Stupid legacy: PNoy threat to launch ‘people power’ if Duterte and Marcos Jr win


I showed the “Duterte rape joke” video to guys not in the internet on three occasions, family drivers, tryke drivers, construction workers. The reaction was unanimous that Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) was not cracking a necrophiliac joke, nor was he promoting rape. They interpreted “dapat na-una mayor” as “tarantado kayo, mas tarantado ako”. It was to them a rape joke alright, but as I already suspected, not about rape per se, but in advanving his machismo image. So, I understand now why the audience laughed.

I will speculate that in the next survey, we will see a decrease in number in the ABC crowd, which has been his forte, but perhaps not that much since this segment, I guess, is more interested in a protest vote or a vote of disgust with the incumbent. On the other hand, he might have picked up votes in the D and E since the tabloids have picked up on the story.

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DU30 now concentrates his campaign on the National Capital Region (NCR), Cebu, and Mindanao, and he is well on his way to the palace by the Pasig River. Bongbong Marcos (BBM) has also cementing his lead via Luzon and the NCR, concentrating on labor groups where he has gained much support of even those who used to be dissidents of Martial Law (ML).

If ever, it is Grace Poe who would have gained from Duterte’s rape joke scandal because the favorability survey of Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay are in the scale of hate. People are just repulsed by these two.

But what is more worrisome now is that President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (PNoy) said he will lead a people power uprising if a DU30-BBM win happens. This is not an empty threat. He might not have people since his favorability rating is now zero in NCR and his Laglagan Party will no longer be there. Unfortunately, his core group remains. These bastards think the Philippines is all about them and all for them. They created a bubble economy to prop up their image, but really not to help the country. They will now incite havoc to burst that bubble. They can do that easily. PNoy has demonstrated his capability for treason just to advance themselves as he did in his now-infamous Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) project.

A DU30-BBM tandem will hit the ground running, and PNoy has to be careful or he will likely end up in jail. DU30 will resist every provocation to declare ML as this will only prove PNoy correct. But, the amount of chaos that will be created will be a measure of the extent to which the stupidity of PNoy will go. A stupid president will leave a stupid legacy. Just wish the likes of Raffy Alunan, Dante Liban, Roman Romulo, etc. instead of Pacquiao, Villanueva, Hontiveros, etc were in the Senate to help, but it seems the Senate will be more of the same, and it could be another problem.

So people will rejoice that change has come on May 9, but that change might not be beautiful in first two years because PNoy that early period could serve as a testing phase for PNoy’s on-going post-presidential stupidity.

148 Replies to “Stupid legacy: PNoy threat to launch ‘people power’ if Duterte and Marcos Jr win”

      1. Pnoy will probably enjoy jail time because there are lots of men in there; but I doubt the government will put him in there. They’re still working on GMA.

    1. I am exited to go there only to see who’s with him
      I hope Leah Navaro ,Rex Cortez is present too
      They will shout the name of DU30 DU30 while pnoy leased near a fire hydrant

    2. He expects people to hear his call when under his administration the Philippines is now tagged as the most corrupt country in Asia?
      Who to blame? Aquino, Roxas and Binay. Together they institutionalized corruption in our native land. We have to restore our national dignity and the only person who’s got the determination to that is Duterte.

      1. “Most corrupt country in Asia?” where did it say so? can you please enlighten us all because we all know you are just lying.

      2. absolutely correct total rebump to the Govt put them in jail those govt officials mandated by the people who gets involved in corruptions hang them to death spare no one if those things will be done, I am sure the president will have a great accomplishment by eradicating those CRIMINALS

  1. Who? Dante Liban, that corrupt former TESDA head in the company of Romulo and Alunan? It must be a typo or the writer must be like Liban.

  2. The funniest thing about PNoy’s proclamation is that if BBM wins the VP race, it would be because of democracy. It means people exercised their democracy to place BBM in the position. Isn’t that what his family fought for??? They claim they that they fought against former president Marcos to give the people their god given democracy. By saying that they will instigate a revolution against a democratic choice, it’s starting to seem like they never really fought for democracy. They merely fought to gain back their position and power – which is what they plan to do again if and when BBM gets elected.

    1. Do you really think that the first “people power revolution” was about the people?it was about corruption. The aquinos devided the philippines just to be rich. did you really think the marcoses could steal billions in such short amount of time? There were no ebanking at that time, the money was still in the country devided by the aquinos, enriles, ramos, binays and everyone who organized the so called “revolution”. We are in shit right now coz we were fooled by the government we trusted.

      1. During the reign of Marcos & Imelda, they promoted General Ver (their driver) as General for his loyalty. Also people from Ilocos and Leyte were hired in all government departments and promoted to sensitive positions. They were loyal agents. Some stories go that close mates/relatives report to Malacanang Palace regularly (weekly??) to deliver cash to Malacanang. Is that hard to imagine as possible? I think that is hard to invent. As they say, “Truth is stranger than fiction.

        1. u failed to mention the havoc in our economy and the loot stolen by pcgg in cory’s time. it is said that it took only 2 years for cory and his bright boys to plunder our country while it took marcos & co. 20 years to do so. the irony is that what marcos
          took, the kamaganak pocketed.

        2. Observer, are you watching too much tele-novella? Where did you get your so-called “facts”?

      2. “..coz we were fooled by the government we trusted..” You’re talking of the Marcos/Imelda government of course.. were you not?

      3. oh… ur d only one who dont believe in d Marcoses ill gotten wealth… there’s no need of ebanking coz nobody will dare to stop them from carrying bulk of money from one country to another. u are blinded or ur abrupt change but maybe if u happen to experience martial law cruelty, suppress freedom of speech, never go against govt or else u will be tortured & then u only realized Pinoy is better / best pres ever had, kc cya himself is never corrupt one… hinahabol nya ang corrupt yan ang postive side na consider nyo

        1. Ok so you’re still looking for that hidden wealth of Marcos eh?

          Let’s say in Chicago there ruled Mafia A led by big boss A. They ran the underground business for years. Then came Mafia B which rose to dethrone Mafia A, with boss A dying of his wounds after the gunbattle. The good intelligent son of boss A was left an inheritance of “dirty money” accumulated by the illegal business of the former Mafia lord (boss A).

          What should the son of boss A do with the inheritance?
          A) use it for legitimate business
          B) return it to the current Mafia in power (boss B) who now operates the illegal business in the city

          So tell me, what makes you think BBM should surrender what’s in the secret banks to the yellow camp? (Note: assuming he does have control of them)

          If you found a thousand pesos dropped by a thief, would you give it to the lost and found corner of the police station manned by corrupt cops?

