Clueless Noynoy Aquino doesn’t understand why Filipinos hate Daang Matuwid

Even as his days in Malacanang are about to end in a matter of weeks, Philippine President Benigno  Simeon Aquino remains utterly clueless as to why the voters are now rejecting his Daang Matuwid mantra, which his bet and former cabinet member Mar Roxas has promised to continue if elected as the next President.

Is it jail time for soon-to-be former President Noynoy Aquino?

Is it jail time for soon-to-be former President Noynoy Aquino?

In a speech during a campaign sortie in Iloilo, he said “it pains him to see the growing support for a presidential candidate who acts like a dictator”. He was referring to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of course, whose popularity rating in surveys have shot up to number one:

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“Ang masakit ho sa akin, 30th year ng anniversary natin ng EDSA e. Kung kailan tayo lumaya, ngayon ang parang lumalamang ‘yung mga nag-aastang didikta. Parang may mali yata dito. Ano ba ang nangyari?”

The problem with BS Aquino according to my colleague is that, the President’s reality is on a different plane of existence from all of us. He seems to be living in a make believe world – a world where everything is peachy. This could explain why he just spends the remainder of his days in office travelling around the country campaigning for Liberal Party candidates for the upcoming elections instead of doing his job as the country’s chief administrator. It’s simply outrageous that he can get away with doing that. It is sad that the Filipino people are helpless against this kind of behavior from their public servants.

Yes, to BS Aquino, his achievements will be hard to match and all the people complaining are the ones who are blind. In the same event, he enumerated his so-called “accomplishments” starting with Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), the budget increase for the Department of Health, construction of classrooms, and employment, among others. They are basic things that people would simply shrug off as something that is expected from him, because after all, part of his job is to look out for the public’s needs including providing services and fixing infrastructure. Besides, it’s not like giving dole outs is hard. He’s just redistributing public funds anyway.

In fact, if you ask the average Filipino, what he has done in the last six years isn’t good enough. Basic services and upgrading of public facilities have failed to meet the public’s expectations. The government has even failed to provide motor vehicle plates and registration stickers for years now. What’s worse is that motorists have to pay for said plates and registration stickers even when they are not available. Some people said that in some cases, the renewal of vehicle registration has come and gone but the sticker never came. Meaning, motorists paid for something that didn’t exist. It could be another scam for government employees to make money. Scams have mushroomed under BS Aquino’s term indeed.

BS Aquino is getting desperate for his bet to win the election. There is talk that officials of the religious organization Iglesia ni Cristo rejected Mar Roxas even after the President himself visited the church headquarters. There is nothing more pathetic than a head of state stooping so low as to beg a religious organization for their bloc votes. But as some people are saying, we can’t blame BS Aquino for trying because he is trying to avoid landing in jail after his immunity from criminal cases is gone.

It’s so ironic that he calls Duterte a dictator when he acted like one during his term. He used public funds indiscriminately to bribe Congress, dangling pork barrel funds to “motivate” them to approve his agendas, which included the impeachment and removal of the late former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. He also uses government resources like helicopters and vehicles for campaigning. That is considered corruption. But BS Aquino doesn’t see it that way. He acts like he owns the country.

A lot of Filipinos cannot wait for BS Aquino to step down. It took 30 years for the people to realize that the Aquinos have caused so much damaged to Philippine society. This time, the people are sick and tired of the President and his incompetence. Too bad for Mar Roxas.

If BS Aquino thinks Duterte is a monster, then he has only himself to blame for that. The people are now clamoring for the return of a strongman who they think has the political will to deliver what the country truly needs – real progress through discipline.

[Photo courtesy PhilStar.]

242 Replies to “Clueless Noynoy Aquino doesn’t understand why Filipinos hate Daang Matuwid”

      1. Ilda, I agree with you. The rise of Duterte is People Power in motion on a different plane. Pinoy should worry about Duterte making good on his promise to jail the corrupt. Isn’t dangling rewards to impeach CJ Corona corruption and grave abuse of authority? To allow a suspended PNP general to participate in the operations to capture of Marwan and his indecisiveness to call the army to bombard the location of the rogue Muslim fighters and save the doomed SAF 44 is indeed treason. What goes around comes….

      2. Ms Ilda i like your article you are exactly mention the sentiment of the majority of our fellow country men, Noynoy Aquino campaigned tuwid na daan is really good to hear for the deaf and blind person but, not for common normal people like us coz, we can see what we hear and we can experience what we heard and seen.

      3. It’s too early to tell. All candidates (president,etc.) ALWAYS promise the best for their country and its people. In the end, without fail, they FAIL. Promises are always easier said than done. But they are not made to “be broken”. And the people … they NEVER are satisfied. There is always someone who will whine and complain, when they were all praises for the candidates before that. So, before we complain and whine about the outgoing officials, let us pause and reflect on what we all should do to cooperate with the coming administration, what we can do to make a country rise above the people’s expectations, and work for it.

  1. I have stopped beating a dead horse. It is no-brainer.

    A dead horse may still be alive in somebody else’s minds. A horse that is still something to contend with.

  2. It is the same in U.S politics. The outsider, Donald Trump, is now the probable nominee of the Republican Party. Sen. Ted Cruz, his nearest rival, has dropped out, yesterday. Trump will face, Hilary Clinton, a Democrat…People in the U.S. , are just fed up with the establishment, that is: “politics as usual”…

    Aquino is suffering from “Jaundice Reality”…he is living in his world of his own. This “Jaundice Reality” syndrome is manifested in an autistic and a mentally retarded person.

    Aquino came from a very rich family. He cannot identify himself, with the day to day struggle, to put food on the table. Struggle for people , like you and me , have to undergo.

    Giving money to poor people, will never solve their poverty. Teaching them to earn money. Giving them opportunities to earn money, is a more practical way to help them.

    Lastly, the mental caliber of Aquino and Mar Roxas/Leni Robredo, will never amount to anything that can solve the tremendous problems of our country…

    1. I beg to disagree with your description of President Benigno S. Aquino III and assessment of his performance. I am sure you know these facts: (1) The country’s GDP has grown from 3-4% to 6.50-7.1% in the past 4 years; (2) three senators,various governors, congressmen and other high-ranking government officials were charged for plunder and/or malversation of funds; (3) the Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia; (4) the AFP & PNP have been modernized; and (5) there are more job and business opportunities in the country than the past three administrations, among other achievements of Aquino.

      There is no such physiological term as “Jaundice Reality”. Describing the Philippine president as having the syndrome of an autistic and mentally-retarded person is an insult to Filipinos who overwhelmingly elected him. Of course, you are free to say whatever you want, since the Philippines is a free country like the United States and the rest of democracies.

      Talk about the mental caliber of Aquino and candidates Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo? These three have superb mental abilities compared to their two rivals who are running for office. Two of the presidential contenders are either corrupt, a communist sympathizer/lover, killer, womanizer or utterly, congenitally disrespectful.

      The socio-economic foundations that Aquino has built are there for Roxas-Robredo to build upon towards making the Philippines a first-world country.

      1. F*** ur GDP lecture FRED.. All the growth u mentioned only a few families benefited from it. There’s money but wheres our services? Lucky you maybe you’re reading this @ the comfort of your car w/ ac and a jazzy playlist while stuck in a traffick.. Try a public commute daily sure way for you to learn how to speak nang MALUTONG na PU**NG **A.. para magets mu din kaming mga hinde DECENTE and NOISY MINORITY… booo

        1. @Fred: I think you should expound your argument. And your statistics came from biased and questionable sources. Oh yeah, you cry about name calling yet you just waste your time defending an incompetent nutjob.

          Oh yeah, hypocrisy is not decency. Remember that.

        2. @fred: What’s the matter failipino? Can’t admit that you’re a richfag who only benefited from your so-called improving economy and enriching yourself?

        3. correct:)what GDP are u saying…fuck off..Philippine Debt is more than 3x already since marcos are one of those who benifited pdap

      2. The people did not elect PNoy because he was a good choice. They elected him because they do not like a Villarroyo presidency. Kumbaga imbes na si Dick Gordon or si Gibo ang iboboto nila, baka masayang lang ang boto nila at manalo si Villar, ke Panot na lang ang boto nila at di mananalo si Villar. The only reason why Villar landed a poor 3rd behind panot and Estrada is because he knew defeat was imminent and did not release the funds on election day.

        1. Henry G. C. says:
          Malaki ang contribution ng ABS CBN sa pag hi hipnotismo as bayan para manalo ang angkan na nagbigay sa mga lopes ng ch2

        2. Wrong! You should know the truth. What’s happening to Robredo was exactly the same with BS Aquino.

          Sa gitna ng Labanan nananalo ang Kalaban. May inayos sa PCOS at biglang UMARANKADA ang boto ni Leni at mga LP

          Ang “PCOS Player” ay nagpapatupad ng “DAGDAG-BAWAS” ng boto nina BBM, Escudero+Cayetano sa ilegal na pamamaraan at pag-upload ng binagong bilang ng boto para idagdag sa Leni. Kapag naisagawa ayun sa kanya, “AARANGKADA ANG BOTO KAY LENI”

          UMAARANGKADA NA TAYO: COINCIDENCE lang ba ang SALITANG sinabi ng PCOS Player sa parehong TITLE ng FB page na ginamit ni Leni?


          Lutong Lugaw ang Boto ng mga LP


          DAGDAG BAWAS

      3. “an insult to Filipinos who overwhelmingly elected him”

        Tae kung maibabalik ko lang panahon hindi ko iboboto yan hinayupak na BS (Bull Shit) Aquino na yan. At sa tingin ko marami din katulad ko nag sisisi naket ibinoto yan!

        1. Tama you had your chances in 2010 the best choice ay si Gordon para sa akin but hindi xa popular at walang makinarya, maybe his time is in 2022

        2. Wag maniniwala sa balita sa ABS CBN,yung kabaligtaran ang tama. Laging tatandaan ,ibinigay ng libre ni santa Cory ang CH2 sa Lopes in return for something favor at para gawing megastar si KriSTD

      4. Yes, you may have a factual point there, Fred. But all your statistics only benefitted the few. Think about those who are marginalized. Those poor farmers begging for rice during El Niño. Do you think they care of your highly progressive statistics? Do any of those you mentioned, have good impact in their lives? I think not. These farmers are only a few of those who really need help from the government. Spoonfeeding is good but temporary. Provision of excellent daily livelihood for them would probably boost local/national supply for needs and perhaps sustain it for long periods/years/decades. A president should attend to the needs of his people, not only to few. Before tackling international relations, think first of your own (country) deficits.

      5. Open your eyes, okay dont be deceived by their flowery and dramatic way of convincing people because actions speak louder than words. At yan abg wala sila ACTION PURO SILA DADA!!!!

      6. Will said and it is very true, that’s becoz’ the sound economic growth daw ni PNoy it merit the Philippine government to acquire additional loan from to international bank to fund its priority programs specially AFP modernization but mostly goes to corruption (DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel, etc….) and balloon the Filipino’s debt as much as 6.4 Trillion that will be inherent by the new government as it takes over on July 1. “Sad but True!”

      7. Those statistics are useless if the small Filipino people cant feel it. What are they gonna do with those numbers? Can we eat it? Who benefits from these numbers? It’s just those people in PNoys circle that benefit from it.. What is the point of the “economic growth” if we can only see it in numbers and not actually feel its effects. People are still jobless. Electric bills are still high. Food are still expensive. Illegal drugs are still rampant. Our government is still so slow and corrupt.

        1. Good point. How long it took the local government in the rehabilitation of the Typhoon Yolanda victims? Years, but there are still victims who don’t have permanent housing. There was no accountability or transparency with regards to the monetary donations from other countries. Also, the DSWD failed to distribute all the relief goods to the victims that resulted into spoiling. The transportation in Metro Manila rated the worst one in the world. What is going on with the MMDA,LTFRB,LTO,DILG,DOT in taking care of the traffic fiasco in Metro Manila. Every day is an ordeal for the commuters. They spend more time on the road rather than their families. Too many crimes, too many drugs, too many robberies, too many corruptions it is a never ending saga. Again, what is going with the PNP,NBI,PDEA?
          Flooding, flooding, flooding!!!Every rainy season there is flooding. I thought Public Works took care of the drainage system in Metro Manila. Umihi lang ang daga, lubog na ang Metro Manila. I can name more issues that have been lingering for quite sometimes.

