Waking up from The Matrix that is the Aquino idolatry

If there’s one thing I can credit the Aquinos without malice, and with an air of awe and wide-eyed wonder, it would be their successful brainwashing of the majority of the Philippine population into looking at their clan like the second coming of Christ himself. The kind of adoration from people that, even if they’re caught dead with their hands on the proverbial cookie jar, always get deflected like a well oiled teflon pan and absolved immediately—often by the very people they’re trying to hoodwink. It is, thanks to the well-oiled propaganda machine they have at their disposal and more than thirty years of conditioning on their side, a phenomenon worthy of a National Geographic or Discovery Channel feature.


In the Philippines the typical argument you will find in a political discussion is: If you’re anti-X, therefore you’re pro-Y. Or the other way around. Almost never about being both anti-X & Y. It’s always a perpetual schoolyard brawl where sides should always be taken. Always good vs evil. Always in black and white with no possibility for gray. Scenarios like a well-written thriller that involves two-faced manipulative characters and duplicitous motives and morally ambiguous choices almost always never figure in a discussion with the average Filipino. It’s always in absolutes, and with a heavy baggage of emotion to go with it. Unfortunately, politics has tons of gray, and even more black, than white.

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So when you’re critical of the Aquino administration and its vestigial extensions like Mar Roxas and the rest of his political appointees, people would be quick to conclude that a) you’re espousing the “EVIL” regimes of the Marcoses or the Arroyos b) you’re a paid hack and part of a demolition team of another candidate from an opposing party and c) you’re stupid for not seeing the glory of the Aquino clan. Of course those accusations are valid. Just because they came from fanatics (and a few sycophants), does not mean it’s not probable. There really are some dubious characters out there attacking the Aquinos for their own self-serving or ignorant interests.

But what most people miss is that some people attack the Aquinos simply because attacking them is the right thing to do. That maybe, removing the yellow blinds off the eyes of one yellow zombie at a time is a worthy enough cause to undertake. Black propaganda against the Aquinos? Yes, well, as that iconic celluloid British spy said: It’s all a matter of perspective. We can all agree that the quality of politicians we have are utter crap. But in the spirit of fairness, let us all take the blinds off and see them for what they really are: Crap. No exceptions because of that BS yellow color, please.

I was one of the yellows up until a few years ago. I was a child, entering first grade when EDSA 1 happened. Outside the little world of play, sleeping, eating, play, and more play, it was a huge and bewildering sight and story. Here was someone who died (even death was a totally overwhelming concept for me at that age), for freedom and the crusade against tyranny, they said. That Marcos, the president, was a good-for nothing thief and despot who terrorized and stole from the people he has sworn to serve. Add to that narrative the many images in popular print and broadcast media demonizing Marcos and short of canonizing Aquino, and you get the picture of what it does to an impressionable mind.

Marcos bad, Aquino good. Simple. No need for any type of hackneyed legalese to see that glaring dichotomy between the two. That’s the same tactic they employed with former president Gloria Arroyo. The attack dogs of the yellows, especially PDI’s Condrad De Quiros, were relentless in demonizing the former president that even clueless citizens who only had an iota of knowledge about the entire proceedings also latched into it. Who could really blame them? Non-yellow controlled media organizations aren’t as popular, and do not enjoy the type of circulation and influence like their rivals. So as far as getting relevant information is concerned, the average schmuck—already saddled with a shortage in critical thinking brought about by malnutrition and difficult access to quality education—would just have to unknowingly swallow the jaundiced version of things.

For some reason it’s always the Aquino name that comes along to save the day and rid us of these so-called vermins at the right moment. De Quiros’s ‘Noynoy is Aragorn’ was a stroke of genius (now a punchline more than anything) that would have made the likes of Joseph Goebbels proud. Especially since it came at the heels of that ‘Hello Garci’ scandal that got everyone frothing in the mouth—nevermind if no formal charges were given—and that the only trial that actually took place was that of publicity. Where any normal person would sit back and question the dubious legality of the way GMA was detained, people cheered on because, once again, media overrode everything. And in a place like the Philippines where showbiz and emotion takes precedence over everything else proved to be potent enough for people to support BS Aquino’s persecution of his predecessor.

