1.37 million ‘registered voters’ discrepancy observed in Unofficial Results reporting operations!

A 9th May 2016 Inquirer report put the total number of registered voters at 54,363,844 as quoted from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). But then on its Inquirer Unofficial Results: 2016 Philippine Elections page also hosted on the Inquirer.net site, it indicates that the number of registered voters is 55,735,757.

Two major news networks are are quoting the latter 55.73m figure on their real-time unofficial resuts pages, the Inquirer (referred to earlier) and GMA Network News on its own unofficial results portal Eleksyon 2016 Results.

The content of the two sites have been cached in Google and a search there using the text string “55735757 voters” yields the following output (boldface formatting added by author for emphasis):

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Vote PH 2016 | INQUIRER.net
15,295,515 VOTES. 38.68 % … 41,752,443 VOTES COUNTED (74.91%). 55,735,757 registered voters. JavaScript chart by amCharts 3.20.5 JS map by …

Duterte, Marcos off to early lead in unofficial tally | News | GMA News …
17 hours ago – … or 18,823,706 of 55,735,757 registered voters), Duterte had 7,034,664 votes. The results do not include votes from the overseas and local …

PH Elections 2016: Leni Robredo Set To Beat Martial Law Successor …
The Inquirer reported that almost 55,735,757 registered voters have cast their votes in 2016. As of this time, Robredo and Marcos has a very close competition …

The following screencap taken 1422H AEST 10th May 2016 is provided below as evidence.


So there are two obvious questions:

Which of the two figures is the actual number of registered voters?

If both are right and the smaller figure, 54.36m, was as of the 9th May Inquirer report; then,

What accounts for the 1,371,913 increase in “registered voters” from the 9th May to the 10th May as reported in the Inquirer and GMA News “unofficial results” portals?

The plot thickens. Questions about the almost algorithmic way with which Liberal Party vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo chipped away at the initial 1-million-vote lead of rival candidate Bongbong Marcos over several hours since the voting closed has attracted the attention of many observers. Facebook Netizen Benjamin Vallejo Jr plotted the progressive decrease of Marcos’s lead over Robredo over time and found an almost perfect linear correlation and posted it on his Facebook profile (see copy of the image below). The correlation plotted a straight path downward trajectory for Marcos’s lead. “Di kapanipaniwala!” observed Vallejo, noting the perfectly-straight line.


Statistician and Ateneo de Manila faculty member David Yap also closely monitored the movement of Marcos’s lead over Robredo and arrived at the same conclusion independently. Like Vallejo, he also posted the results of his analysis on his Facebook profile

Lets Be FAIR
79.65% 530,043
80.40% 490,310
82.08% 421,499
82.71% 389,818
83.84% 345,373
84.43% 322,584
84.90% 293,957
85.78% 248,466
Okay, I’m calling it now – by 92% to 93% BBM and Leni will be tied. I’ve been tracking the returns and the increments make the pattern so obvious. 40k every 1%
Starting from the 80% mark, BBM’s lead has been dwindling by 40k per 1%. Ang linis ng progression [translated: “the progression is so consistent”].

What is going on?

This is a question being asked by many observers who, among other things, are questioning how Robredo could have possibly attracted these numbers considering the poor way with which most most voters regard the Liberal Party and the character of the constituencies she supposedly won.

Suffice to say, this is a developing story and more information will come to light and, hopefully, more analytics will be performed in the spirit of transparency.

Stay tuned!

106 Replies to “1.37 million ‘registered voters’ discrepancy observed in Unofficial Results reporting operations!”

  1. what actually bothers me is mar’s numbers (which, i assume, could also be tied to leni’s). 8m folks voted for this guy? despite being critically panned and universally lambasted? something’s… wrong.
    then again, most folks also voted villianueva, drilon, de lima and hontiveros into the senate. and… wait for it… “senator manny fucking pacquiao”.

    1. yeah, I really hate manny pacquiao. Another Nancy Binay in the making and it looks like those UNA zombies want to spoil our government no matter what their enemy’s parties they are!