          Think. You would do the same if you were in BBM’s shoes. You can redeem wealth obtained illegally by putting it to good productive use.

          Any kind of Marcos inheritance is water under the bridge. Don’t hope for any of that lost wealth seeing the light of day. Time to move on and just earn your next peso the hard way like Henry Sy does – I don’t hear him clamoring for Marcos wealth.

          Time to stop all the cry baby shit. The next thing you’ll find yourself doing is demanding a piece of Henry Sy’s empire because he’s too rich.

          Go and start cleaning toilets – at least you’ll start earning something. Wala kang mapapala da pahabol ng kayamanan ng ibang tao. Wala, zero, nil. Or do you prefer to keep dreaming?

          And Martial Law cruelty? Sorry, but you’re just overrating his atrocities yet there are people who find out the truth that society was disciplined. And it seems freedom of speech is much more important to you than something fruitful like freedom from poverty. Singapore represents the latter, believe it or not. Oh yeah, seems you’re one of the people who are jumping for joy when the Mendiola Massacre. Be honest. 🙂

          And no, Noynoy is the worst president ever because… if you think things like nepotism, favoritism, selective justice, any kind of bribery and incompetence is not corruption for you, then you are not just blinded in the first place but everything you’ve said is purely hypocritical. In fact, he only chases his ENEMIES and not all people who are suspect of corruption.

          What I am saying is true. Consider mo na you’re just another hypocrite and a TROLL lurking on this site. Enjoy your pay from Malacanang, bitch. 🙂

        2. But why do almost all people think that the Marcos administration was BETTER than the administrations after it?

          After Marcos, everything started to go up and people stated to suffer more. Compare the Martial Law era compared to the present Aquino Administration. Today, everything is so sh*t that people want to leave the country.

          Traffic is bad, government services are bad, public transportation is bad, and everything the government do is just blame the previous administration and not doing anything.

          It’s obvious that the Aquino’s wanted to control the Philippines and you are blindly following a family who is benefiting from your suffering. Time to wake up and look at your surroundings.

        3. So where do you think those money came from? those ill-gotten wealth you mentioned? how did you know that Philippines is so wealthy before Marcos got their gold? Did you think it came from peoples taxes then? hmm do we have that large amount of taxes that could generate the amount of Marcos wealth? or do we have many OFW’s by that time that could be used for reserve? do we have some wealthy folks here in the philippines and they were robbed of their wealth? Do you really know your history? can you explain if the gold of marcoses are really from the people of the philippines? did’nt you know that after world war 2 with Japan, philippines is so poor at that time. Marcos was not yet a president even his father. Only aquinos are shouting that marcos wealth are ill-gotten. If you can answer these question you can prove yourself. If not do more research. The infrastructures Marcos made and even those not started yet cannot be funded by peoples tax alone, the amount it cost cannot be surpassed by peoples money that time. Please do more sensible research before accusing Marcos. You don’t know Philippines might be receiving Marcos blessings instead of being robbed.

    2. a democracy that only served their interests and not for the people. these oligarchs cried out loud democracy at the expense of the poor people when their interests are at stake! stupid are those who voted for them.

    3. Still digging for documentaries. But what is clear to me now… yes they won the fight maybe when Nnoy died but after it? What happend to us? Esp the people who suffrrd in yolanda, the killings in hacienda L and the fallen soldiers. What was their oart in giving democracy to those who are need. Yes we are free? Free to be dead. From pearl of the orient seas, golden years.. what now??? ????

      1. noynoy assasinate himself to make sure hes family will be rich so the marcos law will end. to make him a hero coz people will think marcos kil him.

  3. How could Pnoy say such thing? Is there any proof that he really said that? So poor thinking of the president who runs the country for six years, made big decisions and in just a simple issue will say such idiotic thinking. What a thought!

    1. Worse than idiot, simple hiningi noong pulis na nang hostage ng tourist bus sa maynila. Hindi nga nakapagdecision ng maayos, ayon may nadali…. nakakalungkot isipin kulang ng attention ang sambayanan Kandi inisip nila ang pansarili lamang interest

    2. They are planning to impeach Duterte if Leni won. Its obvious they could do it.. They have the senate and the congress at their hands.. Do you think the Aquino’s are so eager to help the Filipinos?

      Hacienda Luicita pa nga lang hindi na nila mabigay sa karapatdapat na nagmamay-ari, isang bansa pa na ang mga tao ay lugmok sa kahirapan.

      Connect the dots, halata naman na ginagago na tayo nang mga nakaupo papagago ka parin.

      1. Sodo,

        “They are planning to impeach Duterte if Leni won.”

        That, my friend, is a fact. Duterte was a complete anomaly that never should happen had the oligarchs had their way. It’s not too late, though. These asshole, political dynasties will still find a way to rid themselves of Duterte. If he’s lucky, Duterte might get the same cell house that Erap stayed in.

        Just wait and see.


  4. I agree with the sentiments of the author except for one thing :
    MDS is not being included in the choice of president candidates.
    She is the best among all the 5 of them.
    Her health is not that big issue.
    We all die because we are all mortals.
    Who’s to know when any of them, Duterte, Poe, Binay, and Roxas will go ?
    Have faith, Filipinos !

    1. Kudos to that. Not to mention that MDS is the only candidate who doesn’t have any issue among the candidates.

      But for PNOY to say that being the president is really idiotic. He is not setting a good example.

  5. Well, it’s true and he contacted Binay to see if he would support him in a new people power uprising that he would lead. Binay basically told him to go fuck himself.
    Big surprise there.

    So what Aquino is saying that he wants to overthrow 2 duly elected people. The Aquino family, protectors of democracy? Sickening scum!

    Would it not be hilarious if he will try to stage another EDSA and no one shows up, followed by him being arrested. Oh the joy, I’m having tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

    1. I’d love to see that too! I’m so sick of these yellow morons acting like they are our savior and as if they’re the cleanest leaders the Philippines ever have. These hypocrites still can’t get over that rape joke making it a big deal..and yet three of these presidential candidates supported Jalosjos who was COMFORTABLY imprisoned for raping a child.

    2. Wow Jim DiGriz you have inside track in Malacanang…amazing! First of all, the article sucks. On the rape issue, I can’t believe GRP dismisses it just like that. Go watch the video over and over again and see if that joke was meant to be what GRP says it means to be. Such hypocrisy. Go and support Duterte that’s your right but making everything he does is right even if they are not just because one supports him smacks of dirty politics and plain idiocy. Then GRP diverts the issue to Pnoy, clap, clap clap!