But what’s laughable about these entire charade is that the Aquinos themselves might only be pawns themselves. As Mr. Bobi Tiglao recently wrote:

“First is that EDSA I was such a good template for Cory’s master, the US, to disseminate worldwide to rouse people under communist dictatorships to revolution. The EDSA template would have been swiftly forgotten if there were no EDSA I commemorations yearly, complete with videos of heroic ordinary people, nuns and priests stopping tanks.

The US’ first target was China’s democracy movement, which however, failed. Where do you think that young Chinese got the idea to stand ramrod in front of a tank in that iconic Tiananmen Square uprising of 1989?

Remember also that the 1980s was the height of Reagan’s crusade against the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union. The US had actually first focused on Poland, and it has been indisputably proven that the Central Intelligence Agency funneled, starting in 1980, a total of $1 billion to Lech Walesa’s “Solidarity” trade union that was the vanguard of the Polish revolution. Televised scenes and press photos of EDSA I proved much, much cheaper to rouse the Poles.

Indeed, even the US officials and the Yellow Cult have boasted that EDSA I , the “Yellow Revolution” – inspired the peaceful revolutions, especially the “color revolutions” (e.g., Czechoslovakia’s 1989 Velvet Revolution), that overthrew communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The inspiration wasn’t just on the level of inspiring morale. Formulating and executing the political tactics for Cory and the People Power movement was the political consultancy group Sawyer Miller, (See James Harding, Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin into a Global Business.) After EDSA, the firm’s prestige shot up, their ‘technology,’ even if pejoratively described as the art of the political spin, was studied, their political-consultancy business model adopted by a host of new Washington-based firms.

I suspect that Sawyer Miller was even directly contracted by the CIA, as that Hardin book read: “When the firm’s principal David Sawyer died in 1999, (US) Sen. Daniel Moynihan stood up on the floor of the US Senate to mourn him, saying, among other things, that Sawyer ‘helped to open up the governments of Eastern Europe and Latin America by introducing mass communication into their electoral processes.”

The US also realized in EDSA I how the media could be so powerful in fomenting revolutions, especially that new media – the 24-hour Cable News Network.”

So there. I would even venture to suggest that maybe he-who-should-not-be-named brother-in-law was not the actual mastermind in the assassination but some Jason Bourne Treadstone type of character who called the shots. But that’s just me and my outlandish imagination. Bottom line is that the closer one looks at things, the less lofty and noble they appear to be.

The Filipino is worth dying for.”

Sure. Who gets to benefit from that death is an entirely different picture altogether.

[Photo courtesy Christian Science Monitor.]

48 Replies to “Waking up from The Matrix that is the Aquino idolatry”

  1. Oh Pahleeze. All high profile government officials and Celebreties have their share of idol worshippers. No matter what they say or do, their sheeps will defend them to kingdom come. Even as someone as dumb as Alma Morens has her share of blind followers, or even FHM the former Tyrant/thief in Chief, or Estrada, or Bong Reviila, or Manny Pacquiao, or Vice Ganda, etc.

    People tend to idolize whom they are fond of. Heck, even Hitler, Pol pot, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, et all had their share of idol worshippers and apologists. Idolatry is as old as the ancient civilizations – from the mesopatanian period thru the present.

    If poeple idolize aquino, and aquino apologists, there are also Marcos apologists.

    Who is to say one is better than the other?

    1. Well yes, but it’s because of this particular group of people that an underachieving brat with no business in that office was put in position. If you like the way that guy has been running this country to the ground, fine. That’s you. But if you think people will simply let this thing slide because “it’s existing since time began” then you better think again.

  2. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
    ―Morpheus, to Neo [src]

    1. and there are those (mostly ilocanos) who says, “basta marcos iboboto ko.” They also revere Marcos to almost like the Patron Saint of thieves, lol.

  3. This is a reason why the majority of filipinos will never get the war in syria (much as give a single fuck about it), which has not 2, not 3, but at least 6 sides.

  4. Ninoy Aquino, Jr., was dying on the Manila International Airport, when someone heard, he uttered these words, clutching a soil from Hacienda Luisita: “The Hacienda Luisita is worth dying for…”…What a con man…

    In Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler , used Goebbels, as his Minister of Propaganda. The German people were brainwashed. They were sent to die for their Nazi Fuhrer. Goebbles demonized the Jews. The Holocaust took place. Death Camps, were all over Nazi Germany. The stink of corpses, were everywhere. However, no one complained, because , they were afraid to end up, in those Death Camps.