    2. Agreed. Quite unfortunate and rather disappointing.

      I heard some people voted for Roxas (in Negros Occid. at least) just because he is of Illonggo descent. Talk about tigas ng ulo!

    3. Siguro kung si Leni ang lumaban as president at si mar ang bise, mantakin mo mas maLAKI ANG BOTO NI lENI KESA KE DU30.. tAMA SI bbm ,MAY DAYAAN, Malalaman natin yan sa manual counting pero malabo dahil nakaupo pa ang comelec appointee na si baustista na cousin ng panot. sana maging vigilante si brillantes. Kung ako ke Digong itigil na yang katarantaduhan na yan at mag deklara ng ang rebolusyonary government.. Dapat ay ma firing squad muna si Abnoy at Trillanes bago makapagsampa ng impeach ang LP na plan B nila. Yun Plan A 20M bote ke Mar ay di tinuloy dahil alam nila na magkakagulo. Di ako naniniwala na 36% lang si DU30 kasi bakit biglang naging pangalawa si Boy palengke at nadaya yung nauuna sa kanya at yung boto ke leni ay sobra sa dami ng mga botante,baka pati patay ay pinaboto ni abnoy

  2. even worst but an ironic twist, what if Leni & BBM will get a tie vote on the final & official tally vote? If this will happen, it’ll be the 1st in Philippine history that 2 VP candidates will get a tie on the election result on the 2nd highest executive position and again, if that’ll happen, the senate of the current congress will make a vote to break the tie in accordance to the 1987 Constitution. But this will be a bad news for BBM because almost all of the senate (about 2/3 of it) are members of LP, the political party of Leni Robredo & BBM is an opposition/independent candidate, and Leni will win it. Hopefully this will not happen but I have a gut feeling it might. Feeling goosebumps, guys!

      1. yung boto ke leni ay sobra kungpara sa dami ng botante,malaki pa nga kesa ke DU30.. Pabayaan na muna ang pagbilang at antayin na pababain ang autism sa inodoro at saka bilangin uli para walang mangha harass.. Uuwi ako at gusto kong makita ang firing squad sa luneta. The 1st President that sell the country and put the loot in his pocket

    1. There is no way, than to RECOUNT all votes; from Vice President to Senators to Congressmen…it is the only way!

    2. it did really happened eh? tsskk.. on that night of the 9th i know and i can felt Robredo will get a lead ..

  3. As the trending suggests, BBM’s chance of bagging the second highest office in the land is slowly waniing with the Yellows masterminding another hocus pocus act to retain their hold in the totem of political power. Sadly, their lust for power matched only with their arrogance that they are willing to let an incompetent become VP just as long as the status quo remain in their collective favor. COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista might be patting his own back for a job well done. Plan B is now operational unless Pres. Duterte can easily quash the rat that will one day ruin his administration. The Yellows may yet pla for another coup to oust Duterte and sing “Happy days are here again”, as they literally laugh their way to the bank!

    1. then again, rody has the ability to coerce leni to leave the yellow side. after all, its all in the country’s best interest and maybe, just maybe leni’s up to that.

    1. Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita is the cause of all these election cheating. This is the reason Aquino placed all his “Puppets” in the Legislative and Judiciary.

      The only way is to distribute Hacienda Luisita, to the farmers/tillers. And, destroy all the willing “puppets” of Aquino!

  4. If someone we know /wink /wink wins by that amount of votes over her closest rival, then we would know why, wouldn’t we?

  5. My first impression would be “PARTIDO LIBERAL MAGIC”, but this article says that I should stop believing in magic. Then I remember Arthur C. Clarke’s “third law”: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  6. They are not above any tactic, no matter how crooked it is, to preserve the narrative that the Marcoses are nothing more than freedom-hating hellspawns.

  7. Leni’s meteoric rise from obscurity is phenomenal.You will also notice an almost linear rise in her opinion poll graph starting April…

    Summary of VP surveys

    That’s the power of necropolitics – we have here a carbon copy replica of “Cory Aquino” in the making. Looks like this is the only magic that works for these Yellows.

