Pinoy Fairy-Tale Mindset: The Real Reason China Is Encroaching On Our Territories With Impunity…


I suppose most of you here already know the news that yet another sizable chunk of Philippine territory has been seized by the People’s Republic of China. They took it without any kind of resistance and, from the look of it, they’re likely to take more if we, the common people, don’t take it upon ourselves to do something and soon. Indeed, more likely than not, if the Chinese military were poised to take over our country, there is so little hope for us in stopping them without suffering terrible, terrible casualties. But then, one has to remember, that there was a time when we were not just capable of defending ourselves as a sovereign nation, but also lauded as one of the more progressive countries of Southeast Asia.

But what happened?

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Long story short, while we were always largely dependent on the United States for a lot of aid, we at least knew what we wanted all those years ago and we understood well what our priorities were. However, today, it’s a different story. Granted, our selfishness and clannishness are somewhat inherent in our culture but, at least in those days, people could put those aside for the greater good. Nowadays, it seems that everybody is just out for themselves and their immediate family and would gladly screw over just about everyone else if that would benefit them.

In these difficult modern times the Philippines is barely a blip on the global community’s radar. The only thing pulling for us are people like Manny Pacquiao and Lea Salonga who afford us some degree of pride but not much else. At the end of the day, some foreigners don’t even know we exist as a country and, even if they did, they wouldn’t bother to remember us unless we get nuked or something.

You see ladies and gentlemen, nobody takes us seriously especially the Chinese because we, as a people, don’t take ourselves seriously. Yes, I am aware that we don’t need to be all uptight but what I’m saying is that a lot of us are no longer just “taking a break” from our collective problems but are instead actively running from and refusing to face them. All you need to do is take one look at our media and the people who actually obsess over the shallow entertainment it provides and you see where the problem lies.

The grim truth is that Filipinos simply don’t want to face the problem that is now staring at them in the face and would rather go crazy over trending fads like celebrity couples, noontime shows and silly vegetable men. While I mentioned that there’s nothing wrong with escapism, we seem to indulge in escapism to the point of being delusional. For many of us even, the news regarding China’s recent conquest of our territories are irrelevant compared to the showbiz garbage spewed by our local channels which many of our less-informed countrymen are more than happy to lap up.

Indeed, it’s sad to note that the only platitudes our authority figures can offer to our frightened countrymen is: “Don’t worry America will help us!”

It is this mindset, ladies and gentlemen, that has led to the Philippines’ further ruin. Until we can learn to face our problems instead of blatantly avoiding them, then I can guarantee that our problems are just beginning. Remember always that “positivity” isn’t about ignoring the negative but learning to work with or around it.

29 Replies to “Pinoy Fairy-Tale Mindset: The Real Reason China Is Encroaching On Our Territories With Impunity…”

  1. I have a better explanation why Filipinos are passive about the island grabbing. Filipinos do like the Chinese! They celebrate the now official Chinese New Year like it was their own. The look up to their Chinese leaders and business owners with envy. They want to be like them and embrace Chinese ways and values. If a white country would take those islands Filipinos would be up in arms and would unite and would organize world wide. China’s aggression just doesn’t fit the narrative of the ongoing legacy of exploitation and colonialism by whites and Americans. Also Filipinos can’t really deal with Chinese, they are just supper aggressive compare to whites. They know their effort would be repelled with ease.

  2. That’s one way to tell if a government is inept and stupid if we the common people are the ones who needs to take action first for what is obviously our governments job. They can’t even fix the problems with the plate numbers and that’s an internal thing between the LTO, Customs and Coa how can we expect them to deal with something like China.

    I also think that our leaders are too busy with the coming elections.. So sad.

    1. Taking action requires more than writing a comment, no matter how strongly worded. If we, the common people, truly want to say we’ve done something we’d better get off our a55es, log off of Facebook and start a tangible movement. Let’s show up physically at a rally and find a way to posit a well crafted question to a candidate about what they intend to do about the Spratlys. SPECIFICALLY. Encourage your friends to find courage and do the same. Let’s make more audible noise, less internet white noise.

