Leni Robredo is the final bastion of Filipinos’ now-obsolete Martial Law Crybaby Syndrome


If I were in the shoes of all those cheering on Leni Robredo’s epic battle against Bongbong Marcos for the vice presidency of the Philippines, I’d be a bit more circumspect. Propelling Leni Robredo’s run is the awesome machinery of the Liberal Party which, if one might need remind all, remains in power and enjoys access to a vast trove of public resources. Marcos, on the other hand, is running the race as an independent with no party brand behind him, no election winning machinery, and enjoys no institutionalised kennel of attack dogs.

Yet the best Robredo-the-Goliath could muster against Marcos-the-David is a “statistical tie”.

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Really? After all that money spent on private jets, government choppers, and TV ads?

Indeed, despite all the odds stacked up in favour of Robredo Inc, Marcos puts up a good fight. The Vice Presidential race between Marcos and Robredo was like a tug-of-war between a man and a bulldozer — with a tied outcome. In such a contest yielding such an outcome, you’d sell the bulldozer for scrap!

Why does Robredo enjoy the noisiest clique of supporters on social media? Because she is also the easy candidate to support: prayerful, widowed, and “humble” (in the way Filipinos define the term), she is a safe topic for conversation in polite circles sipping lattes at the local Starbucks. Her persona fits hand-in-glove into that holy-mother-of-god space in the Martial-Law-is-Evil narrative that decades of rote indoctrination in polite “Catholic” schools have drilled into an entire generation of “men-for-others” by Padre Damaso.

But, hold on, analysts have pointed out that the reason Bongbong Marcos’s numbers surged to a seemingly powerful million-vote lead in the first several hours of “unofficial counts” following the closure of the voting last Monday was because it was precincts in the Philippines’ relatively tonier and better-educated urban centres that had managed to transmit the results first. Indeed, this is consistent with what the polls have been saying — that young, educated, upwardly-mobile Filipinos constitute the bulk of Marcos’s support base. Robredo, on the other hand, is not strong with The Force, but with the dirty smelly “victims” of Aquinomics’s exclusive “GDP growth” — the hungry rural bottom-dwellers in places like, say, Kidapawan or, Camarines Sur. How ironic.

Perhaps then I might need to re-evaluate the composition of my Facebook timeline. If I were to judge Marcos’s personal brand using my Facebook timeline alone, I’d be convinced by now that he is evil personified — a vile crook that is deserving of the demonisation he’s been copping and, if one meets him at a party, the wine one would pour over his head.

But statistics are usually counter-intuitive. Numbers don’t necessarily support our emotional impulses and comfy private-school-ingrained convictions. People who are pathologically afraid of flying are convinced that flying is dangerous despite hard mathematical evidence just a Google search away proving that, passenger-mile-for-passenger-mile, air travel is the safest means to get from A to B.

It is possible then that there is something pathological about the way certain quarters of Philippine society continue to tremble in fear of the remote possibility that the Philippines will suffer a return to the “dark ages” of “the Martial Law Years”. Some idiots are even suggesting that a course on Martial Law Crybabyism 101 be made mandatory in the nation’s learning institutions!

Note how I use the term “certain quarters” to describe the community of bozos who we can classify as Martial Law Crybabies. The mathematics show that the most educated, well-fed, and well-bred members of Philippine society have managed to shed that tired old relic of 1980’s political emotionalism. The Eureka! moment for me is that Martial Law Crybabyism is no longer the mainstream school of thought it used to be.

Time to face the future like men and stop squirming all over the floor bawling like little girlies.

105 Replies to “Leni Robredo is the final bastion of Filipinos’ now-obsolete Martial Law Crybaby Syndrome”

  1. How far up BBM’s posterior are you?

    “Marcos, on the other hand, is running the race as an independent with no party brand behind him, no election winning machinery, and enjoys no institutionalised kennel of attack dogs.”

    You reallllllly have to stretch the truth to portray BongBong as some sort of underdog with no resources. Then again, reciting facts has never been the strong point for propagandists and truth assassins such as yourself (and Joseph Goebbels).

    You drone on and on about “Martial Law Crybabies”, oblivious that the slightest criticism of FM in the media sends you into a frenzy typing up yet another empty 500-word diatribe about “Yellowtards” and “EMOs”. Who is the one *really* crying here? 🙂

    You tap-dance between elitism and populism every day – not randomly, but seemingly beholden to whatever position more advantageous to your apologetic Loyalist agenda.

    Benign0, there is a ghost of a tin-medal dictator tapping on your shoulder when you type away; I’d suggest finding an exorcist so that you may move on with your intellectual and political development.

    1. We should learn to accept that in a real and mature democracy, people have as much right to love Marcos as to abhor him. Otherwise, we would fall into the trap, not of revisionism, but of historical authoritarianism by a noisy few. That ‘freedom fighters’ dictate what our collective narrative should be is the height of irony and hypocrisy. That a dwindling band of activists shouting “Never forget! Never again!” while bullying people for what they truthfully remember is plain and simple bigotry.

      1. Whose rights are being threatened here? Wait, don’t answer that – you already know the answer: No one’s. There are no threats of state censorship coming from this keyboard.

        In a modern democracy people are free to express their thoughts- be it that Marcos was great, the sun sets in the east, that the moon landings were faked… That freedom also extends to people brave enough to criticize.