    If she does win, Du30 should keep her busy with some insignificant “women’s affairs” work to keep her happy. An idle VP (like Binay) can turn into some annoying rabid attack dog of the party they belong to.

    And you know what can happen in the next elections? LP will probably have Mar assassinated so that Korina can run for top national office. Better watch your back Mar.

    Emotions really run high in the Yellow camp.

      1. Even tough Abnoy look stupid but he is genius in the name of bad game like in play station.
        He might RIP purisima and used his death to reagined people symphaty [Kuno with the help of ABS CBN] to bring back the lost aquino credibility

      1. Now thats just stupid. Its like voting someone into office and then shooting him in the foot. Don’t they know having an LP in that post exposes their choice of President to risk? Or don’t me they are just so naive and voted for someone who gives them a warm fuzzy feeling.

      2. Thats just stupid. You vote a guy into office and then expose him to risk like that by putting an LP in that position. Those people are basically shooting themselves in the foot. Are they naive or do they just vote for someone so they can have a warm, fuzzy feeling right after?

      3. I agree with your observation, Duterte rejected BBM and I think many of his supporters who didn’ t vote for Cayetano voted for Leni.

      4. Hahaha thats a super dumb no common sense way of thinking …why would a person who voted for duterte will vote leni for vp?

  8. For a change, there were no more showbiz personalities winning in the senate this election with the exception of Pacquiao. It seems more people now knows how to vote.

    1. I beg to differ. Sotto’s still there.

      It’s just one more though. More problem lies with the same-old tired politicians winning: Drilon, Lacson, Pangilinan, Zubiri, to name a few.

      1. but there’s still Nancy Binay & even worst! Her partymate, Manny Pacquiao made it to the top 10 senate vote. Both of them will make a huge circus show inside the senate hall during the Duterte’s administration. That goddamn Binay, I know he’s making a plot against him & that’s why he still refuse to concede himself in spite that he’s already loosing on this year’s election. Better watch out to these two senators, Rody. If they’re want to mess you up very badly worst than the LP allies then its time to shut down the Senate as well besides the lower house & establish a revolutionary gov’t that you’ve wish for. No more corrupt, incompetent, TraPo, epal & arrogant governance in our country. Let us help Duterte to change our country & eliminate the bad elements of PH politics that plagued our country for decades. Upakan na natin! #DU30

    2. Good observation Gilby. Yes, the voters are now maturing and evolving.

      Edu Manzano & Alma Moreno are out – whew! Thanks to all kababayans for giving us a break.

    3. I can say i do not like pacquiao but i dislike him as much as i dislike drilon.. Drilon has the resume to be in the senate but we know he just hops to every winning party since the time of cory.. People does not care about the experience or inexperience, they are still fooled by the media.
      Even If alma moreno or edu manzano present a very impressive and realistic plan for the country, they wont win because they were already destroyed by the media.. They were not voted because it is the trend.
      Drilon may not be a showbiz personality but people voted for drilon like he is a showbiz personality.

  9. When Erap won as the mayor of Manila (or probably before he won), he said that he will serve as mayor for one term only and Isko will have to succeed him.

    And in this election, he broke is promise. And then again, he promised that after his second term as mayor of Manila, he will finally retire. Of course, I do not believe that.

  10. If BongBong loses in this election, it will be hard for him to recover in his political career. No one who already lost in a run for Pres or VP ever stood a chance when they ran a second time around.

    Look at Erap’s and MDS’s second shot at the top position. It’s like people only give you one chance in your lifetime. If you blow it, Adios Amigo.

    It was BongBong and Cayetano who should have met to form an alliance to beat Leni. Disunity in Iron Camp backfires. Tsk Tsk

    Voter’s should not have listened to Du30’s “If you don’t vote for Alan, don’t vote for me” line. Now look at the quicksand change advocates are in.