  6. Add, I don’t know what kind of crowd you hang out with but you et al are a bunch of sick morons if you think you can spin this Duterte incident any other way than actually is–a low life behaving in a manner even beneath a low life. Mas masahol sa hayop doesn’t even begin to describe Duterte and I don’t want someone na mas masahol sa hayop na making presidente ng ating bayan. You should be ashamed of yourself!

      1. First sentence mo pa lang alam ko na di mo binasa yung buong article because fuck objectivity and fuck critical thinking right

      2. Obviously you’re playing the “you’re with us or against us” card which is why you accuse grp as a dutertard this time, eh yellowturd?

    1. I believe it’s a bit small minded to argue using a line similar to this: “Your opinion is wrong because you’re a moron.”

      An intelligent mind would argue like this: “Your opinion is wrong and here’s why… (procede to give reasons)”

      Sweetie, if you want to be taken seriously, I suggest you take the latter route. Otherwise, people will just see you and your opinion as small minded.

    2. You should be ashamed of yourself due to your small-mindedness and moronism, as evident in your comment.

      Typical point-misser, to be exact.

    3. Because of your insistent on that rape joke? and how do you call Roxas, Binay and Poe who are all connected to Romeo Jalosjos–the real-life paedophile/rapist of an 11 year old girl who was sentenced to 132 years but only served 10 years in a lavish lifestyle of bilibid? You’re more sick,man!

    4. VV, you are attacking DU30, and yet are using a Duterte on me: his shock and awe style???. And ad hominem at that? Am surprised. But, I will oblige.

      First, I don’t know if you have already met DU30 close-up. Well, I have, in fact, twice. I sat in front of him across his desk in his office, and I can tell you first hand, he is not the monster, the sociopath that the internet is now portraying him. And when you see his employees who respect him like a big brother or father, how can he be a psycho? And the way he welcome us as he did, I can’t complain. He was nice and polite. And in that occasion when we sat for a couple of hours in the hotel coffee shop, I already knew he was a funny man.

      For that matter, I have also met Mar because he was a resource speaker in a two day seminar I attended once in AIM. I have met Binay thrice, in a wedding, in a cocktail, and right in his office when he was a Mayor. Unfortunately, I haven’t met Poe in person, and twice, I believe, I have seen MDS, but only from a distance.

      Of course, there is no way one could judge the characters of persons with such brief encounters, but I think I have a basis to say that all of them, without exception, are nice, normal people with good intentions; otherwise, they would not have reached their status; imagine, being able to run for the highest office.

      I also think I know a sociopath when I see one. I joined a prison ministry once, and I did visit Muntinlupa once a week for six-months, and the reason we were not allowed to do it more than six months is because sitting one-on-one with some of the felons really gets to you. The warped thinking you encounter is just too mych. One particular case I will never forget is this guy who they said was from the Sparrow Unit of the NPA. The NPA murdered his entire family right before his very eyes when he was eight years old. Yet the NPA decided to allow him to live, and it was the NPA that took care of him even sending him to school for his elementary education. By 16 years old, he was sent on his first assignment to kill, and from then on, became, I think, one of the most efficient killing machines of the NPA. You sit down with this guy and try to befriend him, and you will never find an opening. He cannot understand why he should be sorry for what did. It is just incredible, really no remorse, conscience is simply not there. He can not even understand why we were nice to him.

      That may be an extreme case. But, you say DU30 is below a low life, hayop talaga?? I know in election, we tend to use hyperboles, and in writing, for emphasis, but what is the basis of your hyperbole? I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

      I cannot choose Mar because he is the typical technocrat who is so obssesed with his knowledge. His speech in front of the MBC-MAP is just one of those where he just confirmed my long time impression of him, a guy so busy trying to impress one and all about his know-how. I have worked with such guys, they struggle when they become CEOs. CEO is about managing experts and technocrats, not about being THE expert himself. Mar would be a fantastic NEDA director. He has all the time to do his analysis paralysis there.

      I cannot choose Binay because long before the blue ribbon, I already knew he was corrupt. I have a friend inside the Makati City Hall. There is an unwritten rule in that building. Any purchase below 40 million, the “boys” take care of it and are fully accountable and responsible even deciciding on their own the tongpats, and should not bother or disturb the Binays at all. Purchases or projects above 40 million, the boys have to completely stay out of them and should not meddle, and the Binays take over and decide everything.

      I cannot choose Poe because she is a big unknown. On the other hand, MDS is sick.

      Contrary to what they are saying, I find DU30 as the perfect character who can deal with the US and China. For one, he is no pushover. Today, the US wants something, they just go straight to PNoy, and they get it, overriding whatever initiative DFA had in mind. This was of course possible because PNoy was not comfortable with Sec del Rosario and Amb to the US Joey Cuisia. PNoy would rather goof around with Gazmin and Purisima since he has been goofing around with them ever since they were still PSGs to his mother. Del Rosario’s and Cuisia’s mental capacities are simply above that of PNoy.

      But even without support, Joey Cuisia has been doing a fantastic job. He went on an offensive, even spending his personal money, to get more in DC to see the Philippines the Filipino way. But even a wealthy man as Cuisia is has his limits for cocktails, parties, symposiums, and all other lobbying efforts don’t come cheap in DC. But, if we want to enlist more as Friends of the Philippines in DC, that is the way to go. China, South Korea and Japan have always been in the offensive in their diplomatic strategies in DC. So, imagine if we had a no pushover as president and an ambassador like Cuisia, we already have the core of a perfect team. But they should pour in much more — much, much more — budget into the Phil Embassy in DC. We should not look at these embassies as a place just for processing visas, passports, etc, We can no longer have DC see the Philippines the American way.

      But, more critically, I see in DU30 a character the Chinese would love to deal with, whose yes is very hard to get, but when it is a yes, it is really a yes. I have been in and out of Shanghai for many years, due to business, and I know the characters they love dealing with: kind of flamboyant to some degree, maybe a bit rough in the edges, but basically almost an open book. Honesty is important to them, and that is the reason they spend many nights having company dinners, getting drunk in a night clubs, and even gifting a potential partner with the most expensive call girl, whom you cannot refuse or they get insulted, all these just to get to know a potential partner better. It takes pratically minimum two years to be on a first name basis with any Chinese businessman. They are only interested in long term businesses. Short term business is the Hong Kong way, and they consider the Cantonese of Hong Kong as low class Chinese. With the demeanor of DU30, the Chinese will love to deal with the Philippines. He comes across a somebody who is an open book. Hope DU30 will have an intellectual DFA Secretary to match the philosophical way Chinese go around doing things.

