Changes to Expect Under a Duterte Government


Change is finally coming folks. People are feeling once again the euphoria of a new beginning – something like the crisp cool freshness in the air when it’s the final week of classes before the Christmas and New Year holidays begin, or the feeling of moving into a new school, job, house or city.

It’s a time of jubilant anticipation of a big break for tired and weary ordinary Pinoys – to finally find a leader who represents their deepest longings and can empathize in their suffering and pain. Much has been said about the thrust on demolishing drugs, criminality and corruption, but what else can we expect in the Du30 package?

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Three Things to Expect Under a Duterte Presidency

1. Solid Rule Enforcement (Less Freedom)

The moment Pinoys step on foreign soil to begin their new life as an OFW in a first-world country, they start behaving differently. They begin to follow every rule to the letter; they start to act courteously to all and not cause any inconvenience to neighbors. They are cautious and conscious of the fact that they are being watched. This is how it will feel under a pseudo-“Martial law”-like administration which will be enforced by Duterte. Imagine not being able to smoke in public, drive like a madman, or light up your super-lolo firecracker on New Year’s eve. Giving up some liberties in exchange for order and safety for the common good will be a hard pill to swallow for many spoiled-brat Filipinos accustomed to Yellow pee-anywhere-you-want democracy. But this is what you asked for right? Becoming a Singapore (clean, orderly, disciplined) has its price.

2. No-Nonsense Leadership and Public Service

Duterte will assemble what may be called the “dream team” to form his Cabinet – with one simple requirement: are you competent for the job? For a boss who will not settle for senseless excuses for goof-ups, delays, or oppressive service/policies, ministers/officials/agency heads will be chosen and retained based on the principles of meritocracy; they will be fired without consideration at the slightest hint of incompetence. For a leader who values time by pressuring himself with a self-imposed deadline of half a year to deliver, he will have zero tolerance for people who only serve to weigh him down on achieving his goal. He shows humility in welcoming on board those who are of other parties as long as they are qualified. He will spare no expense in getting the best on his team. Being on the Duterte Cabinet will be a more prized position than warming a seat in the Senate.

3. A Reconfigured Philippines

Duterte is hell-bent on not just fixing but completely replacing the broken obsolete oligarchy-protecting 1987 Cory constitution that has kept the Philippines lagging behind the more dynamic agile tigers of Asia. He will reconfigure the Philippines based on what he believes will finally give peace to his home in the South, and give each region a fare share of the pie: a federal government. The biggest obstacle to his ultimate goal of turning the country into his dream “United States of the Philippines” is bribe-thirsty oligarchy-backed Congress itself. And even at this critical point in the race, he flatly tells us openly without hesitation or apology what kind of bold move he is willing to do. Yup, he will simply close down Congress if these lawmakers are in the way and declare a revolutionary government.

Think of a bulldozer on full-steam-ahead mode. Something as unstoppable, uninhibited, and bold a battering ram as this comes only once in many decades. Let’s welcome the new era of change that is finally at hand. Who said it’s always bad news in the Philippines?

71 Replies to “Changes to Expect Under a Duterte Government”

  1. Indeed, these changes (and some more) are what the country needs for the majority to finally rise up to the challenges of time, to be part of what democracy and freedom could bring, and to lessen, if not eliminate, the strongholds of the few who have bled the country to being enslaved by their caprices, arrogance and deceit. It’s about time, even for six years, and eventually inspire others to continue on with that legacy of TRUE CHANGE. We can’t be like this forever, be shameful, envious and defeatist all the time compared with our neighbors. We have to RISE UP to the challenge for a better society that benefit the most those who are the majority that has been sidelined by this government and previous governments to oblivion and become only relevant during election time. This is the previous time to have that positive “revenge” and support our new President who is unquestionably dedicated, and willing even to sacrifice his life for us all. May God Almighty bless and protect Pres. Duterte and his team and inspire all the government employees and officials to change our “bulok” society. God willing, through His Spirit in us, we will definitely RISE UP to the challenges of time!

  2. Let’s be honest: he’s not going to win. Overseas voters have been documenting how they vote for him and see RoRo on their receipts (which, of course, they’re forbidden to take home with them, go figure).