      8. GDPs are not appreciated by the simplest of the minds. That’s the reality. If there’s much less of a food everyday to feed a family, no available and steady jobs offered, NO GOOD SYSTEM IS BEING IMPOSED AND MAY HAVE BEEN HIGHLY DISREGARDED, not to mention selective implementation of laws no one in the mass could relate. Concrete plans matter to everyone.
        For me, these you itemized are the tasks of what an administration should do and not to be bragged about. We have SONAs anyway so why reiterate?
        Besides, it may be Associated to growth of their interests (eg businesses of Cojuangcos and cronies) too. It may never be a public interests as its first and foremost goal but I think MAYBE, a benefit for their own good. Nation maybe second to none. I think this should also be looked at. Just my thoughts.

      9. Thank yoy Mr. President for all the good works you did. On the other hand there are more important matters that was neglected. The economic growth was only felt by some people,not even reached the middle class or let’s say the majority of the Filipino people. The Yolanda tragedy is the make or break of this administration. What’s hard to comprehend is that aid,relief and monetary support poured from different nations. Unfortunately it was not liquidated properly. The NGO’s was able to help better tha the government. This administration is about to end but the victims of Yolanda remains a victim of inefficient and ineffective distribution of help by the govt. sad. 🙁

        1. What good works? Selective justuce, blunders, blame games and incompetence were never good. Ever.

      10. Fred, take your head out of your ass and smell the fresh air.

        You totally over estimate the statistics which have all been fixed to look good. It will all come out, you just wait.

        What has been achieved though, is a result of GMA. Even internationally renown financial magazines have admitted to that lately. As usual the yellow hordes crown themselves with something that was achieved by someone else. The shit they fucked up is blamed on others.

      11. If you so much declare that Aquino’s admin is against graft and corruption, why was napoles granted bail months before the election? and you’re saying Mar and Robredo have superb mental abilities, if you’re basing your vote on that, wouldn’t you consider Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago?? She is more than your definition of superb. 😉

      12. You said high ranking officials were charged with plunder? Well, just so you know, this officials are not their allies, how about the officials who are with administration? Was there any charges filed against them? That’s what you called selective justice.. shame on you.

      13. Fred i dont know if you’re blind or what just dig more to find the truth ASSHOLE do something just don’t think and Go to Hell and Fuck yourself sama mo si ABNOY na hangang DOSE ANOS nakain ng KULANGOT niya.. And DROP DEAD LAHAT NG MAKA AQUINO…

      14. what? all those statistics and not a mention on how artificial the economy is right now because it is supplemented by remittances provided by OVERSEAS FUCKING WORKERS like yours truly.
        You forget that the population has also grown. of course the economy will experience rapid growth, this country runs on capitalism and you have way more consumers than 20 years ago. but its not because of pnoy and his gang – its the long term effects of (gasp) GMA’s projects when she was in office.
        majority of the filipino people want change, want to be disciplined. we look at our asean neighbors and that’s what they have.

        1. You say the majority of filipinos want change and to be disciplined??? Are you fucking kidding me right now? If anything Filipinos want someone else to do the change for them but fuck getting disciplined, they don’t want to be told that the majority of the shit they do is wrong. You’ve created yourself a nice little delusion there… “majority of the filipino people want change, want to be disciplined” If they truly wanted that, they would take the initiative and maybe, for example, follow basic road rules instead of an every man for himself, free-for-all shit show that is experienced every single fucking day in this god forsaken shit hole. I’m sorry but the majority may want what the neighboring countries have but without putting any effort towards it themselves. People are in for one hell of a shock when they realize that they need to shape up in order to handle being truly disciplined. However from your comment, you seem to be part of the minority that is willing to make the effort to discipline themselves, but don’t fall for the idea that that is what the majority wants, it’s just not true.

        2. Good point, anon. People don’t need to wait for someone to tell them to follow the rules. They can do it themselves. I think deep inside they want a nanny state.

        3. Yes people have the power to change themselves for the better but leaders can influence a lot too. Kumbaga sa basketball khit anong sipag nang player mo kung gusto ibenta nang coach yung game pwde niyang ibangko yun player and the outcome would still be controlled by the persons in charge.

      15. just to give you a brief and short info which you may not know, the philippine economy had been stable since 2000, when arroyo left the office, she left a stable and progressing economy to pinot , a flourishing call center industry, the 4ps program and more which aquino is claiming as his. The BS aquino just claimed it for himself and badmouthed the previous admin, well, did you ever hear arroyo complain about how bad the economy was when she took over? think again before posting shits. talking about superb mental illness

        1. If I am digomg I will put GMA as NEDA Secretary..her expertise. Si Abnoy doon sa kusina ng Malakanyang tagahugas ng pingan

      16. Very well said Mr. Fred Magdalera tama po kayo sir maayos at umunlad ang ekonomya ng Pinas pero Hindi maramdaman ng mga mahihirap nating kababayan ung may malalaking capital sila ung nakinabang at ang sabi ni P-noy na babalik daw sa diktadorya ang Pinas at masasayang daw ang kamatayan ng tatay niya na siyang dahilan kaya naibalik ang demokrasya sa Pinas ang nakakà lungkot lang ay ang Hindi nila pag hanap sa mastermind at panagutin sa batas maging president ag nanay nya at sya rin pero wala Silang ginawa ako bilang nagmamahal na pilipino naghahanap ng hustisya na naghahanap ng katutuhanan sa malagim na pagkamatay ni Ninoy pero ipinagwalang bahala lang, ang nakatuwa lang ay Yong may balak daw na magkidnap Kay Kris Aquino ilang araw na binalita ni P-noy nadakip agad pero ung pinatay sa tatay niya dekada na ang nakalipas pero di pa rin nahuhuli sino ang tanga rito kundi ang mga taong di makita ang inutil na pamumuno at patuloy na sinosupurtahan pa rin ang baliktad na daan at kaya to-do ang kampanya nya para Kay Mar Roxas dahil takot sya na makulong at makatakbo nya si Gloria Arroyo dapat mag ensayo na syang maghimas ng rehas

        1. Oh look, another paid Yellow Hack posting his BS.

          Para sabihin ko sa iyo, you and your fellow ilk are truly desperate. Noynoy is capable leader?

          Joke of the day. :))

        2. I bet you’re one of the organizers
          of those feminazis who cause major traffic at Timog Ave. with their anti-marcos protest you yellowturd.

      17. Well I may say yes ok maganda yung statistics however, hindi lahat nag bebenefit nun only FEW or SOME which means konti lang talaga. May mga magagandang bagay naman na ginawa ng Aquino however, natatabunan ito ng maraming pag kakamali kaya di ito nakikita. kung baga (example lang ito) mas pipiliin pa ng taong bayan maging president ay kahit corrupt pero ramdam ng tao ang pag unlad ng bansa.

      18. Ur statistics are fake it came from garbage that’s not reality. OFW and BPO are the main source of income of this gov’t. How about manufacturing sector? Almost all transfer to Vietnam because of corruption in Abnoy’s leadership. Duterte’s popularity is soaring high simply because the people are fed up w/ his stupidity, the lies, the corruption w/in his allays, corruption of his cabinet official, the lack of empathy and apathy to the Filipino people. I hope and wish that ur boss BS Aquino da Turd after June 30 will go to jail.

      19. you dont understand the “first-world country”. it is not about how much money or progress they achieved. it is about equality. meaning, low income earner gets the same benefits and treatment like what high income earner gets from the Gov’t. do you feel we have this in phil?

        go for your economic progress, its good and we also want that. we also want better service and governance.

      20. Fred Magdalera Hindi mo Alam ang hirap ng buhay ng bawat pilipinong magsasaka.GDP growth is not felt to almost 1/3 of Pilipinos who belongs to the CDE Class families.That’s why even P Noy can’t understand why,despite his advertisement on TV’s stronly condemning martial law years only adds sympathy to the voters and support for the Marcos comeback. Most of the citizens comments wants to incarcerate P Noy to jail after his term God forbid

      21. statistics doesnt matter!!! go ahead and get out in the streets and ask a street vendor on how life has been in the last 6yrs. If he answers, “life has been better” – I will give my vote to Roxas.

      22. @Fred Magdalera

        “(1) The country’s GDP has grown from 3-4% to 6.50-7.1% in the past 4 years;”

        Consumption-fueled economic growth founded on the growing remittances of OFWs.

        “(2) three senators,various governors, congressmen and other high-ranking government officials were charged for plunder and/or malversation of funds;”

        Selective. Charged with plunder? Last I checked, some of those you’re referring to are still free.

        “(3) the Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia;”

        Again, refer to my reply above item (1).

        “(4) the AFP & PNP have been modernized;”


        “(5) there are more job and business opportunities in the country than the past three administrations, among other achievements of Aquino.”

        No. Completely forgetting the fact that current growth trends are also built upon the foundations of past administrations’ accomplishments.

        Mga maka-dilaw parang paborito nilang president, MAY SARILING MUNDO. As they say, luma na ang script mo.

        1. Thanks for the input, jmac! I didn’t realise you already responded to Fred’s exagerrated claims. I shouldn’t have bothered. Yours was sufficient enough.

      23. When you inject 4 trillion borrowed money in the economy syempre tataas ang GDP. But remember it is still borrowed money.

      24. Increase in GDP does not automatically improved the life of the people only the big businessman and multinational.
        We are fastest growing economy because everyone else is already at peak…tayo nagsisimula pa lang.More jobs kaya mas madaming OFW na sa labas ng bansa nagtatrabaho?Overwhelmingly is far from majority which should be the basic measurement in a democracy. Multi-party system of Cory Aquino is sucks because now anyone can be president without the mandate of the majority.

      25. AFP and PNP modernized? Don’t shit us. What we needed were missiles, radar and new aircraft. Instead, what do we get? Trainer jets and vietnam war era Hueys. You call that modernization? The cash is all there, instead it got dissipated by corruption. What you call “modernization” is a half assed attempt at replacing aging tech with tech of similar vintage. 6 YEARS OF WASTE.

      26. Well said..and I agree 100%…if duterte wins the may 9th derby, he will reap the benefits of that economic gains the the Aquino admin have laid down. For sure all thinking filipinos have some good words too for Pnoy for bringing to the attention of the world somethings good is happening to the country which they always said was the sick man of asia..but thanks Pnoy we are no more like that.

        1. Oh look, another Yellow Zombie putting his Yellow Propaganda shit on this site.

          Unfortunately, everything you’ve said is just pure contradiction. Deal with it.

      27. Fred. You probably believe that news story that the Philippines was the number one country for American Business English speaking; which shows that English speaking countries including Canada were behind the Philippines
        Let’s look at real factual research done by neutral global organizations 1. The Philippines is not the fastest growing economy in Asia.
        2. AFP and PNP are not modernized in any form or fashion. The rest of the modern world uses biometrics and mobile computing for everything from fingerprints to basic things like police officers being able to check for arrest warrants on the mobile and handheld computers.
        3. According to the numbers submitted to the UN and the USAID program by the Philippine government. The economy forecast numbers did not match in any report and was consistent with fraud. The Philippines lost 8 major American corporations including an intel factory to it’s neighbors Vietnam and Cambodia. It also lost it place at the number one call center country for English speakers to India. Please explain that.
        4. You need to come down and visit the poor people and tell them that they are wrong about losing their jobs at these places. LOL
        People like you in your false dreams are the reason Duarte is winning

      28. You should understand that the growth u speak of is being fueled by ofw,s there is no genuine work in our country money comes from abroad.if your willing to accept a government who can,t provide for it’s people then you are probably right to say Aquino did something good

      29. @Fred Magdalera

        The growth is fuelled by spending. It’s not sustainable. It’s mostly the retail and the real estate industry that is benefiting. Besides, the economic growth gets offset by population growth. The number of mouths that needs to be fed keeps growing.

        If the government can find a way to create more jobs, the number of people from the middle class will go up. This could also curb population growth since more men and women will join the workforce. People tend to make more babies when they are not busy working for a living.

        You also have to give credit to the previous administration for laying the foundation for the economic growth the current admin is enjoying today. You simply can’t give all the credit to PNoy for this. Likewise, the economy is still highly dependent on remittances from OFWs. This is unfortunately the reason why past and current governments weren’t motivated to proactively find ways to generate more jobs locally.