      I think you should look first at what the Philippines needs before choosing a candidate, and not vice versa.

      1. Such very good article, thanks so much… We Davaoeños love Davao, and we love and support #Du30. We are Filipino almost there to be proud of our country again. This country need someone to stand and say “Sama sama tayo, let’s fix this country -#Du30 “

  7. Pero kung si puppet nyang so Cayetano ang mananalo ayos lang, kaya huwag kayong papalako mga kasamahang maka Du30 si Cayetano ay maka LP.

    1. Islander says:
      Kaya pala kahit anong build up ni DU30 ke Cayetano ay hindi siya maka usog sa itaas ng survey dahil isa ring LP (Zero vote to LP). Matalino na ang mga tao. Ang mga mamayan sa Pangasinan ay nagising na. Hindi na sila naniniwala sa mga trapong leader sa pangasinan,kahit maka dilaw sila ay di lahat ay kanila ang boto

  8. They interpreted “dapat na-una mayor” as “tarantado kayo, mas tarantado ako”. It was to them a rape joke alright, but as I already suspected, not about rape per se, but in advancing his machismo image. So, I understand now why the audience laughed.

    Imagine you’re at the frontline facing a life-or-death hostage situation. You are the alpha male of your pack. You condition your mind to defend your turf – all who belong to you and depend on you for survival. You need an adrenaline boost to get you to storm in for the rescue. Somehow you have to trick your mind to think beyond self-preservation.

    Duterte probably used his own mind trick (in the same way Navy Seals are trained to be mentally tough). The only problem is that he voiced it out in public.

    Hero ka na sana DU30 – sayang! I hope this won’t cost you the presidency.

    1. Well, the joke has been analyzed to death by now. But what they are saying now is not the first impression the audience got when they first heard it.

      But, I would agree that such jokes should not be delivered to a large audience. It is a joke you hear in bars or board rooms, but not in a political rally. In a way, it was firestorm waiting to happen, and he invited it.

    2. “Duterte probably used his own mind trick (in the same way Navy Seals are trained to be mentally tough)”. Really? I’ve seen more credible spins than this. Nice try anyway.
      What’s more likely is that the man carried his folksiness too far. He was skating on thin ice and just fell through.

  9. Add, it’s more likely DU30-BBM mob-power will erupt once Mar is declared the victor, should LP opt to use their last trick up their sleeves: hocus pcos magic machines. They even have “DAANG MATUWID” written on the ballots. I can already smell something fishy.

    We’ll have a reverse of Cory’s EDSA People Power. And DU30 will declare a revolutionary government. Exciting times up ahead – let’s see how this goes.

    1. As Filipino American, I do hope it won’t come to that. I still want DU30 to win. I really wish Change will come to the Philippines because I really want to come home one day.

    2. Hope LP does shelve such plan. I have seen the crowds, and they are definitely passionate about something beyond DU30 himself.

      I remember the crowds of Erap trying their EDSA3. The difference here is that you see a lot of Middle class people — at least that is what I saw in Makati and Alabang. And by history, successful revolutions are those wherein the middle class participates

  10. Is Pnoy hallucinating? They have completely lost people power. It already belongs to Duterte as because of his incompetence and lack of sensitivity to the Filipinos who helped them get into power in 1986. Now, the crowd p$ke at the sight of yellow ribbons.

    1. Iloveph says:
      Paano sila paniniwalaan eh dilaw ang bandera nila (yellow ribbon instead of Philippine flag) Gusto ng dilaw na magrebolusyon sa flag ng pilipinas..
      Dapat ay tangalin ang kulay dilaw na pera na may mukha ng mga traidor

  11. I can’t help but imagine Noynoy resorting to something which his father allegedly did should this happen: be absent from the rally itself, covertly bomb the s*** out of his mindless supporters, and blame Duterte or Marcos (as always) for it while posing as if he is humanity’s savior. Of course, he needs to save some mindless supporters and keep them in the dark to be used as reserved weapons so that they can bring this country to chaos. After all, instilling fear in people is one way to gain control of them……

  12. shame on you Pnoy.. pano ka mag people power mangilan ngilan supporters mo. baka ma assasinate ka pa.. dapat sayo magtago na lang

  13. Duterte can hack them. I think they are understemating him, given his background from Mindanao. But boy oh boy, do not mess up with him because he will fight with last drop o blood for the poor, marginalised and those oppressed by these corrupt oligarchs. Mark my words!!@

  14. “They interpreted “dapat na-una mayor” as “tarantado kayo, mas tarantado ako”. It was to them a rape joke alright, but as I already suspected, not about rape per se, but in advancing his machismo image. So, I understand now why the audience laughed.”

    The good thing is it’s all there captured in the video! The audience seem to be obliged to laugh lest their idol Mr. Duterte ay magmukhang tanga!

    When he insincerely apologized, it’s not even properly directed to Ms. Jaqueline Hamill or to her family. He even scolded the Australian Ambassador and told her to shut up! No decency for the aggrieve party?! Balasubas talaga ang animal!

    I have no issue with his accomplishment in Davao but this thing is another matter. Let us not try to baby the Goon Mayor and be Dutertards.

    Ilda’s “The re-education of Rodrigo Duterte” artilcle is an excellent reminder when becoming a Dutertard overshadows that of one’s critical thinking!

    1. The audience seem to be obliged to laugh lest their idol Mr. Duterte ay magmukhang tanga!

      What are you thinking, that the crowds that go and see DU30 are similar to those of Mar and Poe, which are “hakot”? Far from it. I have seen the mammoth crowds in Alabang and Makati. They are definitely not hakot.

      Just yesterday, people were stranded in Ms Oriental and Bukidnon bcuz Poe hired 172 buses to bring people to her rally in CDO.

  15. Who’s going to listen to you, STUPID! NOT ANYONE! WE ARE TIRED OF YOU! You are totally afraid of Duterte, because if he wins, for sure you and your PEA-BRAINED MINIONS will certainly go to jail, where you belong.

    1. Ninoy was killed by Cojuangcos just to blame Marcos..recall history.. why would Marcos kill Nino when he knew he’s to be blame? his not an idiot…

  16. Aquino will have his “Hakot demonstrators”, backed up by praying Nuns and Priests. Then, will lead the oath taking of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo, at Luneta Grandstand.