    1. Not necessarily. If Duterte takes him in his admin and he delivers results, he still has a chance.

      The problem with Bongbong is that he has just a good fraction of his father’s intellect and none of his strongman appeal. In this election, hindsight shows the strongman appeal could have gotten him more votes than his intellect, but it’s just not him.

      Duterte has the strongman appeal but none of the Marcos intellect. I don’t know if his street smarts is enough for him to survive the Malacañang snake pit especially now that his Marcos insurance is gone.

        1. The real VP winner is BBM, Leni won by cheating and the whole watched and know it. It is so degrading that she approved to be used by abno P-noy.

  11. 1. If there is a bawas, would that be applied to the votes of Grace and Chiz?

    In the surveys:
    a. Grace was always ahead of Roxas
    >>>>> Roxas is ahead of Grace by about 700k now.

    b. Chiz was ahead of Alan
    >>>>> Alan is ahead of Chiz by about 850k now

    Does 700k and 850k hint of a pattern?

    2. Was there a minimum of 700k dagdag each to Mar and Leni?

    During FPJ vs GMA, GMA needed 1M, and they appeared to have just played with the returns from only eight to ten third class municipalities.

    Was it easier now because they only needed 5 to 7 third class municipalities? It didn’t help Mar because DU30 won by a landslide, but is it helping Leni?

    3. Leni is ahead of BBM by about 200k now? Did they find the seven third class municipalities for the 700k dagdag-bawas? Was it really designed at 700k to overcome at possibly a 500k margin that BBM is supposed to be enjoying? How could a million margin BBM had when we went to bed last night disappear by the time we woke up this morning???

    4. Voters of DU30 say they either voted for BBM or Alan, so where is the vote of Leni coming from when DU30 won by a landslide?

    Sorry, I am having a dirty mind, but are we witnessing the PlanB of PNoy? PNoy said so many times there is no way BBM will win. Does he not see that BBM, by just being where he is now, has already slapped him in the face whether BBM wins or not the VP??

    Honestly, I would have preferred BBM as the winner because he is a strategic thinker. Leni remains bog down by a tactical way of looking at problems.

    1. are you sure that al du30 supporters just voted cayetano and bbm? hahaha ditto lng nga sa opisina puro ganun binoto eh

  12. Statistically not possible. Its an organized automated dagdag-bawas.

    And they thought this wouldn’t be caught. Buti na lang many Filipinos now are well versed in statistical process control and six sigma concepts.

  13. This is not a mystery.

    1,371,913 is the total number of Overseas Absentee Voters (OAV)

    54,363,844 is the total number of voters IN the Philippines

    Sum up the 2 figures you get 55,735,757

  14. Of course marcos was cheated.
    That was always the plan.
    Proving it is a different matter.
    Next, duterte in a plane crash and leni robredo gets a 3 am phone call.
    2 plane crashes and the black widow is president, the yellow brigade are happy, and mar roxas is still a loser.
    Jesse robredo will be swimming in his grave at the treachery, especially by his ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ laughing widow.
    In death there is always opportunity.

    And duterte will solve the worlds problems by having a drinking and smoking ban. The senile idiot.

    Enjoy the euphoria. Dystopia next.

  15. Mr. BenignO, we are both familiar with Information Technology. This HOCUS PCOS machine works, on BINARY CODES. The Software and the hardware of this HOCUS PCOS machine, can be easily tinkered and manipulated.

    Once, the software and hardware are manipulated. The OPTICAL SCANNER will scan, what is programmed. Maybe an Integrated Circuit, was placed/inserted, inside the HOCUS PCOS machine,at the needed time, to OVERRULE, the one in the MOTHERBOARD. So the Opitical Scanner was not reading right, anymore…

    The only way to know this is: to get the original blueprint/ schematic diagram of the HOCUS PCOS machine. Get all of the Machines, including the Ballots, put them all in a Warehouse, and let it be sealed and guarded by trusted people.Seal all the machines , and the ballots… Be sure to look for any Integrated Circuit, that can be inserted and removed…a slot in the machine, maybe located on the sides;can give this a clue of the integrated circuit, that can be inserted…

    Fire the COMELEC head, and the people that were involved with this machine. The original design of this machine came from the United States; but it was manufactured in China.