        Regarding the government officials charged with corruption, they are mostly rivals. We are still waiting for Abad, Roxas, Soliman and PNoy himself to end up in jail for their criminal negligence and corrupt activities in the last 6 years.

        What AFP and PNP modernisation are you talking about? Please be specific.

      30. The President is not perfect but he’s better than the last three presidents we had! In terms of accomplishments,he has done a lot, most worthy mentioning is the upgrade of the AFP! You may hate him for his shortcomings,but never forget that he served well!If I were to speak directly,If given a choice between former presidents, such as Marcos,FVR,Erap,Gloria and Noynoy, I would surely choose the latter!

        1. Honestly, you’re thoroughly blinded by the biased media and that’s why you keep saying those things.

          Congratulations, you’re a certified IAF (idiot Aquino Follower). Be happy on your stupidity. 🙂

      31. The growth was started during GMA’s period with a lot of call centers setting up shop here. And Mar is taking credit for it. They talk about growth, has the growth trickled down to ordinary people? Definitely not, it’s the big companies that are growing do you know that only 40 families account for almost 80% of the countries GDP?

      32. bullshit!! where in this f’n world have you been living?
        No filipinos ever felt that growth in economy, only the oligarchs and the 1% (elite) of the country, the rest of the country are living in hardships and in poverty. crimes are rampant , corruptions are massive in the Govt. some of those politicians are charged but not yet proven guilty. illegal mining and destruction of the natural resources are allowed. btw Mar and Leni are there to continue to steal for Aquino and the yellow minions

      33. Hahahaha…. Good only for the oligarchs, businessmen and elites…. Majority of the Filipinos have already awakened… Corruption in his administration curtailed? Haahaha its far from reality… how about the government’s purchases of Mahindra vehicle, which is overpriced, the missing large portion of Yolanda funds?

      34. and hey, you talk about modernization of afp/pnp… it’s bullshit… our police officers and much more their afp counterparts are still ill and poorly equipped. Believe you me because it is my first hand experience… Comrades die in the field because of poor and aging equipment.. The oppositions are far better equipped especially, the PAGs’ of political warlords…

      35. Fred, what do you mean “overwhelmingly elected”? He got only 15 million votes. He is just a minority president.

      36. did the GDP increase put food on the table of the poorest?

        did the GDP increase allow the children of the poor to have the basics of education?

        did the GDP increase solve crime, traffic and corruption?

        Only the businessmen can understand the GDP increase and only they get the benefits of the GDP increase..

      37. “Describing the Philippine president as having the syndrome of an autistic and mentally-retarded person is an insult to Filipinos who overwhelmingly elected him.”

        “Those who overwhelming elected him”… well majority of them are sick and tired of the promises his administration have made. A vindictive one just like his mom, so those overwhelmingly elected him have already jump ship and supported the opposition.

      38. what hell you talking..i didn’t feel the economy growth of this country..Last presidential election, i never voted aquino in a reason that during his mother in when she elected as president, She junked the case about in hacienda luisita and she amend the constitution infavor of there family.

        1. Just another blot on Aquino that is hard to swallow (and therefore makes Mar Roxas hard to swallow, as well): Our family went through land reform. Why didn’t Hda. Luisita? The agreement between Pres. Magsaysay and the Cojuancos was that Hda. Luisita would be given back to the tenants AFTER TEN years. As everyone knows, this never happened. Chief Justice Corona RULED IN FAVOR of the Hda. Luisita tenants, so Aquino moved heaven and hell (really, just hell) to have Corona impeached. Until now, Hda. Luisita is still owned by the Cojuangcos. So I ask again: Our family’s land holdings (small though they were), like the lands of many other landowners, big and small, went through Land Reform. Why didn’t Hda. Luisita?

      39. Nope. GMA’s economic reforms were what made the economy grow (fyi I’m no GMA apologist). GMA did the planting. All PNoy did was shout “Daang Matuwid Forever!” and claimed what was reaped from GMA’s reforms as his.

      40. Fred, GNP and statistics certainly did not do any good to our public transportation system, the dead solders of SAF44, nor the victims of Yolanda. All the citing of numbers simply show you have the same problem as your beloved president – low EQ. The incapability to understand the hearts and minds of the common Filipino.

      41. O dear!!!! Saan planeta ka nanggaling kailangan tumaas ang Piso Laban sa dolyares. Lately lang, kagigising mo lang yata.wake up lady…. so sad for you hindi mo yata alam kung ano ang nangyayari sa buong Pilipinas.

      42. then why don’t you explain where the yolanda funds went.why are people still starving.why are people jobless still.yes they have superb mental ability to lie to the people.mental ability to cheat and misuse government funds that is.

      43. booo! huli na para magsisi! yung mga pera na tulong sa mga yolanda victims nasaan na… mga relief goods binulok nyo… tapos na kau ngaun!!

      44. Mrt nga lang di maayos first world country ka pa jan. So whats wrong with communism? 30 years of democracy naging 1st world country ba tayo? Masyadong mahal niyo democracy wala namang nagiimplement nang laws. Everybody thinks they have the freedom to do whatever.

      45. (1)so it is only a 2.5-3.6% growth in 6 years…kulelet pa rin kumpara sa asean neighbors natin…and besides sino lng naman nakikinabang sa growth rate na iyan kundi mga elites lng naman
        (2)yes they were charge pati na rin si napoles…but where are they now?saan nag surrender si napoles at may closed door meeting pa before taken into custody with lacierda and panot
        (3)fastest nga pero kulelet pa rin at below standards compared to other asean nations…di nga na resolba ang problema sa naia na nakapangalan sa tatay nya.
        (4)afp and pnp have been modernized pro compared to davao matagal na modernized ang davao…have you heared of the overpriced mahindra pnp mobile?
        (5)since i came back from dubai i am still jobless…nagbabantay na nga lng ako sa apat na anak ko…there are no jobs here kun meron man you are underpaid and overworked.

        jaundiced reality is a reality in panot’s head that all his programs are the best…maybe foor his uncles and his elite allies…and about him having a psychological problem…he definitely has one…haha.

        about the lp bets having a higher mental capacity compared to duterte and cayetano?dont make me laugh mr. magdalera…about duterte being a communist?hahaha…he is a centrist with a slight lean on the left meaning he is a socialist compared to the elite administration…that’s why he listens to the concerns of rebel groups yet he is highly respected by the pnp and the military.if duterte does kill criminals, then good riddance…i’d rather have a criminal killed than let’s say my kids or wife or an innocent.and about him being a womanizer…it’s his life and besides he is already annulled and still he is performing splendidly as a leader of davao.and have you heard that panot’s bodyguard has killed two farmers while aquino was in the area?and have you heard ot the massacres in digos lupao mendiola ang hacienda luisita?

        what socio economic foundations did aquino build…look at tarlac…almost all conjuancos had held government office there but has tarlac developed in to a socio-economic powerhouse in the philippines?no only the conjuancos were getting richer.

      46. generally, our community never felt true leadership from pnoy’s administration. your data is baseless to reality. look at the ground level and not at the upper level, you’ll see the difference if you are working at the ground level.

      47. Gdp pinagsasasabi mo? andito ako sa ibang bansa dahil ang hirap humanap ng opportunity sa pinas..i sacrificed the ones and the things i love sa pinas.. i refuse to go back home dahil baka abusuhin ako sa airport lalo na sa tanim bala, everytime na uuwi ako natatakot ako magcommute…nd ako makapaglakad or umupo sa jeep or tumayo sa mrt/lrt ng nd nakapamulsa para lang masiguro ko na nd ako madudukutan..ang tindi din ng presyong bilihin dagdagan mo pa ng E-vat…yan ba ang achievement na sinasabi mo? sa unggoy ka magcomment nd d2 na maraming concern sa pilipinas.

      48. Fred it’s only a statistics and i cannot feel it.. same goes to mar that everytime in the debate he used tell all the listener on that statistics that a few benefited from that… But taxes never change… it’s still the same so shut the fuck up

      49. That is not true! All are just facts! Noynoy Aquino is the worst president in the Philippines. He is a pathetic weakling with no political will. No wonder we want him out. We want change and we want to vote a strong leader like Rody Duterte. I rather choose a bad joking leader than a bad and poor government with no governance which causes downfall to all the filipino people!

      50. Walang mentality si pinoy na tama. Nga lrt at problema sa airport di maayos.wag mong ipanghambod modernization ng militar. Saf 44 ubos nga patay lahat. Bumili ng barko secondhand naman.kaya nga benenta ng USA BARKO kasi di laos na paani naging modern un? At ang pag lago ng economiya ay dahil sa ofw yan hindi dahil kay pinoy. At sa lahat ng candidate, si mayor lang may accomplishment na pweding makita physically. Si pinoy? Puro data lang makita mu sa papel. Saan ang actual? Yolanda nga ang bahay na pinatayo nya kubo. Ang gma network concretong bahay. Saan ang hustesya doon?

      51. People don’t care about statistics; if thet felt unsatisfied then PNoy and the admin should work harder. Akala ko ba kami ang boss nila, eh bakit parang napipilitan nalang kaming tanggapin ang mga kapalpakan nila? Oh well, they’re going down naman. Hahahaha. Can’t wait.

      52. GDP? mayayaman lang at businessmen ang nakakaramdam niyan. kailangan namin bigas! iba ang gutom na nararamdaman ng mahihirap kesa sa gutom ng mayaman. Manhid yang pangulo. ang dapat na iniisip ay ung pang araw araw na kailangan. di yung eroplanong pang digma. ayusin nio MRT palagi akong nalelate sa trabaho. ung pera sa yolanda sobrang laki pagawan nio ng bahay at bigyan ng puhunan ang mga taclobanon. Matalinong pangulo? eh lahat ng binoto ng mga tao matatalino pero bakit ganito parin ang Pinas?

      53. GDP rise?? Its arroyos programs that make our economy strong.. and PNP modernazation.. fuck you.. anong modern jan.. 2nd hand halos eh.. u are just like Pnoy.. retarded.. stupid.. u should make some further research okay! Dnt be sooooooooooo stupid… nag aral ka ba??

      54. But who are the beneficiaries of this GDO numbers that you were saying? The 40 richest families/oligarchs ( Lopez, Aquino, Cojuanco, Araneta etc,) who consistently contribute more than 70% to the GDP? What about the ordinary folks that comprise more than 99.9 % of the population of the Philippines? Are they affected by this numbers? Those are just numbers, in reality it never benefited the ordinary people as these 40 richest families will never share them. It has been happening since the colonization of spain.

      55. 1 numbers
        2 still at large
        3 we are the only country in southeast asia
        4 pnoy does not even know which to deploy during mamasapano
        5 minimum jobs and slightly above minimum jobs taxed to fund the pantawid pamilya of the unemployed.. resulting to more poor

      56. Ogags tumahimik ka nagmamagaling ka ang laki mong tanga ubos na nga yolanda lantaran pa pandaraya inaangat mo pa ang abnoy na yan??? Shut up ka na lang animal ka isa ka pang ngpapakabobo at nagbula bulagan dhil cgurp na puwing ka sa pera ng mga nakulimbat ng mga animal na dilae na yan! Mga peste kayo dpat sa inyo sunogin sa impyerno!


      58. bulag ka pa hanggang ngayon hindi ulit nabigysn ka ng kendi ay bbalewslain mo na ang pag ppabaya sa saf 44 hacienda luisita massacre pagppataldik jay corona dahil gusto ni corona ipamahagi sa mag sasaka ang lupain at sng pinaka grabe ano nangyari sa spratly island nakapag squater sng china na wsla sita ginawa smg kaya lang nya paalisin ay yung mga mahihirap na squater IPALIWANAG MO NGA YAN fred magdalera

      59. Booo..wag kang maniwala s mga sinasabi ng administration dahil lahat yan ay press release lang in short p pogi figure lang …tingin mo kung totoo mga pinagsasabi nila magrereklamo p b ang masa …mahiya nmn sila s balat nila …ang tingin ko dyan ung tintawag nilang silent majority ay natatakot n kc mawawala n ang lahat ng kanila benipisyo kc bawal n ang corrupt ke mayor president …magising k s katotohanan hindi lagi kang nanaginip !!! Myembro k malamang ng silent majority noh ??? Humanda n kayo tpos n pagpapasasa nyo sa yaman ng bansang ito ….