        You are free to equivocate criticism with censorship – and you are also free to expose yourself as a hypocrite by using that logical fallacy.

        1. So there’s no problem then but there are still those who feel agitated whenever Marcos is given the benefit of the doubt. Insisting that you can only speak ill about the Marcoses, no questions whatsoever. Any praise or positives about Marcos and they’ll label you clueless, ignorant, pro-Marcos or somehow “guilty of something.”

  2. I can’t believe that you, Benign0, would stoop so low to deny the evils that occurred during the Marcos Martial Law Dictatorship. People are not stupid. We know that you are engaging in revisionist history that fits your agenda.

    But you made a fatal miscalculation. The Filipino people, awakened by the People Power Revolution, will no longer tolerate a dictatorship because they know that the will of the people is more powerful than a well armed military.

    So go ahead and make a fool out of yourself by supporting a crazy mayor from the backward city of Davao and the son of Ferdinand Marcos. All the while you continue to disparage the Noynoy Aquino, the son of our great National Heroes Ninoy and Cory who were instrumental in freeing us from the Marcos Tyranny.

    Enjoy your blunder, benign0.

    1. It is sad when self-aggrandizing freedom fighters cry foul whenever anything good is said about Ferdinand E. Marcos. To them, he is pure evil and that the youth must be constantly reminded about alleged misdeeds during his presidency.

      These ‘freedom fighters’ consider Filipinos who recount positive personal experiences during the Marcos era as ignorant or stupid. Meanwhile, writers whose accounts of history diverge from what anti-Marcos folks believe to be Gospel truth are branded as revisionists and propagandists.

      In the end, the people’s account of history—not the vilification by textbooks, the Inquirer, or ABS-CBN—will judge Marcos and define his place in our memory. As I see now, the verdict is getting kinder. And it is not because the people are ignorant or that they have a short-term memory or that historical revisionists are succeeding. It is simply that decades after the first EDSA, a growing number of Filipinos realize that they have been fooled, swindled, and betrayed, and not by Marcos.

    2. Who’s denying the evils that occurred under Marcos here?

      Also, correections:

      “The Filipino people, awakened by the People Power Revolution” (which consisted of 2% of the population at that time)

      “the will of the people” (you mean, hakot crowds, unknowing Manilenos, communist agitators and zealous nuns under Cardinal Sin’s orders?)

      “more powerful than a well-armed military” (who were under Marcos’ orders not to fire a single shot.)

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWjhY1TsDCc Try watching this sometime.

      1. 2% in the Philippines in 1986 is 1.1 Million people. Are you saying 1.1 Million people in a country made of 7000 islands is insignificant?

        regarding: “more powerful than a well-armed military” (who were under Marcos’ orders not to fire a single shot.)

        So what it’s the same military that used violence previously

        1. 1. 2-3 million people from Luzon only, that is. Did you watch the video? Yes, they were significant in replacing an oligarchy with another.

          2. ‘previously’? Is it really relevant to the events of the People Power itself?

          We’re talking about EDSA itself, you know

        2. @borticus

          No I did not I did see a similar one saying the it was the population of the country.

          But let’s say it is Luzon only which had a population of 30 Million by 1990 so let’s say 1986 the population was a bit less.

          That’s still 500,000 to 600,000 people. Which is around 1% of the population of the country. Tiananmen Square Protest had 1M protestors with a country of a population of 1.119B at the time.

          Do you honestly believe a number that massive were there so only oligarchs can benefit. Not everyone was seeing it like that, they saw the atrocities, the corruption, and the economy tank over the years.

          As for #2 yes. Marcos might have told them not to fire a single shot but you are telling me, knowing what the military did during martial law, that the possibility of things going violent didn’t cross the people’s minds?

    3. I can’t believe that you, point-misser, would stoop even lower to deny evils that is, the stupidity and the incompetence of the 30 years after 1986. Of course, your post is total crap because that is what Aquino apologists have: all empty words and platitudes.

      Enjoy your hypocrisy, faggot.

  3. If you have such an awesome view of Martial Law, try to defend these verifiable facts:

    Marcos increased national debt, from millions to billions of DOLLARS.

    So how come:
    More Filipinos got POORER: population under poverty line increased from 24 to 40%.
    Economy the most atrocious in history: Every $1 from P2 to P26.
    Where did the money go?

    At the same time, where did the Marcoses get the money to suddenly accumulate international bank accounts and US properties in mere couple of years after the start of Martial Law? US courts ORDERED them to return their wealth, and because they DIDN’T, they CANNOT enter the US.

    Also not sure if you’re conveniently or wilfully ignoring all the numbers of reported tortures, deaths, and disappearances under Martial Law, which are also and obviously the worst compared to any other administration.

    And please, don’t you reply with the same “historical authoritarianism”, “bullying”, or “vilification” BS. Answer FACTS with FACTS.

    1. Are you talking about Fedinand Marcos the former President? Or are you talking about Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos the vice presidential candidate?

      1. We are talking about BongBong Marcos the same guy that said the late Ferdinand Marcos was the “best president the Philippines ever had”, the same guy that wants to bury his father in the heroes cemetery, the same guy who decided to build a museum and monument preserving the legacy of his father in Ilocos, the same guy the wept in a martial law documentary saying “he [Ferdinand Marcos] was never given the chance”.