    And even if he did? The oligarchs are just going to EDSA his arse out of Malacañang even before he steps foot in it.

    And even if he did get sworn in and gets to serve? You’ll see the biggest stonewall and filibustering, and political sabotage in the history of the Philippines just so that the choice of democracy will look bad.

    What? You think the Yellow Horde is going to take this sitting down? That they’re going to say “Well done winning fair and square! Now let’s unite to take care of our country!”? Especially if it will make their enemy look good in the eyes of the world?

    They literally will look away from streets strewn with the corpses of Filipinos. Worth dying for? Great soundbite—no basis in reality.

    Mark my words: they will hound him and break him too.

      1. Yes, he will. And Bong Bong (if he wins, which I doubt) will be kicked out too. Everyone knows they can kick a Marcos out of there anytime they please by clogging up a strip of highway.

        1. They don’t have Cardinal Sin anymore. Who will rally the horde? Noy? Who has exhausted his political capital?

        2. They don’t need Cardinal Sin to call them to EDSA. In the last 30 years, people go to EDSA at the drop of a hat to “fight tyranny” ek-ek with no Cardinal Sin calling them there. Everybody already thinks that holding EDSA hostage is how you win in this country.

          It’s the reason why any non-Manileño brazen enough to march from their provinces to go to EDSA to effect change are stopped at the outskirts of the city, accused of “hakot” (like all the other EDSAs were not hakot themselves), and branded as “disturbers of the peace”.

          As for Bong Bong: just you wait. They will EDSA him out of his position if he ever dares to win. I mean, more people killed in the last 30 years than in the 20 years of Martial Law and they still think what happened almost half a century ago is relevant. It’s like when Mao or Stalin killed their own people and they’re still the heroic superstars of their countries.

          So, no… there will be no change. This election is a joke.

      2. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. They are afraid that Bongbong will take over Malacañang. 🙂

      3. that IF Bongbong wins. what if Robredo wins for VP? naloko na. DU30 will not stay in Malacanang for too long if Robredo wins for VP.

        The yellows have infested the whole system of the country so stay vigilant.

    1. >> And even if he did get sworn in and gets to serve? You’ll see the biggest stonewall and filibustering, and political sabotage in the history of the Philippines just so that the choice of democracy will look bad.

      That’s my take. He has a chance of winning, I think. It’s possible. But he will be able to do nothing, because it isn’t the President who runs the country (I suspect he knows this).

      As for enforcing the laws: what’s the point if the laws are the problem in the first place? I know he’s been talking about overhauling the BOC and BIR (which needs doing, preferably by knocking down the buildings and putting every occupant in jail). However, what’s the point when all the laws which give those institutions their mandate are fundamentally flawed? How is he going to rip up that particular rulebook without agreement from all the crooks who benefit?

      It’s going to be interesting if he wins, but only in the sense that a disaster movie is interesting.

    2. Who knows? When he becomes the president, he will be the commander in chief. Generals may support the yellow but not all officers will support the yellow.

    3. I think DU30 will be elected by May 9. His lead will be minimum 5 million votes over next rival. Even the Yellows will not be crazy to try massive cheating at those kind of numbers. So Yellows have also already accepted DU30 will win. This is the reason they shifted their focus. Note PNoy, disregarding the dignity of his office, went to beg for votes from the bloc voting INC. It was not for Mar. According to inside sources, it was for Leni.

      You already see what is going to happen. If Leni is VP, the Yellows will not stop their destabilization plots, so Leni can take over and for the Yellows, tuloy ang Ligaya. If you don’t want this scenario, MAKE SURE YOU DON’T VOTE FOR LENI Because in this scenario, DU30 will be ousted or killed before the new year of 2017. They might just allow him to celebrate the Christmas of 2016, but that is it.

      1. Nobody is killing Duterte !
        All Leni has to do is cook him Adobo everyday and import Lechon from Cebu.

        That should do Duterte in.

        1. I know it would be easy for them to make the death of DUTERTE look natural. But, don’t give them ideas now. They have already shown their capability. Just look at what they did to the husband of Leni.