    In our country, the Aquinos and their YellowTards minions; were in cahoots with the Lopez Media (ABS CBN, etc..), or the Oligarch’s Media to Dumb the Filipinos people. They fed EDSA, Aquino sainthood/heroism, YellowTard disinformation propaganda, day in and day out; to condition and mesmerize the dumb Filipinos. Marcos, Arroyo, and other enemies of the Aquinos, were subjected to constant demonizing, until, nothing is left in their humanities.

    Two parallel events in two countries…One German Nazi…the other Aquino’s YellowTard KALIBAPI…what a coincidence….

  5. wow. Such grandiose display of delusion. Marcos is the ultimate and thief in chief. Ilocanos really view Marcos as a saint despite the fact that he was a fascist in every sense of the word. All politicians are corrupts but Marcos was the worst of them all. You are what you call a blind follower and an idolator, or just simply an ilocano 🙂

    1. They are all thieves…Marcos is a thief; Aquino is a thief; Enrile is a thief; Ramos is a thief; Porky Drilon is a thief; Mar Roxas is a thief; Binay is a thief;Arroyo is a thief; Erap Estrada is a thief…Aquino, is the worst , I’ve seen, the evidence is glaring, with his DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Hacienda Luisita scam, Typhoon Yolanda Funds missing, Lag Lag Bala Scam, BBL Law scam, etc…Aquino is the worst political opportunist…don’t single out the Ilocanos…we are all Filipinos…why not look at the YellowTard thieves?

      1. no thief is worse than the others bit at least people are free to criticize/denounce/bash ramos, cory, estrada, arroyo, and pnoy without getting jailed, murdered, or tortured. There are still millions of filipinos who are still poor today bit at least they have personal liberty and freedom. I suppose you don’t value freedom? You also do not see anything wrong with government monopoly on different industries where they are controlled by the few or worst, ny the president himself?

        How many people have died or tortured because they speak against Pnoy? How many media outlets are being censored by the government? How many protesters against the aquino government were shot, tortured, or jailed?

        Prove to me that Pnoy is worse than Marcos. Last time I checked, the media and any pinoy can openly criticize and denounce Pnoy without any fear of fetting jailed or murdered, or just simply disappear.

        Tell me, how many corrupt government officials were convicted and punished during the marcis regime? None? You know why? I am sure you know why 🙂

        1. You’re missing the point. What we value is TRUE freedom, not this so-called “freedom of speech”. And that is freedom from poverty.

          What you actually wanted is a government whored by media that keeps on telling you ‘everything is ok’ and never look forward for progress as a society and nation but to be part of a MEDIOCRITY. That is exactly what happened after Marcos left.

          You keep on bragging that nobody died or tortured when they speak against Noynoy because it would tarnish his image. Second, who needs censoring if most of media outlets are biased in favor of the Aquinos? You’re overrating stuff.

          And yes, Noynoy is worse than Marcos because of one thing: he’s inept. An incompetent nutjob.

          My friend even once said this: only one is corrupt and it is Marcos. When he left, almost all officials are corrupt and what’s worse is that most of them are not convicted and punished. You know why? I am sure you DON’T know why. 😛

    2. TROLL. 🙂

      Think about this: When Marcos stole 1 peso, he put the 20 cents on his pocket and gave the rest to the people. When the oligarchs stole 1 peso, the 80 cents were divided among themselves and gave the remaining 20 cents to the people.

      Like Hyden Toro said, all of them are thieves. I just want to remind you that Cory spent 1 TRILLION in her 6 years as opposed to Marcos spending 20 million in his 20 years as well. You’re just EMOfagging.

  6. EDSA was a propaganda? Were you alive during the Marcos regime? If you were an Ilocano who lived in Ilocos, a crony of Marcos, an Edralin or Romualdez, Marcos , or relatives of the clan, a cop, a military – then you were having a grand life during Marcos’ time. Low poverty during Marcos’ time? Only an uneductaed, or a dumbfk, or Marcos apologist would have the audacity to say such blatant bullshittery. Low crime rate during Marcos? Lol, and u say people are brain washed? Want to exchange facts, not opinions by marcos’ many lapdogs or cheerleaders.

