Five Routes to the Presidency in the Philippines


With Mayor Rody Duterte’s trail-blazing ascent to the presidency, we may have to rewrite the books on the ins and outs of politics in the country. He was from a marginalized region of the country way down South with a thick Visayan accent, had no pocket money of his own to launch a national campaign, came into the race late, left-leaning, gun-wielding and hardly resembling your typical showbiz mestizo from Imperial Manila that Filipinos are head-over-heels beholden to. How he pulled off such a feat is up for historians and analysts to chew on for many years to come.

There is no clearly defined equation or formula on how to get to the top in Philippine politics, but it’s very much like romance; you can’t really tell which combination of traits a man or woman would consider of critical weight in choosing a partner. But one underlying common denominator for all politicians in the Philippines to making it big is a good mix of popularity (name recall), competence (abilidad) and charisma (mass appeal).

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Five Routes to Malacañang

If Jesus claimed “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” in the case of the top government post in the land, there are various routes that one can take to get there. For all wannabe future presidents of the Philippines, listen well and plan accordingly.

1. Political Dynasty Route

This is the widely traveled traditional hiker’s trail to the apex. Just look at the number of people trying to seek public office by riding on the established political brand name of their politician parents or ancestors. We saw Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and NoyNoy Aquino; and now Mar Roxas and Bongbong Marcos are banking on their famous last names to get to higher office. It works most of the time, but not all the time. This usually involves being long entrenched in a powerful political clan or party with a vast machinery, strong elaborate connections, and a huge war chest to spend millions on a nation-wide campaign.

Along this route goes the tried and tested “corporate ladder” of getting to the top. Start as a mayor or governor, then move to be a congressman or senator, and finally to the top national post. After a stint in congress, Abby Binay recently won as Makati mayor; we will likely find her further following in her father’s footsteps.

2. Showbiz Route

Being on national TV or the big screen is about the most effective way to becoming a famous hit household name and talk of the town anywhere in the country. Let’s lump together all the action/romance/comedy actors/actresses, news casters, talk/game show hosts, basketball players, boxers, singers and every variant of the entertainment and sports industry. The rule is easy:

maximum visibility = popularity = votes

After the anti-meritocracy Yellow camp came into power, we have seen a relentless barrage of people retiring from showbiz and entering into the political scene. Even people like Erap and FPJ with hardly any credentials for the office were emboldened to pursue their national wet dream. Now it looks like Manny Pacquiao is on the way. But it is a comfort to see that the electorate is maturing and evolving as the likes of Edu Manzano and Alma Moreno didn’t make it to the Senate’s magic 12, which is like being just 2 steps away from the top post. Dream on guys, but it looks like Filipinos are finally waking up.

3. Controversial Headline News Route

Virtual nobodies can become instant one-day superstars by finding a way to be on the headline news; and what’s more effective than stirring controversy or inducing trouble? Look at how military rebels like Honasan and Trillanes (following their idol FVR) are now big political names, with the latter even getting more media limelight by attacking other big-fish politicians. Having your name flashed on prime-time news or highlighted in bold on the headline of our national dailies is the most cost effective way for people with no pocket money to reach the top. The often unsolicited service of the hounding flies of the news/media industry is free – so why not avail of it? This is an effective route for people with wild imaginations who have nothing better to do than look for trouble.

4. Necropolitical Narcotics Route

Starting with Cory, who we may suspect had her heart-ailment-stricken dead-dog-anyway husband assassinated on the airport tarmac that fateful day, we have had a long string of copycats on this avenue of using their deceased relative as some kind of powerful drug to capture the heart of emotional gullible sympathy-voting Filipinos.

What was effective for India’s Ghandi family was discovered as a new open crack into Malacañang Palace. Cory used it, and so did her son PNoy. Like some virtual domino effect, who knows? They might have PNoy killed so Kris can win by a landslide in the next elections. Grace and Leni used the technique recently, showing enormous success. Watch out Mar; Korina might someday find your casket handy.

5. “Champion of Radical Change” Route

If you recall, Obama rode on the slogan of CHANGE (with a matching book he authored “The Audacity of Hope”). This sells well for a disgruntled populace who are tired of all the bullshit they see in the incumbent and his administration. With Obama’s skin color symbolizing a new era of a radical shift in America, his hope of change swept the country in a wave of euphoria as he barreled his way to the Oval office.

