Duterte ‘rape joke’ video highlights the disturbing way Filipinos regard European foreigners

The thing I noted about the whole ‘Duterte rape joke’ episode captured in the now-viral video is not the offensive joke per se but the way the audience hooted in unison as Duterte delivered the punchline. This, plus the fact that the video had sustained its remarkable obscurity for this long points to a disturbing aspect of Filipino society. As Get Real Post writer Grimwald pointed out earlier, rape jokes and other objectionable types of humour are regarded as normal in Philippine society.

Jaqueline Hamill at one of the prisons in the Philippines where she performed missionary work (Source: Facebook)

Jaqueline Hamill at one of the prisons in the Philippines where she performed missionary work
(Source: Facebook)

Filipinos, for that matter, harbour a baffling regard for foreigners — particularly foreigners of European descent. On one hand, white foreigners are afforded a disproportionate amount of deference — even reverence — in Philippine society. On the other hand, this bizarre biblical regard for foreigners also makes them a source of perverse fascination — curiosities to be poked and prodded, fed one kind of Filipino delicacy or another, and then observed. This is the reason why there is an inordinate amount of attention paid by Filipinos to videos and articles written by European tourists about their experiences in the Philippines. Watching European foreigners navigate the Philippine setting is a popular form of entertainment in the Philippines.

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The dark side to this otherwise quaint way Filipinos relate with their co-species from the other side of the planet is that the level or even nature of empathy extended to them is not the same. This, perhaps, explains why Duterte’s audience in that now-infamous video laughed with him rather than express the profound revulsion expected of a truly empathetic people.

Filipinos, quite simply, do not see European foreigners as human beings. They are, in most Filipinos’ eyes, aliens to gawk, ogle, and objectify. Most foreign women who have visited or lived in the Philippines will have come out of the experience brimming with tales of incessant day-to-day harassment copped from the locals. Foreign men, for their part, will likely recount the all-too-familiar “Human ATM Machine” treatment they get — whether from their own Filipino spouses or girlfriends or the entire barrio of hangers-ons that descend upon them when they first set foot in the islands.

One thing we can credit Duterte for is that he has brought that disturbing reality about the character of Filipinos to the fore. As expected, the who’s-who of the Philippines’ “civil society” and their cadre of social media mavens are busy tweeting and re-tweeting various factoids and two-cent opinions about the latest Duterte PR fiasco. The question is, is this outrage reflected in the timelines of the Starbucks classes representative of the broader swathe of Filipinos who will be trooping to the polling booths this May? In essence, the important question to ask here is…

Do ordinary Filipinos share the profound outrage that the Philippines’ minority urbane A-B classes tap into their pricey iPads in between latte sips?

That remains to be seen. A certain Robin Haines Merrill, in a post published on his Facebook profile today, gave a human face to the Australyana referred to by Duterte. The woman who was the subject of Duterte’s standup comedy was, according to Merrill, Jaqueline Hamill who, at 36 years old, was killed while doing missionary work in Mindanao…

Jacqueline was raped and had her throat slit while ministering in the jails in southern Philippines in a 1989 hostage taking. Duerte was recorded this week saying in his political rally that while he ordered the killing of the hostage takers while he was mayor, he wished he could have raped her first, since she was so beautiful. Looking back on this photo, I realize ministering in jails as a woman is very risky and looks outright naive, like the “you got what was coming to you” mentality that is prevalent today.

Would Hamill, presented a bit more up-close-and-personal than the way Duterte presented her, move the legions of die-hard Duterte supporters who have sworn virulent allegiance to their idol? The cognitive leap we are awaiting is whether or not Filipinos are capable of going beyond seeing that woman as someone who was more than a body “wrapped in a plastic bag”, as Duterte described in his encounter with her.

This will be an interesting and measureable experiment on the quality of the Filipino character. Come May, there will be a quantitative outcome in this experiment that will determine whether or not Filipinos can truly be regarded as a civilised people.

33 Replies to “Duterte ‘rape joke’ video highlights the disturbing way Filipinos regard European foreigners”

  1. I’m not particularly delighted by the rape part, but always find it hilarious when missionaries get killed.

  2. “This will be an interesting and measureable experiment on the quality of the Filipino character. Come May, there will be a quantitative outcome in this experiment that will determine whether or not Filipinos can truly be regarded as a civilised people.”
    Nailed it benign0. I said it before and I say it again; these dutertards, they’re no different from noytards. Different politician supported, same dysfunctional pinoy.