      2. In continuation of my below …

        Leni should have sexy girls in Malacanang so Duterte will have coronary failure after doing sexy girls 24/7

    4. This election has been a colorful one. Although the discourse among our fellow Filipinos lack maturity, it is still discourse nonetheless. Filipinos finally care what will happen with their votes. Hope has finally been rekindled.

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with the scenarios that you have predicted, Gryphon Hall, and it saddens me that they are all too possible with the machinations of the powers-that-be in our country.

      Sadder still is that there’s a 50-50 chance that Filipinos will either rise against their oppressors or succumb to hopelessness of being denied of their authentic revolution, instead of being 100% for the former move.

      I hope the many muster enough courage to take on the few and strive for a more socialist Philippines.

    1. Damn, I remember my old prof saying that if you want to change this country, you’ll have to kill all living Filipinos and start repopulating.

      1. Actually, the circulating quote was “…kill all living Filipinos ages 11 and above”.

        But I can see how a “Khmer Rouge” style form of cleansing could be beneficial…though barbaric.

  3. for Federalism – we can’t copy the USA Federalism as secession can happen anytime. the Duterte Administration can check German / French Federalism. Geographical Federalism can be done too.

    And BBM should win! fuck he should win. >:(
    i’ll vote BBM for VP!

  4. “But this is what you asked for right? Becoming a Singapore (clean, orderly, disciplined) has its price.”

    I don’t recall that price being at least 1,700 (by his words) dead teenagers in alleyways. And I certainly don’t recall LKY bragging about them either.

    But hey, they were all definitely guilty hardened criminals before they even went through due process, who am I to judge?

      1. How though? When I said

        they were all definitely guilty hardened criminals before they even went through due process

        I’m sarcastically repeating what people have actually said about those killed by the death squad. They’re ready to take these assumptions at face value rather than analyze the circumstances that resulted in their death.

  5. If we are betting our lives to vote for Duterte’s iron fist rule, is it safe to say that Nuking this country is a better option? Its like saying burning the house to kill all the rats.

  6. Transfer the seat of the government elsewhere, like Cebu or Davao while the capital and its people are undergoing rehabilitation. This is also to prevent the Yellow oligarchs and their minions from overthrowing the presidency. They are only powerful in Manila, but Manila does not represent the majority of the Filipino people.

  7. I wonder how much influence the US govt has in cheating Duterte, or anyone besides the RoRo camp. The US needs someone who they can dictate like Noynoy Aquino so they can impelement their interests in our country and to continue US foreign policy in the territorial brawl in South China Sea.

    1. Good eyes, that is why China keeps calling the Philippines a US puppet state. They, the Philippines can’t decide on their own. I mean, come on neglecting your own defense? Kicking the US base in the 90’s then bringing them back again?

      It keeps me wondering up to this day as to why the so called elites of the Philippines are so contented for the scraps/left overs that they get? I guess they weren’t greedy enough to aim big.

    2. This may be a surprise to Filipinos. The USA does not care about the Philippines. If you go to the USA version of CNN and Fox news the Philippines is never on it. Do you know why? We care about our country only. Most of our factories have been moving to other countries already. Have anyone here noticed that we have been closing down our factories here? Mexico and Vietnam are the homes to most USA factories now.

      1. “The US will definitely won’t allow someone who has links with a terrorist organization to become a head of state of an allied country. I smell coups.” You have definitely not read the lists of US allies. What about Saudi Arabia, Turkey, I am not even going to start with the African and Latin nations. There are too many too lists. Also you forget we will stand by the sidelines and watch martial law be declared in your country as we did recently with our ally country Thailand.

        1. “Stand by the sidelines”, yeah right. Sure, manure! The last time Martial Law was declared, it was 100% supported by the US govt, and even heavily armed the Philippine army for it. Haha! Uncle Sam was too traumatized with their failure in Vietnam, and thus backed-up Martial Law like a salivating dog.

    3. The US will definitely won’t allow someone who has links with a terrorist organization to become a head of state of an allied country.

      I smell coups.

  8. As early as 2014, in an article of Davao Today, then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte already gave us a glimpse of what to expect should he becomes President! It will be a highly ambitious experimental Coalition Government with the NDF-CCP-NPA, MNLF and MILF!