Likewise, Cory sold us the idea of freedom, hope and people-power-driven change, and the Filipino gladly bought it – hook, line and sinker (to many people’s regret). Du30 is now the symbol of radical change, as he does everything that is opposite to the political-correctness rule book, much to the masses’ surprise, amusement and delight.

Even this early into the transition stage, we are already seeing him drawing up the plans for a Constitutional Convention (for his pet project, a federal government setup, and fixing the 60/40 ownership rule) and warning all to get ready for radical changes in lifestyle with curfews, time limits for drinking/karaoke, and smoking bans. In stark contrast to PNoy, he is just so radically fast that he even plans to bypass Congress by issuing an Executive Order rather than to wait for a bill to effect the long overdue “freedom of information.”

Life is a sinusoidal wave, and we will keep on seeing that 180-degree U-turn take turns alternating up and down on the curve of human existence. We are now offered change from incompetence to meritocracy, from apathetic ivory-tower rule to inclusive growth, and from a polished-demeanor statesman to a care-free cussing iron-fisted rogue. After 3 decades of sham democratic freedom, we are back to a strongman.

After yet another 30 years, will Filipinos (tired of discipline-imposing restrictions) come back begging and clamoring for the return of the Yellow camp’s anything-goes leadership? Only time will tell.

37 Replies to “Five Routes to the Presidency in the Philippines”

    1. FOI Bill wasn’t passed yet as a law that’s because those buwayas from the lower house wouldn’t want to pass it! And that’s the problem on bicameral/presidential type of government in our country. Duterte want to close down the lower house & instead turn this country into a unicameral & federal type of government in which only the senates and minus the TONGressmen could either make or revise the laws in our country so that there’ll be a clean governance & eradicate red tape systems in our country like reducing corruption & enable to pass or veto the law quickly like RH Bill, FOI Bill, etc., etc. And that’s what Duterte & his supporters wants!

  1. It always boils down to the oligarchs rule, I wonder why billionaire Henry Sy never sponsored any programs that made Filipinos self sufficient, or challenged Filipino investors to succeed.

    1. Camara,

      It’s called the “Bamboo Network.” Certain Asian countries pull their resources together, dumb the country down, so they can drain the life out of it. Then these invading countries do the same thing to other countries until they own the whole world.

      This strategy is very similar to those sci-fi movies “Independence Day (1995)” and “War of the Worlds (2005),” where aliens came to earth and suck the life out of this planet, before moving to other planets to do the same.


      1. Aeta, Hitler’s ideology of being the superior race is making sense now, it’s about preservation of his race and deemed threat to National security. Holocaust is a war against the jews, in our Modern age of technology its war on drugs and human trafficking and any Nation will use to destroy and conquer.

        1. Camara,

          You see that happening in the Failippines today. Foreigners bribing their way into our government officials’pockets for political and economic favors, in order to monopolize our local “cottage” industries and eventually shut their local competitors down.

          The result is a lost of businesses and jobs for our local population while these foreign-owned companies–along with their local business partners–raise the prices of consumer goods in the country.

          The small segment of the population that can afford to leave do so as expats and OFWs to other countries, while the rest fight with one another for the crumbs that fall off the table, as the masses adjust themselves to become consumers, instead of producers, of their country’s goods and services.

          Some of the people on GRP accused me of having a deep-seated hatred for these foreign businesses–along with their local political and business conterparts–and using “race-baiting” tactics to blame them for the country’s problems.

          I am merely pointing out that, aside from our aristocratic and self-serving politicians and people country-destructive nature, these foreign businesses have also contributed to the degradation of our society by condoning and participating in fleecing (raping) our society through graft and corruption.

          These are the factors that we must all take into consideration as we try to identify and get the root of the problems of why our country and people are fast-becoming victims of our own greed and stupidity, so we can all have more objective ways of solving our country’s problems before it’s too late.


      2. I would choose “the matrix”. – how the government / corporation (imperial capitalist) conditions the mind for consumerism and other things.

        Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

        “There will be blood” starring Daneil Day Lewis
        “the avatar” starring the Navi people. LOL!