    Hire someone, who is knowledgeable in the design of the software and hardware of the HOCUS PCOS machine. An expert from the U.S., is recommended… Patiently RECOUNT all the votes, observed by trusted people. And, investigate, where the aberration had come from, that was manipulated. The Ballot and the Optical Scanner, along with the Integrated Circuit inserted, are the vital clues of this aberration. Observe,what is written in the ballot, and the outcome of the votes counted…

    Pres. Duterte can do this, to insure future elections will be clean.

    I see here the fingerprints of Aquino, the Oligarchy ,the Liberal Party, and Mar Roxas, in this stealing of votes.

    Let us all cooperate in finding , who did this kind of evil…we will roast them alive!

    1. This is another scenario. They put a slot, for a Disc Reader in the Machine. This Slot is where a PROGRAMMED Disc can be easily inserted.

      The Programmed Disc is programmed to Produce Results of names and votes of Candidates, they wanted in the results. This is programmed on the Comact Discs …. I believe in an expert in Information Technology to compare the original design of the machine to the one used by the COMELEC…

      A programmed disc containing the names of : Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo, Porky Drilon, De Lima, etc…can be easily be programmed and inserted during the voting and the counting…and read by the machine. I could had placed the name of my carabao; and he would had won a landslide victory over Mar Roxas and Porky Drilon…

      These people are really wicked and evil!

    1. No, that number refers to the number of registered voters with the COMELEC versus the number of registered voters published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    2. @Name Witheld:

      It is HOCUS PCOS. Aquino, Mar Roxas , the Liberal Party and the Oligarcy are the culprits.

      Pres. Duterte, must fire the COMELEC head, the personnel involved with the Electronic Department in the COMELEC. Put all SEALED machines and ballots in a warehouse; guarded by trusted people. DO a RECOUNT. Observe the ballots and the machines, where the ABBERATION had come from….this is easy!

      These cheating people are idiots. Now, they cannot tinker back , what they had tinkered!

    3. According to what I see, 41,164,560 voted for the presidency and 39,724,394 for the vice presidency, leaving 1,440,166 who did not vote for a vice president. I have never , ever seen an election where there was such a difference. When one votes for a president, a vice president is also usually voted. What happened this time I wonder.

    4. I was Right on my comment analysis, on the 2016 Election fraud, a year ago.

      What I had suspected , really happened. It is now “electronic election cheating’. it happened with the cooperation of former COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista, who got very rich, in the election cheating.

    1. @Juan de la Cruz:

      We cannot determine it; unless an expert from the U.S., familiar with the design of the machine’s software and hardware, can investigate them.

      I have a great suspicion that the machines and ballots were tinkered and manipulated…

        1. Aquino apologist spotted. 🙂

          Either you’re missing the point or you’re just trolling.

        2. Go back on sniffing your rugby utak squatter. Bawal ang mga isip bata na katulad mo dito.

        3. What the Heck? Pano nakapunta ang squatter na katulad mo dito sa GRP? Normally mga well read na tao lang ang nandito.

  16. I think I already know why 40k regression per 1%. It has something to do with amount of transaction that the Comelec database can handle. Maybe it has some kind of QOS like in routers.

    It would be better if the data includes the time.

    And also David Yap should include data from 85% upto 90+%.

    1. @Juan de la Cruz:

      Routers have nothing do do with this aberration. It is in the hardware and softwares…

  17. I observed the same algorythmic behavior from earlier that indicated a rise in leni numbers, which may be interpreted as a fall in bbms… The woman who tried to take her vcm reciept home should have been arrested and check who she voted for, determine what purpose this would serve.

  18. the first step, and second to none, for a change, is to distribute hacienda luisita to the farmers right away. that’s the one why Pilipinos had a miserable life.

  19. Look at

    How to input instructions
    Determine foundry where Chip was manufactured, over here for sensitive hardware it’s Raytheon, Texas Instruments. Over there, Japan, China, Taiwan.
    Hope this helps your freinds, who maybe more knowlegeable in area.