    1. You dutertards in Davao said that the joke is funny? Well you double-standard hypocrites, do you remember when ramon bautista joked your beautiful ladies as “shrimps” that you went full retard and declared him persona non grata in your city? Oh don’t tell that freedom is exclusive only for you death-threatening asswipes.

      1. That’s exactly what it is – Freedom for them is exclusive only for them death-threatening asswipes, so get all your guns ready for the next 6 years would be Wild Wild West Pinoy Style!

      2. Yeah, I remember that, every bit as onion-skinned as Noytards. They’re either no different from the rabid supporters of the Aquino administration or might actually be the same people.

  3. Well Being an “Americano” or “Joe” for the Past 10 Years, A Very Devout Servant of God (As my 1st Choice in Life was To Be A Priest And Was Ordained in 1995), Then Served 20 years with the US Military as a Chaplin I Can See All The Different Approaches and Angle’s To This Entire Story, But I Believe That The Missionary Work Conveyed by Both Our Father and Our Saviour Was To Find Those Who Were Lost. I Would Have To Believe Also That The Individuals In This Correction Facility Were Indeed Not Lost, Simply Paying Their Debt To The PHILIPPINE Society For Whatever Their Crime May Have Been, So What Makes A Foreign Missionary Think They Need Saving ?, Just A Question To Hopefully Leave Out Our Personal Choices As To Politics And The Like, And Ask Very Very Deeper Questions. I Thought That Is What This Blog Was About, So Is It ?, Or Has Everyone Become Exactly Like The Things They Complain About ?, Get Out A Mirror And Think Deeper. Just A Thought

    1. It has descended to what they claim to despise Padre. Check it out: Benigno has not mentioned a word about what is to become of the USD$ Billions that BB Marcos parents STOLE from his Grandparents genrartion, when the old Hag,Imelda Marcos: THIEF/CRIMINAL EXTROARDINAIRE, dies. No articles regarding this, heck, not so much as a syllable about it! WHY IS THAT PADRE? Because he is being PAID not to, and therefore HE,BENIGNO, and all here at GRP, ARE FRAUDS !!!!
      GRP will not even try to rebuke this accusation and will say something lofty about how the comment deserves no recognition and is beneath dignifying as a way ti BS their way out of an explanation. OR they will simply delete the comments.

      1. Yeah right while you are a paid hack of the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group in which your payroll is on the line because bbm might gonna expose your trolling once he wins. Are you declaring a bloody civil war to us Filipinos now? Again where is your concrete evidence real life trollfag? Galing lang palagi sa yellow journalism ang source mo ano? Ganyan na ba kaliit ang mani mong utak? grp WILL gonna delete your comments if your post is simply against the site’s rules kaya pasensyahan na lang bobong pinoy.

      2. Son, your comments proves that you’re even more of a FRAUD than the people you’re accusing of.

        You won’t reply because everything I’ve said is 100% TRUTH. Yellow Zombies like you are the actual… FRAUDS. 🙂

  4. Rape, like other structural and cultural violence are creeping like vines into the already sugar coated fucked-up society. That continues to screw up the sanctity of equilibrium pertaining to one’s gender and generation. Duterte’s statement about rape, which solidifies the deteriorating “colors of the country” define exactly what the nation is today. It cannot be denied that every person tries to cover up his darkest interests to clean the shit out of his slate notwithstanding that his secrecy lies a dilemma that will be a problem in the future. We Filipino’s bury our secrets into the ground along with lovely flowers and serene music until it swells up and stinks, then we blame others.

    Is it really that hard to admit that every once in a while we make fun of things that are ought to be laughed about? There is not much of a difference, right? which makes up the humor of it. I am not trying to moralize rape here, what i want to say is just because Digong made a joke about rape that does not mean he is for rape. And that he supports the act to do so, what he did was just to establish a connection for the majority of the Filipino’s to decipher that he has the authority to control in a communication that they can relate and understand. There is a difference rape knowing and rape holding! If most of us here were just rational enough, this so called “scandal” will end and have a more substantial topics to discuss that ACTUALLY HELP FILIPINOS and not just keep on throwing talks about someone who does much dirtier deeds than the latter. ugh.

  5. My opinion is still that Filipinos tend to have little to no respect for anyone not within their immediate circle of “kakilalas.” This could be best expressed in the words of our president himself: “I don’t go to funerals of people I don’t know.” This is the kind of attitude that helps keep our society backwards.

    1. ChinoF,
      I gues you mean something else then the way I interpret your line “I don’t go to funerals of people I don’t know”.

      In my neck of the woods, I can only go to a funeral/cremation when I am personally invited. If/When I go there without a written invitation, its called rude, indecent and inappropriate.