    He better succeed…it will be good for, what the author Mr. Zaxx described once as, “the UNFORTUNATE ONE-QUARTER of the Filipino population living in abject poverty”, but then, it may also be a potential disaster to some of his NOT-SO-UNFORTUNATE FRIENDS!

    In a facebook posts of Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman, Jose Maria Sison said that:

    “Mayor Duterte should become president if he is willing to have a democratic coalition government with the revolutionary forces and other patriotic and progressive forces of our people.”

    “We can have a common program of action: real national independence and territorial integrity, democratic empowerment of the working people, economic development through national industrialization and genuine land reform, social justice, a patriotic and progressive culture and international solidarity with other peoples for peace and development. What the revolutionary forces want is what the people demand.”

    The then Mayor reacted and declared that “he favors the communist programs.”

    More of Rodrigo Duterte, with his own GOD-GIVEN MOUTH:

    1.) “What Sison is after, I am after that also. We have a common program for action: real and national independence and territorial integrity, democratic empowerment of the working people –I want that also. Economic development through national industrialization, I want that too.”

    2.) Duterte said his pronouncements on establishing a coalition government with the communists also goes out to the Muslim insurgents. “Everywhere, not only for the NPAs, but for the MILF and MNLF. That is fictional actually. Only if I’ll be president, only if I am to decide.”

    3.) Duterte clarified that if he becomes the president, he will retain control of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Duterte will likewise “eradicate all forms of paramilitary.”

    4.) “…the positions such as DENR, DAR-Department of Agrarian Reform that’s what the communists really want. If they want a clean slate sa land reform, aside from providing seedlings you will also provide machineries so it will be complete. And there are still large parcels of lands that still need to be distributed.”

    5.) Duterte also supported the CPP’s program for national independence condemning the government’s subservience to foreign dictates. “Why do we follow the Americans? We should be able to chart our own course. Nothing will happen if we keep on following the Americans.”

    Now Back To 2016, Former Teacher Joma Sison and Former Student Digong Duterte on Skype!

    1. HA! HA! HA! HA! When Philippines chart its own course, CHINA WILL BE WAITING. China is now promoting Coachella-like Summer Rock/Electronica Festival in South China Sea.

      Americans will be the first laughing …
      Bloggers from abroad will be last people laughing …
      Pseudo-nationalist abroad will not be going back to the Philippines … because they cannot blog anymore.

      They cannot criticize Duterte.


  9. sir mawalang galang na ipinost ko itong article nyo sa wall ng fb ko pwede kong hindi delete ko nlang maraming salamat

  10. Wow, zaxx. You’re really confident that DU30 will do those things you pointed out.

    Good luck with that.

  11. DUTERTE is equal to ZERO TOLERANCE !!!

    Here are the rubs:
    1. Exterminations of crooks are only for the poor, defenseless, powerless
    2. High-power crooks cannot be exterminated. They can only be dragged to moro-moro Senate investigations
    3. Political Axiom #69 still holds true: “WHAT GOOD IS A GOOD PRESIDENT IF 99.99999% OF FILIPINOS ARE NOT GOOD”
    4. There will be plenty of wang-wangers along EDSA bristling with submachineguns
    5. The national language will be VISAYAN because it is spoken by the majority of Filipinos.
    6. There will be no celebration of EDSA Osyoso Rebolusyon
    7. Donald Trump will congratulate Duterte. Duterte will congratulate Donald Trump
    8. First-Lady-in-Waiting, Korina Sanchez, will go crazy with the loss of Mar Roxas. Hong-Kong citizen Korina Sanchez cannot play evil bitch Cinderella

  12. Filipinos need Duterte like they need Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

    Filipinos wanted Duterte. Duterte cannot know how to implement his kidlat change. Duterte is just saying he will exterminate the crooks. BUT HOW?



  14. Php100.00/US$1.00 !!!
    OFWs are voting Duterte for that reason Php100.00/US$1.00

    I’m lovin’ it!
    Life is Good!

  15. It’s understandable some ordinary Pinoys have grown content living in their rotten shithole for too long now, they no longer have any appetite for change…

    NO TO DUTERTE?? video

    Elections this year is easy: either vote for CHANGE or vote for NO CHANGE.