    This is from my 16 yr old nephew who complained that the oscilloscope I gave him for xmas is a year old and wants an electron microscope for his bday.. at this rate I fear he may ask for a linear accelerator next.

    1. @mesmeri:

      This is the Integrated Circuit…anybody knowledgeable can manufacture an Integrated Circuit…

      1. Not anybody can manufacture an IC, by UV microlithography which only a few can design, the a programmer inputs instructions on the SoC using NFC if it has NoC.. you may correct me if this is inaccurate.. check how secure the IC of any device every single one of us uses on any platform especially made in china, and may affect even any high end brand even what I use which is not.

        1. mesmeric:

          I said:”Anybody knowledgeable”…I am a Technical Man. so, I am knowledgeable.

  20. as time goes, Duterte is right. he cannot make the change alone. any president can’t do without peoples’ help. the Pilipinos are ready to help fulfill his promises for sure. i think Pilipinos didn’t failed this time.

    1. @Aeta:

      Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon, Leni Robredo, the Liberal Party, etc…had stolen votes, infront of you…these people are more than the “mandurukot” in Quipo…

      1. 456Hyden007Toro78987,

        Exactly. The dumb masses will eventually rationalize it, accept it as the fact of life in this shithole of a country, and resume their their normal routine.


        1. @Aeta:

          From Dr. Jose Rizal:’There are no tyrants, where there are no slaves”…if we accept ourselves, as slaves of these wicked people; we deserve to live as their slaves!

  21. From: Josemarie Gonzalez
    “Comelec should investigate the areas where the machines were not able to connect with comelec. As an electronic engineer this arouse my curiosity that these machines could have been blocked by cell jamming devices to give enough time for a fake transmission by a cloned machine with the same coded SD card and ID of the district having problems connecting. This cloned machines could be located in Manila. I am almost sure that if we checkout the ballots boxes of the machines that could not connect to the comelec the ballots will not tally with the fake transmission. Comelec should do a random check of the areas that were having problems connecting to look into the ballot boxes if they tally with the transmission received by comelec and PPCRV.
    This my own personal analysis as an engineer for those concerned.
    I am hoping I could be wrong.”

  22. As a Fil-Am, it was very exciting for me to follow the elections, and I was so surprised to hear that turnout was as high as 81%! I’m proud to know how seriously our people take their civic duty (at least when it comes to voting), and it’s just a shame that the electoral system doesn’t do it justice.

    Whichever one wins, Robredo or Marcos, they’ll only have done it with 35% of the vote – 65% of the vote will have been completely meaningless, same with the 60% of people who didn’t vote for Duterte. I think that in a multi-party presidential system, there should be preferential instant-runoff voting, where people rank all the candidates according to their preference. I’m sure much more than only 3% of the population would prefer MDS as president, but they strategically voted for someone else because they knew she wouldn’t win. With preferential voting, if your first choice receives the least amount of votes, your vote is transferred to your second choice. This continues with a candidate getting eliminated each round until one of them receives a majority of all the preference votes. Basically, you can vote for whomever you like the most first, but your vote won’t go to waste because it will be redistributed to the next viable person you chose if nobody reaches a majority on the first round. It also prevents negative/dirty campaigning because candidates don’t want to be voters’ least preferred (if you really dislike Roxas, your vote matters more by ranking him as your last choice rather than voting for someone who you don’t like and may not end up winning anyway, acting as a spoiler). It would be a more accurate and fair representation of people’s preference, unlike in the current system where 60% of the people are basically unheard.. Australia is a good example of this system.

    They should also do away with the plurality-at-large voting with the Senate. It gives 50% of the electorate 100% control of all the seats, the composition often ends up favoring one party (in this case the Liberal Party), and it’s just silly to expect people to thoroughly consider the platforms and/or performance record of 12 different people. It’s a big popularity contest where multiple celebrities with big name recognition like Pacquiao can win and take away slots from more deserving candidates.

