they neglect to mention the spending figures of each candidate.

  10. It will be a curse most likely. She got manipulated by LP, she can get manipulated again by PDP-Laban, I’m sorry to say this but she’s submissive to an unhealthy level. Definitely not a good role model for anyone who wants to get into politics.

  11. Nice ad hominem attack, son. Just accept the fact that you’re just a TROLL and just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

    Only a matter of time when this comment of your gets DELETED. 🙂

  12. What we feared would happen has happened. Because:

    1. Despite the propaganda, three critical features were once again ignored by the COMELEC. These are: the digital signatures of the Board of Election Inspectors (that tell us that the results transmitted to Central HQ indeed come from the claimed precinct), the use of UV lamps (that determine the authenticity of the ballots fed into the machines), and voter verification (that tells you whether your vote was indeed counted. Voters with biometrics have not been able to vote while those without have been able).

    2. Opposition did not insist on parallel servers (minimum should have been three). The transparency server was not in parallel as it was being fed by the one of Comelec. Transparency is therefore a big misnomer in this case.

    I am beginning to think that the case of the enye was one big diversionary tactic. It made the public focused on that one miserable server in order to take away their attention from what was going on at the provincial and municipal levels. It was a well laid plan and speed had to be its ally. And now, Comelec is so proud they conducted the fastest election EVER in the planet’s history. Congratulations, guys, you can rot in hell from hereon.

    First congratulation goes to Tita de Villa for giving the impression that PPCRV remains a Church based organization to give it some credibility. I used to admire you, Mam, but why have you not been opened to the public that the Church has already dissociated itself from your organization? Since 2013, wasn’t it? At the continuous urging of Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB) since 2010, the Church finally separated itself from you. Why can’t you not acknowledge this? Is it because SLB is a rival organization who think better, that you even plagiarized their election manual and made questionable modifications to it? For sure, SLB thinks independently and better, and you have become the most avid defender of Comelec and SmartmaGic? You should have abstained at the very least because you are a member of a #NeverAgain movement.

    Congratulations are also in order for all the Comelec commissioners, particularly Chairman Bautista. Sir, you were once a campaign manager for Roxas and recently the Chairman of PCGG, whose very job description is to go against the Marcoses. But, of course, you were the perfect choice to be the Comelec Chairman, whose very unwritten job description is to stop BBM; afterall, PNoy is known for his selective justice.

    It was good that the prevailing sentiment was to get rid of the Yellow hegemony, and this is reflected in the runaway votes of DU30. In terms of absolute numbers, his votes were bigger than PNoy’s but that only reflects a population growth. We cannot call it a landslide because in terms of percentage, DU30’s votes were still lower than that of Erap and PNoy. Fortunately, they were enough; they were impervious to the counts of the Virtual Counting Machines.

    If the votes truly reflected the legit Visual Counting Machines, I have a feeling the margin of DU30 would have reached 10 million votes, and not just 6 or 7 million votes. It seems their plan is only good for 3 million votes without being too blatant about their sinister plot. Or, seeing that 3 million would not help in overcoming a six million margin, they just gave up and Hello Garcia had to adjust the enye so that it would likely only hit BBM, and not DU30 — a perfect cover that gives the election some kind of legitimacy. But let us see, Roxas in the second place, defying all polls that said this was supposed to be a contest between DU30 and Poe??? My gosh, the plan almost worked.

    Unfortunately, it worked on BBM. 3.2 million under-votes? And they are fighting with everything so that these votes would not be called “missing” or “unaccounted” votes. But, how could they say they are not when such are the basis of Mar’s protest against Binay in 2010. It is a technique that was invented by the talentado minds of the Samar Group of Malacañang. They didn’t bother to use it on the Overseas Absentee Voting, and look at the ratios of votes of DU30 and BBM against all the other candidates in all those countries. Could the sentiments of the OFWs be different from sentiments of Filipinos who have decided to stay home and in fact are more subjected to the yellow aggravation day-in and day-out?

    With all the cards in the system stacked up against BBM, I will understand if he does not pursue a protest. He will have to spend a minimum of Php280 million for this protest and the ROIs are very iffy to say the least. There are 25 ways to Sunday; there are many ways to protest, afterall. Whatever, Sir Bonget, please think that this is no longer about you. It is about clean and honest elections. We know you didn’t lose, they just stole from you. So even if you will need to spend a billion, please pursue some kind of a protest. The Yellows have done more harm to the country than all the ML years.