    If Marcoa were still alive today and in power, the Marcos lapdogs would enjoy their freedom of speech but to those who criticize or speak against him will have their asses thrown in jail, tortured, or killed. Just like Hitler, Mao, Hussein, or stalin. Read ur history books

    1. “If Marcoa were still alive today and in power, the Marcos lapdogs would enjoy their freedom of speech but to those who criticize or speak against him will have their asses thrown in jail, tortured, or killed. Just like Hitler, Mao, Hussein, or stalin. Read ur history book”

      Ho-hum. Paulit ulit. Wala na bang bago?

    2. Oh yeah? My parents lived during the Martial Law years… and nothing bad has happened to them. They’re just ordinary people.

      All you do is nothing but to overrate his atrocities but many people find out the truth that it is also a time that society was disciplined.

      Ya know, I’m sure you hate Singapore. Are you trying to say that freedom of speech is more important than something fruitful like freedom from poverty? That’s blatant bullshitery on your part. 🙂

      Be careful of reading history books. Because all I know that “history is written by the VICTORS”. So history can be full of LIARS.

    3. Heads up everyone! We have a new vincenzo arellano being so hostile in this site. Baaaaw did I scare you orladno santos that you changed your name? Well manigas ka four-eyed yellowtard.
      Iyan lang ba ang kaya mong sabihin matandang inutil? Para kang pinoy movie na palagi na lang pareho ang plot pero iba ang title. Wala ka talagang utak kasi masyado kang uto-uto sa kung ano man ang sinasabi sa iyo ng mga history books. At ano freedom from poverty? Baka ikaw lang? Anong tawag mo doon sa mga kumakain pa rin ng pagpag? Wag mong sabihin na maka-marcos ang mga iyon. How about you also eat pagpag as well richfag?
      You desperate yellow nazi zombies are declaring civil war against us critics of your demigod do you four-eyed buffoon?

  7. My brother, who was a UP student in the College of Medicine,during that time, was anti Martial Law…he came here to the U.S. , and became a Cardiologist.

    Many here in California and in the U.S., were alive and still alive, who lived in those era of Marcos Martial Law.

    We discussed the pros and cons of Marcos Martial Law. We discussed the roles of the Aquinos. We discussed the role of Philippine Feudal Oligarchy. Most of these people, are highly educated in the: Philippines , European and American Universities…and, from I’ve learned from them, is what I am writing, for information. These people have successful careers in their fields. So, they are not beholden to any political group. As , I am not beholden to any Filipino political group.

    So, I know what I am writing about…if any of the YellowTards, is hurt…it is his/her fault. “Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaaa ay huwag magagalit….”

    1. “Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay huwag magagalit”….May bukol lang sa mga ulo, ng walang laman sa ulo, katulad sa mga Aquino’s YellowTards… (corrected)

    2. actually, I was a teenager in the mid-70’s and migrated to the US in 1983, and I also consider myself “college educated” – in the US. I was there when the martial law was implemented. Just because your friends or relatives have successful careers it does not necessarily mean that they are right in their assessment – to use an appeal to authority fallacy proves nothing. As I have said, the Marcos loyalists or those who benefitted from his fascist regime would, of course, be his apologists. All the fascists and tryrants have their apologist – and that is a universal truth.

      Poor people under Marcos did not have freedom of speech whereas people from the post-marcos regime have had free speech, rich or poor, or regardless of your political affiliation.

      I have witnessed first hand the abuse of Marcos and his cronies. “bribery” became rampant during Marcos and many cops, government officials, military personel were untouchables.

      I have to admit, crime decreased when Marcos first declared martial law in 1972 but it only lasted for two to three years. Show me thr economic growth during Marcos. Please do not cite a revisisionist source.

      As I previously mentioned, the Marcos apologists do nor give a flying fk about personal liberty or freedom nor do they care how many people Marcos ordered to be killed and tortured because of voicing out their opinios. Heck, why would they care if they were not the ones who are being opressed, especially the Ilocanos who love and idolize marcos bec he enriched ilocos. Who cares about the other filipinos, right?

      If u are going to argue with me, I suggest that you do not resort to logical fallacies and present me with facts. Marcos apologists are mindless idiots and/or intellectually honest. bato bato sa langit tamaan sana magkabukol. Pot, meet kettle 😉

      1. You keep repeating universal truths. What’s your point? There’s something you want to say under the guise of an intellectual debate kuno. Besides, Marcos isn’t the focus of the article, the Aquinos are. Try to stay on topic.

        1. “You blame poverty solely on Pnoy as if he started poverty? Are you kidding me or you are just intellectually challenged..”