  3. That “fairy-tale mindset” is called “Pinoy Pride.” We Failipinos are so full of ourselves just because we are able to speak broken “Tag-lish”; are somewhat educated because we have a degree from a “dime-a-dozen” university; and think we’re “world-class” material because we’ve been enslaving ourselves to foreign employers for generations, so we can live like aristocrats (“sosyal”) back in the Failippines.

    Rich or poor, we Failipinos are just a bunch of aristocratic (arrogant) and self-serving (selfish) wannabes and opportunists, and a ‘joke’ to the international community. No wonder China thinks we’re easy targets for exploit.

  4. Truth be told, Pinoys have practically surrendered to the grim reality: the impending complete Chinofication of the Philippines.

    Ask yourselves: are you willing to boycott hi-quality cheap Chinese goods, SM malls, Jollibee, pancit canton, and our Chinoy rulers like NoyNoy and BongBong – the way Vietnamese citizens went ballistic on the recent drilling of Chinese ships in their part of South China Sea?

    There’s only ONE person within these hallowed halls who has the balls to do so – you know who I’m thinking of…

  5. >> “Don’t worry America will help us!”

    Unfortunately, the American Army are regularly told to Go Home by the Pinoy Pride brigade (a variation, I suppose, on the “if you don’t like it here go back to your own country” that foreigners occasionally encounter). I get the feeling they’ve taken the hint and Gone Home, or at least are planning a strategic withdrawal.

    As for boycotting Chinese businesses: the Filipino first needs to emulate them, and he can’t do that unless he tears down the country’s anti-business legal structures (which the Chinese work around simply by paying bribes). And he can’t do that unless he first accepts them as abnormal … which he can’t, because some aunt/cousin/brother-in-law undoubtedly benefits from the backhanders.

  6. Failipinos should be used to being taken by others. I mean the country is still named after a Spanish king. Failipinos aren’t even creative enough to come up with a name for their own country? At least Burma is now Myanmar. Maybe the Chinese can rename the Philippines to something else once they fully take over (and you know they will…).

  7. all we need here is not American-backed democracy controlled ay an elite corporate American empire. We need to be like the present day Russia but at first we need to change. And that change must start in every Filipino kind. **just speaking out from my thoughts and opinion**

    1. I agree. actually we have our own democracy (grassroots level) even before Spaniards came. We have our own monarchy and caste system as Tagalog Tribe (im tagalog). Philippine Democracy should be base on culture and historical experiences even the type of government (presidential or parliamentary) should be designed base on the nature of the nation. Presidenialism sucks. it’s just like a version 2 of monarchy system.

      just an opinion.

  8. I do have a side wishing the chinese would just take over. knowing pinoys, it will be as bloodless as edsa anyway, as long as the masses remain apathetic and distracted by some pretty boy/girl “ambassador of goodwill”. then china could proceed in purging the country of its longtime cancer known as organized religion, starting with the catholic church. Communism YAY! It was ninoy’s dream for the philippines anyway.

  9. What happened? After more than 3 decades our navy (and army, air force, police) have been terribly weakened. The idiots from the past administrations found it easy to kick the US bases out without even a clear plan on how fill the resulting defense vacuum. But oh, goody!!! We know have resorts catering to the rich and famous in the former US bases. Good for us, eh? Dun sa mga sumisigaw noon at ngayon ng “kick the americans out”, yan, saksak niyo sa baga niyo!

    What I am saying is simple, we have trillions in debt already and we cannot even build/buy ourselves a drone from Uncle Sam. Are filipinos really that dumb not to be able design and build something similar in function? May mga inhinyero po tayo na kaya gumawa niyan.

    Are filipinos really that dumb not to know the slightest hint about shipbuilding? Or perhaps, design and build our own aircraft. Meron din po tayo mga inhinyero na nakakaalam sa gawain na yan.

    Or if that is too much too ask, are filipinos really that stupid not to buy a single one of this equipment and reverse engineer it so we can copy and learn from it? Madami po tayo siyentipiko at mga inhinyero na kaya ito.