  2. You forgot the No. 6…Find a willing and corrupt Automated Voting Machine System, that will Cheat for you.

    Their HOCUS PCOS voting machine, will STEAL VOTES, from other candidates; and add them to your votes. Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon and the Liberal Party, just did this…they did it also in the 2010 election.

    Put you trusted Relatives, or “bata-bata” in the COMELEC. They will be your co-conspirators in Stealing Votes. You will be elected as President. Including your political cahoots and minions, as Vice President, Senators, Congresspeople, etc… Do not put the name of your Pet in the candidates’ lists. Your Pet will surely be elected…

    The Clueless Filipino voters, who are all “On High” on: garbage TVs; telebasuras; Kris Aquino/Vice Ganda/ Boy Abundia shows, etc…, will never know what happened to them in the election.

    These Clueless Filipinos are busy , relishing these stupid shows!

    1. The Smartmatic Voting Machine System was not certified. The voting Machines were never certified. This was the Main Cause of the Cheating of the Liberal Party in the 2010 and 2016 elections.

      Please contact these following agencies to help us Improve and Secure Honest elections. They can also determine, how Aquino cheated:

      1. The Physikalisch Technische Bundesantait – This is an agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is responsible for the CERTIFICATION of the voting machine for federal and European elections.

      2. U.S. Election Assistance Commission – it can accredit in Test Laboratories and CERTIFY voting equipment and systems.

      Let us all help to improve the electoral system. It must be Honest and Secure. Please, let us all help each other, tapping our “Filipino Bayanihan Spirit”…it will be our gift to the next generation of Filipinos!

    2. DOST should have just had PH universities develop a bulletproof voting system. All source code and algorithms are made public (only security keys made secret). I recommend public key cryptography so the sender and receiver can use different keys during transmission. Strong Cryptography is practically unhackable, unless you have a supercomputer.

      A low-cost ballot-reading setup using a tablet pc and camera can easily be made. A cellphone can be used for transmission.

      All results should be published online in one big spreadsheet for every precinct to verify if the central server got the correct data.

      Dami nating IT experts. Why we even spend multiple billions to pay some dubious foreign company is a stupid display of Pinoy incompetence.

      The image recognition component of the vcm is just an undergrad thesis project. Have a design contest; be creative – what are our govt institutions doing not tapping our wealth of human resource. Students are free labor – matatalino pa.

      The cheating route would not exist IF Pinoys just used common sense.

      1. @Zaxx:

        I have already pointed the agencies, that can help secure the electoral voting system. THERE IS NO USE REINVENTING THE WHEEL!
        I believe in the RECOUNT of the ballots; but before we do this, we have to investigate where the “aberration” has come from…is it man made or not man made? this is the question. If it is man man, who did it? If the culprits are caught; will they be prosecuted and go to jail?

        1. Any person who is in the, Science and Technology fields, needs a good education and work experiences. Years of experience is needed. Those in the universities, even in graduate schools; know only from textbook. If they apply for work, they go to the entry level position. Even, if you have a Phd, you must start in the low level of position…track record matters, when doing a good job.

          I recommended the two agencies, because, they have already good tract records in overseeing national elections.

        2. The problem with outsourcing sensitive technology like election automation to foreigners is that Filipinos are not in full control.

          The other advantages of developing it ourselves are low cost, and a chance to spur technical know-how in the area.

          If we keep this mentality of importing everything, we will never stand on our own 2 feet. All our Asian Tiger neighbors have been “reinventing the wheel” – like Korea made their own cars and jets (despite the fact they could have just imported them).

          “Reinventing the wheel” is not as hard as you think. All components like CCD camera, encryption algorithms, OS, PC Hardware are off the shelf parts- all you need to do is copy existing designs and assemble.

          And my goodness, there are technical High Schools in Japan that build satellites as a science project. Why can’t Pinoys build a simple damn counting machine? Have a little faith in your people – wasn’t it just recently that DOST-UP made our first Satellite Diwata-1?

          BTW, I find that .99 in your evolving number-based user name quite intriguing.

  3. Aeta, we live in the age of technology and advancements, People tend to buy things out of neccesities to keep up with it’s demand, Your idea of limiting Foreign investors can be good and bad for the economy, it means importing more goods from them and in their terms and control. And if you think if we tell all the OFW’ s to go home it will sabotage their economy.

