Rodrigo Duterte presidency will highlight Noynoy Aquino’s incompetence


Congratulations are in order to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for his phenomenal win as the next Philippine President. I don’t think even he anticipated he was going to win or even if he did, he probably didn’t think he was going to win by more than 6 million votes. His numbers have surpassed that of incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino who was considered popular when he won back in 2010.

Duterte’s win is pretty remarkable. For someone who confirmed his candidacy in the last hour of filing of certificate of candidacy in October 2015, the rise of his popularity is one for the books. I certainly did not see it coming. After all, Duterte does not belong to the elite club of Imperial Manila. A lot of people underestimated him especially the members of the Liberal Party and their supporters. Some of them — one Cynthia Patag — even said that for Duterte to win, he needed to work on his Visaya accent because for her, it is such a turn off to a lot of voters. She was certainly wrong about that too.

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Duterte’s supporters managed to look past his Visayan accent, casual demeanor and especially his foul mouth. Instead, his supporters focused on his personality, which some say is what made Davao City what it is today – orderly and relatively peaceful for a city in Mindanao, a region rife with tensions between militants and government forces. While I would have liked that the voters look at the candidates’ platforms, they were, instead, taken by their character.

Aside from surpassing BS Aquino’s number of votes, Duterte looks like he will likewise overshadow the incumbent’s performance in more ways than one. Duterte has already announced that his first order of business is to issue an executive order to implement the Freedom of Information Bill:

“Kung ayaw ng Congress, I will start with this progressively. Para walang satsat, walang yakyak, Day One, Freedom of Information, I will impose it on my department, the executive department,” Duterte told reporters in an interview.

“Unahan ko na. I will issue an executive order. Hindi na kailangan ng batas…. Media and everybody else is welcome to dig deep into the papers,” he added.

That was the same bill BS Aquino promised to pass during his campaign but decided not to prioritize as soon as he was elected in office. That was the first evidence that his Daang Matuwid wasn’t really meant to be transparent. Throughout his term, the public was in the dark about his policies. BS Aquino was in the habit of giving surprises like when he negotiated with Muslim Rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front for the so-called Bangsamoro Basic Law, which turned out to have unconstitutional provisions. BS Aquino also used public funds illegally to buy favors from members of Congress. He disguised this by using fancy terms such as Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to deceive the public into believing they were legitimate programs.

Hopefully, this tradition of bribing Congress will end with Duterte since he doesn’t like Congress and even said on record that he plans to abolish it. Some people probably voted for him because of that. It’s always been a standard joke that Congress is useless. A lot of the members do not even attend regular sessions. Congressman and Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao only attended four times in 2015. He got away with it because Filipinos love watching him box in the ring in Vegas.

Some of us may not like his foul mouth but I can see already that he will be an improvement over BS Aquino. It seems he will be choosing better-qualified cabinet members outside of his clan. We can say goodbye to BS Aquino’s allies dubbed KKK (Kaibigan, Kaklase at Kabarilan). Filipinos can rejoice with the thought that Deparment of Transportation and Comminications Secretary Jun Abaya and Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Angel Honrado will be replaced soon. The new GM should put an end to the bullet-planting scam that has been traumatizing local and international travellers to the Philippines for years.

The good thing about Duterte not hiring family and friends as his cabinet is he won’t have qualms about firing them if they are not effective. Proof of this is when he said he is willing to kill his own children if they get caught using drugs. There should be less blatant practice of patronage politics in Duterte administration.

A lot of Duterte’s critics especially coming from the Liberal Party supporters talk about their fears of blood spilling on the streets due to his promise to kill criminals. They probably shouldn’t take him too literally. Or should we? We are not entirely sure how Duterte is going to do this without getting in trouble with the law himself. We have to wait for his detailed plan of action in reducing crime in “three to six months time”.

Frankly, it’s getting quite annoying to read members of foreign media comparing Duterte to US billionaire and Presidential candidate Donald Trump. While both are provocateurs, Duterte is not a racist. He also plans to work on negotiating peace with Muslim rebel groups in Midnanao. Meanwhile, Trump is creating further division in American society by alienating Mexicans and Muslims. Plus Trump never held public office in his life.  

Duterte has promised to behave as soon as he is sworn into office as President. This is something people who are worried about his penchant for swearing are hoping he would do. One thing is for sure though, there are people who are already looking forward to his plan to ban loud karaoke singing after 10 pm. People can finally get some peace and quiet at night.