      60. Dont give all the credits to the persident pls coz as far as i know its theofw’s that make Philippines economy alive for 25 billion a year… m

      61. fastest growing ba sabi mo? bakit kulelat pa rin tayo? hindi mapapantayan ni Pnoy ang achievements ni Marcos. Phil is the one of the richest country next to japan and the most powerful country in asia nung panahon niy. Nung panahon ni cory pinakamurang bilihin galunggong, at karamihan sa mga properties at business share sa mga negosyo pilipinas binenta niya at ipinamigay sa mga kamag-anak nila. kaya nga nagbitiw ang dating bise na c doy laurel. ngayon siya ang Presidente wala man lang siyang naipatayo kahit isang establishment at walang naiaabot na pondo para sa iba pang mga lugar kaya tingnan mo ang manila congested na, yung mga tagaprobinsya dito sumisiksik sa pag-aakalang gaganda ang buhay nila dito. tingnan mo yung mga namamalimos dyan sa kalsada mostly sa kanila galing probinsya. 30 years dumaan, ilang pangulo ang pumalit pero wala kahit isa sa kanila ang nakapagbalik ng dating sigla at pamumuhay ng tao sa pilipinas.

      62. oh,GDP sino nakinabang?ang mga negosyante lang.kawawang mangagawa ang liit ng sahod?yan ang growth na sinasabi mo?selective prosecution ata eh. ang importante dito sa growth ang taong bayan ang makinabang. SIMPLE lang tol. tayo ay naghihirap. ramdam mo ba umasenso ka?

        1. sa mga magandang nagawa , aprobado yan. modernization tsek.oppps DPWH? madali lang masira ang daan at tulay, ang nipis ng semento. hay naku.. dami pa, yung iba wag na,…..

      63. You are completely mistaken, Pinoy is a product of PCOSmachine, not elected by the people, same with Rob-redo!

      64. Yaay … go for it, Fred Magdalera. Like I said, people are never satisfied. You said of President Aquino, “Filipinos overwhelmingly elected him”. And now they even insult him! What do they really want? GM-Arroyo? Estrada? Ramos .. etc. What did they really do for our country. AND, what did the Filipinos do in the meantime other than criticize and insult. We’ll come to this site to make comments 2 years from now, and see how Duterte’s administration’s outcome will be. Will the Filipinos change by then? This is a new generation so we should expect a better Philippines, right?

        1. The people are not satisfied? They actually found out the truth about Noynoy: he’s nothing but all blunders and blame games, credit-grabbing left and right, not to mention the fact how an incompetent buffoonn he was.

          With all due respect to former president Arroyo, she did a LOT for this country. But you’re clueless about the fact that the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-Marcos but on the Aquinos? They’ll just ignore and won’t look critically on their mistakes. See the bias?

          You won’t reply back since you’re similar to Noynoy: no balls.

      65. Ngayon mo ulit banggitin yng sinasabi mo pag tatanggol mo p LP e puro currupt un pinapatay nga nila si jessie robredo kunwari aksidente wlang imbistigasyon na nanyare.

        Isa ka siguro sa mga gung gong n bumoto ke roxas. Haha never judge a book by its cover. Kitang kita mo ilan days plng nka upo ung sinasabihan mong womanizer/killer.. ramdam ang tunay n pag babago

  3. Be careful, Ilda. I think PNoy is just putting up a brave front. He normally reacts late, but by now, he knows what is going on, and it must have hit him like a thunderbolt. This explains his unscheduled meeting with Manalo, ignoring all protocols and the dignity of his office. PNoy was of course interested in the two million that INC could deliver as a bloc vote.

    The curious thing is that he didn’t sell Mar to Manalo, but Leni. At least, that is what Jojo Robles got from his sources; check out this link >>>

    This means PNoy knows it would be crazy for them to cheat for Mar because it would have to be very massive. I don’t think they could risk a public backlash. DU30 is leading by double digit numbers which means they will have to cheat a minimum of five million votes — practically an impossible task.

    But Leni is now leading in surveys, though still statistically tied with BBM. What PNoy now wants is a situation similar to Erap when Gloria was the VP. Leni is now their most critical candidate. With Leni as VP, they retain their chance on holding on to power. All they have to do is to just keep on undermining the administration of DU30.

    We are looking at turbulent times in a DU30-Leni Tandem. It would be the most incompatible duo, unless Leni opens her eyes that her loyalty to the party ends where her loyalty to the country begins…. afterall it was LP that got her husband killed.

    1. I thought voters got the substance of the priorities of BBM — he was leading in the surveys. But now that Leni is leading, though still statistically tied with BBM, I realize voters are still not deciding based on platforms or correct premises.

      BBM wants a Labor portfolio because he wants to tackle unemployment and underemployment as he had as a governor of Ilocos. He had good success in growing the middle class in the province. He is an ocean different from Leni, whose background is with NGOs, and they find the CCT as the best approach to poverty. I don’t like the CCT, or any dole-outs, because it promotes a mendicant mentality.

      Obviously, Filipinos cannot see the enormous difference between the two. They cannot see it because again they have a twisted concept of WORK at a very fundamental level. 80% claim to be Christians or Catholics, and thus, we assume they have at the very least read the Genesis, the very first book of the Bible. So, it really baffles the mind why most Filipinos still think that man has to work only because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. Not only is this a totally wrong exegesis, it is out of whack anthropology.

      Man was designed to work whether Adam and Eve sinned or not. Even outside of the Bible, common sense dictates that man has to work. In other words, they have to have productive lives; the reason why we spend so much time up to our adolescent years, or even early adulthood, studying well. Humans cannot be fully humans without work; that is basic anthropology. Man was not designed to be mendicant, or worse idle, or they lose their being humans.

      “…by your sweat shall you eat”. … Yes, after the Sin of Adam and Eve. But, before that, they were already asked to take care of the garden. Work before the Sin could have always been a pleasurable effort, but still they had to work. Many theologians think that Heaven is not a place where people are idle. Man will still be working though work would of course be “heavenly” or pleasurable. Man cannot be man without work — that is man’s nature. Please read the Genesis again, people, before you vote.

      1. @Add:
        Surveys like the SWS False Asia Survey can be used as a “political tool” for a “bandwagon
        effects” on voters.

        Sen. Ted. Cruz, used this political tool , during the voting in the Republican Party primary election in the State of Indiana,recently. It had no effect on voters…they elected Trump, instead. Cruz dropped out, after his defeat….

      2. Agree. Only the Yellows believe the SWS False Asia Survey and they believe because they have to. People were actually aghast on Leni’s oh-so-sudden rise. And Mar at no. 2 lang? Para nga naman hindi masyadong halatang manipulated. lol

      3. @Add,

        “80% claim to be Christians or Catholics” and yet most of them are afraid of jail term than hell 😀

      4. A good vice President knows that his role is simply to sit tight an wait for the current President to die or be incapacitated. A bad vice president would be one who would actively try to undermine the current administration; to oppose it at every step and to cover up for his/her allies. A Vice President should know his/her place in politics. Assuming that Duterte will win, I suggest voting for somebody who has a good track record of working with others and within the system. Because of this, Trillanes is automatically a no-go for me as is Honasan. Leni, because of her political allegiance is also a no-go, I agree with you, Add that LP probably just wants Leni in that position in order to hang-on to power and to assist in their cover-ups and dirt-digging (yes, I almost feel embarrassed for suggesting it, but the last 6 years have taught me that LP isn’t above these tactics). So this leaves us with Cayetano and BBM. Cayetano obviously enjoys the trust of his running mate so if you seek a “harmonious” executive branch, you may want to vote for Cayetano. BBM also seems to be a good choice because he has proven himself to be a very patient and hard worker: Miriam has already commended him for his intelligence and vision; and, as shown in his work for the BBL, he can consider all the interests of stakeholders when trying to implement a policy.

    2. I agree with your post Add, they can’t stop Duterte being the number 1 now and from winning so their next move is Leni, hope an assassination plot for Duterte is not in the brew, coz I can’t help but entertain that thought as well, then Leni will regain the spot, which means for Panot as well. A turbulent road for Duterte as the president is something we can foresee, still hoping that with the people’s attitude changing for the better to cooperate with Duterte’s leadership, real CHANGE can happen!

    3. Leni is leading the surveys?!Based on what?! Imaginary data?

      there is absolutely no basis for Leni’s ratings to rise. Nothing! NO accomplishments to talk about, nada, zip, zero, which is exactly as BS Aquino. Everything is imaginary or at most credit grabbing.


      1. So true! Aside from Duterte, NO ONE pulled such huge crowds as Marcos did. They are pulling statistics out of their ass or they plan MASSIVE cheating. Otherwise no-fucking-way that stupid woman has a chance.

    4. @Add

      I think you are right. But we can see the cracks already showing in PNoy’s statements. He is losing it.

      Good thing INC did not endorse Leni. The thought of her winning is ridiculous. She’s only popular because LP has the resources to lift her profile. Otherwise, she’d be like those nuisance candidates. She’s not as fit to be VP as the other candidates.

      The theory is not too far-fetched though. This early Trillanes is already laying the ground work for impeaching Duterte and he is not even President yet!

  4. Typical behavior of an myopic, entitled , Juan Tamad brat. Monopoly on virtue and everybody else is wrong. There are no right hands except mine or so he thinks. Never had to work a day in his life so he employs Internet trolls the last six years to try to rewrite his past of nil achievement. Country has to pay the price for his sexual frustration and his lack of virility.And also that current laws limit his options of fully expressing himself.

  5. It seems the equilibrium have shifted from Grace Poe to Roxas if I were to believe loooney Philippine Press.

    It is now the battle between Duterte and Mar Roxas/Grace Poe. The Philippine Press was successful in promoting Grace Poe. They are successful in bashing Grace Poe.

    This time they are successful in promoting Duterte. They will soon be successful in destroying Duterte. Leaving Mar Roxas come lately as the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Trillanes violation of Duterte’s Bank Secrecy without evidence has worked its magic as usual because Filipinos cannot know evidence from Eve. Filipinos still believe in dal-dal and pang-damay rats, witness accounts and affidavits.

    At the end of election, there will be suits, counter-suits, acccusations and counter accusations, a parade of witnesses, pile of affidavits that should keep Supreme Court busy who will eventually vote on who the winners are.

    Yes, Pilar, winners as in floral.

    While Supreme Court is busy deciding who they will make presidents, the peso will have plunge and I will have the time to play the currency market!

  6. pnoy has so many tricks. why is he fighting du30? a presidential aspirant under the banner of PDP-Laban, a political party of his mother. the bluff is, he knows people don’t like him anymore so he’s leading the Pilipinos to vote for duterte pretending to be his enemy and to be his puppet and he the puppeteer. if we want change, grace/miriam for president, and bongbong for vice.

  7. AHA! HA! HA! The battle is now on SALN. They saved SALN for the last because SALN is only audited if they are in opposite political parties.

    SALN is legalized blackmail !!! Corona was impeached because of SALN because Corona was against TRO. Duterte is SALNed because he is topping the polls.

    Grace Poe is now in the hitlist of SALN.

    Who will do SALN on Benigno Aquino and Mar Roxas? Nobody.

    It is already a given that Filipinos are crooks, naturally. They let SALN sit and age until they become a party against the government !!!

    Doncha love Philippine Government? Government, meaning, the people !!!!

  8. There is perhaps nothing more startling for the Failipinos in the Failippines than how most Failipinos start moving in one direction on given a call, without even giving a second thought as in which way they are heading.

  9. “In the same event, he enumerated his so-called “accomplishments” starting with Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)”

    – it was Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who implemented the program, na extend lang and during his term, then PNoy is taking credits, and keep on playing the blame game. patapos na nga termino nya.

  10. Wow! this is what im looking for. Pnoy should face the truth that he and the Aquinos are not that good in ruling our Country, they just give those favors to their pets and let them benefit from it. Look, he is so desperate to let Mar Win. If he is a good man, why cant he just let the people decide and just support the new president? The problem is he closes his eyes for him not to see the reality or maybe he already know what’s happening but due to their own interests, their pets should win the game.

    1. Depends on what you define as “evil.” A guy who talks like an apathetic kanto boy but will readily put his life on the line for his countrymen is less evil in my opinion compared to a ‘politically correct’ elite guy with proper manners but will readily and greatly favor his BFFs instead of the Filipino people when he’s in the presidential seat.

    2. The Philippines is a joke because people like you are voting for the “lesser evil” rather than the for the greater good.