        All this for a person whose reign as the country’s leader led to innocent people being tortured or killed and who stole billions of dollars through corruption and tanked the country’s Economy.

        What does this say about a person’s values and moral principles when he or she continuously defends, sings praises, and advocates a man like that.

        If a person running in Germany said Hitler was the best leader the country had do you think he would even be close to winning any election?

        1. There’s somthing wrong with the analogy on your question.

          If a person running in Germany said Hitler was the best leader the country had do you think he would even be close to winning any election?

          The case now is that the son of ferdinand marcos is running and NOT ferdinan marcos himself. To correct your question and my answer to that,
          If it was said that hitler was the best leader of germany, then his son decided to run for presidency will he be close to winning it?
          My answer here would be: yes, his son will stood a chance.

        2. @Ry if Hitler’s kin was a Nazi sympathizer then he wouldn’t stand a chance in Germany. The Nazi Party today in Germany only gets 1% of the total vote and 0 total seats in the Parliament since 1965. Germans carry the memories of Hitler/The Nazi’s/The Holocaust as something they are embarrassed and ashamed of.

          But we are not just talking about BongBong son of the late president. Were talking about BongBong who is an apologist of his father’s regime and Martial Law. The Bonbbong that defends his father’s presidency to the point he thinks his father is the greatest president of all time.

      2. Hell why not both? My topic was clearly about Ferdinand Marcos SENIOR, but alright let’s talk about Bongbong Marcos as well.

        At the age of 26, he was assigned by his dad as the chairman of Philcomsat with a ludicrous salary.

        Several of those international bank accounts and US properties are still under HIS name. Of the small parcel of assets that were due to be returned to the victims, he personally blocked it using his political powers.

        The worst most of all is his complete denial of all the atrocities during Martial Law and his claim that he would have done the same acts his father did. His flip-flopping excuses from “there were no such atrocities” to “they were Communists” makes his words all the more unbelievable.

        1. Need I still spell it out for you?


          You still haven’t answered the other questions by the way, probably in your attempt to keep switching topics.

        2. Accessory in what way? Cite specific offenses please. Which specific law Sidnee break. What was the exact nature of the offense?

        3. Why isn’t BBM in jail for committing such a crime? If you can prove he got convicted in court and sentenced to be imprisoned like Erap, maybe somebody will believe you.

      1. BEST. REPLY. EVER. If I was an Aquino follower. However, I do hate his admin, so better luck next time!

        1. Elijah,

          You hate the Marcoses; you don’t like the Aquino administration; so, who you gonna call? GhostBusters!


        2. @Aeta

          So what now you have to pick a side? Martial Law isn’t a political issue it’s a human issue. The Marcos and Aquino families may cease to exist in 100 years but issues about morality will still be there.

        3. Shooters,

          I will pick any issues that will make our arrogant and self-serving people start thinking and living as one nation–whether it’s Federalism or Martial Law. Fuck the moral issue ground you’re arguing for. Even under the best Failipino version of Democracy of our corrupt government, moral issues and human rights are still being violated.


      2. What if maybe …. just maybe and I mean maybe. There are people that hate Ferdinand Marcos and Martial law but also do not like or, at least, aren’t supporters of the Aquino as well.

        You know it’s possible heck even probable.

        1. Well I’m sorry if I accused you of being an idiot aquino follower. However your rabid anti-marcos whining makes you look like a drama queen who can’t think properly. You accuse bbm evil because his father is an evil dictator who took away your freedom you say? Does this person also count as evil then only because he has the surname “marcos” even though we don’t know exactly who he is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%A9lson_Marcos

        2. Shooters,

          Would you bet your own future on possibility and probability—without trying to influence the outcome if you could help it? I don’t think so. It’s the same with what’s going in the Failippines. We all have to overhaul our dysfunctional moral compasses. Leave it to chance, and everything goes to shit.


    2. “Answer FACTS with FACTS.”

      Fact 1: You are ugly. Question: Explain why you are ugly? (Remember, answer facts with facts!)

      Answer: First fact, I am not ugly. Second fact: You are cross-eyed.

    1. Too generalist. This is the same thinking that creates greater conflicts. Similar to aetheist are evil people while religious people are saints.

      1. And Flying Spaghetti Monsters are crazy classical physicists! Speaking for myself..

        Therefore Quantum physicists are even crazier because they build machines that accelerate particles in the quest to find the “god particle” named after a mortal named Higgs to incredible speeds using vast amounts of energy, smash them together, and look for the remains of what constitutes them that exist only for a tiny fraction of time then end up adding yet another discovered quark from what initially started as four, to six then thirteen, twenty two, at the last count, fifty eight. Find out that a weasel chewed a power cable, (go mammals! they know something the reptiles don’t, huh?) Then fail to realize it is because that every single possible outcome must be realized like multiverses but hoping they find one that is repeatable to enable an algorythm to be created. Science depends on conducting experiments that are replicable for it to be, as that is the foundation. They studied hindu vedic scripture on the philosophy of physics and metaphysics and worship shiva using shakti brought to you by krishna. Go figure this… 😉

  4. Some people are only cheering for Leni because they don’t want the son of Macoy to win. And they don’t want BBM to win because he is the son of Macoy and the oldies told them many suffered from Martial Law and they ought to honor their sufferings by putting the blame to the son. So basically they want the present and future generation to risk their future to an unviable candidate so’s the old wound continue to pester.