    The U.S./C.I.A. could be behind him. Since, he is a willing puppet to serve foreign interests.
    From Benigno Aquino, Sr. to Benigno Aquino III. These people has been well known collaborators, to advance their interests.

    Who cares about the so called :”People’s Power”. It is the Hacienda Luisita serfs/slaves power; with Aquino pulling the strings.

  17. “I showed the “Duterte rape joke” video to guys not in the internet on three occasions, family drivers, tryke drivers, construction workers. The reaction was unanimous that Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) was not cracking a necrophiliac joke, nor was he promoting rape. They interpreted “dapat na-una mayor” as “tarantado kayo, mas tarantado ako”. It was to them a rape joke alright, but as I already suspected, not about rape per se, but in advanving his machismo image. So, I understand now why the audience laughed.”

    I have some questions regarding this.

    First do you speak tagalog or filipino?

    How rich are you, forbes dweller?

    i have used filipino/tagalog,and bisaya for 40 years. i know what i heard and i fully understand what he meant. i also did construction work and below minimum wage job when i was younger. if you can understand filipino/tagalog thats it. there are no poor mans filipino/tagalog and there are no rich mans filipino/tagalog unless your balagtas or some pinoy poet or those journalist who uses really deep tagalog words. cursing obscenity in filipino/tagalog is still considered bastos even for the poor people of this country. one of my job was a waiter in some dingy bar that paid 50 pesos a day plus tip. more or less i earn 100 to 150 pesos a day and that was 2002. and no we did not talk the way you imply poor people talk.
    yes, they are less articulate in their language there would be cursing here and there but joking about being the first one to rape a woman who got murdered is not the norm in a poor filipinos tongue.

    1. It is not about rich or poor. It is about those not influenced or unpolluted by all the analysis in the the social media.

    2. “I showed the “Duterte rape joke” video to guys not in the internet on three occasions, family drivers, tryke drivers, construction workers. The reaction was unanimous that Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) was not cracking a necrophiliac joke, nor was he promoting rape. They interpreted “dapat na-una mayor” as “tarantado kayo, mas tarantado ako”.

      Even before I read this article I had this conclusion in mind and so as my father and my cousin (a woman, just like me). Not that I am right but that’s how I interpreted those words. I am not saying that it’s not nasty or foul because it is but I think people need to be clear about what they are fighting for. He was not joking about raping per se but made fun of how he reacted before and yep, said something to advance his machismo image or let out the pamacho in him.

      I interpreted Duterte’s words as “Hoy! Kung gago kayo! Mas gago ako!” especially after watching the 1 hour video. When I watched the 20-sec clip, I was fuming because of the joke but after knowing that it was part of a retelling of the 1989 incident, I understood the context of those words.

      I think what’s happening is that people refuse to think that it was part of the narrative. People refuse to see another angle, that it was not a rape joke.
      If you fight for something, at least know the context first before ranting about it. If you are fighting for something that isn’t there is a waste of your time and makes your intentions questionable.
      I don’t know if people are after knowing the truth, really. Or they just want to remain in their hate zone because it’s more comfortable.

      I am a Bisaya too. A native Bisaya who’s not really good in translating Bisaya lingo and expression to Tagalog. 😀

  18. Only stupid people will go for another Edsa with Pnoy. If Duterte is the President, he could easily kick their ass by using the military.

    1. Nila says:
      Kahit isama nyo pa kung buhay pa ang queen ng mga oligarch na si COry at ang DA king,lalangawin lang ang edsa revolution ninyo.Baka imbes na samahan kayo ay isigaw pa nila na DU30 DU30 DU30

  19. Hello no! Super exploit nyo na ang old jokes… Epic na yan kayarantaduhan na yan. You go march for a People Power rally over an old bad koke, as your basis. Napakashallow. How about the track records. It tells us more of the persons intention than of a silly old joke. That’s the only thing you can point to him with your dirty fingers. We’re not blind how you want to manipulate things and to stay in power to give you immunity from your awaiting law suits.

  20. STUPID LEGACY! Mayor Duterte and BBM will definitely be elected, that’s PEOPLE POWER! what the f*ck is he talking about? and this is the president of this country for 6 years. and, the Philippines and its people are the losers! Damn this idiot!

  21. To Mr. DiGriz..
    The link you provide is to a ‘Standard’ story about Binay condemning Malacanang’s purported call for yet another ‘People Power’ demo should Duterte & Marcos win. Who, if there be any at all, is Binay’s source? Does the ‘Standard’ have any other source? This smacks of a Binay ploy.. with the active participation of ‘The Standard’.. dredging up ‘EDSA 1’ with a view to polishing and embelishing his role in it.. a role only made somewhat remarkable by Ponce-Enrile’s calling him ‘Rambotito’.
    If there really was a call for such a demonstration, why wasn’t it reported on TV, radio and other more reliable newspapers?

    Sent from my iPad

    1. You want to say you honestly don’t know who controls the media? Come one now? Are you serious?

      Have you ever notice how the media always reports about the campaigns of candidates, but for some reason never showed a lot about the Duterte and Bongbong Marcos campaigns, which by far pulled the biggest crowds?

      Philippine media is a twisted joke and has sold out a long time ago. If you depend on the big media outlets on TV you will die stupid.

      If the Standard article is not enough for you then I’m sorry.

  22. May sayad talaga ang Pnoy na yan. he actually still believes that people will follow if he “launches” people power? iilan na nga lang ba ang naniniwala sa tuwad na daan niya? If Duterte and BBM win the elections, that is because people voted them. so ano’ng drama ni Pinoy? magpi-people power siya? buti sana kung nakuha ni du30 at bbm and position sa maling paraan. baka siya ang ma-people power at mapunta sa kulungan dahil sa mga nilabag nyang batas sa constitution. bigyan ng (strait)jacket yan!!!!!

  23. The problem with the Philippines electoral system is that Duterte and Marcos can easily get elected with less than 30% of the voters supporting either candidate. That could mean over 70% don’t like them.

    It’s hard to claim a mandate, or what you’re doing is “the will of the people”, with such low support.

    Also, based on all of Duterte’s statements on the campaign trail, what make you think “DU30 will resist every provocation to declare ML”? I’d say he has virtually guaranteed it, since he doesn’t believe that Congress should have any power when he’s president.

    1. What make you think “DU30 will resist every provocation to declare ML?

      Because it’s 2016 and we are not living in the 70s anymore. Jesus! That must just be one of the dumbest things to say against Duterte, that he will declare Martial Law. I hope he would though, so Filipinos learn some discipline. All this “freedom” has turned into a stinking pile of shit.