    Many don’t believe Du30 will deliver on his campaign promises. Well let me turn the tables around: why should I believe Poe or Roxas will deliver?

    I would rather have Du30 bring over just 50% of the pizza he promised to deliver than for Grace and Mar to deliver us back (with 100% assurance) to the dungeons to be tortured for another 6 years of inexperience/incompetence.

    And that’s right, he’s a bit left – so what. China is also left, yet they’re excellent capitalists and make the best products in the world. Vietnam is a bit left, yet their ill-equipped army/citizens can stand up against superpowers like US or China.

    The Filipino brain is not wired for Western democracy – because they just use their liberties as a license to pee anywhere they want to, and even find a way to charge you for the unsolicited favor of watering your plants.

    So into the rabbit hole we go, and let’s see where it leads us…

    1. China and Vietnam are communists only in name.

      They abandoned the radical and illogical parts of communism which enables them to actually see the most realistic way to uplift their nations. If you read some history, China under Mao was epicly fucked up. Only during Deng Xiaoping (who’s brave enough to say Maoism is shit) that China began its rise.

      The problem is, JoMa thinks China’s prosperity was due to Mao’s policies, which in fact is not. And I had my suspicions that DU30 believed it too.

      And no, zaxx. China doesn’t make the best products in the world. There’s a reason “Made in China” is a popular joke.

      1. 100% agree emilio!most people assumed the success of china is due to mao… when in fact it was deng xioping copying western capitalist approach that made china what it is today.

    2. Filipinos will exercise their Right-to-Suffer on May 9.

      It is clear as day Democratic form of government is not fit for Filipinos.

      It is obvious Filipinos when given liberty they abuse it.

      There is evidence Filipinos becomes upright law abiding citizens when they are abroad regardless of form of government, religion, constitution.

      Currently, The Philippines is one huge toilet. Filipinos pee anywhere except in places where there is a posted sign: “WAG UMEHE DITO, DUON”. In modern countries, they pee and pooh in designated places only.

      Philippines is also one huge garbage dump. Filipinos toss their garbage everywhere except there is posted sign: “WAG TAPON BASURA DITO, DUON”

      Laws in the Philippines are mere suggestions. It is just a decorate to give semblance Filipinos have laws.

      SO, FILIPINOS, WHOEVER YOU VOTE IT WILL BE MORE OF THE SAME. “CHANGE” is just a campaign slogan. “CHANGE” is only a suggestion.

      Always remember my Political Axiom #69 & #666, “WHAT GOOD IS A GOOD PRESIDENT IF 99.9999% OF FILIPINOS ARE NOT GOOD”

    3. zaxx,

      There should’ve been no problem with DU30 being leftist. But then he just had to choose the worst position on the Left. That IS the big problem.

      I’ve been talking to a friend of mine in the military in these past few days on what will they do in a DU30 presidency. He said they’ll naturally follow the law and submit to the commander-in-chief. However, his cuddling with the NPA is allegedly making some young officers really angry. I asked about a possible coup but he dismissed it, as it will only complicate things even further.

      But, well, nothing is set in stone. So these next few days is gonna be interesting.

      1. If you don’t like the kind of left Du30 has taken, you can go for Mar/Poe/Binay’s “LEFT behind”. Pinoys anyways have grown accustomed to breathing in gas from the tailpipes of the formula1 super chargers that keep passing them by.

        I wouldn’t worry much about communists under a Du30 presidency. The worst they will do is forcibly dismantle Hacienda Luisita and distribute it to the farmers – Go ahead. It won’t be me crying.

  16. China and Vietnam are communists only in name.

    They abandoned the radical and illogical parts of communism which enables them to actually see the most realistic way to uplift their nations. If you read some history, China under Mao was epicly fucked up. Only during Deng Xiaoping (who’s brave enough to say Maoism is shit) that China began its rise.

    The problem is, JoMa thinks China’s prosperity was due to Mao’s policies, which in fact is not. And I had my suspicions that DU30 believed it too.

    And no, zaxx. China doesn’t make the best products in the world. There’s a reason “Made in China” is a popular joke.