      1. Not necessarily. Some Filipinos do visit wakes of people they don’t know, such as a co-worker’s father or mother, or grandparent, or a friend’s friend, a friend’s relative, etc. Sometimes, the bereaved family even appreciate visits by people who they don’t know, since someone else wants to pay respect and console the bereaved. So what I’m pointing out is, “if I don’t know you, I won’t respect you” is a bad attitude, and a cause of many problems in the world.

        1. Chino,
          In a way its funny, that we have so many opposite things.
          I think – it all comes down to – the fact that we are far more private people.

          Anyway, if you are dead and I will show up at your wake, funeral or cremation, I will feel very uneasy and very uncomfortable. It will feel like intruding your (and your family’s) private space.

          (the following is not personal)
          Again, we will not use those words “if I don’t know you, I won’t respect you”. I probably never got aware that you died. How will I be made aware of it (since I dont know you at all)? Okay, your death can be announced in a local, regional or national newspaper/media in the obituary section. But I dont read those sections. And since you are not a public figure, it wont be announced on national TV.

          Here is an example of a recent death of a Dutch public figure.
          Johan Cruijff (the famous Dutch soccer player) died recently and was cremated in a private ceremony. That means, only his direct family was present. The annoucement of his cremation was made after the actual cremation took place. Ordinary people – like you and me – could lay flowers at the FC Barcelona and/or Ajax stadium and sign the condoleance register.

          To summarize it for you:
          “I don’t go to funerals/cremations/wake of people I don’t know” is the actual sentiment of every Dutch person (and probably most other peaople living in the West) because we see it as rude, as invading ones personal space without being invited. And because we do such things (not going to funerals), we dont need to say that out loud. So if that is indeed backwards, then we the Dutch are backwards as well.

          By the way, the same sentiment applies for marriages/weddings and births. If I am not invited, it is not appreciated that I will show up. Even if/when I am a close/best/good/a friend of the bride/groom/deceased/family.

        2. I think I forgot to tell you a maybe equal important reason why we dont go to – uninvited – funerals/cremations and marriages/weddings.

          Funerals and weddings take place during all days of the week (except for saturday & sundays). (Mind you: you have to be buried/cremated within 3 days after your death. This is not a tradition; this is the Dutch law). Do you think my employer will let me go to an uninvited funeral of a person I dont know at all? The answer is no.
          I only get permission if the deceased person is a member of my direct family (my mom, dad or 2 sisters). If I want to witness your funeral/cremation, I have to ask for an AOL. In the case of a direct family it wont ‘cost’ me my AOL and it wont be deducted from my salary (the hours missing from being out of the office).

  6. the video shows what a despicable creep this Deuterte guy really is. It is not about his right to say it as it is ALL about what a PIECE OF SHIT Rodrigo Deuterte is. That his followers think it is funny is not about their right to laugh but about the fact that they think it is funny and laugh right along with their PIECE OF SHIT Idol.

    Anyone who votes for Deuterte is just as big a PIECE OF SHIT as he is. This guy is a Neanderthal who must have been unfrozen 65 years ago and instead of being put into a grave and covered was mistakenly thawed out.

    The Man and his family are run of the mill criminal Filipino politicians. There is really nothing more to it than that.

    1. RIIIGHHHHTTTTT real life trollfag and that makes your yellow candidates Gods then? Please lang bobong yellowtard lumayas ka na lang sa site na ito’t magpatayan na lang kayo ng mga dutertards kasi pareho naman kayong mga baliw at nagbibigay lang ng gulo e.

  7. Benign0, I’ve been reading your stuff since I was 16. What’s all this attention on Duterte? meanwhile Grace Poe has been talking about charter change, getting rid of the 60/40 restriction, lowering personal and corporate taxes significantly, basically all the stuff I remember reading from this site (and the antipinoy site) such a long time ago.

    I made a video called “Learn to Love Grace Poe in 9 minutes or less.” Tell me what you think. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ws-noksmOI

    1. I’ve seen your video, good work. Nice sana, but because she doesn’t have much background to show for, it’s a big question mark if she’ll be able to fulfill those promises she made. Her alliances are also questionable as she might be beholden to groups with vested interests.

  8. I sympathize with the family of Miss Hamil. She was doing good and noble works in Prison, It was unfortunate, that those Prisoners, whom she ministered returned the good favor , she had done by raping and murdering her.

    Mayor Duterte, was insensitive on his joke on this tragic incident. Although, I agree on his decision to execute the Prisoner, who committed the crime. Duterte’s comment, that he would had raped Miss Hamil first, is an uncalled for comment. It was in bad taste and very insensitive. Those crowds who applauded are very sick people.