    1. Some are cheering for her because people sees these 2 as the battle between cory aquino vs ferdinand marcos.

      Please people. They will never be the same. Even look on their academic background. Open your eyes. This is no longer the martial law era. This is 21st century. And this time is different from 20 to 30 years ago.

    1. And yet Bongbong Marcos said he would have done the same things his father did and denies any wrongdoing on his part.

      If you don’t see what’s wrong with something, you’re never going to fix it.

      Also those assets lying around to be returned to victims, he’s still blocking. So what’s that?

      1. You’re taking BBM’s words out of context. BBM said he would declare Martial Law if the Philippines were in the same situation 30 years ago where there was chaos and communist threats everywhere. But he hopes he will not rlhave resort to such. He also said he would bring back he’s father’s old plans and policies. He meant the proper urban planning, power source, etc. Not the awful things that his father’s subordinates did.

        1. There was one thing and one thing only that started Martial Law, and that was the fake ambush on Enrile, and even then, he had 20 years and he still couldn’t purge the Communists? Common sense missing here…

          Power source like that nuclear power plant, discovered by international bodies to have been made with defective materials and on a FAULT LINE?

          Those old plans and policies led to severe poverty and horrendous economy. I’ll state again: from 24% to 40% of the population fell under poverty line, and the peso to dollar went from P2 to P26.

          You argue “it’s all the subordinate(s)’ fault”? Given the “subordinates” and all of the above, Marcos has at least proven that he is an incompetent leader and a power-hungry one at that.

        2. “Power source like that nuclear power plant, discovered by international bodies to have been made with defective materials and on a FAULT LINE? ”

          This is a blatant lie! Either you don’t know shit or you lie on purpose.

          The atomic energy commission from Vienna was here and the Bataan Nuclear plant passed with flying colors. The reason why it cost so much was, because it could withstand an earthquake of 8 on the Richter scale which was unheard of at that time (and not because the money was stolen).

          The Cory Government spent 10 Million US Dollars going after Disini to prove wrong doing and lost in the Swiss and the US courts. No wrong doing could be found.

      2. But how sure are you if BBM will declare martial law when:
        1. He’s only a vice president
        2. There’s a huge process to declare martial law thanks to the 1987 Constitution that BBM cannot break it because he’s an obvious law-abiding person

        And again with those assets you yellowturds always bitching. Where is your evidence then drama queen? From what your yellow journalism feeds you? Prove it to the court you vindictive dimwit!

  5. Santiago didn’t advised Marcos to “protect” his votes in Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur. Votes there goes to the highest bidder. Santiago was cheated there by FVR. FPJ was cheated there by GMA. Pimentel Jr. was cheated there by Enrile. Pimentel III was cheated there by Zubiri.

  6. This romantic revisionist view of the Marcos era, that it was actually a good thing, has exposed the Get Real folks as fake intellectuals.

    Enjoy your blunder.

    1. Apparently any answer that gives the Marcoses the benefit of the doubt will always be “wrong” in the eyes of these dedicated anti-Marcos groups.

    2. Your trolling antics are nothing but a bad thing. Thankfully, I even exposed the fact that Aquino apologists are not only fake intellectuals but crybabies that act like 5-year olds.

      Enjoy your hypocrisy, faggot. 🙂

    3. Says the guy who is an actual murderer who glorifies the Mendiola Massacre as some sort of ‘cleansing of filth’ where supposedly ‘Marcos loyalists’ were killed yet they were actually innocent farmers.

      Of course you won’t reply back since you’re an actual Yellow Zombie. Sige shabu pa. 🙂

    4. Nah YOU enjoy not only your blunder but also being a big fat joke. You’re implying that yellow journalism is always gospel truths even if they are fabricated. Kawawa ka naman at wala ka nang trabaho sa huling araw ng Hunyo mula sa kaka-atake mo sa site na ito sa utos ng panot mong panggulo.

      1. Also bakit kaya masyado ka sa kaka-reply mo ng mga last liner mo na “enjoy your blunder” at parang generic iyang pangalan mo? Ikaw ba iyan vincensus ignoramus?

  7. She leads by 222 Thousand votes at 95% votes in.

    It’s not yet over for Marcos.

    As of now there are still 2 Million votes that have not yet come in.

    1. This election is very exciting. I’m fine whoe either win as the vp. But i wish that who ever wins will give the best legacy so far for vp post before the end of his/her term.

    2. Yes, but the gap has kept widening ever since Leni got her lead. According to GMA, only 21% of the OAV votes are in, but Marcos has only received 57,000 votes so far, compared to Leni’s 26,000, so the total wouldn’t be enough to overtake her.

      I do believe the Liberals are cheating (Roxas is ahead of Poe by 750,000 even though he had always been behind in the polls, they’re trying to salvage their image in the history books), so it wouldn’t make sense for them to bother cheating at all if Marcos could win anyway. I think they’re dead set on making Leni VP.

  8. The problem is that the PPCRV, COMELEC or NAMFREL did not reveal as what region’s votes have yet to be tabulated. Even if they count the remaining “votes” they can easily say that they come from Leni Robredo’s Bicol bailiwicks. The Yellows will just say “tough luck” to us, but to us Filipinos who are denied of complete change from the oligarchic Aquino regime, it is obvious we are shortchanged. One thing I admire about this blog is that even those who oppose the writings of Benigno et al are published verbatim unlike the yellow media who “silenced” their detractors by not publishing comments that ran counter to what they are saying.