    1. Camara,

      First of all, let’s allow hindsight to be our guide. First, those OFWs wouldn’t have to leave the country if their businesses and jobs in their respective industries, hadn’t been allowed to be destroyed by their own government, by indiscriminately allowing forein investments to pour into the country through their own business cartels of the same ethinicity.

      Second, what is wrong with importing goods of neccessities from other countries? Nations throughout the world do it all the time to keep the import/export industry balanced.

      What happened to the Failippines during Ramos, Estrada, and GMA’s tenure in officewas they gave generous accomodation to the Chinese’s cheaper and inferior goods into the country (for a percentage of the profit, of course), that competed with the same locally manufactured goods for the local and export market. The result, as you can probably guessed, was devastating for our economy.

      There are other industries that were affected by the indiscrimate pouring in of foreign capital into the Failippines, and only certain sectors of our society (the Chinese-Failipino and politicians) managed to thrive from the trend, while the rest of the population suffered.

      Ask any OFWs why they had to leave the country and why they can’t come back. All of them will tell you the same story I’m telling you now. My question to you is, ‘is this fair to our people?’


      1. Chinese this, Chinese that. Try looking at yourself in the mirror for once. Stop blaming others for your own problems. Face it. Your fixation targeting them borders on obsession. Why don’t you just shoot up Chinese-Filipinos and call it a day?

        1. .say,

          You’re just another “motherfucker” in denial about what happened to your country and people. Keep denying while your country suffer, idiot. You’re probably one of the few who benefitted from the Chinese monopolizing your economy. Either that or you’re Chinese yourself and protecting your interests.


        2. Like I said, if you’re that hung up on Chinese, why don’t you get out on the streets and lynch one instead of sitting on your ass whining like a little bitch? Better yet. Hijack a bus full of Chinese tourists. Demand all Chinese to GTFO of your precious Philippines then proceed to take them out, execution style. I just described your wet dream, right there. Your butthurt towards a certain group because you think the country was collectively bamboozled by them is simply ridiculous. Then again, I don’t expect much from someone who resorts to calling me a mofo.

        3. .say:,

          “Hijack a bus full of Chinese tourists. Demand all Chinese to GTFO of your precious Philippines then proceed to take them out, execution style.”

          For a while I was having a second thought about calling you a “motherfucker,” and was going to write a follow-up comment to apologoze. I’m glad I didn’t.

          You are a “motherfucker” and an “idiot” at the same time.

          You sound like someone who’s had his/her candies and toys taken away too many times by your peers, and don’t know how to fight back. So you cry out loud, hoping someone will take pity and fight your fights for you.


        4. More ad hominems. What a compelling argument. When you literally have nothing to say to refute my points, you go straight to the insults. May as well remove your “intelligentsia” front and come out as an outright troll with mental issues and that’s saying it lightly.

          Just admit you hate Chinese and would gladly see them get wiped out from the face of the Earth. No need to beat around the bush saying, “wahh them’s Chinese is because my country is trash wahh.” Perhaps then I’d give you points for honesty.

          No apologies needed, not from a bigot who’s neck deep in his own conspiracies and delusions. Glad people like you only thrive on the internet and are powerless everywhere. The world would’ve been much worse otherwise.

        5. . says:

          Well what exactly is your point, asshole? All you’ve done so far is throw a tantrum because you don’t like what I’ve said about the Chinese, and how they (along with our fellow “Fliptards”) have contributed to the degradation of our society.

          You sound more an irate child threatening to harm yourself if you don’t get your way, than an adult who can come up with a sound and valid evidence to back up your argument.

          “Why don’t you just shoot up Chinese-Filipinos and call it a day?” If that doesn’t sound like a desperate plea for me to stop talking, I don’t know what is.

          How do you come up with such bullshit one-liner? Did you stay up all night thinking of that line or is it something you’ve just blurted out because it’s the first thought that came to mind? It sounds to me you’re the one that’s in desperate needs to get a grip of your emotion and not me.

          Now you’re adding “Outright Troll” to your stupid spiels. You sound like one of those Yahoo commenters who accuses anyone who talks badly about the Failippines as being a “Chinese Troll.”

          I’ve ran into your kind before: the same one-liner hit wonder that accuses others of being a “Chinese Troll” because you’re incapable of putting your money where your mouth is and come up with a good argument.

