Cheating The System In The Philippines


It’s pretty simple actually. You just open a menu or dialogue box and type in a set of words or a code like “power overwhelming”, “born to run”, “there is no spoon” or “set stage vampire 69” and voila, the game physics will change to suit your needs whether it’s making your army outright invincible, tireless, granted limitless power or get your sexy vampire ally to fall in love with you, respectively. Of course, real life isn’t a video game and cheating doesn’t carries a very different kind of connotation outside the Koprulu Sector, Nevendaar, Azeroth or Tamriel for that matter.

Right now, there’s a growing commotion that some form of cheating is taking place in the current elections. There are those who outright state that the Leni Robredo camp is cheating the Bongbong Marcos camp due to the former’s rapidly rising vote count. What’s sad though is that cheating isn’t just something you’ll find among politicians and gamers in the Philippines. Cheating is almost ubiquitous throughout our society from the lowly voters who are all too willing to sell their votes for a measly amount of money to corrupt cops who accept bribes to overlook heinous and sometimes even terrible crimes.

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Thing is, taking advantage of the system may seem cool and all but, upon closer scrutiny, you’ll realize that it’s just another of the self-destructive aspects of Filipinos. For one thing, by choosing to cheat at almost every opportunity and eschewing fair play, one prevents personal growth and self-improvement. While I am willing to admit that I myself cheat from time to time, I try to avoid cheating in the various games I play as it takes out the challenge and, when used too liberally, the entire game system suffers from too many discrepancies and may even crash if allowed for too long.

I think that the Philippines today is really no different from a video game that has been loaded with too many cheats and mods to the point that the entire system has become glitchy and outright broken. Just about everyone wants to take the shortcut to progress and prosperity and these in turn foul up the truer and longer path to greatness, thereby preventing others from reaching any kind of victory through will and industry. With our laws filled with loopholes, our rules with workarounds, our law enforcers willing to overlook them all and our lawmakers breaking every single one of them at almost every opportunity, is it really any surprise that so few Pinoys are even willing to respect the laws at all?

While I may indeed be an unabashed Marcos supporter, I refrain from accusing Leni Robredo of cheating until evidence of illicit activities actually surface. There are enough people throwing accusations of cheating on a regular basis from simple barrio-level beauty pageants, children’s competitions to political debates and I don’t want to throw more fuel into the fire. Let us support the idea of democracy and all that it entails and let us not declare someone a cheater until there is enough proof to prove them as guilty. Still, I hope that this recent shift in voting is part of the people’s will and not a result of cheating.


46 Replies to “Cheating The System In The Philippines”

  1. My question is why ABS-CBN and GMA-7 are not doing any investigative reporting on this rumored cheating during the election. Surprisingly, these YellowTard-connected stations–that would normally pursue every angle of a any news lead long before the public even gets a wind of it, have become blind, deaf, and dumb? Amazing. You can’t even trust the media to be objective on this election.

  2. [Correction]

    My question is why ABS-CBN and GMA-7 are not doing any investigative reporting on this rumored cheating during the election? Surprisingly, these YellowTard-connected stations–that would normally pursue every angle of a any news lead long before the public even gets a wind of it, have become blind, deaf, and dumb. Amazing. You can’t even trust the media to be objective during the election.

  3. My question is different. Do you think the voting observes from the USA government and all the other countries that were sent to the Philippines to monitor the elections are corrupt? If the answer is yes, then you must believe that all these countries are part of the problem also. You must also accept that these countries believe that Duterte was the best person to be president of this country. If the answer is no, then you must admit that cheating is not going on at the massive scale that people believe it is.

    1. William E. Jackson,

      I’ve never questioned Duterte’s victory in the election. The people wanted him and the cheating Comelec and media, even in their best laid effort to change the results, cannot deny that fact. It’s the electoral between Marcos and Rebredo that had everybody pinned to the ground (the backdoor strategy) that denied the true winner (Marcos) his victory.


      1. Aeta, once again I agree and disagree with you. The election observer are still here monitoring all parts of the process. They do not leave until the entire election process is completed and made official. If you believe the observers are fair then the entire election is fair. If you believe the observers are corrupt then the entire election is corrupt including the international observers sent from the other countries and DU30’s win. It cannot be both.