  9. Simply put, if people saw Martial Law as the only bad time of the country, and ignore the further bad times that happen today (with institutions being taken over by Yellow Emperor, DAP and all). We have Regulatory Capture, which started long before Martial Law and along with what Martial Law added (cronyism), made the Philippines the so-inconvenient place to live in today. People clamber for Leni just to ensure Bongbong won’t win, but it means they’ve fallen into the trap of the “lesser evil” – which is still evil.

    And, as my esteemed colleague Ilda says, “(The Marcoses) do what they do because the people allow them. Why didn’t anyone stop them from running for office when they first got back from the US? It’s too late to call their attention now on why they are even in politics.”

    1. did u watched the debate? ndi mo ba nakita kung panu nilampaso ni leni ung mga puro yabang na si bbm, cayetano at chiz without being rude or being to personal?

      1. I think you are grasping straws right here. She’s also playing the game just like Cayetano, Chiz, etc.

        Of course, what should I expect from a TROLL like yourself? 🙂

      2. Says the yellowturd who only voted robredo only because her husband died just like when he voted noybita only because his mother died.

  10. Martial law is seen as a great “evil” because it had kept Aquino and Co. from getting that chance to fall in line to rape the nation (napakaganda pa man din; sayang!)

    The rule of intellect and discipline during the Marcos era had been the guiding light for the country to move forward with a vision.

    But alas necro-magic captured the heart of an entire people one fateful day. Now that magician Cory with her blinding EDSA spell and the yellow son of a witch have had their turn, they should be pretty satisfied with their orgasm by now.

    Stop fooling around with these necropolitical drug lords people. Time to bring back the strongman, and with him the reign of intellect and discipline. Are you ready for the curfew children?

    1. How about the other factors that made Martial Law evil? Like people that actually died during that time?

      1. Like those who sided the communists regime? The problem with this one-sided Never Again Martial Law reporting is that those who died are just seen as victims. You have to also consider their actions that cause their death. It’s stupid to unleash a full military force just to cause a massacre of innocent people, isn’t it? Anywhere in the world where war happens, you expect a casualty but these casualties aren’t mere victims. They go to the war field for what they believe in and fight and die for what they believe in. Who is innocent when both forces back then want to behead or depower each other?

  11. This election cheating was well planned and they know BBM will protest and they will make him look like a crybaby.

    BBM should accept the defeat with the dirty game of yellow team and show them a sweet revenge in being a superior in other ways.

    Lets observe if he can be better than his father.

    1. I do not agree with your statement. This is wrong on so many levels. The yellows have to be exposed as the cheating bastards that they are. No giving up. GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS!

  12. Look,I sympathize with the victims of Martial Law and yes I am looking forward to them getting the justice they truly deserve,but I’m SERIOUSLY SICK of hearing “I’m a Martial Law victim so never again” as a candidate/vote selling point.

    Leni winning VP reeks of another People Power in the shadows. Leni is nothing but an LP token to unleash People Power for the nth time. Seriously? Do they even knew that we’re in the Martial Law with the previous administration, only it is colored differently?

    1. By “previous administration”, that is the incumbent Daang Matuwid. Daang Matuwid is so ugly, it’s history now for me.

    2. And guess what: instead of doing drastic measures to seek true justice, they will just resort doing blame games and play the victim card instead. That’s pathetic if you ask me.

      1. @DIO
        Yes, it’s just as pathetic like malacañang sending paid yellow trolls to spread their propaganda for the past six years.

        Until now, it seems that the malacañang trolls are still more hard working than their boss in malacañang although, they still suck at convincing anybody with their consistently recycled propaganda.

        Six years, you yellow trolls had six whole years to convince anybody here that your bald boss is competent yet his actions clearly contradicted your yellow propaganda.

  13. Leni Robredo is being used by Aquino and Roxas, to play the Role similar to that “pretending-to-be” prayerful widow Saint, like: Cory Aquino.

    We don’t need Saints in our political system. Saints belong to the Roman Catholic Church…not all Filipinos are Roman Catholics, or Christians. Some are INC, Protestants, Muslims, Atheist, Agnostics, or cannot decide what to believe.

    The YellowTards are playing the Fear Card of bygone days of Marcos Sr. Martial Law. Marcos Sr. has been dead, for more than 30 years. Dead people cannot do anything, anymore.

    YellowTards, why not live in the Present…and move on with your lives. You
    are all living in the past. These YellowTards are Masochists. They relish to be frightened by Marcos Martial Law! They are all Dimwits…

  14. If only the the inquisition victims can crawl out of their graves, then catholicsm won’t be as popular in PI now would it?

  15. Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.

  16. If you think the VP race is being cheated, then by that logic, the Presidential race should have also been cheated. I don’t know about you, but those results seem pretty solid. I didn’t vote for Duterte and even I am not crying foul over it.

    If anything, between Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos, BBM is WAY more likely to stab Du30 in the back just to get the presidential seat, given his family’s violent history.