    Prison ministry is a very dangerous job. The Prison guards, should have given better security to the Lay Ministers.

  9. And to think I considered voting for Duterte before he started to reveal his true nature to the public. There are many reasons Duterte should not even be in the running for the President of the Philippines but the one above takes the cake.

    It’s crass, beneath low class . . . hayop talaga! The old and worn-out excuse that Duterte is the “raw candidate of the masses” just doesn’t cut it. In the course of the past two months of scrutiny, Duterte shouts-out all the telltale signs of a disastrous presidency. In spite of this, he appears to be at the top of the surveys, which is thoroughly alarming!

    Who would have thought I would ever agree with a point of view of Binay?

    “Your statement is simply revolting. Nothing can justify such callous remarks,” his statement continued. “Nanghinayang ka na hindi mo na-rape ang Australian lay minister. Pinagyabang mo na minolestya mo ang inyong kasambahay. You are a crazy maniac who doesn’t respect women and doesn’t deserve to be president,” he added.

    (You feel it’s a waste that you did not rape the Australian lay minister. You are proud that you molested your household help. You are a crazy maniac who doesn’t respect women and doesn’t deserve to be president.) (Source: Rappler)

    If it has come to the point that the Filipino voter would elect Duterte as the leader of the country (or, for that matter, elect Bong Bong Marcos as the Vice President), then it’s time to pack-up and leave (for those who can) or simply disengage, for it is the time that the Filipino would have lost his soul and is no longer worth caring for.

  10. Judging by the last two responses no one even cared to watch the video posted above, because if you would have you’d talking about the joke. There was no joke!

    1. During the Davao Trade Expo on Oct. 29, 2013, at the SMX Convention Center. (Davao Today’s report appeared on its website and on that of Bulatlat.com, but both links are no longer functioning.)

      In that speech, Duterte tackled the issue of the “revolutionary taxation” imposed by the New People’s Army in Region 11. Davao Today headlined his typically blunt advice to businessmen confronted by NPA tax collectors: “NPA taxation is a reality, just pay them.” The actual quote: “If you pay to the [Bureau of Internal Revenue], you prepare also for the NPA.”

      In December 2012, Duterte was quoted as admitting to paying revolutionary taxes amounting to P125 million a year. He later explained that he had spoken at a Communist Party of the Philippines anniversary celebration in an area that Typhoon “Pablo” had devastated. The money he gave, he said, was not a revolutionary tax payment, but donations he had solicited for disaster victims. In the absence of any barangay captain, he entrusted the money to the NPA.

      He also lauded the NPA for offering to pay compensation to all the victims of its grenade attack on a gym in Paquibato. “When they informed me they will pay P5,000, I said, ‘Good.’ When I asked where they will get the money, they said they will get it from banana planters,” he quipped.

      NOW, MY QUESTION TO EVERYBODY HERE… is this a good strategy?

    2. The joke’s on you and your cohorts of die-hard Dutertards! The age of the Yellowtards are over, Let the age of the Dutertards begin and start the KILLING!

  11. In watching the videos of his speech and his explanation/rationalization thereof, one couldn’t miss the Mayor’s brand… pugnacious, brash and insolent all at once. In his usual breezy, if halting manner, he was unapologetic in his apology; ie, apologizing to the Filipino people but not to ‘Gabriella’, ( hard to comprehend that one). My ‘take-away’ from all this is that Mayor Duterte is a dangerous man; and not because he admits to killing people either. He is dangerous because he conveniently makes his own rules as he goes; and, simply and brazenly justifies his actions after the fact. 
    It is worrisome that far too many are dazzled and impressed.. and might actually vote him in.

    Sent from my iPad

  12. The fact that rape jokes or threats are a thing says a lot about how rape isn’t a lapse in self-control but often a tool to punish & control others.

  13. it was a rescue operation my God, and you think raping her was first in is his mind? they were informed that hostages were raped and killed so they started the assault. it was a burst of anger narrated in tagalog.. of all people, those who always go to church were the first one to denounce him. well, i pray he wins, so that you’ll get a dose of him. so you’ll know him well.

    1. To Mr Boni:
      Rescue what? And from whom? Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen all sorts of attempts at spinning Mr Duterte’s now famous and very telling miscalculation. These attempts at justifying and explaining the blunder simply sparks as many acid retorts as there are spins. We’ve all made up our minds about the man and his calibre… one way or the other? Maybe it’s time to just change the subject.

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