    In the meantime, I hope Leni delivers something for the people. Most Congressmen who have worked with both Leni and BBM say that Leni is an amateur compared to the professionalism and management capability of BBM, so I don’t know what she will deliver. But, Madam, you have to deliver something for you had the most expensive campaign using DAP. That’s our money, Mam. Delivering something does not mean being atat na atat of the position for that is all what you are now from somebody who was reluctant at first. Aahh, what transformation Trapos can do. PNoy has now devastated whatever legacy his parents had. Don’t do that to your husband for people have a way of getting back as shown by the repudiation of Daan Matuwid in this 2016 referendum, and not just karma.

    1. President Duterte shall have to make a long and lasting legacy by cleaning the Commission on Election thru creating a commission independent from his office to study the anatomy of cheating because what is disgusting and painful is we are having leaders living in the comforts of luxurious and extravagant mansions who spend our taxes that we did not vote. This is a typical betrayal of public trust and is immoral.

      The voice of the people through the sanctity of the ballot shall be respected because this is supreme in the eyes of God.

      Lets us start a good governance with the leaders we truly elected.

  13. Ang nakakatawa pa idinidikit nila na divine intervention ang pagkapanalo ni Leni at malakas daw sa Itaas si Jesse and I say WTF! Wala pang taong nakakarating sa langit maliban kay Enoc at Jesus Christ yun eh kung ibang biblia ang gamit nila or talagang hindi lang nila alam pinagsasabi nila. Idamay ba ang Diyos sa malawakang dayaang nangyari at dumi ng Eleksyon sa Pilipinas. Hindi na nahiya. And kung divine intervention nga I asked them to quote at least one verse in the Bible saying she is the right one to be VP otherwise DI is just a pigment of their imagination just what Cory’s people did before. For me it’s not DI it’s all about LP Machinery using people’s money 🙂

  14. No doubt that also means seeing and hearing more from her obnoxious daughters. The Robredo’s treat politics as some sort of juvenile entertainment.

    Jesse robredo will be swimming in his grave at the duplicity.

    Leni robredo will find she is out of her depth, and will no doubt be praying for another plane crash.

    Duterte will put the black widow in her place – cleaning the offices and ribbon cutting!

    Winning by cheating is ultimately losing in the worst possible way.
    Karma has yet to pay her a visit.

  15. Your post brings to mind the vile raissa robles who only spouts bile, and the brown noser joeam who is a typical naive american with acute myopia, and most probably only recently off the boat. Both lack not only intellect, but integrity, and objectivity. They have both been firmly put in their place, and the half dozen old farts who avidly follow them.

  16. It’s not just a curse but a very an undignified way to win. I for one strongly believe that if leni is really a decent righteous person as she perceived she was, she could have stand with Bongbong Marcos for calling Comelec to investigate and look into all the evidences of fraud. A very wise move she could have done to prove that her votes are legit but instead she’s into hurry to claim victory and be proclaimed. A very obvious and evident action of hers that proved something foul and hedious has been orchestrated by LP.

  17. She’s an unknown LP candidate (yes, many were asking who she is and I was one of them) who didn’t care about the election discrepansies that took place during the election period and tallies. She’s not listening to the people crying for a clean election. How can she be a blessing to the counrty? She just doesn’t care at all.

  18. Nakakalungkot bakit mismo ang congress wala man lamang aksyon in regards with all the questionable numbers? Bagkus nagmamadali pa si Pimentel sa pagbilang at pagproklama?sobrang paglapastangan naman sa mga botanteng Pilipino.Ung mga Venezuelan national ng smartic mocking behind our back..Laughing out Loud..and made Idiots the people of the they manipulated everything right under our very nose..

  19. nobody can beat the yellow army on keyboards. there’s only one way to beat them, people power and distribute hacienda luisita to the farmers. it’s cursing the whole nation.

  20. Fly-by-night website, a fly-by-night column and columnist. You are the one dividing the nation by writing something like this, don’t you think? File a complaint before competent aurhorities. Election is over. Support the winners. We don’t question Duterte’s moral fitness to become president right? Because we should stop complaining and start supporting the incoming administration. That includes the elected VP. Bring your bitterness somewhere.

    1. Either you’re missing the point or you’re just TROLLING. Of course, it’s the latter.

      Set your priorities for once, Juan TANGA.