        1. William E. Jackson,

          These election observers can observe all they want, but if the ballot boxes were rigged before the official count took place, there will be no concrete evidence to be found otherwise that the count wasn’t valid.

          One thing we have to remember here, cheating in elections is an art that the Failipinos have learned to master over the years; and, regardless how sophisticated the voting system has come along to prevent prevent cheating, Failipinos always ingeniously find a way to circumvent it.


    2. Hmmm. That sort of makes me wonder why according to only three people stil currently alive that are still in 5he archepelago since then, Ahnernerbe expeditionists sent scouts to the philippines after india (from where they adopted the reversed swastika) They weren’t able to actually get to go on that mission, as the war abruptly ended when einstein and oppenhiemer beat hiesenberg who came up with the uncertainty principle to the draw in the race to build the a bomb by using plutonium in addition to urainum in a bath of deuterium, which is abundant in the arcepelagic deep. “Hiesenberg was ironically uncertain of why, hahaha!) Gee whiz chiz wiz….
      what could they have been searching for here when all that I see is a peculiar state of mind or rather lack of awareness perhaps? Besides, I better cut it out before someone asks me what it has to do with anything, or everything. Maybe a phallic symbol pierced with gold is what they needed.

    3. William, you seem to misunderstand the mission of the international poll watchers.

      The group said that the mission, which will be divided into four groups, will deploy its international election observers to the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), Bohol, Dinagat Islands and Santiago, Isabela.

      “We chose these areas because they have the following factors, which are the history of election-related violence and fraud, presence of political clans, warlords and private armies, and presence of capable local civil groups doing election monitoring.”

      This has NOTHING to do with the automated machines or an algorithm that has been inserted at around 9.30pm on election day.

      1. Jim DiGriz,

        Thank you for explaining that to William E. Jackson. He doesn’t want to buy my explanation that Failipinos have a skilled propensity for cheating—with or without the international election observers. Cheating is an inherent part of our culture, and so is blowing smoke up everybody’s asses that we’re an honest, God-fearing, and hard-working people. We are if somebody’s watching or we stand to benefit from the smoke-belching.


  4. I am totally NOT surprised that people do cheat. Now, look at one specific law (and correct me if/when I am wrong): adultery is a form of cheating, right? And its also a crime in PH, right?
    In all my dumbness, I cant fathom why this is a crime. This is an act between 3 individuals (the cheater, the cheated and a 3rd party) and the law (the government) should stay out of that. Maybe its time to modernize all or most PH laws and the PH constitutuion.

    1. Robert, you are correct. Certain things belong in a civil court, not a criminal court. History has shown us over and over again that a religious country cannot exist in our current century, due to the fact good business, politics, and religion do not and will never go along together. The Philippines are actually spending money and resources locking people up over minor religious based laws, but allowing major criminals to go free. (Vatican is excluded, because its money comes from Catholics all over the world)

      1. William,
        adultery doesnt even belong in a civil court. It (adultery) may be the on-set of a divorce but even that is not allowed (not possible) in PH. Running in circles?
        So Duterte may be a crime fighter and wanting to solve poverty but the laws (and constitution) are still signs of a poor 3rd world country. My bet is that Duterte will not burn his fingers on those laws (the CBCP will start crying a river).

        1. No divorce, means you have to do things a different way here. What do you think would happen here in the Philippines, if people who cheat would loose their motors or maybe a house to the person they cheated on? The problem here is that regular everyday people cannot afford the time or money it takes to get a annulment. Which is kinda of funny, because the law has caused more people to live in sin. I cannot even count how many people I know that legally married to other people that are living with someone else. I cannot even count how many people with kids have been left behind, basically broke and homeless due to no way to fight back at the cheating spouse here.

        2. William,
          “No divorce, means you have to do things a different way here.”
          How about: cheating without getting caught? (lol). If you wanna do something, do it good (and get away with it. Life is already expensive enough).

          ‘Sin’ is an overrated word and only has meaning for religious people. Why do people cheat (commit adultery) in the first place? Because the cheater (man or woman) cant get what he/she wants and will start looking for that elsewhere. Its quite simple.