    1. Made-in-China is better than Made-in-the-Philippines.

      Here are Made-in-China products:
      Apple products
      Rice that Filipinos smuggle
      Tsinitas & Tsinitos sought after beauty and skin color
      All Cameras are Made-in-China
      SAAB drivetrain
      Knocked down parts of your beautiful American cars

      … in the first satellite pass there was no airport in South China Sea … the 2nd pass there was already an airport. WoW!

      There was no lighthouse … there is a lighthouse today.

      China builds its own frigates, satellites, rockets-to-the-moon, aircraft carriers, military aircraft …..


      1. Great rebuttal wise one.

        It used to be that “Made in Japan” was a joke in the 70’s, but not anymore. Each of our neighbors is just taking its turn… Taiwan, Korea, and now China, moving from OEM subcontractors to hi-quality original brand makers themselves.

        Strong decisive visionary leadership that can improve the ease of doing business and cultivate home-grown industries based on a strategic roadmap is what PH needs. Step one involves cleaning up corruption and red tape.

        A benevolent strongman like LKY of Singapore will work best for a chaotic society like PH. Fluid anything-goes democracy has simply failed us – we’ve seen the same experiment resulting in the same result for the last 30 years now. Unless you’re part of the Oligarch, give me one reason to want more of the same thing?

  17. POLITICAL AXIOM #96: Filipinos can only change when they are abroad, otherwise, THEY NEVER CHANGE.

  18. The last leader who did, what you are telling us was: Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. He was overthrown by the U.S./C.I.A., in complicity with the Feudal Oligarchs.

    Feudalism must go. Land Reform Program must be revitalized, and implemented fully.

    Can you see that most of those in power are: Hacienderos? Aquino is an example. Where did he get his financial power, to be in power? From their Hacienda Luisita.

    Whoever will be the elected President must solve the rice insufficiency. Rice insufficiency is caused by Feudalism. If farmers own the land they till; there will be incentives for them to produce more rice. Improve the irrigation system…

    Railway transports must be improved, also. Switzerland has good railway system. They tunnel mountains, and cross lakes, with their railway system.

    Those who profit in the importation of rice, are mostly the Filipino Chinese; the cahoots of Aquino and the Feudal Oligarchs.

    Self sufficiency in energy must be achieved. Renewable Energy, gives us, clean air and water. It can also create jobs.

    Stop the pollution of land, rivers, lakes , and ocean…Squatter problem must be solved. Decent housing program, can be formulated.

    Filipinos are multiplying like rabbits. Population control is a must…religion must stay out of politics…

    Stop the Brain Drain of competent Filipinos. These Filipinos, who are competent in Science and Technology; are our only hope in helping the nation, achieve industrialization.

    Solve all the insurgency problems. Unite all Filipinos, whatever their: personal, religious, political beliefs,…or ethniciy.

    Bring back the Death Penalty of worse criminals. It is a good deterrent of crime.

    Diminish the power of the Feudal Oligarchs. They are the “People in the Shadows”, manipulating the political system of the country…

    I wish well, the President, who will be elected.

    Lastly, do not vote Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo…or anybody attach to the Liberal Party and Aquino…

  19. “The US will definitely won’t allow someone who has links with a terrorist organization to become a head of state of an allied country. I smell coups.” You have definitely not read the lists of US allies. What about Saudi Arabia, Turkey, I am not even going to start with the African and Latin nations. There are too many too lists. Also you forget we will stand by the sidelines and watch martial law be declared in your country as we did recently with our ally country Thailand.

    1. There cannot be a coup.
      Duterte will die of natural causes early in his term
      U.S. will install VP
      VP will become P
      And the P will answer to U.S.

      Thais are more mature than Filipinos. 35% of Filipinos are 18 years old and younger. 10% of Filipinos are trolling for jobs abroad. 20% are disabled, retired and retards. That leaves Philippines with 35% minimum working class commoner trying hard to make ends meet.

      Oh, poor Filipinos. It is in the precipice of the abyss: The Duterte and the deep blue sea.

    2. MidEast, Thailand and Africa are very different cases.

      The US is forming a chain of alliances to contain China. Japan, Taiwan, SoKor and the pro-American SEA nations. Having an unstable Philippines (the country that links Japan/SoKor to Indonesia, Vietnam, etc)is going to derail those plans.