          I suggest you go back to Yahoo. You’re out of your league on GRP; you’re impulsiveness gets the best of your intelligence, which you have yet to display.

          So, unless you’re capable of putting up an intelligent argument on why you think the Chinese did not help contribute to the degradation of the socio-economic infrastructure of the Failippines, I recommend you shut the fuck up and go back to Yahoo where you belong.

          I’ll await your next response to see if you’ll show signs of improvement—or at least calmed down.


      2. The site’s called Get Real Philippines. You’re not being real by going around in circles about your disdain of Chinese. You keep denying it as a way to sound smart when really anyone with even an ounce of brain matter can see your true feelings. It’s really damn obvious you want the worst to happen to them as payback for ruining your precious islands. Come clean and admit you will jump for joy if the entire Chinese mainland gets irradiated by tons and tons of nukes.

        There is no need for “intelligent discussion” when your purpose of posting is to blame and demonize Chinese and those of Chinese descent. You can rationalize all you want till your fingers break, but it can all be simplified into a single word: HATE. I mean, look at how you’re treating me now. How else can I expect a decent conversation when the guy in question isn’t even one in the first place?

        1. You’re like one of those pretentious villains that preach why so and so group is evil, hiding under the veil of justice and indignation when you’re basically a megalomaniac at heart.

        2. .says:

          That’s exactly what I’m trying to do on Get Real Philippines, asshole. GET REAL—by telling one and telling all! I thought I will start getting a more concrete evidence from you on why you don’t think the Chinese–along with our fellow “Fliptards”–have contributed to the degradation of our society; of how they (Chinese-Failipinos) have not monopolized our economy by bribing their way into our politicians’ pockets.

          Instead, what I keep getting from you is more continuous grumbling on how much I “disdain” the Chinese. Well Dumbass, I’m also a quarter-part Chinese from my mother’s side. Therefore, I have no personal hatred for the “Chekwas” as people because I’m also a part of their race.

          It’s what the Chinese (“Chinoys” and their Chinese national counterparts) have done, and continue to do (condoning an already corrupt because it’s favorable to them), that I feel needs to be brought to light in order to create ‘awareness on how “we” (the “Fliptards” and “Chekwas”) have all contributed to the degradation of our “fucked up” society and how we can solve it.

          You’re just one of the few assholes on Get Real Philippines who thinks I hate the Chinese because you’re too fucking afraid to face the truth: you’re either ignorant of what’s really going on in your country, or, your defensiveness is just a half-assed effort to protect the them for personal reasons.

          The “Get Real” truth is both Failipinos and Chinese-Failipinos (Chinoys)–and their foreign Chinese counterparts–have done an exemplary job in making life harder each day in this God-forsaken country by continually creating chaos for their own benefits.

          Part of the Chinese philosophy in life is “there is abundant of opportunities in the midst of chaos.” Well, guess what? I do believe the Chinese meant what they’d said and they making damn sure it happens in the Failippines.

          So “Fuck Off” already on your stupidity unless you have concrete evidence to disprove everything I’ve said about the “Fliptards” and the “Checkwas.” You’re just making me repeat the same damn thing I’ve already said and what you should already know if you have any common sense


    2. @zaxx:

      You did not understand what I mean…the technology is there, these : Korean, Japanese, Chinese , etc… companies, just Imitated, or used the technology available; paid royalties to the design of that technology, and went on manufacturing those products.

      In terms, of these electoral issues: these companies that I have pointed, have the EXPERIENCES and knowledge of any electoral processes. They invented, developed, and applied these Electoral process. Why struggle to develop again the same process?
      Years of experiences means: they have met problems; formulated solutions; and improved the electoral system processes. Remember, we are a Third World country. We are 2 centuries, behind Science and Technology. These counties are First world; they are advanced in Science and Technology.

      So, it is better to be taught by them…we call this: Transfer of Technology”….hope all can understand now…

      1. Hyden

        “Technology Transfer” is a much better term to use – and I can agree with that. PH can hire foreign consultants – if experience is your concern.

        Just imagine how much money Smartmatic is getting out of this…

        “Albano said Bautista informed him that the Comelec is now studying whether to proceed with the awarding of a P3-billion deal for the refurbishment of its 81,000 PCOS machines or a P6.3-billion contract for the lease of 71,000 PCOS units.” LINK

        reeks of tons of kickbacks to me.