    Past leaders should have put to good use our current resources, the most precious resource and that is manpower. E di kaunti na lang sana mga OFW (ayun, nasa ibang bansa na pala yung karamihan ng mga siyentipiko at inhinyero na sana kaya gumawa ng mga nasa itaas). Wala na sana manginginom sa kanto ang aga aga. Wala na sana, mga tricycle driver na maiingay sa kanto habang naghihintay ng pasahero. Wala na sana mga holdaper, snatcher, akyat bahay, carnapper, etc. At kaunti lang sana laman ng mga kulungan. Dahil wala sana naghihirap, kung yang trilyon-trilyon na pondo e inilagay ng tama para lahat may maayos na pinagkakakitaan. E trilyon na yun e, hindi ko na kayang bilangin yun.

    We need builders, not politicians. We need leaders with not only a vision for the country but also with a concrete plan on how to achieve said vision. Yun iba kandidato ngayon, pangakuan ka ng buwan at bituin, naniniwala agad ang mga tangang filipinos, inalam niyo ba kung paano nila kukunin ang buwan at bituin?

    Gumising tayo mga filipino, para hindi tayo matawag na tanga ng buong mundo.

    1. What Filipinos are good at? Erap already answered that question in his famous privilege speech on US Bases in the Senate Session Hall April 18, 1988. “Our country has been seen as a nation of beggars, a nation of prostitutes, a nation of cheaters, a nation of domestic helpers. And if we do not assert ourselves today, we will also be known as a nation of cowards.” Ring a bell? Speaking of nation of domestic helpers did you know that there are state-run Housemaids Academies in Manila? Helping to create the future generation of maids as per Erap’s speech. It seems Failippinos are doing their best to continue the legacy. Also it seems Filipinos are running out excuses and no more Uncle Sam and Imperialism to blame on everything. Unless there will be a transgender/ladyboy victim by some white solider. Then patriotic Filipinos will unite worldwide and will protest with deep anger in a euphoric and uplifting spirit.

    2. The country is in constant brain drain mode. Take note we do not only export cheap labor (janitors, DHs), but also a huge fraction of our greatest minds (engineers, scientists) , mostly due to inadequate facilities, and of cource, compensation.
      even indonesia has overtaken the ph in that area (they have a green-water navy, with most boats of the fleet made by them)

  10. Aquino is hiding, while Philippine territories are grabbed by the Chinese, piece by piece. The Aquinos , project themselves, as; brave, courageous, sacrificing , etc… people.

    You can just judge, if Benigno Aquino III, is really : brave, courageous, sacrificing, etc…
    What his propaganda media is telling us, is the different of what, he is. He is even selling us to the ISIS/Al Queda/MILF. The Filipino Chinese already control, every aspect of economy and businesses, in the Philippines. The Chinese, need not invade the Philippines. They are already here, in politics, in businesses, in every aspect of our lives…

    1. The Philippines have a new master race and a new master culture: the Chinese. Filipinos are voluntarily embrace the new master. They celebrate Chinese New Year with joy and want to have light skin and business success like Chinese. They look up to their new master more then any other culture including the western culture of whites. That’s why they give them a pass!

    2. Cory sold off PAL and PNB to Lucio Tan for a sweetheart deal. That is only a small example I am sure. Then PNB proceeded to rip off many depositors and the corrupt courts there let them keep it all.

      1. This is why the Failippines no longer have locally-owned “rural” banks. All financial institutions are now owned by the Chinese–Billionaire Lucio Tan being one of them.

  11. Don’t worry, Aquino is getting paid well to sell off to the Chinese. And he is keeping the stash of plunder for the Aquinos.

    1. I have no doubt about that. Both Aquino’s (mother and son) had been the go-betweens for their Chinese-Failipino affiliates (i.e., businessmen Danding Cojuangco and Henry Sy) and Chinese investors from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Filipino and Chinese-Filipino oligarchs became richer and more powerful since Cory Aquino took office in 1986.

    2. I have no doubt about that. Both Aquinos (mother and son) had been the go-betweens for their Chinese-Failipino affiliates (i.e., businessmen Danding Cojuangco and Henry Sy) and Chinese investors from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Filipino and Chinese-Filipino oligarchs became richer and more powerful since Cory Aquino took office in 1986.

  12. It is a World War I battle ship. It should be melted as metal scrap many years ago.

    The Philippine is a recipient of military supply junks…

  13. The PRC has found the leadership weak hence the incursions. Lest we forget, the constitution was bastardized again through EDCA giving free reigns for the Americans and effectively starting an arms race in the region between these two imperial giants.

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