      1. I second what you said WinterSoldier!

        Egoism ruined this country. No one gives a shit about the greater good, yet they are proud to be Filipino. Bunch of self-centered assholes!

    3. And him calling the yolanda victims “bahala kayo sa buhay nyo” isn’t? You’re a sick fuck idiot aquino follower.

  11. The guy should be ashamed of himself! Ninoy didn’t die for the Philippines, he was killed because of Hacienda Luisita. Marcos didn’t have him killed, it was PNoy’s uncle. We, the Filipino people are just victims of the Aquino’s rewriting history, painting the Marcoses dirty for killing Ninoy and corruption and human rights violations and all that. They did that through our education system and the media. But where are we now? It has been 30 years and still we haven’t progressed much. Instead, it’s the oligarch’s who are exploiting us and keeping us poor. Don’t believe me? Here’s a tip: “things that aquinos do not want the filipinos to know”

  12. To all you moronic Duterte followers, you think there has been no progress, eh. Be careful what you wish for when your so called savior starts stealing all the money PNoy saved for this country. You think your cushy jobs will continue to exist? No more BPOs, no more US and Australian jobs because DoDirty pissed them all off. And say hello to the Communists coming back, let’s see if you will be able to freely debate like morons on Facebook. Next time pick up history book and actually educate yourself with FACTS and not memes! I hope you all rot in the hell you are about to create for the poor saps in the Philippines … God help you all!

    1. Says the guy who is fine with Noynoy having all the the underspent 6 trillion so in turn that it will be transferred to his pockets.

      If someone should rot in hell, it’s you son. Just accept the fact that your incompetent Benigno Simeon Aquino DA TURD would be put behind bars as well. Enjoy it while it lasts. :))

    2. @HellNoToDoDirty

      You’re assuming everyone here is a Duterte supporter. By the way, wasn’t Ninoy friends with Joma Sison back in the day? Wasn’t that the reason Marcos considered Ninoy enemy of the state? Please read your history book.

      I find your comment inconsistent. If you are a PNoy supporter, it should follow that you are against Martial Law. But since you say you are not a communist sympathiser, then you should appreciate the essence of why Marcos declared Martial Law. Now tell us, which ideology do you actually prefer?

    3. Yeah right and your retarded pwesident’s father is also a commietard and an ally of joma sison who is also siding with duterte.

  13. @Fred Magdalera

    “(1) The country’s GDP has grown from 3-4% to 6.50-7.1% in the past 4 years;”

    Consumption-fueled economic growth founded on the growing remittances of OFWs.

    “(2) three senators,various governors, congressmen and other high-ranking government officials were charged for plunder and/or malversation of funds;”

    Selective. Charged with plunder? Last I checked, some of those you’re referring to are still free.

    “(3) the Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia;”

    Again, refer to my reply above item (1).

    “(4) the AFP & PNP have been modernized;”


    “(5) there are more job and business opportunities in the country than the past three administrations, among other achievements of Aquino.”

    No. Completely forgetting the fact that current growth trends are also built upon the foundations of past administrations’ accomplishments.

    As they say, luma na ang script mo.

  14. If the people don’t like you or your protege anymore, they simply perceive and feel the reasons that you never saw or felt. And the sad part of it that stretches to the end is that perhaps you never listened.

  15. Breaking news: Roxas tells the people he will correct Aquino admin’s mistakes; but he forgot to add the clause “many of which I was a big part of.”

    Now they will spend more money to FIX what they broke – getting paid twice for a job not well done is really lucrative business indeed. Politics in PH is just so good when voters are as gullible as your friendly neighborhood Yellowtard.

    1. What a sad circus. Such desperation. So carry on policies, or correct mistakes?

      Which one is it now?


  16. Well done Ilda. Spot on. Couldn’t have written it better on my own. BS lives in a warped world of his own apart from the reality we see around. For a fair and honest election… for real change. Persist in your crusade and ride on. God bless the Philippines.

  17. Commemorating our day of humiliation
    By Rod Kapunan | Mar. 23, 2013 at 12:01am
    Nobody wants to say we have an utterly ignorant President or one falling to the category of a closeted traitor. But his enthusiasm to spearhead in commemorating the so-called “Jabida massacre” completely exposed his lack of understanding of the serious implication of what he did.

    Indeed, it was revealing for either President Aquino has no idea why that dark episode was hatched, or is plainly playing fire to elicit sentiment from an already betrayed people whose jingoistic fervor has been heightened by the insults received from Malaysia. Adding to this is his inexplicable washing of hands as if to disown those Filipino-Muslims who were slaughtered and continue to be slaughtered by the Malaysian authorities. In fact, he went one step further to condemn Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and his followers, accusing them of trying to sabotage his government’s peace agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), while Malaysia stonewalling on our overtures to allow the return of the dead bodies for decent burial, and for the peaceful surrender of those remaining holdouts in Lahad Datu.

    There is no doubt the so-called “Jabida Massacre” is a day of infamy and humiliation for this country. It is for that why we need not publicly commemorate that day, more so if headed by an ignoramus President and applauded by his self-righteous hypocrites. Whatever this disoriented government would say of that incident in the island of Corregidor on March 18,1968, that day is definitely being celebrated with much rejoice in Malaysia for it saved the day for them to bloodily defend their land grabbed territory. That idiotic ritual amounts to rubbing insult to injury for admittedly that bungled operations resulted in our failure to liberate Sabah. PNoy has no business recalling that debacle alongside with those co-opted Filipino Muslims who now appear to have regretted for allowing themselves to be used as proxy pawns in Malaysia’s bloody war of revenge against this country in the late 70’s.

    If President Aquino truly understood the position he represents, he would have promptly cancelled all activities commemorating that incident that would highlight the truth that we are some kind of psychos when it comes to understanding what nationalism and patriotism is. That should have served instead as his guiding post in analyzing the implication of that humiliating ritual. Rather, he was there for a banal reason which is to exploit the so-called “Jabida Massacre” as his political ammunition in this coming election with the usual line of making Marcos his whipping boy.

    He could not even rationally comprehend that President Marcos in that instance and for whatever they would say of him, was fighting for the country’s national interest, one that has been defined as a national policy. Paradoxically, he was mandated to carry that out. The top secret operation called “Operation Merdeka,” where a special squad known as “Jabida” was created, was integral to an official state policy to reclaim Sabah, it being a part of our national territory.

    That policy predated the Marcos administration, which claim was vigorously pursued through various diplomatic channels by the Macapagal administration. Resolution No. 32 passed by the Fifth Congress urged the President (and all succeeding Presidents) to take the necessary steps to recover a certain portion of the island of Borneo and adjacent islands which appertain to the Philippines. That resolution remains in force and effect to this day for all the Presidents to enforce (execute) until and after that has been superseded or retracted by subsequent resolution.

    The trouble with this disoriented President is he interprets our Sabah claim as a personal ambition of President Marcos, and to make a snide at his administration on that issue. He forgot that by his crooked pronouncements, he is insulting himself as incapable of comprehending that a claim or defense of national territory is indivisible to defending our national sovereignty. It is for this reason why some think we elected some kind of clown surrounded by political jesters because his actuations and pronouncements that could determine the fate of this nation appear to be in derogation of a declared policy of this Republic.

    As one commented, if there is a war that now exists with that British-created federation, PNoy’s stand would have merited his being indicted for treason. The trouble is he seems not to understand that a declared national policy often transcends the term of the President unless, as said, revised or retracted by Congress, or amended if written in the Constitution. He does not even have a sense of historical recollection. By his ignorance, he practically insulted our fallen heroes who were immediately and summarily executed by Malaysia after the discovery of that botched operation.

    By unfortunate coincidence, it was the father of this disoriented President, former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., who heightened the cry for revenge by Malaysia after coming out with his usual grandstanding of delivering a privilege speech capitalizing on our debacle for his own political ambition. By his participation in that ugly commemoration to the listening delight of those pro-Malaysian Muslims who witnessed the installing of a marker for those mutineers, he brushed aside the truth that hundred of Filipinos were butchered by Malaysia that even the body of Col. Abdul Latif Martilino has yet to be recovered.

    No sooner after the discovery of the top secret operation, thousands of Filipino Muslims, mostly Tausugs, were forcibly evicted in Sabah, and in the years that followed, this country had to fight a lonely but bloody secessionist war funded by Malaysia. Surprisingly, that separatist war was carried out by the MNLF resulting in them losing their homeland. Now Misuari and his MNLF want to renew the fighting this time to recover Sabah, but that’s too late because Malaysia has already found their new stooge which explains why they were treated as persona non grata in that peace agreement with the MILF.

    1. Well said and explained. Nakakalungkot lang na madami nang Pilipino specially the youth na walang alam tungkol dito. Their memory of Philippine history is about Rizal, Bonifacio and Aguinaldo. Tapos Edsa na palabas ng mga Aquino at anti Marcos at that time.

  18. Just want to affirm your great writing and analysis, Ilda. Looking forward to more articles from you.


    1. Well in my own way of understanding is that NINOY provoked the MARCOS administration to impose MARTIAL LAW and COMMUNIST then follow i guess instead of victims i would rather call it casualties of MARTIAL LAW whom HINDRANCE to PROGRESS.. Correct me if im wrong..

  20. Pnoy is a fruitcake, not happy with his performance,he is the worst president for rather go for DUTERTE (will forget about his cussing words ) people of davao city LOVES him to death,there are few who don’t,but majority does. oh well..,you cant pleased everybody.i believe A BIG change if he wins the presidency.marimar Roxas is a looney tunes!poe is..I don’t know..,Binay is okey but ngeeee! I love meriam, but i will go for DUTERTE 🙂

  21. I don’t agree with the article as well along with the comments of everyone here. Before you bash me as being a yellow supporter – I am not. I actually voted for Gibo in 2010 and have not yet decided on whom to vote for next Monday.

    I work as a corporate researcher so I get to talk with the regular Filipinos (I go to D/E homes) as well as the executives in big businesses in the Philippines (whether it’s Multi National or Local). I will focus on PNoy’s economic achievements since I work on this field.

    First on GDP Growth – everyone here knows about the GDP growth – i.e. 6-7%, one of the highest in Asia, etc.

    Fact: This is true, any data source you check – Local/International, etc. would tell you that Philippines is indeed growing extremely fast in the past few years and is not BS.
    Everyone is right in saying that this is driven by private consumption along with OFW remittances and the BPO industry. I don’t agree however with the statement that it doesn’t trickle down to the C and D. While the oligarchs are the one mainly benefiting from this growth, the rest of the Filipinos have felt this somewhat. Let’s look at some key indicators:

    -Household Consumption Growth (7% growth from 2015-2014). If it is not true then how can you explain the growth in consumer spending? Taking out the population growth and inflation (which was minimal the past 2 years) shows that Filipinos have been spending more during Aquino’s term than previous administration.

    -Looking at a different data source – Kantar Home Panel – Consumer good spending are growing at 11% (net of inflation) driven by D and E economic sectors. These 2 data sets prove that the gains from the top somehow trickle down to the bottom. Most of my clients from top manufacturers (of FMCG products) would agree that Filipinos have more to spend in the past 6 years (especially C-E sectors) and that there business is booming because of this.

    -Most of you don’t agree to this but what PNoy has cultivated over the past few years is that most foreign firms now want to invest in the Philippines. The international community along with the local business leaders trusted PNoy and with this trust comes a lot of investments and new employment opportunities. Unemployment actually declined in PNoy’s time – 5.8% in Q1 2016.
    This doesn’t mean that everyone has a good job and all with decent salaries but it just shows that at least people have jobs. The stock market is another indicator of Investor’s trust in PNoy. When he started in 2010 the stock index was hovering at the 4000 index. It reached as high as 8000 in 2015. (Please don’t tell me that this is only for the rich – everyone who has an internet connection can trade stocks online)

    Next – the controversial BPO industry which contributes to another 10% of our economy. While I won’t attribute this success to anyone in particular, there is still profound growth in this sector under Aquino’s watch. In 2010 there were about 525000 BPO workers. In 2016, this number swelled to 1.3M BPO workers. Of course, our affinity to English helps in boosting this number but certainly fiscal policies implemented by the Aquino administration (while continuing policies of the Arroyo) along with the confidence of investors in the country played another factor here.