      The American people are sick and tired of war, yes. That’s why she’s propping up her Pacific allies to do the job for them, for the time being. Why change that policy for the Philippines?

      I’ll take your statements into account, though. You’re probably from the military. But don’t blame somebody if China’s boomers started lurking around Pearl Harbor in the future.

      1. Speaking of SoKor ano, the South Korean President attended some democratic parade event in China a few months ago. The only leader in Asia who obliged & attended, much to the irritation of the United States. I wonder what demonic ‘creative strategy’ the US will do to them should South Korea continue being like this. Haha. I love it.

  20. Filipinos are inherently ignorant. It is in their DNA.
    It is conspicuously pronounced Ignorant Filipinos are desperate for change and frustrated they are still poor not knowing they are the cause of frustrations and desperations.
    Out of frustration and desperation they will vote for Duterte.
    Out of frustration and desperation Duterte will violate all the living daylights of humane society.

    The intelligent humane world will not stand by. They will withdraw foreign direct investments. They will pull out their investments. They will look somewhere else so as not to be seen as promoting a demagogue.

    The economy will tank. BPOs will go bankrupt. There will be unemployed permanent unemployables. Philippine currency will drop. Filipinos can never be able to afford Maseratis, Mercedes Benzes, Hyundais and Kias because they would be out of reach.

    Only OFWs can afford Starbucks. OFWs will be schemed by Duterte government to support its infrastructure. There will be no more sense going OFW.

    I WILL VOTE FOR DUTERTE! Because in chaos, I will be wealthy without even trying. MY PARENTS ARE ABROAD. My allowance will increase in value.

    AT LAST ONLY I CAN NOW BE BY MYSELF AT LOCAL STARBUCKS. The what is left of BPO staff will not afford Starbucks anymore. They will sip doughnot shop coffee.

    Thank you.

  21. American dreams destroyed this country. No one knows the truth about America and thinks that it is possible to have another America here. This is why Duarte is so popular. I speak to many people here and they all want to go to America. The lies are hear are truly a show of lack of knowledge and lies about America. Example’s “America, there are no poor people. Everyone has a job in America. Everyone is rich in America.”

  22. Ours is a democratic country where sovereignty resides in the people.  Where a vote of the poor equals the vote of the oligarchs.  Where your vote is as good as mine.  All freedom loving Filipinos must respect the will of the people in an honest election.  Otherwise, our country would become a banana republic with unending coups.

    But there is a game plan to limit Duterte’s score to a minority win. Before June 30, 2016, the majority losers would band together to prevent proclamation of Duterte and install the second placer who must be Roxas. That would ultimately be a RORO win. The Philippines would become a banana republic beset by unending coup.

    The majority losers would not wait for the proclamation and oathtaking of Duterte because the aftermath of their game plan would be really bloody after Duterte becomes the Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces. Duterte is not like Erap who was a sissy and afraid of the sight of blood. And real cleansing would start.

  23. From these pages, over the last two or three days, we’ve been seeing quite a bit of three things related to an inevitable ‘Duterte-Win’; ‘Singapore’, the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo’, and the looming ‘Bong-Bong or Leni possibility’ as VP.
    *On Singapore, we had better analyse the sanity of wanting to be just like this island nation. Singapore has a population of less than 5.5 million, and a land area of just over 700 square kilometers. In many respects it is somewhat of an anomaly as a country. Sure, there are Lichtenstein, Andora, the Republic of Palau, Nauru and other such oddities, but the molding and governing of countries such as these is vastly less complicated and far less demanding than, say, running the Philippines. We have a population of upwards of 103 million, ‘shoe-horned’ in an area of 300 thousand sq. kilometers. I would think, (as many others might as well), that aspiring to have the benefits of a Singapore, (ala Lee Kwan Yew), or Lichtenstein is really just a wet dream.
    *On the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo’: Wasn’t this ‘personality cult’ hogging the news not too long ago..for all the wrong reasons? In fact, one of their defrocked ministers has just obtained ‘refugee status’ in Canada.. indicating that the fire within the organization is still raging. For the President, Duterte and Poe-Llamanzares to now degrade/debase themselves in begging for the two- million ‘Iglesia-block-votes’ is embarrassing.. to themselves even. How much ‘dignity’ must the Presidency have to concede to a dubious ‘personality cult’? For that matter, how important, and how relevant is this organization to the Philippines and her people, really, that our leaders would bow and kowtow to it?
    *On Bong-Bong’s and Leni’s possibilities now: So far, all remarks and allusions to a Vice-Presidency of either BB Marcos or Leni Robredo, have carefully and tactfully avoided the fact of their being ‘possible’ Presidents themselves.. as this would indeed suggest the early demise of the presumptive President-elect.. Duterte. One commentary has, in fact, spelled this out, and even unabashedly likened this possibility to the death of Leni’s husband. Not only is this morbid and ghoulish.. it is cynical. Even as we know that Philippine elections have been ‘consistently’ violent and corrupt, this new twist brings our depravity and debasement to, yet, another low.