      2. William,
        maybe a bit off-topic. Isnt it strange that most refugees coming from Syria want to go to North-West European (Germany, Sweden, France, UK and my country) countries? There is where most ‘infidels’ (= unfaithful) live with very un-religious laws? And that the Quran tells them that all infidels must be killed.

        1. Chelle,
          (off topic)
          I dont know what they are doing to my country bec I dont see them. They are fleeing their own country bec of Assad and bombs. Their first country of entrance is Turkey, Greece or Italy. That are all safe countries. But despite that, they want to march on to a richer country. So, I am not shocked to hear that many people become hostile to them (refugees). we call that hypocrisy. Saying you flee from Assad and bombs and then actually want to go to a rich European country. They (refugees) dont understand it, They will become the “new losers”. Their culture is backward, their religion is backward, their education (if any) is different and they dont speak the language.

          My point is here: you wanna come to Western Europe then prepare yourself, do research about the country/countries, learn the language and know a few things about the domestic religions (if there is one). This will give you the only and best chance to succeed in Western Europe.

    2. Robert Haighton,

      People will cheat in marriages and in elections—especially in the God-fearing and hypocritical Failippines.


      1. Dear Aeta,
        Cheating happens also in non-married relationhips even among atheists.

        I can ask you 2 different (non-personal)questions that both come down to the same thing.

        – Why is it that in Western Europe I never heard about rigging elections or cheating at elections?
        – How come that cheating and rigging is common in less or not modern civilized countries where individual human rights are not upheld (incl Russia)?

        1. Robert Haighton,

          Tell me something new about other areas where cheating takes place.

          To answer your two questions. The “checks and balance” is much more effective in more developed countries than in less developed countries. Thus, deterrent methods against cheating is much more effective. This is why we have First, Second, and Third World Countries.

          Common Sense.


        2. Aeta,
          what I want(ed) to say is this:
          It happens everywhere and by everyone. Its really impossible to think, that we can ban it comnpletely. There is not such a thing as the 100% perfect, ideal country/nation/population. We can make it perfect for maybe 80% (or so) but the remaining 20% (or so) will cost too much money (literally) and too much time. Also known as the “80-20 rule” (or Pareto principle).

        3. Robert Haigthon,

          We’re not on GRP to talk about all the cheating happening to everyone and everywhere. We’re talking about the Failippines and its people. I enjoy talking to you for the first two exchanges, but I start losing interests when you start getting off track and begin talking about things that are not even relevant to the topic.

          Can we stay focus here, please?


        4. Robert Haighton,

          I’m sorry, my grammar and spelling start to fail me when I’m talking to someone who really doesn’t have anything relevant and constructive to say. Forgive me. I’ll bet you were a “Spelling Bee” winner in grade school.


        5. Ms.,
          I have to disappoint you. I barely was able to finish Kindergarten; after that I became a drop out. My parents were too poor to be able to pay for elementary tuition.

  5. manual recount: not gonna happen. it’s just how the way things are in da pilipins. move forward. rody is now in power, and there is a big chance leni’ll be there just for decoration (like a certain noli de castro). she may be of the lp but she does not have the will or tenacity to be a yellow attack dog like drilon is. bongbong can still be effective as he will be most likely ultimately assigned a cabinet position anyway (hopefully dole). face it, the lp’s scheme (unfortunately yet to be proven with actual evidence) worked, but instead of being paranoid of what may happen, all we could do is move forward… but keep the yellow in check.

  6. The numbers will not change even if there is a recount. The cheating (vote buying, pre-shaded ballots) was done before the voting, especially rampant in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao. Look and ask someone who hails from those provinces to verify if you don’t believe me. FVR, GMA, Enrile, Zubiri, Singson all did it in the past elections. The difference now is that you have to gather evidence on the ground and look for people who received money.

    1. @Annie:

      Investigate the machine…determine where the aberration came from, and DO A RECOUNT…recounting without investigating where the aberration came from, and determining that the machine was not MODIFIED from its Original design, is the first step in determining the integrity of the electoral process. Recounting is the next process. If there is a discrepancy; then; they cheated, and they should be prosecuted and jailed…all of them including those GUILTY IN THE COMELEC…

  7. It is lucky that digong has widened his lead to yellow roxas epal. Otherwise, the comelec will do the same thing what is happening now for the VP.. Like dagdag bawas, kitang kita ang ebidensiya.. Iyong boto ni escudero bumaba instead na tumaas nabawasan 30K at napunta kay Lucring robredo. Itinataon nila ng middle of the night till early morning ang switching at dagdag bawas. BBM will not concede, because he knows he will win this election and he has a lots of evidence to proof that Comelec cheated him.. This is the responsible of the comelec to pati media manlalason ng isipan ng mga tao..