      1. Duterte has said that if Congress opposes him, he will disband them. Under martial law, the president doesn’t have a right to disband Congress. In fact, Congress needs to vote to approve martial law for it to remain in effect. What Duterte has threatened is to ignore The Constitution, which is even worse than legally declaring martial law.

        He has also said he will tell the police and military to go out and “kill the criminals”, despite The Philippines having a legal system and no death penalty. From his own statements and speeches, it’s clear that Dingong has no plan to follow the law once elected.

        Despite what you may believe, international leaders are very worried about what Duterte will do in office, and it may scare foreign investors away. The Philippines stands to lose much of the BPO business that Mar Roxas brought to the country. Poe and Roxas are considered the safe and rational choices by foreign leaders and businesses.

        1. I don’t care what foreign leaders say or want. Political correctness and too much democracy is not a pair of shoes that fits every foot. I care what is good for the Philippines, because I live here and not somewhere else. This is my home and I want it CLEAN.

          Congress comprises a bunch of lazy, idiotic and corrupt coconuts anyway. The Philippine constitution was changed by Cory Aquino. That did not worry you? That was okay?

          You worry about foreign investment? Then please worry about crime, non-existent discipline, a broken infrastructure, local business monopolies, corruption, et cetera.

          Poe and Roxas? Holy crap! One an inexperienced Trojan horse for the Oligarchs that plunder this country and the other one more suitable to have the lead role in “Dumb and Dumber”, than to hold the office of President.

          If Duterte says all these things and is elected, then I ask you, who are you to question the will of the people of the Philippines and the democratic process? Democracy is only good if your candidate of choice is elected? Foreign leaders now pick our Presidents? NO THANKS!

        2. You know, if your Congress is full of a bunch of idiots, as you say, whose fault is that? Nancy Binay was elected Senator, just because her father was VP. She had no qualification other than the right family name.

          Manny Pacquiao is a great boxer, but he was a terrible congressman, and now he will be a senator. If there are still elections in 6 years, he will probably be your next president.

          So you don’t like oligarchs? How about electing more people like Miriam Defensor Santiago, and stop voting for people based on their family name or acting career?

          The idea the BBM will clean up anything is hilarious. He is still helping hide the money his family stole during his father’s reign.

          Digong is going to get rid of crime in 6 months? Davao still has one of the highest murder rates in The Philippines. If he didn’t solve the problem in a city he and his family have controlled for decades, how is he going to be more effective nationwide? Only a Numbeo on-line poll, with less than 500 participants, lists Davao as a safe city. Do you really think Davao is one of the Top Ten Safest Cities in the World?

          What you will never get from DU30 or BBM is anti-dynasty legislation. If you want politicians to be more responsive to the people, stop making it so easy for the same people to keep getting elected.

        3. If you are talking to me about electing the wrong people then you are barking up the wrong tree as I’m not allowed to vote in the Philippines, hence I can’t be held responsible.

          You are certainly not wrong about the likes of airheads like Nancy Binay and primitive half-wits like Paquiao, who in my opinion just climbed down a tree. Give the man a banana, he might calm down!

          I’m watching politics and this country since 31 years. Since Marcos left it has been nothing but a downward spiral with short intervals of stagnation during Ramos.

          Considering everything and everyone running Duterte and Marcos would still be my choice. Duterte is a doer who will take out the trash and instill some badly needed discipline (if its not too late for that). BBM is an educated person with a good track record from his past Government positions. He actually has a platform and I think he will be good taking care of the economy.

          Santiago, as smart and educated as she may be, is a complete fruitcake. I remember her ludicrous and grotesque behavior as the Commissioner of Immigration. She claims to have cleaned up Immigration? Not too sure about that. But what I know for sure is that she did irrevocable damage to Tourism at the time, by letting Immigration officers run around and behave like the GESTAPO. Arresting tourists off the beaches of Boracay and Puerto Galera because they had left their passports in a Hotel safety deposit box in Manila or because they had visited the Philippines before and could not produce the visa receipts from previous visits. The whole thing was completely ludicrous.

          Santiago running Immigration was like a badly written soap opera with her challenging people to fist fights and other moronic antics. The woman is a fruitcake.

          Your claims about BBM hiding money of his father is nothing but stupid rumors of gullible people, you being one of them. The Marcoses are not exactly in the best financial standing. Aside from that fact, imagine BBM would have all the money you claim he is hiding, don’t you think he would have run for the Presidency?

          Where did you get the data about Davao? Interesting that you claim Davao to be dangerous as hell, yet everyone who lives there and has visited say exactly the opposite.

          Regarding Duterte and BBM you seem to be pulling statements straight out of your ass. So let me make myself clear: In that respect you are nothing but a rumor spreader and a liar.

      2. Not martial law. Revolutionary government like what Cory did. Rhis is the only change to change the cory constitution full of mistake ang give favor to elite oligarch.proof when Mar Roxas legacy ” Putang ina sa cha cha” noon sa Makati, nagpapatunay na talagang hindi bibitiw ang mga magnanakaw na yan elite sa cory constitution

  24. If Mayor Duterte becomes the President, PNoy will launch a peoples’ power? Well, he could of course do that be is he prepared for the backlash by the majority of the poor masses of Filipinos who would have voted for the Mayor? His peoples’ power will not be the genuine peoples’ power of the past since the basis is not legitimate nor would even inspire mass actions primarily because people would interpret this as mere preservation of power of the elite or oligarch. Thanks Pres. Cojuangco-Aquino for you’ve done your part and it’s time to go and let the President of the poor and majority Filipinos take the helm. There’s really no choice Mr. President. Ms. Poe and Mr. Mar = preservation of the elite and the oppression of the poor majority. Mr. Binay = we don’t need to talk much about this guy, we know who he is. Ms. Poe = Cojuangco and of course Ms. Santiago = good leader but would not able to deliver the “final blow” to unchain the oppression of the many. MAYOR DUTERTE, I STILL FIRMLY BELIEVED, IS THE LAST CARD FOR “TRUE REFORMATION”! People Power by Pres. Aquino? Well, simply it will be his catastrophic downfall that he and his minions would likely regret for doing so.

    1. God says to the people of Israel, “I will give you a leader that you deserve. You only have yourselves to blame.” Kings) This will happen in the Philippines from how the trend is going.