    Another indicator that the Philippines is doing well is the proliferation of cars. There is a reason for the massive traffic jams in the country. The number of cars have been growing at an insane pace the past few years. It was 23% in 2015, 21% in 2014 and 48% the year before. Mind you these are not expensive cars, if you actually break down the new vehicles on the road, these are your entry level vehicles meaning Filipinos of the C and D sectors can afford to buy cheap cars. This doesn’t mean he gets a pass for not building better roads or public infrastructure, it does mean that part of the problem that we have is that Filipinos have access to more resources.

    I can go on and on and cite more examples of how the lives of Filipino have improved (proliferation of smartphones, etc.). If these unbiased numbers fail to convince you on the impact of Aquino’s administration then let’s look at another metric where PNoy had an actual hand.
    -Tourism. One of PNoy’s biggest achievements was that he hired Ramon R. Jimenez for the DOTC post (one of the best in the Advertising world). Under Mon Jimenez’s stewardship – tourism in the Philippines boomed, he was the one who created the “More Fun in the Philippines” tagline. In 2010 – there were 3,017,099 tourists in the Philippines. In 2014 – there were 4,681,307 tourists. That’s a 12% Compounded Annual Growth rate! I won’t stress on the fact that these brought in more opportunities in the service sectors (more jobs, etc.). If there is something that PNoy failed to do here, it was fixing our airport.

    I won’t patronize PNoy and say that he was the perfect president. He was far from it, he had numerous gaps, mistakes and debacles in the pasts. I won’t list them as everyone here seems to know them by heart but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t do anything. From an economic standpoint; he actually did well. He certainly did a better job than some of our previous president and our economy is in a much better shape during his time.

    1. Why is it that most apologists start their sentences with “I did not vote/don’t like PNoy but…”?

      1. In my experience people already bash me before reading my entire post. Happy to remove it. But facts is facts, I didn’t vote for him but I know his tenure is not that bad compared to what people paint it out to be.

      2. The sentence: “I did not vote /don’t like Pnoy….”, is to hide their real intention, as paid YellowTard hacks/trolls.

        After, their defense on Aquino…another internet YellowTard troll/paid hack will immediately, follow to agree with them.

        These YellowTards are as dumb as their Yellowtard masters…they don’t know that most of the people here has brains and common sense.

        1. @ Hyden007Toro9999.99 I am trying to be civil here and sharing information from different sources (most of which are not publicly available). I am not a yellow tard or a paid troll. I am actually leaning towards Duterte for next Monday as I believe that our country needs reforms. I just hope that he gets good cabinet members.
          The reason that I just spoke now is that I feel that this website is focusing too much on the negativity of the current administration. I am merely giving alternative figures to help contextualize the situation.
          I also don’t believe what the author was saying that PNoy was the worse president (in her other article) or with what people here are saying that he didn’t do anything during his 6 year running the country. It was extremely slow (even to my liking) but there was progress.

    2. Another example of a failipino who is blinded with the so-called improving economy in which only a few felt it. Then why there are still countless OFW’s working abroad instead in our country? Where are the results? Oh don’t tell you’re only benefiting from that improving economy bullshit richfag.

    3. the thing is, if you remove this one- “Everyone is right in saying that this is driven by private consumption along with OFW remittances and the BPO industry.” will the economy survive?

  22. @Jake:
    How can there be progress? We are importing rice. The Squatters are increasing like mushrooms. There is runaway inflation. Just go and buy your food and basic necessities.

    There is no progress…just open your eyes. Maybe progress on Aquino; his YellowTard minions; his cahoots; the politicians; etc…for common wage earner, like us…we have to struggle to put food on the table…

    More people are living in poverty; and below the poverty line…

  23. @benigo I believe that truth is somewhere in between. We don’t give GMA credit for what she deserves at the same time PNoy should claim the economic gains for himself. However it doesn’t mean that nothing was achieved in his tenure. Let’s say for the sake of argument we give them both credit for the economy, what else did he do?

    He could claim on improvement in tourism. In 2010 – there were 3,017,099 tourists in the Philippines. In 2014 – there were 4,681,307 tourist most due to the popular “More Fun in the Philippines” campaign. The figures for 2015 is expected to go even higher.

    @Domo I am not blind. I am actually one of the OFWs you mentioned. I left during the latter part of GMA’s reign and returned midway on PNoy so I have seen the changes. But the business climate has improved. The number of Jobs increased (Unfortunately it is Quantity and not quality).

    Not saying is it perfect, far from it and hence the need for fundamental reforms starting in 2016.

    It is true we are importing rice and that there are still many people living in poverty and the struggle is real, I won’t deny that. There is however no runaway inflation like you pointed. Inflation the past 2 years have been extremely minimal.(it was 1.4% last year) and prices of most commodity goods increased at that range. Shampoo sachets are still P5. Oil even decreased. (But this is not PNoy’s doing of course)

    Like what I said most of the progress was felt by the upper class but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t trickle down to C and D classes. Like I said above, Cars are growing at an insane rate (this is a manifestation of improvements for the middle class since the cars in question are entry level low cost models). For the D class, there is a proliferation of smart phones. Depending on the data you used – 40-50% now have smart phones in the Philippines. If ABC are just about 20% of the population, then 20-30% of the population (Mostly D) have managed to buy one.

    Again all I am saying is that don’t discount the achievements of PNoy. For an economic standpoint, he did relatively well. Of course, We need to have better leaders who will accelerate this growth. Maybe it’s Duterte (who knows), Maybe it’s Poe

    1. Jack,

      You said

      @benigo I believe that truth is somewhere in between. We don’t give GMA credit for what she deserves at the same time PNoy should claim the economic gains for himself. However it doesn’t mean that nothing was achieved in his tenure. Let’s say for the sake of argument we give them both credit for the economy, what else did he do?

      I’m trying to understand your position. Are you saying that when Penoy Aquino boasts that he is directly responsible for a 6.2 percent average GDP growth, he should receive all the accolades but if you are presented with hard data demonstrating that the Arroyo administration’s economic policies were (at least partially) responsible for laying the foundation for that growth, the best you can offer is a resounding ‘maybe?’ And you profess that you are not ‘biased?’

      Perhaps we should test the validity of your claim. The Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 embodies Penoy Aquino’s economic strategies. It set a target of 7 to 8 percent annual growth for the economy. Notwithstanding the fact that the Aquino administration consistently failed to meet their targets, the president never misses the chance to tout his 6.2 percent average as the highest in 40 years.

      This is rather peculiar if you consider that Aquino’s economic policies did not kick in until late 2010 or early 2011, several months AFTER the 2010 election. Also factoring in the huge drop from 8.65 in the first half of 2010 (under Arroyo) to a measly 3.6 percent in 2011, and you will not come up with a figure anywhere close to the president’s claims.

      How does Penoy Aquino make it appear that growth under his watch was above 6 percent? Apparently by performing a bit of statistical jiu jitsu. The average growth during the five years of his term (2011-2015) was 5.85 percent. If you add the growth for the previous year (2010), 8.2, and divide by two, you get an average of 7.025 percent.

      But that would have to acknowledge Mrs Arroyo’s part in growing the economy, considering she was still in charge for the first half of 2010.

      What Aquino’s statisticians did was to add the second half of 2010 growth of 6.7 percent plus the 5.85 percent during 2011 to 2015; all presumably under his watch. Presto! That gets you an average growth of 6.275 percent.

      That might seem correct at first glance, except for one thing. The first six months of President Aquino’s term (July-December, 2010) was a learning period and nothing concrete was done (unless you count his cancellation of construction contracts signed under Arroyo, which did little more than retard the economy as demonstrated by the low growth rate in 2011). In retrospect, the growth rates of 7.3 percent and 6.1 percent in the third and fourth quarters of 2010 should be credited to the spillover effects of policies under Arroyo, NOT to any effort supposedly carried out by Aquino economic managers.

      Putting it into context, Penoy Aquino LIED about his great economic legacy. He had to manipulate his statistics, relying heavily on growth reaching 8.9 percent under Mrs Arroyo to raise his averages. During her last six years, President Arroyo, achieved an average GDP growth of 6.5 percent, despite the worst recession to hit global markets in recent history. In contrast, Penoy Aquino first made history for presiding over the lowest rate (3.7 percent) in 2011 since the recession began in 2008.

      1. @johnnysaint. I was merely trying to give credit where credit is due and to put things in perspective. If you want to bash PNoy, bash him on LTFRB, LTO, MRT, LRT, Mamasapano, Saff44, etc. as @rizalito advincula pointed out.

        From an economic perspective, he did an Okay job (not the best but still decent); you can fail him on all others.

        I already said that we can give GMA credit for putting forth economic policies that PNoy benefited from but to put it in numbers terms. Please refer to the data from World Bank.

        I used data from World Bank so that at least we can say it is a 3rd party source free from local biased reporting. Let’s us also give 2010 to GMA as you pointed out.

        Average GDP 2001-2010 = 4.77%
        If we take out 2008 (financial crisis) = 4.85%
        2005-2010 = 4.93%

        For PNoy (take out 2010)
        2011-2015 = 5.87%

        Bonus: Erap 1998-2000 = 2.3%

        So if you look at the metrics from a GDP growth% PNoy performed better than either GMA or Erap.

        If you look at foreign direct investments, which is an indicator of how much foreign investors are putting money in the Philippines, PNoy still tops the list:

        Erap (1998-2000)
        Average $1,924,666,667

        GMA (2001-2010)
        Average $1,468,117,502

        Pnoy (2011-2014)
        Average $3,790,579,544

        Lastly; even unemployment went down:
        Erap 9.999999682%
        GMA 9.079999971%
        Pnoy 6.999999962%

        so by these 3 metrics only, we can at least say that from an Economic perspective PNoy did do well. I have already said that the oligarchs were the ones who gained the most here, but the rest of us (Class B, C, D, E) have gained somewhat as well. (Higher consumer spending, etc.)

        All I ask is that don’t bash for the sake of bashing. People continue to doubt the economic progress of the Philippines under PNoy or deny his credibility here. All I want is to share the real story. Unbiased. (hence the world bank data)

        For the rest of PNoy’s blunder – I agree that there have been many lapses and that reforms are needed in the next administration.

        1. Common sense dictating: because some of GMA’s reforms needed time to reap, and when THAT time came, it was on PNoy’s term. Are there any actual economic reform that PNoy HIMSELF started?

    2. @Jake:

      It seems you have contacted the Jaundiced Reality Syndrome of the YellowTards.

      Philippines is progressing? My Ass!

      The average monthly earning is: 15,000 Philippine pesos. Equivalent to U.S. $300.

      My niece is a nurse in one of the hospitals. And she, earns: 10,000 a month.
      Equivalent to U.S. $200.

      If you have that income in the U.S. You will starve, or become Homeless.

      Inflation , must be calculated, from the time Aquino, entered office (2010), to this time, he is leaving office (2016).
      How much have the prices of food and basic necessities, have increased.

      I was fortunate enough to work in the Auto Industry in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. And, to study Science and Technology in one of their finest university.

      The owning of cars and other gadgets, are not the indicators of a robust economy.

      There are many second hand, third hand, fourth hand, etc…cars for sale.

      I have seen my co employees; when their car mileage is over 70,000 miles. They sell it to used car dealers, at low prices . U.S. $500 and up… the used car dealers refurbish the car; adjust the odometer, at lower mileage; and sell them , out of state or export them to third world countries. Maybe, they sell them at U.S. $1,000 and up…

      Besides in Detroit, Michigan , U.S.A. Almost everybody has a car. Even those on welfare, and living below poverty line.

      Do not give me those assumed figures or statistics. I don’t know how you derived your data. There is no middle class in our country. You are either too rich, rich, poor or too poor. Below too poor, are already people starving…

      Just look at the Squatters, and homeless people in the country. They are too many.
      This is Aquino’s legacy to the country.

      Aquino has no economic achievements. He grabbed the economic programs of Former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, as his achievements.The results of Pres. Arroyo’s program, he claims it as his own. What a dimwit!