56 Replies to “Rodrigo Duterte presidency will highlight Noynoy Aquino’s incompetence”

  1. The comparison to Trump angers me too.

    What angers me even more is how the international media is now portraying him.
    In Europe he is being called a mad man, murderer, wannabe rapist, future Dictator, et cetera.

    All this is coming from the irresponsible and politically influenced local media.

    It will take a while till Duterte gets the respect he deserves.

    One thing is for sure, don’t let anyone outside dictate us how to run things here. European political correctness is not a pair of shoes that will fit every foot. Different countries, different customs.

    Who ever contacts me from Europe telling me how terrible Duterte is can go fly a kite.
    I usually tell them not to talk about stuff they know nothing about and then tell them to buzz off.

    I’ll be in Europe this summer like every year and I have already prepared 2 Duterte T-Shirts that I will bring and proudly wear.

    1. No disrespect to Europeans but they, of all people, should know that they’re way of doing things does not always work in places like the Philippines. You cannot bring a knife to a gun fight. It’s no wonder they are struggling with their Muslim population

        1. What makes a lasting peace difficult in the already autonomous Muslim regions relates to a culture of continual rebellion that has developed over the last 400 years.

          It also relates to new Muslim rebel groups being born just as a peace has been made with the current dominant Muslim group (that is a manifestation of my first point).

          Round and round we go, from one failed peace attempt to the next.

    2. Hi Jim,
      I will not tell you how terrible Duterte is bec I dont know him. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and we can only judge him during his presidency and after his term of 6 years. And only then he can be compared to all his previous presidents.

    3. @ J.D. Well, Jim, it seems that you are either a Philippine citizen or wish you were.In the very possible case that you are NOT a Philippine citizen and therefore could not vote in the election,how can you possibly say ‘…outside dictate ‘US’….’?
      You are a Filippine citizen? or Have you mistakenly considered yourself a Filippine citizen ? If you are a PR citizen it is unnecessary to ask for whom it was you voted for.

      I always get a good laugh out of the people who cheer for a particular sports team,celebrating a win, and then they say ‘WE WON’ as if they are actually on the team.

      1. >> I always get a good laugh out of the people who cheer for a particular sports team,celebrating a win, and then they say ‘WE WON’ as if they are actually on the team.

        Like tambuay Filipinos riding on the back of Pacquiao’s success, for example?

      2. I cannot see what you are trying to get at Roddy. Does it matter whether Jim is a Filipino or not for him to be able to express his support for Duterte and the PH? Even if he is not a Filipino, the fact that he used the word ‘us’ shows that he cares for PH and how it should be governed like he was a citizen himself and is part of the ‘team’. Care, is it not the only thing that should matter?

  2. If you cannot carry a tune; please do not sing; especially, if everybody is sleeping. If you can sing well, then, sing only during daytime…it can be music to our ears.

    Pres. Duterte has much work awaiting him. He must clean the Electoral Process System. So that, the will of the people, will never be compromised.

    Laglag/Tanim Bala of Abaya and Aquino; Hacienda Luisita; Land Reform; Patronage Politics; Chinese invasion; ISIS/Al Queda; widespread corruption; etc…

    I wish him well…Good Luck!

    1. that’s what exactly the Pilipinos wanted him to do, jail them all don’t let them ran away, more on those who pocketed the peoples money. the question now is: should Duterte choose his legacy in the Philippine history, or, be a puppet of pnoy?

      secondly, he should scrapped out congress and the senate temporarily for a smooth transition. otherwise he won’t make it.

      will it be Duterte vs pnoy now? let’s what and see.

  3. So it looks like the attempt to get back into a place of power the Filippine people should NEVER allow,BB Marcos did not get even the Vice=Presidency and even with all the boot-licking done for him here at GRP.

    Guess you here at GRP don’t have as much pull as you thought and are having a heaping helping of ‘Humble-Pie’ today,huh?How does it taste?

    1. Guess you here at GRP don’t have as much pull as you thought and are having a heaping helping of ‘Humble-Pie’ today,huh?How does it taste?

      ‘Humble pie’, hahaha! I’m sure they’re doing ok considering the additional traffic you yellow oglers just gave the site. Even commented on. LOL!

    2. Nice job fixing it, villain.
      Thanks for the additional traffic.

      You guys clearly didn’t think this through.

  4. i still have doubt about this karaoke thing in my barangay West Crame just beside Camp Crame (oh the irony). people here would break the 10pm-no-karaoke curfew whenever they celebrate bdays (rule of men). they just finished singing now (1am). but i’ll be hopefully once it’s nationally implemented.