  25. Nope, Edsa 1 is about the Rich Man’s tactic. They were the people who were controlling the world’s history that time. People that are more powerful and influential than the two clashing families of Marcos and Aquino-Cojuanco. So, PNOY guess what, it wasn’t your family, it wasn’t Cardinal Sin, nor FVR. And how sad, that they used “Filipinos against Filipinos” tactic. Sabi nga ni Francis M, si Andres ay pinatay ng kanyang mga kakulay. I don’t even want to think about it, but yes Emilio Aguinaldo was used to kill the first President of the Philippines Andres Bonifacio. And guess who was laughing when BS Aquino died. If we are traitors to our own people and country, how could God help us make this nation great again?

  26. Just commenting about the first paragraph of the article, you let “guys” watch the video, so it is given that they will not be offended and just let the “machismo” reason be acceptable. But that doesn’t reflect what the rape victims or their relative feels, i am a victim of molestation when i was six and it still haunts me whenever i remember it so to trivialize it is making me question if im just dramatic over my experience since the issue is laughable based on how he is talking like it is a topic sa tambayan. I know i also dont represent the whole nation butjust imagine you have cause grief with those words that you use in a light conversation in public is just disappointing. He already apologize i think so just dont have a repeat i hope.

  27. As always, your logic, Mr. Aquino, is LAME. What you don’t realize is that the ratings (which you heavily took advantage 6 yrs ago during your campaign) show that Filipinos are going for the protest vote, yet again. The least you could do now is work your butt out of Malacanang w/ some ‘delicadeza’.

    Wala ka na ginawa kundi manisi at manira ng ibang tao. Puro ka yabang, nganga ka naman sa malalaking problema ng bayan.

    Filipinos are hungry for real change. And they will vote on May 9.

    Goodluck, Mr. Aquino. Karma awaits.

    1. I only intrigue, What form of medicine pinoy used to pacify his autism illness.
      A lot of autism Pilipino are waiting to this question and answer. Baka naman naka droga tuwing mayroon presidential meeting
      kaya parang gago at naka tawa sa oras ng lamayan noong sa SAF44

  28. The truth is that this aquino family is the evil here in the philippines in order them to be in power. People, do you still remember because ninoy the hero aquino conive with joma & nur to form a rebel & leftist group that is why the then Pres. Marcos declare martial law. Then ninoy do a suicidal move in talking to Malaysia (meet mahathir and iqbal) to support him in his bid to get the presidency and in return to give the sabah to malaysia. Some more he go to Malaysia prior in going back to the philippines using a malaysian passport. The Filipinos always get by this aquinos thru sweet talking na wala nmang laman.

  29. 1965 una naging Presidente si Marcos. Barely three years pa lang si Marcos sa office in 1968, wala pang Martial Law, inorganisa na ni Sen Ninoy Aquino ang Moro Secession (MNLF-MIM ni Nur Misuari) and Communist Insurgency (CPP-NPA ni Joma Sison) in collaboration with Malaysia para guluhin ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas. Pinondohan ng Malaysia ang panggugulo ni Ninoy, binigyan ng armas, training, at propaganda machinery ang mga rebelde.

    Simula 1968, apat na taon ang sakit ng ulo sa pagdedebate ang Congress ng gobyerno kung ano ang dapat na government action against the insurgency. So in 1972 the Congress recommended that the President will declare Martial Law — kaya 1972 ang Martial Law. At first blow of the Martial Law in 1972, Ninoy Aquino was immediately arrested by the government in the same year (1972), si Joma Sison in 1974, pero si Misuari ay tumakas na sa ibang bansa 1972 pa lang.

    In Nov 25, 1977 after five years of trial, Ninoy Aquino was finally convicted of TREASON for the crime of collaborating with Malaysia in organizing the Moro Secession (since March 1968) and Communist Insurgency (since March 1968).

    So you see, ang Martial Law start ay 1972, at si Ninoy ay nakulong na agad in 1972 pa lang for crimes committed in 1968-1972. Ninoy’s insurgency was before the Martial Law. Kung hindi nanggulo si Ninoy, hindi nagkaroon ng Martial Law. Si Ninoy ang cause ng Martial Law.

    The Martial Law was a legitimate government decision recommended by the Filipino people and for the Filipino people in 1972. Pero ang struggle ni Ninoy, all for MALAYSIA, to make Philippines weak and incapacitated in recovering SABAH. Yang pag brand ng Martial Law as “dictatorship”, propaganda yan ng Malaysia-Aquino-MILF Triad.

    Spread the awareness. Copy, paste, share na lang natin ang article na eto para mas marami ang magigising.

    Salamat po.
    (C) Tim Micky

  30. Tigilan na yang people power na yan kuno! Nakakasawa na e. Nakadalawang Revolutionary President na tayo na parehong babae ang iniluklok nila pero parehong palpak kasi walang tunay na mandato at di naman ibinoto ng taong-bayan. EDSA 1: Cory Aquino. EDSA 2: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Sa loob ng 30-taon, ano ang nangyari sa bansa. Nalugmok sa kahirapan hanggang umabot na ang tao kumakain na ng basura! Nawalan pa ng dignidad ang tao. Yan ba ang kalayaan ng kung tawagin nila ay demokrasya. Patunay lamang yan na sa loob ng 30-taon matapos mapabagsak ang rehimeng Marcos, hindi Naging epektibo ang sistema na umiiral hanggang ngayon. Panahon na upang baguhin ang bulok na sistemang ito!

  31. Just goes to show how much faith PNoy and his supporters have in the electoral process. Everything is fine, as long as they are in power. Let someone take it away from them, then they resort to People Power. This is why I am praying for a win by #DU30 and BBM. let them impeach #DU30 then, knowing that BBM will take his place.

  32. If Duterte is so good and PNoy is so bad, then why does DUterte view PNOy with such high regard?…this-universe/…ogwash-duterte…-what-he-said/

    “If there is a violation, let the proper body act on it”

    “I worked with him in Congress and he was really honest”

    “The President is good, he is very clean. That’s why I supported him last elections,” he said.

    If given a chance to talk to the President, Duterte said he would tell him to calm down and “not be the savior of this universe because we are not. Leave it to the people to decide.”

  33. PNoy and company indeed might face jail time, since the SC ruled out that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unconstitutional and needs to be stopped.

    Remember, Digong is a lawyer…

  34. Weeee maniwala ako sa abnoy na yan, magpasagasa nga sa tren na ipinangako nya di nya nagawa, mag lead pa ng peiples power at ibuwis ang buhay. Mag sasakripisyo sya para si Kris naman ang susunod sa line nila? Ganun?

  35. Weeee maniwala ako sa abnoy na yan, magpasagasa nga sa tren na ipinangako nya di nya nagawa, mag lead pa ng peoples power at ibuwis ang buhay. Mag sasakripisyo sya para si Kris naman ang susunod sa line nila? Ganun?