  8. There are a few remarkable things about this election cycle.. the number of voters was the highest to-date; election-related violence and crime was the lowest yet; the apparent president-elect, while politically savvy, does not the name of a Marcos, Aquino, or an Osmena; and, the losers promptly and gracefully accepted the outcome, and were generous in their concession remarks.
    To my mind, this is a harbinger of a much needed change in our attitude and outlook. We might yet become less mean-spirited and more kind and hopeful.
    I think its time we stop this business of name-calling. “failipinos”, “tards” and other such ‘corn pone’ seem, now, to be out of place.. derision, sour-graping and ‘gloating’, too.

    1. vagoneto rieles,

      I agreed with everything you’ve said until you got to the part about calling our people by their actual names instead of the derogatory “fliptards,” Failppines,” and “Failipinos” misnomers that we’ve all have gotten accustomed to calling each other.

      I’m sorry, but our country and people–and I’m including myself in that equation–don’t need to be called by our correct names; we dont’deserve it.

      Doing so would only reinforce our already heigthened sense of arrogancy and selfishness about being “Proud To Be a Filipino”

      There is absolutely nothing to be proud of as long as our country continues to suffers because of the stupid ways we think and live our lives. So, I’d have to say that we’re all “Fucked To Be a Failipino” instead, since we’ve done all the “fucking” to ourselves, our country, and each other.


  9. who knows? BBM might still come out the winner. will there have been cheating then? how best to describe this cultural phenomenon? i quote: “kapag natalo, dahil sa dinaya”.

    the facts, please. conjectures not allowed.

  10. Sorry COMELEC, when that news about data breach was reported, I already know that you’re planning on doing some hocus PCOS this coming elections.

  11. To Aeta..
    You seem to have made a firm decision to be a “failipino”.. perhaps, a few others with you as well. Please speak only for yourselves. Don’t assume that all other Filipinos are failed citizens of the Philippines.. because, even as we are still struggling to improve ourselves as a people, we cannot be anything else but.. proud Filipinos.

    1. Vagoneto Rieles,

      As long as our country suffers from our aristocratic and self-serving hands, we are all failed Failipinos—regardless of the satisfactions we have about our individual accomplishments, insistence of not seeing ourselves as a failure, and holding on to a pride that won’t do anything but stroke our egos. How Failipinos want to see themeselves is just an illusion. The reality speaks otherwise.


  12. “Dagdag Bawas” or cheating in elections, has been an accepted norm in our political system. However, if the political electoral system is broken…why not Repair it! Accepting it as , is it, is not Right. We have to Right what is Wrong in our country. The Right Time is Now!

    We have to determine where the aberrations of the HOCUS PCOS machines came from, in this election…Examine and Test every machine. Then,do a guarded RECOUNT. If there are discrepancies. Determine, who are responsible. Jail them all! Roast them alive, if that is the case.

    We have to take care of the Integrity of our Electoral Process…we should not take it for granted…we should not let the will of the people be compromised by cheating politicians…

  13. James Jimenez, he’s the IT comelec man who knows everything on machine cheating. he’s the expert on that.

    1. @Pusoy:

      So, this is the fellow who had done the HOCUS PCOS? Render a “third degree torture” on him. Until, he talks, who was the one who ordered the Cheating.

      If he does not cooperate. We will “Waterboard “him…until he will shout, who ordered him… We can do it on our own, to find out, how they did it, even if, he will not cooperate.

      1. Fire the COMELEC Head; all those in the Information Technology Department in the COMELEC. Before , we do any investigation, and recount…

  14. The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation.

  15. Cheating the Filipino system is a funny concept. Sometimes it requires outside influence to even get government agencies to follow the law. Such is our state.

  16. I believe some of the people accusing others of cheating are cheating themselves. Maybe they are cheating; however maybe they aren’t cheating. If they are, there better cheaters than the losers.

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