    Anyway, I do hope Bongbong prevails in the VP race, but if the Liberals are really rigging the election (which I think they are), it wouldn’t have made sense for them to inflate Leni’s votes if Marcos would win anyway. At this point, the OAV votes won’t be enough to overcome Leni’s lead.

  23. Hmm…

    as of 2016/05/11 8:45pm
    SOURCE: GMA Election Results
    Total Vote Count
    Presidential 41,200,041.00
    Vice Presidential 39,755,252.00
    Vote Count difference = 1,444,789.00

    Something is definitely wrong here unless
    voters erroneously fill up there ballot for vp 1,444,789.00
    million times or if vote for presidential and vp
    are transmitted separately which seems stupid.

  24. Hmm.

    Date-Time 2016/05/11 8:45pm
    Source: GMA Election Result Website
    Total Votes Tallied after adding current result.
    Presidential 41,200,041.00
    Vice Presidential 39,755,252.00
    Vote Count Diff 1,444,789.00

    This seems too much of a difference.
    its either 1,444,789 person erroneously fill up there
    vice presidential ballot
    votes sent to the server for President and Vice President are not transmitted at the same time -_-‘.

  25. In Marcos Sr. era time; politicians were like “snatchers” in Quiapo…they cheat in elections, openly.

    Now in the Aquino era: the Aquinos , Mar Roxas. Porky Drilon, and the Liberal Party; are like “Mandurukut” in Quiapo. They cheat elections, infront of you, without you knowing it…. You never feel anything, that you are “nadukutan”… your wallet is gone. “Pinagpapasaan na”! HOCUS PCOS is the evil of the Aquino era!

  26. Oh the source is Rappler! Now that’s one CREDIBLE organization not allied with anyone. Specially yellows. =)

      1. You merely showed the figures of overseas registered voters which the writer correctly stated. I’m sure there’s more to that than what you have quoted here:

        “This does not include yet the 1,376,067 registered overseas Filipino voters (OFV)”

        What part of that sentence did you find erroneous?

  27. When people cheat in any arena, they diminish themselves-they threaten their own self-esteem and their relationships with others by undermining the trust they have in their ability to succeed and in their ability to be true.

  28. Simply have a recount to establish a legitimate winner. Having decided the outcome with undeniable seemingly manipulation of votes or computer software malfunction generating results is questionable. I would wonder if a no name can beat a world historical named figure. Shocking but if true, then a recount would really make this outcome legitimate for all to see. Comelec should have political parties from different groups witness voting tabulations to discredit ideas of corruption. You think…

  29. hahahah! just came across this article and whaddya know? conspiracies everywhere. and in the light of revelations about the discrepancy simply attributed to the OFV votes, how do many readers react? more “yellow-bashing”. and suddenly everyone’s a stat expert! hahahaha!

    and one more thing. i know ben vallejo jr. good guy and son to a great man. but i can tell you all that elections statistical analysis is not really his thing. and his post was heavily influenced by what’s already on the net. by no means is “independent” an appropriate description on his approach.

    research pa more, dudes!

    1. Note that the article was wrtten before SMARTMATIC admitted that ñ crap you yellow morons seem to latch on to as far as “credible” elections is concerned. That there was a security breach attributed to that “cosmetic change” is already cause enough to stop the counts and do a recount.

      Yellow kool-aid pa more JR! =)

  30. Every day we see errors and typos on news sites and newspapers, which is nothing new. GMA and Inquirer are partners and report same news. This was just some error, because they must have thought that it does not include OFW counts. If you include the 1 million OFW votes, it would match.

    The COMELEC official number of registered voters is what we should look at. The important thing is that at the end of the vote count, the registered number of voters matches 54 Million. Common sense lang po sa lahat, para hindi po tayo malinlang: Kung totoong may ganitong discrepancy, edi sana binalita na ng GMA yan, diba? Kaya hindi binalita ng GMA yan, kasi alam nila na may konting pagkakamali o misunderstanding lang sa report nila compared sa COMELEC. Wag po malinlang.

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