          There you go. As benign0 onc said “if it walks like a noytard…quacks like a noytard” ????

          Give it a rest.

      2. Hate to break it to ya, but it seems seems “freedom of speech” is more important than things that matter like freedom from poverty.

        Furthermore, Aquino apologists do nor give a flying shit about discipline or true freedom (freedom with responsibility) nor do they care that people are still killed and tortured after Marcos left. Yep, you’re turning a blind eye about the Mendiola Massacre and when I showed it to you then you will totally cheer for it. 😛

        I mean, seriously, being EMO over a dead president is actually stupid. You’re always clinging on the past but never looked forward for a hope and a future.

        1. I bet his definition of “freedom” is running in crowded streets while fully naked. In short, he’s done nothing but abuse his freedom. Ang tanda na nya pero isip bata pa rin.

        2. freedom from poverty? Were there no poverty during Marcos or any past presidents including Pnoy?!? You blame poverty solely on Pnoy as if he started poverty? Are you kidding me or you are just intellectually challenged? Tell me, how do you propose to eliminate poverty in the Philippines? I can guarantee you that there will always be poverty. Government alone can not eliminate povery unless you change the poltical and economic system to socialism but, then again, you will most likely equate socialism to communism? Tell me, what evonomic and political system that can eliminate poverty? Think before you spew such ignorance.

        3. The same to you for blaming not only marcos but also arroyo on ALL the problems your retarded pwesident cowardly cannot face and solve. Well how about removing the 60/40 protectionist bullshit that his mother made in favor for their fellow oligarch mafias that they always enjoy monopoly while giving shit jobs for all Filipinos? Oh don’t tell it destroys nationalism fake patriot when in fact most of them are chinese living in our country. Actually, our country is already becoming communist. Don’t you even wonder why there are still lots of commie groups attacking foreigners like USA with their nonsense rallies? Hey you better thank your “hero” ninoy for that since he’s one of the founders of the communist party of the philippines. And no, YOU are intellectually challenged and YOU better think before you spew such ignorance. Puri ka nang puri kay noybita but you really don’t give a rat’s ass at his sheer incompetence at all because you still praise him and his family like gods.

  8. There is a unique color yellow a crap. Pretending a team of administration but totally what in their mind is to disturb and break a BS yellow color.

  9. I also read so many delusional Marcos apologists who penned that Marcos was the lee kwan yew of the Philippines, which is blatantly false but these marcos apologist are devoid of facts and reason. Even Lee Kwan Yew himself criticized Marcos. Here is the proof:


    So many Marcos apologist have the audacity to say that Marcod was like Lee Kwan Yew when there is an obvious difference. Led enriched Singapore while Marcos enriched himself and his cronies. The only thing they had in common was they both eliminated free speech

    1. Marcos has its own flaws yet he had a vision for this country. And no, not only Lee Kuan Yew criticized Marcos but the whole Philippines as well.

      Yellowtards are actually point-missers, are they?

      1. oh, What I said was Lee criticized Marcos. I never implied nor insinuated that he did not criticized the Philippines or the Filipinos. Selective reading or reading comorehension problem much? All past and present presidents have their share of flaws but it was only Marcos who Deliberately ordered the executions and torture of his critics.

        As I said before, if Any himan being is to choose between being poor and not free vs being poor and free, I am 100 sure they would choose the latter. You, sir, do not seem to understand my point which is pretty much pointless to someone who idolize a brutal fascist dictator pig

        1. Yeah, he even stated that “the Philippines has a soft, forgiving culture” and he also mentioned that even Marcos left, “serfdom still exists”, and the Philippines needs “discipline and not democracy”

          Nah, it’s the other way around. With things going around, seems that you have a flawed perception of freedom. Freedom w/ responsibility is what matters and choosing the latter means toleration of more human rights abuses, crime and even violence. In any case, those things STILL happen after Marcos left.

          You, son, do not seem to understand my point which is pretty much pointless to an actual pig who worships the Aquinos as demigods or something.

      2. I completely agree with you that Marcos had a vision for the philippines but his greed to power and wealth destroted his legacy. Marcos was undoubtedly the smartest philippine president but his greed and power consumed him. Had he stayed his course, he would have been revered as a hero. What a waste of a great mind only to be consumed by greed and power

        1. In case you don’t notice:

          When Marcos stole 1 peso, he put the 20 cents on his pocket and gave the remaining 80 cents to the rest of the people. When the oligarchs stole 1 peso, they took the 80 cents and divided it among themselves and they gave the remaining 20 cents to the rest of the people.