    Quick review of just a FEW of Leni’s accomplishments during her relatively short time as a public servant (*8):
    – Human rights lawyer for SALIGAN
    – 37 House Measures Authored in 3 years (*16*)
    – Senior Vice Chair of the Committee on Revision of Laws
    – Vice Chair of the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability

    Now let’s do Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

    BBM was 26 years old in 1985. Most definitely not a clueless kid. During this time, he was appointed chairman of the board of the Philippine Commnications Satellite Corporation (Philcomsat). He received anywhere between $9,700 to $97,000 for this position. Yes, dollars. Adjusting for inflation, that’s $21,467.29 to $214,672.90. Converting that to present day PHP thats PHP1,009,413.44 to PHP 10,094,134.43. Has your mind been blown yet? Keep going.

    According to a United Press International reporter (*1), Junior here had no duties at Philcomsat and rarely even went to their office. Sarap ng buhay noh? Meanwhile, today we commute anywhere from 1 to 4 hours (or more) in big cities within NCR ALONE just to earn minimum wage (or less!). Mr. Marcos does not even know how much the minimum jeep fare is for Metro Manila (*15). APAT NA PISO? Yung totoo, fam? In addition, even if you DID earn more than minimum wage, the tax you pay SUCKS. Meanwhile here’s this guy earning PHP1,009,413 to PHP 10,094,134.43 FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    Furthermore, in 1986, Philippine government auditors discovered that Philcomsat was one of many corporations and organizations used to siphon ill-gotten wealth out of the country. That, plus all that rabid borrowing (*2 and *13) sunk the value of the peso. (*3 & *14) ‪#‎anuna‬

    “The past is past”, you say? KKLK. To add insult to injury, remember all that hard-earned money you pay and practically give away in taxes? Yeah, well instead of all of that going to things like ~i n f r a s t r u c t u r e~ (a point of pride for many martial law apologists), health benefits, and local government units to name a few, part of that money will still be used to pay off the foreign debt we incurred during the Marcos era aaaaall the way until 2025 (*4). YAS. 39. Whole. Years. ANG SAYA.

    As if that wasn’t enough, PRESENT day problems include Junior dipping his toes into the pork barrel scam (*5) and keeping a nice offshore stash as a proud member of the panama papers leak scandal (*6). Is that all? Well, survey says NOPE (*7). And he has the audacity to proclaim the Martial Law era as the Golden Age for our country. Despite the disappearances, despite the baseless arrests, despite the torture, despite the rape. (*9 and *10) GO PA RIN NG GO, BES.


    So in all seriousness, do you REALLY think the Human rights lawyer is the likely suspect in all this? The supposed “Plan B” could very well be Marcos’ “Plan A”. Between someone who took a private jet back to his hometown (*11) and someone who takes a 12 hour bus ride just to vote (*12), who do you think has more to lose by not staying in power?

    HANUBEH. Stress kayo sa kilay. And if you voted for him, thank you talaga po from the bottom of my bangs!

    A. Leni know’s what’s good, why don’t you: https://www.facebook.com/LeniRobredoPH/photos/a.288539781263697.66683.283945495056459/947362335381435/?type=3&theater

    B. Leni WILL SUPPORT Duterte 100%. It’s her DUTY as VP, WHY YOU HATIN’:

    “Leni to Facebook hater: I wish it was I who died in plane crash” http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/565835/news/nation/leni-to-facebook-hater-i-wish-it-was-i-who-died-in-plane-crash

    C. “But allthingspinoy/okd2/pinoytrendingnews/adobochronicles said –” NO! You stop right there and rethink that entire sentence, reassess your life. Take the Mayor’s advice and “STOP IT”. Sige, it took me a bit of time to make this post with these sources, BUT DID I DIE? (I might have, had I been alive during Martial Law FYI) So put that good mind to use, cite >>credible<< sources.

    D. SO WHAT CAN YOU AND I DO? Help re-educate people about this time in our history. Talk to them personally. Sign this petition to help rewrite Philippine History books to include the full story of the Martial Law era:

    E. SHARE THIS INFOGRAPHIC for additional information, and/or read it yourself:


    G. BONUS DC EXTRA CREDIT SCENE (pramis di to spoiler)
    Even BATMAN knows whats up. Parang awa niyo naman:

    ‪#‎LabanLeni‬ ‪#‎LeniIsTHEVP‬

    1 – http://www.upi.com/Archives/1986/03/17/Government-auditors-today-examined-documents-said-to-show-how/5918511419600/
    2 – https://www.facebook.com/CallMeConstitution/posts/1219498454727492
    3 – https://www.facebook.com/historywithlourd/videos/990790937650045/?hc_location=ufi
    4 – http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/37314/news/nation/taxpayers-to-shoulder-marcos-debt-until-2025-ibon
    5 – http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/605682/20-senators-100-congressmen-named-in-napoles-long-list
    6 – https://www.facebook.com/ayrie.ching/posts/10153505459046440?pnref=story
    7 – http://interaksyon.com/article/123669/dapat-ma-carmma–martial-law-victims-kick-off-drive-to-stop-return-of-marcoses-to-palace
    8 – https://lenirobredo.com/about-leni/
    9 – https://www.facebook.com/lakan.umali/media_set?set=a.1001577103260762.1073741832.100002254446232&type=3
    10- https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10206361979554932&id=1430812664
    11 – https://twitter.com/cnnphilippines/status/729257364579213312
    12 – http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/784004/robredo-takes-12-hour-public-bus-ride-to-cast-vote-in-hometown
    13 – https://youtu.be/wu5FpJrF3Dc?t=2m9s
    14 – https://youtu.be/wu5FpJrF3Dc?t=3m10s
    15 – https://youtu.be/SI_Y2B45OjM?t=2m26s
    16 – http://www.congress.gov.ph/members/search.php?id=robredo-m&pg=auth

    *16 has been corrected smile emoticon earlier note said she authored 110 bills, 24 as principle author based on: http://www.rappler.com/nation/politics/elections/2016/108017-leni-robredo-profile-2016 but I think the info on the house of congress website is better/more specific (though I'm not sure if its updated to reflect the right number).