      1. @667Toro007Hyden999.999
        I beg to disagree on your point that there is no middle class in the Philippines and please don’t generalize people who acknowledge Economic Achievements of Pinoy as full supporters of the administration. I will condemn Aquino for his failures in the public infrastructure (LRT, MRT, etc.) and others (SAF, etc.) but I will give him some credit (along with GMA) for the economic gains of the country.
        The car statistics that I pointed out came from the Automobile Association of the Philippines and while it is not an indicator of a robust economy (which I never said – I said progressing economy) – it can be an indicator of growth it came from new cars.
        The 20% CAGR growth that I pointed were mostly driven by entry level low cost models which means there is a growing middle class. Again these are new cars and not 2nd hand ones (I don’t have data on the 2nd hand market so I won’t extrapolate on that)
        I am working in the research and consulting sector and have access to data like Consumer panels and financial statements of companies and you’ll be surprised which categories are growing in the Philippines. Take Makeup for example – did you know that Ever Bilena (a low cost Makeup company) have been growing sales (value and volume) of more than 15% for the past few years. Given that Ever Bilena is a mass brand (C and D consumers) then how can you not agree that consumers have at least a higher propensity to spend especially on impulse categories (gadgets, cosmetics, personal care products) Why on earth would they spend on this and not on basic necessities like food?
        Since you have worked in the US and have shared some insights on Automobiles there, I’ll share some of my experiences working and living in Singapore. In Singapore it is the reverse. Only rich people have cars and even 2nd hand cars are expensive. You have to buy a Certificate of Entitlement on top of the car which makes buying a car 2X more expensive.
        Again all I am asking is to consider these alternative data sources; i have posted the links of my sources there to be transparent. (These are not just government data but data from international sits like world bank), fort the other researches I can also send these to you if you are interested. (just let me you’re your email add)
        If you feel still feel that there is no economic achievement done solely by the PNoy administration – what about Tourism? It was PNoy who hired Mon Jimenez for the DOTC post and it was under PNoy where the campaign “It’s more fun in the Philippines” was launched.
        In 2010 – there were 3,017,099 tourists in the Philippines.
        In 2014 – there were 4,681,307 tourists.
        That’s a massive improvement with repercussions on money going into the country.

        You are right in some of your assessment that poverty is still a problem. There are still many squatters in the Philippines (40% of the population) but at the same time there is an increase on class C&D in the country which points to a slow but steady upgrade and an emerging middle class. Some of the extreme poor have move to poor (from E to D) and from (D to C). We have a differently view on what a middle class is but in our industry we categorize them as households earning 25k to 50k per month (C2) and 51-99k (C1) per month.
        Anyway you seem to be a smart person and you have your opinion while I have mine. Each of us understands and perceive information we have in a different way. Can I just ask you to not outright call people stupid, retard, dimwit just because they have a different opinion.

        Its 2 days till the election so I hope whoever wins will be for the benefit of the country.

        1. Aquino’s contribution to the country are:DAP; PDAF; Pork Barrel Bribery; Bilibid Prison Shabu Mfg. Co.; Entrenched Feudal Oligarchy; massacres of various kinds; incompetence; Laglag/Tanim Bala; etc…

          Aquino grabbed the economic programs of Former Pres. Gloria Arroyo. He became the beneficiary of their results. Aquino claimed it as his own making.

          Cars and iphones are not the economic indicators of a robust economy. Most of Filipinos, are of “Pasikat” mentality. They live beyond their means.

          I know that most of those cars sold there are “kolurum” second hands, third hands, etc…some are even smuggled by Aquino’s cahoots.

          Most of my relatives, own them…and they told me how they acquired them.

          Out of 100 million Filipinos; how many own cars?

          I have pointed out the monthly income of average Filipinos. This is the Standard of Living in the country. Your income versus your monthly expenses, in order to survive.

          My nieces and nephews, and most of my relatives are complaining of the high cost of living…they say: “it was better during the term of Pres. Arroyo”…

          Whatever, you show me in figures. I do not believe them. They are just figures. I can show you also some figures; and claim them as true.

          There is no middle class in our country. You have to accept this; it is the reality, Not the Jaundiced Reality of YellowTards.

          If I call anybody a dimwit; they deserve it…for they do not know what they are talking about.

  24. Hindi naman maikakaila na mayroon namang pag unlad sa ating bayan sa Aquino admin.Sa aking obserbasyon ang totoo hinanakit ng taong bayan ay ang mga palpak na serbisyo sa gobyerno tulad ng LTFRB,LTO,SSS,MRT,LRT,at marami pa.ang usapin sa BBL,Mamasapano,Saff44,Yolanda napakarami pa,ang mga iniluklok ni Pnoy sa matataas na tungkolin iyan ang sumira sa kanya.yan ang katutuhanan at ang hinaing ng taong bayan ay hindi nya pinapansin.kaya ang tao ay galit sa kanyang pamamalakad.

  25. “The day the soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.” Colin Powell

  26. I will salute him if the yellow team can bring back the glory of the Philippines before they took over from EDSA.Kaso hindi!!! Lalo nalugmok. Ngayon ang pinoy ang baba ng tingin ng ibang bansa inaapi nila ang lahi natin dahil sa nangyaring paghihirap ng Pilipinas.

  27. Nice article, it hits the nail on the head. Aquino was so rosy with his daang matuwad. The only sector of our country who benefited mainly on his supposed development program are the entrenched rich. We suffer the most, while others enjoy the fat of the land, what kind of politics does he have.

  28. Let’s see what happens 6 mons from now…or most of these people will gonna eat their words! I dont think duterte has what it takes to change this country!

  29. I voted Aquino in 2010 and I don’t have regrets. I am one of those people benefited during his term. But now… respect for him as the president of our country grow less because he’s becoming desperate in pulling down Mayor Duterte. LP made wrong moves that made me reevaluate to whom i’m going to cast my vote this Monday. Mga kababayan….let us all be more responsible this coming election. And let us all Vote wisely and pray for the smooth and peaceful “HALALAN” in May 9. God speed everyone….

  30. PANOT is hiding something thats why he dont want DUTERTE to win,they are making all they can do to stop digong from winning..panot or pnoy is retarded bulol pa..takot na c panot kc may natuklasan ang camp duterte sa kanya..kasabwat nya c trillanes na baliw,at marimar roxas na baliw din..hay nku!

  31. Dapat si Pnoy lagyan ng utak ang kanyang bao, at kung hindi niya ginagamit, ibenta na lang niya ang utak niya.. Tulad nila Mar, Leni at lahat ng Liberal Party. Ginawang MAFIA ng dilawang Liberal Party ang ating gobyerno, instead na magsilbi sila sa ating mamayan, ginatasan nila ang ating gobyerno. Mayroon bang natapos na isang proyekto ang mga ito after EDSA revolution 1?? bakit hindi nila ginamit ang BNPP,? dahil ayaw nilang umunlad talaga ang mamayan.. pahirapan nila sa pagtaaas ng mga bilihin at higit ang kuryente..tubig, ibinalik ni cory sa mga lopezes na wlang bayad, and hence aquino sold to their friends, relatives, classmates ang mga public utilities which is suppose for the benefits of filipino people. Now what they did.. they dictate the price of electric bills , and water. This is vital needs for our people. They privitize this public utilities which is not supposed to, Hospitals, schools, power supply, they sold the geothermal plant to aboitiz, gokongwei, henry sy, ayalas zobel.. Si Lucio Tan, na dating milyonaryo lang, ngayon lahat sila BILLONAIRE, simula ng mawala si Ferdinand Marcos, hindi baleng yumaman sila kaso hindi naging pantay.. yumaman lalo ang mayaman, at ang mahirap lalong naghirap.. Ang mahira pa nito, ang ating education system ay naderiorate dahil talagang sinadya nila , upang makontrol nila ang mga mangmang na yellow tard people,na walang alam sa tunay na history ng Pilipinas.. Nakakaawa ang ating mga magaaral.. Mind conditioning ang ginagawa ng mga dilawang ito na napakababa pa ng IQ nila..nauso ang taglish ng dahil kay Kris Aquino at ito ang kanilang pinaimplement in all level of school.. ??? come on…kaya naging bobo lalo ang mga studyante natin.. spelling lang nahirapan pa…Tapos pinasikat si Kris ng ABS CBN bias,, ito talaga ang kanilang plano. pasikatin si kris, kahit isa siang boba.. kaya halos lahat ng kabataan nakapagasawa ng wala sa edad ng ddahil sa kapapanood ng teleserye na walang aral, sa kabataan..Pahirap at salot sa bayan ang pamilyang Aquino at mga dilawang elitista..

  32. Alam mo Mr.President Aquino… i voted for you 6 years ago… and sobrang ikinakahiya ko un dahil sa mga ginagawa mo ngyn…. Okay lang sakin na hindi mo napa improve ang Pilipinas… pero what you have been showing lately… e nakakahiya ka… sa palagay mo kung sakaling buhay pa mga magulang mo matutuwa kaya sila sa mga pinag sasabi mo? What you have been doing and saying speaks pretty much of yourself and your clan! Mas masahol ka pa kesa sa dirty mouth ni Duterte(as you say it). Sayang ang mga pinaaral sayo! Ikinahihiya kita!

  33. pathetic! if Mayor Duterte is a monster, how are we going to call him/them? Discipline and Dictatorship are two different things. I bet, he does not understand.

  34. Mr. Aquino! you have done so much damage in this country. let Duterte fix it for you… Good luck Mr. Aquino! change is coming!

  35. JP17,

    The first damage(s) the Aquinos and Cojuangcos have done is enriched themselves, their political allies, and the Chinese-Filipino business communities–by allowing the “Bamboo Network” (monies from Chinese nationals) to fleece the country. Henry Sy (SM Malls) wouldn’t have been allowed to get that rich ($14 billion)–and destroy our local “cottage” industries–under the Marcoses.


    1. Aeta: do you even know what you are talking about? Danding was marcos’ crony. As for monies from chinese nationals, Henry Sy is of Philippine nationality. But yes the people who benefitted frm the aquinl presidency was of course the aquinos, their relatives, and the useless politicians. Just check DAP and pdaf under aquino.

  36. Care to explain: “It took 30 years for the people to realize that the Aquinos have caused so much damaged to Philippine society.”

    1. Lbrto,

      That’s easy. It’s because Failipinos are too busy pursuing aristocratic (arrogant) and self-serving (selfish) dreams and goals; and, once they get it, they could give a fuck what happens to their country and people someday. Typical ‘Fliptards,’ don’t you think? That’s why it only took 30 years for Failipinos to realize the damage the Aquinos and Cojuangcos have done to their country.

      These equally aristocratic and self-serving elitists (Aquinos, Cojuangcos, and the rest of the oligarch clans) knew exactly how to numb the mental capacity of the brainwashed Failipinos: keep their arrogant and selfish egos fed with mind-numbing “teleseryes” programs and make them feel like–at least on the surface–that their country is moving forward with a modern, urbanite lifestyles of shopping malls, condominiums, automobiles, and other shiny facades that makes them feel “world class.”

      All the Failipino masses have to do is leave the country as OFWs, expats, or resort to extreme measures–including illegal and unethical means–to achieve those same regal lifestyles that the enviable elitists have.


  37. Lbrt,

    That’s easy. It’s because Failipinos are too busy pursuing aristocratic (arrogant) and self-serving (selfish) dreams and goals; and, once they get it, they could give a fuck what happens to their country and people someday. Typical ‘Fliptards,’ don’t you think? That’s why it only took 30 years for Failipinos to realize the damage the Aquinos and Cojuangcos have done to their country.

    These equally aristocratic and self-serving elitists (Aquinos, Cojuangcos, and the rest of the oligarch clans) knew exactly how to numb the mental capacity of the brainwashed Failipinos: keep their arrogant and selfish egos fed with mind-numbing “teleseryes” programs and make them feel like–at least on the surface–that their country is moving forward with a modern, urbanite lifestyles of shopping malls, condominiums, automobiles, and other shiny facades that makes them feel “world class.”

    All the Failipino masses have to do is leave the country as OFWs, expats, or resort to extreme measures–including illegal and unethical means–to achieve those same regal lifestyles that the enviable elitists have.