          If Marcos was greedy, then the people after him are much greedier, and worse than him. Remember that.

        2. Dio,

          “If Marcos was greedy, then the people after him are much greedier, and worse than him. Remember that.”

          Amen to that!


        3. ren car,

          I hate to break it to you but there is no Failipino politicians who stays his/her course. Sooner or later these politicians will fall by the wayside and “lie, cheat, beg, and steal.”

          Corruption is written in all of us Filipinos’ DNA.

          The only questions we should ask ourselves now is which of these politicians are the lesser of all thieves and still take care of their people’s needs.


    2. Right back at you kid-minded geezer! He also mentioned failipinos like you who wants too much democracy because you hate discipline.
      “The problem with Philippines is there’s too much democracy”
      – Lee Kuan Yew

      1. domo,

        All of our politicians hide behind the thin veil of democracy to hide their aristocratic and self-serving nature that corrupts our society. I will even extend that claim to anyone who claims to be a Failipino because we all came from the same lot of corrupt people. And if anyone denies that claim, you’re either lying to yourself, or, worse, in delusion.


  10. Good news! There’s a cure for Yellow zombies – kill the mosquito (I.e. yellow propaganda machine)…

    Yellow fever, known historically as yellow jack, yellow plague,[1] or bronze john,[2] is an acute viral disease.[3] In most cases, symptoms include fever, chills, loss of appetite, nausea, muscle pains particularly in the back, and headaches.[3] Symptoms typically improve within five days.[3] In some people within a day of improving, the fever comes back, abdominal pain occurs, and liver damage begins causing yellow skin.[3] If this occurs, the risk of bleeding and kidney problems is also increased.[3]

    The disease is caused by the yellow fever virus and is spread by the bite of an infected female mosquito.[3] It infects only humans, other primates, and several species of mosquitoes.[3] In cities, it is spread primarily by mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti species.[3] The virus is an RNA virus of the genus Flavivirus.[4] The disease may be difficult to tell apart from other illnesses, especially in the early stages.[3] To confirm a suspected case, blood sample testing with polymerase chain reaction is required.[5]

    A safe and effective vaccine against yellow fever exists and some countries require vaccinations for travelers.[3] Other efforts to prevent infection include reducing the population of the transmitting mosquito.[3] In areas where yellow fever is common and vaccination is uncommon, early diagnosis of cases and immunization of large parts of the population is important to prevent outbreaks.[3] Once infected, management is symptomatic with no specific measures effective against the virus.[3] In those with severe disease, death occurs in about half of people without treatment.[3]

    Yellow fever causes 200,000 infections and 30,000 deaths every year,[3] with nearly 90% of these occurring in Africa.[5] Nearly a billion people live in an area of the world where the disease is common.[3] It is common in tropical areas of South America and Africa, but not in Asia.[3][6] Since the 1980s, the number of cases of yellow fever has been increasing.[3][7] This is believed to be due to fewer people being immune, more people living in cities, people moving frequently, and changing climate.[3] The disease originated in Africa, from where it spread to South America through the slave trade in the 17th century.[1] Since the 17th century, several major outbreaks of the disease have occurred in the Americas, Africa, and Europe.[1] In the 18th and 19th centuries, yellow fever was seen as one of the most dangerous infectious diseases.[1] In 1927 yellow fever virus became the first human virus to be isolated.[4][8]
    – from wiki

    PH may be the only country in Asia afflicted with this plague. Get well soon!

  11. It’s ironic that when Marcos shutdown Abias-CBN, the people learn and are very affected of the so-called Marcos atrocities. Now that we have wide media to tell the people of the live atrocities committed under our present government, Abias-CBN bury it with their trash shows and yellow propaganda to have a reason to believe that Daang Matuwid works. Also, when Abias-CBN got shut down, people have a lot more time to think and to act on something.

  12. yes you have to look where was the phils. marcos time. go back and read when marcos was stealing 1 peso and what he does. its a very good example if you know how to calculate it. i am not marcos,or aquino or worst phils, i am a purely american who keep writing and knowing ideal people. and marcos was one.

  13. When it comes to controlling human beings there is no better instrument than lies. Because, you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated.

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