    Original waste of time here: https://www.facebook.com/BisayaInspiringPhotos/photos/a.574705595925135.1073741828.574685619260466/1080590205336669/?type=3&permPage=1

    1. The product of a yellow propaganda.. good job!

      You arguments is wrong in so many level. There is no link between the ideas and hollow sources.

    2. Your links are absolutely useless, boring to read and are from noybita’s yellow journalism machine idiot aquino follower. Is that the best attack you can do yellow nazi zombie?

      1. You’re right. Every single thing you disagree with is biased while everything that you agree with is the truth.

        Bongbongtantes, unite! <3

        1. That’s because we’re not as stupid as you for just believing on what your beloved yellow journalism feeds you that you always treat them as your gospel truths idiot aquino follower.

      2. Me? Aquino follower? Eww no. 😛

        Marcos idiots and Aquino zombies fight each other and the rest of us just laugh. Keep it up. It’s so hilarious. 😀


        1. Hilarious? More like infuriating E bakit palagi nakalagay sa papel mo ay si Marcos?

          Gago. -_-

        2. @Luv U Bae

          Right, because everyone has a neutral POV is considered a Marcos loyalist. -_-

          If someone is butthurt here then it’s you and your lack of intelligence is showing it.

        3. Your usage of ‘HAHAHA’ and emoticons doesn’t really mean intelligence but more of a representation of squatter mentality. Pay at the netshop for one, Einstoned.

        4. Butthurt si Marcos loyalist of the year. HAHAHA <3

          Thanks for proving that your post reeks of autism, which is evident.


        5. @Luv U Bae:

          Butthurt si Marcos loyalist of the year. HAHAHA <3

          Social climber comment. No wonder why the Philippines is a basketcase because of attention whores like yourself. I’m disappointed.


        6. Oh, and the “feeling intellectuals” speak up and fed the troll. Lol.

          Marcos loyalists and Aquino idiots will always get butthurt when the idol they worship is attacked. Haha <3

          (Ok, but on a serious note though, it's ridiculous how most people are always one or the other. Good, a few of us are neutral, but most are one-sided. The Marcoses and Aquinos have had their share of power already, and both have used and misused it in their own ways. Even worse, this rivalry between these two families is also dividing the whole nation. It's really absurd to glorify either of the two factions.)

        7. So what are you doing here then? Did you read the article and then just comment that this site is pro-marcos when in fact it’s not? Pa-post ka pa ng ayaw mo ng marcos at aquino pero masyado ka namang focused kay marcos? Wag ka nang mag-deny inday.

    3. Advice: Please change your hashtag to:

      #LabanLP #LeniIsMyPUPPETVP

      in order to make yourself more relevant. As always, Yellowtards are hypocrites. Period. 🙂

      1. BBM was innocent of his father’s sins?

        1) At the age of 26, in 1985 BBM was appointed by his father as Chairman of the Board of PhilComSat, he hardly attended any meetings nor rendered hours of work but siphoned $9,700 – $97,000 in monthly salaries. The same goes for other corporations sequestered by Marcos during his dictatorship.


        2) He’s already an adult when EDSA Revolution erupted and was in military uniform ready to join the forces about to bombard thousands of innocent people at EDSA.

        3) He and his family denied thousands of human rights claimants of their due compensation as a matter of a US court decision for which Marcos family is compelled by law to settle. As a matter of fact, Marcos family cannot set foot on US soil as a result of this violation.

        4) Nearly half of their ill-gotten wealth ($10-billion) are still being recovered by the government. BBM even petitioned against it.

        All these and more are historical and verifiable facts. These are not hearsay. Giving BBM the chance to be near the seat of presidency will give him the chance to whitewash and get he and his family’s name clear of all their sins againt the people. Leaving thousands of their victims out in the cold.

        For these reasons we say:


        1. Once again your rebuttal is nothing but nonsense BS and it’s obvious that most of them are your beloved yellow journalism. So you are indeed implying that every single “marcos” in the world are evil then idiot aquino follower.

        2. Looks like we still have a straggler from the outgoing malacanang troll group and this recycled yellow piece of shit propaganda is all he can offer?

          predictable as usual

          Not even bothering to mention that his propaganda has already been destroyed since 13 million people voted for BBM equates to them being vindicated by history.

          If you still think that your propaganda is going to be effective, think again.

          Of course, your username is a perfect fit for you since Im just laughing out loud at your pitiful attempt to troll here.

        3. This reeks autism, unfortunately.

          1.) Seems you want an 1986 article to be relevant today. Is it what we call trying hard or something? Again, let the courts decide on the matter.