    Presumptive-Pres. Elec. Duterte during election day:
    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –

    #DU30 #BBM #MDS – dream team for People’s Reform Party

    1. This karaoke thing is really disgusting to neighbors. In America , one cannot make loud noise even in your parties, as you will be reported and the police will come to give you warning or else…. Filipinos should start to discipline themselves.

    2. I agree. Unless Duterte turns up personally to blow them away, they’ll still carry on doing exactly what they did yesterday.

      Still, it’ll be interesting to see how things work out. Dutuerte’s performance will at least measure how much influence the president has over the country (I suspect essentially zero), and whether the ordinary Filipino does have it deep within his soul to actually co-operate for once.

  5. Bloomberg has been particularly critical of Duterte, comparing him to Donald Trump; but Duterte is best compared to another American Politician, the pragmatic and outspoken Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    1. you’re not alone on this, hahaha. i even prefer “bullshit” cause that’s how i describe his policies as president

  6. I hope President Duterte goes all the way back to the politically ambitious and self-martyred father (Benigno), continue with the religiously hypocritical mom (Cory), make a pit stop with the lewd and promiscuous sister (Kris), and finish with the gene-mutated son (NoyNoy) to highlight the entire picture.

  7. I am from Cagayan de Oro City, one city in Northern Mindanao. I did not vote for Mayor Duterte nor ever will. His analysis of Duterte is very hopeful. I need it very badly. After all, I have no choice. He is now my president, too. However I agree with his shot at Patag, Jim Paredes and at Pres. Noynoy and his incompetent kaibigans. It is a relief to once again hope for a better Philippines in the next 6 years.

  8. What I’m worried about are the remnants of the LP in the senate and congress. No less than Franklin Drilon on top! These vermins can create unrest from the inside just to make sure the status quo is preserved. This early Robredo is being installed there just to create dissent on Duterte’s presidency and plan an orchestrated power grab in the near future. With DeLima in the fold, it could only get worse. Never underestimate the money media and influence backing these clowns not to get things done.

  9. the VCM’s found at Mar’s hotel should be confiscated and not to be allowed to be counted. check the card if it’s loaded with candidates name. start the FOI now, publish whoevers name in it.

    1. @Pusoy:

      All evidences that could had been used in the Electoral Fraud…must be confiscated; and will be used as EVIDENCE, against these people.

      These people has CORRUPTED the Electoral process in our country. Prosecute and Jail them All! Every Filipino who love their country, must help…RECOUNT the ballots; Test all the machines; and see any discrepancies…

  10. I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.

  11. what will happen to those who plundered the peoples wealth thru DAP and PDAP??? is Duterte’s call for unity shall set them free??? i don’t think the Pilipinos will like that.

    1. Unlike PNoy, du30 will be too busy fixing the country to be witch hunting. He will leave it to the justice dep to do that. Remember he’s in the executive branch.

      Why the senate and Pres are acting like a court/judge is one of the many dysfunctions of this recent admin.

    2. Agree with Zaxx right there.
      The guy is not really the type who goes after politicians and whatnot. I think he’s wise enough to not make the unnecessary enemies in unfamiliar territories, he’s not Ned Stark.
      But the Filipinos will be glad, you might say?
      Was there a point in this campaign where you TRIED to please the people watching him? hahaha. He kinda doesn’t care about image, really. And his brand of pleasing is through doing his well and efficiently.

      I think his priorities at the moment are just doing his job as President, curb crime rate and corruption, and improve what needs to improved. Based on what I have observed in Davao and how he led Davao..he goes after departments where corruption is obvious and rampant instead of going after corrupt officials (who have fans and supporters).

      He is not the type who will wave at your face that he’s got something against you. He will keep it until the need to use them arise. He will just do whatever his job requires of him, set an example to what people should vote, and lets the people decide.

      I know DAvao is not a country but this is his style of governance.
      He runs after departments. He fired the head of the department down to the janitor so it’s clean. That should set an example to the next officials and employees of that department to do their job well or else they’ll lose the job. And the people saw the difference between good and poor service.
      That’s like hitting two birds with one stone.
      That’s why he has no worries in leaving Davao. He knows the people know what kind of leader to vote and he knows the citizen will uphold and follow the laws or educate others who break the laws of the city.