    2. Juan Tamad,

      Who are the honest and competent authorities to file a complaint to in your “fucked up” Failippines?


    3. Uhmm, Mr. Dumbass no one can file a formal and legal complain against her, except BBM and the other contenders and that complain will only cover the part where a candidates vote was reduced where the deducted votes go will not even be tackled. Another way is for someone in congress to make an inquiry and then sponsor a complain that will ultimately kick her out of office. Now stop reading a fly by night column Mr. Dumbass

    4. Juan Tamad, tamad ka na nga, TANGA ka pa? Fly-by-night website? I’ve been following GRP for years, you idiot!

  21. 3.9 million undervotes!?!?! Wow – It must be really hard to sell this kind of baloney.

    It’s difficult to not conclude BBM wasn’t cheated, when all the logic and basic common sense arguments are in BBM’s favor – like in this article:

    “Garcia said it was impossible for some 14,000 Ilocanos in Ilocos Norte not to vote for vice president when their fellow Ilocano, Marcos, was among the candidates.”

    And with such a colorful array of VP contenders, who in his/her right mind would go to all the trouble of wasting half a day to go to the precinct just to NOT vote (abstain) for the 2nd most powerful official of the land? – esp. in Ilocos.

    These people must take us completely for a fool to buy this. Hopefully BBM won’t be singing “Let it go…”

    1. Isn’t that what happens between arroyo and Poe? It makes me sad and angry that the Philippines hasn’t learned their lesson from the last 2 elections.

      1. Warita,

        The only lesson the Fliptards learned in the last two (2) elections is not to trust their government and each other.


  22. Leni Robredo is neither a curse nor a blessing. Leni Robred is yet another politician getting elected due to her proximity to a dead person revered for all the wrong reason’s and not remembered for the one thing he may not have been.
    Put simply Leni Robredo is a political opportunist with neither the talent of the intelligence to direct traffic nevermind being Vice-President of a country.

    Filipino’s actually do not even understand how fucked they really are, if they did? There would be riots in the streets of Manila and Manila’s streets would be littered with dead Senators, SC Justices and Congressmen.

  23. A lot of questions arise because of this new INC whistle-blower revelation:

    Votes shaved went to Roxas Robredo

    1. Who will do the investigating? (COMELEC itself is involved)
    2. What will happen to the overall election results (like the LP Senators who won)?
    3. Who is the mastermind of this vote-shaving?
    4. What punishment awaits the guilty?
    5. Will this be enough to send PNoy to prison?

    This is like crowning a beauty queen only to take it back from her – this will be so embarrassing for Leni. Good thing Du30 did not give her any position yet.

    If this further explodes – we might have a crisis. Du30 might declare a failed elections and do a Cory – form a new government from scratch.

  24. Question, what do the people do now? Do you ban together and unite like the USA did when fraud was discovered in our presidential election and the president ( Bush versus Gore) actually lost? Do you keep fighting each other keeping this country from getting stronger and united? Do you make sure this does not happen in the future? These are the questions everyone should be asking themselves and others when this subject is brought up. Maybe better yet; stop talking about this subject so the country can move forward united.

  25. Leni choose to be cursed the fact not everyone knows her… This is her way to gain popularity in cheating and be a puppet. 3 or 4 more weeks to go for HALLUCINATING Leni. in short a mother of 3 daughter with “NO DELICADEZA” how come she could serve the Country if she only focused on one side and ignoring the other side??? oh well she’s good at it.

  26. Thru the SMARTMATIC HOCUS PCOS machine. It is easy to cheat. Anybody can insert an Executable File, during the transmission of votes. And, the machine will put the votes for that particular candidate, to a favored candidate…

    This is what I believe happened, when someone inserted an unknown computer disc during the transmission of votes.

    It was manifested in the Statistics, shown during the counting of votes.

    Aquino wants Leni Robredo to win, because, he wanted to influence the political process of the Philippines. There are a lot on stake for him: his Hacienda Luisita; his corruption during his term; his negligence when he was President; his ties with the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug crime syndicate; his Shabu protection tong racket; the name Aquino will be removed from the international airport; the faces of his parents will be removed from our currency; etc…

    1. These are supposed to be done, but sadly none of these have taken place so far, except for the cases filed against him for corruption. But still has not progressed, at least yet.

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