  38. Lahat ng ng pilipinong walang trabaho, malas nyo mamatay kayo sa gutom.
    Lahat ng binabaha, malas nyo dyan kayo tumira.
    Lahat ng natatraffic, malas nyo dyan kayo dumaan.
    Sa lahat ng mga nagigitgit sa traffic at muntik madisgrasya dahil sa mga makasariling driver sa kalye na akala nila palaging sila ang tama, malas nyo at minalas na naman kayo.
    Lahat ng nakotongan ng pulis o mmda, malas nyo nagpaloko kayo.
    Lahat ng nasingitan sa pila o natagalan dahil sa red tape, malas nyo tatanga-tanga kayo.
    Lahat ng hirap sa buhay, kayo mismo ang may kagagawan nyan sa sarili nyo. Buti nga sa inyo!!
    Lahat kayo mamamatay sa gutom at problema!! Mamanahin ng mga anak nyo ang problema nyo hanggang sa dulo ng kamag-anakan nyo.
    Lahat ng mga nagrereklamo, ubusin nyo ang oras nyo sa karereklamo at mamuhay ng taghirap.
    Sana magbago kayo ng pananaw sa buhay. Sana magsikap magtrabaho. Avoid playing the blame game.
    Pagdinidikdik kayo sa buhay, sana palakasin nyo ang loob nyo at magsikap. Huwag kayong sumuko at magsikap kung gusto nyo mamuhay ng hindi tag-gutom. Sana huwag kayong umasa sa iba o habang buhay kayo maghihirap. Buti nga sa inyo yan!


  40. Exactly!! How can u say you did a good job? We are the worst in your Regimen, Worst Traffic, Worst MRT, Worst Airport, Pushing your unconstitutional BBL, Your DAP, PDAP, Failed of SAF 44 operation, Yolanda Funds Corruption, Luneta Hostage Crisis fail, Malampaya Funds missing, LTO plates? Appointing Bullshit People Abad, Honrado, Andres in Comelec. Shabu is cooking inside the Bilibid and a lot more… How did you expect you’re a Good President? Because of the GDP? We felt the bad you’re a mistake Aquinos are Oligarchs and you are the reason why PH collapse.

  41. Daang matuwid is a schematic overtone of the yellow army as it was during Edsa. It’s kind of an allusion of the song, He is so cruel but I will still love Judas. The so called “Heroes of Edsa”.

  42. Kasi yang daang matuwid is only on the papers. Maganda anng economy as the figures show this and that. But the poor filipinos dont want numbers, they want to feel and experience na maganda takbo ng ekonomiya. Pero ano, wala. Mataas ang
    Preresyo ng bilihin, tumaas ang unemployment, crimnals are having grandest days as well as the drug pushers are having great time. Health centers do not met the needs of the poor.

  43. Some people tend to look at one side rather than both, and they tend to not look at the truths and falsities of both sides, trying to prove only one side is true rather than look at the big picture. Whether it’s the Duterte camp, Marcos camp, Yellowjacket camp. Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos, along with all the other people that they helped appease and keep in power drove the Philippines into debt, that they’re still paying off today. They both probably plundered something. Cora Aquino agreed for Philippines to still pay this debt or else they wouldn’t be able to borrow in the future from other countries, but she also signed something that keeps the old oligarchies and political dynasties in power, that she might have been aware of. She did enact reforms for equality of men and women for properties. I know about the properties that was taken from some of the old political dynasties and that was supposed to go to the farmers after 10 years on a former agreement, that the agreement was defaulted on after Cora took presidency. My point is, both sides probably have ulterior motives than what they’re presenting and both sides probably manipulate the facts to represent what they want. You can’t always look at one side. I think Duterte sometimes comes off as politically incorrect, but is competent and at least apologizes. I don’t know if he were serious about that rape joke thing or if the media is manipulating it to be as such. He’s got experience and is a lawyer. Duterte once said he’d kill a rice smuggler, and he may’ve said that as a fear tactic against criminals, but if he really did that, he’d be killing someone for a minor crime. He’s probably killed a few innocent people as a casualty for his crusade against criminals. I heard from other sources that he has actually taken criminals on helicopter rides and thrown them in the ocean. His actions got him results in an environment where violence occurs frequently. That doesn’t mean it’s right and the loss of innocents isn’t mourned, there should be a trial procedure for such things, but everyone knows the justice system in the Philippines is far from perfect. Still, trial procedures will prevent innocent people from getting killed on the spot. He’s probably of the mindset that the ends justify the means and in an environment where things get dirty, it might be what he thinks he has to do maintain order. Even if Duterte wins, it’s not going to be that easy to reform the system in the Philippines because congress is composed of political dynasties that have a lot of useful people in their pocket. Tthe same tactics that he used as mayor won’t always work at a national level. They would need to make it easier for the other classes to get education, campaign platforms, businesses. They’d have to elect congressmen and congresswomen against the interests of oligarchies. Political dynasties and oligarchies have an interest in keeping their positions for wealth. They’re the ones keeping up the current economy and have the massive funds to shape the direction of the Philippines. Lack of money and greed can be motivators for people to do things, but they’d need to put people in place that are not motivated solely by money. He’d need to stop the bribe and patronage culture that predominates the system over there and make it a lot harder for people to actually do these type of things under his watch. Lack of money for being a police officer is probably one of the things that motivate police officers to accept bribes over there. Although Duterte would be opening up Philippines to foreign interests and control, it is probably better than keeping the current abusive system, where odds are stacked against the other classes. He’d need to implement tighter transparency and regulations when doing business with other countries, like screening companies, because handing over economic control to other countries can backfire. Tax reform is a good move, to make it desirable to do business, have a balanced tax policy in place based on fair income. With this current system, it is easy for foreign countries to take advantage of loose regulations and people in power, but it also opens the door for the lower classes. He’d need to invest more in public education because all the good schools there tend to be private and have higher tuition fees. Public school text books over there can sometimes be outdated. If the voting machines were funky, how could they mess up with Duterte’s and Marcos’ votes if Duterte won? Maybe Duterte’s votes were so much they probably couldn’t pass it off as a miscount. Voting machines do not account for vote buying. I do kind of wonder if Duterte somehow got foreign backing. Marcos still has a lot of loyalists so that probably helped catapult Duterte along with the INC vote block (who are the kingmakers that supported both Gloria Macapagal and Joseph Erap), and went into a scandal recently that took a backseat to the election. I don’t think Ninoy is clueless, he knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s just trying to manipulate people against the opposing side much like most politicians. His administration wasn’t really effective in culling corruption. Some of his and his associates’ moves are fishy such as the moving of funds under a name that is misleading. Leni Robredo is someone who looks good on paper and I can respect her for her paper-said beliefs, but there’s something on the internet linking her to some moving of suspicious funds which I can’t verify. Duterte offered Robredo a position in his cabinet… She co-authored an anti-dynasty law that I have yet to read.

    1. They’d need to make it easier to publish truth, because publishing something displeasing to other parties could actually get you killed in the Philippines.

  44. To sum it up, we never felt everything what they did because, they didn’t do it for the Filipinos but for themselves.

  45. Clueless? Something must really, really be wrong with his brain.

    He has been described in various ways: insensitive, callous, inept, evil genius, person with a schadenfreude personality, etc.

    As for me, I guess he is all of it. Period!

  46. If PNoy was so bad, why does Duterte say PNoy is a good/honest President?…this-universe/…ogwash-duterte

    “I worked with him in Congress and he was really honest”

    “The President is good, he is very clean. That’s why I supported him last elections,” he said.

    If given a chance to talk to the President, Duterte said he would tell him to calm down and “not be the savior of this universe because we are not. Leave it to the people to decide.”

    If PNoy’s admin. was so bad, then why does Duterte plan on CONTINUING THEM?…f-pnoy/259241/

    “I will not waste government money and discontinue projects that are beneficial to the people,” he (Duterte) said.

    If nagbubulag-bulagan lang kayo sa mga nagawa ni PNoy, at least naman ata maniwala kayo ke Duterte kasi siya yung Diyos nyo.

    1. In case you don’t notice, most of Noynoy’s economic gains are made by GMA. Noynoy is taking all the credit by himself. Duterte is just messing around.

      So honestly speaking, you’re the one who is blinded since you have no idea how incompetent he was. Take that FAGGOTRY of yours to somewhere else, please. 🙂

  47. daang mautwid is like a highway for the expensive cars to run freely as they want. straight as it is kaya walang paki kung sino masasagasaan. kaya clueless si pnoy. he’s running really fast. he did not notice the mess that mar roxas created. especially in yolanda’s case.

  48. We will see the difference after Duterte’s Term. We can’t compare the two as of now because Duterte’s era is about to experience. The problem is, Filipinos are always complaining about our leaders where in fact, We can not also discipline our selves even in a simple way like, proper disposal of garbage and yet we keep on complaining about floods. Corruptions start at the lower level of politics. I personally believe that its not from the hands of our leaders, the total transformation will come from, its from us.

  49. Kahit ang Panginoon Jesus ang Daang matuwid ang daang hinanda nya patungo sa buhay na walang hanggan ang tao gusto sa likong daan dumaan na ang dulo ay kapahamakan….sa huli lagi ang pagsisisi

  50. sana daanin n natin s gawa, wag s baba. dami cguro nating dapat gawin para mapaunlad ang sarili. yung self proclamation of brilliance ay masyadong nkksira. pls magsikap tayo para umasesnso. bwasan natin pumula s iba pulaan n lang natin sarili muna. god bless

  51. Si panot,di kayang makipagtalo,dadaanin na lang sa lagayan[Chinese mentality] para makuha ang gusto.
    Palagay ko ay di makukulong dahil nga mentality insane..Kaya nga ang LP ay naghahanap na papalit para gawing dummy president,hindi nga naman sila puwedeng masisis sa kapalpakan dahil dapat isisi sa gagong presidente

  52. Ngayon ko lang na nalaman na di rin pala kataasan ang suweldo ng cabinet [ sabi ni du30] kaya ayaw ng iba sa posisyon. Eh baket ke pnoy noon at nagpapatayan pa,lalo na ang mga KKK kapauwesto lang.
    Siguro ay alam na ABNO ang ex president at mauuto nila para maka Abaya, Mar Abad

    1. Magkaano ang kita ni Abaya sa Laglag/Tanim Bala ?

      Isang victima, libo libo na pesos ! Kung ayaw mong makulong magbayad ka kay Abaya at kay Honorado !

      Mga Swapang !!!

  53. Kung hindi dahil sa election 2016 hindi ko malalaman ang tungkol kina marcos at aquino. Masyadong nabilog ang utak ko sa hindi balanseng impormasyon na aking natutunan sa paaralan. Kulang… Sana mas na educate ng maaga tayo upang di tayo naghirap ng lubos gaya ngayon…

    PEro kahit ganun pa man, nasisiyahan narin ako kahit nahuli man tayong namulat sa maling akala tungkol sa mga Aquino, salamat narin kasi humabol tayo…hindi tayo nagpaiwan sa daang matuwid kuno.

    Ako sumusuporta ako kahit na sinong presidenteng halal. PEro madalas nagsisi dahil kadalasan hindi naman nagiging realistic ang tulong ng pangulo sa bayan. Selective. Mas marami ang umaasang matulungan kesa talagang natulungan. Kakalungkot ang mayayaman mas lalog yumayaman ang mahihirap mas lalong naghihirap

    1. kayong mga Pilipinoo na wala kayong kasiyahan , wala kayong pagbabago at malasakit sa kapwa ninyo kahit ano pang gawing kabutihan. Nasaan ang moral ninyo, kundi magjudge at magcriticize sa inyong maybe righteous, Napakabuti ba kayong anak ng Dios? you know the common deadly sins existed.Devil is really winning and happy for you, Why did you not run as president? you maybe the winnner like now you are the best Stars for love and respect.

  54. Fred Magdaleno, to the garbage bin your GDP–grown up. We the ordinary people do not feel a bit….ganoon pa din ang mahihirap ( needless to elaborate)– ang mga mayayaman an lalong nagtatamasa ng sarap sa bahay — ahhh your #(2) , do not worry, a former president, a former Vice President, presidential candidates, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, generals, to the lowest government officials,Secretaries, big time drug lords, pushers, etc will all Go to court and to jail……

  55. Thank you so much. I cringe everytime someone praises the Aquinos. For crying outloud, get your facts straight!

    It is quite hipprocritical to praise countries like Singapore and bash Marcos regime at the same time. Really?! Filipinos need an iron fist.

    True, a lot of people died. But it was twenty one years. What about the succeeding administrations? Shouldn’t stats be averaged or something?

    And, as much as I dislike Arroyo, I think it was her policies that contributed to whatever economic growth that Pnoy’s admin experienced. Sadly, Pnoy is as incompetent as his mom, if not more. Or maybe he is just selfish and ambitious to crave for something way beyond his capabilities. My goodness, look at those people he put in government positions. Nepotism at its peak!

    Whatever happened to transparency?

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