      If I will give an advice to his detractors and future enemies, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT HE’S STUPID OR THAT HE KNOWS NOTHING because deym..that will kill you. 🙂

      Before you think he has nothing in his sleeves, remember the questions he asked Sen. Grace Poe and Sen. Miriam Santiago during the Presidential debates. Not enough but should give you an idea a to how his mind works. He is always two steps ahead of his enemies.

  12. at least little by little we are learning from the mistakes of the past. The people have spoken. Voice of the people. Vox Populi. This is a republic. This is indeed a democracy.

    However what worries me are the Senatorial Elects in the Legislative Department and the VP. DU30 said if nobody follows and believes in him, he will resign. remember the VP is an LP member.

    We try to cure the ailments of this country by majority vote but it seems we are also inflicting pain at the same time by electing unqualified candidates.

    #DU30 #MDS #BBM #DangersofMajorityVote #PresidentialSystemSucks

    P.S. where’s Kate? she ain’t blogging.

  13. The mayor seems to be off to a running start with his idea of getting the FOI passed asap – it shows his sense of priority.
    Transparency, accountability, due diligence etc etc the bottom line is honesty and integrity will lead to good governance, and everything else will fall into place.
    We all have high hopes for him, he was always an underdog who was always rated as a rank outsider, but like Dolphy once said, “What if I win?”
    well, he just did, we’d all just better get used to it, because we just might be in for some exhilarating changes instead of listening to all this drivel about a discredited ‘trickle-down’ theory and putting up with gridlock and stagnation.
    and we need to pray for him – every day.

    1. And your interpretation of the term ‘continuation’ is rather simplistic. Especially when applied to nation-building. Sort of how like Noynoy junked practical and good solutions like the flood initiatives spearheaded by GMA simply because GMA had a hand in it. Grow up. It’s not a schoolyard brawl.

    2. I sense that too, I believe that itself is a formed coalition betwen the right and the left to protect the power of the oligarchy. Either way they win

  14. I hope that President Duterte can gain control of the bureaucracy that he will oversee. That is a very difficult thing as each individual provincial office of all the departments seem to be run as independent franchises.

    It is even hard to find an honest Customs agent at Manila’s airport. He has much difficult work to do.

  15. Don’t worry about how the west sees him, they had the same mistake on Lee Kuan Yew, they said the same thing to him, but they were all wrong. His type of leadership is unprecedented in the Philippines, hence, the mockings 🙂 just ignore them, Duterte will prove them wrong eventually..

  16. The gist is exact.Duterte’s administration will definitely magnify Pnoy’s incompetence and surpassed all other administrations’ accomplishments.His pro people advocacy will inevitably conceive impeccable outcomes and embed Philippines political history.

  17. Many of you on this site consider Pnoy to be the worst president of the Phils. What do you call the president now who will copy the policies of Pnoy?
    Worse than the worst?

    1. Those so-called economic policies of Pnoy were started by GMA. And that moron did not even bother to credit her for that. Simply co-opted it on his own and what thanks does GMA get from it: Illegal detention. At least Duterte has the decency to tell people upfront about his plans. Keep sucking the yellow d***k.

    2. Ahem…PNoy only copied GMA’s economic policies. This is evident in the fact that his Finance Secretary Purisima used to be GMA’s. At least Duterte is honest enough to say he will just continue previous admin’s econ policies. Meanwhile, PNoy doesn’t have any qualms about credit grabbing. And that’s one of the reasons why some of us think he is the worst President the Philippines ever had.

    3. “What do you call the president now who will copy the policies of Pnoy?”

      Copying the policies doesn’t mean copying PNOY’s incompetence and decent-style credit grabbing moves.
      Ang babaw lang. Jeysas.
      Kahit pa gayahin niya ang buhok at ubo ni Pnoy, hindi siya magiging tulad ni Pnoy dahil iba silang dalawa sa style of governance and leadership. If he will be worse than Pnoy, we can only say 6 years after.

    4. rightist says
      How do you know, Pnoys legacy PDAF DAp, let see if drilon will received those free money with this new administration

      The rightist are for elites, oligarch,big corporation interest only.In canada we are socialist ,and we enjoy all this not available in your country

  18. He asked poe about what she should do first if the phil is bombed in the middle of the night and senator santiago about her cancer/health? Is that it?

  19. I f no ones will, who will- Its better to be Duterte, human rights is pointless if someone is not intended to respect other right, if the spill of blood is a requirement to make it better, then be it or else do the right thing, thats why they call it government.!

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