        Give that kind of funding to UP, Ateneo, Mapua or AMA to develop a locally-made system and you will be surprised at the rock bottom price tag.

        Smartmatic PCOS machines even have mechanical rollers (parang typewriter) – just imagine the maintenance cost. Why not have a camera just grabbing the image of the ballot from a distance?

        Well PH is a third world country because we don’t know how to spend. And we keep buying things at 10x the cost of making them on our own, even if there is local talent. That’s why we have no core home-grown technologies.

        But hopefully, things might change with the rise of the likes of Du30 and his crew. Good news; looks like his cabinet is power packed – Gibo appears to be joining the team. Better days ahead.

        1. @Zaxx:

          Fire SMARTMATIC….it is a company that co-conspired with Aquino and Mar Roxas, to steal the election. It is a dishonest company.

          Please consult the two agencies: American and German, that I have pointed out…they have the technology, more advanced than SMARTMATIC, to ensure Honest, and Accurate elections in the Philippines.

          Of course, we have to spend some money. But, we are buying the “real thing”…

        2. Hyden,

          You can hire the latest and the greatest but that will come with an even higher price tag. The question is – can PH afford it? There’s a reason why we settled for some dubious company from a fellow-3rd-world (South American) nation for this project.

          Comelec should be completely purged of compromised individuals; how can Comelec officials and ruling admin fire the very company that feeds them in likely billions in juicy kickbacks?

          I have been thinking of setting up a certifying agency that can ensure that an individual has 100% bullet-proof integrity. Imagine, even in “holy” churches, you can’t tell who you can trust.

          There has to be a way to “mark” people of unquestionable character and motives. It’s like a golden “seal of excellence” or ISO mark we see on products, except that we do it on people – esp. Filipinos.

          The biggest problem in the Philippines is finding people you can TRUST and DEPEND ON.

      2. [Corrected Version]


        Forget it. Zaxx is not going to accept what you’ve suggested about Failipinos just paying “royalties” for these technologies from the Chinese (or other countries), so our people can apply them in our own country by ourselves, without further interferences from others countries and give jobs to our people.

        Zaxx wants a complete domination of the Failippines by the Chinese (culture and people). so we’ll be taken over by them, through what he calls the “Chinese assimilation.” This means we’ll have Chinese people running our country and in-debting our people to them to become their ”serfs”–either as OFWs or low-wage servants.

        It’s fucked up but I strongly suspect that’s what zaxx wants. Just read all his comments. He’ll put down our fellow “Fliptards” but won’t say anything incriminating towards the “Checkwas.”


        1. @Zaxx:

          I have given good information, on what needs to be done. The Germans and the Americans are very much advanced in this Electoral Technology. The Chinese are used as manufacturers/factory workers, because of low labor cost…the Philippines, is 2 centuries behind any technologically advanced country.

          Technologies invented are protected by PATENTS. You cannot just freely use them.

          Yes, the Philippines can afford it ! The cost is less than what our corrupt politicians are stealing from their Pork Barrels …

        2. Hyden, if we can get a good deal and full control of the technology (without interference by outsiders) – why not.

          Aeta, that’s been settled a long time ago.

          Can Chinese Filipinos Make the Philippines Great Again?

          The answer is a resounding YES (Emphasis on Filipinos). If you don’t like the Chinoy-powered brand of nationalism, you are welcome to make your own.

  4. Do not overexert your true strength on people. Do not give too much of yourself to country. Exert your all your true strength and might on a true and a solemn purpose and you have done it all.

  5. POP quiz guys, are you ready?

    Q#1 (on necropolitical narcotics):
    What did Mar Roxas say to Korina when she asked if she could run for President in the next elections?

    Q#2: What 3 C’s did Mar Roxas lack that Du30 possessed?

    Q#3: Why does Abby Binay have a greater chance of following his father’s footsteps (becoming VP) than her sister Nancy?

    * * *

    Ans to Q#1: “Over my dead body!” – Mar

    Ans to Q#2: 3 C’s – Charisma, Controversy, and Common Sense

    Ans to Q#3: 2 B’s – Beauty and Brains

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