  36. Ours is a democratic country where sovereignty resides in the people.  Where a vote of the poor equals the vote of the oligarchs.  Where your vote is as good as mine.  All freedom loving Filipinos must respect the will of the people in an honest election.  Otherwise, our country would become a banana republic with unending coups.

    But there is a game plan to limit Duterte’s score to a minority win. Before June 30, 2016, the majority losers would band together to prevent proclamation of Duterte and install the second placer who must be Roxas. That would ultimately be a RORO win. The Philippines would become a banana republic beset by unending coup.

    The majority losers would not wait for the proclamation and oathtaking of Duterte because the aftermath of their game plan would be really bloody after Duterte becomes the Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces. Duterte is not like Erap who was a sissy and afraid of the sight of blood.

    So let there be a people power of the losers so that a real cleansing could begin in the executive, legislative and judiciary, including the LGUs, constitutional commissions, GOCCs and all other government units and instrumentalities.

    1. This grim scenario is a possibility, but too likely. If those who will “cleanse” by the transformation by Pres. Duterte’s government, esp. if the oligarchs could see some opportunities through consolidation of the losers,they could launch a coup to prevent a legitimate President to assume power. However, the “real power” of the majority of the Filipino people would not allow another denial of their will, hence, we could witness something that has never happened before which all of us will likely regret and permanently change the type of governance we probably do not like. The landed few would just come back to pick up the pieces after the majority of us will fight it out, with no winner.

  37. This nitwit is tarnishing the image of his father by performing stunts that would put any stupid person to shame. For a soon to be ex-President of the Philippines, exuding an aura of being clean and then threatening another revolution is just plain stupid. What kind of a leader is this?

    The very President of the Philippines himself is threatening revolt… the very leader himself urges to STEAL Democracy and deprive the people of their democratic rights…. I was hoping it was just rumors…. but this is crazy. He has complete lost any sense of credibility.
    If they cannot win by tampering with the VMS results by miscounting the votes. They intend to WIN by COMBINING the Votes of 2 or 3 Candidates….. Essentially establishing the theory of a MONOPOLY of Power…. in a FEUDAL Despotic system of Manila-centric Vassalage of the rest of Philippines.
    This election is analogical to the election of Obama as the first Black president in the USA who is controversial to the eyes of the entitled status quo supporters.

  39. They threaten our Political REPRESENTATIVES… They treat us like 2nd Class citizens, They DEPRIVE our people with our Democratic rights through murder, fraud, defamation , and Bribery…. They EXPECT 80% of our Tax money like VASSALS to a Head of State in Manila….

    It is clear I am not delusional that we are COLONIZED instead of being one country…. I implore Visayas and Mindanao Citizens to GOVERN YOURSELVES Free from this PARASITIC relationship with Manila…

    The oligarchy and Manila DO NOT want this country to IMPROVE without their plundering 80% of the tax money from other jurisdictions!
    There is already growing SEPARATIST sentiments between Visayans and Mindanao folk as both are culturally identical and do not treat each other with racism… And it is possible if this segregation continues…. Cebu already wins many Foreign investors trust and funding due to its less corrupt customs and port entries compared to Manila. As well as highly idealistic community. Also less prone to typhoon disasters compared to Manila.

    Mindanao has alot of the RAW resources required for Industrialization to stimulate a large growth…. Policies can tap that large growth… The Japanese, Korean and Chinese Major industrial companies trust more Cebu and Davao over Manila….


  41. To u pinoy,parang awa mo na,6 years na pinarusahan mo kaming mga pilipino dahil sa kahibangan mo.hindi nag presidente para e angat ang pinas kundi dahil sa pansarili mong kabutihan,nalugmok ang pinas at lalong naghirap dahil mula nung naupo ka wala kang ginawa kundi ang sisihin ang marcos sa pagkamatay ng ama mo.wala kang inatupag kundi ang magbuhay presidente na wala nang nagawa sa bansa. nasaan ang hustisya sa saff44? na hanggang ngaun ay wala kang nagawa?sa bagyong yolanda,anong ginawa mo? nasaan ang amg mga donation?ano ba ang nagawa mo sa pinas na pagbabago? ung lalong nalogmok at nabaon ng utang sa ibang bansa? un ba ang pinagyayabang mo? ninoy aquino parang awa mo na,maawa ka sa aming mga pilipino lalo na sa aming mga ofw dahil sa 6 yrs na inupo mo dyan sa malacang ay ang daming namatay sa bitay na ofw pero wala kang nagawa kundi ang mag pa cute na parang tanga.tanggapin mo na na si mayor duterte ang nakatadhana na papalit sau at mag aangat ng pinas dahil kagagwan mo kaya naghirap..its time for u to call it quit!! move on and accept the fact that ur not in the power anymore. its not up to u to chose if who will be the next president,its up to us filipinos coz its us who suffered during ur term.Get lost and swallow ur legacy.

  42. The same millions of people who gathered to support your cause to remove a Dictator now stands unified against you.

  43. If he calls for a people power it means there is a job opportunity after election the so called bayaran crowd so at least they can earn extra.

  44. Puro “People Power” ang alam. Hindi pa nga napapatunayan at hindi nila mapatunayan na si Marcos tagal nagpapatay kay Ninoy.

    Yan ang legacy nang mga Aquino, “People Power” para mapunta ang power sa pamilya nila.

  45. It’s a shame every president who’s going to step down will end up in Jail, is this a true meaning of presidency in our country? one will become a criminal after long term in govern-ship? What a waste. that is why now days criminals itself intends to run to a position in our government. Because they are already a criminal so ending up in jail will not be a very big problem.

  46. respeto po sa lahat Stupid legacy: PNoy threat to launch ‘people power’ if Duterte and Marcos Jr win<<<<ano ba ang problema nyo dito people power nanaman? Hindi na po kayo dapat pakinggan dyan wala ng makikinig sa inyo puro batikos na nga kayo sa dami ng ginawa nyong kapalpakan ,buktima ng yolanda,tanim bala etc. e masyado nyo na kaming kinakawawa.tapos hihingi pa kayo ng tulong,sa amin pa rin..Ang pagkaka alam ko sa edsa people power e pag may nagawang katiwalian ang isang naka upo na presidente dpo ba dapat sa inyo ito i address parang masyado na kaming kinakawawa sa sarili naming bayan e hindi naman po kailangan isa isahin pa sa dami ng delubyong naganap..

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