          2.) He’s 29 years old and garbed in military uniform yet your claim about bombing innocents at EDSA is a blatant lie. General Fabian Ver called Marcos the order to fire at EDSA. But as commander-in-chief, Marcos said, “No.” A contrast to the event where innocent people were shot at Mendiola a year later and who is the president during that time? It’s Cory.

          3.) Unfortunately, it’s the other way around. They’re ready to settle the matter yet you and your fellow ilk are the reasons why they do that. Go figure.

          4.) Of course, BBM petitioned against it. So tell me, what makes you think BBM should surrender what’s in the secret banks to the Yellow Camp? (Note: assuming he does have control of them). PCGG claims to have recovered four billion Dollars. Why has not one of Martial Law victims been paid even if the government already has this much money under their control. WHY IS THAT???

          Unfortunately, all that you’ve said are empty rhetoric and half-truths. They can be considered as hearsay. Giving BBM the chance to be near the seat of presidency will give him the chance for redemption and for their own family. And in case you don’t notice:

          FM from Hawaii kept sending emissaries, and continuously at that, to Cory. The emissaries had only one message: he was willing to face the accusations in the courts. If Cory agreed we probably would have a clearer picture of what they call the “ill gotten wealth”, or maybe not. But, it would probably have been a better, if not the best, effort, instead of shuffling today through the mountain of papers that a dead person could no longer explain. This is now water under bridge because we now understand Cory operated under fear and hatred of Marcos. But with that mistake, which really shows her lack of responsibility to the people and which made things difficult thereafter, the Yellows would now say: “why are you making things difficult, Marcoses?” But, it is YOU, the Yellows who made, and are making, things difficult. So, WHY IS THAT???

          Leaving thousands of their victims out in the cold? Bongbong even said that let the courts decide about the matter. I feel sorry for these so-called “Martial law victims” that instead of using drastic measures (investigations, use of forensics, etc.) in the search for true justice, they prefer to play the victim card and play blame games instead; they took the easy way out and that is what I call cowardice. And it’s very one-sided and hypocritical that you are ONLY pertained against the Marcoses while ignoring some of the key people who made Martial law happen. You didn’t even include Fidel Ramos (who is the head of the Philippine Constabulary at the time), Juan Ponce Enrile (who is actually the ‘architect’ of Martial law), Gringo Honasan, etc. Don’t believe me? Ask Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao because he also lived during the Martial law years. Speaking of Tiglao himself, you will be surprised that these “martial law victims” also included fanatics from the extreme left and right, criminals, terrorists, and armed revolutionaries. Now I wanna ask: what would you do to these people? Tiglao, once a communist, even said that they would prefer to be called ‘armed revolutionaries’ than ‘victims’. In addition, De La Salle University professor Antonio Contreras asserts that, for the most part, the victims of these alleged atrocities are not as innocent as they are made out to be but were combatants of their chosen ideologies (many of which espoused a violent destruction of the state). They were, Contreras writes, “casualties” of their “ideological choices”. Now, try to answer that.

          So for these points, we say this to you:


          And here’s the best part:


          #NeverAgain? It is a very good propaganda. But, history, nature, struggles, destiny, karma… are not made because of propaganda. Acts or actions determine such things. So, they could repeat #NeverAgain all they want, but their acts, evil as they have been, determine what would be relevant or not in the end. It is obvious their words reverberate less and less.

          Never bother to reply because you’re shooting yourself in the foot, son. My congratulations, because you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. It’s evident. 🙂

        4. The very reason you said those things is because on the contrary, you and your ilk are not even interested resolving the issue, are you? Is it because once it is resolved, you could no longer have your girly fits, and propaganda?

          Fail to answer that and it proves that you’re an actual FRAUD.

        5. 2.) About Bongbong wearing a fatigue, it seems yours is more of an opinion that a verifiable ‘fact’. It was more likely that he was preparing to defend his family because of the coup d’etat that Enrile and Ramos mounted at the time, the event that was the actual start of Edsa 1 (I wonder if people even remember that there was a coup d’etat at the time, and that there was a firefight at the channel 9 tower where a soldier was killed; “bloodless revolution” my foot).

          Kek at your faggotry, son. Thanks for admitting that you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. 😀

  17. Tell me, is Lee Kuan Yew a Yellow-tard for using the adjective “crook” to describe Marcos?

    Come on. This website is nothing more than a Marcos propaganda machine disguised as a “think tank”. I agree with LKY. Marcos was a crook. In fact, he made it to the top 10 list of World’s Most Corrupt.

    Enough of this North Korea-like delusional worship of a crook.

    1. And who would care about about LKW’s opinion anyway? BTW, he’s even lashing at Cory and the Aquinos as well.

      I mean, come on. You are just another paid Yellowtard who is TROLLING on this site. And please, Marcos is a crook because he is… pointed as one by media pundits (like he made it in the 10 list of World’s Most Corrupt w/o even realizing the fact that after 1986, there are plunderers left and right and because of what they did, the guy from the top 10 list of World’s Most Corrupt now turned into an amateur) w/o even realizing that the people after him are much more worse.

      Hate to break it to ya, son, but enough of this nonsensical, EMO crybaby crap. If anything, you’re a hypocrite on telling me that the Aquinos and their cronies are not crooks they were worshiped as demi-gods as well.

      Take your FAGGOTRY to somewhere else.

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