    What really ails our country? Is it the culture? The insatiable greed? The unbridled corruption? A wide evil streak? The ignorance? Could it be ‘all of the above’? What do you think?

    1. Look no further; the answer is right in the mirror staring at you.

      Well that goes for every Filipino. To make it easier for Du30 to bring this country to at least approximate something with the semblance of a COD state like Singapore, we need to adopt the Filipino Mind Revolution.

      It can start in schools via simple creed memorization contests

      We’re not a hopeless lot. It’s all in the mind. fix the mind ->> to fix this society/country.

  24. Tell that to the Lopezes (ABS-CBN) and Gozons (GMA-7), who are trying their damnedest best of running a defamation ad against Duterte on YouTube by using children. Talk about hitting below the belt. These supposedly heroes of the EDSA Revolution (Lopezes and Gozons) have enjoyed 30 years of fame, power, and fortune; and now they’re afraid to lose it. Who’s the “pot calling the kettle black” now, Lopezes and Gozons? The Marcoses or you?

  25. “By his word and actions past and present, Rodrigo Duterte is a certified hard core dyed-in-the-wool puppet of local as well as foreign communists,” the officer said in the video.
    He claimed that Duterte’s campaign machinery is driven by high-ranking communist cadres such as Leoncio Evasco Jr., the mayor’s campaign manager, and Pete Lavina, his spokesman.
    Duterte’s campaign, the officer said, is being closely supervised by Jorge Madlos alias “Ka Oris,” the highest ranking official of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) in Mindanao and a member of the party’s Central Committee.
    Lavina allegedly specializes in urban political mass movement while Evasco is a special operator of the CPP.

  26. There is an awful lot of speculating going on here about what a Duterte Presidency will look like…Can’t we just use the changes he implemented in Davao as an example,or am I oversimplifying things? Like Trump he is painting with very broad strokes,and promising alot,but let’s give change a chance…. be realistic and realize that the Philippines is in deep shit,and nothing is going to happen overnight…we all want to be optimistic,it is understandable that because things have remained the same for so long that we are skeptical,collectively holding our breathe…I think the psychological changes you see in Filipinos once they are abroad can be summoned at home,once they realize that all it takes is a strong leader,and a paradigm shift in thinking….look at the huge crowds Duterte is drawing at his rallies….are these people satisfied with the status quo??? No they want change!!!…Bring It on!! Bring on the strongman! !!!!

    1. To Mr. Bacon..
      It’s been mentioned a few times now..”Duterte is like Trump”.. ”The Duterte phenomenon is our own Trump-experience”… and other words to that effect. I get the innocuous comparison; the need, perhaps, of a more popular reference point. What I have trouble with is the ‘wisdom’ of it. Duterte is our own original non-conforming, unconventional, controversial rebel, while Trump is the US’ own ‘anomaly’. There may , indeed, be some parallels.. it’s just that I find it odious that we can’t have our own ‘originals’. I’d like to think of Pnoy, for instance, as our very own horse’s ass; Binay as our home-grown ‘Fagin’; and Roxas as our incomparable dunce. If we insist in just having ‘copies’, we would originals.

      1. Must be a sign of the times,to have two original candidates,on opposite sides of the world,with very similar messages….

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